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Finger Pointing (April 30)

30 Apr

Hi everybody, me again browsing the galleries. Here are my favorites for today!

Find My Way by lynnirene

Such fantastic use of the brushes and delicate layering of the elements. Not to mention the awesome concept. I fell in love with it, the minute I saw it!

Miracles with paws by FILIPPOK

Love the flow of the clusters and the pop of green against the beige, this is just the cutest page!

True colors by Soco

Another cute and adorable page, the pink is perfect, and I love the design on the top edge.

i love you by milatolela

Beautiful use of the elements, with lots of details. This is stunning!

You by Bush Girl

Simple and eye-catching, the blending is superb, as is that one touch of word art.

Daffodil girl by irishgull

This colorscheme is gorgeous and the whole page just radiates! Fab job on the shadows and lighting too!

i have loved you for an eternity… by PaulineM

I saw a few pages by her today, but this one was my favorite! The clustered the design in the corner, the little birdie, the beautiful blended photo, just perfect!

Pause douceur by Mel Designs

The cluster on top is gorgeous, love how it ties the word art and the frames together. Beautiful lighting focuses on that sweet photo, LOVE!

~mom&dad~ by Cherry

Teeny tiny scattered elements add color to this page. Beautiful layering and shadowing add some realism to it. I’m smitten….



Finger Pointing (April 29)

30 Apr

Hello Everyone! I am a wee bit late for some people but still on time for others! So sorry about that! I hope you enjoy today’s inspiration!!

shoes by ningwulan

This page could not be anymore fun!! Such super fun photos and colors! It totally popped in the gallery today!! The photos make me smile.

class of 2003 by mrsski07

I just love the clustering and white space on this page! The colors are perfect for her photo and I love the bits of paper and/or trim on the edges. It frames the cluster in just perfectly!

Where I Belong by EHStudios

I am in love with this! The photos are just adorable. I loooove the progression of them! The photo editing was done to total perfection and the brushwork really draws your eye in and makes the whole page pop!

click by vixen

This is just so eye catching! That photo is beautiful! I love shots like this! Her element usage was done just so well. Love it!

us right now *26 weeks* by Starlite9711

This is such a fun way to document her pregnancy! I love the list of all these little moments and facts. It will be such a great page for a baby book!

how to build a rockin snowman by rsheedy

As much as I would like to forget about snow at the moment I just adore this page! First of all the title work is just so much fun!! I love the series of photos and the pops of fun colors against the white! Really stands out!

true colors by JanetteD

I love the vertical design here! It really caught my eye and the pops of color against the beige is so fun! I love the word art on here. Great message!!

love you by Miss Bubble

I confess I am a sucker for an adorable baby! Just oh sooo cute! Great title work and I love the bits of paper and the nice clean background. It makes the photo totally pop!

princess dreams by gonewiththewind

I had to pick a royal wedding page didn’t I?! It is required! I just loooved this one!! I think every girl grows up with princess dreams. I love her journaling and I am determined to keep my princess dreams too….though they are a bit different dreams now. :)


Finger Pointing (April 28)

28 Apr

It is a chilly, rainy day here…. so it’s nice to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and go through all of the galleries. Check out a few that really amazed me today.

What a fun fun activity to do with your little one.  I LOVE the photos you where able to snap… action shots, food pics, and yummy close ups as well.  PERFECTION!
Eggs in a Nest by Jenn Barrette

Love the simplicity of this page.  Such minimal elegance, beautiful photographs and inspiring words.
happiness by Ann13


WOW!  This card is amazing!!  Your mom will love this for sure.  I can’t stop looking at all of the details, the colors and each and every flower.
Happy Mothers Day by carollee

This page just screams with vibrancy…. love the loads of color and the large elements scattered about.
My 4 favorite songs by juhh

Aww…. what a sweet girl with her bunny.  Love how you took the softness of the photo and reflected it in the layout as well.
Easter 1 by Lynn Grieveson

WOW.  My jaw is hanging open right now.  I love all of  the use of masks and brush work, and different photo treatments really makes them pop.  My eyes just flow around the page so beautifully.
Blossom by annaaspnes


This one word says so much when combine with a photo.  I LOVE the dramatic feel it gives to the page.

Believe by duniascrap

Sigh.  What a little sweetheart.  I really like how the page is uncluttered with elements, it is just focused on that sweet little face.  so beautiful!
love by 3littleKs

How great is this multi-photo layout?  I’m always looking for inspiration to scrap lots of photos along with papers, and this one is just amazing.
little-ducky by lpate


Finger Pointing (April 27th)

27 Apr

Wednesday is finally winding to a close so I have a few quiet minutes to share my selections. Take a look at these beauties!

Explore by mony
The dramatic shadowing and pops of color against the jewel tone background are really stunning. Note how the repetition of the elements and photo builds such a cohesive composition here.

Boy and His Camera by mbdblue
Simply darling page! The photo series and the editing on them are just perfect. I love the retro quality to this page, as well as the wonderful journaling.

Playlist by Peppermint
The double borders on this page are such strong visual elements but they also function as part of the storytelling, dividing up the actual playlist from the journaling. It’s a great technique and made for a superb page.

By the Sea by natalka_l
The depth, lighting and shadowing on this layout give it such depth. The central composition, always a favorite of mine, allows the photo to shine even with the detailed element work.

Ruby Crested Pringle Duck by sarahorton
Look at the creativity on this page! It made me laugh out loud with the unique journaling. The details are funny, unexpected and truly demonstrate how adaptable your digi supplies can be!

those who bring sunshine by anke
The gorgeous photo with its wonderful lighting is the star here, and rightly so! The text on the curvy path and clean title work are all the accent it needs…restrained and lovely!

princess stella by crystalbella77
Seven adorable photos…lots of fun elements…and it still has a clean, pretty flow! Crystal kept everything in the same beautiful palette and that makes all of the patterns, details and pics work together amazingly well. Great page!

Ray of Sunshine by CindyS
If you are looking for ways to improve your title work, go and browse Cindy’s gallery. She always uses a fantastic mix of alphas and neat touches in her titles. This page is simply beautiful and the title work, of course, is fab.

Zero to Hero by DigiDesigns_by_Denise
This page is so dynamic and full of energy! I love the layering and hand cut look here. It truly has that realistic paper appearance in every detail – awesome!


Thanks for taking a look at today’s Standouts! Don’t forget to leave them some love as well.


Finger Pointing (April 26)

26 Apr

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m back with a new set of inspiring layouts Gallery Standouts style. Ready? Let’s go!

cnscrap’s grow together

I love the use of white space on this page! That photo is so cool and I love the way everything is tied together using the arrows.

scrappyt’s ADSR6.3 – ifamily – full time fun

Oh I love this idea! Love the way she made her own iPhone buttons. Such a great way to scrap the current technology trends. Very very cool!

Liahra’s Happy Heart

I’m totally in love with the vertical design of this page. The use of the clear pocket is awesome and I love the bright pops of color against the wood grain background. Very pretty.

aussiekat’s Oh, The Possibilities

The first thing I noticed about this page was the rich teal, grey, orange color scheme. I LOVE it! SO fresh and fun and perfect for a manly page.

gracielou’s Finished

This is super cute! Love the use of all the little elements in the place of the photo. Great use of text and title work in this too. Love it!

JenLin’s irock

This is SO cool! What an amazing extraction and I love the polaroid action shots. This is one rockin’ page!

Sonia’s My Legacy

Not only is the edged design of this page stunning but her journaling is so amazingly heartfelt too. I absolutely love the message behind wanting to leave her legacy.

ksharonk’s Learning to drive…

This page is so crisp and clean and fun, I love it! Awesome photo too. I love the way she did her journaling with little subtitles mixed in. Very cool and graphic.

mlewis’ My Girl

This page is so cute and sweet! I love the blocked design with all the fun papers. Great series of photos too.


Finger Pointing (April 25)

25 Apr

Good evening everybody! It’s Barb Hogan checking in tonight and helping my friends at GSO pick some stupendous layouts tonight. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

First of all, I have to pick my favorite Easter layout of the day, and there were a bunch of them!  Here’s Easter Bunny by mrsski07. I love it because it’s modern and cool, and the photos are really excellent!

Next is Wish I Could Be by nana z. I love the complete simplicity, the fabulous photos and lovely message. Great, great, simple graphic layout.

I love everything about this soft, colorful and thoughtful layout.  I especially love the girl in the corner.  Here is Beautiful Earth from Meltem.

As a mom of a teen, I know that teen layouts can be tough. Superior Pea always gets it right with her teens and today’s is no exception with You Study.

Who doesen’t have a soft spot for the straight-to-the-heart message of The Birthday Card from Liahra? The color, pattern mix, and perfectly placed elements are just perfection as well.

The graphic design and the photos all scream OUTSTANDING in this fantastic soccer layout. Here’s Tough Guy by Cherryberry.

This one just jumped out at me today. I love the fun color mixed with black and cream, so I had to pick some Fruits by amandaresende. It’s good enough to eat, isn’t it?

Over the years, my “imaginary friends” as I call them – my internet friends – have been such an unexpected blessing in my life. This layout, Waiting, by leilay just spoke to me in a thoughtful way.

I’m a totally geek for color and dimension and Birthday by jetjez really brings it today! The shadowing and 3D feel of this is outstanding!

And finally, all I can say is….I hope it’s a YES!  Marry Me by sue.falstaff.

It’s always a treat to be asked to be a guest fingerpointer.  I hope you all have a lovely evening!


Finger Pointing (April 24)

24 Apr

Good evening everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful Easter Sunday! The galleries seem a bit quieter tonight, maybe everyone is off hunting eggs and making memories! Here are my picks for today, I hope you enjoy them.

daily by amandaresende

The composition here is great and I love all the little alpha pieces and word strips.

perPETual puppy by ArmyGrl

Isn’t this fun?! From the pun in the titlework to the cute hanging photos and the pocket at the top, this page just makes me smile!

Smell the flowers by Helen

Such a simple but striking composition, the placement of the photo really helps to illustrate the story of a small child bending down to smell the flowers!

4 year old checkup by MamaBee

This is such a jam-packed page, there are so many details and interesting photographs to look at! What a great way to document and remember all this information.

Capturing London by Nath

I love the feeling this page has with all the pieces of memorabilia arranged at the top and the bottom, it looks like a ‘real paper’ page in a travel album.

Mdesigns by Networka

This is so striking! The composition is well thought out, with the photo clusters leading the eye round the page and then back to the main blended photo and magnifying glass cluster.

Fun Coaster by novita

These fabulous coasters are sure to bring a splash of colour and fun to any coffee table! I want some for myself ;)

Do what matters most by phlf003

This jumped out of the galleries the moment I saw it! I love the combination of paint, stamps and doodles over the printed pages.

celebrating_life by sue.falstaff

This is SUCH a pretty page, just perfect for a grown-up tea party! Even the little paint splats add to the prettiness!