Finger Pointing (January 6)

6 Feb

Good evening! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend, I lost myself in the galleries for a while tonight and here are the results! I hope you enjoy them!

You Are Perfect by EHStudios

I love the play between all the circles and the vertical lines here! Great use of a controlled colour palette too.

Port Fairy Vacation

Isn’t this lovely? I love the restful feel this has, and how the seagull seems to be walking across the bridge and right out of that photo! (click for a larger version and the second page)

Childhood Loves by jacinda

This is such a great memory page and I love how Jacinda included hers and her husband’s childhood favourites too!

[perfect shot] by janyellemayara

This is such fun, I spent ages looking at this and noticing all the little details tucked here and there.

oh-tay by kym

So simple and so cute! The little orange strip down the left hand side balances the composition perfectly!

chalk me up by neeceebee

Great combination of blending work and multiple photos here! Perfect colour choices too!

Winter Wonderland by scrapper@heart

Such a perfect way to use those super cute little elements, the snowglobe effect is such a fun idea!

Dance Shoes by wombat146

Another page that mixing blending and photo layers to great effect, add in a hot pink and black colour scheme and it’s a winner!


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  1. esther_a February 7, 2011 at 4:52 am #

    Thanks so much Kate!! What a wonderful surprise!

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