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Finger Pointing (November 30)

30 Nov

Happy last day of November everyone! December is almost here, yay! But first we have some Gallery Standouts…

jam1el33’s Wonderland

I absolutely love this wintery page! The cascading snowflakes are just gorgeous and I love the way the colors pop against the grey background. Just stunning.

Kiki’s Tip-to-Tip

This page is so cool! I love the blended background and the way she included some memorabilia onto the page. Awesome travel page.

mymalloryboys’ Expressive

The colors in this page really popped out of the gallery at me. I love the rich blues with the pops of red and the fun whimsical border. Very fun!

litabells’ Tell Me Why

I totally love the unique paper blocking on this page. The angled blocks add so much interest and the colors are just gorgeous. Love the he said-she said theme too.

Leah’s Pure Delight

I love love love the colors in this page! The pinks and browns are so stunning and the design here is fantastic. 

morgana’s I am thankful for

I love the light airy feel to this page. The use of white space is great and I love the way everything pops off the white background. So pretty and fresh.

Tracyfish’s I heart leaves

This page just pops! I love the rich fall colors and the large repeating photo. The overall effect is just so so gorgeous. Great title work too.

JenJ’s A Little Bit Country…

How fun is this! I love the amazing title work here – such a fun fun theme and a great way to capture their different personalities.

Paula’s Wintery fall

I totally love the cool, wintery feel of this page. It really captures the feeling of the winter weather. Stunning layering and details in this too – love the frames around the patterned paper blocks!


Finger Pointing (November 29)

29 Nov

Good Morning this last Monday of November! It was a great morning all snuggled up in my warm clothes (first time I’ve worn long sleeves all winter here in Arizona) and peruse the gallery! Somehow all the pages I chose ended up in the same color scheme all the warming earthy colors gray, tan, brown with bright pops of color… a happy coincidence!

2010 by Ana.Paula

I couldn’t help but just grin seeing all these cute smiling faces staring at me from the gallery this morning. What a cute year in review page.

Loving Heart by josette31

The cluster and shadow work on this literally just blew me away!

remember by mumure

In her description she says she believes that some things should never be forgotten and I agree. What an amazing visual art journal page about something so hard to scrap about.

So Much to be Thankful For by rebecca h

This page is just too fab! I’m a huge fan of gratitude pages and this one is stellar! I LOVE the “real life” looking snapshots.


sweet n sour by snaggletooth75

What caught my eye about this one is all these teensy tinsy little elements! A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

Sweet Sunshine by g6scrapped

The “paper feel” of this LO is incredible! It’s one of those pages you really can’t tell if it’s digital or not! LOVED the colors too!

Together We Sparkle by anubis1

Loved this striking altered Christmas piece, I think it would make a great card! For me,  it brings up feelings of love I have for my sisters…delightful!


Untitled by Dashyny

Not sure what this says, but I think the raw emotion of the page is absolutely intense and so captivating!

What You Like at Five by cindys732003

Loved the effect of all the repeating circles and all those yummy layers (not to mention the title work)! What a great LO to capture a snapshot of his life at 5!



Finger Pointing (November 28)

28 Nov

Good evening! Kate here with my picks from the galleries tonight, I hope you enjoy them!

My biggest treasures by carinspixels

This is such fun, I love the play with scale and the controlled colour scheme.

#263 by divian

Such masterly shadows and a great photo here! Great use of all the different textures too.

Merry Christmas by DolceVita

This is so quirky and fun! Great effect on the photo to create this whimiscal look!

2010 Christmas Card by earlofoxford

What a gorgeous Christmas card! Great shadowing again here, I want to reach out and grab this frame!

7th grade interview by Keely~B

I love the eclectic miss of goodies here, just perfect for a 7th grader! I am a big fan of interview type layouts, I love how they capture a snapshot of someone’s character and hopes and dreams in that moment.

Your Feet by oldvwblues

Lovely verse and beautiful blending and brushwork here, a lovely wistful page.

Mary’s Boychild by Scrappy Smile

The soft colours here are so so pretty, it’s fun to see a nativity themed page in pastel colours! The gems and sprinkles add a lovely touch of depth too.

They build a house… by TanteEni

Such a great composition for the theme of this page! Perfect choice of muted earthy colours too.

Being You by zotova

This is so cute!! I adore the little glimpses of the photos peeking out from behind the paper pieces, just fabulous!!


Finger Pointing (November 27)

28 Nov

How has your weekend been so far? Still enjoying some quality time with the family?
I hope you can steal a few minutes away and enjoy today’s inspiration!

All Well Known by joannknnrd

Mysterious and intriguing with a pop of red, this is stunning and makes you want to know more about the story!

The 12 Days of Christmas… by Karen_Johnson

Very clever design with a mischievous touch. Gorgeous!


Five things I miss by Kelleanne

Love how she journaled on the different shapes to sum up her list. Cool titlework and design too.

snow white by Melissa Hill

Awww isn’t this just the cutest Snow White? Great composition with the color coordinating paper blocks and the paint and stitches to keep it all together.

The Best of 2010 by Paula Francovig

LOVE this!! What a great year-in-review page…For every month a photo and some journaling, total FUN!
And she deserves some extra points for that credit list LOL

Street Gallery by talktopam

Really cool gallery with the girl watching over the images. Love the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the scene!

MPT-vs-MRT by thunderdragon

I love how she journaled about her perfect day compared to the one that she experiences in ‘real’ life. Such a great concept and just too funny :-)

– the smell of christmas – by Vrtule

Ahhhh this is just fantastic!! The warmth and vintage feel, the whole setting, LOVE!

Waiting for Christmas by justka777

Another Christmas page with gorgeous clustering. This is truly magical!



Finger Pointing – November 25th

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends! My 4 year old sous chef and I have already made pumpkin muffins, a pumpkin pie and a sweet potato bake a la Paula Deen. I’m sitting down in my apron to bring you today’s standouts before we get back in the kitchen to finish our cooking!

I am starting with some layouts and inspired by today’s holiday, but if you aren’t from the US, it’s still a great approach to scrap what makes you feel thankful. I’m ending with some Christmas layouts because December 1st is just around the corner!

thankful in 2010 by elizzylee
Classic & perfect minimalism with beautiful photos and heatfelt journaling. Love it!

Thankful for You by GemmaC
The lovely clustering provides the perfect framing for this sweet black and white photo. Great pops of color too!


My life revolves around you by Scrapenherbe
The clean and simple design underscores the emotional impact of this pretty page.


Who Knew? by Gennifer
Strong composition and poignant journaling make for a beautiful & tender memorial page.


Capture this Moment by akizo
I love the flow and detailed element work here, really stunning!


Perfect Christmas Ornament by lovetodecorate
The extraction, aerial perspective and awesome layering combine to product a true standout! Great page!


Pere Noel by kathleena
I love the colors, cascade of elements and beautiful pics in this one! It captures the magic of Santa perfectly!


Joyful Wish by Babsy
This is full of whimsy and fun, perfectly with all the delicious brushwork.


Dreamy by DolceVita
The sweet and natural feel her is so suited to a first Christmas page – just lovely!


That’s all from me today – it’s back to the cooking. Once again, have a great Thanksgiving or Thursday wherever you are!





Finger Pointing (November 23)

23 Nov

Happy Tuesday everyone! Here in the US we are busily gearing up for Turkey Day – today’s mission – buy a turkey! haha But first here are some awesome layouts for you to enjoy…

lmccandless’ perfect fall day

I totally love the photo blocking here with the messy stitching. Such a great way to get a bunch of photos on a page while still keeping the overall look cohesive and beautiful.

teeleedee’s Adored

Another awesome blocked page with messy stitching (I’m sensing a theme here! haha). I really love the colors in this – they’re so fresh and just pop off the neutral background. Love the subtle brushwork here too.

snaggletooth’s Something New

Ok how cool is this page!! I absolutely love the layered design with the cutouts here. So very very cool.

JenniferBarrette’s First Snow

I just love the layered clean, simple design here. All the details are just perfect.

Melissa Hill’s forest beauty

This page is just stunning! I love the brushwork here and the rich fall colors. Great blocking here too.

1girl1boy’s my dad is made of awesome

I really love the design of this page. What great bold title work. Great use of color and layering here too. Awesome.

earlofoxford’s Florida State – Clemson

This page is such a great example of a way to showcase a bunch of photos from an event while still having room to tell the story too. Awesome photos, great simple design too.

valeriapiemonte’s my little world

This is such a fun idea! I love the round design here and the fun title work. Such an awesome way to capture her life.

Topsi’s You are you

The colors on this page are just stunning. I love love love the blues and greens against the brown background. Great use of details and layering in this page too.


Finger Pointing (November 22nd)

22 Nov

Happy Monday morning everyone! Tangie here–without much ado let’s get right down to the eye candy shall we? :)

cakes by peppapig

Could this be any cuter? I am so in love with all those cakes! Imaginative!

Christmas Memories by HeyJude

Look at the tree she made on this page. Isn’t it so clever and beautiful? Heart it!

Christmas Shopping by Peppermint

This is just so gorgeous! I love the soft Christmas tones it has such a magical look about it!

Fruit Smoothies by posiegirl

Of course this is my favorite color combination of all time so it just jumped right out of the gallery at me! Look at all the yummy vintage red and green, such a tasty page too!

Little Ham by stampin_rachel

This is what I call an amazing white space LO! I always look at these with yearning hoping someday I will master the art of white space–and master it she has done!

Remember Me by b_stepien

Isnt’ the contrast of the background and the pictures incredible? I love how deep and rich the whole page is. Just stunning!

rush-rush by JenJ

I absolutely loved the diagonal flow of this page! I love the novelty of it and all the movement with the arrows and such really help you understand what she is trying to say!

Shooting Star by arumrose

I loved navy sky and bright yellow stars and accents in this layout. It seemed so enchanting she could get so much “energy”, wonder and magic in a sleeping page!

silly by caits

This photo is just too adorable! The page itself is so fantastic! I LOVE the colors, the cluster & shadow work–that journaling I think is something we can all relate too! Oh no it’s the camera face! :D