Finger Pointing — September 24th

24 Sep

Today’s picks are all about white space, which is a little unusual for me. I didn’t start out the trip through the galleries looking for it, but there it was in all its glory, white space and more white space. So I went with it! And this is what I found.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Then & Now by Nicole Nowosad

As we start the school year all around the U.S., I like to look at the back-to-school pages filling the gallery. This is a very fun comparison page, from the beginning of a school year to the end. I love the use of the whimsical elements throughout this page. The blocks of different colored vertical strips housing each photo and its accompanying text worked well to differentiate the two time periods. Fun title alpha. And oh, yeah, it’s a paper page! I like that she left a bit of white space at the top, and edged the whole thing with stitching.


Ewan by dvhoward

Nothing says white space better than a wide-grain wood background. I love the way that ripped frame doesn’t quite clear the top of the subject’s head. Diane included a terrific combination of hand-drawn and painted elements with real looking elements, to create a nice border splitting the top fourth of the page off from all that cool white space. I love the perspective on the photo, it’s like he’s looking into the future.


We are family by Sabyne

This lovely page makes great use of the corners! Such a sweet photo, I had to stop and take a closer look. I love the doodly bits (I always love doodly bits!), the grid brushwork behind the photo and elements, and the nice stack of papers (especially the corrugated one) edging the page.


bday girl by golya

There is a lot going on within this design, which is much more apparent because she left a pretty wide section of white space. That helps lead the eye into the design, which I really enjoyed. Love the shadow work, and the big bracket mat behind the photo, edged with that clipped-on tag. I liked the short and sweet journaling and the way it is placed sideways, to flow with the design. The translucent ruler is a sweet reminder of the child’s age and growth. And, of course, I like the whimsical feel!


fall by ta_merkins

This page makes nice use of white space all around the subject. I like a good patterned paper mix, and the colors and patterns here worked so well, I was drawn right to it. The photos made me smile, great action and fun cropping. She arranged her title alpha in an unusual top-justified way that I thought was clever. I like the handwritten font for the journaling surrounding the photos and paper.


edinburgh by beehive50

Debi is a master at making white space work, and this is a great example of her clean style! I love that sideways journaling, and how it changes color as it overlaps the photo. The acrylic arrows leading us into both the photo and the journaling are a fun touch. The very light grid background breaks up the white of the white space just enough. I really like that vertical line she created between the journaling and the elements, ending in the key line word frame sliding off the edge of the page. That pop of orange in the tags and brad is the perfect accent color.


I hope you loved today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise! Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing – September 22

22 Sep

Hi Everyone – Kat here, back with another round of gallery picks from digi-land. I was recently asked how I liked this “job.”  It’s an honor to be part of the GSO team and be in a position to share my finds from the galleries.  Job? I don’t think so – at least not in my books.  Without further ado, let’s get down to business, yes?

My first pick for today is a heritage layout with a great story of triumph and of a woman who stood her ground! In sharongrey8’s layout, Maranda, we see storytelling and memory-keeping at it’s best. The heritage photo is great by itself, but the whole memory is more complete with recounting of some family traditions, some timelines to put things in perspective, and a story that, no doubt, has been handed down from generation to generation. I love the minimal use of elements, and the delicate brushwork.  I dare say, nobody probably messed with Maranda, a woman who knew her own mind!

My second choice for tonight is probably something that we, as scrappers (and multi-crafters, many of us) can relate to: I am happiest when I create. This fill in the blank challenge page by Kythe is photoless, but it speaks volumes to me just with that simple, short sentence at the bottom. Do you ever have one of “those” days where you just need to be creative. Not want to, but need too? I do. The mix of elements chosen here provides a creative, yet peaceful page, from the brushes, to the flowers, to the butterfly.  Almost hidden in the background is a doily that seemingly blends into nothing, just like the frame on the left-hand side of the page.

We Are Family by Mother Bear takes things in a different direction. Here we have element layered upon element – it all looks so effortless, doesn’t it?  Although this starts with a template (and I love templates!), there’s movement and little touches added to make this a standout in my books: the curled ribbon, circled around and almost pointing to the title, the use of faint grid-like brushes in the background, the tucked leaves and flowers. Great choice with the photo processing, two – the brown tint works really well with the color palette of the kit that was used. I hope this Mommy has shown the page to her daughter.

Simply titled 78a, my next pick from aprilvika jumped out of the gallery and caught my eye not for the fabulous photo, or the vine that twists its way through the page, connecting the photos (which are both awesome) … but for the small space between the top two photos and the bottom ones. The space intrigues me. My own personal scrapping style has evolved over time, and continues to change, and while I lean more towards a clustered, layered page design at the moment, I appreciate the cleaner lines of this page. Just the foliage and a few staples are all that’s needed here. I would love to know the story of the lady in what appears to be a market of some sort.

So I just mentioned layered and clustering … and this page fits that bill! Another challenge page, which I’m calling To The Moon & Back, this one from Cinna, is full of paint splatters, digital gesso, and brushes. The dark background is the perfect backdrop for the artsy additions and despite the busy background, the photo – and the emotions – still shine through. Love this one.

Rounding out today’s picks is Hugs from robinsismai. This is where I think the picture really does tell the story – and it had me laughing out loud. Look at how cozy the little girl is hugging that kitty … and how horrified the cat is, almost pleading to be released from what is documented on the page as a “death grip.” Oh, that poor kitty.  The use of a single, large photo was a great choice as it holds up really well against the strong color palette of the purple, pink and gold; the picture still remains the focal point of the page.  Nice design choice of keeping the clustered elements to two diagonally-opposite sections of the layout, too.

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to stop by the galleries and leave these scrappers – and others – a few words on their layouts. Until next time … happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – September 21st

21 Sep

Hello, everyone! Paula here with today’s Standouts! It’s with a very heavy heart that today is going to be my last post because has been very hard for me to adjust my time with so many tasks lately…My first post here was exactly 5 years ago, on September 16th 2011!!!! What a coincidence… It’s very hard to say goodbye…I want to thank the entire GSO team, as well as all of you scrappers, for so many years of inspiration, friendship and fun!

I have some absolutely wonderful layouts to share with you tonight, so let’s get to it!

Him by Margje

Just love Margje’s pages! This is for a challenge that has a sketch to use use in the layouts and she made it .Fabulous use the scribbles and paints over the sketch, and I love the addition of the red paint. So


FLY by Wonbat146

The softness of this page caught my attention and really made me look closer! A magical page indeed! I’m in love with this kit…and with all the colors and the ellies here. Very beautiful dreamy page!


2016 favs so far by KarenW

In this next page, what caught my attention were all the books below the page. However, as I looked more closely, I discovered all of the elements, paint, paper pieces, etc…and I was blown away!


essai N°3 by P’tiscrap

What a great interpretation of the painting! What a great idea! I love the graphic setup of this page, loooove how she used the pieces of paint to reproduce the painting here. The colors are spot on!


full of charm by Dawninskip 

I love her designs and her pages too (and London too, hahaha)!!! The perfect harmony between the photo and the design and colors from the page grabbed me. Lovely clustering of elements along with the framing that is perfect on this beautiful paper. Everything matches. Wonderful colours so soft and dreamy!


Silent Tears by ArmyGrl

What an incredibly gorgeous and creative AJ page. It immediately caught my eye in the gallery! The treatment of the picture fits perfect. The page delivers a powerful message, I really get the feeling that the title suggest!


I have come to the end of my tour…I hope you like them as much as I do and I hope to see them again in a near future!


Finger Pointing – September 20

20 Sep

I always love browsing the galleries for inspiration and today is no exception. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

I first saw Fall On The Cowichan River by Taxed4ever in my Facebook feed and I am so happy to show it to you here. Most noticeable is the texture added by the peeling paint both in the background and carried into the photo, which in and of itself is outstanding. The torn and curled paper behind the journaling, leaf scatters and bits of branches add to the overall theme. The fonts she chose for her title- work complement each other perfectly. Truly a standout.


Early Retirement by Squeak made me smile. I love the vertical design with the sketched border and bits of paint behind. What a creative way to document how you would spend your winnings if the lucky ticket is yours.  I love all the little bits she grabbed from her stash even though the ending was not a happy one. The curled ticket at the top and the torn ticket at the bottom support the story from start to finish.


This hybrid project BRIGHT SPARK Hybrid Card Set by ArielleHG really caught my eye in the gallery. I love that she created a matching envelope. If you click through there is an easy to follow tutorial linked in her post. No special tools required.


Perfect by mollyc is perfect in its simplicity. I love the way she divided the gorgeous photo into three parts and added only the stars and small banner for her embellishments. Her right justified journaling is just right and a wonderful reminder of why we preserve memories by taking photographs.


The dark, gray paper in Sigh of Bliss by Sanka is the perfect background for the sweet photo. I really like the way the grasses frame the photo. The vertical ribbon and lace further reinforce her design and the bead scatters are a great finishing touch.


I’ve been seeing a lot of gray backgrounds lately. While Fairy Houses by tansy starts with a gray background, there is a lot of color added via the paint, scribbles and faint grid lines. Her layout colors blend seamlessly with the masked photo and I love the photo treatment she used. The stitched down hearts are the perfect final touch. I can definitely imagine the fairies living there.


I’ve come to the end of my post and as always I hope you will click through and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week!


Finger Pointing – September 19th

19 Sep

Hello everyone, a very late late post from me, Jeanine. I was at work last night and the wifi connection was sooo very slow. It took me hours to open galleries and pick pages. So now I’m at home and I finally can finish my post to show you the gorgeous pages I found. I hope you like them too!

Abandoned Places by agata68 With October almost knocking on our doors I get slowly in a Halloween mood and that’s why I couldn’t resist to pick this gorgeous and creepy page!Is she a witch, is she possessed? She scares me, that’s for sure and I love the haunted and dark feel this page gives me! Halloween, I am ready!


Hello Autumn by shunnstergirl This is autumn indeed! All the wonderful colors breathe falling leaves and stillness of nature. Love how the page is set-up, with all the little autumn items on the edges. Adore the big Hello title! Beautiful!


Good-story by rarou47 It is no secret that I’m a fan of Sylvie’s pages. This one is gorgeous with the silhouet & scribbled lady and in combination with the quote it’s perfect that she is a silhouet! Nothing that can be judged, only her inside counts here. Great AJ page!


bye bye by lego Oh, what a sweet picture and a little sad story too, with one of the girls leaving for some time so the girls (BFF’s) won’t be able to play together for a while. Love the colors used here, they are perfect for a girlie page!


AnnaLift Sept 17-23 by NAdams Wow, how beautiful is this one! Love how NAdams with only some paintstrokes creates the suggestion of reed on the border of a pond or small lake where herons mostly try to catch fish. Love all the textures and colors and how they form a landscape together.


Chirping by bcgal00 A last touch of summer we have here, this great large picture deserves a large title and this vellum one is very well chosen! Love how the text shines through. Love how the picture and its colors runs seamlessly into the background paper. Very well done!


These were my choices! I hope you like them and please don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you decide to visit them in the galleries.


Finger Pointing – September 18th

18 Sep

A fine end to a beautiful weekend, browsing the digital galleries looking for pages that I love! You don’t really have to look very far, it seems that all of the galleries are filled to the brim with fall colors, crisp photos and smiling faces.

November 2015 Recap by Iowan


It just screams out fall doesn’t it? I love the whimsical title placement, the pops of orange with the neutrals, the way the clusters intertwine. And the shadowing on those butterflies is divine!

Almost 41 by beszteri


It’s a gorgeous reminder that age is only a number. We need to stop thinking that each passing year merely makes us older and realize that it makes us wiser, more interesting and infinitely more unique. I love the blending, the dark colors framing the edges and how they are combined with the horizontal bands of color and word art.

Crisp Autumn Days by Biancka


So much to love about this page – the wood background echoing the texture from the tree in the photo, the golden tones of the bokeh, the paint splatters under those amazing floral clusters, the comparison of the photos, that sweet smile! Truly a gorgeous page!

Time for Fall Memories by Sara Espy


This is a gorgeous mix of pattern and scale with the papers and those clusters make me swoon! I like the page design, how it flows from upper left through the photos, the story and the two-part title. The shimmer of gold combined with the deep brown of the background and the jewel tones of the papers and elements is a slightly different take on the traditional fall color palette and it’s lovely.

Pumpkin Pie by gonewiththewind


I love seeing traditions documented in our scrapbook albums! In my family, like Cheryl’s, making pumpkin pies is a ritual performed several times over each fall. You can never make just one and trying to get that crust perfectly browned is an art. This is a wonderful story to have recorded for future generations who will, I’m sure, also have fond memories of baking with family at the holidays. I love the sequence of photos to tell the story, the tilted and stacked frames, the tucked bits and the “dripping pie filling”. It’s fun to Watch Cheryl Scrap it, too!

Because when… by Shivani


I love the cut-outs and how she tucked the framed photo back behind. I like the stamped shapes used in combination with the multiple shapes in the cut-outs. Really like the mix of the black and white photo with that bright pink and yellow she used, a crisp and cool color palette. It’s almost like a shadowbox… I love the way the page turned out.

I hope I’ve found a page or two that inspire you tonight. Click through to the scrapper’s galleries and share the love!


Finger Pointing-September 17th

17 Sep

Hello and happy weekend everyone! I hope you’re enjoying yourselves and getting to spend some time doing as you please. This is Jana with today’s Gallery Standouts.

My New Dress by Marleen is really a showstopper! The colors red and black on the white background are quite dramatic and I love the whole sophisticated fashion look. Her use of bits and pieces are brilliant, as her pages always are. Love her style (no pun intended). Very classy, very sophisticated, very dramatic, very beautiful page!


337 by Mary-11 is absolutely dreamy! First of all, the photo of the new baby is just precious. I love the little purple knitted hat and blanket. They coordinate beautifully with the colors of elements she used. But most of all, I love the storybook quality and the magical, dreamlike page she created. Everything is so sweet and enchanting. The stars almost look like fairy dust and I love how the baby is nested in amongst the flowers, with the little mouse and bird keeping a close watch.


Fall Equinox by Traumelfe is super stunning! The brilliant fall colors just popped out of the gallery and every inch of this page has something interesting to catch your eye! I love how she placed her large photo within this unique template and then added the red flowers and leaf to enhance the theme. Great word art and blending and the bottom left corner accent completes the triangle of design. Gorgeous fall page!


Docked by Miki is truly beautiful! The perspective of the photo and how she placed it on the page is just wonderful. Miki always does an awesome job of blending and this is no exception. The colorful boats are so charming and the artistic filters and effects truly make them pop. I also like the clever one-word title and the faded word art next to it. Gorgeous textures and layers.


paint_silence by Maruma is simply fabulous! The photo is very serene and I love how the light is coming through the top of the photo and onto the water. The faded title overlay is perfect and so is the placement of her journaling. Click on the gallery link to find out the translation. Great textures throughout this page and the paint is a gorgeous way to make this artistic. Love those chevrons too!


Intuition by Ga_L is captivating! Digital art journaling is one of my favorite genres and this is so well done. The images are very interesting and there is a lot of energy on this page. The use of colors and brush work are amazing and everything is well balanced here. Love her title and love how I keep finding things to look at.


Enjoy today’s standouts and I hope you find them as inspiring as I do! Be sure and click on the individual title links if you want to check out more details and/or leave comments for the artists. Thank you and have a wonderful rest of the weekend!