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Finger Pointing (August 21)

21 Aug

It’s that time of year…a season of change. The galleries are proving that. Sun and fun layouts next to lush, rich Fall layouts. Sigh, where has the year gone? Here are some beauties that grabbed me today.

Gods Creativity by scarletsierra

I think this is one of the prettiest layouts I have seen in a long time. The combination of the circle cropped photos with the swirls, butterflies and paint underneath is just stunning.

Autumn by liljatr

I can just feel the nip in the air here. Love the dramatic, windswept feel of it. The wordart is a really nice touch.

Make A Wish by unia

This is just so fun and sunny. Love the lighting and soft warm feel.

Sisters by fanatka

How adorable is this?!?! It looks straight out of a storybook. That photo is just too cute. I love the mouse and how the flower doodles are scaled.

Esspresoo Yourself by Monika7810

I really dig this composition. It’s just so striking! Great repetition of elements.

Morgan Had A Little Lamb by crossroadscca

This is so sweet and charming! I love the coloring of the photo to match the dreaminess of the layout. She is so precious!

I’d Rather Be Here by kaleandkiara

I love the sentiment of this layout. You just want to step into that photo and escape. Love that she used just a few well placed elements to keep it clean.

Jewels of Autumn by Beladonna

How gorgeous is this? The jewel toned water droplets are just amazing!!!

1st Grade 1st Day by Joan

I love the linear composition of this. The repetition of the blackboard is really well done. I love how you follow the story across. Really cute story too.

Hope everyone as a great weekend!




Finger Pointing (Aug 20)

20 Aug

Simoni’s meu amor  Doesn’t this make you smile?  I love the colors, the composition, the photo…it’s all very well done.


mirjam’s The worst thing to lose  I love that she attempted word art, and it turned out fantastic.


Luzaine’s Pense e dance This is such a fabulous job of using multiple alphas, elements, pattern papers, photos and journal boxes.  It could get too busy, but the color scheme pulls it all together.


lizandra’s Neu Gustavinho  This is the kind of layout I wish I could pull off.  A great photo framed simply with one perfectly placed element and a title.  Perfection.


kathie02’s again  When people ask what  graphic style is…I want you to point them to this layout.  Gorgeous photography, contrast of colors, perfectly composed, and smart clean font choices.  A+


d2vasquez’s New BFFS  A great example of pulling colors from the photo.  Also love the shadow work and layering of elements.


Anna Aspnes’s Freestyle  I first noticed the circle photos and stitched fish.  Then I started to look at the details…the letters in the bubbles that spell out a name, the paint splatters, the tag with a tidbit about the earths water content.  Great layout!


amandaresende’s “in the yard” Brilliant shadowing and the small flowers direct the eye across the page.  I’m a huge fan of journaling and she incorporates it into the page design flawlessly.


amandajane’s happiness If you want your page to pop, add a touch of black and white.  I love the four black photo mats spaced out behind the three photos.  It really makes those photos the focus of the page.



Finger Pointing (August 19)

19 Aug

Happy Wednesday everyone! Ready for another edition of Finger Pointing? I am!

Luciana Orikassa’s Bike

I love the way the colors just pop off the black background. It creates such a cool, moody feel, especially when combined with the effects used on the photos.

Kayleigh’s Smile

This page just makes me smile! The colors are perfect and I love the use of patterned paper and blocking here. The way she blocked out the photo too adds a subtle but perfect finishing touch.

pne123’s *feeling loved*

This is the kind of page that I can admire but never in a millions years be able to do. Every detail is placed perfectly and the use of white space just draws the eye right to the photo. Perfection!

CindyS’ Kiss on the Cheek

I’m always amazed at Cindy’s ability to combine elements and this page is no exception. From the colors to the papers to the clean design and layering of elements, this page just screams bright, fun and happy.

1girl1boy’s easy breezy

I just adore this page! The mix of blues and greens against the subtle background is gorgeous, and the way the ribbon and other elements flow through each other? Just perfect.

Sabrina’s anthropologie

This page is so bright and bold that it just popped right out of the gallery. I love the blocked design and the way the title flows through the page. So fun!

sbaird’s Skipping-Stone

I love how this page really captures the story here. From the colors to the little tree doodle, everything just complements the photos perfectly and really captures their experience.

soryr05’s Campamento

This page is SO fun! I love all the camping elements and little details in this page. Her centered vertical design really pops against the neutral background, especially with how it’s framed by the paint. Love it!

Peppermint’s Let Them Eat Cake

The dimension in this page is just amazing. I really want to just reach out and touch the canvas background…and possibly steal a cupcake or two, haha. (Does this page make anyone else hungry?) The colors in this are just perfect and I love her title work. Another amazing Peppermint page for sure!


Finger Pointing (August 18)

18 Aug

It has been a few days since I last fingerpointed, so here we go!

Annelies’ Beautiful

I’m a sucker for huge blended photographs! The effect she has created here is just stunning!

star74’s Perfect

The colors of the photograph against the plain background, the stamp, the spilled beads and sequins, I just love it! I almost want to pick up the pocket and shake the beads out!

Craftyamanda’s Bon Voyage

The blending of at least five (!) papers and awesome brushwork to get the painted look, superb!

Ellen’s Blimsanden

The swirls and the placement of the photos add so much movement to this page, such a fun and beachy page!

Jaimechoi’s Curiosity

Love the treatment of the photo and the grunge look of this page, great boyish page!

_she_’s August ’09

The clustering of the elements and the shadowwork make this page stand out!

JanettD.’s One day in your life

Fun fun fun! The crops and placement of the photos, such an energetic and cool layout!

Carolee’s Good Times

Very neat and symmetrical design, love how she build the carrousel with the paper pieces and placed the banners!

JenJ’s Off 2 School

I love the composition here and the treatment of the photos against the black make this page shine!


Finger Pointing (August 16)

16 Aug

Kate here with my choices from the gallery this morning, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

gracielou’s Enjoy the Journey

Fabulous composition here! I love the crop, the arrangement and the retro effects on the photos combined with a masterly use of layered papers and elements. Great work.


This page has a great mix of whimsy and vintage charm about it, the soft colours are beautiful and the sentiment lovely.

kristine’s 07.08.09

At first glance I thought this was a page about a drink, but the journalling makes it so much more. Loving that big stamped title!

lizandra’s Meu pequeno tímido

Crisp, clean, sharp design with a great photo – just wonderful.

lpate’s San Diego Vacation Day 2

This is the first page of a double page spread (second half is here) and is more than just a beautifully composed record of a day on holiday (which it is too). The journalling is very heartfelt and moving and records her emotional responses to her trip.

mirjam’s Life Lessons: No 1

Fun photo and great graphic composition using just her image, some fonts and her software.

neeceebee’s cloudy with a chance of rain

Just great composition with the placement of the circular photo and the horizontal line across the page, your eye is drawn staight to that little face. Fabulous journalling too.

rsk’s dance

Fun, fun, fun! I love the candid feel of the photo and the bright colours against the dark background, all the spiky shapes add a great sense of movement and energy.

stevie’s Penguins

I have a bit of a thing for penguins, they make me happy! I also have a thing for vertical rectangular layouts so this is an all round winner for me, I really like the simple composition and the addition of the tiny penguin elements in the circles.


Finger Pointing (August 14)

14 Aug

Well, this week just wizzed by. Hope everyone has something fun planned for the weekend. Here are some gorgeous layouts for you today.

First Day by pSyren

This page is just so fun and playful. I love the linear design and the shadow work is fab.

Graffiti Cuteness by Leora

I think teenager pages are hard to scrap. Its hard to reflect their spirit. Leora nailed it here with the use of pink, grunge and graphics.

Dylans Love Letter by Cherryberry

I love the little clusters here with the journaling next to them. It’s such a sweet page that I am sure her son will treasure when he is older.

Pioneer Spirit by joannknnrd

Joann has a way of creating such emotion in her layouts. I love how she seamlessly blended her daughter into this environment. So dramatic yet dreamy.

Sprout Up by my3hens

I adore this page!!! Sarah’s title perfectly reflects her use of elements. I can almost feel them drifting up the page.

My Baby by camilamaria

How cute is this? I love the split repetition of the clusters and all the “white space.”

End of Summer by shayenne27

This is just so pretty and soft to me. The shadow work, on that gorgeous cluster, is awesome!

Love by **Holly**

I spied this is the gallery and flipped. I love how funky, cool it is. The whole dynamic of it is just fab.

Adventure by ziutka1980

Here I love the processing of the photo and the refrained use of elements. You don’t always have to glop on goodies to create a stunning page. Well done!


Finger Pointing (13 August)

13 Aug

Can someone please tell me what day it is? This summer has been kahhhraazzzyy. Yours?

Kayleigh’s Family

Love the repeating US on the sides – the look of a memo board – and the little touches.


jule’s Junkyard

I’m just sucked in how she put the child in the bottle. Nice shadow as well.


theSassyScrapper’s Bon Temp

Sultry, rich colors. Yum.

bon temp

Rebecca’s Music Of My Life

Totally attracted to this layout because for the life of me I cannot get sunburst papers to work for me. I love them. I just can’t figure them out. I’m jealous of Rebecca’s fab design.


Jen’s Bee’s

Immediately struck that nothing is sacrificed. Photos, lots of journaling but really cool composition. Usually something hits the chopping block but not here. Well done Jen.


Div’s Thank You

Yeah, that’s creative.

thank yo

chryslergreen’s home sweet home

I realized that I’m really a paper scrapper at heart. I left that life long ago because of being a perfectionist and photoshop gave me my ‘undo’ button – but I still love to have my layouts look like paper layouts. Yep, right here. Take a gander.

home sweet home

stampin rachel’s things i love

Fun, fun. The eyes, the sparkley lips. Love it.

things i love

kate’s interview with a 3 year old

Kate won’t like being here. We sorta have this unspoken rule that we don’t put any of the team up for FP because we don’t want to seem biased. But, sometimes, you just gotta. Amazing.

interview with a 3 year old