Finger Pointing – February 24th

24 Feb

After running a ton of errands today, it’s been lovely to come back home, make a nice cup of tea and take a relaxing stroll through the galleries. I’ve seen so much inspiration on my journey this afternoon that I can’t wait to open up my supplies and get cracking on a page or two myself. Before I do, let’s take a look at the gems I found today.

I’ve never met a page by Isa Marks that hasn’t stopped me in my tracks and made me say wowza! Life is Good is no exception. Isa’s skill at shadowing makes me stare at her pages in awe and I love the mix of patterned paper here, made all the more interesting with the repetitive geometric shapes. Pretty elements add interest to the page and I love the fun, black and white photo that, together with the bow and splatters brushwork, adds punch. So gorgeous!

The page design of Going Places by sucali made me take a closer look – I like using strips of paper in my own work and I love the soft tones and the gentle patterns that have been used here. The main elements on the layout are in great proportion with some smaller detail adding contrast. And then I thought, wait! I have super strong connection to this place… this view… because I used to see this on my drive to work every day and now my daughter drives this way to her work! But getting back to business, this layout is finished off beautifully with a little splatter and super neat title work. Totally love this!

I’m the first to admit that I am challenged by strong colour and with young grandchildren who tend to be surrounded by such colour, be it their clothes, football kits, toys and bedroom decor, I can often get into a bit of a pickle when scrapping their stories. Then I found Play by heathert which is simply colour genius! Firstly, I love all the colour in the sweet images and secondly, the unassuming patterned paper strip is just perfect. The little circles and coloured word art are beautifully subtle and those small stitched geometrics and the title work away on the right add to the overall playful feel of this page. So tastefully done and just brilliant!

Memories by Mother Bear is a terrific example of how a little artsy works great with a little traditional scrapping. I love the watery and textured backdrop, the blues and the greens with the pops of yellow provided by the watery spot peeping out from behind the images and those adorable stars. Then there’s the vibrancy of the images themselves (and great photography too!), the little cluster bottom left, and all so wonderfully finished off with the various detail in black that gives this layout even more pop! So amazing and I seriously aspire to pages like this!

One of the things I love about blogging here is that I can give shout outs to artists amaze me with their creativity. And today I’ve realised that I’ve hit a bit of a rut with my own work lately, well, probably a bit more than lately. I mean, take a look at A+ Okay by hillareyd. If someone pushed that backdrop under my nose, I wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what to do with it. Yet here I see a smashing mix of elements, a sweet photo and a terrific design, laying perfectly against said backdrop. I love how just a little colour – the little triangles in a visual triangle with some pretty eye candy – works beautifully here and the title work is A+ creativity on its own! This is my new fave of hillareyd’s work!

I realise I’ve been banging on about colour quite a lot in this post and I’m about to do the same with Feel the Music by LiMa Inspirations. I love dramatic layouts and the explosion of colour together with the expressive image and title work make for a beautiful work of art. I so wish my brain would work in this way – quite simply, it makes me just want to dance like nobody’s watching and pages like this are so wall worthy – can you image this on a canvas?! Stunning!

So those are my standouts for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have and when you have a moment or two, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend, have a good week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – February 23

23 Feb

It’s Friday!!  Let’s hear it for the weekend – a time to relax, enjoy life and scrapbook!  But, before we jump into our own designs, let’s head off to the galleries and see what creations are out there to inspire us.

First up, we have Cutouts by jcaruth910.  What a fabulous idea – to put a photo of the gorgeous sunset in the middle of a porthole!  Brilliant!  I really like how all the colors compliment the photo, but nothing is taking away from the main photo.

Next we head to Italy with glimpses of Croatia and Greece by Meryl.  I was drawn to the sheer creativeness of this page.  I mean, how many times do we have tons of photos from a trip, and have no idea how to put them all on a page?  The globe idea is awesome.  And look at that perspective, extraction and reflection!  Really, a beautifully done page!

Speaking of perspective, take a look at Crocus by ouisiekelly.  I was drawn to this layout in the gallery by the lilac background, but then really drawn in by the photo and subject.  It looks like the flower is actually growing out of the photo, which looks like it’s “laying down” on the page.  Great job!

DayDream by louso grabbed me right away – you know how much I love white space design.  I was first taken in by her photo treatment and how she coordinated all the elements with that color.  The more I looked, the more I appreciated the brilliant design – every spot, every element, every color is perfectly placed.

For something completely different, look at Sparkle by Rochelle86.  It’s a brave soul who combines so much color, and a talented artist who makes it work!  I love the heartbeat going across the page – that combined with the word art says everything she feels about the subject. The shadowing on the flowers is awesome – it looks like they are on pop dots!

Last, we have a page that I can’t help studying again and again.  Flowering Spring by indigo.  Her blending is amazing – and the photo placement is just precious.  I can feel every moment of warmth and happiness that they show.  Every element is placed so that the eye moves across the page in the order she wants us to see things.  Beautiful design.

That’s it for tonight.  I hope you are inspired by these picks to create your own beautiful pages.  Have a great weekend!!


Finger Pointing – February 22nd

22 Feb

Finger Pointing – February 22nd

Hi there everyone!  It’s Juli Fish here with some absolutely fabulous layouts that I can’t wait to feature today.  I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but the layouts in the galleries today were so amazing and offered such a wide variety of styles and looks.  Let’s jump right in!!

My first pick is Coffee by xboxmom. I have to admit that I’m a huge fan of the city of Seattle and this layout totally takes me back to one of my favorite places – Pike’s Market.  I really love how Kim uses the grid style to create little pieces of art to tell her story.  The colors here are just perfect for a coffee layout and the photos are just gorgeous too!  This is one of the things I really like about the pocket scrapbook style – it let’s you feature little masterpieces all over your page and Kim did an amazing job with this layout in doing just that!

Next up is this artsy and whimsical layout titled Decorate Your Soul by Hey Jude.  The flower crown that Judy put on this illustration looks nothing short of amazing!  I love how she layered it all on there. The whispy word art is so interestingly placed and really draws your attention to read the message.  I love the addition of the moths and how the shadowing gives them such dimension as if they are flying above the page.  This page is a piece of art I’d love to have hanging in my office!

My third choice for today is the colorful and fun layout by joelsgirl titled February Faves.  The bright colors and the fun flowered paper is what caught my eye in the gallery.  I really love how Kelly has used so many colors on this page.  All these photos show what a fun time her family has had in February. The flowers tucked in behind the photos give a great dimension.   I just adore pages like this and think they are so fun to look back at over time.

My next layout choice is On the Edge by connieg.  I swear this is a vacation on a scrapbook page. What an incredible photo!  I just love all the strips over the left side of the photo and what a cool effect this gives to the layout.  I also love the simplicity here.  The little bit of frame and words are the perfect additions to make this feel like a professional ad.  I think I’m going to have to try this technique on travel photos myself!

Up next is this lovely layout titled  Cherish by LorieM. At first glance this layout might seem simple, but actually it’s not.  The way the elements and flowers are layered under and over the photo is so unique!  I really love the mix of shadowed and painted images. The black and white photo pops off the soft colors on the page and the contrast in the photo itself is just fabulous!  Finally the little bit of edging around the page gives this all the perfect finished look.  Such a gorgeous page!!

My last choice today is Currently Reading by ErinShannon.  Can I just start with Wow?  I mean seriously!  This page is so fun and I just love what she’s done here. Not may people would be so bold to put that background paper on the whole page, but it totally sets the page for the story.  Then the addition of the hexagons and all the little elements just makes this whole thing fabulous.  I keep finding more to look at each time I look at the page – there are so many fun details.  What a bold and fun and amazing page!

I hope you enjoyed the variety in the layouts I chose today.  If you have some time go surf the galleries yourself because there are some mega amazing pages out there right now!! Happy scrapping everyone!!


Finger Pointing – February 21

21 Feb

Hi! Miki here with some beautiful pages to share with you. I’ve enjoyed browsing through all of the different galleries this morning. Love all of the inspiration and eye candy. Each one of my choices has inspired me by their message and/or their art. As Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” So here we go!

First up is One Year Ago by Cinderella. How sweet is this and what a unique way to chart the growth of your child! Love the black and white photos of the hand holding the little feet. When my kids were little they stood next to the wall and we marked the height and date on the growing board. But it would have been so nice to have a visual image to compare year to year. They do grow up too fast! Also love the flow of pinks and greens and the repetition of the circles and all the hugs and kisses. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork with us!



Nature by Barbara Houston caught my eye immediately in the gallery. The orange flower pops against the green and blue background. Love the amazing brush work and blending! Barbara is doing a series of pages with inspirational quotes and the words “not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more” by Oprah Winfrey rings loud and clear today. This page is truly inspirational!

My husband and I have been watching the Winter Olympics. The dedication, endurance and strength of the athletes is impressive. Love this take on the Olympics, Winter Games by geoleoan. The thrill of skating and determination shows on his face. Love the vertical design, blues and browns and the frosty blue snowflakes. I also love the faint vertical stripe in contrast to the “bokeh” circles on the opposite side. Wonderful inspiration!

Entering the Panama Canal at Dawn by jw oozes with tranquility and serenity of the sunrise. Love how the photo fills the page and the partial image of the boat highlights the people catching a glimpse of this spectacular event. The golden tones of the sunrise brings hope to a new day. Also love the vertical strips drawing the eye to the title. Beautiful!

Choises by Lady22 is up next. How cute is this little face! Love the message here, words for everybody to live by. It sure looks like he was up to something. A beautiful clean block design that puts the focus on the image. Gorgeous!

Love the simple design of Relax by Loulou31! Also love the pop of orange and repetition of circles. Just one word is needed. Relax! This has become my mantra for the day. Relax, relax, relax, relax and enjoy the moment!

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration today. I’m ready to take on the day!


Finger Pointing – February 20th

20 Feb

I am so excited to be with you today to share some layouts that I found while looking through the galleries today!!! There are so many fantastic pages it is hard to only select 6!!! So, here are my picks for today. . .

First up is CarpeDiem by HeatherH. The photo treatment caught my eye immediately and I thought the black and white worked so well with the use of those fun colors. The uplifting words just brought the whole page together!!!

The dimension on the next page is incredible. I could almost reach out and touch the flowers on aureli122 by tizote59. The design on this traditional style just drew my eye to the photo.


Next up is Behold the Sight by DivaMom96. Again, I was drawn to the photo treatment. This was so colorful and just let the photo shine!!! I am intrigued by the seamless use of the digital components from the wordart to the overlays.

And talking about the use of color, check out Happiness Is by agata68. I just love the strong colors used here. Sometimes I shy away from bold colors, but now I feel inspired!!!


And will you just look at This is What I Love by jennschultz!!! I love the circles here and that center with the skewed cutout was genius!!! The cluster work on the edges was spot on for this design!!!


Finally for a sweet fix, I picked pieces-of-my-heart- by nanascrapper. I am loving all the pages I see with the cutouts and I thought the soft tone of this page was perfect for those sweet photos!!!


So these are just a sampling layouts in the galleries!!! I hope you enjoyed today’s picks and find some inspiration for your own projects. Please visit the layouts to take a closer look and leave some love!!!

Until next time. . .


Finger Pointing – February 19th

19 Feb

Well!! It’s Monday again – hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve just spent a few hours browsing the galleries – such a joy. It’s hard to just choose six from all the great layouts on the various galleries, but here are my picks for today:

First up from one of my favourite scrappers dvhoward’s  – Love – such a great pic and set against that floral background – just spectacular. Then those elements perfectly clustered along with the great title work. Such a wonderful page!

I couldn’t go past this page from digigrandma – Puppy Love. Cute puppy plus cute kid always makes for a great layout!! The pics are complimented so well by the great choice and color of the elements. The plain background just makes for a well balanced, eye-catching layout – love it!

The overall brightness of the next page just grabbed my attention – Art Forever by JeannetteS. Such spectacular combining and blending with just a few elements with shadowing – all make for a great art journal style layout. I love the partial face and then the wording just says it all “In Love with Color”.

My next choice Versailles 2 – cyanne 22Love the use of the transfers and the blending and masking. Great job matching the soft color to the golden light coming off the water. Just spectacular.

My fifth pick – a day at the beach by AnikA68 – such a wonderful soft feel to this great page. I love the overall color, great masking and blending, and then the choice of just a few elements that compliment the whole feel. Just lovely.

So to my final pick for today – There’s No Place Like Home – Ellen T. This has more of an art journal feel which I love. Great brushwork and masking and I really love the great shadowing of the elements. That little house is just so cute and the sentiment is one I’m sure we would all agree with!!

Well, that’s my choices for today. If you loved my picks take a moment to take a closer look at these pages and leave some love for the creators in their galleries.

Happy Scrapping




Finger Pointing – February 18th

18 Feb

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! Browsing the galleries first thing in the morning was an awesome way to start the day. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me but when I went to bed I knew this was going to be the first thing I did and I was really looking forward to it last night! I tried to sleep in, but the moment I awoke I wanted to start checking the galleries, so here I am … bright and early on a Sunday morning. OK, I just checked the time, it’s not quite as bright and early anymore because I got sucked into the galleries and couldn’t bear to tear myself away. ;) I’m not sure how I did it but I somehow managed to narrow my picks down to 6, so here goes … I hope you enjoy these beauties!

Plouha 280816 Copie by ktell

Striking. This page popped out to me in the galleries immediately. First off … I love photos where the people aren’t looking at the camera; photos that capture a moment and people don’t even realize they’re being photographed. (I wish I took more photos like that!) I love the simplicity and elegance of this page; the beautiful brushwork,  the nicely placed elements, the messy typewriter style title and the great shadow work. Perfection!

Fly by JennMcCabe

I love Jenn’s page! I like the pretty colors that perfectly match the colors in the balloon in that amazing photo. I love the scattering of sequins and little wood buttons. I love the torn look of the pretty papers that pull you into the page and Jenn’s shadow work is awesome. There are so many little details and depth in this page. Beautiful!

38th Birthday by Corinne

What an awesome page to commemorate a birthday celebration. I adore the bright pastel paper strips leading your eye to the line of black and white photos. I love the tilt of the photos and how the artist placed the “38” as if it’s another of the photos. I love all the little words placed beneath the photos and the little arrow with the words “The Best” pointing to one of the photos. Looking at the page again I just noticed the little dimensional happy tag with the painted hearts that are kind of hidden next to one of the paper strips. This page makes me happy!

Low Countries 1952 by Profolly

WOW! This page is stunning. The texture of the paper and how the photo is blended into it is gorgeous. That photo and the background buildings and the way the people are chatting or looking off into the distance – awesome! I like the artist’s simple title work with the string and button. Gorgeous! This page would make an awesome canvas to hang on the wall!

Love this photograph by Nolwenn

Lovely! I love the simplicity of this page. That baby is adorable and so darn sweet! I like the monochrome colors with the sepia toned photo. The stitching, little bit of brushwork and sequins scattered behind and above the photo are simple and delicate and accent the photo perfectly. And that wonderful doodled camera and the simple “love this photograph” title … beautiful! Can we talk shadowing? That card/frame is so realistic!

Un moment a Penvins by Dids

I love this. I love the photo treatment of the large photo. I loved the muted tones of this page. I like the simple blocking and the white strokes between the photos and going through the smaller photos where the artist tucked some writing. I love the heavily shadowed circle with the writing. Gorgeous! This would make a great album cover!

I hope you enjoyed my picks this morning. Seeing all these beauties reminds me how much I love this scrapbooking / memorykeeping art-hobby-lifestyle-obsession of ours! How awesome is it that we get to create and share all these beautiful pieces of art that you find here in the GSO blog and the digiland galleries? Awesomeness!

Remember, the images (titles and author names) are linked to their galleries so if you would, please take a moment to take a closer look at these pages and when you do, take a moment and make the artist’s day by leaving them a comment in their gallery. Have a happy Sunday!