Finger Pointing – April 14th

14 Apr

Hey! The mathmatical fun of dates happens all this week! 41414 today, 41514 tomorrow…get the pattern? same forward as backwards! I love patterns and math! Yeah, I am a geek! But wait to you see all the fun patterns and all going on this page Let’s Race by weaselwatcher.  I admit to being a fan of race layouts, especially the fun b&w flags, flames and bright reds, then add the cool story, and notice they are in formals and tuxedos! This is a memory that is so fantastical and I am so glad I looked a bit closer to see the rest of the story:


I find circles spinning in my head lately, and this page G&T Designs by Networka grabbed me with that big rusty circle giving a vision of magnifying glass.  The fun blended and layered around and even inside the photo make me gasp with happy! This is a page of wonder!


I know there are more, and I loved them, but this one was posted today, so I went with it.  Collage portrait No 3 by zinzilah is just beyond a Gallery Stand Out.  I am gonna hunt down where she is learning this amazing technique, because it is fabulous. The collage is so wonderful, and then her use of the perfect font for the journaling and all the bits around are just stunning! Wow!


This is page to make you smile, laugh and then enjoy all over again.  Look at those silhouettes! Meow! This page is one that is so inspiring and original.  That made it jump out at me! The paint adds a brilliant touch and adds depth to the page too. Butterfly by Dady – nothing short of fantastic!


ValerieP says in her credits that she is taking a class that is “a bit of above my skill level” and I am like wow, no way! Your skill level is jaw dropping amazing!  I love how the photo is in, not hovering over, but a part of the burlap! Look at this page: Southend Brewery.  The photograph angle is just so wonderful too, then add the extra memories of the adventure in the Postage frame clusters is remarkable! I love it, and agree that she needs to go find more, make more pages Valerie!!


Turquoise and Red. Seriously, two of my favorite colors together. I am drawn immediately to this duo.  Then the mystic of the photos in the square and ovals, bring me in to see more! Fearless, BOLD adventurous totally describes this page Fearless Spirit by Jenn33199:


There we go, a week of patterns and a post of wicked cool pages! Enjoy your week, and scrap and enjoy!

~never lose your joy


Finger Pointing April 12

12 Apr

Good evening everyone! Jeanine here after being away for a short while. I had a some wonderful days last weekend. We had our second digiscrapweekend near Apeldoorn and it was GREAT!! Great to see all the girls again whom I share my hobby with, great to have Sylvie Sance (aka rarou47) from France to give a workshop hybrid mailart scrapping, great to not just talk online, but see each other in real life, follow workshops, see a lot of books and learn new techniques! But now back to normal! Let’s see what beauties I’ve found in the galleries today!

Life is beautiful by Catgoddess I totally LOVE the ‘messyness’ of this page! All the stamps, splatters and tiny elements take my eyes over the whole page discovering new things everywhere. The doily is perfectly placed to ground everything properly. Love the black elements also, they bring a beautiful balance in the page. The short statement ‘Life is beautiful’ works great here! Wonderful!

12apr_SBasic_LovelyMessyLife_catgoddess msa

Seeing perfect people by Margje Another page filled with stamps. brushes and scribbles but a totally different, very tiny written message. ‘Remember all winners were at one time filled with doubt’. Almost all people have their insecurities, so don’t feel less than others, you are not! I love how Margje used a Barbiedoll as an example for perfect people. Love the use of the chickenwire as a kind of metafore for the hard things life offers us and totally love the colors here, the taupe and gold work great together. Beautiful!!

Seeing_perfect_people_margje mscraps

Grow together by Dianeskie Oh how sweet is this one? Sibblings playing and growing up together! Love all the bold colors used here, they make the page shine. The squares are filled with lots of patterned papers. Gorgeous!!

Grow-Together_dianeskie mscraps

One man and his dog by EllenC Owww, how beautiful can a page be? This is a true piece of ART!! A real manly page also with the monochrome browns, the splatters and scribbles! The blending is just beyond perfect and look at the frame and the shadowing of it!! In one word ART!!

ellenC digiscrap

Challenge-2typography by Scrappingramma A gorgeous artjournalpage!!I fell for the girls at the bottom of the page with their big ‘manga’ eyes and of course for the message, ‘do something even if it’s just a small thing’. Love all the different shapes of the letters. Love it!!

scrappingramma oscraps

This old bike by Kathie02 In our country we almost are born on bikes so my eye caught this one immediate as I opened the gallery. A lot of Dutch people pimp their bikes with paint, flowers or toher things. They do it just for fun or to find their bike back easier ;). Kathie transformed the bike almost into a piece of art here with here great blending. I love how she placed the picture of the bike on the ‘canvas’. A lovely page!!

kathie02 designer digitals

I’ve come to the end of my pages, I hope you like my choices! Have a wonderful Sunday and see you next time!


Finger Pointing – April 11th-

11 Apr

Hello and a very good evening to you all!!!! Hope everyone is well & enjoying the start of the weekend. Fridays are my most fav day & weather here in London is treating us well, lets hope it holds so we can enjoy a bit of outdoors, but, for now (& as it is past 01:30 am !) I’m indoors and surrounded by beauties from the galleries…as usual, tough job to choose only a handful…but here are my picks for today…hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me :)

Delight by wvsandy  is one of those instant love  pages…I took one look and was so taken with every little detail here! I did scrap this template myself so I am amazed with how she made this her page, everything here is, indeed, delightful. LOve those deep shadows and the dimesnion every piece takes in this page, a gorgeous photo and a mixture of designers in her credits makes me love this even more….absolute delight indeed!!!


Balance by EllenT

How can one NOT love any page by Ellen?  This one is so perfect pixel per pixel, the message for a start is something I’m trying to keep my daughter aware of, spoken so well with just a few words, and the beauty of the layering paired with a gorgeous photos and those killers shadows….just perfect!


Be Free by Roxana

And here is a wonderful photo-less page!!!! I have to confess I have been observing this girl for quiet a while, her pages are amazing and have always a wOw factor. In this page, not only the gorgeous clustering  gives movement, but the amazing word art together with the journaling (one of my fav fonts too!) it all comes together in a perfect composition…yup, perfect says it all!


Belle’s 5th birthday by Trista

I have such an admiration for clean cut, blank space pages…. and Trista is most certainly one of my idols…she shines in any type of scrapping, this page being cute and elegant at the same time, shadows that invite to touch every little piece, a wonderful composition that works so well with the awesome photo: here again: perfection comes to mind!


Just Ducky! by Christina

So we keep celebrating girls tonight…. and what a super beautiful celebration this page is! Love every thing here! from the textured background to the marvelous photo, the page division giving movement to the whole thing, more cute overload with the elements, superb shadows and the amazing tittle/journaling that, though just a few words…express so much of a mother’s love……just LOVE this!


Last but not least, here is one of the 3 absolutely amazing pages posted by Lynne Marie today….this one is called Live it Up!  and it brings so much the message! Love the simplicity of this page & yet there is nothing simple about this….the light she brings to the photo playing up with the words is incredible, I don’t think there is much room for words here….but in saying s0omething I would suggest you click HERE & HERE to have a look at her other two pages  she posted today, as they are equally amazing….


This is all from me tonight, remember you can access the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name and author. Thanks for sharing with us your pages, Have a great weekend!!!!


Finger Pointing – April 10

10 Apr

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with a super fabulous round of Standouts! I hope you are as inspired by my choices as what I was!

Starting us off this evening is this lovely work of art by Marleen titled No Title. I really love the clean feel to the centrally clustered design here. That, paired with the neutrally toned palette, really makes for an exceptional layout. The splatters of ink and paint and the single doodle add the perfect finishing touch.

No Title

Next up is this remarkable layout titled Special story by zwyck. The overall design here is really spectacular. The masking and blending is nothing short of perfect and love Love LOVE the processing on the images and how she has utilized the one as part of her background. Such a beautiful layout!

Special story

I really liked the design in this next Standout by JennMcCabe titled hey butterflies. The muted palette and the blocking is absolutely fabulous and makes for a very effective layout. I love the little embellishment cluster in the lower right hand corner too.

hey butterflies

Next I have this very playful work of art titled hahaha by amandaresende. I absolutely adore the gorgeous color playing against the muted tone of the background. The layering is absolutely perfect and I LOVE the image she chose to use, makes me giggle out loud!


I couldn’t help but stop and stare at this next Standout when I came across it in the galleries, titled Faby by kyky. I LOVE the artsy-traditional design, the muted tone with the pops of color, and all the other little details that the artist has included here. Such a remarkable layout!


Rounding out my choices this evening is this beauty by AmberR titled glass beach. Such an amazing layout! Love the composition here! The color palette is so gorgeous with the bold-colored images and the softer colored elements, all over the neutral background! LOVE the brush work too!

glass beach

That’s it for me! See you all in the galleries next week!


Finger Pointing – April 7th

7 Apr

We are on Spring Break here in the high desert of New Mexico! This means we turn off the screens and go out into the beautiful world and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. It gets in the wicked hot hundreds here in the summer, so Spring is a quick season! I wanted to jump in to the galleries with the total relaxation of a day spent with my kids and spring.

I begin with nancy c’s hummingbird return.  This is like a well loved quilt piece, that is hanging on the line, and shadows from an old and gnarled tree limbs softly go across it. I just keep seeing touches of brillian. I mean, I think that is a schematic of electronics and diodes on there! I love the very small, north thirty third text. It made me love it more! wow to you Miss Nancy, I hope you enjoyed the process of making this as much as I did gazing upon it!



Pure scrapbooking.   This is a debate that can rage on for centuries. I love all pages, but seeing the photos and journaling matched up with such adorable themed elements can put a smile on my face.  Check out the adorable fringe on the edges! Ropes and boots and just the right amount of flowers to add pizazz. I love Aly321′s Ride:


Okay, I know this is about laughter, and I see a pillow being squeezed and a smile so wide, laughter must be bellowing out of it! Pitiscrap, your page is delightful and I love the way you blended the photos seamlessly together and brought me to laugh too! Ca me rigole is awesome!


I am excited for victoriansoup! She is going on an adventure and is so prepared!! Look at the cover of her soon to be filled tour around the world!!!!! That the journey begins in just one short month makes me shiver with anticipation of the pages to be made filled with memories of exotic places and fun times.  Enjoy the Journey! oh that could be a new mantra for me! Brilliantly displayed!



Pow, pow, and kapowee zowee! This is a feast of lovely for my eyes and I want to touch Our Thoughts by JenMaddocks! Let me open a thesaurus to remarkable, and just list the words: impressive, notable, smashing (oh I love that one) and arresting! Oh those are good ones and all describe this page:



The sun is just about set here in the desert, as I type this last commentary to the end page by bawzie called Project-down.  Such a gentle ending to the day.   Her use of the strokes behind make my eyes go towards the horizon and know that sun has almost set.  This is a striking and awesome photo done up so lovely!


Enjoy the inspiration of the day, and remember to take time to take the pictures and enjoy the process of the page just as much as the finished page!

~never lose your joy




Finger Pointing – November 5th

6 Apr

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! I’m here stuck in my bed,  with a HUGE flu…Sorry for been soooo late! Here are my picks, I hope you enjoy them!

Create Something Beautiful by chocochoco

This page absolutely rocks! Fantastic use of a template! Love  to see the beautiful and vibrant colors and patterns mixed and working perfect together… There are so many things to see on this page without been overwhelmed.Perfect!


So very high by RucolaDesigns

I have a cruch on wild animals pages and patterns! Almost all my Tshirts and shirts have this kind of pattern!A wild lady!LOL
So this page is perfect for me! Love the brush work, fantastic blending and use of all the aall giraffes blended with the photo!


Learning by Tinkelbel
Another outstanding! I was missing Anja’s pages so much and this one is fantastic page as usual! She is a master! This page has such great sense of depth because of the stunning shadows. Look all elements , all shadows, the color palette, the quote…everything is perfect!


Happy box : Inspired by Pitiscrap

The simplicity of this design is brilliant. Fantastic photo and awesome colour choices and design! I love the placement of the photo in the middle of the top of the page and the soft brushes around it.

14-03_zoo (1)

To Be Right by jenmaddocks

Ooh…Love all the dark colors and Love the drama of this page! It has power and beauty all rolled up into one magnificent piece of art! Love the quote and everything she puted together to make the lady’s hair!


it-was-a-wonderful-day by EmilieStevenson

Love the background paper…You know that I just love wooden papers!!! LOVEEEE! And this page is so sweet, soft, so delicate, gorgeously simple with beautiful details. A perfectly balanced page!




Finger Pointing – April 4th

4 Apr

Hello!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the start of the weekend!!! I’m here again to share with you some super gorgeous pages from the galleries. There is always so much, so beautiful, that choosing only 6 of them isn’t the easiest thing, but after much deliberation, here they are:

Go Ahead be by Jaye: this page is a total jewel, some amazing blending, the gorgeous composition, everything is delicate and soft and at the same time has such powerful strength..everything here is perfection!


Got Worms? by Miki. I love the extraction, the mixture of textures here plays with the light and every element perfectly placed word art….just perfect!!!


Next is Morning, Noon & Night from cfile... I’m amazed as how this page perfectly shows how many creative possibilities with journal cards….love how she always, always tells the story …beautiful page!!!!


Next is Cherish this Moment by Lovely Miss Kait- an amazing family page,  with beautiful composition, the photos are gorgeous and shadows rock!


Sunny Day by Lili’s mother : another awesome page, the layering is perfect, the “blank” space, the colors so well combined…I love how she managed to almost illuminate the page despite of the dark background…gorgeous page!!!!


Last but not least,  Hybrid -Hello There by Juliette Perkins. This is so beautiful that made me want to get out all my supplies and try get out of the computer & start making something!!!


This is all from me today… thanks so much to you all for sharing your pages with us. If you can find a minute or two to leave these awesome artist a bit of love in their galleries, you just need to click in the name & author of the LO…have a great weekend!!!