Finger Pointing — June 28th

28 Jun

Today, apparently, is all about yellow day. With some orange. And pops of green. Come see what I mean!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks. Full of fun today!

Rojo and Dad by MrsGaramer

I love it when the very first layout I look at is a yes, yes, YES, this one is a standout! And so it was with Rojo and Dad. Love that big open-wire word art! It makes quite an impact against the pastel background. Nice paper stacking, great photo perspective, and an all-around lovely feel to this one.

So Much Fun by DeLisak

I love how this page looks like they are zip-lining right out of the trees at us! DeLisa created a wonderful scene surrounding those fabulous photos – lots of fun embellishments, and pretty foliage to set the stage. Great word art, great times, clearly!

Sending Love and Hugs by Char4355

Oh, you’ve got to love a beautiful card with lattice-work and amazing die-cut detail like this one! Gorgeous gradual color change on the flower. The stitching holes are a great touch! Whoever receives this card will absolutely love it!

Home50 by geek_girl

I like this one for a few reasons: 1. Cute. 2. There are a lot of popped out elements that make this look very much like a paper page, which I always enjoy on a digital page. 3. Layouts that make me laugh out loud are almost always going to get called a standout. 4. Loved the staggered-look pun in the journal strips. 5. That’s a design begging to be scraplifted.

live bright by sucali

This artist is uber-talented, and I often find myself stopping and studying her pages. This unique design really caught my eye today, with the lean toward the bottom left corner, balanced by the very bold yellow stripe in the background. I like the black and yellow, and that little strip of sea moss paper made a nice color shift. Great word art/journal tag. What I like best about this page is that the white mat looks like the blank canvas of the child’s life, just waiting to be filled. This page is optimistic, and I loved that quality.

Still Waters by MaggieMae

This is so serene and beautiful, just like Julie’s granddaughter! I love how she captured Sarah’s personality with the elements she chose. The brads and twist leading us through the flower background and up to the sun are very effective. Great way to ground the page with the curved stitching border.

I hope you love today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked titles and leave some praise for our standout artists! Thanks, and have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing – June 27th

27 Jun

Hello fellow-scrappers! Deborah here with the picks of the day. Enjoy and admire.

July by Mother Bear

I love pages with big photos, and this one is exquisite. The placement of the focal photo with the little girl’s eyes gazing into the summer sun is a perfect fit for the journaling and word art. The supporting photos are also fitting for her theme. Lastly, but certainly not least, look at her masterful clustering. I am green-eyed of artists who can create such glorious, yet realistic, clusters. Well done!!


Now is the Time by Marie-Claire

Did I mention I adore big photos??  This page has much to love. The blending at the bottom of the large photo is intricate and mesmerizing. Her title work is eye-catching with contrasting fonts and stamps. And the final, splendid detail is the subtle extraction of the butterfly. Impressive!


Family by JAMSquared80

The lovely vintage photo paired with turquoise and lime green is striking. The stitching, layering, and clusters all come together to make a charming heritage page. Special!


Creative Life by Annave

What an engaging guy page! The extraction and shadows are top-notch. Fantastic use of brushes and light, too. The pink flower is delightfully unexpected, and draws your eye to the handsome young man. Very clever and creative.


Love You by Marijke

Clean, crisp and captivating! The arrows and caption for each photo is a skillful way to highlight them. How about the shadow work on the papers?? Outstanding!!


Wild Summer by Mymalloryboys

The colorization of photos to coordinate with her layout is super-fun. This is a delightful summer story told with photos and wonderful element work. Every layer is truly fabulous!



Finger pointing – June 26th

26 Jun

Well HI everyone!! It’s so good to be back after a 2 month hiatus. I can’t believe it’s summer already and the kids are almost out of school (here)! It’s been so much fun looking through the galleries again and finding outstanding layouts to post for all to see. I didn’t go with a theme this time, just which layouts caught my attention right away. I really hope you like my picks and again, good to be back! This is Trace, and these are my picks:

My first pick is amazing! I love how graphic this is. Ann06 has done a fantastic job with the blending and the brushes on this layout. It caught my attention immediately. I love the muted background with the pop of the face. It’s just stunning.

My next pick is from dotcomkari. She always has the most brutally honest and in your face journaling on her layouts. I love how she scraps it all..the good, the bad, and the ugly. However, her layouts are NEVER ugly!!! They are always amazing. I love the scribbles here and the way they draw you into the center of the layout with her journaling. The small photo is perfect for the white space she’s created. Just awesome.

This next layout blew me away. I am a HUGE fan of *gina* as most know. She is an artistic genius. This layout is no exception. The blend, the colours, the brush over the profile of the girl. Just outstanding. Gina always knows just how much to embellish and how little too. Her layouts always look like something from an art exhibit or a magazine ad. She is a brilliant, brilliant scrapper. I’m honoured to be able to showcase her layouts.

I really love the simplicity of this layout by isDK. She is a new scrapper to me, but very talented. I am enamoured by the painted background with a simple, but so effective photo of the duck. I love the stitching and the minimal elements here. It’s just such a well rounded, very beautiful layout.

This next scrapper is not only a friend, but she is an amazing artist too. Her clustering is up there with the best. This layout by robinismai makes me smile. Love how she blended the paper over top of the photo and the lipstick on his cheek is just that, very cheeky and fun! I love her clusters and the placement of her elements. The way she filled the wire title with a patterned paper is just smart! All around an amazing tribute and fun layout!

Another new to me scrapper is thuria. I really enjoyed seeing her work in the gallery. This layout stood out for it’s white background and graphic look. I really like how she used the quote brush in the back as an element and as her title. That’s so neat. I love the graffiti look behind the photo.  That photo itself? Adorable!!!! Just a simple but exquisite layout. Well done!

Well that’s it for me today!!! Thank you all for reading the blog and supporting these wonderful scrappers. Please click the link (highlighted names) and leave these wonderful ladies some love. Until  next time, happy scrapping and HAPPY SUMMER!!!

Trace. xx


Finger Pointing – June 25th

25 Jun

Hello All!  I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.  I have spent the weekend with my son, his fiancee and the grand pups playing in the heat.  More than once I was thinking a nice dip in the pool would have been the perfect was to cool off.  Problem is we don’t have a pool.  Thankfully, we do have air conditioning, so I came inside to pick some cool pages to share with you today.

A Story Captured | flohbock

Up first is this wonderful page by flohbock.  It is simply stunning.  I like how the aqua paper leads you into the page and to the photos.  The photo themselves are fantastic as are the shadows behind them.  They have a moody feel to them that is both intriguing and adventurous.  I appreciate that flohbock kept the elements simple and on topic as they further enhance those gorgeous photos.  Finally, the bits of red are a nice accent pop that keeps the page interesting.

sweeet | Summer

My next choice, Summer by sweeet also puts an aqua paper to good use, this time as the perfect drop back to adorable pool photos.  I love how the little girl’s round sunglasses are reflected in the crop of the photos, in the sun and in the three circular element clusters.  I also think using the stitched banner, (I always love stitching on a layout), to tether the lone cluster at the side of the page to the main grouping is very cleaver and helps pull the entire layout together in a wonderful way.  The title and bit of journaling are the perfect finishing touches.

jaye | Come Sail Away

My third choice, Come Sail Away by jaye, keeps me at the waters edge with the aqua tones and another wonderful boat photo.  The crop on the sepia photo makes me feel like I am getting into the boat and ready to cast off on a grand adventure.  All the blending on the background makes the paper feel as alive as the sea, while the sequins give it a sparkle that is reminiscent of the sun on the water.  Less Monday & More Summer is not only the perfect journalistic touch, but it could also serve as our battle cry as we pull away from the dock on our adventure.

tkradtke | Summer Delights

Summer Delights by tkradtke, my fourth choice, is another fabulous water/beach page.  The three photos tell a wonderful story of a day spent playing in the surf and the sand.  There is a strong sense of camaraderie in the photos that says these children are working together to create a wonderful castle and memory.  I love tkraddtke’s choice of messy background paper with it splats and drips that echo the splashes and waves of the sea.  I also appreciate her choice of simple elements and a lot of white space that allow the photos not only to speak, but to shine.

EllenT | Swim

Up next is a gorgeous page by EllenT called Swim.  The eyes definitely have it in this layout, as in those beautiful blue pools that pull you right into this page in a fabulously mesmerizing way.  Seriously, it is a stunning photo that Ellen shows off perfectly  I love her use of words, water and fish in the cluster around the photo to support her title, Swim.  Finally, having the fish paper peek out from the cut out in the background is both cleaver and fun.

LindyShay | Paraiso

My sixth and final pick of the day comes from one of my favorite scrappers, LindyShay.  Paraiso is the perfect rendition of a summer day because of LindyShay’s wonderful blending techniques.   A water color sky, lush green vegetation, the feel of sand between your toes and the chance to relax and enjoy it all are what summer, and this page, are all about.  Add in one of those fabulous umbrella drinks and you have all the ingredients for a perfect day, memory and scrapbook layout.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – June 24th

24 Jun

Summer has just begun here in Michigan but it always moves too fast. Yesterday was muggy and rainy but today the temperature has dropped a bit and the sun is shining. I’m posting a early since I’ll be heading outside soon to take advantage of this gorgeous day. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I’ll begin with this page as bright and sunny as the day is here, Besties by Nietis. I love the story told by the journaling. The black paper really makes all the colors pop. I like the circular photo and the way it just adjoins the lager photo.  The contrast of the sideways title work and date tab with the vertical journaling is a great touch. The element clusters are lovely and placed in a triangle to help walk the way through the layout. The bit of a tilt to the journal card is the perfect final addition.

This Is the End by beszteri is scrap therapy at its finest and I’m really grateful that she shared this page with us. The stark black and white palette tell the story best. The split between the bride in white and the groom in black, represented by filled text, creates a visual story even when one cannot read the journaling. The bride’s skirt is made touchable by the edition of folded gesso and the black paint spatters and falling leaves are the little details that render this layout a true standout in every way.

I’m always attracted to a clean and simple page like Exploring (Amy in China) by esther_a. Regardless of how simple the layout appears, the list of credits is impressive. The shadowing on the collage of photos is perfect and makes them appear to lift a bit from the page. I like the pops of red in the fans, bow and brad. The centered title work and journaling draws the eye down to the bottom of the page. The Chinese characters placed to the side of the photos is a great design touch.

At first I thought Elegance by Jill was a heritage page but a quick read of the journaling proved that it’s not though the story is fascinating. How lucky indeed to find vintage clothes among other old treasures. The photo treatment works perfectly with the kit palette. I love the tucked fan and that she kept it large. The lace and lacy flags are so delicate and pretty. The cascade of flowers and petals help us to take in the entire gorgeous page.

I’m in love with the layout design in Sassy Cat by Erin Shannon. I don’t know much about cats so I was interested to read the journaling. I really like all the themed added touches like the cat brad and the cat cutout, complete with bow. The vertical paper strips and border contrast with the horizontal design. The tied green arrows and triangles point to the photo and the half painted alpha is perfect for the large scale title.

I’ll leave you with this darling dog page, Journaling Challenge – June 17 by KarenB. I like the soft colors in the kits she chose and the orange really pops against the blue. The layout design is very creative with the two circles meeting where one is cut out to accommodate the other. Finally I like the bits of blue paint and spatters that mimic the water in the photos.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s standouts. If you have a minute or two please click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love! Thanks and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Finger Pointing – June 23rd

23 Jun

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing fine, enjoying the weather and having a good time with your loved ones. Over here in Assen, we are enjoying the TT week. For the city it is a big thing, a lot of people from all over Europe come over and have fun in the city, a lot of them intend to see the racing on Sunday if they are not too drunk or too tired ;) and there are bands playing all over on stages in town. But let’s see the picks I found for you to inspire and enjoy! I picked a lot af artsy pages today, it was a real joy to scroll through the galleries! There were a lot of challenges going on in digiland, maybe you want to participate in one also! It’s great fun!

Photophilters challenge by KarenK Karen doesn’t say wich filters she used, but it turned out wonderful! The picture of the girl looks like it is messy stitched. I love it! Also like the vibrant colors very much. And isn’t the word ‘Alive’ great? Great AJ page!

Artsy Challenge by OKate Well, artsy this is indeed! Love how Kate blended the picture and how she used the wordartbrush on the side. Great quote too! A truly artistic page!

life is sweet by chigirl This page drew my attention because of all the lovely colors fitting so well with the theme and the M&M/icecream picture used on this page. Love how chigirl filled all the arrows with all kinds of patterns and the wordartsticker with the icecream on it is lovely!

Nautical by tiramisu A piece of ART we have here, look at the frame and how tiramisu blended it with the picture, very skilled! Love that beautiful seacluster on the right side and love the empty space on the rest of the page! A true standout!

Wallart challenge by Migueline WOW, wow, wow! An almost pictureless monochromatic page and it is so powerfull! Love the feel of fog and suspence I get looking at this one. Could be the start of a horrormovie or the bookcover of a thriller. Love the pops of dark dots and schmiers. They lift up the page in a great way. Wonderfull!!!

A GOOD THING by sbpoet Last but not least another beautiful AJ page! Love the soft approach here, all the shapes on the background, the colors, the hinch of closed eyes I see in it and the sweet wordart. An amazing page!

These were my picks for today. I hope you like them as much as I do and if you intend to visit the galleries (just click on the links), please leave the artists some love! They deserve it! Have a good day/evening/night!


Finger Pointing – June 22nd

22 Jun

Hi, everyone! Jan here, catching a breath after babysitting my grandson all week. I can really tell that I am out of practice and out of shape! He is just starting to crawl and my house hasn’t been child proof for a very long time. It’s raining here tonight, but it’s really kind of soothing and sure makes for a relaxing time of cruising through the galleries and admiring all the wonderful creations! Here are my picks for tonight, and narrowing them down was not an easy task!

First up is Feel the Strength by savi. This is such a stunning layout. I can feel the emotion in the paint and stamp work and the framed photo of the eye is perfection. I love the creams and grays with that pop of blue! The shadows are just lovely and it is an absolutely gorgeous design.

I love the vertical design of Dallas Reunion Tower by Scraptious. The photos are so sweet and all of her layers are just beautifully done. The paint splatters are so perfectly placed and the paper bits and tickets are the perfect touch. Every time I look at it a see something new in the layers. Beautifully done!

Swoon by Scrapbxl really did make me swoon! That photo is absolutely gorgeous and having it masked at that angle is such a beautiful touch. I love all the paints, and the addition of all the more touchable elements like the flowers, hearts and little banner is so perfect. Wonderful title work as well!

I love the color scheme of 1706.SS_Viewpoint Kit Challenge by Londoncuppa! The background with the strips draws your eye right to that fantastic photo. I love how the photo edit matches the overall feel of the page and the other patterns she chose are just perfect to make the photo really stand out! Gorgeous layout!

Big photos always draw me in, and Going Places by sawulik has used a gorgeous one for the focus of this page. That is an absolutely breathtaking view. I love how she included the smaller smaller close-up photos and the shadow work on them is fabulous.Wonderful title work and use of the little car and arrow elements. Lovely travel page!

How fun is Catch the Fish by az? I absolutely adore the sketch like photo and how she used that flower element to look like a big hat! I love the white stamped pieces and the fun colorful bits of word art. The water splashes and paints are perfectly done!! This would be so adorable framed and hanging on the wall of a beach house! Super creative layout!

That’s it from me for tonight. I hope you enjoyed my picks as much as I enjoyed finding them. Make sure you stop by and leave some love for all these wonderful artists! Until next time.