Finger Pointing- August 19th

19 Aug

Carrie here, bringing you today’s standouts. Tomorrow is my 38th birthday, which means the end of summer is nigh! Where does the time go?  It’s a question that seems to always crop up on my birthday, but my new response is “Let me get my album out so I can show you”. :)

a-z by nietis

As a mom to a teenager, let me juts say how easily these small, random things can be forgotten and how awesome it is to have them documented. You will forget, but that’s why we do what we do. Neitis does what we do exceptionally well using a straightforward composition, with beautiful clustering. My absolute favorite part of this page is that alphabet is the title. It’s innovative and unexpected. My other favorite part is that she’s managed to sneak a photo into that cluster. It’s an all around brilliant page.

Finger Pointing August 19, 2014 |  a-z by nietis

Love & Trust by beszteri

There is a rawness to her color choices and it’s mixed with breathtaking blending and graphic elements. She plays with the block (or square) composition, taking up almost the whole canvas, but everything has space to breathe thanks to beautiful alignments and flow. The result is an eye catching page that makes you wonder about the story. Whatever it reads, I’m sure must be full of heart.

Finger Pointing August 19, 2014 | Love & Trust by beszteri

H2 OH! by Celeste

Celeste is on of those wonderful teachers who taught me what I know and I always love her pages. Here, her color choices really support the story of a cold pool experiences and the scatter feels like water droplets. She’s expertly used pattern in her scatter to create dimension and texture.The borders push into the page and the scatter moves you through it. Also, the title is just so clever! Notice how she uses that one pink pattern circle at the bottom of the photo for emphasis and tension? Brilliant!

Finger Pointing August 19, 2014 | H2 OH! by Celeste

You are my star! by Ann06

Never have I seen a page with such action. I keep waiting for that cutie pie to rope me! I keep noticing things I love about this- the color, thr lines creating  movement, the photo treatment… What I do know stands out the most for me is the ribbon made to look like the boy is clutching it.  She did all that AND made the page flow in a “Z”.  I hope this is going on a wall somewhere.

Finger Pointing August 19, 2014 |  You are my star! by Ann06

Kate by lkdavis

The photo and it’s treatment is gorgeous. I love that the background matches the background of the photo. It creates a strong foundation for composition and makes the tilt feel really natural. I love that’s she used black stitching and splatter to lead us through her page… and I have a thing for black on pages, especially soft ones. To finish off the page, she’s used a beautiful script font for her title and right justified her journaling. And I want to know what font she used for her title…

Finger Pointing August 19, 2014 | Kate by lkdavis

A few questions by christellevandyk

Even if this is a poem or song lyrics, it’s a still as powerful because we can all relate to these questions because we’ve all be emotionally wounded before. She’s mixed serif, handwriting and decorative fonts that gives this page a very written in the moment feel. I love a page where embellishments means something to story: Here, she use black and blue embellishments (get it?). The flowers and kraft background keep the page hopeful despite the subject. I feel like the clock tells us that’s only a matter of time before things get better… maybe one day even as awesome as this page!

Finger Pointing August 19, 2014 |  A few questions by christellevandyk

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks! Thanks so much to everyone who shares their pages in galleries around digi land… I can’t wait to see what you do next :)


Finger Pointing- August 18th-

18 Aug

Hello!!! Hope everyone is well! I’m in a particularly great mood even though weather is more than miserable here in London…. my daughter came back today after 2 months in Canada, we had been in touch quiet a lot (thank goodness for Skype!) but still, two months can be a long time to be away from your child! I have some amazing pages to share with you!  The galleries are always so inspiring!!!

My Melancholy Blues by Jaye is one of my fav today for so many reasons, one being am a Queen/Fredy Mercury lover but had never come across this song before today. I went to read the journaling as the page is so amazing visually, I always like reading of possible as it gives a lot more dimension to a page if we know what the feelings behind/within are ….and then googled the song… everything came together then, the music, the lyrics & Jaye’s absolutely awesome work in this page are a treat for the eyes & soul!


What an amazing way to scrap a Wedding! this page by liljatr is such a delight, love inches kind of pages, this one is full of detail, elegant details as a wedding deserves…every bit here has some degree of work and all coming together is truly great!


Be Careful by nessita is another stunning page in the galleries today! Love the quote, the elegant composition, those incredibly amazing shadows! A mini work of art!!!


I saw Naturally Sweet by Natascha, this next page, earlier on Facebook and was so delighted with it!!! Love cooking, here at home lately we have mostly photos of food, and every time I see a superb food/cooking page as wonderfully done as this…my heart sings!!! The page is colorful without being overwhelming, super cute and perfectly shadowed, those clusters couldn’t be more perfect….


Apples by Small Moments is another little gem! Love those stacked papers, the photo is amazing, beautiful shadows once again….! Especially love the circles border tucked into the papers….awesome page!!!!


Last page for today is from Gaelle (Ga_L) La Construction du Pont, depicting a wonderful family moment- Love the subtle treatment of the photos blending perfectly well with the background, what an amazing way to preserve memories!!!!


So this will be all from me today, hope you enjoy them! Have a great week!!!!


Finger Pointing-August 17th

17 Aug

Hi everyone Margje here on this rainy and stormy evening! The weather is perfect for a stroll along the galleries! I have been scrapping a lot of pages this weekend, so that was wonderful! But right now I ended up with so many tabs and windows opened tonight, because I saw a lot of beautiful pages. Believe me it’s not an easy task to pick only 6! But I’ve finally narrowed my choices down to the required six!

Travel Stories by Lotje66xx  What a gorgeous travel page this is! I like the masking of the beautiful photo! (Must have been a fabulous cruise) The brushwork is pretty  awesome too, and I love what she did with the postage frames! A very interesting page to look at!


This awesome life by Marleen  Oh wow!! Isn’t this fantastic! That beautiful heart is glowing all over! I have seen a lot of beautiful pages of her, but this one makes my heart glowing too! I also adore how she used the stitches to make a perfect framing! So creative and beautiful! I’m a fan!!


I forgive you by misslovescraps  She wrote” Being an introvert makes me keep everything to myself even when I was a child … Since I started scrapping, I use my pages as an outlet to express and tell the stories of what lies behind my everyday smile, laughter, tears, anger, disappointment ….” Now that is so awesome! And she is so very good at it too! What a strong and powerful page!


30MM Same Photo by dfwest  Another beautiful beach page!! (you must have discovered by now that I love beach pages) I heart everything here! The beautiful photo, the gorgeous design, the beautiful colors and the wonderful quote!


Never dim your sparkle by dawninskip  I so love the beautiful watercolor effect on this page! The colors and the design, the doodles and flowers are awesome too! And did you see that wonderful wordart? It all goes so well with the beautiful photo!


Dig by Amson  This is so cute!!! All about their darling hound, who loves digging in soft soil!  I love  the brushes and the colors and how she cropped the beautiful photo’s!…everything just matches so well! That Corrugated alpha goes so beautiful with it!


These were my choices for this Sunday evening! I hope you like them too! Please leave some love if you visit the artists galleries! Have a nice week and see you next time!



Finger Pointing – August 16th

16 Aug

Hey everyone, Jeanine here with my six picks from the galleries tonight and boy, were there a lot of yummies to choose from!!! I’m at work, so I will keep it a little shorter because I have some manic kids in the house. They might wake up within an hour, so I want to have my post finished by then.

Hope it by Estir bune Another tribute to a great artist who left us. I felt so sad hearing he committed suicide. I think Estir did a great job making this page. I like the feel as if we are looking at Robin from behind blinds, as if he is still outside somewhere….beautiful!!!

estir bune tlp

Smiles from ear to ear by chastml I like the beautiful color combination here and the lovely girl with her Mickey ears smiling from ear to ear is gorgeous! Love it how the ears are repeated in the stitched circles and the many stars make it a true Disney page!! Wonderful!

 chastml MSA

Hong Kong Holiday by nietis Wow, there are sooo many pictures on this page!! Love it, love all the small squares with so many great holiday memories! Love all the little details, the flowers, the words, the cluster in the middle, keeping our interest and love the idea to have a lot of memories on one page!


Open your eyes by rarou47 I’m big fan of Sylvies work! She always knows how to combine brushes and elements to a beautiful art(journal)page. This one is no exception! There’s so much to see and the words used here are very strong, meaning a lot to me, keep your mind open, don’t judge to soon and wonder, like a child can! A true beauty again!

rarou47 sbg

Beautiful makes me happy by mimisgirl Brown and light blue always work well together! I love the messy feel here and at the same time it’s a very organised and neat page, keeping all the journaling and main elements on mostly the right side! Great how mimisgirl managed to say a lot with so little!

mimisgirl tlp

Before I die I want to live by oldvwblues This one took me in the minute I saw it, to me the top side represents the calm, peaceful (after dead) side and the bottom the lively vibrant one, the ‘I want to live’ side! The checkered part is keeping it all together.  Brilliant how she made the title part of the graffiti! Great page!

oldvwblues sbg

I’ve come to the end of my picks this week, I hope you like them and please leave the artists some love when visiting the galleries!


Finger Pointing – August 15th-

15 Aug

Hi! Hope everyone is having a great day/evening!  I have to confess my week wasn’t the best ever,I got tangled into a Kafkian process on the quest to deal with some major stuff of life, I spent the whole day seeing doctors and booking some more tests, but the day had one major event which made all the previous annoying things disappear… I picked up my daughter’s college’s results (she is still in Canada) She graduated with Triple Grade Distinction (top marks!) in Performing Arts- I am so hugely proud!  As usual, the galleries are full of true jewels, here are some of the most amazing ones:

Super Ellie by Andrea (aka Little Green Frog Designs) is such an amazing page!!!! You know my views on designers who scrap, and one who does it like this amazing lady has always deserved all my admiration & I know for sure am not alone…. This page is fun, dynamic, has a lot of content in every possible way….perfection is a little word for it! Now I want to be able to go to this place so I can scrap lift her page!!!!!


No Please, MT 1920 by Iowan is another little master piece. I adore this lady….she is talented and really, always tells me the story. No matter if she has journaling or not, if the photos tell it or not….she always, always translates memories into her pages, and does it with the most amazing taste and skills!!! The contrast of the soft tones of pink with the nearly black, the blending, the perfect clustering with the perfect shadows….absolutely amazing!!!!


Country Living by Jan (Intense Magic) is so beautiful! Love the delicate soft background, the circles in bold colors work so well here, the layering, perfect choice o elements, everything here is talking of nature and peaceful time…


Here is something I LOVE with a passion: Facebook timelines images! This is superb in it’s simplicity, all so clean & fresh…love that journal card/word art, a super great gorgeous page all together by theAndrea:


Girlfriends by Joyouslion has those dolls I love so much!!!! Love the intensity of the dark colors, all those patterns in the background. Even though is done mainly in dark colors, she has managed to make it feel fun all over!!!


Last but not least, is this amazing tribute to Robin Williams: Good Morning Heaven by hdubois46. A lot is being said and so much speculated….but we all agree in one thing: he was full of talent, made us laugh & cry, think and enjoy, he will be missed. Love this, everything brings his laughter, love the blending and the action given by repeating the image… an amazing tribute indeed!


With this I’ll say G’nite, hope these incredibly talented ladies make my heart sing, I’m sure you ll be delighted & inspired too, so, if possible, spare a minute or two to leave them some love in the original galleries, you can access each of them by clicking on the LOs. Have an amazing weekend!!!





Finger Pointing – August 14th

14 Aug

Hi there!  It’s August 14th and my first guest post.  I am so excited to be part of the finger pointing team!  I’m Farrah Jobling and I’m a photographer.  Gosh, that sounded a little like an opening at a 12 step program meeting. hee hee.  Anyways, I am a photographer by day and mainly shoot children and families.  I also take regular photos of my kiddies- both snapshots, as well as, portraits.  I’ve been training them since birth, but after all, they do have “photographer’s children syndrome”  – little stinkers.  I am always looking for ideas for photos and layouts and find myself inspired by layouts that really showcase amazing photos.  Today, I’ve picked layouts that I feel make the photos really stand out, layouts that draw me in by great photos, and layouts that really make the photography the main focus.


Without further ado, here are today’s picks. I hope you find them as inspiring as I do:

Lake Windermere by nannangie

I have a little obsession with repeating lines in photographs.  They always draw my eye in an I can imagine myself right there at the end of the pier.  I also love the blending and neutral colors.  Nothing too flashy to take away from the calmness of the lake and boats.


Hooray by mollyc

What a fabulous series of photos.  I love how we can actually see motion in the flow of photos.  The colors are perfect and the dark background really makes the photos stand out.


Summer by traumelfe

I’m completely drawn in by this photo.  I adore the perspective and want to be right there on that beach too!


Max at 2 1/2 by katieFLapple

I’m in LOVE with the simplicity of this layout and how the main focus is the photo.  I also love the black and white conversion and think it really stands out in the gallery.


Be bold by modgee

WOW!  What amazing eyes!  Those gorgeous blue eyes grabbed me immediately and the use of blue elements really draws attention to them.


My wish for you by Jjriward

Oh so dreamy.  The photo is amazing and so soft.  The journalling is perfect and so heartfelt.



Finger Pointing – August 13th

13 Aug

Hello there everyone! Today is August, 13th…and I hope you guys are having a good time wherever you are, because I HATE August, here in Brazil it is known as the “Mad Dog” month, it has mysterious deaths and tragic events involving so many people … like Lady Di, Elvis, Nietzsche, Neil Armstrong, Carmen Miranda, Marilyn Monroe, Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall …The eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in 1883, it is estimated that more than 36,000 people died, the first atomic bomb ever to be used in a military operation was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan … Beginning of the construction of the Berlin Wall … Oh … and the Birth of Fidel Castro in Cuba … And today is an  extremely sad day here in Brazil too… A Brazilian Presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, 49, died this Wednesday morning in a plane accident. The private jet in which he was travelling crashed in a residential area. He was a very strong political figure and he had a bright future ahead of him and he might even had had a chance to be president in the future. I am very shaken and upset. Brazil has lost one of its most talented politicians, who always fought with idealism for what he believed in…

So to help dispel and remove all sorts of negative energy, here are my picks today. I hope you enjoy them and you’re inspired by these wonderful pages!

Awesome by Brandi

What a great idea! Awesome use of close cropped photographs. The wordart and the yellow flower are placed perfectly at the middle of the page. Very cool!!!Love it!


Harmony by EllenT

Another sample of awesome use of cropped photos…I love how the 4 parts of the photo takes up 4 frames like this. I love the composition, how she placed the elements. And her layering, as well as shadow work, are amazing.


Street Art by cocodou

Cette page est géniale! Wonderful page. I choose this one because of the great photo effects and because it just so much fun!  I love the drawing effect, the blending and the messy stitched frame give it some more interest too.


A Bird in Hand by cfile

I love challenges because they  and sometimes they are about things that brings back memories of my childhood and youth! I Love how the photo is blended perfectly on the paper and the way that she framed the bird to be the central focus. Really causes your eye to remain focused on the adorable Owl.


Shine Bright by CarrieA

I used to be a  night owl too…Now I need to wake up 5:50 am to take Gabi to school, so I usually sleep at around 10 pm…But I really miss to be a person who stay up until late at night watching my favorite movies and reading my books. Now I love the night because I can sleep and dream, and I love to dream…so I can relate with this page! Besides that what a stunning page! Love the messy, the perfect fonts and alpha’s choice,  the fun and vivid colors and the cute ellies that she used here! Isn’t the little girl so adorable?!!!

Shine Bright (Digi Dare 378)

Playlist by cinna

I chose this page because besides it is beautiful it forced me to search on google about the songs listed on it! I didn’t know many of the songs on the list so I had to search far and I am passionate about Aloe Blacc – The Man, because the song’s chorus is built upon an interpolation of the line “And you can tell everybody” from John’s single “Your Song” that is one of my favorite musics EVER!!! I Really like the hand made feel here: lots of yummy bits and pieces, perfect fonts, word arts, brushes, messy and shadows.