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Finger Pointing (March 31)

31 Mar

Happy Wednesday!  It is definitely feeling like spring.  It’s almost too warm outside!  I’m posting my picks early so I can go out and enjoy the day.


susieq2u’s Dreamy Captured Lots of layering creates visual interest, the paint streaks and r make a stunning background and the color scheme compliments the photo really well.


Nettio’s November Favorites  I have enjoyed reading Lynette’s monthly favorite layouts.  Such a clever idea!  This layout is gorgeous with it’s autumn hues and post processing on the photo.  So pretty.


jenn7’s Love to Laugh Great way to document current culture!  I love the stitched border, clean lines, and title work.


Jen D’s You are enough  Visually interesting photograph, scribbled edges, amazing title work, and just a couple pops of red make this a standout.


hondachicc’s He has a passion for life!  I am totally digging this graphic page.  The blending in combination with the blocking and wordart is fabulous.  The big red bracket is the perfect finishing touch.


deenaw’s In The Stillness  At first glance, a simple clean and graphic page.  But look closely at all the little details..the blended words in the background of the main photo, the way the border slides under the baby’s bottom, the jewels used in the title.  Great job!


ChrissyW’s Fall 08  Love layouts that featured lots of photos! and I like how the title and journaling are done right on top of the photo.


aneal’s spring awakens the soul  simple, beautiful, meaningful…just gorgeous!


adejong’s me  We all should do more “all about me” pages.  Of course I don’t have any photos as great as Anne’s.  :)  I love the scattering of purple flowers and the arrows which lead the eye around the page.


Finger Pointing (March 30)

30 Mar

Happy Tuesday everyone! Lynnette here with another set of terrific layouts to inspire you.

Carolee’s Discover the World

I absolulety love love love the clean design here mixed with the bold print. So visually stunning.

creashens’ bubble joy

This page is so adorable! The whimsical doodles create such a fun, happy feeling to this page, perfect for these photos. Too cute.

tracyblessedwith2’s Possibilities

This page is so so pretty. I just love the soft colors and patterns mixed with the clean design. The vintage feel to the photo really pulls the whole page together.

AjaAbney’s Everyday

I love the colors in this page. The gray with the blues and purples is so fresh and pretty and goes perfectly with the photo. The design here is great too; I love the big giant E and all the little details and brushwork here. Fantastic.

monsu’s Always in my heart

This page is just fantastic. I love the blocked, clean design. The title work is amazing and the colors are so fresh and fun. Such a heartfelt message to this page too.

emmasmom’s Me

I really love the bold prints with the blocked design here. The subtle brushwork really makes the page pop. Fantastic AAM page.

Peppermint’s Brick Master

Can I just say how fun it is that Peppermint not only designs kits now, but also scraps great layouts with them? Every layout I’ve seen using this kit has been fantastic, but the clean design of this page really drew me in. I love the little details and and the great crop on the photo. Awesome.

janhawkes’ iTunes #39 Spring Break

How cool is this page! I totally love the story being told here. All the little details are perfect and I love how everything is pulled together using the dashed line. So fun!

JenJ’s Veggies

As a fellow veggie lover, I totally love this page. The design is just perfect; I love the little felt veggies and the great colors.


Finger Pointing (March 27)

28 Mar

Soooo, I was finally able to line up my favorites for today, here we go!

cherry pie by Keely~B

What caught my eye was the doodled border, to frame the photos and tags. I thought it was cute how she placed the buttons and other elements to fill open spaces. Fun and homey page!

favorite T-shirts by esther_a

Awww, she scrapped the t-shirts her daugher doesn’t wear anymore because she is growing up. Sweet page!

Sad ! by Malu Guia

Loving all those black shapes layered on the pinky pink background. Very beautifully done!

Street hiking by lisamars

Wow, FAB photo! Love how she kept the focus on it by picking neutral colored elements. Nice touch with the arrows too!

Empress Gardens by makabe

This is so elegant and her titlework is just perfect. Love the retro look to this page, it only enhances the beautiful photograph!

HidingBunny by nevache

Love the journaling on the newspaper and her realistic shadowing, this is just a gorgeous page!

God save the queen by mumure

Okay, I SO needed this, a funny page and an unexpected joke. Love it!

Rebeca by Natasha

So simple but stunning; the colors of the photo and the page are just made for each other. Love the light touch of elements!

ING Marathon by HapEScrapr

Great sequence of photos, having the runner ‘turn’ a corner exactly in the middle, the stitching framing them, the titlework. Awesome page!


Finger Pointing – March 26th

26 Mar

Hello everyone!  :waving: Krista (of sahlin studio) here, and I’m the newest member to the Gallery Standouts team!  It’s kind of cool, in some ways I feel like the great and powerful oz.  Or really… just a girl, behind a curtain.  HAHA!!  I am honored to be here and found myself inspired by so many layouts that I found in the galleries this morning.  Hopefully you are inspired by these pages too!


Wish by lady_ponies_23 

What a dreamy, yet playful layout.  I love the double meaning…using the “wish paper strips” as blowing dandelions and also the concept of making a wish as you blow.  Reminds me of carefree childhood days.  So brillant!


You At Two by kathleen.summers

First of all, these photos just steal the show here.  Such great lighting and such an adorable subject.  The overall layout design is so unique, I love the paper blocks and smaller pictures moving your eyes across the page.    The journaling is a perfect portrial of her daughter at this age, it will be a wonderful memory.


Queen Bee by Aussiekat

Where do I begin with this one??  It just looks effortless.  It reminds me of paper scrapping days, the items look like I could reach out and feel the texture on page.  Rockin’ shadows.    I LOVE the hodge-podge look to this as well, and the bl and wh photo really sets the page perfectly.


springtime dress by scarletsierra

I know it’s true that every one her layouts could be in this blog… but I was really capture by the story here.  The crops of the photos, jouranling, embellishment placement and clever titling all help to capture her story.  And that dress IS super cute!!  I must know where you shop!


what the duck? by aneal

LOVE the play on words for this title!!  HAHA!!  I had a nice giggle this morning, so thank you.  I had to look further and read the journaling to get the full story.  What a wonderful layout ,  fabulous colors and minimal elements that are just placed perfectly.


-NO TITLE- by jzdesigns

I LOVED the simplicity of this page.   The main focus being these amazing photographs.  I personally LOVE the cropped photo with her big smile!  All the different photo treatments work so well with the colors on the page.


Blessed by Zenobia

The journaling in this layout could be every mothers voice.  How true.  I LOVE all of the photos capturing a normal everyday of her daughter.  The photo crops make the page so interesting and that title is AWESOME!  Beautiful letter!


Sweet by teeleedee

This layout IS sweet!  I LOVE that everything is so delicate and soft.  The small little features make me want to look a little closer.  What great patterns brought in by the papers and so clever to the use of the little word snipettes to as a form of journaling.


Snow Much Fun by goldengirls2

AWESOME title, I love the play on words.  Fun, bright colors capture your eye.  I really like all of the strips of papers layered on top of each other.  And of course, I any layouts with LOTS of pictures always grab me… this one is done SO well, bravo!  This looks like a wonderful memory captured.


Finger Pointing – March 25th

26 Mar

Happy Thursday! I have some stunning pages to share with you today.

spring has sprung by immaculeah
This page has such a gorgeous sense of color, a beautiful picture and is very well composed. It definitely put a spring in my step!


dream by anetka
I love the sweet pic and all of the yummy details of this vertical composition. So soft and pretty!


smitten by kriscrosby
The restrained palette and perfect element work, along with the lovely photo, really make this a stunner.


March Gratitude by kym
The four square composition and pops of yellow really caught my eye. I love the message here too.


Undisturbed by didee
This is gorgeous in every way, from the colors to the composition to the details. A complete knock out!


warm sun by gonewiththewind
The killer post-processing on the photo, beautifully detailed element work and overall organic feel here really made this layout. Just stunning!


Snowy Photo Walk by SarahDanyelle
I love photo walks as a photographer’s tool and this layout captured the walk perfectly. The main photo has an amazing, eye-catching crop and the detail photos are equally interesting. I love that everything is taped down too.


untitled by rakusia
An adorable photo, great earthy colors and rocking clustering…what’s not to love?! Beautiful page.

In Search of the Perfect Pet by Stacy Jewell Stahl
This layout tells the story of the pet search in such a whimsical, creative way. I love the use of the doodles and the flow through the page.


This is my last guest post here at Gallery Standouts. I’ve had a great time in all of the stunning galleries throughout digi-land. Be inspired!


Finger Pointing (March 24)

24 Mar


shhbabymine’s tomboy I love the graphic style of this layout.  The colors in the photos really pop and the balance in the layout is superb.


pne123’s *You Make Me Smile*  How fabulous are these colors?  The photo and the journaling directly onto it is top notch.  Great page!


Nevache’s Alfama  It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Gerarda’s work.  She has a perfect eye when it comes to color choice and element use.  I’m really struck by her balance of clean and graphic with a more traditional cluster of elements.


Lizzy257’s Baby Steps  Perfect layering and shadow work.  Everything works so well together and enhances the super cute photos.


Jamie Seaward’s Love  I’m fascinated by the big green wave…it really pulls your eye across the page.  Notice the balance between the small green butterfly and the journaling.


anke’s What were you thinking I love heritage layouts, especially ones with personal journaling. This one is not only visually stunning, but having journaling from the subject in the photo is really special.


aly321’s Get Well Soon Great use of theme elements and papers.  I love the photo and the creative way she included the “who” and “when”.  I do hope her family gets well soon!!


alisa.kay’s 18 months  Love this!  Simple photo, simple design, simple title, but so much information and personality!!


1girl1boy’s Bloom  Yum!  I adore this page.   Especially the dotty frame and the two perfectly chosen pink elements.  Absolutely nothing on this page detracts from the gorgeous photos!



Finger Pointing (March 23)

23 Mar

Happy Tuesday everyone! Lynnette here with today’s picks…

JenJ’s Seven Year Old Scientist

This layout is so cool and funky! I love the fantastic design here. The black and white colors and photos are just stunning against the creamy background and title work is perfect.

sascedar’s {the beach people}

I’m absolutely in love with the design of this page! The placement of the photos and accents on the opposing corners of the rectangle really make this page interesting. Stunning photos too, the colors just pop against the neutral background. Fantastic!

Nachtamazone’s siblings

This page is just stunning! I absolutely love the rich colors and the hanging design is such a cool design idea.

alien21xx’s It’s just what I do

This page just popped out of the gallery the moment I saw it. I love the stunning colors in the photo and all the layering and details in this are great too. Fantastic title work as well.

kinun’s father and son

This page is SO stunning. I love love love the blues with the grays. Great effect on the photo too, it really pops!

Stephanie’s Family (12.09)

This page is so cute! I love the fantastic design here and the great use of patterned paper. Gorgeous!

earlofoxford’s Everyday

This is such a cool page. Clean blocking plus everyday moments = perfection in my eyes.

Britgirl’s 40th birthday card.

This is such a unique idea for a card! I aboslutely love all the details in this. Such a cool cool design.

fa11enan9e1’s All About Me

I just adore this page. The colors are so pretty and they completely pop off the dark background. The photos are gorgeous and all the little details and the title work are fantastic. Love it!