Finger Pointing – March 5th

5 Mar

Hello!!! Margje here with my gallery choices for today. There were so many beautiful pages  in the galleries out there! I really had a hard time choosing… Nevertheless I did narrow my choices to the six I’m allowed, and here they are:

The best ever by Jacqueline  What a cool boy page this is! Love the beautiful photo and how she used it twice with a wonderful blending in the background! Love all the textures and that little bit of color added to the beige tones! So awesome to look at!


Joy by nzsuzsa  Such a happy layout, the joy really radiates from the photo and the page! Wonderful selective coloring! Love how it brings the pleasure from the boy to your heart! Well done!


Girls Weekend by grantandlaurensmom   This double page layout is so much fun!  I Love the title work, the paint at the framing of the photos and that striped border along the bottom, and all the little details she added! I get happy looking at it! Must have been fun!!!


my childrens birthday by Veer  There’s a deeper emotion in this page! It’s so beautifully scrapped! I have no words for it! But so great that she made this page and shared it with us!!!


Cuddle Up by scrap-genie  This layout stood out for me because of the softness in colors and textures! It’s beautiful because of the brushwork too! Feel cozy and warm looking at it! the striped ribbon goes perfectly with it!


Visions by Elysah  Love this piece of art! ! My eyes were drawn immediately to this page because of the bright colors and patterns! Love how she played with the title too! And the repetition of the face is awesome! Can look at this for a while! Awesome!


This is all from me today, hope you find inspiration with these gorgeous pages. Remember you can get to the original gallery by clicking in the name & author of each LO, I’m sure they will appreciate your visit.

See you all next time! Happy scrapping!!!!




Finger Pointing – March 4th

4 Mar

Hey everyone! It is March already!! Time seems to go faster and faster when we are getting older…don’t you think? Here I am again to share with you some layouts that inspired me! I hope you’ll like them as much as I do!

You are Awesome – Art Journal Page by Bessysue581

Such a happy page! Isn’t just beyond adorable?!  I love the amazing work on the background with all the brushes, flowers, doodles, word arts and happy colors. And what adorable girl!!!


Now This is Winter by hillareyd

And after this colorful layout, here is a super happy wonderful monochromatic page. Love the different alphas! The snowflakes lend to the wintery feel… I think this one of my favs winter’s page so far…YES I love the winter also and want it to come quickly here at the south hemisphere!


Life is a Journey by JenEm

The layering and beautiful sense of color evoke land tones so perfectly. The little details like the beads, water splats, flowers and paint are just done so perfectly. Simply gorgeous!!


 Morocco by zwyck

This page totally jumped out at me!  I absolutely love the colors here! What incredible brushwork and blending. Love the photo with different tones too. A truly a Standout indeed!


Rire / Laugh by timounette

Seriously how incredibly precious is this page?! Clean of clean. I adore the clean design and the pops of pink. Wonderful work and such an adorable boy and I love his happy face.


Me by beszteri

And last but not least a very cool page! The masking and blending on her photo is pretty remarkable! I really LOVE all Eszter’s pages and  this one is no exception,  a real work of art!



Finger Pointing – March 3

3 Mar

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with tonight’s GORGEOUS Standouts! I hope you LOVE my choices as much as I do!

Starting us off is this lovely, very minimal layout titled Home by Jippo. Such simplistic perfection, from the design to the tonal palette, every little minimal bit of it!


I absolutely adore this next Standout by Nikki Epperson titled luckyReally love the placement of the photo cluster! Love the black and white image, and the paper stacking beneath it is absolutely perfect for this!


Next I have this beauty titled Never Grow Up by Heather Prins. This is just so gorgeous! I LOVE the mix of traditional and artsy! The blending and/or masking is amazing, and I am so in LOVE with that color palette!

Never Grow Up

I fell head over heels for this STUNNING work of art by mum2gnt titled bliss. That GORGEOUS image is so breathtaking! And I LOVE the textures in the background! I would so print this on a canvas and hang it on my wall if it were mine!


Love the sharp, contrasting colors in this lovely digital art work by Marleen titled Ilse de Lange, Dutch Singer – SongWriter. Just so so lovely!

Ilse de Lange, Dutch Singer - SongWriter...

Rounding out my choices this week is this beauty titled be who you are by Suzyqscraps. Really loving the gorgeous design here! The crop on the image is FANTASTIC, and I so love the delicacy in the color palette! Think I just might lift this one! ;D

be who you are

That wraps things up for me this week! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! Stay warm! XXOO


Finger Pointing – March 2nd

3 Mar

Good morning everyone, Jeanine here from a sunny, windy, rainy, snowy Holland. I’m a little late, wanted to post yesterday evening, but I was so very tired I couldn’t concentrate on my typing and I had to get some sleep first, so now I’m refreshed again and today you have my post ;).

Selfie by VickyD At first the selfie is wonderful! I love the angle it was taken from and her slightly naughty look. And I love the tiny elements and wordart scattered over the page without getting chaotic.

VickyD tlp

Ruffled feathers by grandma Lynnie Totally love the funny words here in the speechbubbles asking the pelican to pose. The blending is great and all the textpieces, brushes and lines add to a lovely texture in the background!

grandma lynnie dd

Giants causeway by Gethane I fell for the large swirls with the wonderful textures on it! Love it also that the picture gets the attention it deserves by being right in the middle, it really must have been an adventure being high on the rocks!


Good morning by BCNatty This picture remembers me of the time my boys were little, coming to my bedroom in the morning and waking me up. I loved these half hours in bed, talking about all kinds of things and getting up together to make breakfast. This page is a perfect ‘good morning’ impression! The colors chosen match the pictures colors and I love the dotted background! Also adore all the messy elements, brushes and borders here!

bcnatty dst

Olde no.3 by pam p An orange abbandoned house, wow! Love all about this page, the messy stitches around the picture, the stitched camera, the arrows, the words and the brushes. A piece of art!!

pam p oscraps

December Project Life no.2 by CatSaunders As much as I love messy and busy pages, this on I love also! A very clean PL page and to me it clearly shows the love this family has for each other! Including the photographer! ;)  Love the mix of B&W and colored pictures, love the minimal use of words here. This one proves that less can be more!

catsaunders tlp

These were my choices of Monday March 2nd. I hope you like them as much as I do!


Finger Pointing – February 28- March 1st

1 Mar

ummmm….Someone forgot there are only 28 days in February when she signed up for Feb 28 AND Mar 1…ooops!  Well, instead of a double dose from me, I thought I’d combine my posts to show off some UBER fabulous LO’s this weekend!

Is it blue and black or is it white and gold?  Clearly the whole world has had a lesson in the importance of correct white balance.  When in doubt, always go with Black and white!  Let’s stick with that and check out these awesome Black and White photos!

1. Me by Lindyshay – Not only is this a great BW selfie, but also and entire LO with the BW theme!  I love the contrast this monochromatic LO gives.  I love it’s simple style and great use of white space.


2. So Happy by Katherine Hansen- I love a good photography challenge and I love cute puppy photos!  What a fun series.



3. Hello Lifetime by Ga_L – I love this whole spread!  The large photo with the cropped version opposite is lovely and well balanced.


4. Cute all over britgirl – This BW photo is really well scrapped.  It stands out immediately against the blue background paper.



5. Selfie Boys by KatieFLapple – OMG…how adorable are these 2 cuties?  I adore the idea that they are taking their own selfies.  What a fun surprise.


6. White Space by Timounette – You know I LOVE a large photo!  I especially love this little guy’s inset photo on top of the background photo.  What a clever idea and a subtle way of showing off a photo LARGE!


7. Grandma + me  by Tronesia – Awwwwww…what an amazing photo and one that will be cherished for ages!


8. Adorable by scrapbdolly – Here’s another great example of a layout showcasing a photo in the background as well as inset. The vintage rose is just darling and the flower cluster is divine.



Finger Pointing- February 27th-

28 Feb

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. I have been suffering from teeth problems which, to me, is the worse pain one can have…and trust me, I’m a pro when talking about pain LOL. Dentists on Monday, already on antibiotics so this house right now looks like an episode of Grey’s Anatomy -minus McSteamy & McDreamy- worse of all? I can’t eat or drink properly so I’m not in a very good mood, to put it mildly …once again, here come you all to my rescue…I spent the past couple of hours browsing galleries so that your talent gets my mind of the pains & worries…here are my picks for tonight.

Children’s Museum by Miranda Barten: This called my attention from the thumbnail and I was delighted with what I saw when I clicked on it: colors that lift your spirits up, a super fun capture of the children, a beautiful composition with blank space but allowing so many elements, all perfectly balanced with those tilted ribbons and the journaling making a bridge. Love it too (the journaling) the kids are indeed cute in those wanting to be scary faces!!!!! in love with this page!!!!!!


Happy Place by bcgal00: Love Rae’s pages- This lady has a versatility and is extremely talented on the blank space side…but each & every page of hers is a little treasure… this is one of them. The photo is beautiful, the whole composition is soothing and happy,  I’m not a huge fun of pink unless is very well done, and here is just perfect- the framing is great, the super beautiful elements layered with elegance…love the little cluster on the right hand side…an amazing page all together!!!!


20 Questions with Stella by Crystalbella77 : this is so perfect in each and every way possible! I love journaled pages, and here with the photo one can almost hear little Stella (awesomely cute photo too!!!) answering to her interview :) Love the fact that she chooses family as her most favorite in many of the questions! The layering of all the flowers, papers & other elements had me in awe of so much and so beautifully composed, perfect framing for the text. Awesome page, great capture of a treasured memory!


Wherever…. with you by jenn maccabe: this is another of my inspirational people. Her pages always have that “how didn’t I think of that” factor….meaning her creativity is delightful and always brings something new into her pages. This one is full of little treats like that: the way she used the vellums,  the circles made of the map one with those stitches, the photo -on top of the world- perfect composition allowing for lots & lots of stuff but never over filling the page…gorgeous tittle work…an amazing array of different kits and so much harmony in the page… such is her talent :) Absolute LOVE!!!!!


Quinzee by HeatherB: I am always jumping with joy when I find Heather’s creations. Here is one super talent in memory keeping, someone whom I keep going for inspiration, she reflects family life with so much skills, class, elegance…and on top of all there is fun. The boys are gorgeous and most of the time cooperating for photos, her pages always tell the story, even before reading the journaling you can more or less tell what was going on, and to me, is always learning something new. Love how she brings life to the templates, how every element is perfectly located…shadows are marvelous and everything all together makes that family love and fun come all the way to the other side of the world- Awesome double pager!!!!!




Last but not least, a super fun art journal page: I can see clearly now by Dale, love what she did with the art dolly & the glasses, gorgeous blending and so much fun with simplicity…awesome page!!!!!


This is all from me today, hope you enjoy these and , as usual, remember you can get to the gallery by clicking in the high-lit name of the LO & author, to leave them some love, even a couple of words can make the person’s day into a much better one :) Have a great weekend!!!!


Finger Pointing – Feb 26th

26 Feb

Hello everyone, Margje here with six gorgeous pages I stumbled upon ;) in the galleries this evening! How is your day going? Here in the Netherlands it’s a grey rainy day, and I wish it was spring already! But I found myself some color and sunshine in the galleries!

Let’s see what I found for you!

Think positive by motherbear   So much wisdom and positivity in this beautiful layout! And so much to see and discover! There are so many intricate details!  I think the color combination is also very beautiful! Together with the brilliant layering makes it a standout for me!


Us by Keely B  What a sweet photo of her with her dad! I love all the  paper squares in the page! So fresh and full of color! Also her shadow work and the brushwork under the papers is beautiful! A very lovely page!


So Happy by KatherineHansen   Such a cute series of photos of her dog “talking” to her when she wants attention, food, hugs, food …   And I love the color she added in the last one! I really like the simple, and clean feel of this page and the fact that your gaze is immediately on the last picture!


Fall In Love With Yourself First by carrie1977  I really love the brushes, painting and refreshing shades of yellows here and much more, I love the title! It’s so true and important to feel good about yourself! Love that her photo is in it too! And wonderful embellishments too!


Here comes spring by marijke  That sweet page looks awesome with the fresh green colors! Fabulous brushwork too!  It jumped out of the gallery and caught my eye immediately! It screems spring to me in every way!


Time by mugsbigsis   This is so very eye catching! The combination of the filled photos with the flowers spilling out, it’s so awesome! I have to scraplift this sometime! Beautiful page  and important thought too!


That’s it for me this time, see you all in the galleries and happy scrapping!

And remember to leave some love, just click on the high lit name of the author & LO!