Finger Pointing – February 21

21 Feb

Hi! Miki here with some beautiful pages to share with you. I’ve enjoyed browsing through all of the different galleries this morning. Love all of the inspiration and eye candy. Each one of my choices has inspired me by their message and/or their art. As Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.” So here we go!

First up is One Year Ago by Cinderella. How sweet is this and what a unique way to chart the growth of your child! Love the black and white photos of the hand holding the little feet. When my kids were little they stood next to the wall and we marked the height and date on the growing board. But it would have been so nice to have a visual image to compare year to year. They do grow up too fast! Also love the flow of pinks and greens and the repetition of the circles and all the hugs and kisses. Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork with us!



Nature by Barbara Houston caught my eye immediately in the gallery. The orange flower pops against the green and blue background. Love the amazing brush work and blending! Barbara is doing a series of pages with inspirational quotes and the words “not to shrink down to less, but to blossom into more” by Oprah Winfrey rings loud and clear today. This page is truly inspirational!

My husband and I have been watching the Winter Olympics. The dedication, endurance and strength of the athletes is impressive. Love this take on the Olympics, Winter Games by geoleoan. The thrill of skating and determination shows on his face. Love the vertical design, blues and browns and the frosty blue snowflakes. I also love the faint vertical stripe in contrast to the “bokeh” circles on the opposite side. Wonderful inspiration!

Entering the Panama Canal at Dawn by jw oozes with tranquility and serenity of the sunrise. Love how the photo fills the page and the partial image of the boat highlights the people catching a glimpse of this spectacular event. The golden tones of the sunrise brings hope to a new day. Also love the vertical strips drawing the eye to the title. Beautiful!

Choises by Lady22 is up next. How cute is this little face! Love the message here, words for everybody to live by. It sure looks like he was up to something. A beautiful clean block design that puts the focus on the image. Gorgeous!

Love the simple design of Relax by Loulou31! Also love the pop of orange and repetition of circles. Just one word is needed. Relax! This has become my mantra for the day. Relax, relax, relax, relax and enjoy the moment!

Hope you enjoyed the inspiration today. I’m ready to take on the day!


Finger Pointing – February 20th

20 Feb

I am so excited to be with you today to share some layouts that I found while looking through the galleries today!!! There are so many fantastic pages it is hard to only select 6!!! So, here are my picks for today. . .

First up is CarpeDiem by HeatherH. The photo treatment caught my eye immediately and I thought the black and white worked so well with the use of those fun colors. The uplifting words just brought the whole page together!!!

The dimension on the next page is incredible. I could almost reach out and touch the flowers on aureli122 by tizote59. The design on this traditional style just drew my eye to the photo.


Next up is Behold the Sight by DivaMom96. Again, I was drawn to the photo treatment. This was so colorful and just let the photo shine!!! I am intrigued by the seamless use of the digital components from the wordart to the overlays.

And talking about the use of color, check out Happiness Is by agata68. I just love the strong colors used here. Sometimes I shy away from bold colors, but now I feel inspired!!!


And will you just look at This is What I Love by jennschultz!!! I love the circles here and that center with the skewed cutout was genius!!! The cluster work on the edges was spot on for this design!!!


Finally for a sweet fix, I picked pieces-of-my-heart- by nanascrapper. I am loving all the pages I see with the cutouts and I thought the soft tone of this page was perfect for those sweet photos!!!


So these are just a sampling layouts in the galleries!!! I hope you enjoyed today’s picks and find some inspiration for your own projects. Please visit the layouts to take a closer look and leave some love!!!

Until next time. . .


Finger Pointing – February 19th

19 Feb

Well!! It’s Monday again – hope you all had a great weekend. I’ve just spent a few hours browsing the galleries – such a joy. It’s hard to just choose six from all the great layouts on the various galleries, but here are my picks for today:

First up from one of my favourite scrappers dvhoward’s  – Love – such a great pic and set against that floral background – just spectacular. Then those elements perfectly clustered along with the great title work. Such a wonderful page!

I couldn’t go past this page from digigrandma – Puppy Love. Cute puppy plus cute kid always makes for a great layout!! The pics are complimented so well by the great choice and color of the elements. The plain background just makes for a well balanced, eye-catching layout – love it!

The overall brightness of the next page just grabbed my attention – Art Forever by JeannetteS. Such spectacular combining and blending with just a few elements with shadowing – all make for a great art journal style layout. I love the partial face and then the wording just says it all “In Love with Color”.

My next choice Versailles 2 – cyanne 22Love the use of the transfers and the blending and masking. Great job matching the soft color to the golden light coming off the water. Just spectacular.

My fifth pick – a day at the beach by AnikA68 – such a wonderful soft feel to this great page. I love the overall color, great masking and blending, and then the choice of just a few elements that compliment the whole feel. Just lovely.

So to my final pick for today – There’s No Place Like Home – Ellen T. This has more of an art journal feel which I love. Great brushwork and masking and I really love the great shadowing of the elements. That little house is just so cute and the sentiment is one I’m sure we would all agree with!!

Well, that’s my choices for today. If you loved my picks take a moment to take a closer look at these pages and leave some love for the creators in their galleries.

Happy Scrapping




Finger Pointing – February 18th

18 Feb

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone! Browsing the galleries first thing in the morning was an awesome way to start the day. I’ve got a busy day ahead of me but when I went to bed I knew this was going to be the first thing I did and I was really looking forward to it last night! I tried to sleep in, but the moment I awoke I wanted to start checking the galleries, so here I am … bright and early on a Sunday morning. OK, I just checked the time, it’s not quite as bright and early anymore because I got sucked into the galleries and couldn’t bear to tear myself away. ;) I’m not sure how I did it but I somehow managed to narrow my picks down to 6, so here goes … I hope you enjoy these beauties!

Plouha 280816 Copie by ktell

Striking. This page popped out to me in the galleries immediately. First off … I love photos where the people aren’t looking at the camera; photos that capture a moment and people don’t even realize they’re being photographed. (I wish I took more photos like that!) I love the simplicity and elegance of this page; the beautiful brushwork,  the nicely placed elements, the messy typewriter style title and the great shadow work. Perfection!

Fly by JennMcCabe

I love Jenn’s page! I like the pretty colors that perfectly match the colors in the balloon in that amazing photo. I love the scattering of sequins and little wood buttons. I love the torn look of the pretty papers that pull you into the page and Jenn’s shadow work is awesome. There are so many little details and depth in this page. Beautiful!

38th Birthday by Corinne

What an awesome page to commemorate a birthday celebration. I adore the bright pastel paper strips leading your eye to the line of black and white photos. I love the tilt of the photos and how the artist placed the “38” as if it’s another of the photos. I love all the little words placed beneath the photos and the little arrow with the words “The Best” pointing to one of the photos. Looking at the page again I just noticed the little dimensional happy tag with the painted hearts that are kind of hidden next to one of the paper strips. This page makes me happy!

Low Countries 1952 by Profolly

WOW! This page is stunning. The texture of the paper and how the photo is blended into it is gorgeous. That photo and the background buildings and the way the people are chatting or looking off into the distance – awesome! I like the artist’s simple title work with the string and button. Gorgeous! This page would make an awesome canvas to hang on the wall!

Love this photograph by Nolwenn

Lovely! I love the simplicity of this page. That baby is adorable and so darn sweet! I like the monochrome colors with the sepia toned photo. The stitching, little bit of brushwork and sequins scattered behind and above the photo are simple and delicate and accent the photo perfectly. And that wonderful doodled camera and the simple “love this photograph” title … beautiful! Can we talk shadowing? That card/frame is so realistic!

Un moment a Penvins by Dids

I love this. I love the photo treatment of the large photo. I loved the muted tones of this page. I like the simple blocking and the white strokes between the photos and going through the smaller photos where the artist tucked some writing. I love the heavily shadowed circle with the writing. Gorgeous! This would make a great album cover!

I hope you enjoyed my picks this morning. Seeing all these beauties reminds me how much I love this scrapbooking / memorykeeping art-hobby-lifestyle-obsession of ours! How awesome is it that we get to create and share all these beautiful pieces of art that you find here in the GSO blog and the digiland galleries? Awesomeness!

Remember, the images (titles and author names) are linked to their galleries so if you would, please take a moment to take a closer look at these pages and when you do, take a moment and make the artist’s day by leaving them a comment in their gallery. Have a happy Sunday!
















Finger Pointing February 17th

17 Feb

Hi everyone! Rachael  here with the yummies I found in the galleries today. And there were some beauties I can tell you, it was again a hard job to narrow my picks down to six.  The galleries are bursting with fabulous pieces of art, so many different styles, themes, stories and use of products  all of them a total inspiration. Believe me, there is so much eye candy out there so once you’ve checked my picks for today, head on over to the galleries and see for yourself!  So let’s get started.

First up, You & Me by Dady –  This LO is absolutely stunning in every way!!!   The blending is so gorgeous and the brush work and elements enhance the photo while keeping  your attention focused on the  photo!  I love the perfect amount of details and the precious hearts just flowing down the page are the perfect touch. The colors are so exquisite a true masterpiece !



My next pick is Water from “Shannamay”

I am always amazed at Sharon’s layouts she is an amazing scrapper,  her pages always make me want to soak them in  for hours, this is another beauty.   The fabulous framing and blending combined with the perfect patterned papers and accents  makes the eye move around with delight. I love the title work and splatters, it makes you just want to jump right in to this inviting vibrant Layout. Gorgeous!!!!


This next LO just screams Happy!!!! Merry Go Round by Bahtoy  Absolutely love the design here,  All the layering is really quite amazing!  I love the colors and the vertical flow drew me to this layout right away. I love the soft faded background with the vibrant red.  The Black and white photos are perfectly framed on top of   mix of patterned strips. The images are all pretty stellar, too! are  Love the title with the Hearts,  –  This is a very well composed and balanced page – I love it!


Yes to this by Cinna I love the artsy feel  in this next LO – the brush work and the color palette are just fabulously executed.  The soft subtle  paint  and brush work on the background are just lovely and really help bring depth to the page.  The embellishments are just perfect! I love the hearts and the gorgeous  journaled arrows  with the whimsy of brush strokes across the page,  the brush work clusters balances perfectly with the journaling – Simply Adorable  –    I’ll take the coffee!!!


I love, love, love the collaged photos and the story in this next layout ad_astorycaptured by MargieIZ.  The journaling and the Titlework are AMAZING and draw you in to this page.  I love the arrow and captions, how they are skillfully placed  to the highlight journaling.  The shadows and framing are just fabulous and bring so much dimension to her Layout.  The Black and White papers are just lovely with the pop of red.  Outstanding!!!

This  next Layout is so full of amazing artistry,  Potluck Supper by Miki  The blending here is first class and I love the neutrals with the dark contrasting colour with the splatters of white paint.  The word art flows gracefully from the cluster of photos nestled beneath the stitched threadz and beaded word art.  The photos are blended beautifully while keeping the focus on the journaling.  The shadowing makes me want to reach out and touch it! She’s added just the right amount of style and brushes to accent the page and  it all flows so well.  An Absolute Stunning Layout – I Love this!

These are my standouts for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by them.  As always, the images and titles are linked to the gallery so please take a moment to get a closer look at these pages.  Please take a moment and make the artist day super special by leaving a a comment in their gallery.  Have a Fabulous Weekend – And keep Scrappin’ !!!

Rachael – “Myssp”


Finger Pointing – February 16th

16 Feb

Hello again!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the week end! Now, I know if you know me you will laugh at this, but despite us having the most amazing team leader in our Liz Jutila, I messed with my calendar and forgot the post was due last night, so I need to be brief…which is why I know some of you are laughing loud…but try one can!!!!! So, in the trying with all my heart intent, here are some of the most amazing pages from Friday, I hope you enjoy and get inspired as much as I do!

I’m going to start with City Walls by LynnG, a stunning travel page. I love Lynn’s clean artistic memory keeping, I don’t think I have ever seen a page of hers that doesn’t qualify for a Standout, so it wasn’t easy to pick one of the many she posted yesterday, each and everyone of them composed to perfection, amazing artistic memory keeping with the magic that goes in every page of hers…  Love the perspective and how everything is integrated so well that one feels inside the city walls!!!! You can see all the rest of her pages  by clicking here

Another one of my favorite ladies, with another wonderful beauty standing out in the galleries, EllenT with Got Passion? and passion indeed there is in every one of her pages, here taking awesome mixture of textures and dimensions, amazingly beautiful thinking with her layering and clustering, a gorgeous treatment in the image and superb shadows, it makes me want to stay here  discovering the amazing details!!!

Next is My Tank is On Empty by heathert, whom I have admired since I started almost 10 years ago, but for quiet a long time our paths were in different places, and I am now so delighted to come across her pages often, and more so, taken a course together at the moment. This page is a result of this course and it has such power, impressive expression in the minimalist style that isn’t easy to achieve but done to perfection  by Heather here, the way the textures and perfectly chosen elements speak .. I have no words that can explain properly how much I love this….awesomeness doesn’t get even near. Absolute Stand Out.

Continuing with the ART with capitals, one of the most amazing idols of mine, who is also part of the family here at the GSO, our Jana , jholden15 with Violet. Love Jana’s power to communicate and amaze in every style possible, she speaks loud to me with her traditional layered pages, and as much with her artistic compositions, and this one especially fills my heart with joy. The mixture of brushes and paints, the wonderful color management, the amazing shine that is achieved here most definitely makes my heart sing!

And another masterful page by another super idol of mine, Iowan with 2007 Alex @ 2.  Again, Carol is an artist who can transform everyday events into the most amazing work of art, any style, no matter how opposite extremes, she will show me new ways and build the master piece effectively, and here all is shining and joyful with a multiple photo composition that achieves perfection, inspires in so many ways. The photos perfectly arranged, her wonderful thinking for elements placing, the shadows that bring dimension and that string that makes movement and the beauty of the soft background with those gorgeous touches of white with the leaves…. I can carry on for hours, Love, pure love!

Always love seeing the different ways all of us express our love -obsession even in cases like mine LOL- for our amazing hobby that goes beyond hobby and becomes art with a soul as we reflect and keep a record of our family lives, our emotions. Here I found a perfect example  in Scrap by eve11ne. Love the way the composition fills the space, the fun and beauty in the inclusion of paints and drawings, a gorgeous mixture with perfect shadowing, the dynamic on making us look at all sides with the central composition integrated that keep calling the eye to so much beauty and detail… I love a full on page and this is so wonderfully filled!!!!

Another amazing example of a full page here with best me by sardley. Love the complete covering of the page, the gorgeous mixture of cards, stamps, the inclusion of some more corporeal elements here and there that make the eye go up and down, one of my most loved color combos with black, white and yellow, and even making the pink (which I am usually not so keen on) shine beautifully integrated with the others… There is this plus with the message which has been my goal, my aim in overall life and a drive I am sure all of us have, being the best we can be… gorgeous page I may need to come back to  to make my own version…inspiring awesomeness!!!

Last, but surely always first in my heart, is this gorgeously gorgeous page , Only Us by Rubia Padilha. I’m sure we all know her awesome creativity, the beautiful way each and everyone of her pages fills my heart with love and inspires is reflected here in masterful ways. The superb contrast the black & white photo has with that amazingly gorgeous texture with the wood that shines gold, the awesome clustering and shadows that makes me want to reach to touch, and the detail of lines of journaling, touches of text here and there and the perfection of that stapled little tag….amazing beauty coming through this page with emotion! I almost forgot to mention that big tittle that makes it all so complete…. one of those pages that shout at us how wonderful life is!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you are enjoying and admiring these jewels from the galleries as much as I am. If so, please, take a minute or two to click on the name of the LO and author highlighted, and leave them a few words of praise, we all know how even one of those words can make a dull day into a beautifully shining one!!!! Thanks for joining us!!!!






Finger Pointing – February 15th

15 Feb

Hey, hey, everyone!! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day and were spoiled in whatever way you love to be spoiled!! I knew I wouldn’t see most of my family until after Valentine’s Day, so I went shopping after work today and scored half price chocolate!! And I’ve just finished cruising the galleries and seeing all kinds of sweet pages and beautiful eye candy!! Hope you enjoy my picks for this evening!

First up is Shining Star by jaye. If you’ve read my posts before, you know that I am a sucker for a great boy page and a great older boy page really steals my heart! I love that she admits to stealing the photo from his FB page, because I do the exact same thing with my grown children! If it weren’t for social media, I’d have no pictures of them ha! I absolutely love the paints on the back ground and how the colors work so well with the b/w of the photo! The sequin touches and even the flowers are just fantastic! I adore that little bit of journaling towards the bottom. This is just an awesome page!


Next up is Tea 4 Two by frani_54. How gorgeous is that big photo!! Her blending work is absolutely perfect and the smaller photo split in to two sections is not only beautifully done but also just so stinking cute!! And I really love that fun title work!! Such a gorgeous page!!


My next choice is You Are A Gift To Me by tammielsmith. Another absolutely adorable photo and all those layers are so so pretty!! I love the soft feel to this page and those gorgeous flowers on the background. The pieces of lace and doily accents are such perfect additions to this beautiful page!


I was so excited to find another great boy page today! All Boy by KimGeling is so fun!! I adore all those hexagons and the awesome patterns she chose for them! The color combination is just perfect for that sweet photo and even with all those flowers, this page does not loose its masculine feel! The wire on the background is such a great touch! Fantastic page! He is a handsome guy!


I am also a sucker for a great wood background and I really love Sweet Sixteen by Chigirl! The border and paint on the wood is so beautifully done and I love the paper layers behind the photo! Her title work is super cool and the design does such a great job of leading your eye down and across the page! Absolutely gorgeous work!!


And last, but certainly not least is Color Me by 01lousmith. This one caught my eye immediately in the gallery. This is so incredibly creative with the paint and photo work! The photo edit is absolutely gorgeous and everything pops so beautifully on that neutral background. I adore that title work as well!! This one is just a stunner!!


And that will wrap things up for me tonight! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave some love for these talented artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!