Finger Pointing – February 10th

10 Feb

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful day! Maybe you need some me-time after a hard days work or maybe you had an off day and want to relax a little bit longer, so sit down please and let me show you some beauties from the galleries today! Maybe it will inspire you to scrap today or tomorrow, who knows!

Things we look at change by Kate2, What Kate writes here is so true and a very wise lesson! Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change and you will change also! Especially when you look with love in your heart. Kate did a wonderful job here, creating a lovely and creative AJ page. I love it!

kate2 sbg

Be-you-tiful You by scrappy_donna Whoohoo, a messy and yet very organized page! I love the messy components and all the colors here, put so well together. And the picture of the little girl…she is too cute!! Wonderful!!

scrappy_donna sweetshoppe

My planner week 9 by rarou47 Working on my own travel journalbook, I immediate fell for this one. I love what Sylvie does with her plannerpages, dressing them up before she ads the appointments and adding positive quotes and thoughts. Beautiful!!

rarou47 mischiefc

Are We There Yet? by Heidi Nicole Traveling is always fun I think, except for teenagers when the trip is long and boring…;) Heidi Nicole expressed it in a wonderful C&S page, adding just enough elements and a little journaling to make it interesting. Well done!

Heidi Nicole

Love-Dream by sucali This is soo sweet! Love all the reds here combined with the soft pinks and soft oranges. Love the fact that the pictures are B&W, they pop out of the colored squares and draw the attention to the beautiful girl!

sucali dst

Carnaval en folie by beaute This could easily be a wall hanger! Great treatment of the picture. Love the soft textbrush effect on the left side of the page. And the heron is placed on the spot, watching what is happening on the other side. Great page!

beaute dst

I’ve come to the end of my post, I hope you like my choices and …if you visit the galleries, please leave the artists some love. Have a great Thursday!


Finger Pointing – February 9

9 Feb

Evening everyone – it’s Kat and I’m back with another day of picking some favorites from the galleries around digiland.  I had so many meetings back to back today, and all I was thinking was, “Boy, I wish I could be scrapping now!”  Of course, the good news is that everyone’s been posting layouts all day, so there’s plenty of gorgeous pages to look at. However, posting later in the day does have one significant drawback: there’s plenty of gorgeous pages to look at!!  You are making my “job” so difficult!  Here’s just a handful of the layouts that caught my eye today.

I envy scrappers that take Project Life under their wing and just run with it – many for several years!  I love how everyone puts their own spin on what memory-keeping is for them, and Anke’s page, Project Life 2015 – Week 51, was certainly one that caught my eye.  Although loosely based on the more traditional Project Life “grid,” Anke has shaken things up a bit by layering the photos, moving them around a little, and then tucking in all kinds of paper goodies.  The photos are great, and I love how she incorporated the week number reference.


Nietis’s Chaotic page drew me in with the use of the background paper.  I’m a sucker for patterns, but I wanted a closer look at the words that I couldn’t quite make out from the thumbnail.  Once I saw all the details and read the journaling … well, Nietis had me in giggles. We all know those phases that our kids go through, don’t we?  Terrible two’s? Ha!  Just wait until the teenage years.  That said, the item that really put this over the top for me: the title!  The random up and down of the individual letters, the layering … it totally echoes the feeling of the whole page!


Another page that brought a smile to my face was a page aptly named, That Smile, by Jenny73.  A great photo that captured a giggly, smiley moment.  Okay, so who else thinks there’s a little bit of a tickle-fest going on here that we can’t see?  Love the trail of the stitching and how it adds more height to the layout design, and the vellum hearts are a great touch that doesn’t distract from that adorable photo.  Nicely done.


Miimsgirl’s Puppy Love is a great white-space page. The somewhat neutral color palette is the perfect backdrop for that little pop of red!  Even better, take a close look at that photo.  Pregnancy photos can be great memories to record, especially when you do a timeline of week to week. But here, it looks like someone else is also eager to meet the new arrival.


In complete contrast to the last layout, I totally fell in love with Traumelfe’s Anna Lift 2/6/16 – 2/12/16 page!  The soft color palette is gorgeous … but even better, look at all the blending with the map references and brushes! The simple border with just a few buttons, combined with some stitching and a few wordart pieces is all it takes to let these photos shine!  The addition of the stitched border on larger blended or masked photo is a great way to add a less-intrusive frame.


Rounding out today’s picks is a page that, when I first saw it in the gallery, I thought was a hybrid piece … but no!  Then I thought, hhhmm, possibly a template?  Nope.  Vrielinkie created her You Float My Boat by altering a die-cut file!  Love the versatility of digital techniques! Very clever design, with the paper pieces mimicking the waves of the ocean.


Well, there are today’s picks for you.  Hope you enjoyed the selection as much as I enjoyed looking through the galleries at everyone’s pages!


Finger Pointing – February 7th

7 Feb

Hello, everyone! Margje here on this wonderful  February Sunday! It’s carnival all over the place in the little village where  I live ! You can see costumed people everywhere, and the music is playing loud on the streets! But I’m not going anywhere near it! It gives me to much troubles with my Meniere disease! I don’t mind. On my desk a nice cup of coffee, and a lot of tabs open on my computer, I’ll bring you todays gallery Standouts:

Blocks by Jazzmom

I had to stop and look closer at this gorgeous page! I sure love the beautiful composition and the colors, but what makes this really special is the blended paper under the photo and the blurry colorful background of the photo! It’s lovely and very eye catching!


Salerno by Tamsin

Beautiful blending and  I love the textures, and the colors and light in this page! The photo treatment is wonderful also!  Love to read about the history that is behind the photo.


welcome baby by kym

What a precious photo and memory! I love this simple but oh so beautiful composition! Love the big title, and the contrast of the dark grey with the soft pink and yellow! It’s just perfect!


Ly by marnel

Another page with that wonderful contrast in colors! I adore all the grunginess against that soft pink! The hearts and the splats and scribbles are just awesome! Sweet family photo too!


You and me by Jiruska

What a wonderful romantic page! I think that the design is beautiful like that on top of the page! The layering is very beautiful. Great colors too! Love all the things she added here! The little framing accent is a great way to get the focus on the beautiful photo!


Embracing Life by bcgal00

This page makes me longing for spring! Such beautiful colors and flowers! The design is very pretty, much to see, but a pleasure to the eyes! Love the brush work and text she added! The page has great dimension!


These were my choices of this Sunday! Hope you like them! Wish you a great week! And if you are going to the carnival, have a great time!  See you next time! Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing — February 6th

6 Feb

Guess what today is? It’s hybrid day! I didn’t set out to pick only hybrid projects today, but once I started looking through all of your beautiful artwork in the galleries, I found myself drawn to these fun hybrid projects that incorporate so many different features. Between containers, cards, die-cuts, real embellishments and yes, some digital elements used creatively, we have ourselves hybrid day!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks:

VACATION by PaigeEvans

Look at the big, big die-cut lettering on this! Isn’t it cool how the word is backed by all of the beautiful papers? Love the way the last letter frames the faces in the solo photo on the page. This is such a terrific vacation book cover, with all of the doodly bits (or, since it’s real life, we can just call it string!). Great use of that die-cut machine Paige! I also liked the reminder that writing by hand on a page is still one of the most effective ways to tell the story.


always observing by MaryAnnM

I had to check to be sure this was using real life embellishments, because it looks digital to me! (Which is a funny, but sincere compliment, since so many digital scrappers hear “it looks so real”!). The doodly hearts got me reeled right in, and I love the title work on this one. Nice use of paint and word art to make the photo pop.


Honey I’m Home gift box by Shellye McDaniel

For those of you who started out as paper scrappers, I know you have stacks of scrapbook paper that you’ve been hoarding forever, because it’s so pretty! Check out how Shellye uses paper to create this clever gift box. This would be so great to wrap a house-warming present, wouldn’t it? She even made the bow with double-sided scrapbook paper, and embellished the front of the box using a cut-out house. I really want to try this project.


Valentine’s Day card by oscaralley aka Tanya

Tanya is one of the most innovative hybrid artists I’ve ever seen, and the Valentine’s projects she posted this week are beyond cute. Love the binder clip holding the calendar, like a little clipboard! This card has a companion box and a matching candy tagfor anyone still working on Valentine’s (like me!), these are very inspired ideas.


plannerlove by alinalove

Alina is another very talented hybrid scrapper, and her planner is full of a fun mix of real and digital embellishments. I love how this photo shows the potential of these planners, as well as all the cool stuff she used to embellish! Such a great resource for a creative outlet and daily diary that you will want to save at the end of the year and go back through. It’s like a mini album and calendar in one, so fun!


my pig by readstoomuch

I am a huge fan of incorporating children’s art into our scrapbooks! In this page Mollie was able to preserve not only the art, but also the story (as told by the wee artist!). I just know that this page will be a favorite for this child to look for in her grandmother’s album.


I hope you are all inspired to create something hybrid now! If you like today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some well-deserved love. Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing – February 5th –

5 Feb

Hi!!! Hope you are all well and starting to enjoy the weekend :) I haven’t had the best of weeks, so I am posting much MUCH later than usual… I will then try to keep it as brief as possible…though with a Latina that is easier said than done!! LOL It has also never been so much of a heart breaker this task of choosing just a few….the galleries are all flowing with gorgeousness!!!

My first page is this absolutely gorgeous take on a template that is bringing jewels to the galleries: Picture Day tlp by amien1 is full of amazing little details, love the photos, the layering with those amazing shadows in every piece, particularly the alphas on the title, everything is gorgeous here!!!! I have to admit I found so many pages of hers that I love tonight, it was a tough decision!


Next is another awesome page from a girl I admire deeply, one of my honorary Blank Space Queens: Ashleywb with Borrow your Phone, only with a fuller page this time…and what a beauty!!!!!! The photo sequence is cute, the whole thing is visually perfect (as usual with Ashley!) and then there is the journaling…. and the page gains 100% more  value and I am totally in love.!!!!! Perfection.


I had decided earlier on I would post the page above  but then, towards the end of my many hours around the galleries, I found another page by Ashley and honestly, couldn’t not post it. This is more in her line of  scrap style, and a precious jewel! (and I NEED muffins now!!! I had blueberries last night, so a pure plain muffin will do anyway LOL)


Next awesomeness is from someone I am sure does not need to be introduced, a superb creative lady who creates some of the most amazing stuff and pages in the whole of digi-land: AkiZo with her page Love Story. Love the stitches circle and, as always, her clusters are perfection,  all the pieces layered have incredible shadows and oh that frame and of course the gorgeous photo!!! She also had some more fabulous pages in her gallery, well worth inspiration!!!!


Another amazing, fabulous LO artist I don’t often find when I am on blog duty, KeeleyB and her page Always. The composition is beautiful, with a hand made feel to it, lots of bits to discover and the journaling is so so beautiful… I can relate as my daughter is more or less the same age… only I am on a bit of a see saw thing with mine…some days I like her…others…well not so much LOL Coming back to the page….those stitches…I can’t resist a good set of stitches and the artsy feel of the elements and gorgeous pattern & texture in the paper makes it even more beautiful!!!


Following Keeley’s artsy page, I found this amazingly gorgeous Timeline Cover by Chaos Lounge. I love making my own, and this is really inspiring! Love the doll/girl drawing and the amazing layering she has going on here…and the corner stitches, perfect seal for the composition… beautiful in every way possible!!!


And last but never ever least is My Heart is Full with Love by mummyd.  I am not sure I can speak for this page, is so beautiful and so creative, speaks for it’self!…this is a self-scraplift, her previous page was amazing and she managed to make it even more so!!! The blending and framing are flawless, the elements wonderfully picked and located, just the right amount, everything perfectly balanced and with that soft, sweet feel.most definitely stands out in the gallery!


So time, for me to go get some sleep, funny, at almost midday!!! LOL) so I’ll leave you with these beauties, hoping they  inspire you as much as they inspire me. In case you are just coming across us here: You can click in the high-lit name of the Lo & author, it will take you to their original galleries and you can leave them some love.Have a great weekend!!!!



Finger Pointing-February 4th

4 Feb

Hello everyone! This is Jana and I’m excited to share today’s Gallery Standouts with you. So many people are intrigued and even a bit scared, by the term “white space.” White space, which isn’t necessarily white, can actually be a very effective way to bring focus to our subjects. White space is merely empty space that is greater than the focal area. I think it’s also an artistic way to create digital layouts. Let’s take a look at six layouts that creatively use white space. I actually found way more than six but finally decided on the following. I hope you enjoy these and will be inspired to scrap a layout of your own, using white space.

Ocean Haven by cocodou-I love the serenity on this gorgeous page! The photo is soft and lovey, as are the colors. The simple grid composition is placed right in the center with just a few simple elements added. This make me want to escape winter and head for the beach. Simply beautiful!

Ocean Haven

Even a Dairy Maid by grammy1971-This is a fabulous black & white page. The watercolor cow is amazing and the white space all around her is beautiful! The placement of the journaling quotes and the swirls lead the eye right into the photo, in a triangular fashion. There are a few elements in the top left corner as well as a border, that all compliment the white space on this page. Well done!

Even-a-Milk-Maid_WEB (1)

The one i Love by Clindoeil- This layout is quite similar to the last one. I wasn’t really going for an animal theme here, but alas…The blended photo nestled in the bottom right hand corner is so beautiful! The brush work on background/white space is subtle and so is the brush work around the llamas. It’s a great example of how white space doesn’t always have to be blank. Perfect placement of the title. It all works together to bring attention to the focal area. Lovely!

The one i Love

Watching by mrs2a50- This is a perfect example of using white space that isn’t white. The entire focal area is placed beautifully in the center of the page. I love that photo of her dog, shot from behind and looking out the window. A few simple paper pieces and a couple of elements totally compliment the photo. I love how the title, the vertical date and journaling surround three sides of the focal area. Very well done!


girls will be girls by AnikA- I adore everything about this layout! The narrow cut-out strips of orange and white are amazing. The black & white stitched photo is darling and is placed perfectly between the strips. The pops of pink really compliment the orange and also the photo. Great use of white space!

girls will be girls

Icing Tune by Brigitte- This just really jumped out at me in the gallery! The image is amazing and very artistic and everything around it draws the eye in. The journaling, which are the song lyrics, is blended to become one with the image. The hearts, swirl and title work are all placed beautifully and the background is gorgeous with the soft colors and painterly brush work.



Finger Pointing – February 3rd

3 Feb

Hello!Paula here my friends!!!! Welcome to another Wednesday night Gallery Standouts post!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

a 1000 words by Adryane

What a stunner of a heritage page! I have been an admirer of Adryane’s pages for a long time. I absolutely adore her journaling! And the process that she used to make the page is awesome! The colors (I love brown&pink) are fantastic together. . I don’t think her Grandma liked getting her picture taken…Hahaha. The body language of the people and Adryane’s interpretation of it is perfect.


Jase Day 1 by kristallund

Ooooh, just look at that cuteness…This cute one really caught my attention! This page is so adorable, so delicate. I was immediately drawn to it.


Choices by chickypow

Wonderful page!! So many amazing details here. Love the choice of elements (they look terrific against the wooden background) and composition plus the shadows and it feels like I could touch this page.


Random Challenge – February 15 by KarenB

Love the design here, with the right amount of elements used and the placement of everything. What a cool pic! Looks like he’s jumping right off the page! And what a wonderful extraction!

Random Challenge - February 15

La Surprise by pitiscrap

Génial!!I have such an admiration for clean, blank space pages…Brilliant clear style and photo effect. Love how she brings the photo to attention with a white border, the neutral colors, word art and especially the cute pic!


Liz by Spacecadetswife

A great artsy page to end with! It jumped out of the gallery and caught my eye immediately. What a fun layout this is, I couldn’t contain myself! I just adore everything here, the quote, flairs  (LOVE THE EYE!!) and element mix are really fantastic!Everything is just perfect on this page!


This is all from me today, hope you find inspiration in these amazing pages and that you enjoyed these as much as I do!