Finger Pointing – July 22

22 Jul

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s Standouts! There were tons and TONS of gorgeous layouts in the gallery tonight, which made my task of narrowing it to just six extremely difficult … I ended up having to do eenie meenie miney moe between a couple of them. ;D I hope you are inspired by my final choices!

Starting us off this evening is this super fabulous layout by lkdavis titled Miniature Golf. I am absolutely head over heels for this beauty! LOVE the huge black and white focal image blended into the background with the three supporting images in color, creates such a dynamic contrast. I also LOVE the paint splatters and the LO artist’s placement of her journaling. A real gorgeous layout all around!

Miniature Golf

Next up is this beauty titled be happy by domad. Love the design with the scratchy-painty brushwork on each side of the focal image, which looking closer … I’m not sure if it is an advertisement of sorts? Anyway, overall great design, love the blues and the pops of red against the muted background, and the layering is really great! So worth pointing to.

be happy ...

Really love the central clustered design in my next choice titled #True Story by JenEm. Such a beautiful color palette and her layering is amazing! Not to mention the story behind the layout … holy crikees! She gets a Standout just for the story! Glad that you survived your encounter, JenEm!

true story

Up next is this delightful layout by MlleTerraMoka titled 3 ans. Really love the clean feel in the overall design. The succession of images is fabulous and paired perfectly with the kraft background. Love the placement of the paint and the embellishments too. Super cute layout!

3 ans

Rounding out my choices this evening are two different Project Life Spreads, first, this one by mrivas titled 2012 Week 19 left and right (left side is linked)Love the typical pocket style design, and the color palette is absolutely delicious!

2012 Week 19 left

2012 Week 19 right

And this three pager titled Week 28a, b, and c (Week 28a is linked) by gracielou. Again, I love the typical pocket style design and the cohesiveness between all three pages. Really love all the different images and the stitching adds the perfect touch!

Week 28a

Week 28b

Week 28c

That’s it for me this week! I hope you were inspired by my choices. And don’t forget to leave some love for the Standouts in the galleries! Blessings sweet friends!


Finger Pointing- July 21

21 Jul

Hello fellow scrappers!

Another great weekend has come and gone. My kids are totally enjoying their long vacation. It was a very tiring weekend but it was a blast because we went to “Caribbean Bay”. It’s a water theme park near Seoul with lots of slides, attractions and big waves on the wave pool.
This is Beth a.k.a. kewl_jive, giving you today’s amazing gallery standouts.

Without further ado, here are my faves for today:

Good life by asali
Digging the white space here, this is so elegant and sweet. I just adore how she used the kit. The photo treatment is just superb and the photo is beautiful. Love the pink against the blue background and the flowers just lead my eyes straight to the photo and the crisp of the page and shadow works here.

Be free by Two Tiny Turtles
Awesome use of elements here, such a summery layout with great vibrant colors and balance on the page. Did I mention how adorable the photo is and how it feels like she added a lemon fresh overlay on the photo?

Lady Coco by Stellamarie

Beautiful photos she picked here as they go well with the page perfectly. Her layering, as well as shadow works, are amazing. I love the little touches of brushworks and how she framed the photo underneath the elements. Also, the light rendering on the photo just shines. Awesome work and RAK! I’m sure she will love this!

No fear lili by misslovescraps
The title really caught my eyes in the gallery and the words written here are just powerful words to live by. I sometimes struggle and have asked myself about life’s purpose. Then I decided to move forward and face life fearlessly. This is just amazing!

Begin again by wombat146
Breath taking page! I couldn’t even start describing how beautiful this is. The blending and execution are just gorgeous. The words are expressive and the choices of brushes and placement of it were done perfectly!

Time out by lizziet5
One of my favorite things to do. Love how she cropped the photo. Ditto on the masks. I think most girls do. Beautiful composition, love the journaling and I agree with you 100% that we should take time to indulge on something that is good for the soul. Love the fonts she used.


As always, thanks for taking a look at the digital layouts I’ve picked. If you have time, it would be amazing to stop by and give them some well deserve love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


Finger Pointing-July 20

20 Jul

Hello, everyone! Margje here on this super HOT Sunday in July! Yesterday was even hotter! We are not used to having such high temperatures in the Netherlands! Even the nights are hot and sweaty!! I didn’t sleep as good as usual, but I think that I won’t be the only one! Don’t worry I still have my eyes open to spot some wonderful digi candy in the galleries for you tonight!

First up is This little finger by Shannamay! This is so very cute! Look at the little photo of that girl! She shouts, blames, commands, and demands all day long! Sometimes even with 2 pointy little fingers! I once had such a pointing little girl too, also saying “listen to me” all the time! (28 years ago, and now she just had her first little girl) It’s just bringing back memories! I love how she designed the page and did the journaling! This is so great to capture in a page! She will love this when she is older!


Next up I have Spotify addict by Natascha!  The cool composition definitely caught my eye in the gallery! This page just rocks! She likes to make her own Spotify list with her favorite music in different genres! I love how she illustrates it!  A wonderful designed page with a lot to see! Wonderful journalling and title too!


This next layout The tale of an egg from mystampin2003 is a page with lots of journalling! You don’t see that much in a page! It’s a story you have to read, to totally understand the beauty of this page! It’s very creative and unique and I love it all together very much! And what a great honoring to her mother! The message that she gave her children is wonderfully kept this way!


Cape San Blas Storm by crazycat1126  is gorgeous!! I love the shape of that beautiful photo with the orange frame! And I just adore the brushes behind the photo! That cute crab and the fishes are really the only embellishments that it needs! It’s just so beautiful to look at! Wish I could be there right now!


Next up is Favorite Everyday by Dianeskie  Bright, colorful, and fun is this layout! I love the design and the star cutouts. The very creative design, and I also like the soft colors  she used. The doodly title rocks! And then I didn’t even say anything about the adorable photo’s! I came back for it after an early check this afternoon! It had to be here this evening!!


And last, but most certainly not least  Park Adventure by coady  What an amazing scenery and work of art she created here, I love the silhouettes and actually I love everything that’s on here! It’s got a great feel of dept (did you see the shadow work) and I can see this as an illustration in a book! So amazing! Great work!


Hope you enjoyed these pages as much as I do, and remember if so, you can get to their galleries by clicking the name and author of the pages to leave them some love, I will say goodnight (hope this will be a better night) and wish you an amazing week! TFL! :) See you next time!



Finger Pointing- July 19

19 Jul

Evening all. It’s Carrie bringing you today’s standouts. It’s a little late here on the East Coast, but only because I went down an inspiring digi rabbit hole while searching the galleries. There’s just too much awesomeness to post here, so if you’ve posted a page this weekend, chances are I loved it. The following six pages are merely a handful of the beauty I came across. Well done, everyone!

Inked by mimisgirl

Click on the link above because you need to browse her gallery. I am just in awe of all her work. This page features a split composition with all sorts of texture and contrast. I love the depth created on the portrait with the hatched shading and interesting crop. The title is a trendy, soft brush script, which I love mixed with the copious amounts of serif typefaces.  I wonder if that number ten is a subconscious (or conscious) number of tattoos she wants? This is such a great “about me” page!

Finger Pointing July 19 2014 | Inked by mimisgirl


Eggs Rated by Miki

Oh, how I giggled when I read this title. The journaling is a punny poem by  Shel Silverstien (perhaps my favorite poet). The  band design is thoughtfully composed: The neutral colors don’t just highlight the photos, they support the egg theme (think egg colors).  The painty, scribbley messs emphasizes the whimsy, but also moves your eye through the page.  The shadowing is superb. My favorite, yet ultra subtle part of this page is the drawn border peeking out from underneath the frame. Overall, an eggscellent page (tee-hee!).

Finger Pointing July 19 2014 |  Eggs Rated by Miki


0×3 by amandaresende


I appreciate any page about epic fails because I have plenty of experience with them. I am a big fan of the black and white contrasting here. They way she worked this template is amazing. The page feels loose and free even though it’s block design, which is built on a foundation of energetic paint, so you know it’s an action story. I love the title work and all the tiny details, like the staples and scatter. The page may be about a failure, but the artistry here is definitely a win! Finger Pointing July 19 2014 |0x3 by amandaresende


us by creashens

The background is a gorgeous foundation for this sweet page. I love how she used the gold and glitter with the black and white elements. It creates depth and subtle, almost ethereal texture. The photo crop reflects the intimacy of the story and the double frame tells us the story continues over time- in this case going to bed and waking up. I  adore those wooden elements, especially the ones stacked together (totally lift-able), which empahsize the snuggled theme. All and all, this page is just darling!

Finger Pointing July 19 2014 | us by creashens


one day by Alegna


This page definitely stood out in the gallery: The contrast is wonderfully dramatic,  the blending is simple excellent and use of line spot on. The journaling is just so true.   The gradation of  blue tones around the center strip of light adds artful restraint to the page that supports the idea that this is sage advice. The eye on peaking out of the blended bits of sparkle is simply striking. Butterflies cue you into the subject of transformation. This needs to be on a wall or in frame.

Finger Pointing July 19 2014 |  one day by Alegna


HELLO SUN! by Katherine B

That is one breathtaking photo! The circle crop is clever, yet, simple, because it’s the sun and the sun is round (so why haven’t I ever crop my sun photos into a circle  before?).   I love that everything about this page highlights that photo. She places her photo on the page so it straddles horizon of the page. The title, in a dawn-ish golden yellow, bleeds off the page like rays of sun spreading over the horizon. She lets the light of the photo leak out of its border (light leak, get it?). She has reflected words, like sun on the water… I could go on and on, which is why this page deserve it’s standout. It may seem simple, but, like the sun, the more you get to know it, the more amazing it is!

Finger Pointing July 19 2014 |  HELLO SUN! by Katherine B



I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks… I think I need to go work on the page I have open in photoshop now. I feel suddenly inspired! Until next time!!


Finger Pointing – July 18

18 Jul

Hello everyone! I knew Fridays were busy days for new releases and in digiland in general but wow! Soooo many pages to choose from, it is definitely a torture to have to pick only 6 pages!! Believe me. After a tough time choosing from all the gorgeous layouts out there, I finally got my 6 favs to show you today! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do ;)

us by creashens - Look at this dreamy background paper and those glittery stars… All the scribbles and brushes are a wonderful mess to look at too ;) Of course you won’t go without noticing this adorable cropped photo. I wonder if this is a selfie taken in the morning. I wish I would look as cute in the morning as this little angel lol. Anyway. I love the treatment on the photo that add the softness to this page. Truly dreamy and lovely layout.

Into the wild by TwoTinyTurtle - Now on to some more energetic and pop design! Look at those clustering skills!! Amazing, or what?! The contrast between the beautiful Black & White photo + white background and the colorful and funky framing is gorgeous! I don’t think I could have the same number of layers she has in this page without making a mess of it! Serious layering skills here! Love it!

Today by IntenseMagic  - And now a stylish pop messy kinda page! Loooove the brush work. The pop of colors are just perfect and the little classy elements like the ribbon and string give it a cute yet adult feminine touch… Not sure I make sense!!! lol Sorry! I think it’s the use of black with those bright colors that in my opinion give it a funky pop yet stylish style… Again, no sure I’m clear! lol I think It’s too late and my sleepy brain doesn’t work right ;)

Beautiful by ledamperry - What an amazing cluster! I love how all is on the border of the page like this. The sweet colors go perfectly with this beautiful sunset. Wonderful shadow work here too.

Moments44 by farrahjobling - We are still in summer but a beautiful page doesn’t wait for the season to come, righ?! Look at those colors! I love how the tree photo takes up 3 frames like this. The shadows make it look like a paper scrap, don’t you think?! Brushes, stitches and washi tapes to attached things on the page… all that I love most! I wasn’t hard to keep this one as a fav! Wonderful design!

Bloom and Grow by Leah - And finally, today too I have a layout with a big photo! OMG!!! Look at this gorgeous photo!!! But not only! Look at that flower border! It’s gorgeous AND sweet at the same time! I love how the photo stays the main focus even though the flower border is pretty important but the colors makes it that the photo pops very well in first place. When will I be able to take photos like that and scrap them like this?! Stunning page!


Finger Pointing – July 17

17 Jul

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with tonight’s round of gorgeous Standouts! I hope you enjoy my choices!

Starting us off this evening is this spectacular layout by Lilly-10 called catollica. Such a gorgeous work of art. I really love the manipulation on the image and how the layout artist has used the stitching to frame it. The blue of the water is absolutely breathtaking.


I couldn’t help but point at this next Standout titled Kira, my little dog by margeda. Aside from the superb masking and blending, who could pass up a face like that! So stinking adorable!

Kira, my little dog

Next I have this lovely layout by Heather Prins titled Story of Life. Really love the design with its vertical flow. Love the masking and blending, and the color palette is perfect for that beautiful image!

Story of Life

I got such a giggle out of the image in this next Standout by louso titled Oh snap! While the composition, the layering, placement of the embellishments, and everything else is gorgeous, it was the image, and the image alone that caused me to point. Such a fabulous capture, so full of personality!

Oh snap!

Up next is this super fun layout by dotcomkari titled nothing other than … Silly. Really love the unique design with the grid background. The layout artist’s layering is phenomenal, and that image … priceless!


Rounding out my choices this week is my Project Life layout pick by gracielou titled Week 27 a and b (Week 27a is linked). Such a well balanced spread. Love the stitching and the images are absolutely fabulous!

Week 27a

Week 27b

That’s it for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices. Have a spectacular weekend!


Finger Pointing- 16th of July

16 Jul

Hi everyone!

Hope you guys are enjoying the summer break as much as we do. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s fabulous gallery standouts. It’s my first post after relocating from Tokyo to South Korea. Finally, we are settled and all our stuff are here. I won’t keep you long, here are my faves for today.

Real life by Lindsan
Fell in love with this page the moment I saw it in the gallery. The black and white photo just fits perfectly, not to mention the cropping. I always use B&W photos with these colors and I love it! The touches of red here really makes the page so beautiful. Love the little details and stitches and the balance it created. I’m always on the go and I hate doing nothing. But since it’s summer time here, I get to enjoy some extra time in bed. Awesome work!


Yum by RaquelS
Love the clean and simple style. Fantastic choice of papers here, love the focus on the photos. Such a wonderful trip with the family. I was able to cruise her gallery and this is one of the pages from her recent trip and all are beautifully done. I’m sure the kids here will appreciate all the pages she made. I love banana split so much and I miss it. You can never go wrong with Ghirardelli. Beautiful page!

Believe in beautiful by Wombat146
I have to quote the word art here “Believe in beautiful and beautiful things will happen”. Very powerful and beautiful page. The blending is superb and intricate as always, love the mix of goodies here. The photo blends perfectly with everything and the brushwork is just amazing. I could stare on the page for a long time and keep uttering the powerful quote here.


Finger Paint gone wild by MelanieRitchie
Such a fun activity for the kids. I can see how happy they were. The page just screams happiness and amazing all the way. Great colors, very summery. Love the splats here and there, the fonts used and the great pictures. They will surely remember how fun it was and they are all adorable. The background paper really fits the page as it stands out. Amazing page!

So over it!by ChantalS
Another great reminder to always stay positive and be proud of ourselves. Absolutely beautiful! Love how she made the page and the use of elements. I am sure someone is in need of this reminder and somehow help ease any negative thoughts. Some days are hard but we have to deal with it and try to focus on positive thoughts, easier said than done but it too shall pass.

how sweet of you by Laura ODonnell
Sweet indeed and fantastic hybrid project. Love that cute art illustration.


Thanks for taking a look at the pages I’ve picked. If you have time, it would be awesome to stop by and give them some love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!