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Finger Pointing (May 29)

29 May

Hi everyone, welcome to another Sunday night Gallery Standouts post! Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

AAM: My favorite color by Dawneephay

Such a sunshiney happy page!! I love the blocked arrangement of the photos with the stitching and the painted titlework, the dark paper strips add a real pop to all the yellow tones.

Coop In The City by DogArtist

It looks like this little dog is off on some amazing adventure! I love the little glimpse of the city on the far right and the play of light and shade throughout the page.

Here and Now by Gabi with 2

This is such a beautiful study in colour, Gabi picked up all the tones and hues from the super fun photo in the elements and papers here. The placement is perfect too, there’s a great sense of balance both in the composition and in the photo!!

Lazy Day by HeatherPrinspea

Another fabulous colour study here and some wonderful photographs. I really like the use of the huge photo as the background with the cluster on top.

You’re A Star by hobbes130

Such a great composition here, everything is perfectly placed to lead the eye round the page to that central photo and fun titlework.

Giraffe Fun by Lynnette

This is such a glorious patchwork of photos, patterns and elements – just perfect for the giraffe theme!

together by MommaTrish

Great layering and mixing and matching of patterns here, this page has such a pretty, homespun, casual feel to it!

You by Mother Bear

In contrast to the relaxed placement above this page is beautifully structured. I really like the titled angle of the design and the different versions of the photo.

Be Still by Stacey Jewell Stahl

Such lovely journalling here to compliment the equally lovely page design. A beautiful arty page!


Finger Pointing (May 28)

28 May

Hope you are having a great weekend! Here are my picks for today….

an old page by sandramilie

Gorgeous clustering and design, the elements are so delicately layered, and the photos just pop.

Yonder Muse by Tumble Fish Studio

The whole concept is so cool, the perspective, the box….it makes me think of those puppet theatres!

Vintage Love by mummyd

Wow, beautiful clustering with those roses, this is really pretty!

Books – An Interview with Myself by teachermom

Great idea to have an ‘interview’ with herself and journaling the Q&A on those tags.

Sea-stories-Marypop by Widie

This is stunning, the blended photo with the wooden frame and the embellishments all caught up in the net, beautifully done!

i can not leave home without… by amandaresende

The fact alone that she even dared to use such a bold background makes this a standout! What a fabulous page!

2011_5_Spring_web by Kara

Fun design with the colorful blocks framing the photo, the bit of paint behind the photo adds just the right touch to this eye-catching layout!

[ Smile ] by marina.quezada

Love all those bits and pieces layered all over each other and the stacked ‘smile’s makes the page even more fun!

Zen-esQue by LilliMou

I love this colorscheme! And that brushwork, with the rocks, totally Zen!



Finger Pointing (May 27)

27 May

Hey there Everyone! IT feels like it has been forever since I have posted here! We just got back from vacation this week so I feel renewed and refreshed! I had lots of fun ogling the gorgeous pages in the galleries today! here are the ones I picked! I hope you like them!!

Au chalet by Gateausoso

This page is just amazing! look at the fabulous brush work here! Fantastic photos and editing and perfect element placements!

we remember by alb52

*sigh* Amy is such a master scrapbooker! The centered design really draws you in and that photo. Just sooooo amazing! I love the message here too! Just beautiful!

Cherry Time by DolceVita

This is just oh so pretty! I adore the lighting here on this page! The clustering and shadows are just beautiful and I love the journal placement and the super pretty font.

summer by cintiascrap

This page just totally makes me smile!! I adore the series of photos! They are way too cute!! I love the white background with the black and white photos. They really pop!

housework?? by andrea4376

I can so relate to this page and I love it! The photo-less design is perfect here because it really makes the journaling stand out. Love the little embellies and the title work is done so well!

Sneakers by ChantalK

This is just adorable and funny! Fabulous use of white space and I love that she used a patterned background here! Perfection!

little girl by jbarksdale

Goodness this is so pretty! That photo and editing is so perfectly vintage looking! Fantastic use of the banners and I love how the trees on the paper are framing things in. Just gorgeous!

silly by akpatterson

This is just so stinkin cute!! I adore those photos! They tickle me so!! Great use of doodles here too!

Outta Here by KellyB

Goodness this is so so so much fun!!! Fabulous paper use and I love all the colors! I could look at this all day!!! I too love to go places and can so relate!


Finger Pointing (May 26)

26 May

Hi Friends!

It’s Barb, back again helping out with picking the best and “beautifulest” that I’m seeing out there today. I’m recovering from a minor medical procedure, so it is the perfect day to be relaxing and perusing your beautiful work. As always, you did not disappoint!

First up is Just Dance by casbury. I love the delicate and feminine colors and feeling, it melds so well with the darling tutu. A perfect dance layout.


Next is These Moments are Magical by Steph.  I love how the colors in the layout are all stemming from the wonderful photos.  The design is cool, especially with the clipboard on the right hand side.


Outstanding photos just shine and shine in Blizzard Beach by phungirl. I love the perfectly placed elements and the great use of text as well.  Excellent!

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Cincinnati it feels like it will just never stop raining. But I am grateful that at least it’s not snowing, like it is where HeatherPrins lives.  Here is Is It Ever Going to End.  In addition to just being a layout that so many of us can relate to, the design and depth is spot-on.

Color, whimsy, fantasy, fun….I can’t exactly put my finger on why I love this so much, I just DO.  Here is Twinkle Kitten by millu.


I’m always drawn to photo-less layouts that really tell a good story. Here’s a tale of Love At First Sight? by lynneirene that brings it home on so many levels.  Design, color, journaling, balance.  It’s got it all and romance too!


Love This Photo by Lilipuce. Me too.  ‘Nuff said!


Quirky, clever, and just a little off kilter…while I could be describing myself, it’s actually StampinRachel’s Family Room.  I love the kitschy style of this room, yes I do!


First the title, Oh Sheep, got me.  Then the design got me. Then I saw how awesome the photos were and finally, I realized that I’ve actually BEEN to the Agradome in New Zealand.  This layout had me at HELLO!  Great work by aussiekat!

I love i Create by kristi8004 because of the great color and the great layering. It’s not easy to put that many elements on a page and not have it look like a mistake, but she got the balance just right.  The “pursue your passion” is the icing on the cake.  I think we digie scrappers can all relate to this layout.


I’m not normally a big fan of the fantasy digital art, but this one – Tell My Tale by Damayante Studios – just blew my doors off!  The shadowing, the faces, and the detail are just fantastic.


Cute pics, great fonts, a bit of tilting, and just plain end of the school year fun brings it all together in All School Field Trip by bderby. It’s layouts like this that make me wish I still had a kid in grade school!


And last but not least, I’m wrapping up my day here at GSO with Picture by Ana.Paula. I love the loose feel of the page, it looks like the photo and the elements are truly tumbling from above.  Cute, colorful, and quirky. Me likey!



Thanks to Kate for letting me fill in with my pics of the day. It’s always an honor and a pleasure to help out here at GSO!   Keep on bringing the good stuff!



Finger Pointing (May 25th)

25 May

I would like to start tonight’s post with some well wishes for those throughout the US who are dealing with severe weather this week. There’s been an unspeakable amount of tragedy lately, impacting many in the scrapping community. I hope tonight’s post finds you safe & well no matter where you are. My home state spent the majority of the day under Tornado Watch, so I spent several hours hiding out in the basement with my kids. I am going to make this a quick post tonight and get some rest!

Prehistoric Adventure by domad
All of the dino details here are just perfect. I love the paint-y, clustered feel to this page.

Chasing Fireflies by Kelleanne
Awesome use of white space. I love how the elements and text flow down the page – superb composition!

My Bro in UK by PaulineM
The strip of photos layered over the large pic is a fun look. Great travel page!

Rock Star by julismama
How cool is this?!? The black & white palette with a single pop of green is amazing.

Oh so very happy baby by tylertooo
I love the mix of patterned papers and detailed element work on this layout. So pretty!

Newborn by petu
This is incredibly beautiful and soft. I love the slight glow throughout the page, very dreamy.

My Baby is 3! by diamndprincz
Ah, this is so adorable! It brought a big smile to my face. The colors, sweet details and super layering are all spot on.

Room to Fly by rebecca h
The brushwork is superb on this page. It really adds to the flying feel. There’s so much to look at here – fab work!

All School Field Trip by bderby
I absolutely love the title work, such a great mix of alphas and stamps! The paint and fun mix of paper patterns give this page super energy.


I hope you enjoyed the inspiration! Have a great night.



Finger Pointing May 23

23 May

Monday, Monday! Let’s start this week off right, on a stroll through  just some of the fantabulous pages in the galleries!

Our Little Grad by nikkiARNGwife
It’s that time of year again…graduations! Whether from preschool or highschool this stunner is sure to inspire your own graduation pictures! I must swoon over the shadow work!

Taking Time to Smell the Flowers by PaulineM
Nothing like a gorgeous chartreuse background to energize you! This page is just gorgeous with all the spring colors and that bright, sweet photo!

Trying to Move by kaleandkiara
I love the “scale” of this layout–the journaling is just too cute with that compass stamped on to the background! Again with the shadows–yummy!

Love Message by chelisa
Wow this is so delightful, I love all the peach and coral tones, the repetition of the circle shape and all 3 of those perfect clusters! A real stunner!

Tigger Tails by QuiltyMom
This one is tiggerificly fun! I OVE that picture, such captured emotion! Super title work and just plain cute!

waiting by stepko
This adorable picture stood right out of the galleries, and her page is just absolutely delightful on top of that! Love the cluster work and the cute house with wings is a perfect touch!

Dig! by Bush_Girl
What caught my eye on this one was the bold title and the contrast of all the cute “cut papers” she layered and “sewed” on!

I couldn’t leave you on this fine Monday morning without some morsels of altered art could I?

Dance Your Fear by Delia
This one is so intriguing and I LOVE the saying-Dance your Fear! What a powerful message and an intriguing scene!

Time for a Fish Tale by glitterbug
I really heart this collage piece! It is definitely a good thing she brought her camera along–what a great story scene! I love the crackled feel to the background and I love that her sailing vessel is a paper hat!



Finger Pointing (May 22)

22 May

Good evening everyone! I hope you have had a lovely weekend! I’m wrapping up my Sunday with my usual wander through the galleries. Here are my choices today,  I hope you enjoy them!

80s child by hobbes130

I’m a child of the 80s too, this is such a cool page! I love the colours choices here and the strong graphic feel it has, the journalling font is just perfect too!

button it by Keely~B

This really made me laugh! The bright colours and the doodles add to the fun comic book feel and the button on top of the main photo is hilarious! A great set of character photos too.

Our Romance by Nixxie

Such wonderful layering and shadowing here, the two paper background is so effective!

Irany! Belvaros by Noemi Mounier

I’m still not convinced this is entirely digital, check out those shadows! I love the upright format and all the cut out circles.

When the Fishing Boats Go Out by oldvwblues

Beautiful brushwork, layering and blending here in this lovely emotive page. The text over the photo really blends all the different elements together.

Gorky Park by Sawulik

There are so many amazing layouts created with this kit in the galleries at the moment, I have had a really hard time narrowing down which one to feature! Eventually I settled on this one with its lovely flow across the page and the big banner title. And now I think I need to go and buy this kit. :)

uncomfortably tight by stamp rachel

Ah yes, I know this feeling well! What a perfect way to illustrate this theme, with the too-tight-to-fasten jeans and the tightly packed title letters.

We R Family by the SassyScrapper

Oh I love this! It’s so cleverly put together with all the overlapping squares and colours blending so well together.


52 Inspirations – Week Eighteen by sucali

This page is very simple but instantly oh so moving.