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Finger Pointing (August 30th)

30 Aug

As August closes, summer really feels like it is disappearing.  The kids are in school, new schedules for me are being hammered out and cruising through the galleries are just as fun! I hope you enjoy my finger points today, I had a blast finding them:

Age of Boys – Little Big Man by sharonbertolino

Energy on overdrive, I am thinking this little boy could give the Energizer Bunny a run for its money! I love the blended and faded elements as part of the cluster-

You are My Dreams Come True by priss

On first look, it is just a simple photo, but look closer, at the details and texture put into this page.  The soft brush work, blended elements, then delightful cluster of wow!

Splish Splash by joshi_82

I hope every scrapper has the opportunity to scrap pages of splish splash! The joy of the children comes right through on this page and it makes us adults smile at the memories of our youth, and that they too will smile with the thought of getting to play in the rain! I love it!

Dec 4-Amusement Park by zoebearsmom

This is a choreographed explosion of fun! I love how you feel like you are on the ride as your eye goes across the page!

Just Fly Above it All by angiepangie (double page)

I stare in awe at double page artists! The faded photo going towards the journaling is just perfect.  The photos are so important to these pages and yet they don’t over power, they tell the story, and yet leave room for the journaling! Excellence in a memory kept!

Window Shopping by photoscrapin

Clapping hard!! I love photos just because and then made into such a wonderful page! I love the frame popped into the houses, and then the font choice totally made the page for me!


Finger Pointing – August 29th

29 Aug

Was it the start of another busy week for you? Take a deep breath! Monday’s almost over, so enjoy the inspiration and unwind.

Growing Up by wombat146
Doesn’t this gorgeous photo grab you? The neutral layering and sweet word art stamped onto the picture makes it even better! I love the subtle mixing of patterns here as well.




grateful for this moment by sf_gal
The white background and bold patterns in the paper piecing are stunning! I adore the playful bracketing and sweet element element work.



Now & Forever by camijo
This is spectacular! The use of color and riot of  elements is fabulous. The blank frame with “picture of forever’ is so creative, too!




A Boy and his boat by mamabean
The entire theme works so well! Check out all of the beachy details, especially the blended boardwalk which provides such a great anchor for the page!




Puzzle by mrs_jb
The artsy, whimsical feel is so yummy. I love play with color here, especially the pops of orange. For those who are wanting to dip their toe into art journaling, this is a great example of incorporating some of those techniques into a traditional layout.



Attempted Photo Shoot by cindys732003
See you don’t need “perfect” photos to scrap a great layout! This is fun way to tell the story behind the story. The layering and title work are brilliant too.

Have a creative and enjoyable evening! I hope you enjoyed the picks. :)


Finger Pointing (August 27)

27 Aug

Happy Saturday, hope you are enjoying the weekend and if you are waiting for your daily GSO inspiration, here we go!

One Day by pom

What a creative kind of travel bucket list :-)
The empty frames symbolize the trips she wants to take and hopes to fill them one day with photos taken then!

relaxing by JanettD.

Beautiful masking and framing of the photo with the text and bubbles! Gorgeous!

 Silent Poetry by Balinda

A beautiful quote, wonderfully expressed in this setting. Don’t you just love that little fairy painting the scene?

 REJUVENATE by sam ellis

This made me giggle when I read that “even speedy gonsales has to slow down sometime”, isn’t that cute? And the wide angle shot is just awesome!

 Earthquake! by breeoxd

I can feel the rumbling of the earthquake when looking at this page! Cool way of depicting the epicenter with the map and the soundwaves. Even the font chosen is perfect.

 happy by AnikA

Not only is this lovely clustered, but the background and the photo go hand in hand to create movement and energy! Fabulous!




Fingerpointing – August 25th

26 Aug

Oh, I hate it when I get my dates mixed up!  I thought I was up for today’s pics, but alas, I was up for yesterday’s pics, so I’m late. Sorry about that!  I hope that my choices were worth the wait.

My first pic just leaped off the screen to me with great color, design, and layering.  The photos this sassy girl are really cute, and while there is a lot going on on this page, your eye still gets some room to breathe.  Here is Up all Night by Damayanti Studio.

Here is a wonderful photo-less layout that really makes you think about the hand that fate plays in our lives. Here is Hindsight 20.20 by Gennifer.

This next layout just has everything – from a cool title placement, to a great balance of elements, to journaling, to a great mix of layering and papers.  There is just so much fun to look at and you can’t resist reading the journing.  Oh yeah…and a first place win….Congrats!  Here is First Place at Regionals by taniadeskins.

I just love the next layout, Meals on Wheels by Jana Morton. It’s all about taking a not-so-great photo (according to Jana, I think it’s darling), and making the most of it. After all, scrapping is telling our stories, even if the photos aren’t the best. Here is a delightful layout about helping others and doing good in the community. I love the whimsical touches and the well placed circle elements in the design as well.

I always try to find an outstanding art journal style layout when I’m perusing the galleries. I find them absolutely fascinating, especially since it’s totally different than the linier way that my brain likes to work.  There were many amazing ones out there again today, but my pick is Love is All You Need by skyezak.  It’s just a gorgeous mix of blending, brushwork, elements, and rich color.

And finally, I close out my pics of the day with this simple layout featuring both an outstanding photo and brushwork. The simplicity of the layout really lets the meaning shine true.  Here is True Strength by zwyck.

That’s it for me…..TGIF!




Finger Pointing – August 24th

24 Aug

Sometimes, all of you make this job really hard! Today, was one of those days. There were so many stunners in the gallery that I had a hard time narrowing it down. Here are my favs:

I Love This by alb52
This page has a WOW factor that kept me staring at it for a long time. I love the realistic layering, messy paint and eclectic color combo! What a fabulous celebration of this craft too!!


Summer Day Trip by gonewiththewind
There is such  feeling of crispness here that provides the perfect counterpoint to all of the patterns. The details are amazing, especially the fun palm tree cluster. So creative!


1st Grade by *Holly*
The big photo is a wonderful focal point on this layout. The blocked clustering adds so much interest and balances the photo very well. Great back to school page!


1 2 3 blow! by cayla73
What a stunner! The gorgeous photo (check out that yummy bokeh!) looks even more amazing with the title worked layered on it. This is another page that makes great use of blocked composition and patterns. Beautiful work!


Unexpected Possibilities by nininano
This page has such an artistic feel as well as a captivating sense of mystery. The symbolism of the door and the tiny key is great too. Lovely layout!


grow…bloom…dream by PaulineM
The dreamy photos and cascading flowers really caught my eye.  The pops of red against the neutral, rustic background do a great job of amping up this page. The use of light and shadow are fantastic too.


I hope you enjoyed the inspiration tonight! Thanks for looking.


Finger Pointing (August 23rd)

23 Aug

The morning is now gone. Time is flying so fast.  I think it needs to slow down, and I know I need a nap.  I went through so many galleries today, only looking at the pages put up today.  I am blown away again, just wow to you all! You wild and crazy Tuesday uploading artists!! ♥

The Gift in Me by liliwee2727

When a heart is laid bare and done with such truth, I am just drawn like a moth to a flame! Hats off to you Lilwee, you got something kickin’ on this page! Wow!

AJC Self-Portrait by sparklyduck75

Mary Poppins and Sparklyduck, what a fantastic combination! I can see this lady just soaring in her self portrait! I love her vision on life, always looking up! And please don’t miss her precious duck with glitter! Love that sense of humor!

Made it by janamm

Striking! The B&W gives off such a starkness, that this page is one that you want to see, ponder each element, how the journaling, because of the fabulous font has become an element in itself, adding to the composition.

At the top of St Pauls by stevens89

This comes with a tutorial to show you how to do it!! I am gonna sit tonight and play and play! This is just beyond fabulous! Taking a very strong young man and a photo and giving even more oomph! Wow to you woman, you rocked my world with this page!! Thank you for sharing the tutorial and I hope to see the galleries filled with folks trying it!!

Avec papa :) by brinic

This is something I am trying to do…a big page visual and then the story in little pics.  Brinic has pulled it off so perfectly! I love her pages!  The soft colors to add a bit a pop to the wonderfully done photos!

August One Word Challenge by oldvwblues

BAM! BAM! BAM! These colors demand to be seen! This page is like a spotlight all on its own! I love the treatment to the photo and how like warm blankets, she has nestled it all in!

Thank you for visiting with me as I point my finger around digi-land! Enjoy your day, and please

~never lose your joy

anne of alamo


Finger Pointing August 22nd

22 Aug

Hi all! My girl finally went back to school today and I couldn’t be happier felt kinda sad but she’s excited so that’s the important thing, right? Well, it did feel good to stroll through the galleries without having to answer to “mommy, if we were cannibals, I don’t think I’d eat daddy, he’s old. ” Or, “mommy, do you remember your cell phone?” *sigh*.

Anyway, here are my picks for today, I hope the return to school wasn’t as joyful bittersweet as it was for me. See you next week!

Somethingness by steffi [two cute wishes]

Um, are you kidding me with this photo?? Wow, wow, wow! Love the expression on her face and the composition is amazing. Those tiny flowers were made for this page, I swear.

Amazing by jennyf92

I keep coming back to this page again and again. I love pages where photos take center stage, and this is fantastic. The butterflies are perfectly placed and the brush work…gorgeous!

Bookaholic by Iciclelady

As a fellow booklover, this page grabbed me from the gallery the moment I saw it. Love the layered strips of paper and the spilled tiny beads, and the journaling… I could have written that word for word! Love!

Floral Wonderland by anetka

Love the clustering and soft shadows here, those big flowers add so much depth that you almost feel you can reach out and pluck one of them. The photo treatment is gorgeous and I love the way she placed the word art. Beautiful!

wth by Dalis

I love photo-less pages since they usually have a deeper symbolic meaning and this one is no exception. Love the visuals here and the way the journaling wraps around the shapes. Excellent!

Eat my bubbles by domad

This page is just the meaning of fresh! The cool blues, the super sweet smile, and those perfectly placed paint splatters just make me happy. The beaded string and banners are the perfect finishing touches to a super cool page!

Hope you liked my picks tonight! Have a great week and I’ll see you all next week!