Finger Pointing-September 14th

14 Sep

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. The weather is not to bad here in the Netherlands! We are having some lovely last summer days! I have been busy with all of the apples that came out of my tree past days! Making all kinds of delicious things to enjoy them a little bit longer! My house is smelling good, there is an apple pie in the oven as we speak! I have the timer set! So I won’t forget to take a look at it so now and then! But for now off we go to my 6 choices for today!

Nothing by patsyt  What a fabulous photo less page this is. Very powerful quote too! I love the colors very much! They go so well together! But most of all I love the empty ‘nothing’ frame! That says it all! Well done!


Love Love Love by omjulia  I love the photo treatment and the contrast that the photo’s make with the rest of the page! The design and the layering are pretty awesome too! She created a lot of depth in  this layout! And I love those hanging elements, they are so cute!


Forest at home by Ann06 My eyes were drawn immediately to this page, but I love everything this lady makes!! This one is again so very beautiful! I love how the colors stand out against the black background! Did you see she added a small thread bow to the girly bird? Perfection! I can look at this for a long time! It’s true art!


Splash by MlleTerraMoka What a cute and beautiful page! The blending and the sketch lines on the photo are awesome! And then she finished it with the perfect little cluster! Couldn’t be sweeter! Love it very much!


Change by yorkiemom  This is such a warm and cheerful page! All the colors of the stamps and brushes make me happy! Love the message in it too! I adore all the grunge-y-ness here! And the mix of colors works so well together! Just a great page to look at!


Me and Art by kyky “ I just want to make beautiful things” she says! Well she is really doing that! I have been staring at the rough cut out! It’s FABULOUS! Makes me want to reach out and go with my finger over it! She used wonderful colors together too! Amazing photo-less page!


Thanks for joining me to admire this collection of stories and moments! I so hope you liked my choices for today. I wish you a great week and see you next time!

And wow my apple pie is ready! Looks good! I’m off to taste it!!!!


Finger Pointing – September 13th-

14 Sep

Here I am again, what a pleasure to be roaming the galleries in search of pretties! Hope everyone is well and ready to have a relaxing Sunday! As usual, the galleries are full of amazing work, in all kind of styles and with so much heart…I tried to bring you today some of them :)

Someone ( a designer I think) was asking the other day on Facebook who were our favorite scrappers…. I thought incredible that some people could come up with one or two names, I honestly would need a full page to name them, but I am quiet sure it transpires in our posts, though I do try my best to not feature all the time the same, there are certain people who are so incredible, it is impossible not to. With this first page, one of my most favorite ladies, whom I have not featured here for a while- by the way-, shows so much skills and beauty, and does something I find extremely difficult to do: patterned papers and lots of little bits and pieces playing in harmony…a gorgeous photo (at least I think is the same that she inverted, it could be a different one though) word arts and even an alpha….this is almost mission impossible for me….and here she does it and it looks so amazing!!!! I had a tough time choosing one of the pages she had posted, as all are equally amazing….have a look at Fall by motherbear :)


Another one of my favorite ladies here, though I don’t think I have ever featured her here? This page is so full of happy, beautiful, expressive, and again: lots of patterns and bits & pieces, still an amazingly gorgeous and pleasing to the eye work, just makes me want to move! The journaling is beautiful too, love the way she added a kinda journal card with the photo for the text, those arrows are great & make the page flow, her shadows are the kind I love the most, love how I could be here for hours discovering little bits! I do know her and know about the passion and love she has in everything she does, and this, I think, is a beautiful show of a beautiful soul :) So here is  Dear Nikolai by Chel


This next page is by not only one of my favorite scrappers, but I think I share my love for her with many people out there…her pages are always spot on, some full, some blank spacey, never mind what she is scrapping about, there is always so much beauty and meaning, and in here she states an awesome true: we can, indeed, turn not so good things into great ones most of the time! Love a photo-less page with a message like this, plus everything Gloria always adds to her pages: impeccable composition, gorgeous shadows, an amazing mixture of textures and overall, does what says in the tin/tittle: Make it Work by chocochoco


I found today another favorite lady of mine, whom I had not come across in a while and I am so glad to see her in the galleries again! In this page, her amazing qualities come into show: a superb blending, great textures, an amazing combination of papers and elements blended to perfection- Love those numbers and how she makes the string shadowed work with the blending! Good Guy by murmure


Carrying on the favorite ladies and also the great blenders, this page is an amazing example of memory keeping paired with superb art: the blends here not only add dimension to the page, but makes me want to be there…perfect photo for this type of page, amazing manage of colors and editing, some of my most favorite things all included in perfect sync: some music sheet, printed news, doodles. Love the tittle made of a word strip… everything done with high class gorgeousness!  Beach Please by wombat146


Last but not least, another of my favorite creative ladies, and one whom I had not come across in quiet a while, with a strikingly beautiful, powerful page. I’m not usually a fan of art journal dolls/little people and such,  but when I see them used like this….music to my heart- Love the combination of drawings here, the many colors adding so much punch,and again some extraordinary blending here, love every little but plus the message!!! Stand Out by Imgdonahue


This is all from me today, hope you enjoy them as much as I do, if you have a minute, you can get to the original gallery by clicking on the LO’s name & author high-lit- They will surely appreciate it! Have a great weekend and an awesome week ahead!



Finger Pointing- September 12th-

13 Sep

Hello and a great weekend to you all- You may notice I’m running late, I usually post in my evening time, entering few hours of the next day to give time for all times zones to have posted their day pages… I have been very ill, will have an operation soon and yesterday got me exhausted and in so much pain I had to get approved for some sleeping meds… so, apologies if I’m not at talkative as usual :) Hope everyone is doing well and here are my picks form yesterday’s gallery beauties:

Learning #383 by natchmol is like an arrow straight to my heart, for millions of reasons: first of all I’m a teenager mum, and we all know how difficult it is to let go, but we also (at least I think we do!) know that they can be influenced by not so good input…. The almost full photo page with amazing word art work for text and journaling are captivating. Wonderful piece!

Seoul Soul by Chilli: this is one of those pages that impacts me visually on the amazing color coordinating. The color play with the photo is gorgeous, the photo itself is a dynamic one, love the little bits & pieces and the great word game tittle!


Go by sandsock: This comes here to add a happy touch of color & summer! LOVE the composition and the gorgeousness done with yellow (which is an extremely difficult color for me to use) beautiful composition, blenders & clusters…a great page for end of summer!!!


Melanoma Survivor by cfile: This isn’t just a gallery stand out…this lady should be a life stand out…as I know wel that this is just one little sample of how much she battles every day…still with so much kindness and love to give to all of us, and her pages always have her own signature in them….Love it when people scrap the small things of the day as much as the big ones, and making pages to remind us the battles we are going through is essential to move on, I think, as much as being a legacy to the ones who will come and will one day rejoice on the fact that we left them the stories to tell…


Cycle Trail by judet: I reckon you must be tired of me explaining about my opinions on blank space scrapping, so lets say this lady is one amazingly fine example of how this can be done…LOVE everything in here, delicate composition, delicate choices, gorgeous shadows….amazing all together!


Last but never least, I m moving into the photo-less/art journal thing. I found three pages, three pages which are based in the same but still strikingly beautiful & empowering, and all based in word art! After much deliberation with Sarita here, we decided to give you all 3, as we can’t just choose one!!!!!! These three ladies are ones whom, no matter what style they are going in, all make my jaw drop!!!!

I can & I will by Ellen T:


Empowered by oldvwblues


& Empowerment by LindyShay


I don’t think there is much I can see about these 3 absolutely awesome artists that cannot be read in their pages….. they are amazing artists and I feel blessed to be able to come most of them as friends :) Hope you love these as much as I do!!!! If you cab spare a minute, you know how to get to their original gallery (just click on high lit name of LO & author) thank you so much!!!!


Finger Pointing – September 11

11 Sep

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with a late night round of gorgeous Standouts! I hope you LOVE my choices!

Starting us off is this super lovely Project Life like layout titled September 5 by gracielou. The composition is gorgeous, and I LOVE the color palette with the oranges, greens, and blues against the neutral background! The captures are all pretty stellar too!

September 5

Next I have this beauty by 3littleKs titled favorite. The simplicity in the composition really causes that spectacular image to shine, especially against the muted background. Love the little subtle pops of color in the embellishments too.


I fell head over heels for the creativity in this next Standout titled Airborne. by justagirl. Love the mix of artsy and traditional here. The masking is flawless, as is all of the brushwork. Just a spectacular layout all around!


Next up is this super adorable layout by suzyqscraps titled hopeful heartReally love the design here with all those precious images! The layout artist’s use of all the bright color is absolutely remarkable!

hopeful heart

My next two choices make up a total of six pages, both are Project Life spreads by two of my favorite Project Lifers, absolutely LOVE when I am able to point to their work!
First, this two pager titled 2014 Week 36 left and right (left side is linked) by mrivas. Is this gorgeous work or what? Love how Maribel combines all those remarkable images with just the right journaling cards and embellishments. Really love the look of all the text too!

2014 Week 36 left

2014 Week 36 right

Annnnndd … my second Project Life choice, all four are titled Project 365/Life Week 36 page 1, 2, 3, and 4 (page 1 is linked) by Heather Prins. Really love how she so seemingly effortlessly combines artsy and traditional. LOVE all the images that she has included here and how she has paired all of them perfectly with the digital elements and all the text. Such remarkable work!

Project 365:Life Week 36 page 1

Project 365:Life Week 36 page 2

Project 365:Life Week 36 page 3

Project 365:Life Week 36 page 4

That’s it for me beautiful friends! Don’t forget to stop by the galleries to leave all the wonderful Standouts some love for the inspiration that they have provided in their amazing layouts! See you all next week! Blessings! XO



Finger Pointing – September 10th

10 Sep

Hey Hey!  Farrah here, and I’m back to point my finger again.  I’ve asked my friend Paula to help me out today, so we are going to collaborate.

Today was tough…SOOOO many great LO’s to pick from.  Wednesdays must be everyone’s scrap-happy-day =)

I narrowed it down to just a few for today.  Here are the three that caught my eye:

One Word Challenge – Sept 2014 by andersm

WOW…holy cow that little girl is gorgeous!  As always, I LOVE a great photo.  I was drawn in by her beautiful eyes and pink and navy are my favorite color combo, so that immediately caught my eye.


In white by evadraga

I choose this one because I love the perspective in the photo.  Of course the kitten’s paw isn’t larger than his head, but how completely adorable and cuddly he looks all stretched of for his nap.


watercolor by DonnaLJ

I am in LOVE with the watercolor technique.  This LO looks like an painting.  It is AMAZINGLY beautiful!


Hello my friends! Paula here with 3 other awesome pages!!!!
I hope they inspire you as much as it does me! So, here they are:

Inbox Inspiration Challenge 9: Sharknado by ink & pixels

Looove the fun feel here!!! A super funny page that just puts a big smile on my face. Love the mixture of doodles with the Movie Posters! Sharknado is so ridiculous and so bad, it’s good! I agree 100%!

08_19_2014_sharknado-inbox-inspiration-template9 (1)

Hapiness is … by naadi

Love how elegant and delicate this page is, here everything is so clean lined. This is a perfect exemple that of the “less is more” ! The feeling of happiness when we look at the cute photo made it an another outstanding page!!!


Home again by Madi

This one caught my eye with the whole dynamic and graphisms going on! LOVE the whole thing here,there is so much to see here….the papers mixed, brilliant take on the template, the B&W photos …everything here is amazing!!!!!



Finger Pointing – September 8th

8 Sep

September is one of my favorite months.  Life is becoming more organized with school back in and the days becoming shorter here in my little town in the middle of no where!  I sit and enjoy the galleries and listen to my favorite sport Football!! Sadly, my dearest hubby’s team (the Chargers) are not doing so well.

I begin with caapmun’s Flowery.  I admit to loving pink and flowers so much.  I saw the pink and from the thumbnail wasn’t sure if it was a blend or the designers paper.  I clicked and it took a few moments for the page to become clear, even blurry and pixalated I was overjoyed at the page! I so enjoyed viewing!


I have to admit to seeing this page early this morning, and popping it in a TAB to save for this evening! Mollyc’s never stop reaching makes me feel the wind, hear the waves and want to cheer along with the sentiment of the page! Brilliant use of the paper, the paint is exactly where it should be…and I think this page is remarkable!



Black is so dramatic. I am going to use it more, because this page of timounette; St. Cado demands to be seen.  I am drawn to the clean lines and the burst of colors of the photos. I want to recreate it and dig thru photos and memories for pictures filled with bright and lively colors.  The perspective of each photo adds even more to make this page so wonderful!


Veer, I am loving the love you poured into this page.  I can almost feel the fun and adventure on the page.  You bring life to your canvas and I am tickled pink that I am lucky enough to find it!  Across the Miles is one to gaze upon and try and to emulate!


How does Parr1983 make me click so quickly upon a page! Just like Magic is what she did to me with her page of the same name! Look at that face!!! then pure delight all up and down the page! So clean, crisp and still loving and homey? This is grace and memory mixed!


The lines of geoleoan – fishing tales gives the movement of catch and bring forth the full essence of the fishing adventure! I think the line of hooks is such a great touch! This is a memory that will be enjoyed for years to come!


There ya go, six pages pointed at and enjoyed by me! I so hope you enjoy them also!

~never lose your joy





Finger Pointing – September 7th

7 Sep

Good evening/night everyone! Dutchie Jeanine here with my picks of the day! I collected about 20 pages and had to narrow them down to six, so there’s much more gorgeousness in the galleries then I can show you. It’s want to suggest you to stroll around by yourself and maybe get you some ideas and inspiration for your own pages. These are the beauties I fell in love with tonight:

I love you daddy by Justagirl Isn’t this one sweet!  I love the way the page is setup with a lot of clean space and yet it ain’t a C&S page. The picture at the top peeping out between the papers is a great way to add interest, but most of all I love the pictures and the bold colors, they are gorgeous!! Great shadowwork too!!!

justagirl tlp

Best day by Ferdi These ladies night out was great fun and that shows! Can imagine it was one of these best days! Love the stitches here and all the wordarts, ellies, splatters and beads  scattered over the page.

Ferdy tlp

An Anna stitch challenge by Dady Another stitch page, and a very creative one!! The spider is wonderful – and creepy ;) – but the stichweb is the best!! LOVE!!!

dady oscraps

August 2014 week 33 by Heathergw Great, great, great PL page!! Heather knows how to fill here pages with lots of artsy elements (brushes, doodles, stamps and so on) and still keep the focus on the pictures. Loveee the messy feel here!! I admire her creativity!!

heathergw tlp

Urban by hekas Grungyness, dark, big city at night, beware, words that come spontaneous looking at this page! I love how everything comes together around the cafesign, it must be THE place to be! Wonderful!!

hekas sbg

Choose by oldvwblues A pictureless page with a great message/quote Vicki shows us here!! The colors – blue and orange work sooo well together -  drew me in and I was sold instant once my eye caught this page! Couldn’t resist to buy these gorgeous brushes and can’t wait to scrap with them! I love the graphic flowers here, love the black stitch (I’m a succer for stitches besides many other scrapitems) and circles giving a sence of movement to where the butterfly will go…lovely!!!

oldvwblues msa

Here I’ve come to the end of tonights post, I hope you like my choices and please, leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time!