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Finger Pointing (May 30)

31 May

Wow, the galleries are full of amazing layouts today, it has taken me a long long time to chose my favourites! Here’s what I finally picked:

pSyren’s Easter Hunt 2009

I love how all the plant elements blend so well with that wonderful photo, very cleverly done. Great way to include a lot of journaling but without it dominating the page.

aly321’s Fun Slide

Fabulous colours and the repeating circles all over the design are so effective, I also really like how the lettering on the photograph becomes the title. A page full of fun and summer!

anetka’s just be yourself

Little boy grunge at it’s best! I love the effect on the photo and the strip of circles running down the page.

Whit’s learning to walk

Fabulous use of that sunburst paper and I really like all the layered elements around the photograph, great contrast with the negative space on the page.

Amanda1201’s paradise

Love the pops of yellow throughout the page and the feeling of utter joy.

dianeskie’s Silly Faces

Great use of the strongly patterned paper, the mixture of colour and black and white photos is very effective. Lovely element work too.

sascedar’s time to get ready

Yep, a page about laundry! Although of course it isn’t just about laundry, the journaling here is so wonderfully evocative and the words blended into the background are such a great touch.

jalong’s We’re Still Here

I love the wonderful graphic feel this has and the shadows are superb, they really help to convey the story. Great supportive journaling too, the speech bubbles are a clever touch.

Kitty’s You and Me

I adore this page: the tape measures “stitching” the edges down, the lovely photos, the neutral colours with the pops of blue and green everywhere and especially that little newsprint crown. It just makes me happy to look at it!


Finger Pointin’ (30 May)

30 May

I truly appreciate Kate and I’m loving the new gals! If you are picking GS up through a reader you’ve been missing the new names that have been added! Check it out when you have a minute!

phfphd’s Celebrate the Littleof

Today my daughter graduates from High School. I wish I had taken photos of her at this time period. Great memories. The photo is fantastic with action and shadow and I love how the title is on the photo

celebrate the little

Monika7810’s Beauty

Love the circle theme and the swirls – it is just beautiful


Maga’s Little Indian

Just screams fun fun fun! Great extraction and design. Did you notice how the date is nicely painted on the foliage?

little indian

milkcan’s My Mother And Me

The color work is fab. Perfect kit choice for the photo – love how the hearts flow out of the photo and the journaling on the clouds. Love it!

my mother and me

Jan Barlow’s Reflect

Oh my. Again fab photo. Jan makes it look so easy.


dst212’s Zoo

Love the composition and the choice of photo tone to match. And how the savanah tree in the corner just completes the flow


Elena’s Goodbye Old Friends

I’m a prior paperscrapper — can anyone else relate?! well done Elena!

goodbye old friends

Geordie Girl’s Gardeners birthday card

Speaking of…since “going” digi I rarely pick up anything else – But Geordie Girl continually rocks hybrid cards. Check on her link and see the extra image that shows the depth and creativity of this card!

gardeners birthday card

paulakesselring’s Jonas Brothers Show

This layout just slams out of the gallery with color and fun. Nice drop shadows as well!


jonas brothers



Finger Pointing (May 29)

29 May

It’s Friday! Hope everyone is gearing up for a fantastic weekend. Here are some gorgeous layouts that grabbed my eye today.


You Color My World by Lill-B

This is such a fun layout. I love, love how she did the title. Very clever.


Growing Up by kellbuckley

Love the monochromatic look with just a touch of gold. Just a cool page.


Together181 by Aline Charpinel

Such fun photos. Like the filmstrip feel. The red just pops everything.


Just Me by Jenny79

This is just so fun. Love all the little photos, all cropped differently. The page just makes me smile.


You by missrubikscube

This is so fun and playful. The “pop feel” is just perfect for a little one’s about you page.


Camping by Babelek

This is really well done. She totally looks like part of this adorable scene. The negetive space real enhances it too.


Talk by Ivana Alves

I love how this page reflects the photos…girly and fun. The doodles scream fun and the overlapping of the pieces brings energy and movement to the page.


Why by jenn7

This one has such moving journaling as reflected in the photo. Its raw emotion. Real.


Lou-Ann by Mathilde

This layout is just soooo gorgeous! The use of the photo mask, graphics and restrained use of elements is perfection.






Finger Pointing (May 28)

28 May

Tough picks today…but here are some Lo’s that really grabbed me.

gandcsmama’s Her Own Hand

I love the simplicity here and the orange on white. The photograph of the handwritten recipe card is brilliant.


downhome’s WOW

This just really grabbed me, the extraction is fantastic and the photo is perfect! Love the angles here and the lighting. Really well put together.


stacey99’s Shyness

This is beautiful. It’s delicate and has an amazing flow that just draws the eyes along. The different crops of the same photo top it off. Gorgeous.


Keely~B’s Six

Love all the “stuff” on here. I cannot do multiphoto LO’s very well so ones that look fantastic really capture my attention. The colours, messy stiches, fonts and brushwork here all come together to create a super fun LO full of energy!


justJess’s Pause

What a peaceful, calming LO. And so true. I love the feeling of serenity and rest that comes from this. The paper blocking is great with the messy journaling and cute elements.


bobbieb’s Stillness

This LO caught my eye at once. The photo itself is stunning and the title goes with it perfectly. It makes me remember feeling stillness in the early morning or when I’ve just been in one of those moments.


ange’s My Delicacy

I really dig the photo here….it’s very cool – like I’m peeking at a scene through blinds or something. I really like the clean design with the faded brushwork too…it all fits together fantastically!


joannknnrd’s This is How I Feel

Oh man….I can so relate. This LO does an amazing job of conveying emotion. It’s simple and photoless and yet packs a big bunch. Awesome reflection too.


heatherT’s Never Ever Forget

This made me cry a bit. The journaling is so raw and real. The emotion just slams you. It’s beautiful and sad and the typography is stunning.





Finger Pointing (May 27)

27 May

Adryane’s us 2009  Love the emotion in the photos, the clean composition and pops of orange and white on grey.


Angelia’s Once Upon a Time  Clever use of a window and curtains to show a peek into her daughters world.


camilamaria’s Reason 2  Great flow on this layout, the color scheme is fun and bright and the title draws readers in to see what the journaling says.


emilymerritt’s Love You Baby  Love the rounded rectangle cropping and notice the slight tapering of the horizontal lines as it draws your eye to the bottom of the page.


Hanne’s Hipp hipp hurra!  I’m a fan of shaped LO’s.  The bright photo and fun title work makes this a standout.


heathert’s Time Moves On I love pages that show changes over time.  The soft blue tint creates a cohesiveness between the three different photos.


jpope76’s My Lil’ Artist…  The aged worn photos really add a richness and warmth to this layout especially paired with her paper and element choices.


SeattleSheri’s Joy To My Life  Check out that gorgeous photo and amazing blend work.  Perfectly shown off on a simple white background with black text.  Stunning.


Steph’s The Very Best Days  Sometimes simple is best and the clean design, great photos and journaling tell the perfect story.



Finger Pointing (May 26)

26 May

Hi all, Sandra (aka chengie) here with my first post! Now let’s get started with what I’ve found in the galleries today:

finecraft’s The Universe

Very creative to put photos of galaxies in the bubbles, and look at those reflections!!

elizzylee’ s Hello

Gorgeous picture and very simple, yet beautiful design.


lizzyfizzy’s Being A {Boy}

Very boy-ish and energetic layout, love how it takes the eye from right to left and back.

petu’s Sea

Great shadow work here, makes me want to reach out and touch it!

Lumilyon’s Lyon 8iem Decembre

There is a total of SIX pictures in here! A bit frightening figure, but I can’t take my eyes away from it.

Lyon 8iem Decembre

Mel’s Splash

Awesome layering, composition and colorscheme.


chia’s Like Father Like Son

A fun layout to show off the funny pics. Love the circle theme repeated in the papers and elements.

Like Father Like Son

_she_’s Waiting Time To Love

Well chosen elements to symbolize the waiting time.

Waiting Time To Love

Myoldanlac’s Flourish – Keisha

I love the blended and enlarged photograph on this page.

Flourish - Keisha


Finger Pointing (May 25)

25 May

It was hard narrowing down my choices to nine today!

Jodie’s Deep Blue Sea

Love the composition and white space – and the elements have a retro feel to them – a style that I’m just digging these days

deep blue sea

mru’s Sea Dreams

Amazing that the dreams are being poured out of bottle

sea dreams

Pauline’s My Paradise

Precious photo – such a serious look – everything is so crisp and makes a bold statement

my paradise

Kenna’s Civil War Reenactment

Jumped right out of the gallery at me – the colors, the “feel” of old but new

civil way

my3hen’s The Help

Amazing composition and I adore the teeny tiny size of the elements

the help

Sanhery’s Just children…

Fabulous use of photos – just bursts with happiness

just children

the3chickens Love Letters

One of a two page layout – click the link to see both pages – Immediately drawn to the sentiment but it doesn’t stop there – great design and depth – very touchable

love letters

shades of bliss Junior Birdman

Hilarious photo catch – great blocking and title work

junior birdman

aromachock’s Just Breathe

Pulled in by life’s reality

just breathe