Finger Pointing (October 24)

24 Oct

yes or no by joannknnrd

Cool graphic design and what a dilemma she is thinking about. Love how the photos are blended into the silhouette and the little red heart just says it all!

Atumn Event by evitangel

Oh so whimsical with great clustering and layering. Awesome artsy feel to this page!

Feelings by zakirahzakaria

I’m feeling quite uneasy here, what is she trying to tell us? Except for the feelings she obviously has, are they fading too? I cannot stop looking at this, so simple, so strong.

Old City by etrala

I almost grabbed the bird and tried to move it to get a better view of the photo, this is so realistic! Awesome page!

Remember? by Dagmar

Great perspective on the photo and beautifully framed! I’m so digging this design, almost like the elements are just thrown together.

everything by Nettie B

Love this, there are so many layers and still she has everything under control. Ha, I really hope she does, cause  if those creepy crawly things escape, I would be the first to run.

Newport, OR by heathert

This. is. perfection. Great simple design, perfect blending and extraction, cool choice of font. LOVE it!

City Girl by Jacinda

Love the doodles and journaling on this page, like she wrote this in her notebook on her way to the farm, thinking of what comforts she is leaving behind!

Read by mom2peanuts

The shadowing stopped me in my tracks! I HAD to check it out, amazing clustering here. I wish I could do this too…..



2 Responses to “Finger Pointing (October 24)”

  1. gabs October 24, 2009 at 11:35 pm #

    thank you so much for featuring my page today. I am thrilled!

  2. mom2peanuts October 24, 2009 at 11:52 pm #

    Thank you so much Sandra for posting my layout among those gorgeous pages. I love coming here to get inspiration and I am so excited that my page is here today.

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