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Finger Pointing (June 30th)

30 Jun

Last day of the month! Tomorrow my oldest turns 15 and gets his driver’s permit! I am calm, cool and okay a bit weepy about him growing up, I might have to go and scrap some pics of him at 4 to help me get over it! ha ha, oh golly, see how I babble, on to the show:

A Boy and His Dog by motherbear

This is nothing short of a classic! The photos are priceless, the title and oh the poem, it gives this momma of boys a big ol’ lump in her throat.

3 Little Fishes by gerli

I have to tell you I chose this page two times, ha ha, I had to go and find another, this page is so remarkable and just pure magic and the whole feel of childhood imagination.  Plus I knew the words to the song, my momma used to sing it all the time!!

Cotton Candy by Maria Trader

I know it is small, I tried to find a bigger one, and wasn’t sure how to stretch this without losing the vibrant colors in her photos! I love the lighting on the photographs and it is so balanced and lovely I had to show you!

Die Misquitos by champsarahjoy

Are you ready to just burst out laughing and then nod your head in agreement! I give her all the props for that fantabulously wonderful photo and the pure hatred towards the insect!! I snorted right out loud.

Artichokes (double page) by tiff

I am not a huge fan of artichokes, I have eaten a few, but I am a fan of the typography on these pages! Her swirls and display of journaling done so elegantly and just time consuming.  I also love the cut paper choices!


Little Traveler by coincon

Yep, this is all boy and all fun! I love the blended pic coming from a whole different angle.  I keep looking at the objects and following lines to find another element tucked in with shadows that make you want to move them back and forth!

Captured by mom2peanuts

Completely captured me! The black and white is flat out fantastic! I mean so alive and fresh without a pop of color and it works perfectly! Bold and Wonderful!

Feed the Birds by kaledain

This just grabbed me so quick, I love the big picture extracted with the little frames in front. Can you see his concentration?? It is such a grand photo!

Hero in Disguise by mommatrish

Mommatrish you are my hero! I have never tried this technique of  cutting  out of a photo and leaving part of the background!! It goes so coolio with the funky feel of the page and this page is just rocking in my world!!

Okay dokay! That’s all for today! I hope you enjoy and remember be careful out there, we are always looking to point a finger at YOU!

Anne of Alamo!


Finger Pointing (June 29)

29 Jun

Hello my lovelies! I know I am a bit late today, but better late than never right?! It would have been earlier but there were so many pages in the galleries to sort through so it took me a bit! I can’t believe we are coming to the end of June! Next time I post it will be July so I hope you American’s have a lovely and safe holiday weekend!!

A Spider Moment by Tiff

I just thought this series of photos was so adorable! I love it and we have had many a spider moment around here so I was touched by that! the pops of yellow are perfect and her photo editing is just amazing!!

water slide by mum2gnt

How much fun is this page?! The photo is sooooo amazing! i love a good action shot and this is no exception! The drops of water are the most perfect touch here! This whole page makes me so happy to look at!

The Need for Speed by lovely1m

This is just so much fun! We all know by now what a sucker I am for photo-less pages and this one totally drew me write in! The patterns are so much fun and the title work is fabulous! The clock hands are a perfect touch in my opinion! Just love it!!

found by jennV

This page is super cool! There are a lot of little details here that totally drew me in. The title work and shadowing are amazing! The photo and the vintage grungy feel works so well on this page and really made it stand out! What a cool free find too!!

simple joys by Steffi [TCW]

It is probably very obvious what drew me to this photo….That photo is perfect! I spent like an hour trying to get a good bubble shot with my kids the other day but seriously it didn’t work. This shot makes me soooo jealous!! I love the simple clean design that really lets that photo speak for itself.

ha ha ha ha by todido

This is just plain adorable!!! The photos are so cute and the circles add so much fun to this page!! I love all the brush work too!

pool fun by andrea4376

omgoodness! This page is AMAZING! It’s the total opposite of how I scrap and I am totally in awe of it!!! all the photos are placed perfect and the editing is WOW! There are so many layers and fun things to look at here! Just adore it!

into focus by scarletsierra

It has been a while since I have seen a page by scarletsierra in the galleries and oh how I missed them!! This page is AMAZING!!! Another circle-y page that is just so fun to look at! I adore her creative cropping of the photo and the little bits of journaling here and there. Soooo perfect!

MDesigns by Rakusia

I seriously sat and looked at this page for a good long while. It’s gorgeous! The pops of yellow totally pop and the lighting here is so cool! It’s like parts of  the page just glow. The shadowing  here is divine and soooo well done! It’s a perfect boy page!


Finger Pointing (June 28)

28 Jun

Good evening everyone, Kate here with my picks from the galleries today – I hope you enjoy them!

Tomorrow by apphotos

A gorgeously pretty non-photo page and – oh! – all those flowers are fabulous!

Twinkle Toes by canadianmommy

I love the titled angles here and all the soft colours, just perfect for a pretty ballerina like this!

busy by Dalis

This is so cute! The candid feel of the photo is echoed in the lovely journalling capturing this simple, every day moment in this loving family.

Just because… by Damayanti

Just check out the photo-realistic shadows here! Such a great teen page.

Fontana di Trevi by erzsocica

A great mixture of blended and framed photos here, the white background adds to the classical feel of the page and fills the page with sunlight.

don’t shoot me more by faby33

Ha ha! I have quite a few photos like this too! Great strong design here and the arrow wrapped through his legs is a fun touch echoing his turn away from the camera!

Fish King and Queen by maggiebean

I find this really intriguing, I want to know more about the ‘Fish King and Queen’! I love the fun mix of old photos against the bright colours.

Ferrari by mum2gnt

What a fabulous letter and it has been scrapped perfectly!

Don’t forget by pom

This is really simple but also really striking, the teal paint stroke against the muted background really pops!


Finger Pointing (June 26th)

26 Jun

I was sitting down to eat my flour tortilla with peanut butter and a few bits of semi-sweet chocolate and  an alert in my email  showed up! Kate is unable to do the posts today, can anyone do it? I quickly gobbled the last of my carbohydrate overdose snack and put on my Finger Pointing Gloves and set to work righting the moment! Whew all is well in Finger Pointing Land!!!

Balance by Stacey Jewell Stahl

Alphas, words and fonts oh my! I mean, I love this as the tri-fecta of wonderful on an art journaling page or just a doodle you make talking on the phone, and this is just the superb wonder of words done up with excellence! You have got to love that blue bow that just adds the hint of depth!

Sunset by giny

This is like a well earned treasure find looking in different galleries, I loved the colors and the sun coming through on the photo is wonderful. I keep looking at these color combos and having pure delight come upon my face.

On the Edge by summerhaze

I like it, I mean I do. Immediate draw and wonder in my mind.  The way my eye flows around this page is good, I want to use big flowery words, but I just love this page for it is beautiful to me.

San Francisco intro by grantandlaurensmom

This is my love, my favorite city in the world! I feel like I went with them on their vacation just looking at the brochures and the pukka shell necklace is such the fun touch!

moi dans le bl by evylis

Pure and elegant. It caught my attention and I loved the photo so much! It seems so calm and assured.  Moi, me, yep I’m okay with me!

Not For Sale by carolB71

Not all pages are happy and cheery, and that is okay, my heart aches at this page and the emotions of the artists are all over each placement. I can feel her outrage and join her, in the cry to save our children.

You Are Never Given a Wish by groovyjellybean

I think I am just addicted to groovyjellybean, I try and say, no no no, but her pages say yes, yes, yes, her photography skills astound me, and then to be able to crop and make such a fabulous page is a talent beyond to me.

Finding ourselves by smwhite

The sun on this page seems to sear into my soul, the blending and extra bits make this a masterpiece.

Best Friend by bderby

Happy, happy, happy and just pure innocence and joy of friendship! I love the colors and funky bits of things all down the middle and expecially that bit, “made to play”!




Finger Pointing (June 25)

25 Jun

Hey Everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend! It’s been really nice here! I spent off and on all afternoon browsing the galleries and here are my picks today! I hope you like them!!

Alfama by GeVisacri

This page is just fabulous! Such amazing amazing photos and I love how vintagey they feel! They set the tone for the page perfectly!! I love it!

Snips and Snails by SeattleSheri

Sheri is the master of layers and I am in love with this page! The circles are sooo much fun and I love the photo editing!! It just fits here sooo perfectly!! I love the way your eye moves across the page too.

baby you can drive my car by tylertooo

I love this page and the title work! It’s soooo adorable!! The pics are just precious too!! the use of brush work and paint here is really well done! I love that it’s subtle but yet adds some great finishes!

Photography Freek by ChantalK

I think we all can relate to this one!! I know I can! I love the simple design and the blocks of paper. There is a punch of color here that really stand outs!

catching a wave by elliemeachem1

This page is just soooo much fun!! I love the composition here and how it all flows along the wave! It’s so perfectly done!!

Otterly by Mi Monteiro

I never knew how much I needed a kit with otters in it until I saw this one! Seriously the cutest ever!! I love this page too! Such fabulous use of the template and such precious photos! It’s another page with the most perfect photo editing!

Digi Dare 233 Handle With Care by Heather B

Heather has to be the most creative scrapper *sigh* This page is sooooo moving and totally amazing to look at. I am seriously in awe of it! Very very well done!!!

home improvement angst by Celeste

This is a perfectly done journal centric page! I love the use of paper/scallops here to add a lot of interest and color! It’s just gorgeous! I totally feel for her on the reno. too!

My Little Mermaid by cindys7323003

Another fishy page and I just love this one too!! The colors are so perfect for a little mermaid! The layering and flowers here are sooo pretty! Love it soooo much!!




Finger Pointing (June 24)

25 Jun

What better, than an inspirational start to the weekend?

Catch by Alegna

This caught my eye immediately! Beautiful use of the paint, the scattered elements are placed perfectly, creating an artistic flow throughout.

Just Thoughts by flohbock

The crop on the photo just pulls you in, enhanced by the beautiful scroll and doodle work.

capturing an instant by helenh68

Subtle paint splatter and beautiful blending, this is just gorgeous!

~Untitled~ by kewl_jive

I really like the colorful bouquet she created here, cute pictures too, this page is adorable!

Wishes in the water by Mom2*Lauryn*Jacob*

I love how she used the cut outs and used them as a background for her cluster, the whole page has such a beautiful glow too!

Magical Night by Nixxie

Magical indeed! Love the girl sitting on top of the moon and the title work with the tags caught up in the web!

Recipes by rgimusa

What a fab recipe book! You’ve got to take a closer look in her gallery, where she shows more images with detailed pages of the inside. Now I want one too!

Right now by Sabee24

This is beautiful, the orange accents are just perfect on the neutral background and I love her brushwork!

Our Story – toniboy

Another page with gorgeous paint work!! Well-chosen earthy, natural colors and an eye-catching design make this a standout to me!


Finger Pointing (June 23)

23 Jun

I know you are anxious to see today’s standout gallery layouts.
So on with the show….

What a gorgeous page to grace your front cover of your book.  I LOVE the soft colors and the blended photo is amazing!
Front cover by georgeinci

I recently got back from my cruise… so this jumped out at me for sure.  AND, beside the point… this is stunningly beautiful.  I can’t believe how amazing blending the photos, papers, and elements look.  Amazing work.
cruising by katie pertiet

This has such a sweet simplicity.  I LOVE the light story with this as well… it makes it feel even more storybook-ish.
Barefoot Princess by dlhoffer

Amazing layering of all of the elements… I find my eye traveling all around to see everything… and can’t stop looking!  LOVE the hand written look to the notes as well.
Schmetterling (butterfly) by AmberR

How sweet is this!!  This word art + that photo = one treasured memory.
you+me=joy by groovyjellybean

I love the vintage and acid like processing to all of these photos.  It makes the water looks so  refreshing.  The clean feel and simple lines make this page great.
Keogh Hot Springs 2 by Lynn Grieveson

The textures of the papers, blend, doodles and word art is so artistic.  Perfect for such an artistic sweetie.
Follow Your Heart by Jana Morton

Something about this page just spoke to me.  In no simple terms I found myself just staring silently.  This is such beautiful art.
Locked by nevache