Finger Pointing – April 20

20 Apr

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am just hopping by to show you a selection of gems that I found in the galleries!

S_not-Good by Armygrl
Jawdropping! What an incredibly beautiful and creative page. It immediately caught my eye in the gallery. I love all the graphic elements, the handmade feel of it and the overal black and white color scheme with just a few splashes of pale colors.  I sure hope you are feeling better now Armygrl. It’s SO not fun to be sick but I do envy you for being able to create something as gorgeous as this page while feeling sick as a dog [yeah I spotted him catching the rain drops!]. I swear I wouldn’t be able to if they gave me a million dollars. Brilliant title too by the way!


Best Friends by Keley Lopes
I just love the happy and fun energy of this page! Of course those awesome pics are a big reason why but how about those fun wordstrips and bright colors and the cancan dancers and the funky trail of doodled flowers?! Such a great mixture of elements, styles and textures!


Graffiti by dianepsmith
I am in awe at how that incredible graffiti was blended and worked into this page! The paint splatters and swirls make it look as if the graffiti belonged there all along! I also love the title work!


back to the 80′s by misslovescraps
This page truly brings me back to the 80′s. Believe it or not but after seeing it I HAD to put on Level 42…hahaha. Of course it caught my eye because of it’s vibrant colors but once you get over the shocking pink you’ll see what a super fun cluster is up there. So much detail too with the tiny beads and buttons, tapes, word strips and cute little stars and how about that awesome photo!


He Shoots He Scores! by jesslynn0902
I just love the strong design behind this page that really is just a photo and a block of text when you brake it down to it’s basics. It’s the clever use of brushes, fonts and font sizes, colors and other shapes, like the ellips from the ball and the ‘triangles’ from the arrows, that makes this page into so much more! I also LOVE the photo and fantastic story. An amazing page in every way!


Life Is Beautiful by HeyJude
I love the ancient Roman statues in their heavily textured surroundings combined with paint, stitches and modern elements! The well placed pops of red add such great interest to the page and give it extra dimension. I agree that life is beautiful HeyJude and so is your page! Wowzers!


And that was the last one for today. I hope you like my picks and that these pages will inspire you. If so, then please leave some love for the artists that are so kind to share their work in the galleries!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Scrappin’!


Finger Pointing – April 19

19 Apr

Hey everyone, Jeanine here the night before Easter! It’s my first night of seven nightshifts, so I’ll try to keep my comments short, because I don’t know if it will get busy over here and if I will be able to finish this post then.

Project Life 2014 Week No.13 by JALong I love the mix of clean and messy here. There’s an order and at the same time a little disorder expressed by the messy stitches and the beautiful handwriting almost careless written on the pictures and journalcards . The bold primar colors cheer up the page and the tiny elements all over finish the page to perfection! Did I mention the journaling on the tags and underneath the large picture? Gorgeous!!!

JALong designer digitals

This is my happy face by ‘Celeste’ I had to give this page another title for this blog Celeste, sorry…maybe you don’t agree with what I did…didn’t want to offend you! I thougt this title suited the page and the mood of the cat a little better. I totally adore your scared cat! The pastel colors fit very well with the black and white skincolor. The position of the circels and the journalblock make me almost feel his fear. Love this one!!

celeste sweetshoppe

Armani makeover by Kym I love this torn frame and how Kym used it. Funny and serious at the same time. Funny because I picture Kym taking a picture of herself without make-up and one with make-up and then very serious putting them together on this page, trying to let it look as if it was one picture. Love the muted colorpallette here, it draws the attention to the picture and automatically tot the journaling.

kym p&co

Often by Cynthia I felt very atracted to this page the minute I saw it! Love the colorcombination here and all the tiny splats, bokeh circles, scratches, borders and datestamps! Love the way the picture peeps from underneath the frame. The touch of pink is working great on this green/blue page. Love the graphic feel of the holes of the notebookpaper. Wonderful page!!

cynthia sbg cap vis

My 3 heroes by Gybogi This is a total explosion of colors! And not only the colors drew my attention, the tapes did, all the different shapes did and most of all the pictures did! They took me back in time and made me think of music I thought I was forgotten. Thank you for this moment back to the 80′s! Wow!!

gybogi tlp

My time off by Christelle Oh, I loveee the emptyness of this page and how the few words work here, black on white and white on black, the words work almost like a lightswitch. This page speaks by his/her? simplicity, being empty tells me more than a thousand words! Love the colored heart and how the hearts are repeated with the doodled ones. Totally awesome!!

christelle tlp

I’ve come to the end of my post. I hope you like my choices! I wish you all happy and joyful Easterdays and see you next week!


Finger Pointing – April 18th

18 Apr

Hello and a great day/evening to you all. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the weekend! We are not having the best weather here in London, not that I get out much either…but good weather always helps my moods. I have been browsing the galleries and once again my heart is torn as there is so much awesomeness!!! Hope you like my picks for today. Here they are :)

Love the Life You Live by Tinkelbell is one of those pages that literally make your jaw drop… I would really love to see the full size images, because if this is what it is in this small size…I can imagine how much amazing would be the full sized! The photo is a work of art, and I absolutely LOVE what Anja did with the kit here….perfect page framing, lots of elements, textures and dimensions mixed and all comes together in a super harmonious piece…. I’m totally in love with this page!!!!


Blue Danube by twinsmomflor is another super gorgeous page. As a matter of fact, she has a few LOs posted today and all are gorgeous, but this one I love the most. The amazing baclground work, with the superb shadows , the beautiful photo, gorgeous cluster and the detail of stitches thrown as casual…delightful!


Love Life by Nixenkind is just too amazing for words!!! I love pages with such vibrancy, and here she makes my heart sing! Love the colors, the textures and how well she has shadowed every piece, it’s almost as if we could stretch our hands and touch every piece…and the photo crop so perfect & being off center makes the page feel even perfectly balanced… I love the format she scraps on, and her pages always have the memory keeping in mind… (she also shares my passion for the mentalist LOL) absolutely gorgeous page…


Carrying on with the happy & colorful explosion in the galleries, is So Cool by y_baros, another amazing scraper I haven’t crossed paths for a long time- This is a great photo less page, not only the cluster is beautiful with all it’s little bits , but also the background work is perfection. Love the b&w, the stitches so gorgeous and the little tab, all together gives a felling of happiness!


It’s About Time by lnewhouse is about love, and it passes on the message amazingly well… super gorgeous composition, the photo is cheerful and the whole thing is so well done, the general feeling of happiness of the page makes up for the very dark background which gives it an even more elegant style. Absolutely beautiful!


Journey by Cynthia Here is a girl who does not need introduction I am sure, and someone I admired deeply. She also has so many amazing pages today it was more than difficult to choose only one, but I thought this one a brilliant one: the image is wonderful, and the whole composition taking over the sunset is just 5 stars, she does here the most amazing job with just a few elements, perfect shadows and word art, a marvelous page, one of those I would like printed and hanging on my walls!


So these are the pages I selected for tonight’s post, but I would like to share one more with you tonight. When I was almost finished browsing around, this page came up just before closing all tabs…and is so beautiful, I thought it needs a place in tonight’s post. With the marvel and perfection with which she always does everything in life, here is Free to be Me by Mish:


And now this is goodnight for me, hope you enjoy these and find as much inspiration in these amazing artists as we do, if you can find a minute to drop them a line, just click on the high-lit name of the LO & author to get to the original gallery. Thanks so much for looking, have a wonderful weekend!


Finger Pointing – April 17

17 Apr

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with this evening’s Standouts. My apologies for not posting them sooner, I’m only just returning home after dinner and a movie with hubby and sweet daughter. We went and seen Captain America, and oOoh! my heck! It was UH! may! zeeng! Thinking I’ll have to go and see it again over the weekend. Now, on to tonight’s beauties!

Starting us off this evening is this super lovely piece of art titled Happiness is you by louso. I was instantly drawn in by the image when I came across it in the gallery. I LOVE the processing on it and all the little bits the layout artist has used to embellish the photo, which truly, it could very easily stand all on its own with that infectious, gorgeous little smile!

Happiness is you

Next up is this beauty by Shayenne titled the JourneyI love the overall look of this work of art! The pops of color against the tonal background is really quite lovely. And all the brush work is nothing short of amazing!

the Journey

Next I have this super adorable layout titled Adore by posiegirl. The design is absolutely fantastic and I really, REALLY love the use of color here with bold and softer tones. A really lovely layout!


I fell head over heels for my next choice by annaaspnes titled FotoInspired Week 15. I big fat HUGE love the look of these artsy Project Life layouts and truly, no one does them better than Anna. Love the mix of images and all the text. The color palette is absolutely divine, as is all the little bits of detail throughout the work of art. I swear I’m gonna break down and start my own Project Life project!

FotoIspired Week 15

FotoInspired Week 15 Right

Up next is another Project Life spread titled April 7 by kaphelps. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, I LOVE PL layouts aaAaaannd April 7 is my birthday! =D Love the overall traditional PL composition with the assortment of images. I also LOVE the browns and greens, so gorgeous together! A really FABULOUS PL spread!

April 7

Apreil 7 right

Rounding out my choices this evening is this gorgeous work of art by Vicki Robinson titled Charlie. love Love LOVE the creativity here! The artsy processing on the image is really amazing! LOVE the combination of black and green, and all the brushwork and use of text! Just a really gorgeous work of art!


Well, that’s it for me! I’ll see you all in the galleries next week! Have a GORGEOUS weekend and a very Happy Easter!


Finger Pointing – April 16th

16 Apr

Hello!Paula here with the todays picks! I’ll keep it short, because I have to take care of my new puppy: Sheik! A 2 months Pom Pom Pomeranian Dog. So here we go!

Beautiful moment by zwyck

This first one makes me swoon! I love every pixel of this page! I love monotones pages and everything in here is delightful in an almost seducing way! What a cute baby! Love the mask and the effect on the photo…a definite Stand Out!


Makery by flohbock

This next page show us how less sometimes is much more! This page called my attention for it’s elegant and super clean composition , love the pop of color of the photo against the neutrals. LOVE! Just a really lovely layout!


Never Forget by Jeanet

I love her photo blended into the background, the small elements so delicate, and those  birds are the perfect finishing touch. The quote is perfect and I will have to remember it so that I can use it on a layout in the future.


Genius by DianeHoward

Love the playful and boyish look of this page.  I also love how she have picked up the blue and red from the photo in a couple of elements to add life to the neutral background! Look how she made the text effect! It’s perfect!!!I think that she used the “UnderlyingLayer” command! PERFECT!

Shaw_Genius-web1 (1)

live by misslovescraps

Could not resist this one. This page just leave me speechless. The vibrant strong color palette is simply breathtaking! And I love all the messy, grunge-y-ness here. The window over the head with the birds inside picturing the message is fantastic!Brilliant. Just brilliant.


Phobia by rosek

Do you have an irrational fear of something that doesn’t worry most people – spiders, crowds, flying? When a frog jumped in my face and got stuck in my hair I start to hate ants, frogs, snakes, lizards and these types of animals. So needless to say, when I saw this layout, I just had to take a closer look. The photo is perfectly blended and the effect on it makes such a great contrast against the B&W colors of the elements and background.



Finger Pointing – April 14th

14 Apr

Hey! The mathmatical fun of dates happens all this week! 41414 today, 41514 tomorrow…get the pattern? same forward as backwards! I love patterns and math! Yeah, I am a geek! But wait to you see all the fun patterns and all going on this page Let’s Race by weaselwatcher.  I admit to being a fan of race layouts, especially the fun b&w flags, flames and bright reds, then add the cool story, and notice they are in formals and tuxedos! This is a memory that is so fantastical and I am so glad I looked a bit closer to see the rest of the story:


I find circles spinning in my head lately, and this page G&T Designs by Networka grabbed me with that big rusty circle giving a vision of magnifying glass.  The fun blended and layered around and even inside the photo make me gasp with happy! This is a page of wonder!


I know there are more, and I loved them, but this one was posted today, so I went with it.  Collage portrait No 3 by zinzilah is just beyond a Gallery Stand Out.  I am gonna hunt down where she is learning this amazing technique, because it is fabulous. The collage is so wonderful, and then her use of the perfect font for the journaling and all the bits around are just stunning! Wow!


This is page to make you smile, laugh and then enjoy all over again.  Look at those silhouettes! Meow! This page is one that is so inspiring and original.  That made it jump out at me! The paint adds a brilliant touch and adds depth to the page too. Butterfly by Dady – nothing short of fantastic!


ValerieP says in her credits that she is taking a class that is “a bit of above my skill level” and I am like wow, no way! Your skill level is jaw dropping amazing!  I love how the photo is in, not hovering over, but a part of the burlap! Look at this page: Southend Brewery.  The photograph angle is just so wonderful too, then add the extra memories of the adventure in the Postage frame clusters is remarkable! I love it, and agree that she needs to go find more, make more pages Valerie!!


Turquoise and Red. Seriously, two of my favorite colors together. I am drawn immediately to this duo.  Then the mystic of the photos in the square and ovals, bring me in to see more! Fearless, BOLD adventurous totally describes this page Fearless Spirit by Jenn33199:


There we go, a week of patterns and a post of wicked cool pages! Enjoy your week, and scrap and enjoy!

~never lose your joy


Finger Pointing – April 12

12 Apr

Good evening everyone! Jeanine here after being away for a short while. I had a some wonderful days last weekend. We had our second digiscrapweekend near Apeldoorn and it was GREAT!! Great to see all the girls again whom I share my hobby with, great to have Sylvie Sance (aka rarou47) from France to give a workshop hybrid mailart scrapping, great to not just talk online, but see each other in real life, follow workshops, see a lot of books and learn new techniques! But now back to normal! Let’s see what beauties I’ve found in the galleries today!

Life is beautiful by Catgoddess I totally LOVE the ‘messyness’ of this page! All the stamps, splatters and tiny elements take my eyes over the whole page discovering new things everywhere. The doily is perfectly placed to ground everything properly. Love the black elements also, they bring a beautiful balance in the page. The short statement ‘Life is beautiful’ works great here! Wonderful!

12apr_SBasic_LovelyMessyLife_catgoddess msa

Seeing perfect people by Margje Another page filled with stamps. brushes and scribbles but a totally different, very tiny written message. ‘Remember all winners were at one time filled with doubt’. Almost all people have their insecurities, so don’t feel less than others, you are not! I love how Margje used a Barbiedoll as an example for perfect people. Love the use of the chickenwire as a kind of metafore for the hard things life offers us and totally love the colors here, the taupe and gold work great together. Beautiful!!

Seeing_perfect_people_margje mscraps

Grow together by Dianeskie Oh how sweet is this one? Sibblings playing and growing up together! Love all the bold colors used here, they make the page shine. The squares are filled with lots of patterned papers. Gorgeous!!

Grow-Together_dianeskie mscraps

One man and his dog by EllenC Owww, how beautiful can a page be? This is a true piece of ART!! A real manly page also with the monochrome browns, the splatters and scribbles! The blending is just beyond perfect and look at the frame and the shadowing of it!! In one word ART!!

ellenC digiscrap

Challenge-2typography by Scrappingramma A gorgeous artjournalpage!!I fell for the girls at the bottom of the page with their big ‘manga’ eyes and of course for the message, ‘do something even if it’s just a small thing’. Love all the different shapes of the letters. Love it!!

scrappingramma oscraps

This old bike by Kathie02 In our country we almost are born on bikes so my eye caught this one immediate as I opened the gallery. A lot of Dutch people pimp their bikes with paint, flowers or toher things. They do it just for fun or to find their bike back easier ;). Kathie transformed the bike almost into a piece of art here with here great blending. I love how she placed the picture of the bike on the ‘canvas’. A lovely page!!

kathie02 designer digitals

I’ve come to the end of my pages, I hope you like my choices! Have a wonderful Sunday and see you next time!