Finger Pointing – November 26th

26 Nov

Hi everyone! A large part of the world is busy preparing the Thanksgiving diner and gather with family and friends. Over here in Holland, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, so for this Dutchie it’s a perfect night to blog. All the American girls were too busy LOL! Happy Thanksgiving for everyone who is celebrating tonight, I hope the turkey is prepared well and you enjoy the company of all your dear and loved ones! Here are my choices of tonight!

Happy Thanksgiving by myssp A lovely Thanksgiving page! I love the colors here and the triangles with the letter and fall decorations. This page catches the meaning of Thanksgiving perfect!

myssp des digit

AnnaColor challenge by cocodou Wow, what a sweet squirrel and what a beautiful soft page! This is real ART. I Love how the stitches draw the attention to the picture and Cocodou did a great job blending all the different elements she used together  (see her long used material list). Wonderful!

cocodou oscraps

I don’t even remember by Captivated Visions Another piece of ART! No picture needed here! The brushes, the writing and the few elements do it all! I love this kind of pages, the blocked brushes and doilies work perfect together and the choice of colors is superbe!


Stay warm by eve11ne A pretty traditional page we have here, love the large title and all the ellies and animals peeking from under the picture and paperpieces. The patterns in the title, frames and paperpieces are gorgeous and I love the mix of drawn parts and real thingies here.

eve11ne sweetshoppe

Cosy and Merry and Bright by elitka What a vibrant page this is! Love how the pictures seems to be two separate ones, but in reality is one. Love all the sprinkled tiny things and for all love the messyness here!

elitka dst

Insanity by kythe And to finish my post with a critical note by kythe according to Black Friday sales wich starts tomorrow November 27….I am glad I only shop digital stuff, not having to pull stuff out of other peoples hands or shoppingcarts, not pulling others aside to get what I want or think I need…. I think I would not want to participate in that madhouse also….So I was pleasantly surprised to bump into this page, wich expresses how people can ‘hurt’ each other because discounts they get just a day after being thankfull….

kythe dst

Wishing you a happy ending of Thanksgiving and… remember to be nice to your fellow shoppers when you can’t resist to go out and shop Black Friday sales! ;)


Finger Pointing – November 24th

24 Nov

Hi, Patsy here, on a cold (OK, it’s 73 degrees but I’ve been in FL for so long that it feels cold to me now!) Tuesday.  Here in the United States, amid all of the craziness here and around the world, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday.  Tomorrow will be a very busy day so I’m enjoying my quiet, gallery browsing day today.  Here are my six standouts for today.

Stop by musicmom3 is a beautifully blended page but it’s the journaling that takes it over the top.  I love her title and the quote by Gandhi – so fitting for her story.  A beautiful way to express her opinion about proposed actions in this country.  It’s such a scary time but we’ve all lived through them and we can’t forget the mistakes of the past or, as the saying goes, we’re doomed to repeat them.  Very compelling page!

Stop by musicmom3

And from those slightly dark thoughts we move on to hope Blooms by Katherine B.  What a beautiful thought and framed piece of art!  Love the mix of a digital kit and a die cut machine!  And her title is amazing especially with the strip threaded through the ‘O’.  Love the dimension in the flowers!  The soft color palette is perfect for the subject.  Beautiful!

hopeBLOOMS by Katherine B

Au devoir Novembre by Malou29 is a striking artsy page!  Love the large N and the leaf scatter.  The background with its texture and splats is perfectly grungy!  A fitting farewell to November!


And now that we’ve said farewell to November and Fall, we’re on to December.  I totally fell in love with Oh Joy by sucali when I saw it in the gallery.  The use of white space is stunning!  I love the crop on the photo, the placement of the word art,  and the papers which are a perfect complement to the colors in the photo.

Oh Joy by sucali

Continuing with the winter theme is  Joy To The World by tiramisu.  The blending on this page is amazing.  I love how she’s used the red, gold and green on the page.  The scribbles and swirls add wonderful movement to the page.  Gorgeous!

Joy To The World by Tiramisu

So we’ve bid November and Fall goodbye, seen a gorgeous December 25th page and now it’s time to turn to the calendar for the new year. December Calendar Topper by Starlite9711 is gorgeous! Love how she built the photo cluster!  And the brushwork grounds the whole cluster beautifully.   I love the December memories word art!  Anyone would love seeing this at the top of their December calendar.

December Calendar Topper by Starlite9711

Those are my choices for today.  I hope you enjoyed them.  If you have time please check them out in the galleries and leave the artists some love.  Titles and images are linked to make it easy.  Thanks!



Finger Pointing-November 23rd

23 Nov

Hello everyone! Jana here with today’s Gallery Standouts. This is Thanksgiving week here in the United States, as we all anxiously await our family feasts on Thursday. Meanwhile, I found some amazing layouts in the galleries so let’s get started. I hope you enjoy these as much  as I did!

This first layout, Give Thanks by zlemon, truly represents the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The iconic turkey and pumpkin are blended beautifully agains the artsy background. I love those bright colors of the turkey and the fall leaves are splendid. The title wordart says it all, and not just on this special holiday. I adore the sweet little bird sitting on the branch and the brush work gives this layout some nice finishing touches. Lovely page!


I totally love ‘Tis The Season by Anke! I am so taken with the photo treatment here.  The faded sketch and brush work on the kraft background is wonderfully graphic and the desaturated photo looks beautiful against it. The painterly frame is subtle and works well to draw your eye into the photo. I also love the glitter and the hints of holiday elements she used and the bits of red are perfect! Awesome page!


This next layout really pops with all it brilliant colors against the black background! SHE by TrishD completely transformed a portrait into an amazing piece of art. Just look at all the graphics across the page, including across the woman’s face. I love the music at the bottom. She did a stellar job with all of the blending and brush work! Gorgeous page!


This next layout is such a heartwarming one. My Heart Sings by LeeAndra captures a special moment and affirmation of a family’s choice to move. I love the journaling strips with little pink hearts scattered around. The title wordart is perfect and what an awesome drop shadow. The top and bottom borders frame this page beautifully and the white space helps to bring attention right to the focal area. Wonderful page!


Look at this beautiful holiday card!  Merry Christmas by Rollinchen reminds me of an old-fashioned Christmas. The parent and child just cut down their Christmas tree and are bringing it home in the snow. My hubby and our youngest daughter still do this every year. I love the blending of the desaturated photo and also the snowy overlay and frame. The sweet little bird and flowers are nestled in at the bottom with the Merry Christmas greeting. Gorgeous card!


My final pick for today is this darling, whimsical layout! Champignon by zaza09 is a fairyland of mushrooms. I adore the bright pink colors with splashes of orange throughout. I love how large the photo is and how she framed it with a double frame. The black stitching is wonderful and so are the little word strips. The gorgeous pink flowers are perfect accents for the big, pink mushroom. Magical page!


So that’s it for today. Have a wonderful week I’ll see you next time! Happy Thanksgiving to those who will be celebrating!


Finger Pointing – November 22

22 Nov

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s gorgeous Standouts! I hope you enjoy my choices!

Starting us off is this delightful layout by Ga_L titled Grow. Really love the minimalist approach that the artist has taken here, all the white space works so effectively to keep your eye fully centered on the focal point, those adorable little images. Really love the muted tones in that gorgeous color palette, too.


Up next is this super lovely work of art titled It’s winter time by Margote05. I love how clean this feels! The tonal background really makes those stunning images leap off of the page! Not to mention the expert placement of text really makes for a perfectly fitting title!

It's winter time

I fell head over heels in love with this next Standout by Kcvance titled Today I Am Thankful. I absolutely ADORE the blocked design! The balance between images and text is superb, and the mix of contrasting colors is brilliantly done!

Today I Am Thankful

My next choice titled Beautiful, Old Bridge by Marleen is nothing but sheer artistry. I can actually see this beauty printed on a HUGE canvas hanging in an art gallery in somewhere-ville. Seriously, I can.

Beautiful, Old Bridge

Next I have this beauty by 2worldswings titled Find Peace. Really crushing on all the fabulous artsy achieved in this gorgeous art work. I absolutely love how that deep mustard plays so well with the red, such a gorgeous color combination! I also love how all the text creates such perfect balance in the layout, too.

Find Peace

Rounding out my choices this evening is this spectacular layout titled Bye Desi by EHStudios. The repeating block of images is so creative, love how they’re all black and white except the one in the center. Such a beautiful tribute.

Bye Desi

And with that it’s a wrap for me! Hoping you all have a blessed week! Stay warm! XXOO


Finger Pointing – November 21st

21 Nov

Hello and happy Saturday! Today’s visit to the galleries showed lots of fabulous pages, and I enjoyed seeing all of the great talent on display. I love all the different techniques for story-telling, and these pages are some great examples. Between pocket pages, artsy, adorable, travel and accomplishments, we hit a lot of high points on these pages.

This is Liz and these are my picks.

the best October by kristallund (Krista Lund)

We start today’s picks with a completely adorable pocket page, just filled with autumn goodness. Love the sepia toned photos to give this a cohesive look. The cute embellishments and autumn colors really make this special. Great use of the word strips. By staggering the angle a bit on some of the photos, Krista makes great use of the space in a very eye-catching way.


retired by carollee

Told from the voice of the running shoes, this is story-telling at its best! What a terrific way to detail the life of a marathon runner. I love that these sneakers have only been demoted, not discarded, they still get used! Great colors, and the lightly patterned background paper makes a nice undistracting background for the great story. Love that little bar code word art in the corner, and the stamp on the photo.


cutie pie by Mlle TerraMoka

This page is so adorable, I was immediately drawn to it. Love the combined masking and framing, the brush work, and the whimsical embellishments. The blues and greens really work against the gray background. And, the addition of the real-looking button, string and doily mix it up nicely.


now by Roxana

I love the quote, and the edgy way the photo extends past the frame. The map paper really adds to the visual imagery created by the photo, as if those people are headed off to a grand adventure. I love when a really artsy page is encouraging and sends a positive message like this one.


photos in that moment by lkdavis

Those costumes are the cutest ever! And I love how she included some shots from the back view and of the boys running. The journaling was an unexpected viewpoint, of both a sad moment about inadvertently losing photos, but then she takes a positive view of the memories themselves. This was a great reminder that we are creating memories with our craft, and this is a great one that she put to paper.


Duluth 2015 by trishaf

This is a terrific two page spread (see the companion page here) that makes great use of the canvas. I love that title and the broad horizontal photo, it paints quite the picture. Page two makes great use of space too, but vertically and utilizing cut out circles very well. What a wonderful vacation memory she showed with these pages!


I hope you enjoyed today’s picks as much as I did. Please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some love! Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing – November 20th

20 Nov


Browsing the galleries in search of my six standouts today was a wonderful breather from the harsh reality of recent world events.  Todays choices are quite eclectic and, I hope, inspiring.  Please note that the titles and images are linked so you can go check them out further in the gallery.

First up is a page that just amazed me!  Imagine by Margje is a stunning piece of art.  The pencil sketch portrait sets the tone for this gritty page.  Margie has chosen the perfect brushes to enhance that effect.  Love the choice of the burgundy/maroon color.  And, yes, it does look like a Jimmy Dean poster!

000 Imagine by Margje

Not Today by seniorgal is a reminder, as if we needed one, that next Friday is Black Friday and is probably a good day to stay away from stores if you don’t think mobs of people (see large photo) fighting over deals is your cup of tea.  I love the photo treatment on her Home Depot photo – so cool.  And the circles of no, no, no are inspired as is the I can’t do it embellishment!  Love the composition of the page!  It all just made me laugh!  Love it!

000 Not Today by seniorgal

Moving on from madness, we now have a gorgeous layout called Happiness by Bellisae.  The colors and the brushwork keep this page soft and sweet – just perfect for that photo!  Love the angle of the gray paper and the layering in her photo cluster.  Beautiful!

000 Happiness by Bellisae.

Let’s Blend Challenge by rache77 was created for a challenge that involved using the threshold filter.  She did an amazing job with the filter and the added colors are placed perfectly.  The addition of the script creates a beautiful depth.  And the overlay is just the right finishing touch.  Love it!

000 Let's Blend Challenge by rache77

Another gorgeous page is Capilla San José by tansy.  Love the vintage, old world look of this page.  It is the perfect melding of textures, brushwork, framing and embellishing.  Everything works with the photo to create a piece of art that’s worthy of framing.

000 Capilla San Jose by tansy

first by pam p is a stunning page with amazing use of white space!  Love the placement of the coffee cup and splats and strokes.  So much creativity in the placement of the word coffee!  I’m not a coffee drinker but I’m sure this page will make coffee drinkers go “Yes!”.

000 first by pam p

I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections and that they have inspired you.



Finger Pointing-November 19th

19 Nov

Greetings Everyone! Jana here, filling in for Margje today. We are due for our first winter snow storm this weekend, so I’m hoping to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy. Scrapping will definitely be in the works for me. In the galleries today, I noticed several amazing layouts with grid designs. The galleries are also starting to fill up with beautiful winter and holiday pages! Love it! Here are my picks for today. I hope you like them and get inspired to scrap some of your own photos.

Simple Things by Shivani

What a great page design here! I adore the diagonal design and the title work! The mix of photos and papers in the photo strip are so cute and I think the mix of the map and grid papers are wonderful, too. The cluster in the top, left corner is darling and really adds a nice touch to this layout. Fun standout!


Week 45_2015 by NancyBeck

This layout has a very defined and professional look to it. I love the title card…cool wordart! There is a beautiful variety of fall photos and a harmonious color scheme. The calendar with the highlighted week is perfect for this page and I also think the different style journaling cards are so effective. Wonderful Project Life page!


Refelt a Conleau by Dids

This layout really popped out in the gallery today! This is a unique grid style for sure! I love the beautiful bird and its reflection as well as the reflection of the title art.  The photo masks masterfully lead the eye into the focal point from both sides. Striking page!


Sadie Christmas Morning by Lizj

Wow! This Christmas layout is totally fabulous in every way! Liz did an amazing job of using multiple clusters and edgers together to create such a rich look. The photo is so cute and I love the little glimpses of her Christmas tree and Santa behind her. The offset design and white space work beautifully together. The border truly compliments this page as well. Magical standout!


Timeless Tale by Kama

This layout is really magical! It seems to weave the timeless tale of Christmas dreams with all of the images and the starry banner. The background of snowflakes is gorgeous and ties in beautifully with the snowflake mask. I love the innocent photo and this page is just so dreamy! Sparkly standout!


Jolly Christmas by modgee

Another fabulous Christmas layout! I love all the eye candy on this one, beginning with that awesome tree! It is designed using a plethora of elements in such a creative way. I also love the gorgeous clustering of elements on the left side…truly amazing! The string of lanterns at the top add sparkle, as do all of the snowflakes on the background. Jolly standout!