Finger Pointing- May 28th

28 May

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well & getting ready for the  weekend!! Things here are getting into thee swing of summer, I’m certainly in a much better mood with the weather being warm, and I also tale the advantages of being as central as London where everyone come to see us! We had a great weekend with a friend who came over from Canada and I am just about now recovering!! So here are my picks for today:

Sara Berndhart Peonnies by lkdavis: I love always this awesome artist blending= Here the background photo is so  well integrated to the page, the beauty of it as a whole is impressive! The elements so perfectly chosen are so harmonious, the whole page has a wonderful soothing effect Love it!!!


Both of you by mrshobbes: love this! gorgeous, super fun photos, amazing layering with such a talent for combining patterned papers, perfect shadows and even journaling…the word perfection mixed with warmth & love comes to mind!!!


Just like Daddy by Sue at see what Sue saw: continuing on the pair theme, this father and child page is so amazingly done,the photo angle and the way is scrapped give the dimension feeling to be able to step there with them! Dad’s face tells about his happiness….the journaling is the gem that tops the crown….love every piece individually (that camera!!) and all together is perfect too!!!

Our Wedding Day

Get Outside of the Box by Os Designs: this is really really amazing. The photo angle, the capture, that expression full of  a feeling I m not sure I can describe…but certainly moves me. Amazing !


Life is Sometime is Unfair by LovelyMissKait: another super capture with the photo and a page so well scrapped it tells you mpost of the story even before you get to read the journaling…ohhh if all the unfairness of this world were as soft as this one!!! Love the combination of black with the neutrals, amazing elements and fabulous shadows!!!! A perfect Stand Out!


Last but not least, Glacier Trip by Melody 123, a gorgeous almost full page photo with a beautiful title and just the poerfect amount of additions…love the page!


And with this I say goodnight, hope you can make a minute ot two to leave some love to these delifghtful artists! If you can, you can click in the high-lit bane if the LO and author, Have a great weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – May 27th

27 May

Hello my friends! Paula here with my choices from the galleries on this Wednsday! I really enjoyed my time in the galleries tonight and I so hope you love my picks! So here’s my selection for today.

Choose happy by Margje

I love Margje creativity! Every new page is a delight and this one is no exception! She created here a great movement with the rounded doodles and scribble! Love the perfect extraction and the contrast of the BW pic against the yellow. Outstanding!!!!


Blue Jeans Summer by ScrapbyYvonne

I simply love everything about this page.  The overall design, the wood frame, flowers and jeans belt loops. An absolute delight!!!!!


Make today amazing by Shivani

Brightness and fun  here! “A picture is worth a thousand words”, 4 of them worth even more! I’m on a sweetness overload…The photos of this beautiful happy girl are adorable. I love how she mixed them in color and black and white and how she played with the alpha.


Love Them by scrap-genie

Couldn’t pass this one! What a wonderful expression of freedom we have here! Love the explosion of blue tones of this page, the brushes so well used, the design, the perfect photo…everything!


Do Not Be Afraid by jennV

Personally, I love orange, so I saw it immediately…AND…this scary “thing” image made this page popping right out of the gallery!!! Love the way that she made the journaling about an ordinary day telling about a “special” event.


Virgin Mary by NotAVampireLvr

I love this layout for so many reasons…1st – The large flowered background paper – Fantastic! 2nd – This layout is absolutely so dynamic. 3rd – Love how real the shadows look and  I LOVE the mix of colors and last but not least – The Saint’s photo is perfect, if you grew up Catholic like me you must have a lot of pictures like this! I took Saints photos and Candles photos in every new Church that I know around the world!



Finger Pointing – May 26

26 May

Hello everyone! Hope it is a sunny day you all have like I have here in Japan. Let’s see what made my heart tick faster today! Shall we?

Stop by Paula Kesselring - Here is another fun page by Paula. I love the bold look with the big paper letters and the B&W theme with those aqua blue touches. It is a reality most of you who have kids will be facing someday or have already experiences, haven’t you lol I donc’t have kids but I do recall hating photos when I was a kid. My parents had a terrible time try to get me to smile or BE in a picture lol So, I can relate with this young lady te he he. But even with a photo rebellion you can scrap and I think it’s what makes scrap so fun and therapeutic. Whether you have a good or a “bad” photo, you have a story behind and it’s always worth being showcase because it is a memory, a part of what makes us who we are. That’s all that this page made me think of, and for that, it is worth showing here, don’t you think?


Happiness Found by staciahall - Here is a more classical page, with a very clean style I love so much. I love the beautiful color choice that goes so well with the picture, the crisp look of the page, the beautiful shadows. The fresh and bright green ric rac and those tiny beads are wonderful accents to this lovely page. And of course what a sweet selfie and lovely lady ;)


May 2015 UIA by bekfek – Stunning blending! That’s what made me click on the thumbnail at first, then the sweet colors and flower cluster in the corner like this. How sweet is this little flower in her hair. Love the multiple paper layering too. Super lovely and delicate page.


Wild Blooms by christellevandyk - Fantastic colors and paper play here. I love the flower clusters and the framing in the corners and at the bottom. They are such a great accent to this wonderful photo. Big but they don’t overwhelme the main photo. I love the big photo with the distress/watercolor like mask. Beautiful shadowing too! Truly wonderful!


Protect by Kramer_buffy - A non-photo page now, for a change. I love the grungy letters background paper and the boldness of the pink leaves. The balance of this page too. The painted arrows and the stitches behind the word art look really nice.

Daddy’s arms by mhreen08 - And let’s end this post with some true cuteness. I love the sketch effect on the big photo and the repeat of the picture in a smaller and colored version. Beautiful and colorful clusters to showcase this tender moment with daddy. Of course you will have noticed the perfect match of the colors with daddy’s tattoo. Brilliant!



Finger Pointing – May 25

25 May

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe that May will be over and that summer vacation is coming really soon for my kids. In some parts of the world, it’s autumn and I hope you get to enjoy your lovely weather. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s fabulous standouts. Enjoy viewing my top 6 for today. Hope you like it!

You are my inspiration by margote05
Love the clean and simple design. So calm and amazingly done. Love the papers and the big stitch and the photo is just the sweetest and beautiful. I just love this page so much!

Love is the key by rache77
I absolutely love the softness of the page and how the elements lead my eyes directly to the photo. The heart lace is just perfect and the li’l elements and touches of colors as well. Love all the blending work on the background paper, everything looks beautiful including the photo treatment on the photo.

sweet 7 by Tronesia
Fantastic page and pics! The cluster work is fabulous! Love how she arranged everything here and her shadow works are always amazing. Great choice of elements on light paper, it makes everything pop-up including the pretty fun photos of her family. Happiest of birthday to her li’l girl.

go see do by My Bear
So many great details here and I couldn’t stop looking. I just love the background paper and how she managed to make it look amazing. The colors are so inviting and the flowers here and there are nicely done. Love the shadows too especially on the leaves.

Barcelona by twinsmomflor
Barcelona is one of the places that we would love to visit soon. The page is wonderfully done. Love how stacked everything is and her choices of elements. The photos are great, the stitches are nice and great job on how she made the photo with torn edges.

Things that makes me smile by BrendaSmith
I always love her work whether digital or hybrid.  Another beautiful work here, love her list that makes her smile and how she made this page with all the lovely papers.  Great work as always!

Thanks as always for taking a look at the pages I have picked for today. I would greatly appreciate it if you could stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!



Finger Pointing – May 24

24 May

Hello, all, Margje here with  this sunday post. Hope you guys are having a nice weekend!. It’s evening in my side of the world and I just love the weather today! Really a day to be outdoors!  I walked to the center of our little village and enjoyed all the green colors of nature along the way, had a drink on a nice terrace and went home again. I wish that this kind of weather could stay on until the end of October! No heatwaves for me, just this lovely sunny spring weather that gives me lots of energy!

Here are my picks from the galleries tonight, enjoy!

Look At Me by alannabanana

This page is a party! The beautiful garnish of the cupcake comes  beautifully back in the layout! Wonderful colors and lines! Nice contrast with the black too! I love all the splatters brushes and elements she used, and that background is just right for it! Totally awesome page!


The view by Adryane

This is a page with a story! You should go read it! But beside the story the page is pretty amazing! I am intrigued by it! I get a claustrophobic and a scary feel out of it! There is a lot of emotion in it and I keep looking at it! Love it when art does something with you! Isn’t that what it is all about?


she speaks truth by Sokee

I really love that photo! The beautiful light in it and how she cropped it! She used a torn photo to reinforce the message! And a strong message it is! The black numbers in the background enhance this even more! It’s powerful and beautiful at the same time!


The O2 by dawn inskip

What I love the most in this very beautiful page is that the brushes are following the lines of the building so perfectly in the background! It even looks like a giant umbrella! There’s a great balance in the colors and design! Love the framing with the stitching, in fact I love everything on this page!


Homemade Cake by DoggiNo

I think I’ll go for a coffee with something delicious seeing cupcakes and cakes this evening! She made this look really, really good! Love that close up photo and the photo from the cake covered in a bell jar together! The framing is wonderful and the little cluster is just finishing it!


Run by roxanamdm

The beautiful colors grabbed me and the colored dust looks very awesome! I love a big photo page with beautiful embellishments like this one! It all just looks fabulous together, also those hexagon stitches in the background are looking great!


These were my choices for today hope you like them! For everyone who celebrates the long  Pentecostal weekend, hope you have another wonderful free day! See you next time! Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing – May 23rd

23 May

Hey everyone, Jeanine here with my picks of today. I am at work and it is busy over here, so I’m a little later than I normally am. Besides that we have a ‘hijger’ …don’t know the English word for it and the translater couldn’t tell me either…a hijger is usually a man who calls us (me and my sleeping colleagues)  saying only obscene words, making sexual proposals etc…he is keeping me busy, because I have to fill in a lot of complaint forms to the phonecompany so hopefully they can stop or block him if we complain enough. This guy is keeping me from working  and my colleagues from sleeping and it is annoying to listen to his dirty mouth. But…tadaaaaa….I was able to pick six beautiful pages between picking up the phone every time he called! Here they are!

Just beachy by lorryfach Isn’t this a fantastic summerpage? The colors, the pictures, the background paper, everything reminds me of warm beach days, icecream and a suntan. Lorry’s choice of patterned papers to fill the circles and rectangle with work perfect to recall such summer sunny days. I love it!

lorryfach tlp

CORTRAMID seaside sunset by wendymck And another seaside picture at another time of the day. Totally different from Lorry’s page, but just as beautiful! Here I can imagine me with a glas of wine and a good conversation, listening to the sound of the sea, enjoying the last rays of the sun and the past summerday…I love the choice of colors matching the sunsetcolors here and the mask is perfect for pictures like this one.

wendymck des digit

In the name of the father by bghg Although I was not raised to become a religious person, I love religious pictures, paintings and statues. This page grabbed me the minute I saw it. It almost is like a fresco on a churchwall, so delicate and full of devotion. Wonderful blendwork here!

bghg mischief circus

Expectations vs reality by nowens A pretty sober page with some lovely journaling, nowens is looking back to the expectations she had of her future life and what has become of them years later. I love the mix of patterns here and the clean apporach. Great idea to scrap someday if I find time…:).

nowens sweetshoppe

good day by weaselwatchr I fell for the cute little banner and the quote! And for the juicy and fresh colorcombination. Love the cluster of ellies and paperpieces around the picture. All together this page makes me want to go on a holiday, just enjoying the company of my youngest son and being on the road again.

weaselwatchr dst

Bundle of Joy by ScrappinRae And last but not least I fell for this supergirly and supersweet baby girl page. Isn’t she adorable? The large picture is my favorite one and I love all the flowers on this page. By placing the pictures in a diagonal and keeping the rectangles around them pretty empty with just a wordart or some flowers, they get the attention they deserve, very clever!

scrappinrae sbg

That was it, these were my choices for today! I hope you enjoy them and I hope to see you again next time! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – May 22

22 May

Hello from the UK! It’s Vicky here with my 1st ever Gallery Standout picks! I’m so excited to be guesting as a part of the GSO team! I absolutely LOVE browsing the scrapbooking community and galleries to admire all the wonderful creations, artwork and memory keeping that can be found there! This week has been a crazy one for my family, with my son being diagnosed last Friday  with mild/low risk appendicitis! Thankfully a course of antibiotics has cleared that up, he is no longer suffering and today he is back to school! So this morning I have been able to relax in front of the laptop with a big mug of coffee, and just breathe! It’s been so much fun, and so difficult at the same time to pick 6 projects to “finger point” today! Here they are, I hope you love them as much as I do xx

DISCOVERY by wombat146

OH MY! This just jumped out at me  from the gallery, the amazing sketched edit to the photo, and the aged appearance really POPS! Then there is so much more to take in, I love the splashes of bright pink and orange paint, the stitching and tucked in ephemera under torn and worn papers. the first time I looked at this I just wanted to reach out and feel  the page! Amazing art work and great depth and texture! I simply love this page xx



Digi dARES by thimbleberrie

If you haven’t already noticed, I *heart* paint! The fresh and bright green paint on this page really pulled me in, but there is so much more to admire! The tape and ink as well as the stamped title work and handwriting font really is fabulous! As well as appreciating the scrapbooking talents of thimbleberrie, I can also really relate to the subject matter! with 3 cats of our own we are forever hovering the rug, sweeping the floor and brushing down our clothes, cleaning wet nose prints from the windows and countless of other tedious jobs, but we love them as part of the family, and wouldn’t change them for the world xx



Week 19 Left by mimisgirl

This year I have fallen in love with pocket style scrapping, I am often in the galleries looking for inspiration and mimisgirl’s pocket pages are always catching my eye! This one is no different! Her black and white photos are stunning, and she mixes them so well with colour! This particular page really captures my attention with the varying sizes and angles of her photos. Her memory keeping is fantastic, just look at the kids being captured in day to day activities, the documenting of a power cut and artwork/crafts in progress! To see the other side of this 2 page spread for week 19 click here xx




Ur Biggest Fan by KellyM

Yes, I also *heart* black & white photos, and this one also speaks to me! Football (soccer) is a sport my son really enjoys! KellyM captured a great image here and its great to see it taking the main stage on this layout, I love action shots and this one is perfect! The cluster in the right hand corner looks to me like a fantastic artistic interpretation of the ball going in the net! But there is more! Just look at those chevrons, the wonderful mix of papers, the wordart strips, stitching and even a splash of paint! Everything is just Wonderful xx

untitled 2

kind by zizazzi

I am often in awe of people that can create eye-catching clean and simple pages, zizazzi has created such a page right here! The off white background allows the papers she chose, to go with her photos, the chance to shine! I love the pops of black and green! The movement shown in the various action shots and fun photos of a boy being a typical boy transcend into the page with the circles of photos and papers being slightly off kilter. This layout is part of a 2 page spread, to see the other side, which is just as stunning click here xx


Epic Road Trip by kim517

This page first grabbed my attention due to the amazing layering and clustering! Stunning right?! Once I opened the thumbnail in the gallery and got the full picture, I was blown away even more! “Epic” is the word! 2169 miles through 9 states in 11 days! WOW!! The  journaling and memory keeping here is simply awesome! A page that will be treasured for years to come, I’m pretty sure it is, or is going to be, a part of a much bigger project documenting this amazing road trip! I’m also thinking that this being my 1st ever post for the GSO blog, the fact I came across this page was fate! On a visit to family in the USA over 10 years ago, we drove from Virginia Beach (VA) to Washington DC with a stop off at Williamsburg on route! So thank you kim517 for refreshing my memory of a wonderful trip and time spent with my American family xx




That’s all from me today, seriously I could easily pick another 6 pages, the talent in the scrapping community is amazing! Thank you for joining me today, and please if you have time, head on over and leave these lovely and talented people some love in the galleries xx I’ll be back at the end of the month for another round of finger pointing xx