Finger Pointing – January 22th

22 Jan

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I have been peeking in the galleries and I would love to show some of the layouts that really caught my eye. I hope they bring you some nice scrapping inspiration! So let’s take a look!

2017 Christmas Cactus times by easyeyes4you

What a beautiful page! I so love the dimension and perspective! The masking and blending is very well done here! I love the colors and beautiful brush work too, and the scribbles and lines give it a bit of movement. It all works together perfectly!

Resolutions by jaye

What a fresh and beautiful page! I love the colors together with the Black and White photo. That photo is pretty awesome too! Awesome layering and design! A great page to look at! I hope that many doors will open for her!

Oh deer! By SonjaS

Fantastic page! Love this artsy beautiful phototreatment in the photo and in the whole layout! Beautiful white space balance and an awesome blending at the top of the page! I love the colors together too! It all is so pleasing for the eye! Great winter feel she created!

Princess by mymalloryboys

What an adorable and joyful page! I so love all the hearts (must have taken her forever) and all the beautiful colors. That photo of the girl with her crown is so sweet! Very awesome layering and design. I get happy looking at it!

Anaphora by Adryane

Way cool and awesome! That’s what I thought when I saw it in the gallery! This lady has such  great style and creativity! I love this artwork! The design, the colors, the birds. She even wrote that her son is in there! Well I keep looking and looking! It became a very interesting abstract piece of art with a wonderful energy to it!

MOC5-21 by jjpederson125

This page jumped on me as I saw it! I love to see a dark background with everything popping out like that! Don’t know why but I hardly ever work with a dark blackground! In this page it’s so very effective and beautiful! Love the glow as the title already says it, and the wonderful song lyric and journaling. And yes we must always try to find the glow in those dark hard times!

That’s it for now! I hope you’ve found inspiration in the Standouts I’ve chosen (I sure did!)! I’ll see you all in the galleries and forums again real soon! Stay warm! Until next time! Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – January 21st

21 Jan

Tiptoeing through the digi galleries, sipping on a nice cup of pumpkin spice coffee… not a bad way to start a sunny Saturday morning! It looks like a lot of my fellow scrappers are taking advantage of the kids being back in school after the holidays and scrapping to their heart’s content. There are some beautiful pages in varying styles all over the galleries so it’s tough to narrow it down to only select a few. But such is the job, right? ;)

The Last Photo of an Only Child by tjscraps

You can’t not click on it to read the story… you have to know! The photo draws you right in to the scene, you feel like you’re standing behind her pensively staring at the beautiful view, too. Once you read the journaling you realize this day, it’s kind of like the calm before the busy starts. I love the choice of the two scripty fonts, the pastel element choices along with the ethereal feel of the photo treatment, the playful feel of the string element and the doodled edges.

Mosaic Blooms by jlholden15

Very striking! It caught my eye right off with the bright colors on that black background. Nice choice of the doodles and the imprecise photo sizes to break up the grid feel.

Little Things Matter by AnikA68

Just the photo sets the mood, even if we couldn’t read the journaling. I like how the focal point for the page is anchored at the sides and bottom with the black of the circle doodles and date stamp. The pops of lavender and orange reflect a real happiness to me.

Winter Wishes by blondy

Just beautiful clustering here! She managed to capture movement and sheer happiness with the photos and created an almost woodland scene with her page design. All the little bits tucked above and behind, the repeated elements and colors create such nice balance. Really very pretty!

2017 Jan 19 MOC by Amanda.c

I love how she chose to focus on ways she grew over the course of the year, challenges she tackled, causes she supported. What a great way to summarize! The circles for journaling feel almost like thought bubbles. I love the diagonal flow of the page design. Go, Amanda!

Her Joy by Tronesia

It always seems like I can pick Tronesia’s pages out of the gallery! Perhaps it’s recognizing her adorable children but I think more it’s recognizing her photography skills, clean lines, crisp backgrounds and her amazing shadowing. She has a knack for a playful style and attention to scale. Really lovely!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. Why don’t you do a little finger pointing of your own and leave some love for your fellow scrappers today?


Finger Pointing – January 20th –

20 Jan

Hello!!!! Hope you are all well, enjoying the weekend! I come back to the blog after a few weeks, as my 6 months old iMac decided to crash on me over Christmas…so it was a guest at the Apple store for repair. Very long story short: I’m  glad to be back sharing with you our love for all things scrappy, hope you all had a great Holiday and that life is treating you kindly in this new year! As I keep telling you, the job of narrowing down to only a few pages from all the talent in the industry isn’t an easy one, so you are getting a few more from me today. Hope you love them and get inspired as much as I do!

I’m going to start with Winter Wonderland by breakingbrie,  this delightful page which brings such a beautiful feeling of the season. It is freezing here in England, I don’t recall a winter like this for at least 15 years. Though this time there is no snow in London, looking at this I can feel myself right there…. the big photo is perfect with the angle making all other pieces of the composition come together almost as part of the image. The layering/cluster work is so beautiful and makes me want to keep looking to discover more new elements that keep popping to the eye, shadows are great too & there is a subtle detail of the borders,  the tittle font is beautiful, this is a total delight!!!!

Next up is Our Rural Life by Amson, and here, as she usually does, she makes elegant, clean lines that make my heart fill with beauty. The black background, the amazing composition, the perfect balance of space and color, the not your everyday photo that speaks… and that detail of the bottom border with the added little bit of journaling makes this into a marvelous stand out!!!!

From this modern clean cut lines’ page above, we move onto another amazingly talented artist who is also elegance itself in each of her pages, in this case with a shabby feel, beautiful nostalgic tones and her usual perfection, IntenseMagic brings us MOC17—Inspiration, and is inspiration in each little bit! The take on the template is awesome, the photos so at home within this gorgeous lines and the most amazing elements, love the texture mixture and how cleverly the paints are used to give accent in some places… and those shadows? my heart sings loud !!!! Once again, I could be here for hours, so much beauty and perfection oozing from this page!!!!

Now moving on to the documenting every day life with a talent worth of some glossy magazine, I found two pages that are gorgeous and show how many different styles can be used to fill the page and make chronological scrapping wonderful and fun: RebeccaH PL 2-17 wk3: Search for Beauty combines everything that made me fall in love with her pages, her family and her amazing talent (and determination to follow up the project which I wish I had!!!).  I look at this and I’m almost at loss for words…the photo angles are not only fabulous but also the way she integrated the composition and made them give the page movement, those gorgeous cards, the fresh feeling of the colors, shadow perfection  and, to make it all even more amazing…the line she gives us in the page description/credits is another show of talent, which most of us have to grab & hold on to…this is so very beautiful all together, Just.Perfect.

Another gem in the galleries documenting everyday life on a full on page comes from ZhuLi with Week 2 – 2017. There is so much to take in here and still so perfectly clean cut, love LOVE love the amount of photos fitted here to perfection, and so much journaling to keep a proper, beautiful record )once again, I wish I had the determination to do this!) The framing of each section is gorgeous, the details added here and there without breaking the clean lines, the amazing tittle work, all put together with gorgeous shadows, every addition another gem, like the cherish word art & the tiny flower row on top left… all shinning and painting a huge smile in my face!!!

From the everyday record to the expression of pretty much everything with mixed media/art journal, I have the huge pleasure to share this extraordinary page by EllenT , Never Quit. It is no secret I love her pages with a passion, and this one is particularly grabbing my heart in every possible way. The take on the template is perfection and, as she always does, there is lots to discover in the page, beauty in the mixture, the doodles feel like casually thrown there and make a perfect lines connecting every piece of the page…the fitting of the art journal doll/female drawing onto the template’s photo spots is wonderful, I could be here listing every item in the page and how wonderfully all is fitted into this amazing page! Loving the scallop border held to the page with those awesome stitches…. each and every little bit here makes my heart fill with joy!!!!!

I know I should be stopping here, but honestly cannot not share these other pages with you. Still on the art journal/photo-less style, a page by a lady who makes me want to get on a plane and go hug her, spend time with her -awesome- family and get intoxicated with her laughter and strength, faith and determination.  This page, 19MOC5 – toot-my-horn by Anne of Alamo, one of the most beautiful, amazing talents and personality of this whole industry, is just the way she is: simple but at the same time rich, happy and fresh, relaxed and positive….the whole page made with doodles just a touch of color and a listing of achievements…of course we could all write her a list of her achievements that would run for miles and miles….the whole thing is so beautiful, so much fun, so clever and full of soul…exactly like she is. Absolutely amazing page, has to be shared!!!!

Another art journal awesomeness, coming from this talented girl I remember meeting back in 2011 at Tangie’s Art Journal Caravan, and couldn’t believe my eyes the amazing pages she created…if I loved her then…now she has grown so much, I wish I had more time in the world to be able to follow her galleries more, because she most certainly is a huge inspiration to many of us. This page is one of those you don’t come across often, with perfection in blending, amazing line of thought for the composition and such a strength in the whole page…. BeBetter600 by ArmyGrl is a piece of art I would love having hanging on my walls, the cover of a book, just beautiful, powerful image, which also a beautiful & clear message. LOve LOVE love and then love a bit more!!!!!

Another photo-less page, a wonderful and gorgeous, perfect take on a challenge , by another one of those amazing presence in the galleries.. even though we have never really talked in a one to one basis, I have followed her awesome pages for 5 or 6 years…remember her being very welcoming when I hang out at a site that no longer exists…she was one of these people who made me fall in love with the scrap community…. and I am so delighted to see her around a lot more now, like in many other cases, I wish I could clone myself to be able to get around the galleries and see more of these awesome people’s pages…. but, anyway, I am talking too much again LOL. The girl I’m talking about is LeeAndra and her page is called Winning 2016. Love the apparent simplicity, the gorgeous choice of background, the superb big tittle, every little detail perfection, and every perfection has a perfect shadow!!!!! Love and LOVE more again!!!!!

Before I go and to round up into an even number, there is this jewel of fun, sweetness and love I found. A page by another lady I wish I had time to follow closer, mrsashbaugh with Rainbow Dash. I didn’t even need to click in the thumbnail to know I would LOVE this, the template so very well translated, a job here that for someone like me, who has trouble combining two patterned papers…is a total master class!!!! LOVE the colors, how beautiful and perfectly combined the colors are in the unicorn and the bottom borders are delightful ! The child is so cute, and the colors of the toys in the photo  together with the super cute unicorn and all those awesome clusters with colorful flowers… all make me happy and therefore such a great start for my Saturday!!!! (05:31 am here!) Gorgeous page!!!!!

I will leave you now, hope that you enjoyed these as much as I do, and find inspiration  in these amazing artists/ As usual, if you could spare a minute or two, you only need to click on the high-lit name of the LO & Author, it will take you yo their original galleries so you can leave them some love, we all know how wonderful a word or two can work in changing our day for the better!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing !!!!!





Finger Pointing-January 19th

19 Jan

Hi everyone! It’s another rainy, dreary day here. I’m happy to be inside, perusing the galleries in search of my six picks for today. I think you’ll enjoy what I found. Let’s get started.

My first pick was created for an art journal challenge and I’m  always drawn to this style of scrapping. January Art Journal Challenge-Be Messy by myssp is so gorgeous and it has such a romantic feel to it! Maybe it’s the Eiffel Tower, the soft color palette or the flowers and butterflies. I don’t know but I love it all! The repeated circles and postmarks are a fantastic way to add visual interest plus a little insight into her thoughts and ideas behind this page. All of the brush work and the watercolor title are outstanding!

This next page made me smile. After all, who doesn’t love animals with stripes? Zebras by gduncan is so charming and the photo makes me wonder what these two are thinking. They seem to be at opposite ends from each other. This is a great mix of softness and harshness. I see icicles and snow on the ground, but butterflies adorn the page. I love how this artist created a non-traditional animal page with her blending and the elements she used. The shadows are very pronounced, which really adds a lot of depth. The script title gently completes this page.

me_Count by wvsandy is another wonderful art journal page. I love that adorable doll and the big striped bow in her hair! This artist gave us some details of her past year, 2016, in a great narrative and then used little typewriter numbers to help separate her thoughts. It would be a challenge to summarize a whole year but she pulled it off perfectly. The dotted background coordinate with the doll’s cute dress and the pink and navy go together beautifully. Great brush work…great art journal page!

2 sisters by eijaite is a beautiful wintry page. The photo extraction is an excellent way to bring the focus to the foreground and same with the blended circle frame behind it. Don’t you just love those adorable little girls with the fur hats and coats on a snowy day? I’m sure this is a treasured vintage photo since they are with their grandmother. There are a lot of beautiful textures and brush work on this page. The purple tint on the one coat is so pretty too.

Let Your Heart Sing by bcgalOO really popped out at me. I love the gorgeous colors and also that beautiful bird! Using a regular photo and then using an overlay on a 2nd one is very eye-catching. The artist placed the pretty cluster in just the right place, connecting both of the photos. The sweet little flowers compliment this page, as does all of the brush work and paint splatters.

Let’s end today’s pick with happy by weaselwatchr! That cute little face on her kitten is irresistible! We all know kittens can be mischievous and ever so playful. The artist totally captured that with this whimsical page design. The colors match the coloring in the kitten. Very cool! I really like the paper pieces behind the photo with the little pinned ticket and also the word art title as part of this grouping. Stitched flowers, brushes and paint are all part of this delightful page. I love the stitched border too! It really ties everything together nicely.

These are my gallery standouts for today. Enjoy, get inspired and happy scrapping! Don’t forget to leave some love for these talented artists. Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!




Finger Pointing – January 18th

18 Jan

Oh, today’s picks are the most fun ever! Whimsy and shapes and great text and wonderful designs. I can’t wait for you to see these!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Miss Mischief by tracermajig

You don’t have to read the text on this page to get the idea, the photo speaks pretty loudly, right beside that title. But you really should read the text, you will be glad you did. Ah, three. It’s a great age. I absolutely love the way Trace wrote this text in little sound bites and phrases. T-rex did it indeed! And isn’t this color combination, black, white and pink, the most eye-popping fun?! Love all the doodly bits seemingly randomly placed behind the photo, but you know they were carefully placed to maximize the impact of the photo. Great border ideas, and the little face flairs and tags are absolutely perfect. This gets an A+ for effort, and for mum’s patience.

Explore by jennv

I hung on every word of this! I love a good story. And this one has a happy ending that hasn’t happened yet! What a cool idea, to scrap about the anticipation of a trip, step by step. I love the whimsical feel, including the hand-drawn look to the clouds, the big, childish-artsy font for the title, and the cute little suitcases. The little doodle framed-photos look like you’re seeing the view from the plane. Cute little travel elements like the plane and map paper. Wow, I love this one! I hope she comes back and tells an equally good story after the trip! Have a great time!

Before There Were Kids by createdbyjill

This made me laugh out loud, so naturally it gets a nod on the blog! Something all moms (and dads) can relate to, that wistful memory of peaceful do-nothing Sunday mornings. I like how the photo is tucked in between and under all of the embellishments. There are some cute elements on here, like the crossword puzzle paper, the do not disturb bar code, and the fun squiggly lines as accents. Fun colors and theme!

David Anson Mumby by Roboliver

Who remembers those Scenic Route covered-chipboard alphabet pop-outs, raise your hand! That’s got to be some of those on this cool heritage page, right? But no, it’s digital! So I am going to pay one of my highest compliments here by pointing out that this looks like a real-life paper page! Of course, you could never get such perfect arcs if you had to cut out all those pieces manually, and that is what is SO COOL about digital! She created this beautiful, nostalgic, wonderful tribute, and it looks SO REAL, but the lines are a whole lot more perfect than you could achieve with scissors. Lots of great shadow-work, fabulous curved elements and text – oh, I just read the text and what a moment that must have been when she found this photo, what a gift! This is a good one, I like this one a lot.

Go fly a kite by ziemon

How clever is this?! She used one photo here, and turned it into a pretty darn amazing scene from a scene! I like that the text running through the cut up photo bits is telling us all we really need to know about this scene, and keeps it simple. I gather this started with a template, and what a great way to use it. Nice shadow-work and the grid lines help keep it orderly. Very fun page.

Letter to Liam by aurian

I love pages like this one. There is so much to love about it! The cascade of different size photos, each framed differently, is a unique and fun visual trick. I love that stripey background paper, particularly because she was not overly careful about journaling so that it fit perfectly within a shape or a stripe, so it has a more natural journaling flow which is punctuated by the background. I love that she took the time to write down what this child means to her, how he affects her, what his personality is like, and her concerns for his impending transition to being a big brother. I particularly like that she did this with a twin, because each twin is unique and important and he will certainly know that looking at this page. The elements all work nicely to help guide the eye, and that title work really pops off the page. This is a treasure. Well done.

I hope you loved today’s picks as much as I did! If so, please click on the linked title and give the artist some love. Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing – January 17th

17 Jan

It’s already the 17th but this is my first post of 2017 and, thus, my first opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  It was an absolutely glorious day here in Florida.  We spent a couple of hours at one of the theme parks.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were small, and we met an absolutely awesome family from Colombia.  Now it’s back indoors and enjoying another kind of theme park – the digital scrapping galleries.  The galleries are full of inspiration today.  Once again, I had a hard time keeping my pick to six but, I did, and here they are.

Up first is the stunning Un homme debout by clindoeil. The impact of the black and white is dramatic and the addition of the subtle hint of green is perfect.  The extraction is exquisite and is set off beautifully by the brushwork behind it.  I love the use of the grungy stripes on one side and the clean stripes on the other.  Awesome placement of the journaling.  Love it!

I love the beautifully blended photo and the treatment on the smaller photo on Dady’s Be Brave page. The different treatments on the sides of the page work perfectly and the arrow cluster pointing to the smaller photo ensures it doesn’t get lost on the page. Very creative use of the stitches to enhance the water theme. This is just a gorgeous page!

I must admit that I’ve played around with the one word project but have never been able to choose a word.  So, right off the bat, there are two things that I love about  _scrapaholic_’s 13-oneword page … the fact that she has chosen a word for 2017 and the use of a large photo as her background.  I wish I could read her journaling because that awesome photo screams out her joy in her #oneword.  Love the use of the “blank” space at the top for the journaling and the minimal use of embellishments (just enough to add a finishing touch)!  Good luck with your one word in 2017 scrapaholic.

Catching Up by TrishD caught my eye immediately when I opened up the gallery link.  I love her choice of the vintage photo and admire the amazing blending.  And what a bold choice for the background paper – works perfectly.  Beautiful piece of art!

Buying a house is an exciting adventure and Sherri Tierney’s Project House captures that excitement in a beautiful way.  Love the large, faded title and the repetition of the circles.  She’s done a wonderful job on the journaling which is always difficult for me!  This is true story-telling scrapbooking at its best!

VictoriaLamar1 has also captured a memory for the future in a truly unique way on her First Pickup page.  Love the “view” of the first pickup in the rear view mirror and how clever to use the wrench for the I in the title!  The title cluster is beautifully created using just the right grungy alpha/font along withthe 3D 1st.  Wonderful way to capture a memory!

Those are my six for my first post of 2017.  Hope you were inspired by them.  If so, please visit the gallery and leave the artists a comment.  They are always appreciated.  Also, if you find the time, you certainly won’t be disappointed if you spend it browsing the galleries and soaking up the inspiration.







Finger Pointing – January 16th

16 Jan

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s been 16 days in January but this is my first post of 2017. I missed posting and am so glad to be back. I had a hard time choosing my layouts today as there are SO many awesome ones in the galleries. The designers are really outdoing themselves already!! I can’t wait to see more. My DH bought me a new laptop as an early birthday present and I cannot wait to scrap on it as it’s lightening fast. I’ve enjoyed looking for now though and here are my picks for today.

I love a vintage looking layout and this one by Beckturn did not disappoint. I love the monotone feel to it. I really love the photo in front of the doily and the blend and extraction are just divine! The text behind the photo is actual handwriting from one of the brothers in the photo. Just amazing what digital can do! I love this one and it deserves the GSO!

This layout by Conny is just exquisite. Conny is a master at the cluster and the colours she uses are always a standout. I Love how she fitted the photos between the gorgeous clusters and the dymo labels in between. The photos, as always, are top notch and adorable, and the paint spatters fit in beautifully with the look without being overwhelming. The newsprint paper background ties it all together. Just outstanding as usual!

This layout caught my eye immediately in the gallery. The blending here is just amazing. I love the whole feel of the layout, it’s dark, but not in a scary way. I love the inking around the photo and the beautiful flower element in her hair. I really like the doodles and how creative this whole layout really is. Props to *gina* for an amazing work of art!

This layout by Gonewiththewind is so well balanced and so well done. I really love how she used the same photo of her beautiful kids each month. What a great way to document their relationship and their changes over a year period. The fact also, that this is a template made by Cheryl herself, is outstanding. The placement of the elements and the shadows are a standout in itself. Love everything about this!

Finally, this wonderful layout could be my new favourite of all time. I just adore the photos in this layout by  mamashade. I love the layering of the old papers and envelopes in the top corner of the large blended photo. I really love the stamp in the corner of the actual photo! The background paper blended is amazing and I love the whole feel of this. It makes me want to go to Venice and take some shots myself! Just outstanding work here!!

Well that’s it for me today. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and as always, keep scrapping and sharing your work for us! We love looking at it! Make sure to leave these amazing layouts some love! Happy Scrapping everyone!