Archive | January, 2009

Finger pointing…

31 Jan

gandcsmama’s pop rocks

pop rocks

Valorie’s ok, i confess!

ok, i confess

JanaO’s I love you

i love you

cherryberry’s Double Trouble

double trouble

jennie’s ~juicy baby~

juicy baby

Hollie’s Favorite Things

favorite things

Cat23’s Happy Girl

happy girl

lili1981’s Cute as a button

cute as a button

liljatr’s Hot Cocoa…

hot cocoa


Finger Pointing…

30 Jan

star74’s Brakes!


prisalles’ Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams

lizzyfizzy’s my lil wuvey

my lil wuvey

BrynnMarie’s For You See…

for you see

Anja J’s melina


AmyPunky’s Picture This

picture this

amandaresende’s I heart purple

i heart purple

jule’s no title

no title

michellefilo’s whatever the weather

whatever the weather


Finger pointing…

29 Jan

scarletsierra’s you remind me

you remind me

Monic’s You are the key to my heart

you are the key

th!nkblue’s She Thinks He’s Perfect

she thinks he's perfect

JenJ’s Love My World

love my world

Lorilei’s Because you Loved me

because you loved me

Hanazana’s You’ve got my heart

you've got my heart

Mamzelka’s Essence of Spring

essence of spring

nicleblanc’s Dumbo Delight

dumbo delight

Tomkat’s On the Roof

on the roof


Finger Pointing…

28 Jan

Susan Toon’s Be Mine

Be Mine

sbaird’s First Haircut

First Haircut

novita’s Love Furever

Love Furever

liljatr’s Love…


kriscrosby’s the step

the step

jeanet’s Proudly Presents…

proudly presents...

inskidahv’s It’s The Little Things

It's The Little Things

Fabiane Rubia’s Lovely


camilamaria’s Sophie




28 Jan


finger pointing

26 Jan

Colleen’s Sticks and stones

sticks and stones

Nath’s A little bit of you

a little bit of you

lealolajadeden’s Sweet Baby

sweet baby

my3hens’ s Purity


emi’s Summer is in the air

summer is in the air

whatnext’s She rocks

she rocks

nbeaudreau’s Thank You

thank you

katcha’s My Love Adeli

my love adeli

Amanda R’s Today



sticks and stones

26 Jan

sticks and stones