Finger Pointing – January 22

22 Jan

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of super gorgeous Standouts! I hope you are well pleased with my choices!

First up this evening is this super delightful Project Life layout by Lizziet5 titled PL2017 Week 41. I so adore a well put together PL page, and this one certainly does not disappoint! The framed blocking is a wonderful twist on the traditional design of this type of layout. The images are absolutely gorgeous, and I especially love how the pops of color throughout this beauty jumps off the tonal background! Beautiful! Just beautiful!

The composition in this next work of art titled I did it by Ga_L is what had originally caught my eye when I came across it in the gallery! I so love a well executed split design, and this lovely work has accomplished that so well! Love the delicacy in the color palette, and the layering is fabulous! Love the grungey feel of the brushes/stamps and the ink splats, too!

Next up is this super adorable layout by bbe titled CHOCOLATE – MEET SPENCER! The combination of colors that the layout artist has used here is amazing! The greens and blues with the browns against the tonal background is pure deliciousness! I so love all the little details that have been included here, too, they create tons and tons of visual interest throughout the entire layout! And those photos … soooo PRECIOUS!

I chose this next Standout by esther_a titled Deborah’s 60th for pretty much the same reasons that I chose Lizziet5’s above. I really adore the fresh twist that the framed blocking lends to a pretty standard format of scrapbooking that you find in most Project Life projects. The muted palette is divinely perfect, and the images are all so delightfully charming! So beautiful, every bit of it!

Next I have this stunner titled Butteflies by Dady. I so adore all the artsy here! Love the monochromatic feel, and the masking is sheer perfection! Love the loop de loop, and the “movement” it provides in the work of art!

I have been completely love-struck by this next GORGEOUS Project Life-like spread by Veer titled love. The artsy-traditional look here is absolutely divine! LOVE the tonal color palette, and those images, so stinking precious! Just a wonderfully beautiful work of art!

I hope that you all have found inspiration in the Standouts that I have chosen! Have a FABULOUS week! See you in the galleries again real soon!


Finger Pointing – January 21st

21 Jan

Yay, I’ve made it here in time! I’ve spent so much time wandering through the galleries today, getting totally caught up in the ‘Wow – that’s amazing!’, the ‘How did she do that?!’, and the ‘Oh my – now that is just beautiful/creative/wonderful/pretty!’. It’s easily done isn’t it…? Even when I’m not prepping for a blog post, I still find myself getting lost in the various galleries and time passes me by and before I know it I’m running late or the food isn’t on or worst of all, it’s way past midnight! We are so lucky to have these fabulous forums to share our work and here are some pretties that I found today.

Repetition is one of my favourite design theories in my own pages and I love how the stitched grid format anchors down the patterned circles on Remember This by Isa Marks. The colour palette certainly serves this little guy page well and I like the masculine layers on which the cute photo rests. The little labels, tabs and arrows provide the perfect amount of additional detail which add further interest to this cleverly constructed page! Seriously love this!

Hunt for Happiness by Anny-Libelle gave me a little spring in my step with the glorious display of flowers. The tones of this page are a mix of strikingly bold and delicately soft – I love it! The textured layers beneath the image add some super depth and carefully chosen elements with a smattering of brush work finish this layout off perfectly! So pretty!

Hillareyd has made terrific use of pastel colours of her page entitled Smitten. Take a look at those chunky cut hearts – aren’t they wonderful?! And check the pretty heart brush work! A lovely paper stack is the perfect place for the black and white photo’s and I love the mix of elements in the title work. Overall, I love how this has lots of detail and that the journaling block supports all the lovely goodness on this layout! Just wonderful!

I always enjoy layouts were the detail is ‘split’, despite not always feeling comfortable with this design element in my own pages (I always have an incredible urge that things must be ‘linked’ in some way!). However, Let love find you by Anja DD showcases exactly how this type of page design works perfectly. Some pretty brush work adds to the romance of this page and I like how the layered papers with the pretty button and butterfly detail top right balance the beautiful cluster bottom left, and the dramatic effect that the darker tones have on the page. I love this!

Another shining example of this type of design is Le Plein D’amour by Armance. Again, another great colour palette with a cute black and white image works so well with the split detail. The single line of journaling on the left creates the starting point, a kind of ‘start here!’, for the eye to follow through the rest of the layout. A light and airy page, it has a beautiful softness and I love how the yellows and the little black labels pop against the back drop. Beautiful!

Lately I’ve not been very good at picking up my camera and it’s because of this reason, I’m struggling a little with my Project Life for the last 10 weeks or so of last year and the beginning of this year. Suffice to say that I wouldn’t fair very well in documenting a whole day of my life while I go about my daily business. You won’t be surprised then that I take my hat off to nhudao and her page, Document your day. I love the mix of images with the pocket card, anchored by stitching against a broad strip of pretty patterned paper but what really caught my eye was the hand written font time line that’s documented at differing levels with the date firmly planted in the centre. A smashing ‘day in the life’ page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s standouts and when you get a chance, please click on the links above and leave a little appreciation for the artists. Till next time, have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – January 20th –

20 Jan

Hello lovely people!!! Hope you are doing well, enjoying your weekend! I have been away from all things scrappy for quiet a while, looking after all those “distractions” life throws us from time to time, trying to get back slowly and feeling how much I have missed you all…and with a heart full of love and awe as the galleries are filled with stories, beauty, artistry and emotion all over…. so much so amazing, as I keep telling you each & every time, my heart breaks when needing to close down some 25 or 30 tabs I would have loved to share with you today. Hope you love and get inspired by these as much as I do!!!

I’m going to start with MOC6-19Travel by ArmyGrl. I have known Lisa since the end of 2010 if I’m not mistaken. Her pages were amazingly mind blowing then, so the past 7 years seeing her making better and better, awesome after awesome is a wonderful feeling. I saw this earlier and I was so amazed, I m not sure I can find the right words…. I would love to print this huge, like outdoor poster size, and have it up in my bedroom, so much happy this brings!!!  The amazing photo oversized and blending into a perfect fade with the map background, another superb photo clipped into the tittle, and the details in addition, in her always elegant style and the fabulous bottom paper pattern… I can see this as an amazing advert in Picadilly Circus (London, England), inspiring me to get myself healthy enough to be able to travel again… just absolute awesome!

Another one of my most favorite people EVER: Autumn Grasses by Jenn McCabe. I’m quiet sure Jenn also does not need an introduction, I know many, many of us love her and are inspired not only by her amazing stories, the fabulous elegance and beauty of her pages, but also the amazing love she spreads all over the community. I saw this earlier in the afternoon and not knowing it was hers, wanted to look closer so I clicked in that thumb, to get the full view of this absolutely amazing creation. A superb photo, her gift of making work colors that I wouldn’t know how to combine, and she makes it look so easy, the fabulous wood and two soft tones amazingly balanced in top and bottom, the perfection of the carefully chosen elements and the placement of the word art/strips, the wonderful shadows and the awesome touch of those staples….. Pure Awesome!!!!


To continue on the list of most favorite people of mine, MOC-Jan-17 : mrs2a50 by mrs2a50.  What’s in a name? Most of us love to find meanings when naming our kids, our fur babies or even our cars, dolls, anything really…Reading about the reasons scrappers have for their chosen screen names can be a delight, lots of fun, it can mean learning things about them that surprise us or confirm stuff we thought… I knew about this one as, after over 2 years of curiosity, I gathered courage and asked….but even knowing….reading this page tonight was an overwhelming emotion, having been part of Law Enforcement Units here in England , every word has an ever deeper emotion and strength. The page is beautiful in every way possible: Julie’s usual elegance, her gift of showing us how less is often more, the photo gorgeously blended, beautifully shadowed framing and the touch of color with the cluster’s arrows, beautiful and evocative and with the non quiet white giving the feeling to the journaling that expresses every word in such a wise way, we can feel each & every one of those emotions. I think anymore words would be superfluous. But to share this  is a must.

And more gorgeousness with Soul Searching by apottinger. Loved this from the distance, and what a beautiful surprise to see it is a page by Anita, as I didn’t recognize the girl, used to seeing her own children in the photos. This one is an amazing capture, the colors and perfect take on the template , the amazing ability of hers to layer & cluster, to give life and dimension to the whole thing. The perfection of the shadows and the light she has created by making the photo shine guarded by those awesome purples…pure beauty!!!!

Sometimes our posts tend to be filled of celebrations, themed dates, others is babies, sometimes is predominant art journal, even though our aim is to bring you a variety of styles, it is almost impossible not to find  you cannot resist some main features, even when they come from  distant places…well, tonight for me seems to be awesome photography and now, prepare to be melting in sweet, adorable fur babies…. My first one is Hello Doggo by Cindy732003. The more than cute, absolutely adorable photo, gorgeous clusters, the beautifully composed patchwork for the bottom half….and the sweetness of the journaling completed by the gorgeous title work, truly adorable!!!

The next one, Last Ride by terryb, again on fur babies, has all the talent she masters in each and everyone of her pages: the amazing turning every day photos into a gorgeously blended work of art.  Love the way one of the photos takes the spotlight whilst the others are still present, the achievement of movement on the right hand side, the depth of the colors that deeps into the jorunaling…and the journaling itself, having lost fur companions I know how sad it is when we have to say goodbye. All together wonderful blend of visual and heartfelt emotions, gorgeous all over!!!!

Last but never least (and I am excited as I almost never get to choose her pages!!!) is All That by margje . The incredible talent that shows in everyone of her pages, no mater which style she takes on, always makes me want to stop and stare, here discovering how much is blended, how gorgeous each paint, each brush comes together with the brilliant editing of the image, the background almost speaking into the page, and the quote bringing life to the whole page combined with the amazing light all together produces….a superb master piece!!!!

This is all from me today! Hope to be able to come back once January is done, hope you enjoyed these awesome artists and get inspired to keep producing your own beauties so we can feature you here too!!! Please, find a minute or two to leave a word of praise to these amazing ladies’ galleries. You can do so by clicking on the high-lit name of the page and author. Enjoy your weekend, TFL!!!!




Finger Pointing – January 19th

19 Jan

Happy Friday! I love going through the galleries on Fridays with all the yummy new releases. It gets more difficult with each post to try to narrow my choices down to six. The layouts and designs keep getting better and better. I’m Deborah and here are my picks.


Linger by JenniferHignite

This page gives me a happy heart. Aiden is such a handsome boy and his mom has captured his sweet, innocence perfectly. There is so much to admire – the tilt, crops to the photos, word art, even the staples are cool. The title is my favorite piece as it is an imaginative way to add another photo of Aiden. Outstanding work!


Shared Joy by Cinna71

The vintage style of this page caught my eye. When I clicked on the thumbnail, I was awed by the clusters. I especially love the embellishing of her title. The lovely, faded background paper with the subtle brushwork is classic; and completes the page beautifully. Thanks for sharing the joy, Cinna71!


My Story Page 4 by jcaruth910

This layout is from a book the artist is making, telling her story. I glanced at the other pages, and they are all exquisite. The monochromatic colors complement her cherished photos elegantly. I like the pieced and taped look of the background as it adds to the heritage theme, but doesn’t take away from the wonderful photos of her dad. This page (and her project) inspire me as I know it will become more treasured as the years go by.


Catalogne by cyanne22

I don’t know why, but I love photos of cows; maybe it’s their soulful eyes. I couldn’t resist looking at this page because of the cows, and then I fell in love with the framing, title, textures, and blending. A captivating piece of art!


Illusion by JaninAlberta

LOVE this charming page!! The artist has created a story-book world that is enchanting. I adore the coloring of her photo, the whimsical balloons, and the blended map. Everything comes together splendidly!


Winter is Here by Flippok

My last pick for today is Winter is Here, and I think it is apparent why it is a stand-out. I don’t know where to start, but I will try. I fell in love with the color palette, and I am amazed by the clusters. The shadow work is excellent and there is so much depth with her multiple layers of papers, snowflakes, flowers and photos. The page is stylish and polished, yet delicate and dreamy. Delightful in every way!



Finger Pointing – January 18th

18 Jan

Happy Thursday!!!

Wow!!!  So Much Scrap-Awesomeness….. going on already in 2018!!!!

Rachael “MyssP” joining you here, with my first time post here on the GSO Team.  What an honor it is to join with this fabulous team to  showcase some of the most gorgeous  and exciting Layouts from the Galleries.  I hope you get inspired to create some magical pages of your own,  So let’s get started.

My first choice is Pause – by Marleen  This Gorgeous layout is both delicate and artsy. This beautiful color palette,   with soft subtle tones,  textures, blending and brush work  create depth and artistry in this lovely masterpiece.

Next up is Sunday Snuggles by ScrappyHappy 82 – Who could resist these little balls of fur….  The patterned papers and color palette here are just amazing.  I love the use of the chevron paper mixed with the wood grain base and the  added layers of  goodness,  The the use of the layered elements give this page such a great dimension! I would say it is the perfect Sunday snuggle place.


Hugs and Kisses by LorieM – Oh my cuteness, this B&W photo is perfectly layered among all the hugs, kisses and hearts, that heart ribbon is just the perfect touch.  I love the use of the back ground paper and brush work. The layering is absolutely inspiring and draws your eye right into that sweet photo. So much eye candy  – XoXo!!!


Well, well, well, this was just a breath of fresh air This Day by Adrianita – This LO grabbed my attention right away when I saw it in the gallery, A  sunny dream come true – from our frigid -26 degrees,  I would love a day in the sun with these cutie pies.   The blending here is just beautiful, the  brush work, border and color palette are just refreshing  and and I love, love, love the Title work – So Beautifully done.


Well, if it has not been cold enough outside for most of us, I thought I would bring some of that January frost inside….  with this next LO –  January Hoarfrost by Tammielsmith

This  is such a gorgeous photo,   I am so glad  that she filled the page with it!   The snow and ice just sparkle.  The brilliance of the Montana blue sky makes the frosty border just pop off the page & her choice of embellishments are the perfect touch of softness to the coldness of  the  winter chill.  This is such a Beautiful, Clean and Crisp, Winter page.


My last pick of the night is probably my hardest Layout to conquer – “Whitespace”  –  I absolutely loved this gorgeous Layout.

Treasure Under the Snow  by Louso.  This layout  is just fabulously executed.   I love the muted colors on this page, they  work so beautifully together.  Gorgeous, gorgeous layers, with minimal embellishments  and the right amount of brush work, it has a classy and elegant look.  The word art is perfectly positioned and I love that she left the photo unframed.  The soft patterned background paper allow the photo to shine while providing an elegance all of it’s own  –  Just Gorgeous !!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  Please click on the individual links to leave some love for these amazing artist.

Thanks so much – have a great weekend and enjoy scrappin’!

Rachael ~ MyssP


Finger Pointing – January 17th

17 Jan

Hi – it’s Carmel here – better known as caapmun in the digiscrap community. I was honored late last year to be asked to be one of the contributors on the Gallery Standouts team. This is my first post – so here goes!! I loved looking through the various galleries and, although it’s hard to pick just six, here are my picks for today.

She Became A Flinn by angiekey
This is just such a sweet layout to remember a great day. I love the mix of color and black and white pics and the added elements in just the right colors to compliment the photos. This is one side of a double page layout, so make sure you check out the other page in the gallery so see the full story.

Treasures Under Snow – Pantherka

I just love everything about this – the masking and blending of the photo, the background which is just right for a winter theme. And then the soft colors of the elements that compliment the photo wonderfully.

My Heart – aussikat69

This is a great page to showcase a precious family photo. I love the use of the photo twice on the page. Another great background incorporating subtle color and script. The journaling placement is just right and then the elements just make the whole page sing.

Even Earth Bound Can Soar – seahorsefan

I am tending towards a more artsy style of late so this caught my attention. This is just such a great blend of photo and art. Amazing photos of the hermit crab and its tracks blended so well with the additional elements and brushes. I just love the wordart too!!

My Best Friend – britgirl

Love a good dog pic!! and this is such a wonderful photo. Great masking and use of brushes and then the addition and sizing of the elements at the bottom – just brilliant. The background makes the whole page pop – a great page about a good friend!

Room To Improve – kimg

And for a more clean and simple style – an eye-catching “resolutions” layout. Great use of layering, borders and journal cards. I particularly like the use and positioning of those few elements to break up and add more interest to the page.

That’s my picks for the day. I hope you liked them as much as I did. If you did, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these great artists. Thanks! :)




Finger Pointing- January 16th

16 Jan

Hi everyone!

Happy 2018! I have high hopes and good vibes for this year. I hope we’ll all have a great year. I’m happy to slowly get back to the things I love to do including scrapbooking. I am in awe of the beautiful pages in the galleries and got really excited to scrap again. This is Beth, a.k. a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s awesome gallery standouts. Enjoy!

Hello by caapmun
Could this be any sweeter? Gorgeous photos and the treatments are just amazing too. Love the intricate design, noticed the details on the borders and how she tucked the photos with beautiful embellishments. Love the title work and the color combination. Love the grid paper and brushes on the paper border. Simply beautiful!

Photographs & Memories by jana
Very eye catching and the view is awesome! Love what she did with the photo with all the brushes and stamps. I really like the elements she used here and the composition and how she masked the photo.

* Siblings January 2018 * by Pne123
Another great pick! She’s one of my fave scrappers and she never disappoints with her pages. Love the clean and simple design. The black and white photo goes perfectly with the background papers and the strips of papers added a great touch on the page. I guess the font is one from 2peas, one of my faves too.

Countdown by craftytam
Such a fun great page. So much to look at but doesn’t look busy. Love all the different frames which really set the mood. Love the alphas and the clustering of different flowers. Love the striking papers and just about everything on the page. Amazing work!

My coffee day by Lebjs
I’m in the mood for clean and simple design and this one is no exception. My day starts with a coffee and sometimes ends with a coffee. I’m salivating on the photos she had. Love her presentation and the photos just screams pure yumminess. Perfectly done!

Good times by Jacqueline
Another page that made me smile. Feels like I can touch the page. Great shadow work too. Such a pretty lil one, the touches of red is gorgeous. Love the laces around the page and the depth it created.

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be awesome to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.