Finger Pointing – December 7th

7 Dec

Hello everyone, Jeanine here with my first post in December. It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I am thrilled about all the wonderful December pages I found in the galleries! There’s a lot going on because of this special month! I saw December challenges, December contests, Documenting Your December and all these special December pages to preserve your memories. So you might guess it already, this post is all about December in one or another way!

Dog days of December by Katie Pertiet This is such a stinking cute page!! Love the clean approach here and the green hair the doggy wears in combination with the wordart is truly hilarious!


Most wonderful time………. by donnagoar  Only the wordart and the reindeer are true Christmas items and yet in one glimpse you know this is all about Christmas! What a wonderful artsy page this is! Love how the deer bites in the ‘rope’, maybe to get all that beautiful red stuff down? Love it!


Winter by chrystalferreira A great winter page! I love how the swan almost seems to be a part of the dress of the girl and I love the colors used. They represent winter in a very delicate and elegant way. Beautiful page!


Wonder winter by Skinospot Another winter page with a totally different approach.  Bold green colors and a strong and proud lady, maybe she’s even a little sniffy ;). I adore the houses in the background, really love them, they remind me of the houses in old Amsterdam.


Day 7, December 2016 by Madi I saw the pages Madi made so far for her December Daily book and I love the idea to pick a song each day and make a page about it all month long. Maybe I even will do this next year for myself! Love this awsome page! Love the illustration style Madi used here very much!


Mood – Winter Joy by Grace And I finish my post with this sweet and adorable page by Grace! Isn’t is a lovely page? Love how the snowflakes are used as a mask for the picture, love the drawn birds and the idea of snow falling down on them. This page wants me to have snow also this winter!!


Well, I’ve come to the end of my post, I hope you like my picks and see you in about 10 days!


Finger Pointing – December 6th

6 Dec

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! We had our first big snowfall 2 days ago and we decorated our Christmas tree last night. The galleries are filled with wonderful holiday pages, some of which I’ll highlight today. Along with those, there are a few other outstanding pages for you to enjoy. This is Jana and here are today’s standouts.

Winter Way of Life by cherylc

Isn’t this just so dreamy? It makes me think of getting all cozy on a cold winter’s day. The pink comfy chair and plaid blanket are so inviting and the boots and little teddy bear are such cute elements too. I adore the polar bears behind the window frame and all of the word art. The soft colors of pink, gray and white really add to the look and feel of this one and of course, so do the snowflakes.


Advent Devotions Day 10 by digigrandma

I have been following this talented lady’s Advent pages this month and believe me, they are gorgeous! The holiday designs are elegant and each page features a special devotional message. I love the brush work and the little heart accents. The layered banner at the top is lovely and the numbered tag is perfect for keeping track of the days of Advent. The stitched tree with the gold ribbon is such a sweet element on this page.


Comfort and Joy by ljonezy

This page sure caught my attention! That is the most scrumptious cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever seen. The whipped cream, the marshmallows, the cute straw and even some cocoa powder sprinkled on top…yum! The “chocolate” photo mask is perfect and those snowballs are darling. The background paper and blending is so rich and the colors are gorgeous! A simple title and journaling, along with a little flair, completes this holiday page.


Stay Strong by KarenB

I love everything about this elegant page! It’s a lovely sepia photograph, cropped beautifully. The artist journaled a strong message for this young girl and the type nestled against the photo is very effective, as is the title.The white space is perfect for drawing the eye into the focal area. I like the simple use of paper strips and circles behind the photo with just a few other simple elements to complete this page.



Wonder of Christmas by Norma

This is such a beautiful winter scene! The blending is wonderful and that is such a dapper snowman. I love the little girl looking at him with wonder and a sense of magic. I love the pops of red sprinkled around…so festive. The word art is perfect for a snowy page too. I love a story page that draws me in like this one does. I can follow that snowy path with the street lamps right up to the little cottage and can probably guess who lives there. Walking in a winter wonderland comes to mind.


2016-Days of December by carollee

Now this digital artist has totally changed up her December album this year! I am having such a fun time following her this month. She is creating a comic book style album and is doing a fantastic job of it. The photo edits, speech bubbles and the headlines are all part of the plan. The outlined boxes and title all contribute to her design. I think she’ having a ball working on her album! It’s a great way to break up the traditional December Days theme.


I could certainly add more awesome pages but the limit is six so I’ll stop for now. Are you working on your own December pages? If you want to find even more inspiration, click on the title links and visit these artists’ galleries. While you’re there, please take a moment to leave them a comment or two. They are always appreciated. Have a wonderful week and happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – December 5th

5 Dec

After a very busy weekend it was fun to take time out and leisurely “stroll” through the galleries.  There are so many beautiful pages/projects in the galleries but, by far, most of them are Christmas related.  My choices today include a couple of “non-scrapbook page” ways of using your digital supplies.

First up is CD Cover by Amy L.  When I first saw this one in the gallery, I thought it was a gorgeous page.  Then when I opened it up for a closer look and read the story behind it, I found out it was created as a cd cover.  And what a gorgeous cd cover it is!  I love the soft, dreamy look of it.


Adryane is one of my all-time favorite artists.  She is awesomely creative!   Her latest project is a December Daily album.  For each day she uses a prompt from Anna Aspnes and a Christmas song.  Each piece she creates is a piece of art.   Oh Christmas Tree was for Day 1 and it is awesome.  Love this project!


My next standout is the cover for a documenting December project by veer.  This is so adorable that I can just imagine having it laying out on a coffee table and having everyone want to peek inside.  I love the blues she’s used rather than the usual red and green.  I love this!


2017 januari by marijke is another non-scrapbook page project.  Most of us have created at least one calendar using our digital supplies.  I truly love how this template set allows the photography to shine.  And what a beautiful photograph she’s chosen for the first month of the year.  I would love having that calendar on my wall!  If you follow the link, you will be taken to the gallery where you can browse and find her pages for the rest of the calendar.


When I saw Getting the Tree by Miki come through on my Facebook feed, I immediately went to the gallery to get a closer look.  This is just an absolutely magical page!  The blending is beautiful and I love the title and where she’s placed it.  The twig tree and reindeer are just the right finishing touches.  Gorgeous! (P.S. I still keep going back to the gallery to look at it!)


Brave Wings by thimbleberrieis an awesome art journal page.  I love how all of the colors work together so beautifully.  The quote is great and is perfect for her page.  And that background is just amazing!


I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by these wonderful pieces of art.  I know it’s a busy time of year but, if you can find the time, visit the galleries and leave the artists a comment.  They are always appreciative of it.  Titles and images are linked to the gallery so it’s quick and easy.







Finger Pointing – December 4th

4 Dec

I was up bright and early this Sunday morning browsing the digital galleries in search of gorgeous layouts thanks to the newest furry member of my family. Christmas and winter kits have hit the scrapbook shelves here recently in huge numbers and that translates into some really pretty and festive pages posted for us online. Let me get right to it:

VS by marnel

VS by marnel

Way to use a white background… you’d think white on white wouldn’t work but it’s oh so perfect! I love the dimension on the wreath and the holiday decorations, the words in the background to echo the red accents, the tiny bits of black for contrast. Really very classic and pretty!

Home for Christmas by Conny

Home for Christmas by Conny

Rustic and beautiful! Lovely clustering, nice mix of diminutive patterns and scale in her element choices. Just enough bling to make it feel a bit Christmasy but not overpowering. Pretty page design, I feel like no matter where you look your eyes are drawn toward the middle of the page.

Elf by fruitysuet

Elf by fruitysuet

Amazing extraction! This one grabs your eye in the gallery and it won’t let go! I love how she used Buddy as such an integral part of her page design, part of the vertical bands going across the page, yet still creating a nice diagonal flow as well. So very bright and festive with the pops of red and yellow!

Enjoy the Wonderful by Twinsmomflor

Enjoy the Wonderful by Twinsmomflor

I like the mix of blended photos and more dimensional ones. The focal photo sets up the theme for the page perfectly so that the use of more elements is unnecessary. I like the double page border and how it keeps the eye contained and on the pretty smiles in the smaller pictures.

Imagination by keepscrappin

Imagination by keepscrappineb

Brrr, as someone from Florida I’m cold looking at it! Beautiful use of a winter color palette for this story. I like the implied dimension from the background paper combined with the thicker elements and stitched alpha titlework. I just love the eclectic mix of added elements and the pale blue with the yellow and gold accents. Stunning!

Christmas by Lella


I love the gradient effect blending the photo into the background paper, almost adds a retro vibe. The use of the vintage elements with current photos provides an interesting juxtaposition between the past and present.  I love the use of the lifted frame and stacked flowers to add dimension to the page. Very pretty!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks this morning! Head on into a digital gallery or two yourself today to get into the holiday spirit and spread a little joy of your own!





Finger Pointing – December 3rd

3 Dec

As the yearend holidays draw near, the galleries are exploding with gorgeous seasonal layouts. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

I’ll say goodbye to Thanksgiving with this lovely layout, Gather Together by carrotsails. The photo crops are amazing and I really like the distinctive way she used the variety of frames. She managed to tuck in a few papers and added a number of clusters without overpowering the photos. The photos tell the story in this one.


The turquoise and gray palette in Decorating for the Holidays by BBE is so serene.  I love all the bits she added to support her theme.  I really like the curled photo and the crop is lovely. The arrows point to the photo and the lace border at the top is the perfect added touch.


I found more amazing photos in Deck the Halls by Tinkelbel. I suppose it only makes sense that scrappers would be creative in other areas as well, such as decorating for the holidays. The white framing, and slight curl of the photos really makes them pop and the blended photo behind is the perfect backdrop. I really like the way everything is stacked toward the top of the page and the paper blend, as well as the clusters and title work, finish things off in just the right way.


What a creative way to enlarge and crop a photograph of a Christmas tree, in Let it Twinkle by Deekaa. I imagine it took a fair amount of patience to extract the pine needles. I love the journaling in the wreath and the paper strips bordering top and bottom. Eye-catching simplicity at its finest.


I’m noticing a theme in my post in the form of outstanding photos and crops and Celebrate December by motherbear showcases some very appealing shots. The combination of the large blended photo with the smaller photo is a technique I find quite engaging.  I really like the way she tucked in so many elements and using the tag to highlight the word art is very creative. I like the blended music border and the circle dates at an angle toward the bottom of the page.


My last pick is actually the first pick that I made and not at all seasonal. Miss Julia by JennyG67 has beautiful photos just like the other layouts showcased today. Her list of credits is quite long yet she managed to keep her palette to just a few colors. The hot pink is so striking against the gray and the pieces of kraft here and there are the perfect added neutral. I really like the embossed dots on the background paper and the way she used the J as a monogram for her daughter.


I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you are enjoying your weekend and find the time to create for yourself. As always, please take a minute or two to click through to the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love.


Finger Pointing – December 2nd

2 Dec

So here we are in December. When life can get just a little crazy. I managed to slow my world down a little bit by heading to the galleries tonight, where I can lose myself in stories told by others on my wavelength. Those who find joy in a creative outlet like I do. I love the month of December, I really do, but this year I feel a little disjointed as we’re heading overseas to spend 3 weeks in the sun with family. So I’m disjointed in a good kind of way! No Christmas decorations here in the UK, no menu’s to plan, and no woolly jerseys to line up for the chilly winter days but our daughter, Hayley, has her tree up and decorated, the Christmas barbecue planned and lots of sunshine, awaiting our arrival. But one thing remains… the inspiration I find in the galleries. Here’s what caught my attention tonight.

Oh for simplicity and structure and white space and an adorable photo. Spotlight by fanon is all of these things. Clean lines, neat placement of elements and an amazingly interesting page. And just so beautiful!


I love a page that oozes affection and emotion. Oh the love by Lavender_LW is a prime example with soft blending, watercolour and the perfect photo. Awesome!


I also love a page that tells it like it is. Love how the heartfelt journaling block on tracermajig’s Right Now page struts its stuff along side the cut out detail, the torn photo and the delicate embellishments, all so beautifully layered. And such a pretty colour combination too. Perfect!


alannabanana’s December 25 page is beautifully structured with the elements popping against the soft patterned backdrop. The perfect proportion of gorgeous festive colours are a feast for the eyes while the stunning photo steals the show. So delightful!


The galleries are fast filling up with super December pages. I love the art work on Madi’s Day 1 December 2016 page, inspired by a song by Dolly Parton. A lovely mix of muted tones, not your average December page and a fun twist, make this a masterpiece. Totally unique!


Totally inspired by colour, Anticipating December by OKate caught my attention with the grey and red colour combination. Great use of patterned paper, a little tag and super word art make for a beautiful festive page. Hello December!


So folks, this is my last blog post for 2016. I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful festive season and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. Take care and I’ll see you in January! Bye bye.


Finger Pointing- December 1st

1 Dec

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time and I am glad to be back, slowly but surely. We are finally done with the house renovation and we are elated with the result of our house project. I will definitely start scrapping again as I am blown away by the layouts that I picked for today. Happy 1st day of December, the last month of the year, I am wishing everyone a happy day today.

This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive bringing you six beauties as we start/end our day.

Tradition by Lor
Love the intricate design, this really caught my eyes in the gallery. The composition is superb. Perfect use of brushes, I adore the title work, all the heart stitches and of course, the story behind the photo. I love traditions and we too have Christmas traditions that we make sure to do every year, regardless of where we are.

6 Things I Love About Christmas by Earlofoxford
This is so inviting, the colors, elements, and how everything is laid out. I am digging the background paper she used, the brush works are so amazing. Love how everything is well presented and all the elements she used.

cold by AnikA68
Beautiful in every way. Love the touches of colors on the brushes.The messy stitches and buttons really add beauty to the page. The stapled star and how she masked the photo are amazing.

Celebrate this by biancka
I adore the color combination, perfection in every way. The clustering and the bits of pieces is just wow! You really have to look closer to appreciate all the details here.

Cozy by Bellisae
The mix of patterned colors with the beige background made it so lovely to look at. Great photo and use of elements. Love how everything pops against the background paper. It does look cool and cozy.

Top 10 by adriablack
Great take on the challenge. Wonderful way to express how thankful she is. Although I couldn’t read the journaling, I am sure it does say a lot of great things to be thankful for based on the photos. Fantastic composition!

Thanks for taking a peak at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be lovely to stop by and give them some well deserved pats in the back in the galleries.