Finger Pointing June 14th

14 Jun

Wooo HOOO and a double wootie woo! Anne of Alamo here and  I am now a permanent finger pointer! I am so excited, I have to say, I have been going through the galleries since last night! Then I sat down this evening and gasped, cause I almost forgot to post.  A happy Flag Day to all those in America and a big wave to you in other countries! Enough of my babble onto the wowness out in about:

Yup, she’s a Parrothead by Michelle in Mi

As a huge Jimmy Buffet fan and one who knows all the words, this page is just a smile waiting to happen, and well gosh, I just love it and really wanted you to see it and go,  Well, good god almighty which way to I steer for my….

Balloon Poppin Fun by cindys732003

Is it me or do you see about a million layers of wonderfulness on this page? I can just look and smile at this page, it captures the day, the moment and is just pure memory on a page!

Sea breeze by Svetlanka

The round window grabbed me so fast, and the lighting from the papers and elements kept me looking, I love the cool feeling from her page and love the bold flourishes.

Flourish by nolwenn

Okay, so say it with me, aaaaaahhhhh how cute! Seriously, this photo alone stands so strong, but look closer at the very soft either and overlay blend or brush work that is so subtle but adds oh so much! And the eyes, just stare at the eyes! wow oh man this is good!

[confesso] by janyellemayara

Not bilingual here,  but this page is a knock out in any language, I am a total sucker for mixing alphas and fonts, especially these funky fun painted alphas!

Head First by HeatherB

Another master of the layer upon layer of fun and fantastic elements that all come together as a masterpiece.  I love the way the slide looks almost like a paper on the color strip.  Her crops of photos make me want to know these wild rambunctious boys!

That Special Smile by NMarti

There is such a sophistication and feeling of class about this page. I love the treatment to the photos, and the shots are just incredible.  The mask or brush work to me is beyond fabulous.

Rain – will it stop? by Romy

Having just moved from this area that Romy is discussing, the rain drew me, as I was living in that rain too.  I am transfixed how she brought the little glass element and ric rac to bring such a balance to the photo. Everything on this page is just placed so perfectly and oh wowza do I love that title font!!

Boy Triss by eumelchen

Boy in glasses, a draw for me right out of the box! Then a boy layout, a pure boy layout, I mean grunge  and fun! I love his expressions and how they are the focus of the page and all the fun behind them just add to the hilarity of the pictures!


~Never Lose Your Joy

Anne of Alamo




4 Responses to “Finger Pointing June 14th”

  1. HeatherB June 15, 2011 at 11:06 am #

    Fabulous pages! And thank you so much for the standout – it is such an honour!

  2. Michelle in Mi June 15, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    Thanks so much for giving me ‘the finger’ lol! Good Gawd A’mighty!

  3. Svetlanka June 16, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

    I am very pleasant!!! Thank you very much!!!

  4. Enchanted June 25, 2011 at 10:34 pm #

    Great job, Anne!! You have earned this prized position. :)

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