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Finger Pointing (July 29)

29 Jul

amandaresende’s little princess  There is something so striking about a black and white photo on a bright background.  Love the layering of elements too.


JenJ’s You at 4  This is simply beautiful and understated.  I think the balloon crops are super cute.


Karen’s Garden  This year I’ve started my own garden, and I love this layout with it’s circle photos and lots of jouranling.


Keela’s Confidence Shows  I think Keela’s confidence shows in this layout.  Such simplicity that makes the photo really the star of the show.  Brilliant page!


kistal1027’s Sweet as Sugar  This photo is stunning and I love the soft understated colors.  The composition is spot on as well.


LauraLiz’s Today You  I love the idea of documenting your child’s day (and giggled at the bipolar part).  The beads as journaling points are a neat touch.


Lynnette’s Missing You  How awesome is this layout?  The layered waves in the circle, the title work, the colors…awesome job again this week Lynette!!


mugsbigsis’s Good with the Bad  I love the “flip” to this layout!  Great idea for journaling too.


Tracyfish’s 10 Sticky Fingers  I was immediately attracted to the colors of the LO…blue and orange is such an eye catching combo.  The details here are great and the way the photos diminish in size pulls the eye across the page.


Finger Pointing (July 28)

28 Jul

It’s my turn again! I’ve had a bit of starting up issues today, so let’s get on with the inspirational pieces I’ve found.

drnike50’s Oh, The Places I Have Been…

A not so common phenomenon in the galleries, a male scrapper! I love how he journaled about these important moments in his life, not only the ups, but also the downs…

Sarah Barber Design’s Happy Childhood.

Love the artsy look here, the colors, the brushstrokes, and that doodled journaling is fun!

LaurieAnn’s You Had Me At Hello

Here a romantic story has come to life with the elements reaching out of the book. Or is it the other way around, that this romance is just like a story out of a book? The title says it all….

Earlofoxford’s The Lady with the Unicorn (l)

The textures, the design, the blending!! This looks like an illustrated page torn out of a storybook!

Jacq’s Love To Read

Very fun page with the bright colors, the lovely photos, and the composition. This page pops!

nininano’s A perfect day at the beach

This is white space at its minimum! I love the repeated photo and faded wordart. Very eye catching layout!

Rubia Padilha’s RAK Vany

Funky design with the buttons and the cut out photo! Very bold and expressive.

Sternrakete’s Wonderful Evening

The layering here is just gorgeous. I’m getting the feeling that these are treasures collected after a wonderful stroll on the beach.

Estir_bune’s My personal soundtrack

Very creative to use puzzle pieces to fill the shape! I love the composition, very neat and graphic. Is this list bringing you back in time?



Finger Pointing (July 27)

28 Jul

Happy Monday everyone! Ready for another round of amazing and inspiring layouts? Here we go!

mom2peanuts’ Love is all around

Gorgeous layout here. The color scheme with the bits of purple and teal just pops and I love the subtle blending as well.

ingridfasquelle’s Prince Charmant

This page is just beyond adorable! I love the collection of photos here, perfect example of a great multi-photo page that still has plenty of white space.

Denise Gormish’s The Unexpected

The clean design of this page is just perfect. I love how the design really lets the story and the photo take center stage.

marto_gal_30’s Cricket

This page is such a great example of many different techniques being pulled together to create one amazing, cohesive page.

CaroB71’s Summertime

The colors in this just scream “summer” to me. Great use of white space too!

GoingtotheSun’s Walking Ljubljana_1

I absolutely LOVE this page. Such a perfect example of a clean, modern travel page – it really looks like it could be an ad or a magazine page. It’s actually the first of two page layout, you can see the second page here. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this page for future reference!

jewelz729’s A Month of Movies

This page is SO fun. I love how she included all the movie posters. Such a great way to capture a month in their life.

viviane’s I believe…

The bold colors and lines of this page just jumped out of the gallery. Such a cute page!


d2vasquez’s Magical Place

This page is just STUNNING. Every little details is just perfect, from the colors, to the tiny elements and perfect clustering. I love how it all just pops off the dark background. Amazing!


Finger Pointing (July 25)

25 Jul

Hi everyone! Sarah here for another GSO post! Busy day here so gonna get this going and I hope your having a wonderful day!

Tea Time by AmandaResende

I love the blocking and perfect composition! Just soooo sweet!


Rain by Maria W.

The tiny cluster is just gorgeous! I can never pull off this much white space and am always totally in awe of those that make it look so easy!


Inspiration by S. Guthoerl

Love the fun bright design. The repeated photo is so awesome!


Mil Versos by Kel_Doll

All about me pages are something that I always admire, I have the hardest time scrapping myself!


Peaceful Beauty by ScarletSierra

I love the asian influence and gorgeous creative compositoin! Just beautiful!


Cheers by ThinkBlue

The red just really pops from the gallery! This is So beautifully composed!


Yum Yum… By Steffi

So perfectly girly! Love the colors to death and the composition is beautiful! I love all the photos on this page as well!


Little Fluffy Clouds by Lockhart0_1

The masking and bright photo on that stark white background is wonderful! Love the journaling too!

Girly by CrystalBella77

The bright colors, sweet clustering and gorgeous little girl are all the perfect recipie for a perfect page!




Finger Pointing (July 24)

24 Jul

Happy Friday!! Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am. The galleries are so chocked full of gorgeousness this morning that it was a real challenge to pick only nine layouts. I honestly could have picked several dozen.

Margaritaville by CCA

Man, is this one gorgeous page. Everything is so seamlessly blended together. I feel like I could just step into it….oh and do I want to!

Random Gavinism No 127 by gavinsmum

I love the idea of this. Random bits documented. They will be so fun to read down the road. I love how the honeycomb pattern relates to the journaling.

Birthday Celebrate by Vesi

This is so enchanting. Pure storybook scrapping. I love how all the elements are arranged and the sweet baby on top of the cake. Scrumptious!

Mom’s Off Duty by JenJ

I love this! I want to print it and hang it on my wall. Its a great expression without photos…how a mom’s job is never done!

Seize the Date by anchlove

This is so rich with texture. The shadow work is awesome. I want to reach out and touch it.

Nao Se Reprima by allinesc

This is so much fun. The energy of the photos matches the scrap. I love how she did her journaling. Super page!

Baby Bird by gonewiththewind

This is such a sweet page. I love the photos and how they are framed. Also love the selection of elements and how they relate to the photos.

I Like Me by lizzyfizzy

This page is as spunky as she is. Love her use of the rectangular frames and all the layering. Great shadow work too!

Last Baby by Lmccandless

This page is so sweet. The journaling is very touching and real. I can relate as I have had those feelings too. I love how she scrapped this with just a handful of elements so the focus is on the photo.



Finger Pointing (23 July)

23 Jul

tinamarie’s Buy the Book

Amazing, isn’t it? The graphic feel – the shadows and lighting – the creativity to think of the ying and yang – just brillant.

buy the book

Lexicam’s Monkey See Monkey Do

Okay. Sweet looking faces but it looks like trouble to me! The scratchy doodle behind hints that all is not what it seems on the surface. Especially love the name tag – and great white space as well.

monkey see

be2be’s Play Ball

Great photo – love the crop and the color isolation. Yes, he wants to play!

play ball

neeceebee’s Click

Ooo…I’m often attracted to things I cannot do. Love the square centering – the lovely paper cuts – so clean but clean can be difficult!


shawtyp’s feelin free

Now here’s the opposite of clean – but there is still great flow. You have to really look more than once at this layout to see all the details that have been placed. Fab work.

feelin free

jesspo’s get me through

So sweet. Love the color combos – and the center woman figure that is anchored by the photo…her purpose.

get me through

supertwinkle’s One Pile Too Many

Here’s a layout that everything on it has a reason. Sometimes our art outflow is just expression of creativity and things get placed on our layout that look nice to the eye but really don’t have a reason to be there. Not so here. The paper pieces are piled in a crazy, haphazard way – representing the almost tipping of too many piles. The font and doodles continue to express the unsteadiness of it all. Even the choice of the journal font is uneven. Well done.

one pile

Julie DeGuia’s Thoughts About SPACE

We’ve just hit the anniversary of the moon walk. The USA is reconsidering it’s involvement in space exploration. It warms my heart to know there are still young children out there that dream of space. Julie has chosen excellent supplies to work with as well – the notebook paper, staples, tags, book cards – excellent.

thoughts about space

Amanda’s all sick

Love the bold orange. I also love how Amanda has journaled on the tape. I often find myself out of patience to do something like that.

all sick



Finger Pointing (July 22)

22 Jul

pne123’s *Little {Love} Note*  Love the little pops of red, white and turquoise.  The journal blocks, little rub on animals, and that tag are the perfect accents.


Lynnette’s Summer Love #3- Fruit  Love the paper pieced pears and perfectly composed page.


Katrina’s Little doll  The tiny elements, the sweet wagon holding the smaller photo, and the adorable font all portray the sweetness in the photo.  Adorable all the way around!


karla gardini’s Rak for Carolzinha  Great layering and repetition of elements.


dst212 (daniela)’s Sea Creature  Great crop on the photos and the black stitched waves are the perfect finishing touch.


chickypow’s Out of Time  This is an inspiring piece of work.  Remember that journaling can sometimes be solely for the writer.  I love that she obscured it with all the page elements.


Bask8kace’s Confession  Not only is this a cool page to look at, but the journaling is powerful as well.


Anna Aspnes’s Girl Drama  How cool is this page?  I love the circle cropped photos to mimic the circles in the background paper.  And yes, I can attest that the girl drama starts very young these days!


1girl1boy’s Sunshine  This really does say summer to me.  I love the simple journaling and elements.