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Finger Pointing (March 31)

31 Mar

Hey Everyone! I am popping on here late to fill in for Laura so I will spare you the small talk and get down to business! I hope you all have a great weekend!!

10 faves at 28 by Lynnette

I looove Lynnette’s listy page!! They always make me sooo happy! Perfect use of papers and little tags! Those glittery butterflies are the perfect touch!

Pinterest by Starlite9711

I love this page! This is a perfect way to document this new trend online! It’s taken over so much of my time and so many other’s! I love the tags and her title work is perfection!

10 things I love by lisataz

I clearly had a crush on list pages while browsing around tonight! I just can’t pull them off so when I see them I just fall in love! How AMAZING is this page?! I love that gorgeous bg and I love her list! Her photo editing here matches everything perfectly too!

My Mac by Karin

This is so clever! I love how she made the apple symbol out of that gorgeous plaid and I love all the little paper strips! It’s perfectly simple and straight to the point!

Birthday Boy by Snowdropz

I was instantly drawn to this page by the amazing brushwork! It really makes the page pop and is just so beautiful! Great clustering too!

hollywood studios by neeceebee

This page totally pops right out in the galleries! All the color and all the photos are just incredible! I love how she got so many onto the page without it being overwhelming! I am just in awe of it!

color to me by stampin_rachel

*sigh* this is just oh so pretty! Yellow is a color that screams happiness to me and this page oozes just that! I adore the brush work on this page as well. It’s so gorgeous and that photo is perspective is beautiful!

happiness by sarahh

How pretty is this page?! It is so girly and feminine! just like I like! The scattered elements and clustering here is done perfectly! I adore it!!!

fun time by kewl_jive

Beth’s pages always make me sooo happy and this one is no exception! I love the pop of color against the white and all the little scattery bits. That photo is joyous too! The strips on the side are the perfect touch here!!!


Finger Pointing (March 30)

30 Mar

Lets get right to the amazing standouts I scoped out today.

I feel the comfortable calmness in this page… almost makes me yawn.  hee hee  I LOVE the hint of brushes, and the tapes papers on the side.
sweet dreams by Britgirl

Oh… I hear you… time goes so fast, yet the wonder of who they will become is always there.  Love the feel on this page.  So pensive.
I Wonder by nikkiARNGwife

Breathtakingly beautiful.  I LOVE the soft feeling, and the muted tones in the photograph.  Amazing grid like soft design.
Spring by by NicoleLeBlanc


I’m really diggin’ the grunged up feeling, and splatters and writing and stitched waves.  An amazing composition!
Cruise by Nath


WOW.  Such beauty and sentiment.  The clouds and heavenly feel brings you a little closer.
i Miss You by Valoriew

Such a sweet face!!  I LOVE all of the color and vibrancy!!  Everything just POPed out of the gallery.
9 mo by by erin s

Great use of white space, yet just enough to make a statement.  Love the ‘storytelling’ put right into the visual.
London_COVER by nauheim

I love looking through 365 pages… but when I saw this one, I LOVE the consistency the bl and white pictures gave, yet I LOVED how the bold colors really gave the page style.
my 52 week by Avas Mom

This design is FABULOUS!!  I LOVE this.  From the little questions cards, the the notes underneath.  The arrangement to the titling.  LOVE!  I can only hope my daughter will relay all of her 1’st date information.  <grin>
Tell me about your first date by JALong



Finger Pointing (March 29)

29 Mar

Happy Tuesday everyone! Ready for today’s Gallery Standouts? Here ya go…

moosoozoo’s perfect

I absolutely love the bold color scheme with the more subtle toned photos. Amazing design too – great use of white space.

tracyfish’s P52 Week 12

This page is so fun! I love all the car elements scattered throughout. What a fun multi-photo layout.

andrea4376’s Disney Family Facts

This is such a fun idea for a layout! I really loved reading all the journaling on this page. Such a great non-traditional way to capture the Disney experience.

pne123’s * Future Scout *

I totally adore this page. The rich boyish colors just pop. Great detail work here too.

RebeccaH’s Showers

The title work on this page is so awesome! I love the way the journaling is dripping down the page. So perfect for this spring theme.

nikkiARNGwife’s 10 Years

This page is so sweet. I love the bold patterned papers and all the layered elements. Really really stunning.

wendymorton’s Kylie’s art and school work

This is such a fantastic idea! I love that she scanned all of the artwork. It really captures this childhood moment and I’m sure will be a fun page to look back on later. I love all the little hanging frames for each piece too.

Kelleane’s Strength

I really love the bold use of patterned paper on this page. The design is fantastic. I especially love the three individual journaling blocks scattered around that page.

Keela’s sweet

This page is SO adorable. I love the sweet, simple heart mixed with the hanging frames. So fun.

Have a great day everyone!


Finger Pointing (March 28)

28 Mar

Hi everyone! This is Tracie Stroud, and I’m so excited to be pointing some fingers for the first time!  I had a blast going through layout galleries, but it was so difficult to narrow these down! There are some amazing layouts out there! If you haven’t surfed through any galleries lately, I encourage you to go do it and leave some love.

Summer by Patti

This layout popped right out at me. The soft blues and greens are such a soothing palette, and Patti’s depth and use of shadows is fantastic.


Ready for summer by MommaTrish

LOVE this layout! What a fantastic list layout. The frames are a perfect way to separate the various lists and draw your eye, and the little bugs are just too cute.


all i need by Anna.Paula

This layout says so much with just a few words. What a beautiful way to express the importance of our loved ones.


Beach by Crissy

This layout takes me straight to a peaceful, quiet, relaxing place. I love the soft colors and the use of the graphic stamps, and the title work is perfect.


A Beautiful Life by duniascrap

Isn’t this layout gorgeous? I love the bright pops of color, the strips of paper, the title, and that photo is just precious! I could go on and on!


No More Tube by tanyariley

This layout gives us both a fantastic read and a great challenge. I loved reading about her family giving up TV. It’s a rare thing these days, and she documented it beautifully.


Coelhinho da Páscoa by Gizele Petrelli

What a lovely layout! I love how the strips of paper bring your eye straight to the photo, making it the main focus of the layout.


{when?} by sascedar

This layout just blew me away when I saw it. I absolutely adore the photo blending effect and the use of halftone to create visual interest. The journaling touches my mother’s heart as well. It perfectly captures how quickly time goes by, growing our babies up before we’re ready for it.


Down and Derby by iJenny

The clever title and quirky use of elements and papers drew me to this layout right away. What a fun way to document a parent’s pride over a child’s accomplishments!


Finger Pointing (March 27)

27 Mar

Squeal!! It is me Anne of Alamo again! Did ya miss me? I had a mini vacation of fun with the family to the bay area here in California and it was a wet and crazy time.  I am relaxed and ready to scrap, especially after a few hours cruising through the galleries of Digi-Land!

Bodie by sucali

The gold bits and fun little elements repeated made this page stand out to me.  I really love the bright and crisp pictures!

Sunday Postcard Art – WH|ITE by Two Dresses Studio

You can stare and stare at this  beauty and keep seeing  something new.   I am awed by the white on white and the dazzling brown!

Men at Work by Jenny79

Okay,  I admit it, little boys and working with tools draw me every time! His cheeks and his intense focus in the photo just made me smile, and to see all the fun thematic elements all around so perfect makes this page just all around wonderful.

Spider trap – Pier by irishgull

The blend and the extraction are all done so magically and give such a superb balance to the grungy and rusty pieces.

Play Lego by Leandi

Definitions done so superbly! I love them scattered throughout the page along with the bits of Lego pieces!

Little Black Dress by susieq2u

That faded pink text in the date and the word art just bring  the whole page to compliment everything on the page.  I am mucho impressed with  all the alphas and fonts that went into this page.

Sometimes by dna13

I love layouts that are just of a precious moments and seeing these two all cuddled, and then stitched up so perfectly made this a grand page:

Goodbye Winter by pajhnubhlis

Simple and elegant. I  am constantly amazed by the artist who put these pages together.  I also wanted to join in to say a sweet good bye to Winter.

Our Scrapbook Stash by Dalis

This is what we do, make pages with all our little doodads and miscellaneous elements and papers.  Having never been a “paper” scrapper, I smiled at her stash and loved all the cut papers to accent her page!





Finger Pointing (March 26)

26 Mar

Okay, I hope I don’t mess up today’s post, cause I’m all happy and giggly…I just heard the news one of my best friends has gotten a little baby girl! :-)

So let’s just start the inspiration I found in today’s galleries…..

Always Hope AJC wk13 by joannknnrd

This is just perfect, the cut outs, the floral background showing through, the titlework…. every single thing is used with great thought and symbolism. This is art!

Adoption Thoughts by jenniferdraut

Beautiful how she contained her thoughts in the silhouette and used the teeny tiny photos as flower centers.

Beautifull mess by natalka L

*sigh* Pretty pretty pretty! The shadows and lighting are so well done, there is so much depth and realism on this page.

awesomesauce … duh by talktoheather

Funny page, cracked me right up. Great use of the doodle elements and ofcourse, the font!

Happy Moment by twinsmomflor

This is gorgeous! Very playful and full of energy and movement, love the huge alpha too!

Accomplish by RucolaDesigns

Beautiful blending all over, on the background and journal. This should be framed and hung on the wall!

lhf by marnel

This page just screams Spring! Colorful and playful, I get all happy seeing the little girl playing with the hula hoop too. LOVE this!

Dancing with the flowers by emi

Another Spring page, this one a little grassy scene with a beautiful girl running through the flowers. Stunning work!

– mama´s boy – by Vrtule

This one is too cute, what a perfect little scene that made me smile from ear to ear! All those tiny details, love those glasses on the little boy, and even the dirt is there!


Finger Poiting (March 25)

25 Mar

Here I am again and the galleries were full of beautiful pages today! Even though it’s super cold here, Spring is certainly in the air in the scrap world. So many beautiful flowery pages and nice bright and happy colors! I had so much fun looking at them all! Here are the ones I decided on!

bloom by gracielou

this page is oh so pretty and happy! I just adore it!! Those photos are so full of Spring and are so beautiful! I adore the paint and doodling along the border of the page too. This whole thing is just beautiful!

tennis by timounette

I love a good white space page. For me it makes the photos just pop and the story take focus! This one is just perfectly done! I love the pops of blue against the white and the photos are just perfect!

Bring Me Sunshine by andrea4376

I adore this page! It is just sooo happy!!! Such fantastic title work! It really drew me in! The photo is precious too! just love this page!

spring comes softly by stepko

How sweet is this page?! Great use of elements (how cute are those little lambs?!) and I love the perspective and depth. Just so adorable!

Celebrate by star74

I know I have said this before, but I just adore the big moment pages! I am so bad about scrapping them! They are so intimidating to me for some reason! This is a PERFECT birthday page! I love the little scattered confettis and elements! Great photos too!!

Minhas Casas by Gizele Petrelli

I am in love with everything about this page and the more I look at it the more I love it! Great composition here and I love the home elements and the photos on the bottom! The colors are oh so pretty too!

cuppy cake by Paula Francovig

I’m gonna be honest….I adore cupcakes. They are a huge weakness of mine and for some reason even though I don’t bake tons, I have made a few batches of cup cakes this winter! I just love them! And I love this page too!! I adore the design and how there is so much to look at without taking up the whole page! Very well done!

Impression évanescente by Gateausoso

This page is just beautiful! The pink is beautiful and I love the old photo here. She scrapped it perfectly. So much depth! I love it!

me, myself, & i by Adryane

This is just amazing and soooo creative! That photo is gorgeous and I adore her editing to it! So cool to look at!