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Finger Pointing – September 30rd

30 Sep

Hello everyone!

So what great plans do you have for the weekend?

I’ve had fun searching through the galleries to bring you my picks for today!

Here are some gems that caught my eye:

Friend by Michael

This is just a super cute LO that made me smile. I had to share that smile with all of you!

Look at the dog’s expression!  Adorable!I  I want that dog!!!He deserves to be scrapped.

Really love the quote too.

The Circus is Coming! by sparklyduck75

Every childhood memory involves going to see the circus at some point.
There is just something so magical about a circus and how festive everyone is when the circus comes to town!
The lighting here is superb and I love the extraction work.

my cute boots by  MommaTrish

What don’t I love about this page?!?! Seriously fantastic!

And such a fun picture: The boots on the wrong feet!!!LOL

All the word art, beautiful butterflies and splatters…I cannot stop looking at this one.

Just Breathe by Livybug 

Just love her words, this teenage scrapbooker shows that WISDOM IS AGELESS!

AJC Adventure Quest: Mandala 3 by sbpoet

This one caught my eye and held it for ages….This is superb!!!

Mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of aspirants and adepts

but  in this case is a feast for the eyes!

perfect by salamandre

The photo is gorgeous, love the blending , the simple word art…Love everything!!!

Go and leave these layouts some love!!


Finger Pointing September 29

29 Sep

Hi all! Cynthia here with today’s featured pages. Hope you like them as much as I did!

Chasing dandelion fairies by irishgull

The lighting, the extraction, the softness, and that cluster at the bottom all work very well together and make this page a beautiful work of art.

Autumn Twilight by anndahl

Love the rich, fall colors of this page. The cluster is done perfectly and doesn’t overwhelm the sweet photo. Love the birdie standing watch over the baby too! Beautiful!

Snuggle by kamahrt

Speaking of adorable, how cute is this photo?? Love the composition and the tiny scattered elements are truly a perfect touch.

34 by LauraLiz

This one caught my eye immediately in the gallery, not only because I’m 34 myself but because the journaling is something that truly spoke to me. Love the grunginess of the page, and the word strips in which she journaled add a lot of interest to the page. Well done!

Angel by priss

Love, love, love this page! The extraction is flawless and I love her shadowing, the wings on the wall are absolutely perfect! Love the way that the photo is the focal point of the page and the editing was done expertly to really blend with the paper she used. Gorgeous!

Pumpkin miracle by Lana

Another gorgeous extraction! Just look at that smile, so adorable! Love the scene she created, so fun and whimsical. Excellent use of lights and shadows, and the tiny hedgehog is the cutest!


Hope you all have a great weekend! See you soon!




Finger Pointing September 28th

28 Sep

Tangie here everyone on a fabulous Wednesday afternoon to bring you some gallery eye candy!

Yesterday and Today by Rosemarythymne
I really loved the two pictures in this showing the younger and grown up self. Plus I loved the little girl standing on the swing and the lovely vintage colors!

Today by froggie
I LOVED the picture in this one too, that close up that smile is oh do delightful! I love the fun, fresh colors and the cute little clusters.

Falling Leaves by mijo
Fall is something I really just don’t experience where I live, so this fall page just lifts my spirits! It’s magical and so gorgeous with that large blended photo!

These Photos by liahra
How does she get her kitty to let her take this pictures? Aren’t they so adorable? I love the little bits of ribbon stapled on and the sliver of red striped paper on the left.

You and Me Together by zoebearsmom
I think the vintage flair to the photo is fantastic in this one, and I love the way she used all the little word strips to tell more of the story!

Make the Most by Dytka
The colors in this one really did shine in the gallery! I love the bright over saturated colors, the contrast and the “magic” it seems to hold.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!! ~Tangie


Finger Pointing (September 27th)

27 Sep

Good evening my lovelies in Digi Land!  I have some great eye-candy for you again today so let’s get rolling.

My first pick is This Moment Captured by CindyS. This layout has it all – great color, movement, multiple photos, great title work, and journaling.  As an extra bonus, the design and shadowing are great.  A cheery, happy layout for sure.

While it might be an annoying song, It’s A Small World by cassidyk just rocks my small little world.  I love everything about this layout. It’s a fitting tribute to what’s become a Disney icon.

I love sports layouts…the grunge, the movement, the fun.  Here’s one that really stood out for me today. I especially love the little Superman who is hiding down at the lower right hand corner.  Great little details.  Here is Go Big or Go Home by  cherryberry.

Sometimes a photo just makes your jaw drop, like the photo in Cinque Terra Coast by DogArtist.  Spectacular. When I go to bed tonight, I’m going to dream that I’m visiting this lovely place.

I love this layout, and I can tell that Carl is a lucky man. Here is Carl – I Love You by nativescrapper.  Beautiful, whimsical, heartfelt.  Love.

My last pick for today kind of speaks for itself.  Wise words indeed, and words that I need to keep in mind. Here is Make a Difference by DALE.

I hope you all have a lovely evening.  Buona sera!


Finger Pointing (September 26)

26 Sep

I love going through the galleries, and find those little gems that I think are worth a second look!

The Juggler by joannknnrd

This woman just knows how to get those feelings and thoughts down on her pages. Not that I have kids, let alone two, but I immediately connected with this one. Some days, it just can get too much….

Park Adventures by Jennifer1593

I thought the comic book effect is really cute and so fitting for this day of fun and adventure.

 Once upon a time by komashyaru

Such delicate layering of the elements, making this page a delight to look at!

 Duas princesas by mi monteiro

LOVE the paper strips in this vertical design, the layering and the titlework are way cool too!

 Happy Haunts by mymalloryboys

What a fun Halloween page, not in the colors I would expect. The purple and pink accents are well placed and totally draw your eyes to the adorable girls.

 flying a plane by Galina

This is so cool! Using the circles together with the clouds creates such a wonderful depth and motion all over the page. Well done!



Finger Pointing September 25

26 Sep

Hi everyone! Kate here with my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

Day at the Museum by Digikiwichick

What a great page! The curved paper strips here emphasise the rainbow of light coming through that beautiful window and the journalling is very heartfelt.

Drive by kirstiegai

Such a fun little page, it makes me smile! I love the cheerful ricrac and the car keys element in particular!

sidewalk chalk by NicoleLeBlanc

So simple, so full of light and so beautiful. I love the detail photos and the hint of blue chalk behind the journalling.

Friends by Ferdy

From one extreme to the other – this is a party on a page! There are so many fun details to look at here, this layout captures such a sense of fun and friendship!

Be Kind by lor

Great crop on the photo and wonderful use of colour throughout the page. This layout makes me want to reach out and touch it, and then get out my chalks and play!

Nature’s Beauty by Lor

Another Lor (same screen name, different scrapper!!) with a wonderfully tactile page – I want to crunch those leaves! Great use of the large photo as a backdrop, the rustic frame is the perfect choice amongst all the autumnal foliage.


Finger Pointing (September 24th)

25 Sep

Well I spent the evening scrapping and fiddle farting around the galleries.  I was thinking wow, what a day to do finger pointing, and then I had this kathud moment.  You ever have those?? When you brain finally remembers a task you are supposed to do, and it is right now? Well, it was a huge kathud, I remembered it was my day to point! Good thing I was in the galleries and not out in public!

RAK for Valentina by zotova

I love this smile right off,  and then fell in love with the colors all over the page.  Pure kindness and that it is done as a RAK for a friend made it even more special!

Photography 3 by Sexy__Eyes

This is a delight in brightness and lighting.  I find myself drawn to the page.  Her journaling is a cry of a scrappers heart, to get that right picture to find the right kit, and to push ourselves to try something new!

/s/ /s/ student by heathergw

An explosion of delight! What a fantastic idea to grasp the whole feel of learning.  I like seeing what is being created along with the artist! The bursts of lines and patterned paper is put together exactly perfect!

Smart Mouth by Ultracoolmama

Look at all that paper! Drool, love, gape open mouthed at the funky fun of it all! Then add to it, the bits of word strips! oh I am happy just staring at all the fun!

AnnaLift by tylertooo

The lump in my throat grew larger and larger as I read about this man, a hero.  The page is haunting and so touching.  I am proud of you Corporal Kenneth Necochea, and I thank you so much for your sacrifice.

Cry by Mish

Oh yes we CAN, and we must.  It is in us.  Thank you for this reminder and page to encourage.  Power.

~Never Lose Your Joy

Anne of Alamo