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Finger Pointing (October 31)

31 Oct

Happy Halloween out there!  I hope you got your cameras all ready for the cute ghouls and goblins that will be stopping by this evening!  I know I do, so I’m going to get moving on today’s pointing.

My first choice is so artsy and cool. I love the great journaling font, the awesome title work, and the cool color accents.  Here is Thanks, Skype by whatsnext.

Next is another layout with really awesome color.  I love the watercolor effects and the wonderful shadowing.  Here is Make a Joyful Noise by Kathryn.

Next is a layout that touched my heart.  The journaling is so heart-felt and honest, and I know that I have many of the same feelings.  Here layering and shadowing is just lovely as well.  Here is Kinda Sad by KyRainbow.

I love, love, the next layout. It’s photo treatment is so unique, and I was immediately grabbed by the cool graphic title.  Here is Like a Model on the Catwalk by faby33.


This next layout is a wonderful mish-mash of blending, subtle color, great title work, and an awesome photo.  Here is Soulful by snowdropz.

And last but of course not least….I couldn’t close out the day without picking my favorite Halloween layout.  There was some stiff competition out there, let me tell ya, but I finally chose BOOtiful by millu.  I love the mix of non-traditional color, and the shadowing is just stupendous…and who doesn’t love a good shadow on Halloween?  The whimsy of this just adds to the fun for me.

Now go eat some candy, because we all know that candy has zero calories on Halloween!   I’ll see you again next week!



Finger Pointing ~ October 29th

30 Oct

Slippin’ in under the wire here….with a hello and a GOOD BYE!

This is my last Finger Point!

I tossed out the rules, and gonna pick the artists that over and over inspire me, and did so again with pages in just the last few days!!!

Blissful Moments by Romy

This is like a two fer…cause HeatherT made the kit, and her pages are a delight also…Romy once again baffles my mind with color and her photography. Her skills on this page are so apparent and outrageously marvelous!!

10 book series by HeatherB (cause there are a ton of Heathers out there)

You stuck and want to scrap? Go to this woman’s gallery anywhere!  She is a master with the written word, and time and time again stuns me with her ideas and memories that are captured.  Her pages are ones that will be read and memorized by her children.  I love that she totally loves making her pages, and this one is no exception.

Looking by annaaspnes

Gad, but this lady just oozes beauty and wonder to me!  I seriously look at her work and my mouth hangs down, and I just am completely in awe! I look at this and think, wow! everything is exactly where it should be, the shadowing and fades and dang everything is fantastic!

Any page by wombat146, but keeping to the spirit of finger pointing ONLY TIME

I onced threatened this  woman to not upload her pages on my GSO Fingerpointing days! I can not think of a page that didn’t put me in that, “for crying out loud, how can you do a freakin’ remarkable page EVERY stinking time???” but I am all nice and go, wow, that is good, you are chosen AGAIN!!! but she is a fantastic lady too, so you can love her pages and her too!

Our Journey by Patti

I stalk Patti.  There it is out! Her son and her relationship on her pages tug at my heart!  I am also in total admiration for her skills at putting everything on the page and making it look like a 100 tier cake with yummy icing!   I have long admired her from a far, and really do try and emmulate her style often.  This page is another one that makes my  heart soar of her love for her boy!

The-Headless-Horsewoman by ArmyGrl

I salute you ArmyGrl, in your service to my country and your artistic skills time and time again.  You can take the totally “normal” or “everyday” life happenings, or in this case a story told and retold and make it your own, in a wild and original way!  You pages grab the attention of everyone!

There are so many other ladies that time and time again, your pages would draw me, you know who you are cause I leave drool marks in the comments of your galleries and on Facebook.  Thank you to the new artist who push and learn your skills and bring beauty to this world too.  I love this little digital scrapping world we play in and thank you for letting me show case so many of you over the past few months.

~never lose your joy

anne of alamo








Finger Pointing (October 27)

27 Oct

Evening everyone! I have been taking an evening stroll through the galleries and trying really hard to narrow down my choices – I’m this gets harder every time I do it! Here are my final picks, I hope you enjoy them and take a moment to go and leave your favourites a comment or two!

The Year of the Owl by askings

That super cute photo combined with the fabulous blending, brushwork and that lovely woollen owl made this an immediate standout for me!

Jesse’s kite by cathieinoz

Isn’t this fun?! I love the kite breaking free of the photo and flying up into the brushworked sky, the doodled swirl adds an extra sense of movement.

Sisters by PaulineM

Such rich colours here and a great mixture of textures from the delicate feathers to the foliage and the vintage wooden elements and aged papers.  A gorgeous heritage page.

Jacque Larsen Addict by Jenna

Ha ha! I have seen a few pages inspired by digital scrapbook designers over the years but this is the first to make me laugh out loud! Great ‘tache.

Totally80s by luizagaray

The bright 80s colours work so well against the grey background and the black and white photos, the neon paint splats are a fun little touch too!

Hate This Hat by tammybean04

The title of this one made me laugh! And then made me wonder about that hat and who hates it! The layering and shadowing here is great, all the little pops of red in that hated hat add a touch of contrast to the more muted hues and lead the ye round the page.


Finger pointing October 25th

25 Oct

Hi all! Cynthia here with today’s Stand Outs. I’m going to keep it very short today as we’re in the middle of hurricane preparations, seems like Rina’s hitting us sometime tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy them!

My little Vampire by brien

Good Times by Ferdy

Brothers by PS Freak

Perfect Day by Mi Monteiro

Home Sweet Home by Celinoa

Out my window by Lynnette

Wish us luck and hopefully I’ll see you next week!!



Finger Pointing (October 24th)

24 Oct

Hi Everybody!

Guess what? I didn’t go to bed tonight forgetting to do my fingerpointing!  Yay!  We’re all about the World Series here in my house, so let’s move this along, shall we?

My first pick is Fear by rarou47 and I admit that if you read her comments about the layout, it’s a bit disturbing.  But as one who has re-occurring disturbing dreams throughout my life, I can relate.  And let’s be honest, it’s just a cool layout.

Next is this thoughtful beauty, Balance by hollyinjapan.  I love the photoless layout, the soft colors, the depth of the layering, and well….the balance of it all.  Excellent!

I admit that I am a total word-nerd when it comes to great text or typography.  45 and Counting by cherpea does not disappoint!  Happy birthday cherpea and keep the great typography coming!

I [heart] pretty much everything about the next layout…the layering, the jumble of everything, the journaling, and last but not least, I [heart] New York!  Here is a wonderful layout, NYC by y-barros.

I can’t really pinpoint why I think this next layout, Give Me Jesus by alamama is so compelling, but it just is.  Maybe it’s the symmetry of the photo, or the wise lyrics….I don’t know. I just know that it really spoke to me.  Beautiful.

Finally, what is life without art?  I think life without art would be a lot more boring and a whole lot less colorful.  It’s the color that jumped out at me on this one.  Here is Art by Ana.Paula.

That’s it for me tonight everybody.  Remember to always live life in color!


Finger Pointing ~ October 21st

21 Oct

Crossing off everything on my TO DO list today, and ready for the weekend!  The weather here in the high mountain desert of New Mexico is crisp and dry as a bone, but that is fall!  I went thru the galleries, enjoying and giggling at so many pages.  I have to say, ladies, you lead the most fun and awesome lives. Thank you for letting me see a glimpse.

The Juxtaposition of our Indian Summer by  Bush Girl

And the Blue ribbon for most awesome and longest title goes to…hee hee, the title caught me, and then the page all full of wonder and memories kept me.  I have to admit I saw a few made from the same kit, and wow, ladies, you all kicked butt! Might have to break down and buy a kit! bhahha

Three Inches by the Amazing joannknnrd

She is my idol, I think she has little burn marks on her toes from me lighting candles at her feet, and she has personally asked me to stop groveling when she enters a room, but no one does art that I love time after time like joannknnrd, and I wanted to stand up and cheer for her page, but I wore heels yesterday and my feet hurt!

você é assim…by flavia salim

The photo shoot alone had to be hilarious, and then the pure happy feel of the whole page is top notch! A big woot to you mum for making this page of your awesome son! He is gonna love this more and more as he grows up, and think how much his wife will love it more!!!!

Cool and Handsome by scrapper@heart

I know, I know this is from a template! The template is an AWESOME foundation, But she owns this page!! The big ol’ picture in the leaves and those freckles…YOU so ROCKED this page!! I feel like I am right there (can almost smell that sweaty boy odor).

Little Killer of Love_DP

I saw the right side of this page and was so impressed with the James Bond/spy feel to a water gun picture, I was all giddy to read the rest of the story on the left side.  This style is one that EVERYtime I look at go, wow, what an imagination!  I am gonna try so hard to do one of these!

You by jnamm

Long ago, a word art designer and I were in a late, late, late, tooo late night digi scrap chat, and our nerd attributes came out and she made the coolest word art for me, called Nerds Unite!  We had no pledge, no rules, but I saw this page and said, janamm’s son can be in the club! This is a compliment and I love her page and how everything is all clustered tight together, and his gorgeous face is cropped in so those glasses are prominant!


I hope you are laughing with me, heck you can be laughing at me, and I am cool with that…..

~never lose your joy






Finger Pointing – October 19

19 Oct

Happy Wednesday! Krista here to bring you today’s gallery standouts. I couldn’t help but notice how many amazing layouts there were today that are all about the photos.

being pro-silly by mrshobbes I love how graphic the black and white photos contrast against the color in the layout. They help those photos to pop off the page.

Love Day by Kayleigh What a classic and cute title for these photos on ‘loveday’. Such a sweet clustering of both photos and embellishments to complete the page.

Beautiful Autumn Day by hollyinjapan This page is so amazingly realistic. It’s almost as though it is all layered and stacked papers, bits and photos laying on your desk sapce.

Sweet Treats by rebecca h What a fun page! From the blocking designs of colors and patterns, to the brightly colored photos… this is very sweet indeed.

Snuggle Bugs p.2 by Silvia I could stare at these photos all day. What cute little snuggle bugs. I LOVE that the focus is all on the photos. It really makes a statement and tells a story.

Baby Spook by pebbles girl This overall layout design is really fantastic! I love the hodge-podge of goodness scattered through out the page, and yet it still is so really cohesive on the dark background.