Finger Pointing – March 26

26 Mar

Hi, everyone! Katherine here with the Standouts for today! Being able to spend time in the galleries this evening was such a nice distraction from all the crazy that has been swirling around me lately. I found so much inspiration it was almost ridiculous. My favorite six were these …

Up first is this super lovely layout titled Upptacksfard (translation: Exploring) by Zwyck. I absolutely love the blended/masked image, such a wonderful capture! The color palette is nothing short of perfection here, and works exceptionally well with all the images. Love the minimal use of embellishments, too.


I think I may have squee’d when I came across this beauty by Shivani in the gallery. Her work of art is titled Your art. The design is so unique, I absolutely LOVE the cut-outs. The color palette is so striking, too, I really love how fresh it feels! Love the art work by her little one as well, so stinking CUTE!

Your art

Next I have this adorable work of art titled vietnamese pj by bjc. Such a cute design! Really love the use of the map as reinforcement so to speak. The little ones in the images are so darling!

vietnamese pj

I chose the next Standout by Ga_L titled Smile vs Grimace solely for those wonderful captures, his spunky little personality really comes through in those images! And it just so happens that the design is fabulous, the color palette, too … everything!

Smile vs Grimace

I really loOoovVvveeee this next Standout titled Moments in the Kitchen by JennMcCabe. The design here is absolutely FABULOUS! I LOVE how the black and bold reds play against the neutral background, it really creates a TON of visual interest. Love the processing on that beautiful image, too!

Moments in the Kitchen

Rounding out my choices this evening is this amazing layout by dvhoward titled My Dad. Really love the traditional feel in the design. The grays and oranges play so well together, and are the perfect combination against that tonal background. Such a fantastic layout!

My Dad

That’s it for me this week! I will see you all in the galleries next week! XO


Finger Pointing – March 25th

25 Mar

Hello, everyone! Paula here with today’s Stand Outs. I’m going to keep it very short today! There are some amazingly inspirational pages in the galleries…Hope you enjoy my pics!

Little clown by margje

Ahhh….this is so cute!And this photo is so adorable! Especially love the way she cropped the photo. What a good way to record a wonderful memory. Love the way she used the clown and seal cards how the red just pops here!


drive with me by hekas

OMG, OMG, OMG! This is SO wonderful! I fell in love with this one instantly!! Love everything on this page! I’m completely fascinated by the design, elements and colors here! Very creative.


Isn’t she Lovely by miimsgirl

GASP! Perfection! Just love this cute big photo, color combo, perfect shadow work along with a great journal.


Run by JenEm

I always love to come in for a closer look at her pages..and this is so cool!!!!!! I love how she scrapped this subject, the shadow pic, all those cirkles very well placed, the extra frame circle on the pic , the colors, shadows…well…LOVE everything about this!


cycling in Paris by ValeJules

This is just as fun and bright as can be.  Love the vintage touch of the image and the stamps behind the cyclist work it off! J’adore! Sublime!


Young, wild and free by marijke

Wonderful brush and stamps work! Perfect picture for the title. Love the monochromatic look and SO love how she framed the boys! The effect of the Out Of Bounds is really awesome here! ! Brilliant!!



Finger Pointing – March 24

25 Mar

Hi world of digi!! I’m running laaaaaate!! Are you ready for some awesomeness?! At least, I do think those pages are awesome and I hope you will find them beautiful too! I will keep it short today cause I’m running late for other things too lol, but I hope you won’t mind too much. Let’s go then!

Marylin In NY by ValeJules - Wow wow wow! Look at this amazing creation!! Love the artsy feel of this page, the beautiful colors and the wonderful photo treatment. One more page I would totally see as a canvas in my future living room! Maybe I should place an order lol

First Easter by AmberR – How sweet is this!! Love the repeat of the cute photo. One in the back with a mask and kind of blended in the page and the little one in the front with those cute and colorful accents. Great mix of artsy look and more common digital scrap elements.

Let’s Be Lazy by LovelyMissKait - Looks like today I am drawn to blended photos!! Look at this fun layout! I love the big photo with this sketch effect and the brush work all over the page. Looks great with the big bold flower cluster. Wonderful colors too!

Spring Break Fun by andersm - Looooove this design! Perfect with the picture! The movement of the photo is perfectly rendered with this circle design, don’t you think? Not sure if I make sense but I hope you get my drift! And all this glittery shinny bits makes it whimsical. So darling!

Outside by Wonbat146 - One more beautiful brush work and masked photo. Love the B&W photo with those splash of yellow. The design on the borders like this looks really neat! What a beauty, that girl!

You : Unique by jennV - And let’s finish this post with a bright and bold page! another great example of bright colors with a B&W photo. Love the big bold paper border and those word strips. Splatters and scribbles in the back, yum!


Finger Pointing – March 23

23 Mar

Hi everyone!

It’s Spring break in my side of the world but Spring hasn’t sprung yet. The weather is back to -1, last week we all thought that the cold weather was finally finished but this week it’s cold again. Anyways, hope you enjoy my picks today. This is Beth, aka kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing gallery standouts. Enjoy viewing!

Happiness by crystalbella77
So many amazing details and I am loving every bit of it. The photo treatment goes well with the page as well as the splats and brushes here and there. Love the shadows on the string too and the choice of background paper that goes well with the layered papers. It really makes me enjoy all the details here. Great work!

Thrive by Alinalove
Love the shabby look of the page and the wooden background paper. Beautiful treatment on the photo. Love the big flower and the shadow on it, not to mention the layers she made using patterned papers and the amount of elements she used that focus on the subject. Fabulous spring page!

Happy by Celestescraps
Beautiful clean and simple design. Perfect use of background paper as it really stands out. Amazing use of the template, love that she converted the photo to black & white. Love how simple it looks but so delicately done. Awesome work as always!

Twinkle toes by Tamsin
Adorable indeed! Love those little chubby toes, look at those chubby hands. Fantastic cropping on the photo. Love the softness of the page, the blending, art strokes and brushes on the photo. The white background paper really helps the page to focus on the photo. Beautifully done!

Home sweet home by Miranda Barten
Congrats on the new house! It does look perfect and beautiful. I bet it took them a while, I remember every house move we did but the big move came when we transferred here to South Korea. But then again, I am glad it worked out well. I love to have a glimpse of her dining area as a background by adjusting the opacity of the photo and blending it well with the paper. Gorgeous living room, love the page and how she showcased her new home. The flowers lead me to her beautiful space in the house. Amazing indeed!

Nassau by by KBlack
This is amazing! Loving all the photo treatments and blending she made. Perfect indeed, as well as the little elements on the page. Bahamas is in my bucket list, I would love to travel there someday.

Thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve chosen for today. Should you have time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!
Beth (kewl_jive)


Finger Pointing – March 22

22 Mar

-=-=================0 <-- written by Thor the cat just for you...

Carrie here. I'm finally getting over my first ear infection and hoping the last ear infection of the year. *knock on wood* It's spring and one the great things about aging is I've become allergic to the entire planet again (I lived in a sterile environment as an infant because I allergic then, too). But that's okay. I'm distracting myself with amazing BBQ and birthdays... and all the pretty pages that our amazing community created in the past 24 hours.

Peep, Peep, Peeps! by Zlemon

So, I have a thing for Peeps and this page just made me laugh out loud. All the ribbon and funky title, the blending and the photo props  just add to the fun. I’m inspired to make my own page about Peeps!



A Fresh Start by Kacy

The pallette on this page really supports the theme, as does the butterfly and flowers. It’s such a great photo and treatment as well. I also love how she’s framed the page with the strips of paper that don’t match… and you can never have enough yellow on a page. It’s like cowbell.


List maker by Stefanie

Totally love the block design with all the border breaking. The blue, coral and yellow matted on the white against the kraft background is just perfect. I also love the alignment of the “do what you love” word art, too.



Lucky Day by Bbe

I love that she’s done her journaling in letter format and that she’s working through her feelings at the same time. It’s also a creative way to use the St. Patrick’s Day theme. I love the three sided border she’s created and the cluster the bottom… and the leprechaun is using his want on the photo of lottery tickets.



28 by liahra

Such a strong page and perfect design with all the active white space that’s pure white! And what a great a idea. I wish I took more photos of myself when I was her age. The photo crop is perfect and the title is simple and perfect. She finishes the page off with little bits of embellishing and paint that lets her personality change.



In the Kitchen by bao

Such an eye catching split composition here that really captures the action of cooking. She’s used the journaling and strip at the bottom to connect both sides of the page. I love that she kept the palette neutral to allow the saturated color in the photos and the bright orange title to pop off the page.


Now it’s time for  me to go finish the laundry for the week. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks! Leave these artists some love on their pages… and have a great week! Until next time!!



Finger Pointing – March 21th

22 Mar

Hi everyone, Jeanine here with a late March 21th post! I could have skipped this one, but there were so many beautiful pages in the galleries, that skipping it wouldn’t have been nice! So let’s go!

Family photoshoot p1 by esther_a A very clean and gorgeous family page. Using just the pictures and one wordart draws the eye totally to the lovely photoshoot pictures and gives it all the attention it deserves. Love the easy going and caring feel of this family the photographer managed to catch here.

esther_a designer digitals

Road trip by bbe Love the digital streetart and graffiti bbe made here, it fits the age of the child and expresses his activity. Gorgeous page!

bbe des digit

Floral by kjvy-town Love the feminin colors and the sweet and soft touch kjvy achieved here. Looking at this page I want to sit there also and just dream a little, enjoying the smell of the flowers and the warmth of the sun.

kjvy-town des digit

Let it go by Jumlai A big picture page, wonderful blended and dressed up with just a few wordarts and a stitch. Love the feel this one gives me, coming to peace with events in life and accepting things as they are. Enjoying what comes to you. Beautiful!!

jumlai pp

Time to bloom by motherbear I love it when a child is so focused on what they do, they don’t even notice a picture has been taken…Love the springcolors and elements here and the crispyness of the page. It all is so clean and fresh and lovely.  The small cluster on the right side adds interest to the viewers eye, it leads to the main subject in a subtile way. Love it!!

motherbear dst

2006 Euro Disney Cruella DeVille show by MrsPeel  We all know MrsPeel as our own MrsPeel, aka Cynthia, contributor for the GSO blog also and going through rough times every now and then. Maybe I can cheer her up with her own page, my eye fell on it the minute I saw it!! I love how she played with papers, pictures, patterns and totally love her blending here! I can feel the fun they had in Disneyland!! The wordart is perfect for funny days like these!

MrsPeel dst

These were my picks for Saturday fooks, I hope you like them! And please, if you visit the galleries, don’t forget to leave the artists some love!


Finger Pointing – March 20

21 Mar

Hello!!!! Good afternoon here- I was so unwell last night, that I could honestly not come to post- Thank God I have not done too bad on raising a child that, despite being Friday and she 19 years old, stayed at home, made mum some soup, held her in her arm & lap like mum used to hold her when little- got a DVD and some  heat patches and nurse her to sleep… we woke up today at almost midday!!! Feeling a lot better now, here are some of the  (so many!!!!) amazing post from yesterday!!!!!

True Love by Maurinha: no secret, I LOVE a good full page, even more so, I love full page photo. This…is just…perfect. The motherly love is so well captured, the layering of those flowers so beautiful, also in subtle colors so the photo carries on being the star…gorgeous gorgeous!!!!! I had never seen this scrapper before, what an inspiration!!!!!


Floor Hockey by HeatherB:  no secret here either…I love a full page, I love Heather- I have to clarify: we are not particularly “friends”, we hardly ever talk apart from the gallery or forum communication, we aren’t even in the same CTs… but I discovered her some 5 years ago in a site/store that no longer exists, and followed her around since, We tend to feature artistic pages here most of the time, but I like to look at those who make superb art of the memory keeping…and if there is a Da Vinci or Botticelli of it, that has to be Heather. I feel like I know her family, her kids even though we live in such opposite hemispheres- She makes me want to go to Canada- Her pages are, like this one here, full of beauty and a legacy for her family that will be treasure for many generations to come. The photos here lift my spirits, so much color and so well combined in the page…perfection- Shadows, perfection again- The journaling….heart warming, They will still be glad to see you show up at performances or sports do…I know. Kids who are brought up with such love? hardly ever are embarrassed of their parents supporting them…the most they will (like Sarita does!!! LOL) ask you not to sit in front row!!!!!! If you guys are into memory keeping, go see Heather’s gallery- You will have inspiration non stop :) I know I do!


Be The Change by Elysah:   another  absolute inspiration, amazing artist, breathtaking page(s)-  I know also she suffers of health conditions, probably a lot heavier to deal with than mine… which to me (and I guess to so many others who suffer like us) give her pages an even greater dimension- I have seen a lot of talk and tries onto “pocket art journal” …  I wasn’t too sure about it (though I agree art can take any form) but I think this defines it for me. Absolutely amazing- Love the word arts, the vintage image, the fabulous background, the amazing color touches….I would frame this and stick on my walls!!!!!! And (as here yes, we are in the same CT) how could I ever make a page after this? LOL. LOve LOVE love this…..!!!!!!!!


Egg Hunt by Just Trace: This page called my attention, really a stand out,another scrapper I didn’t know. The colors here are so happy, the composition amazingly well done, love the corners filled in such perfect way! the top with the paper strips, all those circles in the bottom, the brushes, the pieces of papers….and that super cute smile!!!! gorgeous photo, amazing colors management in the whole page, beautiful mix of textures and shapes….  and it makes me (who got tired after one year after scrapping almost 30 Easter kits/pages!) want to scrap an Easter page!!!!!) Gorgeous!!!!!!


Fresh Bloom by kaphelps: Here going onto the other end of the spectrum, one of my most admired- and again: not friends, not in the same CTs, just beautiful communication through galleries- clean & simple scrapper, Kerri Anne is just perfection when you want some inspiration on the elegance and beauty of the clean & simple/minimalistic style! Her pages are always impressive and so perfectly done (she also is fabulous on pocket/Project Life pages!!!) I think this could have come out of a decoration magazine, or some photography advertising!!!! The striped background makes even more of an impact on the page as a whole…love her photography, the transparent little pocket with that beautiful bow with shadows that make one want to reach & grab, the overlay card…. and if all these wasn’t enough, she gifts us with a gorgeous, perfect top little cluster!!!!


To finish my post today, I have a few  pages of my new craze, love, passion that is the Project Mouse- We ALL love Disney- We do. I doubt there is not even a 10% of us who has been or dreams of going to any of the parks!!!! We went in 2006 to Euro Disney- Sarita was 10- I was 48….guess who was crazy after the characters? yeah, well, both of us as Sarita was pushing the wheelchair LOL- It was one of the rare occasions in which I gave into the wheel chair, as I knew it would be impossible to walk in the park, we took it…and had the best 5 days in ages…. Since starting scrapping, I have tried to scrap the trip, but I found that one kit wasn’t enough. This Project Mouse thing is just something out of this world. Just.Perfection. Look into this AWESOME gallery, as I couldn’t bring everyone’s pages here…..but I will show you three…. I still suggest (again) you look into this gallery…. there is also a celebration with games & prizes but let me show you the pages….

One is from someone that REALLY stands out in the gallery- Fresh, fun, superb humor apart from great family memory keeping- LOVE her tittles, her bold pages and, again, the humor that to me, defines Disney for us adults. We {heart} Casey Junior by QuiltyMom-


then there is a bit more tone down type, but still such an awesome stand out, a gorgeous page with elegance (look at those perfect rounded corners!) and perfection on combining photos, word arts, even the washi look elegant!!!) amazingly clever blow up of the one photo that calls the eye….everything here is ….dreamy!!!!! Parade Magic by bellbird


and last but not least, a page that shows that the Project Mouse isn’t only something for Dinsey!!!!!!! I love LOVE seeing people doing this: every kit can be scrapped in any way…and I LOVE that Lorry here shows us how much fun the kits can be in a non Disney way!!!!!!!!!! Vienna by lorryfach:


and now I will leave you so I can go get some food. Hope you all enjoy these as much as I do- Please, take just a couple of minute to click in the high-lit name of the LO & author and leave some love to these amazing people….. gorgeous pages…we all know how beautiful is to receive an honest , heartfelt comment in our own pages :) Have a great weekend!!!!!!!