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Finger Pointing (Sept 29)

29 Sep

Hello everyone! I am popping in early this week to help out one of the other finger pointers. :) I had a great time in the galleries this am and I have added some more kits to my wishlist..that always happens when I browse the galleries. lol I so hope you like my choices for today!!

Us! by juhh

This is simply amazing! I adore the design on the edges and seriously those shadows are totally awesome! That picture is beyond precious as well.

True Love by GeVisacri

The composition of this page is amazing! I love a page that uses fabulous papers and this is one of those pages! The layering is perfection here.

Those Neighbors by Cristina

This page totally cracked me up! You have to read the story and get a good giggle! The design was perfect for the telling of the story!

Special Sister by Windgefluester

This is so pretty and sweet! A perfect sister page I think! I of course adore all the pink and the clustering above the journaling is the perfect touch!

School Morning by joannebrisebois

I adore this! I love the use of space and I love the use of the elements in the story telling! Really well done!

halo by velomba

It’s no secret that pink and gray is one of my fave color combos! I just love the balance between them. That was what immediately drew me to this page but then I feel in love with the precious photos and the awesome paper blocking!

Family Delights by jenn33199

This page screams fall and warmth. It is so so pretty! The layering of the gorgeous flowers and leaves is just beautiful!

Dare to Dream by LelaFleet

Lela has amazing skill when it comes to using space. She is truly a master! I adore the scattering of the circles on this and the little piccie up in the corner. Just fantastic!

{india} by Kayleigh

I adore this page! The colors really pop and coordinate beautifully with the photo! The stitching holding everything down is perfectly Kayleigh and I love it!


Finger Pointing – September 28th

29 Sep

Happy Tuesday…and what a truly happy Tuesday it is for me. For anyone who has been following my little dead laptop drama (ok, yes…I realize that might only be me), I am so glad to report that my beloved computer has made it home from the repair depot and actually appears to be working this time. Third time is the charm, I guess! So, tonight all is well in my corner of the virtual world as I share these Standouts with you.


October Fun by cindy732003
This layout is a wonderful example of why Cindy is one of my favorite scrappers: masterful layering, beautiful photos and a great eye for composition. Superb work as always!


Drifting by maghenrey
I love the sense of drama in this piece. The cool metal elements, use of lyrics and fun cast shadows make for a very appealing page.


Crazy Dreams by yogovonne
There were so many fun pages in the galleries today with this kit, but this one was my particular favorite for the awesome freestyle feel. Great use of pattern and whimsy in this one!


Stories by christinas
I am drawn to centered composition with a strong focal photo, so this layout really grabbed me. The unique perspective in the pic along with the bright yellow and cute details make for a super page!


Sisters by Chance by groovyjellybean
Ah – a fantastic minimalist hand here along with a stellar photo! The lens flare and silhouettes really rock, as do the simple details of the elements. Love it!


Favorite Things by tania
I find this layout quite swoonworthy for the excellent composition and heartfelt sentiment. The bold title work is very eye-catching as well. Tania does a great job with capturing slices of life in all of her pages!


Anytime Fun by g6scrapped
This layout makes great use of the papers to creatively tuck in the BBQ elements. I love the daring use of patterned paper here as well- she totally pulls it off! This page is just so fun and interesting, quite the homage to the grill!


love by schneeflocke
This is so romantic and gorgeous!! The beautiful pic really pops against that black. This is a great example of some of the modern alternatives for wedding albums too.


Caramba by tigra
The use of the magnifying glass in this scene is so clever! I just adore how it frames the scene in such an unexpected way. Lovely use of color and blending here as well.


That’s all from me tonight! I’ll see you here next week. In the mean time, I have months of pent-up scrapping mojo. I’m off to create some layouts and I hope you are too!


Finger Pointing (September 27)

27 Sep

Happy Monday every one! Lynnette here with today’s Gallery Standouts. Enjoy!

andrea4376’s Carousel

I absolutely love the cool, vintage vibe to this page. All the little details and layering in this add so much interest.

cherryberry’s loving summer

This page has a great graphic feel to it. I love the way the title is cut out of both the paper and the photo. Very cool idea.

lacidock’s Self Portrait

This page just makes me smile – it’s so incredibly cute! What a great way to showcase a child’s artwork.

Jassie’s Cool Backpack!

I love all the textures and details in this page. It really popped right out of the gallery.

gonewiththewind’s mojo

I think we can all relate to this page. Love love that she took the time to scrap this.

sarawise’s Portable

I love the idea of this page. Such a fun topic and something that will certainly be neat to look back on years from now. Great page!

SkrappyKathy’s Teddies

I love the sweetness of this page. From the photos to the soft colors and clean design, everything just works together perfectly.

JenniferBarrette’s artist

I just love the artsy vibe to this page. The colors and details in this are stunning and totally fit with her topic.

stampin_rachel’s Seeing Stars

This page is a perfect example of how a clean, simple design can still be fun and interesting. I love the blocked, vertical design and the brightly colored paper strips. Everything here just pops.


Finger Pointing (September 26)

26 Sep

Good evening, I hope you are enjoying what’s left of your weekend! It has been a beautiful crisp autumn day here today and I’m finishing off my day browsing the galleries – bliss!! I hope you enjoy my choices!

Autumn by Anna xx

That little glimpse of woodland through the circular cutout is just perfect, I love the feel of this page.

Back to School by Hollie

How exciting to see a more unusual approach to a back to school theme with the dark colours and natural elements, great use of that frame with the layered photos too.

Swing by Misty Cato

I love the rich colours and the scalloped shapes here, this layout has a lovely timeless classic feel to it.

{infinite} by sascedar

I want to be here! The restrained embellishment and that stunning photo all help to create a wonderful sense of calm.

Halloween Treat Bag by scrappycath

What a fun hybrid project! I am sure any trick or treater would be thrilled to get some goodies packaged like this!

Love Letters by SkrappyKathy

I actually gasped when I opened this up full size! The composition with the cascading letters and hearts had caught my eye initially, but just check out the blending of the handwritten letter and the background paper! Such a great way to include her son’s handwritten note within the overall design and style of the page.

Movie Day by thatyborges

Aaaah yes, this is totally my sort of page! Lots of colour and layers and goodies and FUN!

His magic by tsukushi

Such gorgeous photos here and the clustering is gorgeous. What really caught my eye was the cut paper shapes and the wonderful rich tones.

Just My Type by whatnext

Such a great mix of fonts and fun titlework here! Great effect on the photos too.


Finger Pointing (Sept 25)

25 Sep

Goooooooood morning!! Hope your weekend has been mighty fine so far. I had so many layouts selected that narrowing it down was quite difficult. But here they are….

Meltdown by tanyariley

LOVE the vertical design with the ribbons and the pop of colors. And sometimes you’ve just got to share those down-moments of your kid too.

Ampersand by heathert

Big, bold and eye-catching. I’m a sucker for those pages….

That Moment by emmasmom

Fun design with the circles and word art. And it helps if the photo AND subject are too cute :-)

Alone by anubis1

Very emotive piece with the broken heart and the moody colorscheme, by distancing the subject from the background makes it even more powerful.

Mary Poppins by beckag99

Loving the use elements instead of words in the journaling and the clustering around the photo. LOVE!

the birth of Apple computers by valeriapiemonte

Did I mention I’m a big sucker for bold and eye-catching pages? Hmmm this is no exception, awesome titlework here.

Boardwalk by Mamasita

Cute cute cute, those fishies and the cut out circles representing the bubbles, these details make me swoon.

~Sweet reminder~ by kewl_jive

More cuteness here! Love how she used the brushes and the flowers, this is so pretty!

Word Clippings Journal Page by robenmarie

I LOVE art journal pages, give me paint, a few word bits and a simple element. And still you can say so much….


Finger Pointing (Sept 24)

24 Sep

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful week! There was tons of awesome pages in the gallery today which made my job super insanely hard. I got up early thinking I could get it done before it got too late and it was so a good way of course! Anywho..Let’s get on with my choices. I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Too Cute by bethdraper

Seriously you can put a tutu on any little girly and I am totally sold straight away! This picture is divine with it’s perfect lighting and that too cute for words little girly. Fabulously composed as well. Love it!

Three Favorite Things About Books by JALong

This had to take such a long time and it was totally worth it! I adore the giant button three. I am an avid reader (well I try to be..) and so I just fell in love with this!

The Finer Details by evitangel

I adore the composition here! All the little doodles and the arrows are just pure perfection!

So This Is Love by eryn

*sigh* this is oh so sweet and pretty! the colors and the touches of sparkles are beautiful. Such adorable photos too!Not to mention awesome title work!

Preschool? by Tiff

I was seriously on a photoless page kick today huh?! I can’t help it though! This page is outstanding! the giant letters and number totally draw you in. Creative journaling placement too. Really fabulous!

little artists by Dana

I am madly in love with this kit and Dana rocked it out! The photos here are just PERFECT!! I love the way they really stand out and her editing makes them look so vintage!

life is pretty awesome most of the days by Therese

If you want a class on white space you need to turn to Therese. She is such a master! The photos and colors here pop and really stand out. I love all the paint on this page! just gorgeous!

Far Out by shades of bliss

Seriously this is total awesomeness! I love the retro vibe here and her design is so totally amazing. I am seriously smitten with everything she does.

Emmeline, 7 mos by Strange.Bird

This page is soooo sweet! I adore the series of photos. The papers and colors here are perfect and really balance`out well.


Finger Pointing (Sept 23)

23 Sep

Helloooo all!!  It is raining and dreary where I am today….  But I’ve decided to have the weather dictate, and made myself a cup of tea and decide on doing a little gallery surfing.   and wow…. I was so delighted with all of the creativity I found!  Check them out.


This is incredible!  It popped straight out of the gallery, screaming come and take a closer look.  And look I did, this looks like it came straight out of a magazine. What a perfect ‘ad’ for a baby or parenting magazine.  LOVE the crossing out of different ‘things’ and the focus on the most important one of all!

JMT 19 Sep Babies need … by sam ellis


This photography is amazing!  Great use of aperture, focusing be the cookie and let the photography ‘tell’ what the story.  And to continue telling the story is the “quote”  What a wonderful documentation of real life.

Love the things you see by AllisonWaken


I love the beautiful soft look to the graphic picture, and the use of a scroll type font and swirly brushwork.  It has such a beautiful romantic feel!!

INTROSPECTIVE by bkathitownz


I LOVE how ‘real’ this layout looks… like an actual paper scrapbook page.  The shadowing is incredible, and I LOVE all of the snipettes and strips of papers.

pieces of my life by sportay24


Even through all of the color, patterns and texture, the photos remain the focal point of this layout.  LOVE the mixture of bl n wh and color to draw your eye inward.

Sugarshock by luzaine


LOVE the the clean lines and feel to this page!  And the orange frame is an amazing centerpiece to make the photo shine.

words……… Sokee


I can feel of the wind on the page… almost like a fall breeze.  The layout looks so incredible, split into different sections,  the journaling is perfect thing to tie them all together!

Falling Leaves by doti40


What incredible layout out design and use of pattern paper!! AND, I am TOTALLY lovin’ how the photos go off the edge a bit on each side.  Wonderful journaling too!

Change by Ebony


I am in the middle of a legacy project right now, (scrapbooking some older photos and letters), and this was a wonderful example of how to showcase something those items.  I LOVE the realism to the page, it’s almost as if I could reach out and ‘feel’ everything on the page!

Love letter by natalka