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Finger Pointing (February 28th)

28 Feb

Good morning everyone! And…….happy last day of February! Can you believe it?  I know I say this every Monday but the galleries were just oozing delightful creations to behold! So let’s get started…

Carnival by Lara’s Digi World
I loved the gorgeous colors, the cluster work just at the bottom and how she repeated that photo form the Venice Carnival.

Small world by Bec
This magical layout just captured my attention! Reminded me of my childhood days when we used to see the world like that all the time. Beautifully done!

“Mis”behaving by monalisasmiles
Is this not just so adorable?  I love all the blues and pinks with those sepia tones photographs (look at the curly hair! Precious.)

Your Pal Bolt
This seems to capture an incredibly sweet relationship, layouts that can do that always touch my heart! I love the way she has so much detail but the focus is still on those sweet pictures! Great “paper” shadowing too, looks so real!

because of love by Ana.Paula
I loved the sketchy titles on this, the white background, the cut papers and the tidbits of stitching–all together make a really sweet page with a realistic flair!

The Tree of Life by LovelyKissKait
I really loved the soft blending effect of the photo in the background, and the unique way she scrapped the subject very soft and giving (I’ve never seen Disney’s Tree of Life scrapped in these colors!). Beautiful!

sweet princess by Helen
I love the way this looked suspended from the touch of the page with the stitching, the tiny little heart at the top that starts the title work, and the way she cropped the photo!

Consider the Birds by Karen Bowers
I thought this was just a magnificently gorgeous collage, I am so glad she’s going to print and hang on her wall. It’s truly a beautiful tribute to nature.

Brain Drain by Two Dresses Studio
I’m at a loss for words really, this is just incredible! I absolutely love the thought behind this and the way she executed it! How about a standing ovation instead?




Finger Pointing (February 27)

27 Feb

Hello all – Bridget here after a long, too long, break.  I haven’t posted GSO picks in a long time, but found some of my long long lost scrappin’ mojo while browsing the galleries.  Hope my pics give you some inspiration too.  Enjoy!

Feb 20-26 by Jen D

What gorgeous photos in the 365 page – clean, crisp layout but still tons of journaling.  Love the boxed dates

Surprise by editorialdragon

Wow – what a great photoless page about one of life’s biggest surprises and joys

Remember by tconlan

What a beautiful heritage page and great shadows – feels like you could reach out and touch the page.

Project Computer by Missrubikscube

There’s so much to look at in this layout – lots of journaling, arrows to draw your attention, and a title that looks like computer keys!

Still love You by MommaTrish

Isn’t this an eye catcher, with all of the journaling strips forming a heart?  Great colors on the neutral background too.

My man by nana z

Isn’t the crop on this photo just perfect – with just one eye showing under the cap?  Beautiful soft colors with the bright pop of color.

Troy’s 38th by neeceebee

Love the pattern paper with the sprinkling of beads, tons of journaling, and the words circled and underlined for emphasis

Love in the Bayou by lespetitsmots

This reminds me of a page from a fairytale story – unique and definitely different and beautiful!


Finger Pointing (February 26)

26 Feb

How I just love the Saturdays, browsing the galleries and picking my favorites…

the ocean by tanalicious

This one caught my eye immediately! Fantastic use of the brushes, the starburst and splatters just makes the photo shine even more!

I just want to say … by helenh

LOVE love love this simple colorscheme and the design within the talkbubble. Beautifully done!

I have no problems of the choice! by elena-gl

Okay, this one caught my eye too, and not because of all the sweet stuff (ahem…). The whole design is just fun, the photo, the platter, love it all!

Secret Attic by paprika

Stunning design with great depth, the whole page just glows. And there are so many details, great job on this gorgeous page!

reach the sun by Irenchen

There were a few pages with this charity collab, but this bright and gorgeous one stood out to me because of the fantastic clustering and layering!

Life Experience by Jacinda

Such great quotes! Love how she framed them and used the alpha. A great take on a photoless page!

Dream of Travel by Jassie

I love how the road and arrows lead your eyes to the centered design. Great combination of fun colors and B&W photos too!

First Kiss by SeattleSheri

Those waves and curls and fantastic layering and shadowing just make me swoon. Simply gorgeous and oh so romantic!

i promise you… by ziutka1980

Another wedding page, cute and simply designed, this time celebrating their anniversary.


Finger Pointing (February 25)

25 Feb

Hey everyone and happy Friday!! I hope you all had great weeks and I so hope you are inspired but the amazing art I found in the galleries today!

30 by nanienamou

This page is so bright and colorful that it totally drew me in! This is one of my all time favorite kits and I love the way she used it!! The big number with all the journaling is just total perfection!

want to be by hutchie

This is soooo gorgeous! I love the colors all the little bits of papers and details around the edges. The journaling is amazing and the total focus here which I just love! The muted tones really allow the pic and story to do all the work.

Angel by Lizzy257

This page is such a heart breaking page but she scrapped it perfectly. Sometimes the hard things are good for scrap therapy and I am glad she was able to get some thoughts out there a bit. Great layering and the pop of red really stands out.

Is this love by Rubia Padilha

Such fantastic colors and title work first caught my attention, but I love everything about this! Awesome use of brushes. I love the stitching detail at the top too!

The Homerun Talk by JenJ

This page is a PERFECT little boy page! I adore the photos! Totally precious! I love the subtle brush work and the faint baseball diamond in the background.

New York New York by JeanH

This is totally amazing! What a fabulous black and white page! The photo is amazing and I love all the typography! I have always wanted to go to New York and this just totally reinforces that!

Spread Your Wings by Roxxygerlie

This clustering is just fantastic! I love the photo editing with the kit she used. It has a perfect vintage-y feel. Everything about this is just oh so pretty!

Smiling for no reason by Arumrose

This is sooooo gorgeous! That patterned background really pops but doesn’t take away from the photos at all! It’s a feat I have never quite tackled and I just love this! The clustering in the corners adds just the right balance too!

~Really really love you~ by kewl_jive

This is just fabulous! Another page with such great use of paper!!! I love the photo and the pops of orange and all the yellow just makes me feel so happy! Soooo beautifully scrapped!


Finger Pointing – February 24th

24 Feb

After being over 70 degrees a few days ago, it’s snowing again at my house. Rather than looking at that depressing view out the window, I immersed myself in the galleries this evening.  Here are the beauties I found:

Temper Tantrum by mrs_jb
I love the bright colors, paint splatters and mix of patterns on this page. It just vibrates with the emotion of the tantrum! I’m a huge fan of scrapping even the not-so-fun moments and this page does it brilliantly.

Angel by bho
The shadowing, depth of color and amazing journaling on this page make it a true standout. I love the great eclectic mix here.

Laugh by tjscraps
The playful background, fun colors and adorable pics all add up to a super cute layout. This page does a wonderful job of telling the story of an everyday moment as well.

I Love You by alb52
Amy always makes such masterful use of white space and this is no exception! The elements are refined, perfect little touches. I adore the whole soft feel to this page. Oh, and check out the shadows…

Play by HanaZana
I love the photos tucked in amid the titlework. It’s such a clever and creative composition. The patterned background provides a great touch of whimsy too.

The Glass Menagerie by Casbury
The super cool blending, great fontography and interesting subject matter grabbed my attention. Isn’t this fab!?

Just so perfect by georgeinci
The photo is incredible, just incredible. The page keeps the focus on it with a clean composition and limited color palette. Adore!

Boy zone by zojinka
This page has stellar composition and energy! I love all of the boyish details here, particularly the helicopter cutouts and messy paint. Super work!

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration tonight. Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing (February 22)

22 Feb

Hello, all! It’s Leslie back as a guest finger pointer again. I had so much fun going through the galleries tonight. It was super hard to narrow it down.

my butterfly by LauraBozeman

The simplicity of this just drew me in right away. The photo processing is just terrific here and I love the touch of turquoise on this otherwise monochromatic page.

love your sweetness by pne123

Sigh! This page gives me baby fever….bad! And repeating that beyond precious photo is just sooooo not fair! LOL

leave the lights on by becca1976

I cannot resist a good sleeping baby photo and would you just look how adorable this one is. I mean really. The curls, the thumb…I love…and the shadowing on those wire stars is fabulous!

sleepy boy by emmasmom

Are you kidding me? This is simply adorbs! That photo has me reaching out to pick him up and snuggle him close.

laughter by carollee

I kept coming back to this page over and over. It just makes me happy! It, of course, has 2 stinkin’ cute boys in the photo…but the touches of yellow and orange make me long for the late spring sun. She totally rocked that background paper, too!

tired mom by stampin rachel

Raise your hand if you can relate! Yeah, me too. I think I actually raised both and then realized I need at least one to type with. This graphic, grungry page could not be any more perfect. Dude (yeah i said it) those tire tracks are a stroke of genius!

everyday life by justmp

Love, love, love everyday life pages and I LOVE that she scrapped a page about actually do the Project 365 challenge. I admire and envy her for sticking with it.

rock star mom by scrappyt

Something about this grungy, fantastically pink page just sings to me. Maybe because I’m a fellow music lover myself. Nonetheless it rocks!

boyfriend tshirt by digi supplies by linny6

Shakin’ it up and adding a hybrid project to the standouts today! Don’t you just love this? I want this shirt for my son. Want it. Need it. Love it!


Finger Pointing (February 20)

20 Feb

Good evening, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Here are my picks from the galleries today, if you have a few moments spare please click the link to your favourite and leave a little love!

Paddle by andrea4376

I love the huge title across the page and the top heavy composition, the processing on the photo is perfect too. Aahhhh, it makes me want to head to the beach!

You Loved… by Brynn Marie

There’s a beautiful vintage feel to this page, the journalling in the crossword squares is so effective too!

Thank you Superhero Greg for carollee

The wonderful comic book feel drew me to this page but the story behind it is great – a tale of a technical superhero retrieving lost photos. Hooray for technical heroes!

My Face to Face in Vegas by Cassie Jones

Oh so cool! I love the sticker extraction style here and the strong graphic colours against the grey and the black and white photos. Stunning!

A Room For for a Princess by Jamie Sorenson

Another beautiful colour scheme and great photo processing on this page! The little stapled pieces of paper are a great finishing touch.

ETA: This is Kate again just adding an apology for adding this page in our picks for the second time this week! I missed it when I checked back through the older posts here (I think I am worn out after a week of no school, bad weather and entertaining my restless kids!).  Apologies again for my mistake, I hope you enjoyed this great page a second time round.

River 1 by Lynn G NZ

Fabulous mixture of blending, patterned paper and frames photos here, each part harmonises so well with the rest of the page.

Art by Ryan by skyezak

Oh those little drawings – so cute! Such a fabulously creative way to record these early works of art, the titlework on top of the paint drips is wonderful too!

Venezia by SMI

Ooh the colour – so rich and luxurious! Amazing depth here too.

there is always by talktoheather

This is so cleverly done and that patterned paper is used so well. The cut-outs that allow glimpses of the journalling (but not quite the full story) and the lack of photos really add to the enigmatic feel.