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Finger Pointing (September 30)

30 Sep

Wow, can you believe it’s the last day of September already? I feel like I blinked and the entire month disappered! Oh well, nothing like some fresh inspiration to say good bye to another month.

Sweeet’s Relax

How neat is this page? I am loving all the little details in this. It makes me wish for a gorgeous spring day so I can just relax in the grass and enjoy the sun.

sahlink’s first taxi ride

I absolutely adore the clean design of this page. The colors are fresh and interesting and I love the story she told here. Fantastic, fantastic page.

chichenilla’s to sulk

I love how she captured this real moment of childhood life. The way she showcases the photos with her design is just perfect.

Heidi2008’s birthday girl

This page is just so fun. I love all the circles with the messy elements thrown in. The cute, girly colors just bring the page together with her theme perfectly.

jesspo’s as_a_mom_copy

Heartfelt journaling? Check. Clean, no-photo design with perfect pops of color? Check. Everything coming together to make an amazing page? Definitely.

teeleedee’s Anna

This page is such a cool winter page. I love the unexpected color scheme with the bright colors against the black background. Everything just pops right off this page.

Leora’s {i am home}

I absolutely love the sentiment of this page. It’s such a good life reminder and I loved the way she scrapped it with her clean design and use of white space.

busy.butterfly’s No Way

I imagine there’s a lot of “mamarazzi’s” who can relate to this page. I love that she not only scrapped this topic but I love the simple design and the placeholder photo. Awesome.

voodoo_bryn’s Awesome

How amazing is this page?! I absolutely love the effect and colors in the photos, the layered, repeated design and the little pops of red. Everything combines together just perfectly. Seriously, seriously amazing page.



Finger Pointing (29 September)

29 Sep

Jeannie’s serene

Oh my. Subtle beauty. Light little touches but done very well. Also loving the lift of the paper on the edges.


monsu’s I love boats!

Immediately attracted to the shapes and colors. I just love that blue. Great balance, nice anchoring with the sitches, block journaling and a nice anchoring strip across the bottom.

i love boats

stampin rachel’s witchy

The first thing that caught my eye was the unique shapes. Love the little characters and the softness of the photo is beautiful.


Vesi’s Happiness

Oh my felty goodness. The stitching with the words – the font is a fab match to the mood and doodled border. Everything on white with the pops of color really works.


chengie’s de W van wenkbrauwen

Love the squares – the crop on the photo – notice the balanced edged borders top and bottom – the nice large question mark that anchors – lovely composition.

de W van

Didee’s Autumn Days

Another set of unique shapes. Love the photo action that matches the paper. The stamped leaves and the final touch of the corner word art. Lovely.

autumn days

aussiekat’s Summer Memory

Fab horizontal work of the photos – nice brush work – all on the white with the uber cute pop of red of the crab!

summer memory

starxlr8’s one year

Love the curved blocking that is repeated everywhere. The “he and she” journaling – and the choice of papers just matches the feel of the photo. Lovely work.

one year

kellbuckley’s fall-ish

Brilliant thinking here. Wish I thought of it myself. There is a clean feel to it while actually making the eye search just abit for the photo – just as you would scuffle around in fall leaves.




Finger Pointing (September 28)

28 Sep

Did you miss me? LOL!  I took a month off to heal my back and while I was doing that, my computer died.  Since that seems to be happening to a lot of us lately, I thought I would remind you all to back up all your data, especially if you haven’t in a while.  Thankfully all my important photos and scrapbook stuff was on my external drive, but don’t forget about those little everyday things…bookmarks, login info and passwords, important emails, your address book, etc.

And now on to the fun stuff…the layouts!

Aline Charpinel’s Pingo de gente  The first that grabbed me was the vividly colored journaling.  I tend to stay with safe black, but this LO has inspired me to break out of that habit.  I love that it looks like she grabbed a bright colored ball point pen and went to town!


amandaresende’s free 2b me  These kinds of layouts make me happy.  Black and White self portraits, black and white elements with lots of pops of color, plus lots of journaling…yummy!!!


Carolee’s Sleeping Buddies  See how the eye is drawn from the upper left corner to the bottom right?  Great composition and element use pulls the reader in and makes them want to get a better look.


divv’s First Day  Here’s a layout that evokes feeling.  The warmth of the photo just radiates out from the layout.


Hollie H’s Mac + Cheese  How cute is this?  Great composition, great photo, and love the use of symbolic elements.  Fabulous!


joannknnrd’s doormat  Ahhhh…scrapbooking as therapy.  It doesn’t get much better than this.


mum2gnt’s MESS!  I love this page!  Little details like this will be a treasured memory in the future even though they are an annoyance right now. :)


Peppermint’s Bored?  I have quickly developed a scrapping crush on Peppermint.  She has a real gift for capturing moments, not to mention great photography and amazing composition.


renee28’s Play Today  These are some amazing photos!  It reminds me to capture some photos of my mom and my kids.  Also, did you notice the visual triangle she created with the three red elements?


Finger Pointing (September 27)

27 Sep

Hi everyone, Kate here with today’s Standouts. Thankfully, I am married to a computer genius so here I am sharing my picks with you after a crazy couple of days with my PC in pieces! I was starting to get serious withdrawal symptoms, it’s good to be back!

arianescrap’s Miles Away

I love how Ariane has managed to create an “out of this world” feel here with all the spirals and paint splats, the photo is fabulous (great crop) and I really wish I could understand the journalling.

Bouille’s The Pink Sunglasses

I just noticed the similarities between this photo and the one above, seems I’m drawn to pics of girls in glasses! This is such a cute little conversation, the strong blocked design gives just the right amount of white space for her to be looking into. Lovely.

Cristina’s The Aerobatics Show

Check out the cute little areoplane shaped cropping on the small photos! Such fun.

Jarila’s Outside

Such a clever composite photo and lovely blending work, the little dandelions at the bottom are a great finishing touch!

Linz’s No Volume Control

This made me laugh out loud when I saw it! That photo, that title, I can almost hear the noise!!

mom2peanuts’ Imagine

Magical, utterly magical. I love the colours and the shadowing here, the journalling is the icing on the cake – fabulous page!

Nolaé’s La mer

A great example of a multi-photo page that doesn’t feel overwhelming or crowded. This is so beautiful, the controlled colour palette and paint work so well with the scattered pops of red.

Ranne Cássia’s Compulsão

And now a multi-photo page that’s chaotic and colourful and a real feast for the eyes! Just look at all the goodies here! Everything is pulled together with the careful colour scheme of the papers, paint and doodles. Very cleverly done. Great shoes too.

yossarian’s my monster

I love these colours, the effect on the photo and the photo mask, the whole thing just makes me smile.


Finger Pointing (September 26)

26 Sep

Hi there! Having no mojo myself this week, what better way than to find some great inspiration in the galleries. So here are my picks for today, enjoy!

joannknnrd’s she pivots

This is so funky and 3D! I love everything about this page, the composition, the graphic feel, the stroke around the extractions, the colors, just wow!

1gr8muggle’s The Other Side of the Story

The large photo is just perfect! And I love how she journaled, it looks like an ad. There is another page to show the ‘other’ side of the camera. Just a fun moment to look back on.

iUma’s Manchester Fields

This page definitely doesn’t need anything else. The stunning photograph stands on its own with the few frames and pieces of tape, and the simple single journaled line. Gorgeous!

mum2gnt’s CLICK!

I have seen a few beautiful pages with this kit, but how the photos are placed onto the negative film, the colorful title and the simple design, this page just did it for me. Question: do you still know what a negative film looks like? I think I haven’t touched one in years!

gonewiththewind’s be who you want to be

Awesome layering and great use of elements, she did it again! This girls knows how to rock her pages!

snaggletooth75’s Playful

Love the ‘messiness’ of the elements, and how the word art them to the journaling. Very cool composition!

amandaresende’s set them free!

I just want to sing along, although I don’t even know the song. The photo is just too adorable and the animals hiding behind all those layers are way cute! Very energetic and fun page!

rebecca h’s Center

Dramatic colors and framing, this looks like a piece of art for my wall! Great use of the fonts and the alpha too!

Nevermore’s introduction

The amazing blending caught my eye immediately when I saw this in the gallery. The color combination is so rich and saturated, and the depth of the photograph is emphasized by adding the birdies on the foreground. Love it!


Finger Pointing (September 25)

25 Sep

It’s Friday! Woot. I have been on the go non-stop it seems. I am ready for a mellow weekend. I have been feeling so inspired lately and hope to get some more scrapping in this weekend.

Here are some stunners that grab my attention today.

Teri by tichulka

This is just so playful and fun. I love everything stacked up on the boxes. What a little pixie she is!

Fun by dodo74

This is such a pretty grouping. I love the use of the wordart. The red in it is just the perfect punch.

Once Upon A Time by Jennifer Barrette

Sigh, this layout makes me wish for a little girl. Seriously, how pretty and girly is this? Great shadow work too!

Isabella by Sabrina Dupre

I love Isabella against the damask…what a striking photo. And then, the bits of red and green against the neutral BG is just plain yummy. I really like the brush work along the edges too.

2+2=4 by Aneta

I love storybook like pages and this is definitely one of them. Everything about this is so charming and sweet. The blended floor is an awesome detail.

Lost In Your Eyes by voodoo_bryn

This is just a flatout, cool layout. I love the thick frame with everything falling outside its edges. I also like that the colors in the photo are a more saturated version of the layout colors, which really make it pop.

Autumn Delight by ziutka1980

The colors in this layout are fantastic. I love those chubby owls and the frame set in the tree. Great use of negative space.

Strike for Cute by Emily Merritt

I know alot of people are scared to use patterned papers. Emily nailed it here! This is so fun and punchy. Love all the messy stitching she used.

Completely Candid by Shades of Bliss

I love this layout. The combination of elements, brushwork and wordart is just perfect!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Finger Pointing (September 24)

24 Sep

I am feeling quite refreshed, my batteries are recharged and this weekend I am ready to delve back into the scrap world! I had to take some time away to find myself and my mojo. I was so burnt out. Looking through the galleries has really perked me up. I feel ready to go!! I want to scrap!

Here are my choices for this lovely Thursday. I can’t tell you as always how hard it is to pick just nine!

Viky by Anteka

I love fall! I love the colors, I love the feel! I live in New England so its a huge part of my life. We get all the beautiful seasonal changes here. This page really embodies that for me! Gorgeous technique as well. The blending is gorgeous!

Autumn Splendor by Vivolita

Love the shadowing and whimsy here. There is so much detail to take in. A lot of fun! Of course as I mentioned I am also a sucker for fall!

8 months by Jenn7

Okay how cute is this little girl!! Her eyes are just beautiful and I love the big picture and photo centric design! Way to cute for words!

Moments in Life by Anubis 1

This page took my breath away. Seriously. Its incredible!! I love the colors, they are muted but so warm. This page just so captivating!

Play by Gracielou

I love the colors, the bright touches on the brown background. This is so super adorable! I love the shadowing on it too. I feel like I could touch it!

Just You by Sanhenry

This is one of those pages that is SO awesome that you don’t need an explanation or words to really describe that LOL! I love it!

I love You by Camila Designs

I love these colors. I love the scattered elements and delicate feel! Its just so elegant and gorgeous!

Romantic by Beladonna

This could be a photograph it is so realistic. The shadowing is so well done I feel like I could just jump in the scene she created. Absolutely magical!

Albom by Photoarcus

I love this! So soft and so the colors actually stood out quite a bit with all the warm fall pages in the gallery. I love the photo too. Its blended just perfectly!