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Finger Pointing (January 31)

31 Jan

Wow, the end of January already, how did that happen?! Here are my favourites from the galleries today!

Gabi’s Six

The moment I saw this page I knew I wanted to lift it! This is such a great birthday page and a fun way to show all the little characteristics, hobbies and likes of the birthday boy! Fabulous composition and great use of  colour too, a page like this could easily get really busy really quickly but Gabi has pulled it all together so well with her choice of colours.

Jenny79’s Love you

So pretty and so beautifully shadowed – a lovely delicate page just perfect for the subject matter.

ljsmom70’s Paper

Another mosaic style page, but this time a photoless one. Clever use of the newspaper as the backdrop, this celebration of papers is such fun!

marnie’s Her Hope

There are a lot of art journal style pages around at the moment, but this one really stood out to me. Click the link and read what Marnie wrote about the page, it’s heartbreaking. This is what art journalling is about for me – expressing your emotions, both positive and negative.

Marussia’s some notes about what Marc is watching

I really like the collection of random notes and all the symbolic elements here.

Maygirl’s In the armchair

The colours first grabbed me here and then when I looked closer all the fun little details really drew me in, I really like how he appears to be reaching out of the background photos to grab the paper on the table. The repeated finger pointing photo helps create a strong focal point round the title.

nevache’s In The Old Days

This is so beautifully done. The journalling is so touching and the gorgeous sepia tones throughout really help create a warm, soft, aged feel to the page which is totally in keeping with the subject.

osaru’s sublime

So fresh and well composed, simply a lovely page.

rebecca h’s Preschool Party

Just look at that journalling! I love how it becomes the pattern on the background paper as well as telling the story. Very cleverly done! Fun little touch ‘cutting’ the paper round the “love” title above the photos too.


Finger Pointing (January 30)

30 Jan

Browsing the galleries on this lazy Saturday afternoon, here are my favorites for today. Enjoy!

together by Nettie B

This is STUNNING, the symmetrical design and layering are just gorgeous. So romantic, so shabby, love it!

noted by Keely~B

The little note just melted my heart, sweet and preciously scrapped!

Art Journal – She by Elena

A delight to look at! A beautiful background, great colors and an awesome quote, they all make the page!

This is Who I Am: Artist at Work by LovelyMissKait

Fun fun fun! There is so much to look at, I love how there is so much creativity at work (no pun intended ha!).

Unexpected by Mabel

This is so cool, the titlework is so fun and the red really makes the page pop!

Loss by robin52

Not all is happy and fun in scrapping, but this is a beautiful page dealing with the loss of someone special.

My Handwriting Sucks by MichelleGodin

Hehe, this is such a fun take on an ordinary subject. Love it!

2007_0001_loveyou by Jopke

Simply beautiful, love the soft touch of the brush and the white space!

ME by designerbrittney

Cool page! I love how she filled every single space on this page and isn’t her little self just too cute?








Finger Pointing (Jan 29)

29 Jan

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Here is some inspiration for you today.

Dont Live It Down by Helen

How wonderful is this? It’s artistic and fanciful. I hope she hangs this on her wall.

The Biker and The Teacher by sammdc

This tribute page is romantic and heartfelt. I love the free spirited collage feeling.

Purple Cutie by Wonderofmyheart

This is such an awesome scene page. I LOVE the purple walls she created…brilliant! So much fun.

Be Mine by shawtyp

This cluster is just the perfect little jewel that doesn’t overwhelm the photo.

My Beauties by joannknnrd

Gads, Joann does it again. Creative, artistic, unique. Love the blending of the photo onto the dress form.

Lovely Day by elizzylee

Liz is the Queen of Minimalism, in my book. She has an amazing eye. I love the crop of her photo and how she did the title.

Just A Tiny Bit Excited by tinamarie

I totally dig this page. It has so much energy. The graphics and text play so well with the photo.

Dancando Na Chuva by Simoni

This page is so fun. It really tells a story through the photos and elements. Adorable!

You Have My Heart by zwyck

This is so pretty and delicate. Love the color select of photo and how it plays to the elements and title.






Finger Pointing {January 28}

29 Jan

I’m so sorry this is so late! No excuses, just sorry!!

Without further ado….

All I Need by Kathy Wagner

I love the simplicity of this. It’s perfect for the subject to keep it simple and clean with the focus on the photos. I love the hanging bits too! Rockin’ sweet LO!

My Heart by ivana alves

I love how bright and energetic this is! It’s kinda how I’d imagine someones heart to actually be! Awesome visual storytelling here!

Fun Friends by Buggie

I love the design here, the circles are awesome and the framing of the photo rocks! The shadows are so well done I feel like I could reach out and touch this. Awesome page!

Still Winter by salamandre

This is really cute. And more then that it somehow holds emotion. There is a feeling of peace and contentment that I get from it. The colours, design, photo….beauty!

You Color my World by schneeflocke

I love the piecing here! This is fabulous! The photography is beautiful and all together this page totally caught my eye. I picture it in a dark wood frame on the wall. Awesome design!!! (the white borders around the papers really makes them pop!)

Today I Did Nothing by eryn

This is just so freakin’ cool…..I am in love with this page. I would marry this page if it was legal. I LOVE that she scrapped about doing nothing, I love the monochromatic thing she has going on, love the design. All I can say is WOW!

Papi and Ruel by kittychen

The photography here seriously rocks my world. It totally should be the full focus of the page and it is. All it needed was a couple of delicate elements added….oh wait, she totally did that! Perfection!

New Ways by Scrappy Smile

Love the jumbled, beautiful mess here! This cluster is so cool and the title work is amazing! Fantastic page design and great layering! Super fun page!

Love Hurts by chengie

I’m not really supposed to post GSO team members pages….but this one by Sandra really touched me. It’s so simple yet so full of emotion. Her simple statement of fact combined with the gorgeous design really make a point. And she’s right. Love does hurt sometimes.


Finger Pointing (January 27)

27 Jan

Good morning!  Let’s get right to the picks for today.

LauraLiz’s Wink A Dink  Great element use to really highlight the personality captured in the picture.


Justmp’s Just Look at You  Loving the notebook background and the alphabet tape.  It enforces the theme without being too “theme-y”.  Love the little pops of color tucked under the photo.  Brings your eye right to the photo.


Joan’s marches to the beat of her own drum  Fab Layout!  So thoughtful in paper choices, just a hint of red plaid paper mimics the coat in the photos, but doesn’t become overpowering.  The extractions and blending are done perfectly, and the title work is great.


jindrucha’s J&J  Ooh…I haven’t seen cropped photos like this in a while.  It really caught my eye in the gallery.


jesshunt’s Me Right Now  A couple things to note on this layout.  The crop on the photo is perfect for adding a title.  And the journaling is broken up by using a different font for the beginning of each sentence with “I live”, “I dream”, “I eat”, etc


crystalbella77’s i heart books  Fabulous composition! Great black and white conversion on the photo made even more eye catching because of the bold color choices in paper and elements.  Great job!


cnscrap’s 3 generations  What caught my eye in this layout is the use of color.  Her photo and paper/element choices are perfectly matched.  Even the pop of black is pulled from the photo.


cintiascrap’s Biel  How yummy is this LO?  I wish I could create such stunning black and white photos!  The cropping is wonderful and the bright colored doodles just set it all off perfectly.


AllieP’s 10 things  This is such a visually pleasing LO.  Great design techniques…including my favorite visual triangle.  Note the yellow ric rac behind the photo, the yellow number “10” and the yellow flower.




Finger Pointing (January 26th)

26 Jan

Hi Everyone!

Sarah here and I am going to have to keep the commentary short today. :( Don’t laugh bt my keyboard is on the fritz and I have to paste the “u” letter every-time I need to se it. Imagine how long I would take to do this LOL. Which you are all so worth the effort I promise but with 4 hungry kids I don’t have a ton of time to do that. Sooo. Onto my choices. And know the ones I chose today really grabbed me and they are gorgeous so I seriously wish I could ramble on!

5 things I love about you by shawtyp

January 1 by lorileigh

Cupcake_Heaven by sue.falstaff

Little Roo by Lizzy257

Catch a Wave by Laurakaye

Lovin’ Justin by d2vasquez

my country by Helenh

Thankful for your love by Omega021

lost by lmccandless



Finger Pointing (January 25)

25 Jan

Happy Monday everyone! Can anyone else believe there’s only one week left of January? I’m beginning to think all this brown, winter weather is having impact on me. Today’s picks all have a common theme – neutrals!

Crystalbella77’s pots and pans

I absolutely love the clean, focused design of this page. The neutral tones with the pops of green and subtle brush work is just stunning. I love that she took the time to scrap this “everyday” type of moment.

sahlink’s today…the incident

I had a similar experience in college except it involved my own parked car getting rammed into by a stolen vehicle. Scary stuff, but I love that she took the time to scrap this out-of-the-ordinary moment. The clean, simple design with all the graphic elements is just amazing. It really lets the story and the photos take center stage.

lizzyfizzy’s heavenly.

The moment I saw this page, I knew it belonged in today’s picks. I love the soft colors with the pops of teal and the layering and details in this is amazing. I love all the repeating elements and subtle shadowing to really make the elements pop. Really really stunning.

Cathy’s my lil couch potatoes

I absolutely adore the unique theme to this page. The little TVs are so cool and create the perfect frames for the vintage-styled photos. The overall effect is just gorgeous.

akizo’s bookworm

Is this page not the cutest? I love love love all the little details in this. The shadow work really makes the whole page pop. The colors are stunning against the neutral background too. The only downside? I’m pretty sure I NEED that alpha now, hehe.

alice’s Week 3

I am loving all the P365 pages out there and this one is a perfect example of why. The clean, simple focus on the photos and the story is just perfect. The entire design really lets the photos just pop out as the star. Love!

nikkiARNGwife’s Baby Love Letters

Ok, let me first say that the colors and design of this page is absolutely gorgeous! I love love how the colors in the photo blend perfectly with this kit. But what really makes this page super special is the heartfelt message to her children. I think she summed up the feelings of so many military families in such an incredibly eloquent way.

JenniferH97’s AAM 1

There’s been a lot of AAM pages floating through the galleries lately but this one completely caught my eye. I love the neutral tones and the organic way all the elements flow together. The mix of the type styles in the journaling really adds the perfect touch to her musings. Gorgeous.

elizzylee’s this moment

And we end our “monday of neutrals” with this stunning use of white spaced. I always love her pages but this one especially. The photo is just gorgeous and I love the way she framed her feet using the photo corners. Such a simple, yet powerful design element. I love her thoughtful journaling as well – very much words to live by.


And that’s all for today! If you love these layouts as much as I do, please feel free to leave a comment here on the blog…or better yet some praise for them in the galleries!