Finger Pointing – November 20

20 Nov

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this SUPER cold Thursday with my round of picks from the galleries! I really hope that you enjoy my choices!

While I LOVE the STELLAR design in geek_girl’s  ”Moment,” as well as the blues, pinks, and greens against the neutral background, the layering and clustering, and the ink splatters and brushwork, it was the super ADORABLE photo that caused me to choose this one as a Standout! I really LOVE how much happiness that shines through in that image, seriously … so stinking CUTE!


I really love the color palette in this next Standout titled Fierce & Determined by scrapsandsass. Her struggle and will to overcome is so wonderfully documented here. So terribly sorry for your trouble and I am wishing you bunches and BUNCHES of success in your ability to overcome it!

Fierce & Determined

Up next is this super lovely Project Life like three page spread by Tanderson titled Week in the Life | Sunday | Page 1, 2, and 3 (only page 1 is linked). All three pages are nothing short of breathtaking. LOVE all of the images here, such wonderful captures, every single one of them. And I really LOVE all of the text, adds a TON of visual interest to the overall design of the spread.

Week in the Life Sunday Page 1

Week in the Life Sunday Page 2

Week in the Life Sunday Page 3

Such a super cute design in bjc’s some of the things i am grateful. LOVE the title work … “These 10 Things” … and the use of all the journal cards is brilliant! A truly wonderful way to document those things that she is grateful for!

some of the things i am grateful for

Up next is another Project Life like three page spread titled Silly Pictures 1, 2, and 3 (only page 1 is linked) by Tinkelbel. Truly, those are the some of the cutest images (and yes, I am “stealing” the idea for my next family get together!)! Really, really LOVE the design and how many images she was able to fit across the three pages. The color palette is perfect too!

Silly Pictures 1

Silly Pictures 2

Silly Pictures 3

Rounding out my choices this evening is this beauty by JenEm titled Reflect. Really love the pairing of the triangles and the hexagons. I also love how the reds and greens pop against that neutral background. Beautiful, just beautiful!


That’s all for me. I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon. Blessings to all of you! XO





Finger Pointing – November 19

19 Nov

Hello everyone!! It’s getting pretty chilly here in my part of Northern-East Japan. How about your part of the world? I heard some places are covered in thick snow?! Be safe and be warm!!! No better way to spend a cold day in than to browse for beautiful pages in galleries. Time for some scrap inspiration! Hope you enjoy those pages like I do!

Orlando Sunset by CindyB  - Gorgeous display for this wonderful sunset photo! Look at those colors! I love the big photo mask and the framing/cluster over it. I like that it doesn’t actually frame the photo but add a beautiful accent to it and the flow of it all is simple delightful.

Autumn Sonata by thimbleberrie  - Here too I love the fall colors. And what especially caught my eyes is the roughness of the background that goes so well with the photos, the theme. Love the chevron paper and those cute little leaves here and there that match so nicely the photos. Great design!

My 3> (heart) by jaye - What a beautiful masculine page! Loooove that background with those colorful paper bits and elements! I can find all that I love on this page and that’s why I was drawn to it: brushes, stitches, messy thread, sequins spread. Great shadowing too!

Fall Puppy Fun by mungerre - A-DO-RA-BLE!!! Doesn’t this puppy looks like he’s been doing some kind of mischief and got caught? lol So cute!! But back to the design, I love how the photo is displayed and the difference in opacity of some of the parts/papers. Love the crafty look of the background and the messy doodle border. Very sweet cluster/titling too. I really love how the photo pops so nicely. I want that puppy!!!! Oh sorry, got carried away! lol

Right Here by lcpereyra - What a beautiful and stylish layout we have here! I love the vintage feel to it and the use of the patterned paper. Also love how she blended the photo to the post card element. Great flow in the small bits too. The shadows are wonderful: can you see how the shadow under the lace goes? It’s not flat. It goes up and down as the lace was making waves like it would probably be on a real scrap page. Awesome!

Trierer Dom by Adrianka - And finally this wonderful double page (if you click on the image you will be able to go to her gallery and see the 2 pages too in bigger size ;) ). I like to see scenery pages a lot cause, well, I don’t have kids so my photos are a lot of scenery, sightseeing photos and I like to get inspired in how I can display them. I love the perfect color match here and the lovely pink color touch. The lace border in 2 colors are also a great accent. The flower clusters are present but yet not invading the page and I like that. Very inspiring.


Finger Pointing – November 18

18 Nov

I’m baaaaaack!  After a fantastic vacation, I’m back and my fingers are itching to point out some amazing photo skilllzzzz!  Beautiful photos and perfectly scrapped!

1. June2014 by Amber- STUNNING photo!!!  The light is perfect…I LOVE the contrast and I kinda have a thing for rainbows…bonus points for the double rainbow!



2. Today by elitka – The black and white conversion is PERFECT!  I love the high contrast and pure black and white…no tint.  The photo is sweet and full of emotion.


3. 2014Sep10 Dawn Bryce by nancyr- LOVE IT!  I’ve been begging my husband for a road trip for years!!!  This might just convince him! =)


4. beach by brinic- I’m always a sucker for the large photos!  I love the monochromatic color scheme here too and simple design.


5. lollipop love by grandy924- This LO totally caught my eye and made my day.  Such an adorable girl and I love her expression.  Total LOL here.  The pop of pink with the black background really catches the eye.


6. Let your spirit fly by wombat146- What a GREAT LO.  I LOVE the idea of the subject coming out of the frame.  So So clever!



Finger Pointing-November 17th

17 Nov

Carrie here! I’ve been diving into Christmas movies tonight while browsing the galleries. I’m in a festive mood. Is it too early to put up the Christmas tree? I’m sure my family would say YES! I guess I’ll have to settle for some merry layouts instead. Here are my picks for today:

30 Days of Thanks 2014: Day 16 by Kim_R 

I want some of what she’s having… That photo is fabulous and the presentation is awesome. Keeping the rest of the page simple really makes the photo stand out. The pop of red and blue in the cluster play up the warmth of the chocolate and the cool crunch of those nuts.


 what a wonderful world by mollyc

Here’s another big, eye catching photo for you. She did a great job placing that word art cart because it pushed you right into the center of the photo. The sprinkling keeps the page light and airy… and also, love the heart and buttons on the bottom border!


5x Joy by suladesign

This is such a warm, inviting, joyful page. I really love the plaid paper that frames the composition. She’s layered papers and elements beautifully on a foundation of paints. I love the addition of the typewriter font that gives the page context- perfect for this time of year!



Hello Sunshine! by livelys

Some hybrid goodness for you- I just adore the combination of yellow and black! There’s so much happy energy- it really is sunshine on a card. It’s so clever that she’s used those hearts as leaves. I love the little hints of color, too. Such a neat card!



Winter by Gachal

What an amazing monochromatic page! It’s a beautiful I love the active white space that pushes your eye to the photo cluster. The snowflakes lend to the wintery feel… and the tiniest hint of blue just adds that extra something to the page.



XOXO by elitka

What a lovely wedding page! It has a such a wonderful “Z” flow (follow the starting at the top left to trace the “z”). It’s soft, but lively and fun with all the doodles, paints and scatter. I think my favorite think has to be that tulle cluster- such a perfect way to use it!



My movies are down, the warm, moist, still air has turned to arctic winds, so I’m ready for bed! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. Goodnight, all!


Finger Pointing – November 16th

16 Nov

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a good evening so far! I was busy picking some gorgeousness in the galleries and I hope you are ready for them! Here they come!

I was in the middel of my post when I felt very sick all of a sudden and I had to call in medical help. I asked one of my fellow GSO girls to finish my post and Nini was so kind to do that! Thank you so much Nini!! So if somethings might appear to you as ‘not Jeanine’ like, you know now why that is. I think Nini did a great job, commenting on pages I picked!!

Authentic Africa by Christellevandyk - How real is this one looking! Like you can touch the wood and get a splinter in your finger! Love all the spilled small buttons here! The shadow work is done perfectly!

christellevandyk msa

Hope by Veer I can relate to the story behind this page, my mother was diagnosed with MS almost 40 years ago. It’s a horrible disease and no cure is found yet…I think Veer expressed this very delicately.

veer msa

Beauty by Sassygirlandi - Beautiful white space page. Love the cropped photo and the repeat in the back with a sketchy feel to it. Just the perfect amount of color and feminine touch to it. Great title work too!

sassigirlandi msa

Donka by Kovaxka - Here is one beautiful artsy page. Love the link in the page design between the man in the circle and the circle brushes here and there.

kovaxka msa

Sinterklaasje by Flohbock - Brushes!! Yummy! Love the mix of brushes and splatters with the little elements, sequins and what seems to be tiny cookies. Very cute. That would be a great card to send!

flohbock msa

Judy Garland by Adryane – Another very artsy page. Love the contrast with the bright neon colors of the big paint stroke with the black and white photo and background splatters. Beautiful blending too!

adryane oscraps


Finger Pointing – November 15th

15 Nov

Hello everyone! Here Chantal from the Netherlands. Today Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet arrived in Holland. That’s a big happening for the Dutch kids. Two of my three children enjoyed the entry of Sinterklaas. One of my twin boys didn’t like it at all. He pulled his hoodie over his head and face ;) It’s now bedtime for them so I can show you my fave’s for today!

Let your Spirit Fly by Mother Bear: I love everything at this page. The colors, the composition, the shadows and the photo. I love the brushes, the wordart and those peacock-feathers are beautiful! Beautiful layout!

let-your-spirit-fly-by mother bear

Sweetest ever by Chili: Isn’t this a sweet and soft layout? The photo is so precious! I love how she blended the brushes. And the composition is so beautiful!

SweetestEver by Chili

In 1938 by Jopke: I always love Jopke’s layouts. This one is a bit different. It’s not a square and it has more patterns on it (normally Jopke uses more white space in her layouts). But it’s still so beautiful. That photo is priceless! That is her dad in 1938! I love the black and white with the tiny beautiful pink button.


Fettibombers by Juliette Perkins: Juliette totally rocked this page! Great colors and shadows! It’s such a happy layout. I love how she placed the elements in the pockets. The photo with the sunglasses is awesome! And I love the happy wordarts. What a great page!

Fettibombers by Juliette Perkins

Sparkle by Jak: The clustering is this page is so gorgeous! I love the photo of that beautiful Christmas tree and how she used the elements. And yes, I am a big fan of blue layouts ;) Can’t wait until it’s Christmas!

Sparkle by jak

My last pick is Thankful by Kyky (Chiara). Chiara’s dad passed away a couple of months ago…That’s so sad! I know she has a hard time (of course!). I think it’s so beautiful that she made this layout for him. I love how she placed the wordart and the elements. It’s such a precious and beautiful layout! Take care Chiara.

thankful by  kyky


I hope you like my picks. Congratulations if you are featured, and, if you love the pages, leaving a bit of love to these awesome artists only takes a minute. Each layout is linked to the gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

Have a nice weekend!

Hugs Chantal


Finger Pointing – November 14th

14 Nov

Hello everybody, I hope you all have a great weekend ahead! This weekend Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten are arriving in the Netherlands, to make a lot of children very happy! And after some years of Christmas presents for my big children it’s time for a wonderful Sinterklaas time again in my family, since we have a little one again! (grandchild) So I’m looking forward to make some lovely photo’s  in town this weekend! But first let’s get on to the 6 beautiful pages of today’s GSO!

give thanks by weaselwatchr I love this creative artwork! Those trees and leaves are very beautiful! I love the design and the lines, and that colorcombo!It has a bit of Oriental magic! I can’t help it but I keep on looking at it!


mickey(font) blues by nia  Here you can see what a great font can do for a page! I think a font can break or make a page, and it always pays off to give it some attention! Together with a wonderful photo, and great use of colors (here it’s the contrast), it’s a real Standout!


December Memories by dennydenny I love the wonderful black and white photo’s together with the pink! And then the one colored photo that goes so well with it! Love the whole design and the Christmas feel the page has! Makes me want to bake cookies too!


Pony tail by sam ellis What a great page! To document this is a great idea! The crop of the photo is wonderful and I love the title work, journaling and word art! She will treasure this when she is older!


Good Eats Little Bits by TiaAdair What a lovely page this is! Love the sweet photo’s and the design of the page with all the matching elements! Great recipe on top! Everybody should have it on the menu every day! It’s all so wonderfully layered too!


Fall of the Berlin Wall by SonjaS  Sonja has 2 gorgeous pages in the gallery today! Both are awesome, but I like this one the most! It’s so creative and awesome! Love the photo treatment and whole design! I would never think of making a page out of this! Love that broken background! It’s so powerful!


Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. I really hope you love them as much as I do. If so it would be great if you’d stop by the artist’s galleries and give them some love!  See you all next time!!!!