Finger Pointing – July 24th

24 Jul

Hello all! I hope you are enjoying wonderful weather like we’re having here in the Netherlands! It is so welcome after all the rain we had! A lot of people have their vacation now so I’m happy that the sun is shining. I still am busy, but now in my own house! We had to sell some furniture from a family member but the sales went not so well so we decided to keep some for our own house, and when you start with changing things in your house you never know where it will end! We will end up buying some new things to fit the things we replaced (LOL). Now I’m happy to sit and browse the galleries for some awesomeness! So let’s see what I found us for today!

Let’s start and : Hand over the coffee! by cinna

What a beautiful page about the drink that most of us can’t do without! I love the repetition of the photo(‘s). So striking above that beautiful background she made! I love the brushwork here, and everything she added! It all goes very beautiful together!


Then I’m sure you :  Get Happy by fruitysuet

I really love how she used those bold prints! Beautiful chunky strips and layering. The colors are so warm and bright that I really get a happy feeling as the title suggest! The background and photo blending is awesome too! Everything matches! A real beauty of a page!

2016 Manifesto by Little Butterfly Wings Template by Pink Reptile Designs for the july 2016 template challenge at The Lilypad

And I can understand that: I will love you forever by Tamsin

So very cute and adorable! Love that it is in black and white with a hint of color! I love the design and cluster work, the white space and the play with light over the photo! Really very well done!


And we all have to: Just Be by Tinkelbel

A wonderful composition! Love that blended photo and how it comes alive in her design! The colors are spot on! The messy threads behind the frame look great, and I just love that laced backgroundpaper, it gives this cool page some softness. The quote and advice is a reminder for all of us!


Let’s continue with:  Soft Sepia Layers by Oldenmeade

What a darling sepia photo from behind! And what an awesome heritage page this is! The sepia with the soft pink and the dark edging look awesome together! Great layering and use of elements too! I so love it all! So precious!


And then last but not least: My Daydream by zlemon

Well I can sure live by that wonderful daydream of her! She illustrated it perfectly! I love the colors and the artsy look of it! Great background she made as well! I sure want to go (with that unlimited budget of course)


I have come to the end of my tour. Hope you like what I highlighted here too! Give some love to the artists if you have some time!
Enjoy all there is in the galleries and I hope to see you there soon! Have a wonderful rest of the week! And happy scrapping! See you next time!


Finger Pointing – July 23rd

23 Jul

As always, sitting down to wander through the galleries was a super treat tonight. As always, so many masterpieces. As always, a difficult task to select a handful to share with you. I do hope you enjoy my picks for today.

England by Amy L spoke to me in more ways than one. The title drew me in for a start given that it’s my home country but more than that, I love how Amy has captured a piece of England in one of its finer moments! More often than not these days, our Summers are rather wet but that means that when we do get a little sun and warmth, hanging baskets, gardens and parks provide a symphony of colour that is simply charming. The blending here is fabulous and shows a sneak peak of some of our architecture and the little cluster bottom left is a perfect touch. Finishing off with the vellum strip of text intertwined with the cut out title, this is a delightful page!

Amy L DD England flowersbuildingsW

Staying with the pinks and lilacs, my next pick is This Moment Remembered by Zeneva. I particularly like the colour combination with the black and white photo’s, the doodles and the repetitive date stamps. The watery masks add a playful feel and the different sized photo’s add interest while the textured backdrop and smaller elements, the butterflies, the little clusters, buttons and splatters add great depth. A gorgeous piece of work!

Zeneva This Moment Remembered scrapbookcom ZK-CV-MYM3-MessyMarksDates-Celeste-w_1

As a scrapper who tends to opt for ‘odd numbers’ on a page, Reach for the Stars by Mother Bear had me thinking I now have an idea to satisfy my ‘odd number’ urge even when I only have two photo’s. Simply add a photo mat or a pocket card or a journaler… with word art! Cleverly accentuating the line of the swing and complimented by the worn backdrop, the vertical strip is a perfect foundation for the adorable photo’s (and journaler with word art!) and all those gorgeous layers of flowers, banners, buttons, stars and twine are stunning. And then there’s the title, adorned with stars and a glow to compliment the theme of the page. Love the ‘Awesome’ word art too… indeed, this page is awesome!

Mother Bear Gscraps JBS-reach-for-the-stars

Big Adventure by mrsashbaugh is another super example of awesome layering and clustering. I love the composition of this page and the arrowed backdrop that compliments the title and the smashing photo… so many adventures, which way to go! Then there’s the super little details, the flair and little tag, the zig zag stitching holding those little square pieces in place on the left and the confetti scatters. And that brings me to the amazing title work. Totally LOVE!

BigAdventure_mrsashbaugh Dpress

Moving on from fabulous colour combinations, I love the monochromatic look of my final two picks for today. Weekend Adventure by crafty_kari is a super mix of clean lines and a mix of moody and love! I particularly like that this spread is black and white with a sparse hint of colour here and there. I also love that there’s numerous spots for the eye to rest and take in the pure simplistic beauty of this spread. Fabulous!

2 crafty_kari weekend adventure Scalico go-full_original

As often happens, I was first drawn into carollee‘s Asthma page with the composition. Then the softness of the page dawned on me and I felt immediately comforted as I took in the rest of the page. The delicate brushwork focuses the eye on the beautiful photo and the timeline and clock are the perfect addition, enhancing the story. The dotted twist adds a dreamy feel to the page and those little white hearts add the visual triangle that is always apparent in great page design. Simply stunning!

carollee DD Asthma 2016-Saxon_asthma_-_web

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today as much as I have enjoyed them. As always, I’m fired up to document some of my stories… I hope you are too. And if you have a moment or two, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. I’ll be back soon but in the meantime, I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – July 22nd. –

22 Jul

Hi! and good day to all of you, wherever time in the globe that would be. Is early morning of the Saturday for me, I started looking through the galleries last night but I have been really tired lately (I usually spend my nights awake) so I saved what I had and took over this morning when I woke up. As usual, the amount of talent, beauty, contents and general amazement is so high, and Fridays we have always a lot more posts than usual, so that my heart breaks with every tab I need to close to keep this post into the reasonable numbers, but here you go: some of the most beautiful, amazingly well put together pages I found from yesterday’s posts!

Vacation by Amien1 is one of the most beautiful, inspiring summer pages I have seen lately. The composition -which comes from a template, but I have seen many pages done with the template, many of them equally beautiful, but in this case her own personal touch turned into a proper composition and this is, I think, the best way to use templates. I used to be dead against them, until some wise words from Vanessa (one of the ViVa Artistry girls) made me re consider and I fell in love with the whole thing….  interpreting a template well is most definitely NOT easier than scrapping a page without (at least for me) and though I find millions of templates I like to keep exactly as they are, when I find this kind of thing, the thinking a bit beyond and adding a great deal of personal touch, I am in awe.  I love the clever use of the chevron/arrow paper making focus on the big photo, the photo itself makes a piece of wonderful memory keeping and artful photography.. that is one of the most beautiful ways to take me back to my beach, feet on the sand and water running near, the paint that continues the sand and the gorgeous tittle work plus journaling: LOVE all the way!!!!

KIT: TMC: July 2016 by Mommyish: Light Box Builder by Mommyish: TEMPLATE: TMC: July Dolled Up Template by Mommyish:

Pokemon Go! by Lor is another show of perfection, memory keeping with fun, great photography and her amazing talent put to work with one of the hot/trendy subjects of the moment. I remember the Pokemons as something my little brother was doing (gazillion years ago? LOL) , never paid much attention but I was kind of forced to find out what this time is about, and looking at this amazingly gorgeous page fits so well the description! The photos (as usual with Laurie) are perfect and so much fun, the wonderful work in the background with the paints, the superb title work and the delicate way the elements are placed, all together makes this into one of the most gorgeous , proper Stand Outs!!!


Seaside by Stefanie brought me back to the beach and the warmth and beauty of my own seaside. She is one of the most awesome memory keepers I have known in all my years scrapping, her pages always make me want to stop and look at them for hours, and this one ticks all the items in my list… the amount of gorgeous photos, the way they are lined up, the whole thing makes the eye move around with delight, love the tittle work, the word arts and delicate embellishment, the mixture of textures with perfect shadows, I keep coming back to look at it and keep finding more amazing details, like the lower left hand side…not sure if that is a card or she added the strings running along the wavey background, but most certainly take the page to even higher levels with the cluster, that lighthouse….and, once again, those rocking shadows! all here is music to my heart!!!


Next one is one of my most loved PL people, RebeccaH with a double pager: Forest park Left & Forest Park Right. Both pages, individually and put together, are a show of beauty, elegance, amazing family life & fun.  The photography is gorgeous and the cards she chose are perfect. The delicate touches keeping the elements to the minimum, the addition of the beautiful shadows, all together make something I would print and hang on my wall!

2016 03 week 13 Forest Park LEFT LOW RES

2016 03 week 13 Forest Park RIGHT LOW RES

Right, so, after some absolutely amazing photography and memory keeping, I found some awesome pages with artful thoughts on focus. This next page, Where by msbamf2you is something that not only I noticed straight away within a page full of gorgeous pages, but that completely grabbed my heart when I looked closer. I myself can feel like she got into my head and put together all the questioning I have for myself, and I am sure many of you would too, the state our planet and societies are in all over the world. Whatever way you look at this, is perfection. The whole tittle/quote/question in the way is done, with also those perfect shadows, all the elements running in the background, the amazing representation  of time with all those clocks, the amount of elements layered, the beauty of it all, that window…that…well, pretty much everything here is AWESOME!


Another amazing photo-less page is this one I can also identify hugely with, Just Another Bad Day by tammybean04.  I often have trouble using little people in my pages, but this as an example makes me want to go scrap it now! Love the layering, the deep defined shadows,  the way the word arts/quotes are placed, gorgeous elements, amazing color palette, everything here works so beautifully!!!


This one isn’t technically a photo less page, but so, so marvelously put together, you can’t tell what is part of the photo and what is elements added! We Love Vegas by weaselwatchr made me re think my shying away from neon!!!! The signs are gorgeous and she has so cleverly mixed here a wonderful amount of them without making it heavy, the whole thing is fun, good times, Love love LOVE this!!!!!!!!!

CVW_SupplyTracker Layer 10 Layer 11 copy Layer 12 Layer 12 copy Layer 13 Layer 14 Layer 15 Layer 16 Layer 16 copy Layer 17 Layer 18 Layer 3 Layer 3 copy Layer 4 Layer 4 copy Layer 5 Layer 7 Layer 8 Mixed Media Monthly - July '16 - RADIATE / VIBRANT / SPIRIT Paula Kesselring Basic Black #2 Paula KesselringNeon Mania {Signs}

Last but not never ever least, is this absolute delight Hybrid Card by MlleTerraMoka. This is so beautiful, so perfectly done, elegant, the colors so beautiful (and I am one who shys away from yellow!!) I may have to lift this, even if on digital! The simplicity and elegance makes it brilliant for anything I can think of, even a wedding invite would look great in this!!!!! Superb!!!!!


And here is where I say Good Day to you again, hoping you have enjoyed these and got inspired as much as I did! As usual, you can get to their original posts by clicking on the name of the page and author high-lit for each post. If you could spare a minute or two to leave these awesome people some love, we all know how much a word of compliment can change our day for the best! Have a great weekend!







Finger Pointing July 21th

21 Jul

Hi you all out there! I wanted to finish my post tonight at work, but it was busier than I expected. So now I will do what’s left and I’ll keep it short because my bed is calling and it’s going to be another hot day over here. I don’t want to wake up all sweaty and warm…will be hard to avoid that I think. So here we go!

Together is better by Dady (Geraldine) Beautiful dreamy page, totally love the soft background! The loop perfectly draws the attention to the children. Love it!

dady sbg

Weekend Wildcard by Jane in NZ A very intuiging subject on this large picture page. I tried to figure out what it is. Maybe a dried flowerpod or a mushroom? I have no idea! But nevertheless the page is wonderful, clean to keep the focus on the subject and the great quote. Love the use of the bokeh here!

Jane in NZ scrapgirls

Story by IntenseMagic Mess! I love colorful mess , I love the sea and I love lots of brushes!!! So this page has it all! You can see the fun they had that day at the beach!

IntenseMagic tlp

There she goes by Margje It’s no secret that I admire Margjes pages a lot! And this one is no exception! Wonderful picture, love the feel I get of looking at an endless horizon. Love the tranparency of all the tapes and brushes. It adds to the dreamynes of the page.

Margje oscraps

Goddess series by Hollie This could easily be a bookcover or the start of a poster for a movie. Wonderful galactic feel, like we witness the birth of a goddess. I wonder if Hollie made more pages, being this one part of a series.

hollie mischief

Kudzu Frosties by HeyJude This is such a cheerful page! Love all the vintage pieces gathered here and love how HeyJude used the frames as elements. The only thing I don’t understand is why the woman laughs while holding her shammy in her hand….;) A totally happy page!

HeyJude tlp

Yep, my bed is screaming for me! I hope you like my picks and see you next time!


Finger Pointing-July 20th

20 Jul

Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re having a real heat wave here, so I’m glad to be indoors with the A/C on and to be having time to look through all the galleries. Here are six new layouts to share with you today.

My first pick today is this gorgeous Beach Love by seniorgal. She intentionally used blurry photos and with the awesome brush work, it gives the feel of looking through beach glass. Love that! The beautiful aqua colors are perfect for the beach and the banner at the top is such a fun element. The flower and title word art add just the right touch of elegance.


This next pick is very striking! The photo in Dragonfly by KarenB is incredible! Just look at the details and the colors of that photo. The reflection makes it very impressive too. I love how the focus is totally on the dragonfly with lots of white space all around it. The simple blade of grass and the watercolor splashes is all this layout needed to make it perfect. The stitching is a great element that leads the eye through the photo and right to the title.


I found another darling summer layout! Life is Better by jenn maccabe has lots of layers both behind her cute photo and on top. I adore the subtle paper tear and the offset doodle frame. Her composition and placement of elements are wonderful and so is the white space. Her typewriter journaling tells the story but rests quietly below her subject. I think this little girl was definitely having the time of her life that summer!

lifeisbetter (1)

Sammy by digi371 is my next pick for today. It really popped out at me in the gallery! I’ve been seeing a lot of photos using the trendy Prisma app lately and this photo really shows the effects you can achieve with it. Sammy’s sweet face is adorable and I love the extraction peeking out of the circle. The gold brush works beautifully with the Sammy’s coloring and what could be any cuter than those scattered paw prints! Love the title word art as well.


Take a look at these two cute children here. MemKeep_Dinskip_SBD_Ronda by scrappingramma is truly a layout with great visual impact. The large, blended photo has some very cool, grungy texture to it. So does the background. The individual photos in the small frames are placed perfectly so you can really see their cute little faces sporting those fun sunglasses. I love the grungy title and the diagonal journaling. I keep looking at this one and keep finding more eye candy. Cool page!

Memory Keeping Dawn Inskip Collab with Studio Basic Designs dinsk_memory_keeping_MM_layers03

My final pick for today is Little Marine by Traumelfe. The photo of the schooner is so beautiful and inviting and I like the unique photo corners she used. This layout combines some awesome sea-themed brushwork with some nautical elements and the combination is very striking. The navy and white striped border really makes this pop and of course, it’s perfect with that charming little sailboat element.


I hope you’re keeping cool this summer (if you’re in the northern hemisphere) and I hope these layouts inspire you to scrap some of your own photos this week. I know positive comments are always appreciated by digi artists. Please feel free to leave some love in the galleries. The titles are direct links to make it super easy for you to do. Have a wonderful rest of the week and see you again soon!


Finger Pointing – July 19th

19 Jul

I love looking through the galleries for inspiration and today is no exception. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

15 is not 50 by purlz76 is a perfectly documented everyday moment. I love all the brushes and doodles she used to frame her page. The arrow directs our eye to the photo and the ring of the key fob circles a couple of key words that support her theme. Finally her title work is just right for this creative page.


The palette in It’s On My List by y_baros is so pretty. I was attracted to a number of layouts featuring this coordinated collection. The soft colors are perfect for her photos and combining black and white with color is one of my favorite techniques. The subtle word art works well as the title for her page and the cluster work is perfectly shadowed.


My Story by Rochelle86 really jumped out of the gallery, probably because of the adorable photo series. The blended papers create the perfect backdrop and she only needed to add a couple of small clusters along with scribbles and paint to complete her design. The journaling on the strips as well as the title atop the torn paper piece are the finishing touches.


The photo crop really drew me to this layout, Sand Between My Toes by tinekereinders. I love the way she placed the netting between the photo and the frame. The shutter supports her cluster and the flower scatter in the same hue as the papers is very effective. The red in the title, painty bits and flower really pops against the blue.


The vertical design of Intuition whispers by conniemiles is so pretty. The small clusters placed toward the edge of the page and the masked papers and paint make for an artsy yet clean layout. The choice to shadow only the clusters and photo and really pop the butterfly reinforces the artistry of the page. All the red bits like the heart brush really stand out against the softer colors of the background.


My final pick is Sweet Night by Citronelle Green. The stacking behind the sweet photo and the bits of sleepy time elements scattered about the page are just adorable. I especially love the hanging stars and the hand-drawn trees. She only needed a tiny bit of patterned paper to border one edge of her page to finish things off perfectly.


I’ve come to the end of my post so I hope you have found these layouts inspiring. If you have a minute please leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week!



Finger Pointing – July 18

18 Jul

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of Gallery Standouts! I hope you like my picks!

I absolutely ADORE the perspective in the image in this first Standout titled Swim by 2worldswings! The blue here is simply breathtaking, and I love the way that the layout artist has played with the embellishments around the young swimmer, really creates some gorgeous movement!


Next up is this beauty by Wombat146 titled LIFE IS A BEACH. The image here is absolutely spectacular, really loving the post processing! The masking and/or blending is brilliantly flawless, and I especially love all the painterly strokes. This is deserving of a frame!

Life Is A Beach

I couldn’t help but stop and smile when I came across this next Standout titled Catnip by Rae. Such an adorable little fellow, LOVE his eyes, and his colors are gorgeous! The layout artist has scrapped him beautifully, too! Love the layering and all the little scattered bits of detail!


Next I have this lovely layout by Zeneva titled Happy Mind Happy Life. The design here is fabulous, and I LOVE the color palette! The greens work exceptionally well against that tonal background! And that image is fabulous, so full of personality!

Happy Mind Happy Life

I fell head over heels for this next Standout titled Friendship by chbo. I LOVE the design with all of the circles, and that color palette is absolutely delicious with all the yellows, grays, and blues perfectly set against that newspaper print background! The mix of patterns is very eye-catching, too!


And for my last pick I have this gorgeous work of art titled I Choose Freedom by Phelpsmom46. The blending here is quite spectacular! I love the color palette and the message really strikes a chord, especially in light of all the chaos that has erupted all around the world lately. We would all do well to remember that “On the other side of fear lies freedom.”

I Choose Freedom

Have a FABULOUS week everyone! See you all in the galleries again real soon! XXOO