Finger Pointing – October 25

25 Oct

I always read with great interest when one of the GSO bloggers selects layouts based on some kind of theme or common characteristic such as journaling, paint or large photo. It seems to make the post more organized and easier to read. I’ve made attempts along those lines but in the end what my choices have in common is this: Wow! why didn’t I think of that? It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

Love you both by nietis

I love how she used an ordinary, everyday photo and made it fill the page. Keeping the embellishments large and adding them on top of the photo adds color and interest. I like how she lined the cards up vertically toward the right hand side. The over -sized title work with the brad in the center of the letter o is a great finishing touch.


What’s Wrong with my bike? by P’tiscrap

Next up is a layout that’s short on supplies but long on creativity. Her extraction is perfect right down to the shadows and the yellow in the shirt, which is repeated in the question mark, really pops against the gray background paper. I’m amazed at how she fashioned her title to substitute for the back of the bike. The date in a circle against the o in the title is a creative detail added to an already outstanding layout.


Lost and Found by Paula Kesserling

If you think I’m adding this next layout for personal reasons you would be right but it’s allowed. There’s no way I could ever pass up a layout featuring paper dolls, which for me were a long ago favorite and nearly forgotten. The composition of this page is outstanding. All the elements come together seamlessly and support her theme from the stitches to the needles, pins, buttons and bits of fabric and lace. I love the wooden frame set atop the bright, paint splashed paper. I really the title work with the hat placed on the letter o and that cookie ampersand is just darling. And of course her story is a delight to read.


Story Scrapbook Challenge by rache77

As Stacia mentioned in her post yesterday, I can never pass up an opportunity to read the words on a page where the journaling is the star. I love the precious photo with the paper pieces stacked behind. The painted and scribbled edges frame the page just right and the other painty bits scattered about give a soft look to the page, perfect for her story. The little mouse on the scooter element is childlike and reinforces her theme. I hope to see more of this little fighter’s story!


I Believe by angiekey

My goodness, the overlay this artist created is amazing. I admit I checked the credits to see if it was actually part of a kit but as far as I can tell she made it herself. I read through most of the maxims and I don’t believe any were repeated. The idea itself is quite creative but actually executing it even more so. The single vertical cluster, script title work and bits of word strips were the only need accessories to complete the page.


Glad You Are Here by Gabi

This time of year there is no shortage of fall pages in the gallery. I love this one for both the photo and the masking. I’m not certain how much the artist manipulated the photo or if it’s straight out of the camera but its lovely. I especially like the pops of reddish orange in the roof tops and the trees both on the ground and in the reflection. The bows and paper strips mimic the colors in the photo and balance the quote and title work. The overall effect reminds me of a painting and is so soft and pretty.


I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you’ve said wow a few times right along with me. I trust you will find time to do some creating of your own and as always please take a few minutes to click through and leave these well deserving artists some love. Have a great week.


Finger Pointing – October 24th

24 Oct

I hope some of you are enjoying a little moderate weather where you live, not so oppressively hot or not too cold just yet. Where I live, the high was only 80 degrees today… which means that for part of the day it was in the 70’s. In Florida, that’s break out the sweaters time, people! So this fine Monday evening, I sit in my sweater and leggings perusing the digital galleries looking for inspiration. You never have to look too hard or too long before you have a list of gorgeous pages that say, “pick me!”

So I’ll get to sharing:

Oliver by golya


Love the horizontal pose in the photo used along with the stripes on the background paper combined with the directionality created using the arrows. The colorful paint and element choices really give it a playful feel. Such a beautiful trio of clusters!

Hello by Scrapapicture


BEAUTIFUL brushwork here! I love how it just pops on the dark brown background. Really like the eclectic mix of elements layered above and beneath, the small scale of the ellies as well as in the paper choices works perfectly to balance the large rectangle. Really nice color repetition here, too.

Enamored by AnikA


Awesome clarity in the photo. The picture itself tells you all you need to know about the story. I love the variation in the stamped and handwritten title, the use of the red & black paint along with that bold romantic pink. And the shadowing on the paper… nice!

Freiburg Intro by dwsewbiz


This is going to make a gorgeous vacation album! The combination of multiple photos blended into the background combined with the framed detail pictures allows her to use SO MANY on the page but it doesn’t feel cluttered. Using the blended parts as home to the journaling is a really smart use of white space.

SD Jaunt by MargelZ


Any page with an elephant requires a second look. I really like that she embraced the horizontal flow of the page and went with it in her choice of papers. I like the mix of fonts in the word art selections as well as in the journaling and titlework. And she really rocked the dramatic shadows!

Little Model by robinsismai


I’m going to have to find this child’s Instagram account. What a little cutie! Lovely feminine font choice for the expansive story (I always have to stop and read longer stories. If it’s important enough to tell a long story on a page, it’s bound to be an awesome story!) which works so well with the tucked and layered flowers. How fun would it be to have adorable photos like this to scrapbook all the time, right? Just beautiful!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration tonight! Click on through to one or two of these images and leave the scrapper a little love, won’t you!




Finger Pointing — October 23rd

23 Oct

Hello and happy Sunday night! Tonight we have a great variety of styles to look at. Ready?! Me too! Come check out these amazing pages.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Goodby Cloey by merank

Oh, dear! So sorry for your loss. As scrappers, we are so fortunate to have a creative outlet for life’s hurdles. I really like this kitty tribute, and hope it was cathartic to create. The layout of the photo series really called to me. I like the different size polaroid style frames, and how the series slides off the page at the top and bottom. The focal photo, even though it’s just a slightly larger size than the other photos, really stands out because of the title work and journaling. A really sweet way to remember your fur-baby.


crazy us by Itarbox

Love that big heart! And the candid, funny, real-life, feel-good photos. I love how that doodly frame bordering the photo block provided a nice little spot for the hand-written font journaling. Lots of fun elements strategically placed on this page – I always like when a page makes me stop and study the embellishments. This one screams boy with the denim pocket and ticket stubs, but also makes nice use of the non-traditionally boy elements like the flowers. Fun!


Adorbs by oldenmeade

Goodness, that’s sweet! I love how the photos look like the child is looking out of the page. That pinstripe background paper made a nice backdrop, and the elements are really perfect to support those photos. The photo-theme is fun throughout, with the camera and other photography-specific elements like the slide reel and word art. Nice shadow work too, that always makes a good page great.


Red Chairs by dianepsmith

Sometimes when I see a particularly artsy page in a gallery, I wish for an explanation. Sometimes people give explanations and sometimes they leave it to our imagination; this was the latter. And the more I looked at this marvelous creation, I thought. And thought. About what inspired this artist to take this picture, and the view she was seeing from the deck, and the fabulous, amusing way she framed both the photo and the title work and then I thought: oh, no explanation needed. That is a cool result. I enjoyed the journey on this page.


Thirty One by mrphoto

We can’t blog this week without noticing a few really cool Halloween pages, and this one is so eye-catching, I stopped and said wow! Always a good sign. Love the amazing web, with the patterned paper inserts, fun word art, and elements that make this too cute to spook! Nice job with the subtle use of buttons to lead us around the page, and yes, now I’m singing “Spiderman, Spiderman,” aren’t you?


These are the Days by bessiesue581

Lindsay is the queen of great angles on a page! I am always amazed at her creativity. This is just genius, using both top and bottom edges to punctuate the page. Love the colors, the wind-blown photos, and the fabulous use of white space. Such a fun combination of elements. This makes me want to go the park, and what better statement could any scrapbook page make, than making us want to be part of the scene?! Well done.


Weren’t those a great mix of pages! If you love these layouts as much as I did, please take a moment and click on the linked title to leave a little praise for the artist! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – October 22nd

22 Oct

Hi everyone!  After a day full of running errands, I’m happy to be here while I wait for dinner to cook. Feels good to sit down for a while – and even better, to look through the galleries and see how creative everyone’s been in the past 24 hours or so. Let’s get started!

Today’s first page is intriguing to me. No title, no journaling, but an awesome collage of autumnal colors and seemingly random elements.  In sbpoet’s page, Mysteries, there is certainly an air of mystery about the items chosen and how they all go together – and yet, at the same time, they really have very little in common. Although a simple grid-style design, this appears to be much more complex with textures and overlays added that given an old-world feel to the page. The small paint splatters, the way the flower brush spills over into the surrounding squares … love it. I would so enjoy seeing this on canvas hung on a wall!

Changing things up a bit, Just Imagine from y-baros is a great art journal-style page.  Bright, cheerful colors echo the feeling of imagining all the possibilities that are within our fingertips. The blending of artsy scribbles with paint and even small hints of lace is just so fun. I love how there’s something to look at on every inch of the page, and how some embellishments are more layered than others, creating an edge border around the layout. Great choice to add the large white swatch in the middle so that the title has a place to “sit” and stand out.

The design sensibilities in chickypow’s page, October is Rad!, caught my eye right away. I love the choice of minimizing the element grouping and just utilizing two corners of the layout. This creates a great diagonal flow to the page (and I love the white space it creates, too). The use of the textured and almost slightly wrinkled kraft paper for the background adds additional interest, and the somewhat neutral color palette allows the pink jackets in the photo to really pop.

Candid photos that capture the “real” you or your family can often provoke some of the best feelings – a smile, a laugh … and this layout certainly had me giggling. As a parent of a child who constantly pulls silly faces for the camera, even in his [now] early 20’s, I can relate to ~jak’s layout, My Kinda Crazy.  The photo is hilarious, but even more, I love the frantic feeling of all the scribbles and elements on this page. The little owls peeking out, paper strips, paint, flowers, stars – just about all the elements you could possibly think of!  What a great selfie that, I’m thinking, most likely captures what everyday family moments are for these three.

Angel by Cathrineblan is just … well, gorgeous in it’s blending and ethereal qualities. I would love to see this scrappers workspace, just to see how many layers there are here, all so carefully placed. The butterfly brush, the addition of the feathered wings, even the way the gold flowers mix to create a “skirt” almost like a mermaid on the figure. There’s a nice balance of dark and light, with the edges and borders being off-set by the light streaming through the window in the center of the page. Such a great fantasy-style page.

You’ve probably been wondering, “Where are the layouts with photos?!” … and I’ve been saving one of these just for this last spot for today – and not one or two photos, but six on this page!  Ren Fest by YupBrook is beautifully balanced with the large photo taking center stage on the layout, supported by several smaller pictures around the edges of the page.  Although the children are full of smiles, the journaling on Brook’s page reveals a “meh” kind of day at the renaissance fair – still fun, but some disappointing moments.  Kudos to her for scrapping not only the fun and awesome moments, but also recording the not-so-great (I’m a big believer in recording all of the everyday moments, not just the happy, rainbow and sunshine ones). Once again, I love the diagonal design that’s been achieved here. However, unlike the earlier page where only two corners of the page were used, here we have all four – photos on one diagonally-opposite set of corners, and journaling and title work on the other. Even with the large number of pictures here, the page still has ‘breathing room’.

Well, dinner is now ready, so I’d better get things wrapped up (before my boys starve! LOL). Hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today – and don’t forget to browse the galleries, yourself, and leave some love for pages that catch your eye, too.


Finger Pointing – October 21st.

21 Oct

Hello!!! Hope everyone is well and having a great time!!!  I will try (my best, though not always works!) to be brief today as I had a couple of bad days health wise, though I was able to cheat pain by scrapping, I ended up being 50 hours awake…slept a bit last night and had a full on day…as it is almost 4 am of the 22nd here in London…I will try (which, of course, already has not been achieved by my telling you my story LOL) Today was also a more than ever difficult day to choose pages.. I ended up with more than 35 tabs…and had to cut down to 6!!!! There is so much talent, creativity and passion in the galleries,  a delight! Here are my picks for today.

Relax & Rewind by Shovani: this girl is really really gifted in so many ways,  no matter what style she goes for or what is the subject, she never ceases to amaze me!! (and many others I know!)  Her photographic skills are awesome and in here you can see those combined with her also amazing scrapping skills. The photos capture are so beautiful, and the way she composed enhances even more the beauty. Love the perfection of those blocks, especially the middle one with the lace and string with the leaf, perfect shadows, and the detail of the word art in the big photo is the perfect detail to turn this into the perfect stand out!


Remember by Wombat146: I know Ona hardly needs introduction, but just in case you have never heard of her or had the pleasure of seeing her pages, this lady is another super creative who can take any style and make it a perfect work of art.  In here the photo treatment already introduces the magic, the subject of ballet & little girls is one very dear to (I think!) every mother of girls, and how beautifully it brings me back to 2001 and the next two years of my own girl, aged 6, going to ballet classes. The awesome take on the template, with so much softness with delicate elements, the gorgeous play of pink and red and the watercolor background…everything is , as I said: a work of art!!!


Windswept by bellbird: another amazing, talented, creative lady,the whole thing in this page has been achieved to perfection! Love the beach, the photo is delightful and the way she worked this,  blending following the paper’s tears the word art/stamp on the photo’s right side is perfect, as are those shadows for the word art strips. It makes me want to get on a plane right now…or print this page and have it on my wall! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!


Ugh by emmasmommy: this is amazing proof of how much beauty we can create from not so beautiful moments or feelings, as, even though we know from the start, with her perfect tittle work, that this is not going to be about a happy day, the pops of color and her amazing  talent to make beauty makes me want to look at this for hours. Then one reads the journaling …and, like me, I think mpst of us can related one way or another. I love it that every time I go back to look,I keep finding different bits & pieces, and each time i love the page more. Absolutely amazing!!!!


And now before I go, my last two pages are both art journal, both made with the same collection and I fell in love with them and the other array of pages these two amazing creative women, and I just could NOT not share them with you. The way that each gave the center piece art doll the star spot and created from it outwards or inwards or gave softness or strength, the amazingly gorgeous way in which each of them put together bits of swirls, elements…every little detail gains my heart- So here is Art by beszteri


and another superb, beautiful piece from the one and only LiLi, aka misslovescraps: this is my imagination, in which all the above apply!  I know I could print this and stare at this and fill my heart with joy! In here I can see an album cover or a theater program or pretty much anything,!!! love the way the strange” word was placed and the perfection  of that tiara with the eye… everything is just pure beauty!!!!!!



Hope you enjoyed and got inspire by these awesome ladies. As usual ,you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO and artist, we all know the difference even just one word can make! TFL!





Finger Pointing – October 20th

20 Oct

As always, it’s been such a treat to spend some time in the galleries today. And yesterday. And the day before that too. Yes, I seem to have spent a lot of time just looking lately and not creating much myself. I need to remedy that although I won’t be at my desk at all this weekend as we’re travelling south tomorrow to celebrate our grandson, Jack’s 5th birthday on Saturday! We haven’t seen him and his brother, Charlie, since June so they’ll both have lots to tell us because they’ve started school and pre-school since then! However, I digress and I still have a million and one things to do before bedtime so let’s check out what I found in the galleries today!

I love how the page design of marijke’s Captured Moment allows the sweet photo to be the focus of the page. The tones of the photograph are something so soft and sweet and special! The brushwork cushions the photo from the texture of the page while the little offset artsy cluster bottom right provides a perfect balance to the page. I seriously love this!


Sophomore Year by Peppermint is another shining example of great page design. I like that the stack beneath the photo provides great depth to the page and the journaling block is super cool! I also like the choice of elements that keep this page clean and classic. Terrific!


Most of my own pages contain some journaling, some a little more than others. And I love to keep it real. When I spotted The Ties that Bind by tammielsmith in the gallery, I immediately took a closer look – because of the journaling. And fine journaling it is indeed. Sometimes life is hard but it’s also what makes us, us. It’s part of our story, the good and the not so good. I love that the story here is paramount on the page while the lovely seasonal cluster, with it’s beautiful blending and warm tones, compliments the page perfectly. Beautifully done!


When I spotted Home is Where the Heart Is by scrappy_donna, I just said ‘Wow’. Just wow! I love the energy that all the different elements on this page provide, the flowers, the stars, the brushwork, the little charm, the doodled frame, the title work, the red heart which I feel I can just reach out and touch, and that sweet, sweet photo, it’s all just fabulous!


I’m always looking for inspiration for masculine pages and Copycat by sokee is my new favourite! I love the sheer simplicity of this with the brushwork and watercolours and the black photo frame really draws the eye to the photo. Those little seasonal leaves are the perfect delicate touch and I love how the date is perched on the twist! Totally grand!


Like Jeanine yesterday, this is my last post for this month so I think it’s only fitting that I round up with donnabelle’s adorable Halloween page. This little one seriously is way too cute to spook! Such perfect use of the purple/orange/black colour combination and great layering of all the super detail make this page fabulous eye candy!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this slice of talent from the galleries today and if you get a chance, please click on the links to the layouts and leave a comment or two for the artist. In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone and I look forward to seeing you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye!



Finger Pointing – October 19

19 Oct

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! This is my last post this month, so I went hunting for Halloween pages tonight! And I can assure you I found some creepy candy! I hope you like them as much as I do! Let’s go!

I put a spell on you by keepscrappin Love the grungy approach here. The large title is perfect for this page and isn’t that witch gorgeous? Great picture also! I can tell these kids are having a lot of fun!


Halloween traditions by margje Margje did a great job here once again! Love the treatment and repetition of the picture and how the face of the girl is painted. Wonderful blendwork as always! Love the tiny little splatters and dots and how Margje only used orange and greys here. Another piece of ART!


Shower with a Friend by deanie This is such a fun Halloween page! The picture is not a Halloween picture at all, the sign is a funny one, are there extra large showers, or maybe ‘two person’ showers? And then the bat flying away from the scene. I love it! Also love the splatters suggesting there’s a lot of waterfun going on behind the door. Great spiderweb brush at the bottom, love how the picture seems to be stuck (or caught? ;)) in it


Haunting by Traumelfe A true scary page we have here! Great blending of the creepy pictures, love those bats and isn’t that drawing scary? Like a ghost is appearing! Booooo!!!!


Abandoned Places by magicreality Oh my, these two could easy be figurants from the Walking Dead! Wouldn’t want to run into them at night! Love how real everything looks here, like it is a movieposter. Wonderful creepy page!


Halloween by shannonc I picked this one because it is such a sweet family page, all together having fun carving and decorating pumpins and being creative for Halloween. Love the warm pictures of this happy family and love how Shannon dressed the page up with halloween themed patterns and colors. Great memories were made here!


These are my picks for tonight! I hope you like them and maybe they get you in the mood for Halloween! As you maybe remember we don’t celebrate Halloween in Holland on a large scale, but seeing these pages, I wish we were.. Have a wonderful night and an even better Halloween!