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Finger Pointing (July 22)

22 Jul

Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying cool! Here in IN it is so crazy hot!! I don’t quite like it but I would take it over snow any day!! I hope you enjoy today’s picks!!

swim by princessj0yce

This is just so cute!! I love all the little bits of elements and splatters and scatters here and there! That pic is just so adorable too!!

an ordinary day by sarah10310

This is just soooo pretty!! I love the blending and colors here! They scream summer to me and I just love it soooo much! Fantastic shadow work as well!

Summer by Lor

This page is just WOW! I can’t stop looking at it. I am seriously in love wit the photo and lighting. The whole page glows and oozes summer warmth. The blending and photo editing here are flawless. Love it!

Anna by sokee

This is just beautiful!! I love the use of space and the nice neutral colors! The ornate frames and brush work really add something extra here. Beautifully done!

spacecadet by jbarksdale

I love love love this!!! The photos are so adorable and I love the brush work and scattered about elements. Really well done page!

apartment by Tiff

I love “everyday” pages like this where you get to glimpse into someone’s life through their photos! This is no exception! I love the composition and the use of stitches and paint!

Shrek 3D by janyelle

This page is sooooo much fun!!! I looove the photos! They really captured the moment here! Fantastic layering and use of papers and elements! Amazing!

at 38 by Kym

This is gorgeous! It’s another page with a great photo with great lighting! I loooove her topic to scrap too! This is a great thing to do every birthday or at different intervals in ones life. Just love the strips and the happy yellow too!

Memories Lost by lynnirene

I was so moved by the journaling on this page and I think that this is something scrappers without kids struggle with. I sincerely think that telling one’s own stories is really important so I hope she can embrace that and have fun with it! Great clustering here too!


Finger Pointing – July 21

21 Jul

Hello, hello. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last picked standouts from our galleries, and it was sure fun to gander through them today. Here are a few that stood out:

Just beautiful. I love the soft colors with the black and white photos… perfect for the message in the journaling.
One Fine Day by Sokee

WOW. Congrats! I don’t know if I could make it around the block without stopping to take my breath. How fantastic that you’ve made your goal. This page invokes so much emotion. It’s like I can feel the struggle with you.
getting stronger by Gabi

The soft neutral color is just so soothing. Perfect for this snuggle pictures. LOVE the use of white space on the page.
Just you and me… by PS-Freak

The colors on this page is SO FUN!! I Love the deck board for the paper and the colors to pop all of your photos. It’s even great to have the sentiment added right to your photos!
Pool Party by Beckie

I think all of our children have one of these… and goodness knows it is a tragedy to be without it. Great documentation, and really amazing photo of his lovee.
Forgotten Bunny by renee82

LOVE the use of white space and the grunged up details of the page. It looks so striking!
thinking of you by gachal

LOVE LOVE LOVE the title… and paired with these adorable photos makes me truly smile. She is just radiant and you’ve captured that!
Gosh, You’re Awesome by jen-papadimitriou

mmmmm…… ice cream! Yes, yes and, ummm… yes. LOVE how you’ve done this page. From the colors, to the date on the photo, to the fontography, this looks like a vintage poster.
What I Know For Sure by latz


Finger Pointing – July 20th

20 Jul

As most of the US is blanketed in a sweltering heat wave, I am sure we are all looking for ways to stay entertained indoors. So here’s some inspiration to keep your mind off the heat!

Pocketful of Sunshine by Mama-to-Elle
The newsprint paper and photo blending are unusual choices for this page- and that’s what makes it standout. They work perfectly with the awesome clustering and bright colors. Don’t be afraid to try something different – the results can be stunning! Great page!!

My pearl by sawulik
The free form and artsy look to this page is so fun. I love how the color and movement just swirls your eye through the layout. It’s very fresh and playful. Well done!

Summer fun by kellydq
The power in this full page photo is amazing! It packs a punch, but it’s still elevated by the little touches of word art and yummy blending. Beautiful work!

financial freedom by amandaresende
I am really in love with the photoless design and scattered bits here. The title work and main cluster provide a great anchor in the composition, but there are so many details to appreciate!

Eternal Love by Serenity
Swoon! An incredible, meaningful photo is paired with even more meaningful journaling. This is what it’s all about. The vintage style and element work are incredibly lovely too. Great page!

Summer days by morgana
The clean, crisp design and cool photo processing caught my eye here. I also really like the broken title work, as a bit of the unexpected added just the right touch on this layouts.

RM by zoebearsmom
The wave shape, sliced photos and large masking add up to a really unique and eye-catching design. Note how the strong repetition of the flowers pulls all of those design elements into a cohesive composition. Love the colors here too!

Moments by kewl_jive
I love the boldness and whimsy here – wow!  By keeping a limited color palette, all of the mixed patterns work very well. The depth to the shadowing is fantastic too. Fab!

A Haircut by blanulak
This page is so creative! Most of us with kids have experienced the “joy” of the self-inflicted haircut. The photos capture the entire range of emotions about it and make it quite a funny story. The mixed processing on the photos really amps it up too. Super work!


I hope you enjoyed the inspiration tonight. Stay cool!


Finger Pointing – July 19th

20 Jul

I had a full week completely unplugged from the internet!! By choice and I survived! Double back flip in my mind, cause my body revolts to that strenuous stuff! I came back to wild and crazy creativeness and I hope you enjoy today’s picks, I had them  done earlier and < gasp > I got reading the 2nd book in the Hunger Games….eepp and had to make sure I got them in! woot for me!

Sparkle in the Light by Chelsea Parsons

This grabbed me, and made me think and smile at the same time! I love the depth and pure indulgence of whimsy with the topper! Delightful and original!

Le Renard by timounette

It is like a magazine ad, so crisp and bright, I am taken by the crops of the photos, and the little bits of perfection from the tape to the small camera.

Moments by Barmaleika

The colors drew me, each flower seeming to enhance the photo, but I must say, the torn picture is beyond superb all nestled in the blooms.  Her shadow work has them sitting just perfectly!

Trampoline by Maygirl

Now this is fun, fun, fun and wow to the curves and majestic use of a wave template.  It catches the movement of each photo and brings your eye down that yellow slide!

Those Cute Shoes!!! by hondachicc

She had me at Cute Shoes, and Look! I am a pure sucker for shoes and completely believe this is a trait to pass on to each generation, and the earlier the better. Tee hee, but seriously, look at those toes and the journaling of a proud Nana!

Hey by Komarik

This got me so quick, and I had to smile at the fact the picture is of her sister, and she seemed to have such a fun time putting the page together, the clusters are just full of energy and smiles.

Ohne Dich by tanteva

I am reaching way back to the early 80’s to my Deutshe class and I hope this means ONE LOVE?, cause I for one, love it! Eighty-nine layers! I am enchanted by each one!

10 things I love by amandaresende

Inspiring! I love a page that inspires me to try it, and it did, don’t you wanna go and find 10 things you love???? Make sure one of them is reading the GSO Finger Pointing every day! tee hee

I Am, Therefore I Scrap by bho

Captured. Set to a page forever.  We are scrap bookers with a story to tell.  I need to remember this again and again.  This is why I open my program, why I run after my camera, why I love this community.  I am, too.  Thank you for the reminder!

Thanks again for making to the end! Enjoy your tomorrow!

~Anne of Alamo


Finger Pointing July 18th

18 Jul

Hello Everyone! What a fabulously wonderful Monday morning. I’m thrilled to be here after a series of crazy events that kept me away the last two weeks! So as they say in the movies “On with the show!”….

My pet dino by Arumrose
I loved the black and white background with all the bright pops of color, and that picture of her tiny feet with the huge dinosaur foot is juts so adorbale!

The Hatchling by anubis1
I loved this ATC this morning, it has such an ethereal feel and seems to portray a message of hope for this new young life. The blending and magical feel is awesome!

Seastory by Dashyby
WOW! Seriously this is incredible the colors, the blending, the clustering! Standing Ovation from me– there is just something about it that blows me away!


together by bexy
I loved the simpleness of this and the way she did the monogrammed flag. I also love the title work blended into the background!

Self Portrait by 3littleKs
The simpleness of this makes for a stunning layout,  I loved the piece of vellum behind the ribbon that allows part of the ribbon to show through, the awesome brush work, the yellow and tan scheme…yum!

Under the Sea by sarah10310
I loved the vintage feel of this one, and look at those photos–I love that fish in the jar and the kitty!  Bravo!

U Rock by jenny73
Ohhhee! I really heart all the textures in this one! Paint, doodles, ribbon, paper, splatters…eye candy!  I adore the star punches in the photo and the cluster at the top! This page definitely rocks!

Got it? by Deca
Graphic, simple and oh so fun! Love the doodles and the chat bubbles (and the stacked white papers).

Movie Star by Krysty
Isn’t this the cutest? I love how she’s leaning on the “Oscar”  and she’s got the paparazzi on her too! The colors are awesome (pinks, blacks, gray and red) and I love the lighting effects!



Finger Pointing (July 16)

17 Jul

There were some beautiful pages in the galleries today. Need some inspiration? Take a look at these layouts…

IF EVER by wombat146 

The photo is just stunning, the blending is superb, and the use of elements so simple and elegant, this is one of my favs!

 My Inspiration by Liahra

Love the design here, the little notes and the touch of lace, gorgeous!

 Unguarded by joannknnrd

Another page with a beautifully blended photo, love the perspective on this one, and the vintage feel is so fitting.

Amazing Artist by frani_54

This is fun, colorful,artsy, with a touch of bokeh, the whole page just shines!

Monstrette by sandramilie

Cute cute cute! The funny photos and cute elements just flow across the page!

Secret Circus by Akizo

Love how she framed it all like it is inside a shadowbox, and the spotlight, well, that is just spot on!

Our Memories by azrood

What a fun family page, I especially like how she added the photos to the  cut-out figures!

 Ocean Wonders by mom2peanuts

Love the crop on the photo and how it is framed with a porthole, those little fishies add a little bit of flow and energy to it all. Beautifully done!

 Laurence Designs by Schneggo

The photo just cracks me up, but it is the whole colorful cluster on the dark background that immediately caught my eye!



Finger Pointing (July 15)

15 Jul

Hey Everyone! It looks like it’s been a few days since we have had any picks so I really hope you enjoy what I found today!!

wings of love by parr1983

This is just beautiful! I love the layering and clustering and the shadowing is done so well. It has so much depth. The photos are beautiful too!

5th Anniversary by BrittanyLane

This is just so sweet! I love the way everything is framed in with the little borders and the swirly feel continues with the hearts and the font. IT really is all put together so well and is just super sweet!

Swing by gracielou

How adorable are those photos?! Such a precious series of photos. The colors here are just gorgeous with the black and white pics. I love all the little scatterings as well. Just perfect!

Circles of time by Mabel

This is AMAZING!! The circles and swirls are just fabulous and her title work is perfection! I adore every single thing about this page!!

scrapper by shades of bliss

Goodness this page is so super creative!!! I love her journaling and placement and mix of fonts. It is done so well and looks so seamless here! The scattering of layouts is super clever! Fab composition here!

countdown by Steffi [two cute wishes]

awww! Look at that super sweet photo!!! It’s seriously gorgeous and so drew me right in. The clustering is done beautifully and really lets that cutie shine!

Friends by jetjez

This is just sooo pretty! I love that photo and the masking. It is so beautiful. The little bits of greenery here are so gorgeous and really frame the photo well. Very well done page!

Run Girl Run by robyn.meierotto

This is fantastic! That amazing photo speaks for itself and totally makes this page standout! I am in love with it!

Forgotten Bunny by renee82

This page melts my heart! I have had been through this when someone didn’t get to sleep with his “wolfie”. I love the photo and the scrap of an everyday, but big, moment her son’s life. She did it soooo perfectly!!!!