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Finger Pointing (April 30)

30 Apr

The Passport Photo by GroovyJellyBean

Picture Perfect by Amymom24

This Face by dlhoffer

Notecard Tote by JenTapler

Captivating by drdigiscrap

Miss You by Maria W

ready to play by beehive50

Got Soccer by Tammy by sf_gal


Finger Pointing (April 29)

29 Apr

Peppermint’s This Is Me


pne123’s Our Family of 5


tomkat’s No Bus


maryannwise’s mini jackson


216’s I Love…


divv’s free spirit


elizzylee’s “eeeeeeee”


beckie weckie’s Assignment 3


skrpbkmom’s 20 weeks


Finger Pointing (April 28)

28 Apr

Hollie’s New Obsession

new obsession

Keely’s Got Lucky

got lucky

Dawn’s kick up dust

kick up dust

Crystal’s silly monster

silly monster

amandajane’s this is my bliss

this is my bliss

zazou’s motherhood

star74’s swing


127’s Rebirth


jazzmatazz’s About Pain

about pain


Finger Pointin’ (27 April)

27 Apr

joannknnrd‘s my little book of opposites

papersquares’ papa & jacob

emi_jamie’s the summer of ’79

sashinamama’s relax

106’s alice

cherpea’s why

heathert’s ireland at the sea

kellbuckley’s everything

olga unger’s sea holiday


Finger Pointing (April 24)

25 Apr

_she_’s fishing


monsu’s Breath of fresh air


ellimeachem1’s My rainbow…


starxlr8’s big man on campus


Martuska’s I love you NY


amandajane’s Floriade


aromachock’s Father & Son


justanotherjen’s feel the heat


Jodie’s create


Finger Pointing (April 23)

23 Apr

The Giggles by JaimeChoi

Dream by Jeannie

Us by Kirsty85

This is you, Katy by KerryMac

so sweet by Denise Umlauf

against the wind by osaru

Self Portrait by KellBuckley

Sunshine by Starlite9711


Finger Pointing (April 23)

23 Apr

Sunshine by Starlite9711