Finger Pointing – September 10th

10 Sep

Hey hello to you on 9-10-11! I love random things like that!  I also get a giggle on things to ponder, like if you choke a smurf, what color does it turn?  Just wanting to get you thinking….no to get you inspired:

Rolling Schoolhouse by ~nancy

Gasp! I am a history addict, so the journaling captured me right off, and the desire to learn topped it. then the pure gorgeous views and use of the most spectacular display of elements I really believe I have seen. Each photo and frame is thought out and just perfectly placed! Bravo…oh I ask you to go read her journaling and learn about this Rolling Schoolhouse.

Bubble Wrap by zoebearsmom

Font Fun…fonts should be fun, they should be part of your page, they should be like they are on this page! I love the title and the journaling, these fonts are fun and they go perfectly with the funky fun of Bubble Wrap! I mean, for reals, don’t we all love bubble wrap??

Believe in yourself by helenh

The lighting in the photo grabbed me first, then the colors held me fast to look closer and closer…this is a page you will miss the details if you are too fast…enjoy and savor the page.

Fwipfops by Kayleigh

Now title work is just kickin’ on this page, and all caps in the journaling goes so perfectly with this adorable story and memory.  I love the sweet little extras on the page that make it even more special!

A new chapter by nikkiepperson

The page is beautiful, it is full of gorgeous designs and arranged in pure love.  My heart ached with the journaling, and when you love someone so much you can surround them with this much beauty and thought it makes me hope the best for them also!

Les Meandres de La Diabla by gateausoso

Flat out fantastic! HUGE photo with the brilliant crop of color, draws your eye right to what is important, but you also get a feast of gorgeousness with the rest of the page!

~never lose your joy



2 Responses to “Finger Pointing – September 10th”

  1. Sonia (Gateausoso) September 11, 2011 at 6:58 am #

    Anne, thank you so much for finger poniting my layout! I am far from loosing my joy with such a surprise!

  2. Ashly September 11, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    Thank you for the GSO :)

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