Finger Pointing-March 29th

29 Mar

Greetings everyone! Here in the U.S., I’m seeing signs of spring all around; goldfinches are turning bright yellow, the robins have all returned and there are little green buds on the trees. I’m looking forward to flowers blooming and sunny skies…coming soon I hope! The galleries are certainly blooming with gorgeous layouts and inspiration. Let me share with you my picks for today.

Sweet Summer Afternoon by wombat146

Oh just look at those yummy colors! That gorgeous photo looks like it was intended to be used with this kit. The vase of flowers and the delicious pink lemonade are so inviting. I’d love to be there on a summer afternoon. All of the beautiful flowers and the photo really pop against the neutral background and I love the gradient “Sweet” in the title.

spring_deck  by pam p

Nothing says spring more than fresh flowers! This is a gorgeous page design and composition with the watering can alongside the beautiful flowers. The purple and yellow compliment each other and I love the lighting and blending of these photos. The stitched frames are darling and add such a wonderful organic element. Once again, a neutral background really makes everything pop.

Journey by Lor

Fabulous urban layout! I love the photos taken in the city and the energy on this page! The artist’s beautiful daughter looks like a professional model here. The skyline is awesome and is truly the perfect element for these photos. The mix of two classic frames along with the blended 3rd photo is a great combination and the flowers and heart tie them all together well. The colorful title and word art complete this fine page. Great brush work too!

HELLO SPRING by Dea Photograph

What an awesome hybrid project this is! The artist combined traditional scrapbooking with digital and made this explosion album. (If you click on the link, you can find more samples of her pages.) Hybrid projects always make great gifts, something tangible to hold in your hands. I love the cute spring papers with the black & white photos. All of the cute little elements and title block in the center complete this album.

Desert Inn Motel by Miki

This page really jumped out at me! The artistic photo treatment and blending modes are gorgeous and I just love that cactus! You will want to read her story about the cattle ranchers, “crackers” in Florida. Who knew? All of the colors and brush work are beautiful against the teal background. Did you notice the butterfly glows at the bottom of the page? Very cool!

waiting fior spring by MrsPeel

Wow, this layout is absolutely stunning! This was created by the very talented and prolific artist and fellow blogger, MrsPeel. She never ceases to amaze me with her designs…everything from traditional to extraordinaire! I keep looking at this art journal page and it is so rich with brush work, textures and pops of color. The lady is very expressive and I feel like we’re all waiting for spring with her. Love her red heels too! Gorgeous artistry Cynthia!

I think we are ready to spring forth and I hope you enjoyed today’s picks and found inspiration from these amazing artists. For more information and to leave your own comments, simply click on the highlighted titles. They are direct links to the galleries. Have a wonderful week and see you next time!


Finger Pointing – March 28th

28 Mar

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a nice day! Over here in the Netherlands the sun was shining all day and it was a nice 20 degrees Celsius! Almost summer temperatures and it still is March! I have to work tonight and I don’t know how busy it will be and if I have time to get my blog done, so I thought I’ll go and pick my choices early today. Here they are!

Rainy-Days by Pallavi01 The minute I saw this London bus I had to take a closer look at this page! I love London, even when it’s raining, so no better combination to scrap about! ;). I love being outside in the twilight and I love what Pallovi01 did with here page. The tiny stars at the bottom are too cute and the additional bokeh picture next to the journaling is one I could have made myself.

Chihuly cover by Kathie02 Well, I had no clue what or who Chihuly was, so I googled it and it appeared to be a glass artist. Never heard of him, but he makes the most gorgeous glasssculptures and installations. You should take a look at his website! Kathie made a wonderful C&S bookvcover with his art. It speaks for itself and it made me curious enough to take a look and I’m sure once her book is finished, her visitors will pick it up and take a look in it!

Currently Watching by biancka A traditional page with wonderful clustering and shadowing! Love the series, love the B&W picture between all these lovely colors! I always have to think of the Kill Bill movies (wich I love) when I see pictures of Lucy Liu ;)

No Need to Sparkle by bockel24 I always take a look at the MCC gallery when searcing for GSO pages, they are often funny with a serious touch and today I found this one. This is so true, no need to sparkle and hurry, just be yourself, that is and should be enough! I love the faithful look in the eyes of the bear and look at his ears! And his body….are these pictures of a very hairy male skin??

but by Adryane This is a very complex page and is shows the creativity of Adryane! The button with the word ‘but’ on it refers to the butterflywings wich the girl is carrying and maybe also to the red ‘buttons’ between the duplicated picture of the girl. Love everything about this page, the blending, the picture, the rectangles and how this grew to become this piece of ART! Wonderful!

2007 DuckTour-Riverview by bestcee This page is mostly in black and white and still it looks very colorful. As you all know by now, I love messy pages and this one is messy and a kind of neat at the same time. The composition is great with the pictures just below the center of the page. Love the bold map parts and of course all the scribbles, drawings, splatters and messy borders. Well done!

Well ladies and gentlemen, these were my picks for today! I hope you like them as much as I do! I can head of to work with a calm heart, not worrying if I have time to post my blogpost. Wishing you all a nice evening and see you next time!


Finger Pointing – March 26

26 Mar

Hello and welcome, everyone! Katherine here on this rainy Spring evening with some real beauties for you! I hope you enjoy my choices!

First up is this really lovely tribute to a truly beautiful soul by Lizziet5 titled Tribute to Pam. She is loved. She is remembered. She is missed.

Next up is this beauty titled Explore the World by Mimisgirl. Love all the messy artsy in the background here. The play with the digital sticker and the sketched cityscape is the perfect backdrop for the focal photo, and the little floral cluster adds the perfect amount of charm.

Really love all the little details in saarmf’s Cityscape. Her layering and clustering is nothing short of masterful, and the shadows are perfect. Love the brush work and all the painterly splats.

I absolutely adore the Project Life-like design in this next Standout titled Downtown by Staciahall. The mix of colors here is truly amazing, and I love how all the black and gray really makes them pop all the more. All the details are simply perfect, and the images, stellar.

Next is this lovely layout by Biancka titled I Love This City. I really adore the composition here. The black and white images are perfect against the mix of reds, yellows, and blues. The layering and clustering is pretty phenomenal, too.

And last, but certainly not least, is this fabulous Project Life two page spread titled 2016 Week 45 p1 and 2 (only p1 is linked) by JennV. The mix of blocking here is fantastic, and I love how the stitching adds so much visual interest. The images are all pretty spectacular, too.

And that’s a wrap for me! I hope you’ve all enjoyed my choices! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon. XXOO


Finger Pointing – March 25th

25 Mar

So far, 2017 has really been rather strange for me. It seems that all aspects of my life have been touched in some way that I’ve not known before and if I appear to be talking in riddles, it’s probably because I’m struggling to understand a lot of things myself! Today, a Saturday and a day of the week I normally look forward to with great gusto, has been equally odd. I’ve not been my most productive self, there’s still wet washing in the machine from this morning waiting to be hung, I had a two hour afternoon nap which I know I’ll suffer from later as I lie awake till all hours of the morning, and I’m just feeling generally out of sorts and if there’s one pick me up to get me feeling more like myself, it’s taking a look at the galleries. Here’s what stood out for me today.

I always find a page with a mix of cut out shapes very appealing. Renew by amandaresende uses a super mix of shapes that add a huge amount of interest to the design of the page. Together with some pretty elements like the butterfly and flower, a little journaling, word art and brushwork, it makes for a very appealing page. I also like the yellow and blue colour combination that adds an element of calm. A gorgeous page!

Staying with a similar colour combination is You by sokee. The lovely black and white photo provides an element of neatness against the backdrop of a great mix of brushes and masking. Subtle shadowing provides depth and again, I love how the dotted circles are in contrast with the angular shape of the photo while a little bit of foliage and a silver button add the perfect touch to this masculine layout. Perfect!

Tamsin has captured the essence of the subject of her layout aptly entitled Street Cafe. My initial observation of this piece of work was that, for me, the masking, cascading from the top, appears to mimic the outline of the continent of Africa – one that has filtered into every aspect of my life – and the scene is also not unlike something one may find in the Cape. I love the relaxed atmosphere here with a perfect mix of colour splashes and scribbles, gosh, I can almost here the music playing too! A fabulous page!

I’m always attracted to pages with a little bit of glitz and glamour, just like The Dress by OKate. Classic layering against a softly patterned backdrop and the vintage style photo frames add so much grace that compliments the fabulous story – one that I was intrigued to read about and told so beautifully by the journaling! A simple title and a little word art complete the story. Love this!

I couldn’t pass by Enjoy by margote05 without admiring the clean and simple style and Oh, be still my heart! A super fun black and white photo, a few triangular pieces of pretty paper, a tiddy arrow and a printed label, a little word art and some paint splatters go a long, long way here. Totally neat!

Having some young grandchildren who don’t keep still for a nano second, I have what seems like a zillion photo’s of them, one little livewire having moved just a smidging since the shot before. So much so, that if I quickly flick through my previews, I have my very own action movie of them! I love how Pam Baldwin has made use of similar shots in a super fun way on her page entitled Love Story. A great combination of pinks and grey work beautifully and I love the numerics that fill their frames so boldly. The little circled hearts create a visual triangle that lead the eye beautifully around the layout and over to the oh so sweet journaling. Way too adorable!

I hope you’re inspired by my picks for today. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they’ll appreciate it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care and happy scrapping, bye bye!


Finger Pointing – March 24th

24 Mar

Hello!!! Is Good Morning for me here in London, the start of what seems will be a beautiful day. Hope you are all having a great weekend, I am still trying to de-clutter my place… it seems every week brings another “detour”, but I reckon with the good weather I will be able to finish…plus I need to organize digital supplies too… Anyway, let me show you the day’s most amazing picks. Hope you find them as inspiring as I do!!!!!!

I always try to follow our guidelines (of picking different styles) but there are days in which we find more blank space/minimalist pages a lot, today I found some irresistible pages more on the filling up the space….I usually also leave the art journal kind of pages to the end, but these are just so amazingly impressive, both in such different approaches, still both AWESOME stand outs! This first page, Waiting for Love by beszteri is just so beautiful, so full of that warmth and mystery and depth, kind of on the minimalist way, still when you look closer, there is so much work done in the page, and all comes together beautifully. I tried reading the journaling, but I think is the repetition of some quotes or phrases (maybe a song?) whatever it is, it is so amazingly done with the mixing of bolder characters, the whole page just makes my heart sing!!!!!

From the minimalist style of Eszter, I come across this wonderful piece of Art Journal, Monthly Muse AJ Week 4 – Anchor by cfile.  I maybe a bit biased here as this was done for an art journal challenge I am hosting, The page was done making each segment a week, I should add that the template is Christa’s creation, she also shared it with everyone and I am amazed with these triangles coming together in one, so much beauty, so much fun too!!!  The inclusion of so many elements, the gifted talent to make them come together in such a beautiful and fun piece….I can’t point to something I like more because every little piece here is awesome!!!!! Absolute Stand Out!

Next is 1953 Mom at John Ball Zoo by Karen. Oh this page…. this page has all the superb beautiful, perfect steps I consider one needs for a page to be amazing. I love the old photo contrast witth the almost cartoon-y background paper, which, by the way, is awesome, and my heart loves her for being so gifted to be able to create with such busy background, still this is clean, defined and extremely beautiful…Then there is the shadows (actually one of the things I’m always in awe with her pages) the top border with the ribbon pieces is just so perfect,. makes me want to reach and touch!!! the whole layering behind the photo, the word arts and delicate touches (like the red bit of paint on top right corner!!!) everything here is delightful, out of this world beautiful!!!!

Next, and leaving me with a heart full of joy, is Good Times by dvhoward. Diane is one of those who can go from blank space/minimalist style to a full page that is equally awesome. In this one, a bit on the middle of the contrasting styles… what can I say? I always love the possibilities that digital bring, and in here one can see it at it’s best! the blending expanding into the page, the absolute delightful shadows of the frame (and all over the page)  the little touches with the fish and that cute little cluster on top are completed by a beautiful, perfect sized title. As if all this wasn’t enough, there is even a bit of journaling!!!! Absolutely.In.LOvE!!!!!!

This next page, I Love this City by Rubia Padilha, combines so many things I love, like Paris & traveling, full amazingly done page with a hand made feel,  perfection of the elements choice and the perfect placement, plus I always enjoy and get inspired with pages  with lots of pictures and this one is excellent! The mixture of photos with brushes, paints and more corporeal elements is done in such perfect balance, the hand made feel of the page together with the digital possibilities…oh my heart is singing loud!!!!!! (and now I want to travel!!!) Gorgeous, absolutely and amazingly AWESOME page!!!

After all the colors, almost full pages each as amazing as the other, I came across this superb beauty of monochromatic perfection, Without the Rain by EllenT, another talented scrapper I am sure doesn’t need and introduction   I’m so amazed with the page that I am trying to find words to explain but my mind keeps getting drawn to the beauty in that rainy night.  The composition is gorgeous, it may seem simple but once you look closer, all the tricks for blending, locating and make harmonious beauty, you see intensive and wonderful work that has been put together . Just perfectly beautiful!!!!!!!

With this amazingly wonderful page by MRivas there is also so so much, but the title work takes the Grand Prize!!!  The photo is already beautiful and being enhanced by the layering makes it even more so. Here again the fabulous monochromatic speaks volumes, the word art sticker and, oh yes, that awesome tittle work!!!! Maribel is always gifted with her pages, her PL is so amazing, and i n here we see an extra dosage of her talent with so much  creativity… I would print it and have it in my walls!!!

Back to the full pages , this, Oil’s King Sleepover by Heather B is one of those that keeps inspiring me to keep filling my own,. The gorgeous so very happy picture gets my heart happy all the way here, the main  photo reflecting the beauty and fun of this family, Love the piece that has the journaling, the amazing bold colors that complement the photo, the gorgeous cards & elements, and not forgetting the shadows!!! I also love seeing these boy growing up, another blessing of our scrabooking: the being part of families or people all over the world,!

This next page, Butt What? by jesskab is one of those designed to be shown to the girlfriend in a few years time…!!!!! Even though in a different style of the previous, this also kinda follows the monochromatic way. I am amazed by so much of the whole page!!! The composition is  amazing and that big super well composed tittle, the mixture of Alphas and fonts, the touches here and there to enhance the page and bring you the humor and fun that is so treasured!!!! All together a jewel!!!!

As all good things, this needs to come to an end…of course it has been extremely difficult to keep to a minimum amount of pages, so I will show one more page, this gorgeous one by betsyfru.  Love the paper chosen for the background, is perfect!. The photo a happy one, beautiful view, and the embellishments together with the golden tittle just makes you be on a holiday now!!!

And with this I ll leave you, Have a great, wonderful weekend and, remember, you can get to the individual galleries by clicking on the high-lit tittle of the LO & Author, we all know how an appreciation comment can change the way we feel. :) Once again, I hope these are as inspiring to you as much as they are for me!!!! TFL!!!







Finger Pointing – March 22

22 Mar

Good evening everyone! It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been watching TV this afternoon and again a drama has hit London today! Let’s hope this was just a madman and not IS who killed 4 people and injured many more. My thoughts are with the families of the victims; amongst them some schoolkids from France I understood.       But I had to scroll through the galleries also and that’s what I did tonight. There were so many gorgeous pages out there and I even picked one scrapper who has been picked before this week. I couldn’t resist to show her page, so I hope you forgive me! She will, I’m sure! ;)

J&M by mcurtt I could not resist to pick this one, I totally love messy pages with lots of stamps, brushes, splatters, paint and handwritten text or titles! The way mcurtt placed the brushes drew my eye to the gorgeous blended picture. Love how she used the orange in the jacket of the man for the ‘ladder’brush. Delicious artsy page!

BLOOM by sbpoet Another artsy page we have here! How delicate and dreamy is this one! As if the flowers would fall apart when touching them! Also love the splatters here, they give the page a bit more ‘body’ and connect the foreground with the background.

Remember this by chigirl This is almost a C&S page. Wonderful how chigirl preserves this old picture! The lady element fits perfect with the timeperiod the picture is taken. Very sweet and delicate treatment of the page.

Winter Dream – The Trance by LindaA Oh look at this veil! There are so many colors in it and yet is is a true winter page! This could easily be a bookcover or a poster for a play! Beautiful!!

Save the drama… by Hollie And here the humor comes in! Where would we be without a good laughter! Isn’t this one hilarious? I love what Hollie did! Dressing up a lama in such a funny way! And again love the drips and crosses and dots on the background.

Week 20-10 RIGHT by Destiny1 Wow, such a wonderful pocketpage! There is so much to see here, I can’t stop looking and discovering new things! This is great memory keeping! Love the part where all the classroomitems are!

So these were my choices for today. My thoughts are with the people in London and France and maybe other countries. I hope the injured people recover soon and for the families who lost someone I will burn a candle. I’m sure the visitors of the blog with religious backgrounds will say a prayer…let’s hope this meaningless violence will stop soon!!


Fingerpointing – March 21st

21 Mar

Hello scrappers! Happy Tuesday! It’s SPRING! I am so glad to be posting today as it’s been awhile. I had a lot of fun looking in the galleries as always. There is so much inspiration in them, that it’s easy to get lost for hours looking at the wonder that is digital scrapping. I am always so amazed at how talented people are with a computer. I love to see new and innovative ways to use the product and today didn’t disappoint me. I also have thing for large photos and once again, I was not disappointed. Without further ado, here are my picks for outstanding layouts for today.

This layout by Audrey* jumped right out of the gallery at me. First of all, lets talk about the GORGEOUS photo of this little girl. Just stunning. The way she blended it into the newsprint is awesome. I love the butterflies all around some blended, some not. It’s so simple, yet so effective and I just love it.


I’m not usually one to go the abstract look, but this layout by JeanGriff14 totally intrigued me and I had to look closer. I love the steampunk feel to this layout. I love all the different characters within it. I love the depth and the overall grunge to it. It looks like a poster for an anime movie! I thought it was fantastic. I want to know more and see more.

The photo in this layout by Marylynne is absolutely beautiful. The blend is perfect and she chose the most complimentary background paper to go with it. The simple title says it all. No other journaling needed. I love the simplicity of it, yet it packs a huge punch. The little scribbles and paint spots at the bottom just add to the wonderful composition. Just beautiful..

I want to know more about this little girl and what she’s up to. I love the perspective of the photo. Myssp made a gorgeous layout here. The elements placed perfectly to enhance the eye to the photo and the beautiful script brushes in the background just add to the beauty of this layout. The blending is great and the lighting is spot on. What a stunning layout.

This layout by BlackKathy is superb. I love the depth of field of the background photo and how it ties into the theme so perfectly. I love the raffia around the focal photo of the bike. I love the title superimposed onto the journaling. I love the texture of the background paper. I love it all! LOL….this is a beautifully executed layout.

And, finally, This layout by Ozegirl blew me away. The filter on that photo is absolutely amazing. I love the red colour she chose, it just pops right off the page. The title placement is brilliant and I love how she repeated the photo in the corner with a frame to offset it. The little heart paper is so great with the blending. I just love this.

That’s all for me today. Don’t forget to click on the artist’s names to leave some love for these amazing layouts. As always, keep on scrapping! I love seeing all the layouts in the galleries.