Finger Pointing – February 24th

24 Feb

Hello again, I’m delighted to be back to bring you some amazing inspiration from yesterday’s galleries, as I am writing a bit (ok a lot LOL) later than I should have.. I can’t believe we are already in the end of February, my daughter turned 21 years old (and to me it was yesterday I was driving her to school!) I had always heard that life slowed down once you crossed the 50s threshold, but I think in the era of internet and technology things have changed so much, time seems to be speeding up for me! So I will try make it short. Here are some of the most amazing pages I found :)

Hand in Hand by ashleywb is a delightful, impressive, amazingly put together page that takes over my heart and my eyes are happier. I remember noticing her years ago, when I started discovering that blank space pages were an art that needed to be thought long, as it is more difficult to impress with little than with more, and she remains one of my most loved Blank Space/Minimalist Queens. This page has everything that made me fall in love with her gallery a few years back and more, as she has grown so much (which I didn’t think was possible as she was already a master artist!) The amazing capture of the photo (Love the casual/non posed ones!) the sharp contrast within the photo and the photo with the  super clean background, the gorgeous repetition of reds and a dash of yellow to complement…shadows to perfection….and the soul of hers all over the page. Absolute, awesomely awesome stand out!!!!!

This next page, The Journey by Anne of Alamo,  not only amazes by the wonderful page design, the visual feeling, the gorgeous touches and, though no blank space here, a bit on the minimalist side catches your eyes, your mind and heart. As if this wasn’t enough,  not only she transcribes the journaling, but also explains the background story, and then the page gains an even fuller, intensive feeling, so we can understand better. And we do. We understand, we cry in emotion with her, we delight our eyes and heart with the journey in all ways we can think of. This is what I love about the scrapbooking, not only the beauty of visually gorgeous pages, but when through the art expression of the author we can live, feel, get to know people who become part of our lives.  And she excels on that. Once again: Absolute amazing stand out!!!!

There are some people I rejoice so very much when finding their pages and then checking they are not listed as picked in our previous 7 days list…because they get chosen a lot by many of my colleagues and so it happens  I can’t highlight them often, which is the case with this awesome next page, The Sweetest by  JennMcCabe. (I know she doesn’t need an intro, so loved and admired by me and many more!)  And if you put her together with arrows -my second most loved element for my own pages (first one are clouds!) – and sweets… perfect combo to rejoice even more!!! The take on the awesome template is equally awesome, the colors follow the movement given by the arrows and the more than perfectly located, delicate and cute elements together with the journaling and word strips …oh I am at loss for words to explain you how much I love this!!! [insert all possibly adjectives of love existent in the world here]

I have to bring this to you too, because sweet things are so much of a therapy (I think I am not alone on this one!) and the pages I found made with this are impossible to pass,  and Sweet Life by eve11ne is fabulous, fun, marvelous on that filling the page in a way that feels like a hand written journal page, so much to see & discover, the awesome mixture of textures with the doodles, also a variety of kinds of word arts, this is music to my heart!!!

And from a gorgeous full page, I found the beauty of one of my latest discovery styles, although I couldn’t keep up with scrapping pocket style for all my pages (even if only so because of lack of photography these days) I have started trying it out to scrap some life events or outings and in doing so, I look for inspiration and there is so so very much fantastic samples to delight one’s heart with,  Melissa is one of those who will bring joy to my heart each & every time. March 23-29, 2015 by scrappyjedi is perfection in so many ways: the dominance of close up/macro photos that are master pieces on it’s own each, the beauty of all colors playing in awesome harmony across the double pager, the amount of info in all those bits of journaling (I have to confess I haven’t read as my sight is disastrous this morning) the gorgeous touch of the hand written word arts that compose the perfect spaces of this composition…. all over fabulous, makes me love the pocket scrapping even more!!!

So in love with the pocket scrapping I find another gem from another non pocket scrapper like me, but who does it to perfection in this, 2017-Feb-NickMatt-Park-Copy. Courtney aka bestcee brings such an amazing life to the already awesome template, the softness and strength of the colors perfectly balanced, the everyday joy  so present in every block and the making the record even better with the journaling of the family’s day out, absolute happiness from everywhere I look!

From the making a record of everyday (or not so everyday) life, I come across some of the most amazing, intense art journal pages, and more intense feelings and inspiration come along: Butterfly Dreams by InkyDartsworks is so beautiful, so full of beauty and strength and leads to our imagination, there is so much going on here that captures my eyes and makes me disc0ver even more! The blending and the sharpness that live in this page are so crazily well put together,  so much life and food to my imagination…. absolutely amazing!

Last but never ever least, this gorgeous creation by someone who can do any style and always catch my heart: ArmyGrl ‘s SLandFS is awesomely tidy and still wonderfully intense,  the vintage photograph taking us to an era I would have loved to live in, the amazing composition so masterfully done with the red making an impact, that beautiful left  border and the perfection of the tittle work…. I have a heart full of beauty right now!!!!

This is all from me today, I hope these are as inspiring to you as they are for me, please remember you can access their original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the LO & author, and leave them a couple of loving words…thanks so much for sharing with us your amazing art, ladies, and thanks so much to those who always come to get inspiration here with us! Have an amazing weekend!






Finger Pointing February 23rd

24 Feb

Hi everyone!

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the end of the week. I bet you are all craving for a relaxing weekend. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts
Without further ado, here are my faves for today.

Remember this moment by neitis

This really caught my attention in the galleries. Love the elephant cut-out and how she decorated the page. Amazing how she put everything together and the flowers that lead my eyes directly to the subject. Love the mix of colors too.

Somewhere by EHstudios
Love the clean design and how she picks a white background so everything would pop. The colors are very inviting, can’t wait for spring. Love the photos too and how she used the template.

Xoxo by Jang
I miss working with this paper size. Beautiful in every way. The orange just screams happiness. Nicely done on the layers of paper and the cute photo.

Loves a cuppa by Applechick
Breathtaking! Everything is just amazing in everyway. Love, love her composition here. Guess you all could see the beauty of this page, right?

Fresh by Saarmf
Another beauty. Happy spring colors and fantastic photoless page. Loving the background paper. Spring is fast approaching and I can’t wait to see more amazing spring pages.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed my picks. It would be awesome if you could stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.


Finger Pointing – February 22nd

22 Feb

Hello and welcome to Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Today we have a fun mix of projects that are all truly standouts, come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

2017 PL week 7 by RebeccaH

I am Project Life-challenged, so I am always fascinated when I find PL pages that seem to come so easily to others. Probably this was not as easy as she made it look, but the result is inspiring to the non-PLers in our midst that there is hope we could do this too! The dog really drew me in, and then I really took a good look at this page. It’s packed! I like the list-style text right in the middle, for easy reference. Very fun weekly captures here, and a lot of fun accents to create the wonderful whimsical feel to this!

Tata by nessita

This gorgeous page has an interesting split in the design, with the sketch-treatment destination photo taking up residence in the top half, and that interesting butterfly element along the bottom. I found that design very appealing. I also like the simple text line, which is made more dynamic by the wonky typewriter style – it looks kind of sing-songy, adding a whole other dimension to the piece. Quite cool!

Mini layout with washi tape by Sarah Richards

I love a good real life project! Part of the appeal of this one is the way she showcased the page, by photographing it with the photo-decorated pencil holder, and with the little washi tape rolls strewn strategically nearby. She created some very cool design features with the washi tape (I always seem to forget about washi tape, this is a good reminder of its varied uses)! I like the binder clipped banner too. I just went back to take a final look and noticed the kitty in the layout photo, that’s just fun!

My Secret Life as a Dog by connieg

You cannot go wrong with a good dog story, particularly one told from the dog’s point of view. The journaling on this one is truly delightful. The tilted filmstrips are just genius, adding such fun to this design! I love the blended big photo and inset “glamour shot” photo combination too. Who knew they give biscuits out at the bank? You’ve got to read the text on this one. Super cute page.

The Couch by hollygenc

This is such a boy thing, I had to pick this page. Anyone who’s ever spent time around little boys (or little kids in general) knows the appeal of couch cushion forts. Especially when you don’t have to share with your bigger siblings, it’s the best! The photos really express that sentiment well, and I like the design surrounding them too. The big b&w floral paper is a nice non-distracting backdrop, and I like the subtle repetition of that pattern underneath the journaling. The couch element is a cute touch. The title font totally worked. He will enjoy re-visiting this page later in life, what a great memory shared!

One Lifetime With You by EllenT

Whenever I see a really great page that lists a template in the credits, I like to check out the template to see how far the artist took the piece from the original template. And I must say that, even though this template has very strong lines, the design of the finished layout here just took my breath away in a way I wouldn’t have thought of in looking at the original. Which, I think, is a tribute both to the template designer, for providing a great starting place, and to Ellen, for an incredibly beautiful statement made with all of the components added together. Love that word art. The b&w split photo looks like a completely gorgeous scene among those soft greens. Love the “lifetime” barcode, that is a nice accent. Really effective shadow work on this page too. Well done.

Alrighty then, weren’t those special? If you loved today’s picks too, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love. Have a great rest of your week!


Finger Pointing – February 20th

20 Feb

Spending some time in the digi galleries is always a good start to a Monday. So many different styles and themes to be found but that’s what makes it so much fun to go looking… you never know what will catch your eye. Let me share just a few of the inspiring pages that I saw:

Crazy by Chbo

LOVE IT! Even though the background paper might be considered busy, the bright colors and random element placement, the matted black & white photos and dimensional title work stand right out. Really nice example of multiple visual triangles and how they make a page feel cohesive. The circles in the center imply activity and motion while the stitching holds it all together, keeping the eye on the page. Nicely done!

Havana by helenedubois

Iconic photos… there is a title and word art to give hints but the pics tell the story all by themselves. The rusted metal, messy string bits and distressed paper echo the rustic nature of the architecture. Lovely!

Social Addiction by fruitysuet

Well, this could be a photo that so many of us might have taken to describe someone in our own circle. Perfect perspective, love the painty touches and the dreamy photo treatment, adds a feminine vibe. Like how the title (and arrows) lead the eye across the page. Pretty shadowing, too!

The Great Outdoors by cinna

I love how she embraced the diagonal nature of the page design and made all the photos and title work tilt with it. Nice mix of photos and papers. Also, I love the metal/jewel elements and the softness of the feathers give it a very feminine feel. Beautifully clustered, too!

Florence & Oscar by quiltymom (Jan)

I’m a sucker for heritage photos. They pull me in every time! There’s something about the sweet florals, the soft paints and the delicate element choices mixed with the sepia photo that makes it pop off of the pale background. Even the font choice screams heritage. I just adore it!

sd_Lamour2 by MargelZ

Another tilted page grabbed me from the gallery today! The unique depth of the shadowing adds to the dreamy color palette and romantic feel. I love the seemingly random yet perfectly placed tiny elements. Soft and gorgeous!

I hope I’ve provided a little bit of eye-candy for you today, maybe giving you a little push to do some scrapping if you get time. If you’ve been inspired, head over and show the scrappers a little love!



Finger Pointing – February 19th

19 Feb

Hi everyone and welcome to todays gallery standouts! As usual, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the galleries and seeing all the amazing layouts from all over the world. You know, that’s one of the things I love about this memory-keeping, story-telling, art-making thing we do… the fact that it unites so many people from far and wide who all have the love of this pastime in common. That’s a pretty powerful thing, don’t you think?! So before you head off to to work on a project of your own, take a look at some of the delight I found today!

I love the page design of Kindness Matters by Tinaphillips215 with the contrasting patterned paper choices and mix of brush work. I also love that the photo appears to be rebelling against conforming to the scattered frames that add interest and how the variety of ribbons and title strip work so well with the film strip. With a little twine and some paint splatters thrown in for good measure, this is an amazing page!

Moving onto softer tones, marnie has managed to stop time with the adorable photo on her page aptly entitled Tiny Toes. The gentle masking and doily detail up top add such a calming effect to the layout while the torn frame and pretty little floral detail add a little depth. Completely adorable!

Perspektiva by Secima is a fine example of the use of mixed media. There’s no doubt that the fabulous lighting in the photo draws the viewer in while the pretty button and stitching detail simply compliment the focus of the page. I could study the blending and texture on this project for hours and I love the mix of tones. A fine piece of work!

Another project with beautiful blending that I admire so much is Selfie by faby33. This really inspires me to think outside the box of my own creativity with it’s blending formation and clever incorporation of the pretty photo. I also like the edging here – just enough to enclose the detail of the page without detracting from it. A smashing layout!

I’m a huge fan of super neat layering and Shannamay is a master. Take a look at her page entitled So Tired. Pretty little details adorn the sweet photo while the banner and framing behind are perfectly in proportion. I like the gently patterned back drop and the fact that the title of the page mirrors the border on the right and, oh my, I love the shadowing on the twine leading down to the cute little flair! I really feel I can reach out and touch this! A stunning page!

A black backdrop is perfect to highlight all the pretty detailed clustering on Love You by AliceM. The pink, peach, silver and black colour combination is so gorgeous and compliments the black and white photo beautifully. I like the chunky patterned paper layering and mix of brush work that anchor the detail of the page and those little stars are so cute! A layout that truly pops!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and when you get a chance, please click on the links and leave a comment or two for the artist. Have a great week, happy creating and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye.


Finger Pointing – February 17th –

17 Feb

Hello and a super good morning (afternoon or evening!) to you all! So here I am again, the morning after the evening when I tried to get on with this post  but was too sleepy (a new one for me, an all life insomniac!) so I decided to leave it for today.  I did something last night I rarely do, maybe once or twice a year, which is drinking. I had two very small glasses of wine as it is my daughter’s birthday on Sunday but her friends surprised her by coming over earlier and cooking a full three  course meal, we had an amazing time !!!. Getting on with the day, which couldn’t have started in a better way, with all the beauties in the galleries, I’ll bring you the most awesome finds from yesterday, and even though I always add more to the post, there are still so so many I would love to feature!!!  You can reach the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO & author, stop for a minute or 2 to leave a word, please!

Designers who scrap…don’t you just love them? And here is a page from LynnG, Telecoms, which makes my heart sing for some many reasons! Her awesome gift of putting lots of photos together and making it look like an art book page, the photo treatment, the perfection of the word arts & cards…and even with the absence of elements which are so dear to me…this one of my most favorite pages ever…. of course one little bit of my heart beats faster with my love for my adopted home, London!

Next an awesomely awesome page by the awesomely awesome Amanda Resende, www. She was away for quiet a long while, and has recently come back to make our hearts full of beauty and perfection, full of happiness with her more than amazing pages, and I couldn’t be happier to bring this to share it with you. The mixture done with perfection of stamps, word arts flat and word strips, more corporeal elements super amazingly layered, the composition that moves in the most amazing way, she herself in the middle of it all, and the bits of journaling  going in different directions that add more movement to the whole thing, in it she describes her preferences of what to do if at home or in the street, and how when you realize, you are totally hooked up with all things social media….too true!!! also love that font, love everything here SOooooo so very much!!!!!

From these full on pages, I find a super, most elegant, blank space done with perfection as always by Judy aka chigirl : xoxo. I have known Judy for almost 10 years when I first started, and I may have said this before, but if I loved her then, my love has always grown with each year that passed and she reaches my heart each and every time. This page is so beautiful, the photo is gorgeous, the composition  paired with those amazingly perfect shadows, the use of the word strips, that ampersand (I am crazy about these things!!!) everything here feels fresh and full of love!!!!!!

Talking about blank space, another amazing creation, 05 12 2015 by Franny makes me want to look at this and fill my heart with the beauty!!! The photo editing is gorgeous, the captures so beautiful, the awesome use of the word arts to enhance the page, delicate and elegant combination of patterns plus the use of repetitive word ar in the bottom corner, which shows me I can add journaling to the page if I wish….perfection, absolute delight of a page…and if the page wasn’t awesome as it is, this is the left part of a double pager, so double awesome stand out!!!!

This next page wasn’t an easy decision, as the amount of pages done with the same kit were so marvelous, so amazing a show of talent that I had to break my heart to bring only one. Imagination by breakingbrie most certainly wins my heart all the way. Love the mixture of the fantasy with the extraction (awesome!!!!) and the top composition done to perfection, even from the thumbnail I was fascinated with this – I could see how much there is here and how beautifully put together all the pieces are. Those clusters make my heart immensely happy, the detail of the stars scattered, awesome blending with the background and if these all weren’t enough, the journaling, which is about reading and the wonderful opening of imagination makes this into a total treasure!!!!

I wont go on and on about my love for all things Carol aka Iowan makes, because you have heard it all before…but honestly, my heart and soul can’t stop filling with joy with this page, 2008_Always_be_a_ Mermaid. Again, like above, the mixture of  artsy/fantasy with the photos and frames makes for the best pairing, the perfection (as usual) of her clusters is..well, perfection!!!! love the way the ephemera card cluster is done, the photos are so cute and super captures, love the different framing and the layering with those amazing pieces of copper wire….I am so full of JOY with this…. LOVE love LoVe and Love even more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This next – awesome, brilliant, spectacular creation- makes me so so happy to find in the galleries, as is by none other than our very own Jana Holden. I don’t think you know the amazing talents we have here collaborating every day with the posts, and these ladies rarely ever get high lighted. I had planned even scheduled a post to show you only pages by my awesome GSO sisters, and then my Mac decided to die just before Christmas so it didn’t happen. I may still get this together, but for now, I am so very happy to share with you Jana’s awesome talent, with this page, Lady Zen Believe, an amazing art journal composition with so much beauty and strength, the colors here jump with beauty and the awesome collection of layered elements is so fabulous!!!!! Love and LOVe and love and LOVe more and can continue to love for a LONg long time!!!!!!!!

And last, but not in the slightest least, another art journal. fabulous comic play with Stupid Crazy Love Thing by mimisgirl. She is another of those awesome people who create in any style and can make our heart full of inspiration and beauty. Love how much fun this is, all these pieces out together in the great comic style, which brings me back to my childhood and teenage years in which we had no internet and would love to collect this kind of magazines. The word art is awesome, so much color intensity here, so much fun!!!! It makes me want to go play with these pieces right now!!!!!!!!!

I really hope you love and get inspired with these as much as I do! As usual, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO and author, please do spare a minute or two to leave these awesome artists some love, we all know how much a word or two can make a difference in someone’s day!!! Have an great weekend!!!!





Finger Pointing – February 16th

16 Feb

After a very busy day, it was a treat to (once again) troll through the galleries looking for my gallery standouts for the day.  Since we didn’t have a post yesterday, I allowed myself to make nine choices rather than the usual six (fun!).  Since it’s late and I have extra layouts to comment on, let’s get started.

Skyline Rotterdam – the Netherlands by Marleen is a stunning piece of art by one of my favorite artists.  This is a beautiful composition with the placement of the photo and its reflection. Love the addition of the splats and swirls.  I can see this one on a canvas hanging in an art gallery.

photography: a passion by P’tiscrap is another stunning piece of art!  Love how she’s “built” the rocks for her photographer to stand on.  The line with the arrows leading your eye away from the camera lens is a perfect touch.  I really love that she’s created it in all B&W.  Love this!

There were many awesome art journal pages in the galleries using this kit.  Pisces by snowdropz stood out because of the unique placement of the mermaid – awesome!  I love the background she’s used and the way the word strips lead your eye from the mermaid’s beautiful eyes down to the title.

As most of you know, I love family history pages.  The John Family by caapmun is a beautifully crafted page.  The blendable she used to ground the photos and elements is absolutely gorgeous.  That is one amazing family photo and I love how she’s isolated her grandfather’s image as an individual photo.  Beautiful use of embellishments and word art!

Feb Random Challenge – Big Title by Squirrely had me from the moment I saw the thumbnail in the gallery.  Who could resits that sweet face!  Love the use of the letter coasters to create that big title.  And the cluster with the flowers and soccer balls is brilliant.  I could look at this all day … with a smile on my face the whole time.

After all the rioutous fun in my last choice, I ran into that time when … such a peaceful layout by Marijke.  I love the blended photo and text.  And the stitching is a beautiful addition.  The composition with the elements and the photo, and the title leading your eye across the page is gorgeous.  Love this!

pin by terryb is an awesome sports page.  Love how the selective coloring leads your eye to the focal point on the page!  And what an amazing photo!  The blended photo in the background and the watery brushes add a beautiful depth to the page.   Awesome page and congrats to him on his wrestling success.

There were a lot of examples using this kit in the store but En Route by DALE caught my eye immediately.  Love the grunginess of the page and the placement of the word art.  Looks like a vintage magazine cover.  Love it!

–incredible journey– by beehive50 is a beautiful page documenting the kind gesture of a friend.  The diagonal composition with the clusters in the top left and bottom right corners is wonderful.  And those clusters are so sweet.  I love the use of the hearts as a mat for the photo and journaling.  A special page for a special gift.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today.  If so, please visit the galleries (images and titles are linked) and leave the artists some love.