Archive | November, 2008

Finger Pointing….

29 Nov

Haloe’s My Grinch!

my grinch

Babelek’s Rak for Diana

rak for diana

Carina’s Quase Anjo

quase anjo

jstbkuz’s pizza slice

pizza slice

lenescobar’s Dream Catcher

dream catcher

brentboone’s Miracle


Helene’s Miam


Michelle Godin’s Twilight Obsession

twilight obsession

emi’s Winter memories

winter memories

Pam’s Winter Dream

winter dream

Kristin’s picking and grinning

picking and grinning

grungeee’s joy


AgataMG’s Zuza


Crystal’s ready for snow

ready for snow

colleen’s let it snow

let it snow


Happy Holidays

27 Nov

All finger pointers will be taking Thursday off.

Be safe and have good memories!


Finger Pointing…

26 Nov

Monic’s Gift

Karina’s gift

Sydney’s no name

Didó’s angel without wings

scrapenherbe’s I just love you

ReSales’s Little-treasure

laviconi’s double power

Carolee’s These Guys

Luciana Orikassa’s Cold



Finger Pointing….

25 Nov

shaui’s 08-24-MY-PEACE

my peace

Emilie’s Counting my blessings

counting my blessings

Michelle Filo’s energy


sam’s Mine


prisalles’s Ready for Christmas!

ready for christmas

Joan’s visiting the deer

visiting the deer

mru’s RAK for Nicole

rak for nicole

Valoriew’s Confessions of a W addict


kellbuckley’s untitled



Finger Pointing….

24 Nov


Kris’s the gifts

the gifts

cherpea’s love you more…

love you more

She’s birthday dreams

birthday dreams

correen’s peace


Monic’s Winter magic

winter magic

Mabel’s My joy

my joy

BridgetL’s A very kitty Christmas

a very kitty christmas

dancingscrapper’s In Love 1920

i love 1920

Safo’s Important




finger pointing

22 Nov

evitangel how old are you now?

irenchen little santa

fabiane rubia brothers and friends

hanne79 sleeping together

karina my family

punktchen playing first concert

maria w little boy dreams

whatnext where’d it go?

catherine (chud23) christmas memories


Finger Pointing….

21 Nov

Divv’s “My Favorite Time…”

my favorite time

hedderlee’s Let it snow

let it snow

Colleen’s season of miracles

season of miracles

tichulka’s …a special gift…her memories

her memories

nonnie’s Living the Dream

living the dream

2bg’s b/w sisters

b/w sisters

star74’s Xmas 1975

xmas 1975

anke’s happy birthday Gabby

happy birthday gabi

jenny sky’s Believe in the magic of Christmas

believe in the magic of christmas