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Finger Pointing (Oct 30)

30 Oct

Happy Friday Everyone! So, are your kids as excited as mine for Halloween? Mine is bouncing off the walls and he doesn’t even have candy in him yet!

Here are some treats for you today. Look at this yummy, inspiring gorgeousness!

A Green Pumpkin by amandajane

I am so in love with this layout!! I love the colors, the stitching, the composition and most of all, that she made Jack Skellington watermelons!  So much fun.

Bounce by mrs2a50

What a great photo! Love the ears flapping in the wind. The brush work here really is a fantastic touch and gives the page dynamic energy.

Boo by Lusy

How cute is this little witch peering out beneath her hat? I love the scene and that she really shines in it.

Angel by Pauline34

This looks like it could be painted on a ceiling in a cathedral. What a heavenly page.

Art Star by pSyren

How crazy, fun is this?!?! I love the bulleyes perspective of the photo and what a smile! The entire thing is so playful, it just makes me feel happy looking at it!

A Guys Things by soryr05

This little guy is just the cutest! I dig the restrained use of elements with the wordart tying it all together. Adorable page!

Old Lady by justjen

This is one of the funniest layouts I have seen in a while! I love her scrap rhyme and everyone peeking out the windows. Awesome page!

If You Forget Me by tarty00

This is a very cool page. I love the drama she created here. Great use of symbolism too.

Kale October 09 by kaleandkiara

Who says that a scrap page has to have elements to create interest? This is so clean and so striking. I am really in awe of it.

Wishing to all who celebrate….a safe and Happy Halloween!


Finger Pointing {October 29}

29 Oct

Good Morning all! I hope the weather is nicer where you are…I woke up to pouring, cold rain and frosty roads. ICK! Winter is coming. Makes me want to move to Barbados or something…mmmm!

So again, there was so many stunning LO’s in the gallery, choosing just a few was tough, but check out these little bits of gorgeousness and make sure you go leave them some love! I’m loving how expressive everyone is being lately, I really gravitate to pages that tell a story, I love journaling….keep it up everyone!!!

Frozen Pancakes by Coffeebeans

I love the story here! Such a simple thing but a really cool memory! I also got drawn in by the way cool, clean design and title work. Super fun LO! (and who can resist the cute little pancake with legs and a face??? heehee!)

I Will by gavins mom

Beautiful. I love all the little journaled bits, the words touch me and the design is lovely…gorgeous page! Just look at all the wee, delicate connections here…each element cluster is like a little island. I heart this!

Mother Goose Day by karen_

AWE!!! This is just too adorable for words! Great story and the photos are priceless! I love the clean design and bright colours here and the titlework is fantastic! Awesomeness!

Over the Head by Jenny79

I really adore the design and colour choices here. Look closely at that layering and shadow work. WOW!!! This is simply stunning!

You by amandaresende

Aaaahhhh…..LOVE the design and journaling here! This is such a high energy, fun page! I can feel the personality just jumping off and that is a wicked memory to keep!

Hooked by simply.scraps

This is such a fun LO! The clustering of the brightly coloured elements on the white background REALLY works here! The design is simply perfect! And it makes me laugh…..especially the journaling. Way too cute!

Chatterbox by 1boy1girl

hahahaha!!! I so get this! My little man is just the same and this page made me realize that I REALLY have to scrap these moments! Cause it’s so easy to forget the little things and personalities changes our kids go through! I love the colours here and the almost starburst design is very eye catching! Fantastic page!

Oct 12-18 by kayleigh

I’m such a sucker for these day / week in the life of pages… I’m annoyed that I don’t do more of them! This one is fantasic, stunning mix of photos, fantastic composition and just super super cool to get a peek into her life like this! Love this page, so into my faves for lifting!

Have Faith by Leila

This is simply beautiful, touching and powerful. The journaling is gorgeous and heartfelt and made me FEEL. The layering, clusters and overall composition are beautiful too….she’s got it all here! This is a very special page to be cherished for years to come. Thank you for sharing it Leila!


Finger Pointing (October 28)

28 Oct

The galleries are full of warm colors and great inspiration.  Take a look at what I found today!

Cherry’s ~playing clarinet~  Love the color choices here and the close up detail shots of the clarinets.


Crystalbella77’s free to be me  I’m always in awe of photo less pages that are still inviting and interesting to look at. Not only does this page have great journaling but it’s well balanced top to bottom and side to side.


Didee’s Delight Altered Book  Oh my gosh!  Please click on the link and see the inside of this piece of artwork.  It’s absolutely delightful!


Hutchie’s Grateful  This page made me smile.  You don’t always have to use magazine perfect photos.  This imperfect photo is absolutely beautiful when placed in this beautiful layout (great colors, great balance).


Maria W.’s One of a kind  Maria does white space like no other and can this page be any cuter?  Perfection!


sbaird’s Enjoy Life  Awww…what a great shot!  Notice how the color scheme really makes the turquoise of the sandbox pop?  Great Layout!


shades of bliss’s Monster Corn Boxes  How fun are these (not to mention yummy)?!  I am definitely going to give these a try before Saturday!


Sweeet’s Beary Much  The first that caught my eye was the awesome shadow work on the elements.  Then I fell in love with the composition but my eyes couldn’t stay away from those photos…they really are the sweetest thing about this LO.



tdavenport’s Ifoon  Someday I want to be able to journal like this.  When you remove all the clutter and just focus on photos and wonderful journaling, you have captured a memory that will last forever.



Finger Pointing (27 October)

27 Oct

Good day faith blog readers! We are in the final week of October. I actually saw my first ‘so many days’ until Christmas sign. Before you know it 2010 will be upon us.

JenJ’s Apple Picking

I am completely in love with the tones on these photos – each one is slightly faded and has a rustic feel. The patchwork style fits so well.


evitangel’s dreamy

The touches of blue in the photo that are repeated in the embellishments make for a stellar move. Absolutely perfect photo crop and the faded word art behind is perfect.


BeccaBoo’s world of wonder

What I love about this layout is that is has one foot firmly planted in realism and one foot stepping into the dream world.


Syrin’s Little Boy

Oh my goodness. The center blocking – the simple touches of stitching and buttons – the color flow – amazing layout.

little boy

rebecca h’s Enjoy Life

This layout has a great composition to it – the balance is wonderful and the eye just flows from the top left, across the bottom and finishes up on the top right.

enjoy life

zwyck’s Superstar

Just hot hot hot. Fabulous brush work and a nice strong background – not to mention a very manly subject.


Jaylensmom’s Biker Dude

Nice intersection in the middle of the page. Love the pops of orange.

biker dude

Aagie’s America

Feels very retro to me and that’s totally my style right now.


alice’s Versailles

The circles of photos, the repeating circles in the buttons – framed just abit off balance to give it interest and anchored by the big wonderful V.



Finger Pointing (October 26)

26 Oct

Wow, so much eye candy today! What a great way to start off the week!

anni89’s You Rock!

How amazing is this page?! I love all the little details, the way the the rich colors pop against the white and the subtle blending of the photo. I love the way the grouping of elements is repeated around the edges of the page. The overall effect is such a cool and edgy page.

kateno4ek’s boundless dream

I’m not normally a fan of the “extracted baby” phase but I absolutely LOVE this page! The colors are so stunning and every little detail in this is just perfect. It has a calming feel with a touch of whimsy which is just perfect.

Martuska’s Last Club Sandwich

I absolutely adore the design of this page. The colors in this are so rich and all the little paper strips are so fun. Love the mix of solids with patterned papers. Everything just flows together perfectly here.

teeleedee’s Lug Bag

This page is simply stunning. The pops of green just shine against the kraft background. I really love the clean, simple design and the great use of white space.

*Kelly*’s *Nature Lover*

I love clean, blocked pages and this one is no exception. I love all the little details in this and the way they are group around the page is just perfect.

ivana alves’ Get in Shape … Now !!

I really could spend all day looking at this page. The layering here is just stunning and all the little details reinforce her message perfectly. So cool, fun and funky. Amazing.

Carolee’s Brothers

This page just completely pops. The color photos against the black background are stunning and the little white details just complete the whole page.

flohbock’s My DD

How pretty is this?! I love all the varied tones of pink. It has such a soft, girly feel to it, perfect for this photo.

fliffy’s deep eyes

The colors in this are just amazing. I love the way the colors in the kit are repeated in the photos. The layering here is just perfect too.





Finger Pointing (October 25)

25 Oct

Well, I’m sure this gets harder and harder (and takes longer and longer!) every week! The galleries are full of goodness today, it was a really tough call to narrow it done to nine layouts. But narrow it down I did and here they are, I hope you enjoy them!

amandaresende’s Fall

Wow. Stunning patchwork effect that’s so reminiscent of all the varying shades of Autumn colours around me at the moment! The dark background pulls the whole page together and the black and white photos are the perfect compliment to all the colour.

Artful Pioneer’s Accordian Mini Tags in Tin

I’m always drawn to hybrid projects, and this one is truly outstanding. The scale of these tiny tags makes them even more mesmerising for me! Gorgeous work.

CaroB71’s Ordinary Day

Oh the colours, the composition (especially the “missing” rectangle where the little girl is looking), the shadowing, the sunlit photo, the subject and the titlework – all these wonderul aspects make this such a great page.

Jassie’s Please Touch Museum

Red is such a difficult colour to use and to use well, but Jassie rocked it here. Great mix of different patterns too (another tricky compositional element!) – very well done.

Lottas Designs’ My Great-Grandfather

Such a beautiful heritage layout, the tones and colours are just perfect and all the details make it a fascinating page. A lovely tribute.

Linz’s Always Dirty

Ahhh, a wonderful boy page! I really like the face that his face is hidden in the photos, it adds a real air of mystery and rough and tumble to the page. Lovely layering and a beautiful controlled colour palette too.

LoriBear’s Playtime

And now, a girl page! You can’t go wrong with hot pink, black and white in my opinion :) The scallops and the curved strip of pink paper leading you eye through the design are great touches. Fabulous photos of little ones lost in play too. And of course no self-respecting girlie page would be seen without a healthy dose of bling!

scarletsierra’s home

It was the pretty and delicate scale of the elements that first attracted me to this page but up close the photos are absolutely lovely and the journalling is so heartfelt and touching. A really beautiful, moving page.

TheWerners Orange Hawks

Ohhh green and orangey-red, yum yum yum! The use of colour here is spot on and I really like the unusal design with the bracket shape cut off at the top of the page. The mud splatters and the teeny-tiny little football almost off the page are perfect little finishing touches!


Finger Pointing (October 24)

24 Oct

yes or no by joannknnrd

Cool graphic design and what a dilemma she is thinking about. Love how the photos are blended into the silhouette and the little red heart just says it all!

Atumn Event by evitangel

Oh so whimsical with great clustering and layering. Awesome artsy feel to this page!

Feelings by zakirahzakaria

I’m feeling quite uneasy here, what is she trying to tell us? Except for the feelings she obviously has, are they fading too? I cannot stop looking at this, so simple, so strong.

Old City by etrala

I almost grabbed the bird and tried to move it to get a better view of the photo, this is so realistic! Awesome page!

Remember? by Dagmar

Great perspective on the photo and beautifully framed! I’m so digging this design, almost like the elements are just thrown together.

everything by Nettie B

Love this, there are so many layers and still she has everything under control. Ha, I really hope she does, cause  if those creepy crawly things escape, I would be the first to run.

Newport, OR by heathert

This. is. perfection. Great simple design, perfect blending and extraction, cool choice of font. LOVE it!

City Girl by Jacinda

Love the doodles and journaling on this page, like she wrote this in her notebook on her way to the farm, thinking of what comforts she is leaving behind!

Read by mom2peanuts

The shadowing stopped me in my tracks! I HAD to check it out, amazing clustering here. I wish I could do this too…..