Finger Pointing- October 22

22 Oct

Carrie here! Have you missed me? I was so happy looking for standouts today… so many wonderful pages to choose from, but I love that it is so hard to choose. That means ya’ll are rocking it. Let’s dive right into the picks:

Helene questions by stampin_rachel

The photos and their crops are amazing against the black background. The pops of pattern, color, and little bits that add emphasis for a strong focal point. I love the little snipped paper word art, too. Color and composition… nailed it.

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    Helene questions by stampin_rachel


 The Greatest Adventure by Eszter

I’m going to give you a second to take this in………………………………………………….. Amazing, right? The softness and texture, the black ink spots… the lines that create a sense of movement. She didn’t just capture a truly special moment, she brought it life and filled it with hope. This may just be one of the neatest pages I’ve ever seen.

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    The Greatest Adventure by Eszter


Creativity by staciahall

Stacia rocked that purple (a color that can really vex me). I love that she put her composition on that neat canvas paper. The neutral bits move us down the page while the string pushes us back up. This page just makes me want to play in Photoshop!

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    Creativity by staciahall


The Best Present by anrobe

There’s something about all those layers on this creamy, smooth bit of kraft paper. I love that she’s taking the time to create about herself. Our stories matter, too. This page has a loose “Z” flow so that retro or vintage patterns are still fresh and young. I also adore all the little girly embellishments. Well done!

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    The Best Present by anrobe


the road ahead by misslovescraps

Oh, what beautiful blending! She really takes you into the scene here. The placement of her elements frames the focus without being over powering. Lovely dimension, textures and use of color to suck you right into the page.

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |    the road ahead by misslovescraps


excuse me…. this porch light is off by MamaBee

This page just made me laugh out loud! I get it! What a festive, photoless page. The tilted paper stack with lots of elements pushes your eye right into the great title. I love the addition of the paper at the bottom with those cute pumpkins. Oh, how fun!

Finger Pointing- Oct 22 |      excuse me.... this porch light is off by MamaBee


Aw… done already? Now it’s time to leave these artists your congrats. :) I’ll see you next week…. until then, keep making boo-tiful pages (yes, a Halloween pun).


Finger Pointing – October 21

21 Oct

Hello there! Here we go again for some fabulous designs!

My Little Boy by zizazzi - What a way to start today’s picks!! Look at this totally sweet and creative page! I love the big portrait in words and the little photos in the squares with a mix of color and B&W photos. Have you noticed how the green patterns bits match perfectly the photos?! Awesome! I have read it and it is 150% pure mother/son love. Very touching and funny. Check the gallery for English!

Write by naughtsncrosses  - what a beautiful non-photo page we got here! I love the mix of flashy pink with the white and black. The big letters and the brush in the back, plus that cute and feminine touch with the lace. Could be a page in a magazine! Love it!

Everything is possible when we are together by dotcomkari - How fun and bright is that?! Love the colorful brushes that pop so well against the white background and all those messy words bits and hand writing WAs. Very cheering page indeed!

Artsy by cocodou - Wow!… is definitely the word for this page. I love the photo from the back… but you already knew that ;) … The effect on the photo match perfectly the colors of the brush looking like a painter’s palette is awesome! Great piece of art!

Hello beautiful by mariah - On top of this darling photo, I love the mix of brushes, gesso and real leaves here. Great overall balance too! Beautiful autumn page!

Equator coffee by lizj - I love this page for the monotone theme in the back and the brush work. The bright turquoise touches are just perfect! Great shadowing! Makes me drool too! lol


Finger Pointing – October 20

20 Oct

Farrah here again to point my finger at a few of today’s amazing LOs.  I’m always a sucker for large photos, of course, and today did not disappoint.

1. Hugging by PLM - Such a darling photo.  I especially love seeing the large black and white version, as well as a color photo.  I should remember to take more selfies…so so sweet.


2.  Laugh by Scrappie Irene -  Another great large photo!  I especially love the blending of the border and elements to really make her stand out.


3. Shopping in Rhodes by Jen – I love love love the use of the large photo as the background.  What a great way to add those detail photos.



4. Loving by rfeewjlj – I love Jenifer’s page about herself.  What a great photo and it’s always nice to learn a bit more info about others I see around the web.



5.  Lucifer by Adryane- ummmm….WOW…What stunning art.  I can’t even imagine the amount of work that went into this.  It is a FANTASTIC use of brushes and technique!






6. Oct inspiration challenge by emscraps – Yes…another Halloween photo! SO excited for Halloween.  I love the photo and this cute Halloween kit.








Finger Pointing – October 19th

19 Oct

Hey everyone, Jeanine here from behind my workdesk! I’m working nightshifts this week and it’s quiet, so time enough to do what I have to do ;). I’ve been strolling through the galleries and I found some gorgeous yummies for you!

October 2014 week by heathergw I am totally in love with Heathers PL pages! I pin them on pinterest, I save them to my laptop to get inspiration from and I just adore the lively, vibrant and energetic feel they give me. I think I can say, it makes me happy to look at them and secretly I’m a little bit in love with them…LOL! I love the messyness, the many colors and the way Heather mixes text, pictures, elements and journalcards all together to a coherent page. A true standout!!

heathergw tlp

By my side by livelys This is gorgeous and very very sweet!!! Love the texts here and aren’t the little stars,  shines and bokeh bubbles adding to the feel these two people are madly in love? Great blending!! Wonderful!!

livelys tlp

Sick by gracielou Aawwww…how sweet can it get!!! The little one looks really sick and I hope she is okay now! Love all the details here, the patientform, the stethoscope, the :( smilie, the popsicle stick. The paintbrushes keep it all together and doesn’t it look great on the krafty backgroundpaper?

gracielou tlp

Lagoon by the Sea by Jen In my mind Otis Redding  with his ‘Dock of the bay’,  passes by watching this page! Love the blending here, the woodpaper and all the different patterns in the template. Great use of the template by the way! Would love to be there right now!!

jen p&co

Speak? by MrsPeel My dear friend Cynthia hits it again!! This is soo funny and soo wise and true!! I started laughing when I saw the title and didn’t stop untill I had read the whole quote. And I love the colorpalette here, only black, white, grey and reds! It works so very well together and it draws the attention to the words. Maybe I will print it also Cynthia and keep it somewhere in sight! Great idea!

mrsPeel msa

home is by misslovescraps Last, but not least a pictureless page and sooo gorgeous!!! Great balance, great use of brushes and elements and how misslovescraps did it without a picture I don’t know, but I can sense the homey feel in this page. Maybe it’s the structure she created on this page or maybe it’s something I don’t see, but I sure LOVE this one!!!

misslovescraps tlp

That’s it for tonight! I hope you like my choices and if you visit the galleries, please remember to leave the artists some love!


Finger Pointing- October 18th

18 Oct

Hello, everyone! Chantal here, with the Standouts of Saturday 18 October. The weather is really great here in the Netherlands. Normally it’s much colder! Today I was very busy with designing and with looking into the galleries. And again there were so many great layouts! It was sooooo hard to choose!

Here are my Standouts for today:

My first pick is A big champion from Timounette. I saw this one immediately! It’s a real Standout! I love the colors and that she clipped the photo at the wordart. The extinction is so beautifully done and the dispersion effect is stunning! She didn’t use extra or “useless” elements. Clean and (definitely not) simple ;) This could be an advertisement on a billboard or in a magazine! Really, really an awesome standout!

A big champion by Timounette

My next one is Growth by LindyShay: I am sure that you all “know” Lindy. But do you now Lindy’s nickname? I do! She is called “the blending queen”! I agree! So, off course I love the blending of the photo in this layout. But I also like the placing of the elements and the brushes! This layout is so soft and so beautiful. And okay I have a weakness for blue LOL.

Growth By Lindy Shay

Celebrate by Mystampin (Beth): This is such a crazy layout! I know this weddingkit very well. It’s a beautiful, sweet and soft weddingkit. Beth is an artist and artists create! So she doesn’t make a layout, she creates a piece. How creative is it, that she gave that beautiful bride a creepy skeleton head? I love that surprise! So cool! This layout made me laugh, shiver and sigh!

Celebrate by Mystampin

Only those by Misslovescraps: I am Always looking forward to see Li Li’s layouts. I am a big fan her. In every layout she makes, you can feel the emotions. I like that very much. I love the colors of this layout. Look how she used that butterfly! It’s so beautiful that when the girl reaches the top of the stairs, she will find those words… I am sure that Li Li does the same. She goes up the stairs every layout. Because when you want to make art you shouldn’t be afraid. She is brave!

Only those by Misslovescraps

Laugh lots be crazy from Anneofalano: I love the black and white with the touch of orange and red. I adore the vertical design in combination with the horizontal wordart. This looks like a very simple layout. Well I think that the simple looking ones, are the most difficult to make!

Laugh lots by crazy by Anneofalamo

The last one is I am many things I am a woman by Debby Todd. I HAVE to look at that layout. Debby only used a photo and an overlay. I love the vertical effect and that it looks like the leaves are a bit unfocussed. Or am I drinking too much? LOL. It’s magical!

I am many things I am a woman by Debby Todd


I hope you like my picks and that they will inspire you. If so, then please leave some love for the artists that are so kind to share their work in the galleries.

Have a nice weekend!



Finger Pointing- October 17th-

17 Oct

Hello!!!! Hope everyone is well! I had a very full week, with people over from Brazil who just left tonight, an hour or so ago, hence my being a bit later than usual. Halloween is almost here and the galleries reflect the spirit of the party!!!! I have some gorgeous pages to inspire you! Hope you love them as much as I do :)

More amazing by Nickel is …well…MOre Amazing!!!!!!!! I think Dutch people have some kind of pull into my heart…everything these ladies create seems to come alive, no matter what style! This page is a master class on blending and movement through light, gorgeous work, amazing image all together, something I want hanging on my wall!!!! Absolutely More Amazing!!!!!!


Handle with Care by Cornelia is a little jewel with every detail being perfection. Love the tittle, the photo, the combination of elements and gorgeous layering, shadows so beautiful one wants to reach and touch!


Honesty by flohbock is such a beauty!!!!! Love the photo, the background paper is dreamy, everything here is so elegant, so soft …Manuela has a gift on saying lots with blank space pages, and in here is done to perfection! Love the cluster with amazing shadows, and the word strips and text just ties this into one of the most beautiful pages of the day!!!


More word strips to rock my world in this gorgeous page by alannabanana: Life Ain’t takes us to a place I have been often enough… we all have, I think…that place when reality dosages shows us that there is lots of hard work involved in making the every day…. I love the journaling through the word strips, certainly agree with the message: It is, indeed, a beautiful ride if we think about it and embrace it… and the page is itself a beauty… LOve that drawing and the strips journaling balancing the whole page, amazing layering and shadows, everything here speaks of depth…love every pixel of it!!!!


I love LOVE love and Love a bit more full page photos, and when they come together with perfect touches that turn the photo into a memorable page…welll….then my heart sings- In here it adds up the city I would love to travel too, and all gets me singing All that Jazz… Awesome blending of the photo with the background paper, the impact of the border scrapped giving even more depth & strength to the photo. Chicago by Cristina, what a wonderful, amazingly wonderful page!!!!


Last bit never least, Spooks by hekas whom I had not come across pages from in quiet a long while…so this just was even more joyful- Love everything this girl does, and in here everything seems to speak to me (scream or whisper…I feel so often that way!!!!!) Impressive art work with the light and paint/stamps, splendid movement to the page with the circular stitches (at least I think they are stitches?) and, once again…I often come to the same realisation! Awesome page in every aspect possible!!!


This will be all from me tonight, hope you enjoy these, as usual, you can get to the original gallery by clicking in the images, we all know how a word or two can make our day, and these ladies most certainly deserve them!!! Have a great weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – October 16

16 Oct

Hello, Standout friends! Katherine here with today’s round of gorgeous art! To say that I am super excited to be able to share these beauties with you is a serious understatement! HUGE understatement! Lets have a look, shall we?

First up is this adorable artwork titled brothers & sister by the super talented amandaresende. I really love the overall tonal feel with the pops of color that surround that super cute photo! The clusters of elements, and the paint splatter too, are all perfect here!

brothers and sister

I fell head over heels for this next beauty by ashleywb titled Nat. Absolutely LOVE everything about this … the design, the way that the colored accents leap off of that neutral background, the text alignment and pairing of fonts, absolutely everything!


Up next I have a GORGEOUS Project Life type layout titled FotoInspired | Week 41 (left and right side) by the amazing annaaspnes (left side is linked). Honestly, I have no words for this. None. I’m just sitting here admiring every stinking little detail, such a beautiful work of art. Every bit of it!

FotoIspired Week 41 (left side)

FotoInspired Week 41 (right side)

I just couldn’t pass up this adorable layout by Ga_L titled look when I came across it in the gallery. Absolutely love the simplicity here! The design and the tonal palette is perfect for that super cute image! Love the distressing on the edges all around the layout, all the paint/ink splatters too.


I have but two words for this beauty titled girl power by the uber talented AmberR … SHEER PERFECTION! Every stinking pixel of it! That is all.

girl power

Rounding out my choices this evening is another super adorable Project Life layout by gaylemaupin titled It’s raining at EPCOT. Love the traditional PL design here. The stellar images are perfectly paired with the journaling cards, and I especially LOVE all the doodled frames!

It's raining at EPCOT

Well, that wraps up my round of choices. I hope you have enjoyed them just as I have. I’ll see you all in the galleries next week! Have a wonderful weekend! XO