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Creamy Bodylotion

30 Jun

s.guthoerl’s Creamy Bodylotion


Finger Pointing (June 30)

30 Jun

Hi all, we’ll start off with a chuckle today…..

s.guthoerl’s Creamy Bodylotion

This one got me ROLLLINGGG, just wait for the page to load.

Tracy107’s Watch You Grow

Looks like one of the ads I’ve torn out of an older magazine. Loving the vignette on the photos and a nice design overall.

donjing’s Moments-neu

The pic, the blending, the reflection, the simple word art. Just stunning

ajaabney’s Too Cool

This is just a fun page with great pics.

Lumilyon’s Dragonflies

If you follow those glowing lights in the dark, this is where they will take you.

lusy’s Trouble

Arrr, watch out for this pirate, here comes trouble! Great pics and awesome clustering, this page immediately caught my eye!

zsaliza’s Amelyn

Every little girl’s dream, to be a fairy in this magical world.

paula kesselring’s “Tell me what’s on your mind !”

I’m just hypnotized. The eyes lock yours onto the page, great design, colors and amazing shadowing!

heathert’s The Hand

Yeah, the hand, the hand says it all.

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Finger Pointing (June 28)

28 Jun

Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I’ve had fun searching through the galleries (whilst listening to footage from the Glastonbury Festival!) to bring you my picks for today, ahhh what a great Sunday afternoon!

Chengie’s Coming Soon

Such a beautiful page anticipating the arrival of a new babe, all the sparkles add a wonderful magical touch.

kchris’s Cookies

cookies…mmmmm…cookies…mmmm YUM! Great journalling here, especially the sums working out how many cookies have been baked over the years. Lovely embellishments, and well, a page about cookies always stands out to me.

danielled’s Everyday Disarray

I adore this page: the font choice for the title, the journalling that appears to be part of the paper, the fabulous photo and grungy paint. Great stuff.

Pam’s Love

Fabulous mix of blended photos and framed ones, the tilted angle of the paper is so striking, and the photos – oh so cute!

maseyv’s Perrine

Stunning composition with an air of mystery enhanced by the lack of journalling – what is she looking at?!

kellbuckley’s Phinizy Swamp

I love how Kelly has made her photos part of the scene she created but still keeps them as rectangular “photo shaped” images, such great interplay between the pics and all the elements.

wombat146’s Reflections

The photo. Just look at this photo. Absolutely beautiful with the perfect amount of embellishment to let this photo shine.

KayM’s The Dogs I Love

It’s easy to neglect scrapping our furry or feathered (or scaled for that matter) friends and here’s a page that celebrates Kay’s special doggies in all their glory! The photo of them from behind is too cute for words.

quietangelsb’s Up!

Such a great design with the vertical paper strips and all the balloons, balanced nicely with the titlework and journalling. Such fun!


Finger Pointing (27 June)

27 Jun

Oh my goodness! I’m late! So sorry!  Onward…

Amy’s You Are

Okay my peeps and fellow blog followers here is a primary example of why Amy Martin has been chosen as a Master. This girl rocks layout design. I have several of these items in my own stash but she just has the touch to bring it all together.

you are

JanettD’s Pure

Could not pass up this one. So much movement and joy


twentytinytoes’ Happy Birthday!

Love the flow of elements – don’t those confetti pieces look like the ones that come on cake? You could pick them right up and eat them.

happy birthday

BeccaBoo’s Beach

The swirls and colors first caught my eye but at a closer look there is such fun whimsy


Linz’s trashed!

Yes, I’ve had a child trash their room. You, too? Linz captured and memorized it! Love all the tucked in bits and the buttons on the corner


Vany’s Angel Baby

The blending – at two different levels – the tiny work – very sweet baby page


Lori Potts’ Decisive Moment

Mmm…all the blue with a pop of orange…the great brush work – not to mention the actual reason Lori created it. To all the great teachers out there:

decisive moment

lissylee’s Mother’s secret

Fabulous – the purple – the quote – the shadows

mother's secret

Paula’s King of Pop

Couldn’t really not post this today. Thank you Paula.

king of pop


Finger Pointing (June 26)

26 Jun

Happy Friday to everyone!! Have any great plans for the weekend? I think I am going to get all of my layouts together and have them printed in a photobook. Fun times, eh? LOL! Hope your plans are more exciting than mine.

Here are some beauties that caught my eye today.

the touch of love by beladonna

This page is pure magic. The lighting is superb. It looks like it could be wallart or a greeting card. Gorgeous!

Delightful by Jasmin

I love the crop of the photo. The bright colors on the white just pop. Very fun page with great balance.

Anatomy of a Cast by kelly65

Love the graphic design here. The witty commentary is very funny. Awesome scrap.

Dream Land by Lusy

Pure enchantment. It looks straight out of a storybook. I adore it.

I’m In Here by Karen

The journaling made me cry. This is so heartfelt and rather heartbreaking.

Emi Believes by marypop

I love the girly, fairy spirit captured here. The page has great movement!

Lazy Summer Days by anetka

What don’t I love about this page?!?! Seriously fantastic….the crop of the photo, the effect on it, the use of text, the sprinkle of daisies, great shadow work, balance….just all so well done.

[let’s go] by kel

This page is just a party. Great use of the all the different papers and the swirls give it an exploding, confetti feel. Really fun.

So Cool by Lill-B

This page just rocks. I love the extraction and the repeat of it in the background. It really is “so cool.”


Finger Pointing {June 25}

25 Jun

Good Morning! Erin here, late today….my fiance TURNED OFF MY ALARM. *sigh* So I slept in and was late for work and and and….well you know how it is.

There is loads of goodness in the galleries today too so choosing just 9 was hard. But here are some of my faves!

Dirty Feet by chookie

uh….WOW. The depth, the layering, the shadows….the topic and journaling. I love it all. It blows me away! Her shadowing is so sublte but seamless…..I cannot stop looking at this one.

Your Eyes by mrstoa

I love this idea. All the shots of the eyes beautifully blended into the crisp, clean background. perfect font as well. This LO just seems to have flowed for her and it’s sentiment is touching too. Beautiful.

Not Keen on Greens by Lori Potts

heehee!!! This is awesome! LOVE the stitched alpha and that photo is fantastic. Look at it. REALLY look at it. I love the composition, the depth of field….this is just a super cool LO that made me smile. I had to share that smile with all of you!

Honzik by Niiki

This is superb. That photo, for one, is spectacular. The layers and shadows are great and the composition is amazing. This one caught my eye and held it for ages….STUNNING!

Enjoying Time by fulloflife

It was the title work that grabbed me here. I’m a sucker for a good title and this one is perfect. Then I looked some more and really like everything about this. There is so many cool little touches, like the hat on the photo and the arragnement up on the top left. Very cool LO, let your eyes wander for a bit, it’s worth it!

Guitar by ~karen~

uh……that photo is beautiful. I love the journaling, the design, the soft, soothing colours….and that tree….it just fits perfectly. This LO grabbed me right out of the gallery and made me realize that I MUST play my guitar more. It makes me think that we ALL must do things we enjoy more. Beautiful.

Remember the Good Times by michellefilo

So so true. Read her journaling. It’s true and we should try to keep that outlook in mind. I love her framing and composition here. Those photos are fantastic even though, as she points out, they are not perfect. Sometimes those are the best kind cause they are REAL. Love this.

The Touch by lockhart0_1

I LOVE that she scrapped her iphone. I’m really jealous cause I want one but am stuck with a blackberry, but aside from my envy, this LO is perfect for the subject! Clean, crisp, modern. She paired the subject and her creation up so well. It’s like an ad almost but it’s her voice, her thoughts. Fantastic piece.

Tom by Jule

I love the design and colours here. And I want that cat. Badly. He is adorable. In fact, I love that she scrapped him. He deserves to be scrapped. I really love the inking around the edges and the scattered elements, especially the wee little framed photos. The blue and white with the tiny touch of yellow really work here too. Really well done LO. And I really want her cat.



Finger Pointing (June 23)

23 Jun

Now, there were a lot of layouts that caught my eye today, shall I pick this, this one or that one? Anyway, here are they.

Lumilyon’s LOST

There is a link to her blog where she analyses this picture of total strangers! Oh, how I would love to peek in her creative brain for a day.

Joan’s Playground Adventure

The shadowing, the depth she created, the tilted and blended pic, just yummm.

Star74’s I love these shoes

Loving the contrast between the red and blue on the neutral background. Neat design too!

Gonewiththewind’s Day At The Lake

The shadows!! I just wanted to reach out and touch this very tropical page.

Allinesc’ Ro_a-da-vov_

I like how everything comes together with the soft colors, the brushes, the paper pieces, just everything.

Amandaresende’s Swing

Totally fun, emphasizing the swing hanging from a branch. And did I mention the shadow and title work here?

Leora’s {be who you are}

I just want to cuddle this page, very soft and sweet and girly!

GButcher’s Inspiração (Inspiration)

Funky pic, funky page, great colorscheme.

Maria W’s Summer

Very creative and fun titlework!

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