Finger Pointing- July 30

30 Jul

Carrie here and I’m on kitten birth watch 2014. We didn’t realize our petite cat was even pregnant until today. Our kitty, Katniss, is ultra-clingy and has decided she’s going to nest wherever I am. It’s gonna be a long night. Thank goodness I have all the pretties in the gallery to get me by. My picks are a labor of love.  :)


Here & There by caliten

What an amazing way to use the tags in your stash! Its easy to get lost in this photoless layout, which is composition reminds me of the the twists and turns of life adventures. I love that she’s used stitching vertically- makes it seem like despite all the twists, she has clear path. The page is finished with title that is not just informative, but echoes the feel of the page nicely. This page is definitely one to lift!

 Finger Pointing July 30 2014 |   Here & There by caliten



Bestie by AmyKingsford

I’m a huge fan of Amy’s work and this page really illustrates why. The purple flowers pull you into her page and the beautiful B&W photo sucks you into the story she’s sharing with us. I love that her photo is snuggled in the composition like a hug. She’s framed the page with the stitched border. Her page is both loving and energetic, a perfect homage to the relationship of a little one and their auntie.

 Finger Pointing July 30 2014 | Bestie by AmyKingsford



 Blackbird by Tinkelbel

The background paper is striking and I adore the mixed alpha title. Just those two things immediately told me what the page was about. The pops of pink an purple really give the page extra power. When I really dig into this page, I see she’s used the lines of the background paper to set the flow of the page. It’s an uplifting page, despite the darker palette. She’s managed to capture the spirit of the song visually. Beautiful!

Finger Pointing July 30 2014 | Blackbird by Tinkelbel



[Plant a Seed] by by flohbock

I didn’t plant a garden this year, so I’m living vicariously through whatever garden anything I see. She has great mix of textures, including the water splatter (perfect here!). It’s the color that draws you and the photos take you down the page- from seedling to the final result- a meal.  The watering can’s spout points you back up the page and the doilies frame the canvas, while adding that garden to table feel. (feel free to send me tomatoes) Well done!

 Finger Pointing July 30 2014 |  [Plant a Seed] by by flohbock



Playtime by CelinaT

Celina masterfully used the design principles of scale and value to tell her story.  This page uses a limited palette to highlight the drama of play. The big, blended, background photo is simply stunning (and I love that kitty hat). It sucks you right in. The title is simple, yet energetic, bringing you into the amazing photo cluster.  With all those photos and the embellishing, she still has a fair amount of journaling, too, which makes me happy.

Finger Pointing July 30 2014 | Playtime by CelinaT



 Untitled by Margelz

Look at that stunning silhouette! It shines against the softer colors. Texture, scale and color lend to the depth of the page.  The white space and the arrows push you right to it. I love the textured kraft paper she used for her background and the paint splatters that provide the foundation for it. Gorgeous!

 Finger Pointing July 30 2014 |  Untitled by Margelz


That’s it from me. No kittens yet… so back to watching bad TV and kitty snuggles. Until next time!



Finger Pointing – July 29th

29 Jul

Hello, everyone! Chantal here, with the Standouts of Tuesday 29th of July. Is it already August? Time flies! The kids are having vacation until August 18th (I live in the Netherlands) and then everything will be back to normal. I love it when the kids are at home, but it makes work (designing) much harder when they are around! But when they are sleeping I have the time to look in the galleries and see the beautiful layouts you have made!

So here are today’s Standouts:

Commerce by Debby Todd: I choose this one because of the great effects of the bridge. You see the bridge three times in the layout. First the big one in the middle. I love the drawing effect, the blending and the reflection of the bridge in the water. Then you see the two bridges on the right. They have a perspective (hope I am using the right English word) effect. And you can see the gorgeous reflection again. Debby used exactly the right amount of colors! Perfectly done!

commerce by Debby Todd

New York by Gabri: When I was looking in the galleries I coincidentally saw another great layout with the perspective effect. As an ex-mathematics teacher I love this kind of things! In this layout there’s so much to explore! First you look at the city and you see that the city is in a frame. But then you see it’s not really IN the frame… some parts are sticking out. Then you see the beautiful water reflection of the city and it looks like the city is in 3D. WOW! Then, when you think you have seen it all…The ship is popping out! Isn’t this a stunning artwork?

New York by Gabri

Happy Place by Myla: I don’t know what I have with water today because this one has water and reflections in it too. I think this is a beautiful artsy layout. The blue color caught my attention immediately! The photo and the blue color is flooding into the brushes. I love the big wordart (adventure) in the background. The other wordart and the strips are placed perfectly. Love it!!

happy_place by Myla

After these three beauties with water and landscapes I have chosen three layouts with some emotional meaning.

We Share by Margje: I don’t have human sisters, only five (now four, because one died a couple of years ago) dog sisters. Which is great too! But I have three kids and I feel the sibling love between them. That’s so precious. So I not only love the composition and the colors of Margje’s layout, but also the emotional meaning of it. And I love what she did with the left photo! I am such a fan of her work!

Weshare by Margje

You and Mr Bear by 3littleKs: This layout is about (best) friends. That’s always a great subject for your layouts. The photo touched my heart. It’s so touching to see a child with his/her best friend. I love the composition, how she placed the elements and the shadows. The wordart and the journaling makes it absolutely stunning!

You and Mr Bear bt 3littleKs

Healing by Jaye: This one I read with a catch in the voice. At the description Jaye says: “A battle I continue to wage, mixed feelings and emotions with regard to my scars from my battle with cancer.” When we put our scraps in the galleries we let others take a look into our lives and we share our feelings. It can be very therapeutic to scrap about your feelings! But not only for the scrapper her(him)self, but also for the one who “reads” the layout. We learn from each other. I am so in love with this layout! The background paper is perfectly chosen, the elements are beautifully placed, the shadows are stunning and the text is striking. Thank you for sharing your personal story, Jaye. And take care!

Healing by Jaye

I hope you love them as much as I do. If you can find a minute or two, please leave them some love in the galleries. You can get to their original posts by clicking on the layout.  Have a nice day/evening!

Hugs Chantal




Finger Pointing – July 28th

28 Jul

Hey ya’ll! I am just back from a much needed vacation from life! Three days of being spoiled by my parents, enjoying the great Pacific Ocean and recharging the ol’ batteries!  To come and go thru the multitude of digital galleries and just go wow was a great welcome home!

I admit, Cratytamm’s title work grabbed me; Oh dear! I love the messy fun all over, the colors are superb, and she mixed and matched multiple kits.  This is a woman with great genes! The photo makes me happy, and I think it is a good thing she has become her mom!!


If this page doesn’t give you Baby-itis, KatieFLapple’s The Details of Jack.  I counted toes and oohed at those adorable lips, and the precious softness to this whole creation is pure delight.


How I love a good story on a page, be it with words or photos, or just a title, but when it is all put together like azrood’s Adventure aka Operation Rescue Grandma, it is just perfect. Her words bring the whole adventure to your mind, aching arms and all!


Magnificent! I can almost see her designing this kit for this very photo.  How I love when a designer scraps her work and especially when it is so flippin’ fantastic.  Dawninskip’s Watch Them Grow is pure wonder.  The inked elements and soft shadows give such depth and cause you to want to know what is in that photo?


The background paper caught my eye in the gallery, the folds are pure delicious, then the cut up b&W photo make a combo of excellence.  I adore this page of Be Brave by mrsashbaugh! It is a scraplift, and I always get a kick out of scraplifts being finger pointed…because they love the page they are lifting so much it adds to their page without even knowing! Brilliant!


I about burst into tears of pure joy with this page A Well Lived Life by JenMaddocks! Sometimes taking the time to reflect on the blessings of your life, and make a page of the wonders and good things withing your heart is so freeing.  Thank you Jen for a page that made me reflect. It is art from the heart and I know that may sound cliche, but it fits it perfect!welllivedlife_72814_resize

There we go, please leave some extra lovin’ for this pages, and be inspired to go and create!

~never lose your joy






Finger Pointing – July 27th-

28 Jul

Hello & a very good morning to you! (well it is 05:13 am to me!) Hope you are well and had a great weekend! Mine was calm, but full of emotion with lots that is going on in my life…I don’t stop thanking God for all the blessings I have… there are a lot of people very dear to me going through very difficult times in life at the moment, and I am praying for things to get better for them all-  But lets go to the super gorgeous pages I found today….

I’m so, so pleased to see Ferdy scrapping again!!!! She fills the galleries with fun and gorgeousness! This page of hers, Story, is perfection and beauty, every elements is so perfectly placed, love the warmth of the photo & how casual all feels. I love using mat black papers but find difficult to get shadows right, here it is amazingly well manged and everything comes together in so much fun and movement…. LOVE this page!!!!


Next page, Blueberry Picking 2014 is from Liana (yellowpeep) a girl I have just recently discovered and she oozes talent and great energy, her pages, like her posts, are full of emotion and beauty, talent and fun. This page has superb photography, gorgeous choices of papers and elements,  fun composition, tells the story in so many ways….is what I treasure in scrapbooking…the making a record of memories that goes way beyond the photos for many generations to come to be able to re-live those moments….absolute delight of a page!!!!


Next pick is Week 29 Hybrid Project Life by Juliette Perkins- Love the format she is using, her project is full of fun, color and beautiful detail, inspiring! I have been a lot more determined to get my own hybrid going since I saw her project, every page is full memory record and so much beauty!


Here twinsmomflor tells us how Life is Good at the Beach…and I have to agree….!!!! I miss “my” beach in Brazil, miss that beautiful sensation of summer by the ocean…. and every feeling is perfectly represented in her page! Her blending is perfect, the whole thing comes together so artistically, the stamp/brushes and tittle are perfect, making this something I would print and have on my walls!!!


I am from by Keeley~B (another lady I just recently discovered and LOVE!) is my kind of page: hand made feel, lots of bits and pieces, handwritten word arts, doodles…I could look at this for hours and still carry on finding new details!!! Love the paper work with the stacking and those shadows!!! Amazing page!


Last but absolutely NOT least is Ride by Arumrose, another girl who has been a beautiful box of surprises for me lately! Maybe because I spent quiet some time away from the galleries I think I have not had time to just properly look at these amazing ladies galleries  and now I do have a bit more time….this is such a pleasure!!! Love every bit she used here: the composition is beautiful, simplicity taken to another level with gorgeous choices, love the crop of the card, the combination of it all together with the beautiful family photo bring the sun all the way here!!!! Gorgeous page!!!!


Amazing pages, yes? I hope you love them as much as I do, these ladies are an amazing inspiration to me and hope they will be for you too!!! If you can find a minute or two to leave them some love in the galleries, you can get to their original posts by clicking on the high-lit LO name/author…even one word makes a difference to everyone! Have an amazing week, see you soon!!!!




Finger Pointing – July 26th

26 Jul

Hello! Me again!!!! Are you already tired of seeing me here this week? Yes?!!! Sniff…But I’m not tired of make my GSO posts, even twice a week! It is such a pleasure fo me to go through the galleries searching for outstanding pages and I missed it terribly during my Vacations! I hope you like my choices for today!

home by Design by Tina

I’m a huge Tina’s designs fan, so when I saw this page, the cool composition definitely caught my eye in the gallery!  I LOVE the neutral background paper and the great pops of color, mix of ellies and brushes! And the pic is so cute!!!


Macro Fun by ninigoesdigi

OMG! Those COLORS ROCK MY WORLD!!! They are GORGEOUS! Personally I love Pink & Orange together, so I saw it immediately. And look at this photo so much – It’s amazing! I’m a big fan of macro photo too. Really love the cute title too!Awesome work!


Hold Your Breath by dotcomkari

The galleries are flooded by beach layouts. I really like them! Another amazing photo and wonderful blending. I really love the big blue photo and how it looks like the photo is leaking onto the paper, super cool illusion of water flowing down the wood background!


Spring is in the air by Dady

This page makes me happy! The cool angle of the paper and photos hooked me. LOVE the huge focal image blended into the background with the 2 parts of them one more opaque and the other one vibrant, they both creates such a dynamic contrast! Love the little pic too so we can see the puppy’s face!!!!


In Paris by sucali 

What a colorful and happy page! I Fell in love with this page the moment I saw it in the gallery. Not only because Paris my favorite cities, and I also love wood backgrounds but I really love the collor palette and the clustering here!


timeless by Adryane

And finally today, another gorgeous layout with a stunning repetition of the photo and how those give movement to the page! Even though it is a busier page with those brushes, stitches and flowers, the photos really stand out beautifully like the word art! Isn’t that artistc and original?!



Finger Pointing July-25

25 Jul

Hello, Margje here! Wonderful Friday to everyone! It’s starting to cool down a bit, and I’m happy with it! I have the windows wide open to let some fresh air in! The past days were a bit too hot to enjoy it outside for me! Even my two cat’s stayed inside the house more, lying in front of the fan. I have my iced tea and just lazily strolling through the galleries, I finally picked my faves!

Jack was here by toriloowho I so love that she made a page about Jack’s favorite things to play with! There’s also a message in there, not to be upset about the little messes, because there will come a day there will be no toys left out anymore! Believe me that day will come sooner then she thinks!! I’m at a point now that there will be toys on the floor again, since I have a granddaughter who is growing fast!  I love the photo she made of it, and the lovely design of the page! The cute title and the stitches are giving it a nice accent!


Hello summer days by MaribelRivas  What a beautiful page! That split photo is so cool! The design is totally awesome, with great use of the pattern paper! I also love how she did the title and the journaling! The summer rocks indeed for the 2 girls having fun with the water!


Pretty in pink by tylertooo  How cute is that photo of the girl with her sunglasses? But what I really adore is the work behind the photo and the beautiful cluster on the frame! Love the pink with that tiny pop of the yellow! Her shadows are great (tyler)tooo! I am a big fan of her work!


Live your best life by Kayleigh  Wheels are very popular these days! I love this one a lot! It totally pops out of the gallery! The colors are awesome. I wish I could read the journaling, but I love the way she did it! The work behind the wheel and the dotted swirls are giving the page some movement! I really love to look at this!!!


Summer cruisin by judy in SD  The vintage photo treatment and the final overall effect, are wonderful! The page has a great vintage feel to it! Love the design! Love everything!


Splash by justjen  Oh my!! Is this stunning or what? I totally love this page! What a great idea to frame the photo in that watercolor brush and use it as a mask! Love the little things she added. It all comes together so beautifully here! Really a marvelous page!


Well, friends. That’s it for me. I hope you’ve been inspired by my choices. I’m off to work on a page too! I had my daily inspiration!!! Please remember to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! Stay cool! See you soon!



Finger Pointing – July 24

24 Jul

Hello everyone! I’m about 1 day away from a family vacation!!! How about you? Already there? Going somewhere? But before I leave I had to take a peek one more time at the wonderful creations out there! Well, it looks like today we have a theme! After making a pre-selection of my favs all around digiland, it was all beautiful and peaceful blues that caught my eyes! How funny is that! And I didn’t mean it! No! really! It just happened! lol I hope it will bring you a sweet and fresh breeze on your screen tonight ;)

Notre Dame de Paris by Romy - Nope! I am not biased and picked this page because I’m French lol ;) I just love the vintage feel of this page, the beautiful mask/brushed photo with this big flower and the doily behind. I love how just a detail from such a big monument can become so beautiful even just by itself. Gorgeous and elegant design!

Saltwater by Jeanet - This is such a peaceful layout! The soft colors, the perfect color touches/paint splatters that match the green in the photo! The circle brushes that mirror the circle in the template! Both the scenery and the man/dog combo are perfectly featured without having one more dominant on the other… not sure I’m clear again today but I hope you get my drift! And such a beautiful quote, right? I feel at peace when I look at this. Truly wonderful!

Picture Perfect by Katherine B  - First…. THOSE EYES!!! OMG! Gorgeous eyes she has, hasn’t she?! I should be praising the beautiful page but I just couldn’t help myself talking about her eyes first ;) Here again a beautiful masked photo and brush work below that. I love how the circle border is attached to the page with the stitches and how all those soft blues don’t steal the spotlight to the photo.

Beach days by Mielz - This could totally be in a magazine, right?! I love the super clean layout and WAs with just a few elements to give it a little 3D touch to it. I should bookmark this for future reference when I make my scrap/photo album. It’s a wonderful inspiration as far as photography is concerned too! Love them all! the details, the crop. Very inspiring.

A day at the beach by Maja – Let’s go adorable now! The brushed/masked photo is here too ;) I love how the photo seems like out of bounds and the thin lines of what seems to be a second photo mask. If it is indeed 2 different masks, I really like the combo. If it’s only one, well, it is a wonderful photo mask! ;) Great shadows on the elements cluster. I love the big but transparent kind of style title. Super cute photo of course, no need to say.

Snowflake by shunnstergirl - And finally, I bring you even more freshness, or shall I say, “iciness” if it’s even a word lol! We had a fall layout in my last post, remember? Well, today I have a winter layout to show you. Look at those layering skills!!! The gorgeous color gradation work with only the elements! I don’t know what else to say but STUNNING. And very creative of course!