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Finger Pointing (July 31)

31 Jul

Good evening, Kate here with my picks from the galleries tonight. I hope you enjoy these layouts and the rest of your weekend!

I love you by 3littleKs

What a little cutie! This soft and pretty layout is very cleverly composed with the careful placement of all the strips and paper pieces and that super cute photo in just the perfect place.

Marcadores de Livro by Dani Alencar

What a lovely little hybrid project, these would make great personalised gifts or party favours.

Silly Girls by France

I really like the mixture of  patterned papers here and the scattering of elements and wordart pieces, the small scale of the patterns and the light colours adds to the happy feel of the page.

I love flairs by Ferdy

Ahhh, this takes me back to my teenage years with the polkadots, the ballpoint doodles, the denim and all those badges! I love the retro feel here!

Race to the beach… by georgeinci

This is one side of a double page spread (the other is here). The blending work, the stitching and the paint are really effective but most of all I love the fact that the subject matter is all about the rush to get to the beach and all the excitement of the moment. Sometimes recording the build up to an event can be as interesting as the occasion itself!

Gone Fishing with Dad by Lisa_mommy2Two

What a fabulous masculine page, the tint of the photos echoes the newsprint paper perfectly and the clustering of all those lovely elements is just wonderful.

enjoying summer by helenh

From a heavily embellished page to a very simple one, I really like the strong graphic feel here with the grid of photos balanced by the white space at the bottom.

On The Water by KayM

Another wonderfully structured page here, the photos work with all the patterns and elements so well and there’s just so much to look at!

road2nowhere by sucali

The photograph here could almost be a part of the kit the colours are so perfectly matched! I really like the scatter of elements across the page and the paint splatter under the photo drawing the eye to that great open road shot.


Finger Pointing – July 30th

30 Jul

Hi Friends!

It’s Barb again, and I’m so happy to report that I have been invited to be a permanent member of the GSO team. I’m SO excited!  Thanks to my new teammates for bringing me on and showing me such a warm welcome.  But enough about me, let’s see what I’ve found for you today.  .   .    .     .      .

First up is The Lincoln Memorial by Steph.  I love the photo here. It’s so dramatic, and does an excellent job of displaying the grand scale of the monument itself.  The title treatment is also simple, unique, and eye-catching.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always grateful for Stampin Rachel’s stupendous talent. Today she’s giving us Ungrateful with a really cool color blend effect that morphs from the background into the photo. Great technique, Rachel!  I’m sorry that you had a rough day yesterday.

I’m always intrigued by art journal style layouts and here is one that is three dimensional. I love that! I also love the soft colors and the hand-cut paper look, and the strong message that it represents. Here is She Follows by LiseteScrap.

While I love great layers and shadowing, I also really love completely “flat” layouts that tell their tale with photos and brush work. Katie Pertiet’s 100% Happy just radiates the joy of summer.  I love the subtile brushwork that really highlights an excellent photo.

In light of the recent passing of Amy Winehouse and many tortured artists before her, I bring you this tremendously powerful I’ve Learned Just 1 Thing from Their Deaths by Paula Kesselring. A very thoughtful and tremendously creative layout that is presented in a really strong way.

It’s been almost ten years since terror flew straight into all of our worlds on 9/11/2001. I know that no matter what, I will never forget that day. My personal favorite layout was one I created that expressed my feelings about that day.  Nearly ten years later, Norton94 brings it back for me with Never.  May scrapbookers keep documenting that dark day because we can’t afford to let it go from our minds and hearts.

On a brighter note, here’s a layout that is just jam packed with color and energy. I love layouts that celebrate accomplishments and this one just leaps off of the screen for me.  Three cheers to the handsome man in the photos who conquered all of his obstacles in the Warrior Dash, and to Eranslow for such great layering and shadowing!  Well done!



My next pick, Beautiful Days by pebbles girl really grabbed me with it’s beautiful title work, lovely journaling font, and free-spirited beach photos. Simple accents truly compliment the spirit of the layout.

And finally, here is You and Me by Mother Bear. It’s no secret that I love me some pink, but what hooked me on this were the outstanding photos.   I love the random alpha title as well, along with the touches of whimsy in the elements.

I hope you had a great Saturday and I’ll be back with some new pics for you in a few days!




Finger Pointing – July 27th

27 Jul

Ready for some digital eye candy? Let’s get to it!

Fun with Wind by velomba
The photo is beautiful and the crop makes it really stunning. The clean composition and crisp use of pattern helps that amazing pic to shine even more. Beautiful work!

Dreams by twinsmomflor
The strong imagery and cool, artsy feel to this page definitely caught my eye. I love how the word art leads us around the page. Well done!

You make me smile! by ReKneipp
The playful element work and fun use of scale on this layout made me smile too! The paint and swirls are a great anchor that unifies all of the eclectic pieces. Super layout!

Happy day by moltac
Absolutely amazing capture! I love how this photo is showcased with the blending, simple word art and border. The restrained touches are perfectly done.

It’s his favorite by cnscrap
This everyday moment is wonderful scrap with the clever kitschy elements and fun title work. I love the use of color here too, the pops of red and yellow make this page even better!

Seattle by Roxxygerlie
This page is full of energy and has a great urban vibe! The strong use of color and awesome brick stamp are just perfect here. Fab layout!

All my good things
I love the focus on introspective journaling here. The beautiful layering of paper and mix of patterns is artistically done as well. Gorgeous work!

sweet by todido
The detailed elements and clustering are so pretty! The creative crop of the photo into a cupcake shape fits this sweet theme so well. Lovely!

Summer Gateway by Kawouette
The black and white photo pops against the red and blue palette. The use of circle and doodles make this so whimsical and fantastic!


I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s selections. Have a great evening!


Finger Pointing – July 26th

27 Jul

I tell ya, I am so busy, I feel like a one legged man in a butt kickin’ contest! woo doggie, but time is going so fast, I can not believe the year is over half gone, and just seemes to be pickin’ up speed!  I found some outrageously fun pages today, but really wanted to say, I sometimes see pages, that you all have poured your very heart into, and I just wanted to say thank you to those who might not be here today, but my goodness there is some talent out there!

Katarina och Victor by zwyck

I had this page up all day on my puter, and my hubby, my kids and friends that came over all said, Oh my gosh, that is awesome! Yeah it is, it is remarkable with the contrast and brilliant photo that just makes you want to walk into it.

Vacation by LaurieW

Hilton Head is one of those places I read about in books, and seeing it here, just made me gasp.  The softness and very muted words, with that remarkable burgandy/red just give such an air of elegance but in a (searching for right word here) comfortable way.


Gone Fishing by conniemiles

I found this page early this morning, and then, I surfed and lost it! I had to go thru so many galleries to find it, I was determined! I love the frame and how the outside of it has the misty blurred effect.  On top of it all, the photo is just flat out fantastic!

Mama? by tkeetch

My mamma button got smooshed so hard on this page my heart felt it!  Sometimes it is good just to remember what is important and to appreciate them.


Magic of the Mind by frani_54

This was a double take for me.  I looked at it and went oh nice, and then I put my bifocals to use and went…good golly Miss Frani, you rocked this page! It is an explosion of imagination, and that always makes me giddy!  Take care when looking and see it all!

WITL-Monday by tanyiadeskins (double pager)

I am a day late and time short, but this Week in the Life is flat out remarkable! I was wowed by the page and the fullness of just one day!

Huggles by shawnarenee31

This is one of those pages, you are flippin’ through the scrapbook album and just burst into laughter and go, oh this is so cute!! I love it…I am a bit wowed at how clean those feet are too! That alone would be a memory to hold on to in my book!


Garden Leaves July 2011 by AZK

I am not a gardener, but I am a lover of beauty. I am enchanted by the dew drops and love that this page is to the wonder of such beauty.  Please make sure you read the words, so you can be awed by it also!

Steampunk by Bettieescrap

I admit it, I am easy, just name a page Steampunk and I am hooked!  I love the funky colors, the clock faces and just the jaunty air to the whole page.

Thank you for making it through my ramblings! I am inspired and exhausted! ha ha

~Anne of Alamo



Finger Pointing July 25th

25 Jul

What a wonderful Monday morning! It rained last night here in sunny ol’ Arizona so it seems to be particularly beautiful this morning! Let’s take a hop, skip and a jump through the galleries this morning!

Dragonfaeries by foxeysquirrel
I love the miniature scenes through this collage. Look under her eye, on her lip… fascinating!

Feeling Fragile by LazyKitty
Oh boy can we all relate to this at times, can’t we? I love the dark colors with the white shattering glass, it’s powerful imagery.

Changing Guard by sue.falstaff
wowee! I love this one. The graphic, simplistic feel with just a hint of color makes a bold statement! I admire this style of scrapping so much.

Joy of Life by akizo
A-dooora-ble! I love the pictures, look at those eyes! The layering and composition is gorgeous and I’m a huge fan of those little word strips here and there.

From this moment by mummyd
This just jumped out from the galleries at me, stunning color combination, fabulous blending, and great cluster work make this a work of heart!

Naturally by Virjul
I love the bits of cut up patterned paper with the random stitches & buttons! What a great look!

My Garden by fonnetta
What a garden indeed! The page is equally impressive ;) I love the little circles on teh left and all the square pictures on the right. I’m inspired!

True Strength by Patti
I loved the very open journaling about the adversity they have overcome, and the joy they have found in the strength of overcoming it! Fantastic piece of art to go with it, the page seems to capture her feelings perfectly!

Quiet Evening by Romy
Sometimes all you really need is an amazing picture–this is one of those times! Isn’t this breathtaking? I love the reflection on the water, the simple title, the journaling….what a moment!




Finger Pointing (July 24)

24 Jul

Good evening everyone! Kate here finishing off my weekend with a lovely stroll through the galleries, here are my picks for today – enjoy!

Flying Away, Alaska by GoingtotheSun

Isn’t this beautiful? It could be an advert in a glossy magazine. I love the elegant titlework and the placement of the photos.

Ballerina by Iara

So pretty and SO girlie – a perfectly pink ballet page!

Aventure Africaine by ingridfasquelle

Such a great mixture of the photos, frames and elements in this fabulous cluster. The neutral background really makes everything pop.

Patchwork mum by museumpiece

Such a fun mix of contemporary colours with heritage photos here, great brushwork too!

First trampoline by Maygirl

This is part of a double pager (the other page is here) that really jumped out at my from the galleries – the bold photos combined with the brushwork and blending makes for a striking page.

I wanna be a Pilot by akizo

:) This made me smile, I love the addition of the glasses and moustache to the main photo!

Yell for Cadel by esther_a

The black, white and yellow colour combination is so effective here, and especially fitting for a Tour de France page! I love the strong, bold design.

Best Summer Ever! by paula kesselring

Check out the photos clipped into speech bubble shapes, such a fun touch to this fabulously colourful and happy summer page!

Road Trip by HeatherB

What a blast from the past this page is! How wonderful that Heather documented her memories of childhood road trips in this way, I love the great shadowing and the fabulous collection of ephemera.


Finger Pointing (July 23)

23 Jul

Hi everybody, how has your day been? Me, I got to pick my favorites layouts for today :-)

Seashore by Rosey Posey by nagato

This layout is just breathtakingly beautiful, the clustered part on the right in perfect balance with the negative space on the left, the blending of the photo, everything is perfect!

Happy by mrs_jb

Bright oranges popping on the floral background, what an eye-catching layout!

Bloom by Cynthia

More floral delight, loving the flowers all over, but even more, the special attention to details like the  partially hidden title and the ribbon ends under and over the brush. Beautifully done!

Grown Girl by AllisonPennington

Love the soft touches of purple, togther with the neat tucking under of the elements. And that alpha is so well placed. What is not to like?

happy ever after by mrshobbes

Isn’t this oh so romantic? The pretty pinks and greens, delightfully adorning the beautifully cropped photo.

173_DSB_dein traum by Rory

What a creative framing of the artwork, like a peek through a window into another world.

Kallentoft by tanteva

Even though I can’t read what is here, it pulls me in and makes me ponder. What made her choose this quote, and why? How does it mean to her?

vacation by Mirjam

The fun photos along the edge of the page, the ‘dancing’ letters of the title, this page just screams vacation!

Blossom Hill Road by coincon

Another page with a beautiful clustered design along the edge, and the free flowing ribbon adds just the right accent. Stunning!