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Finger Pointing ~ January 29

29 Jan

Good evening scrappers, Kate here with my usual Sunday stroll through the galleries. Here are my picks, I hope you enjoy them!

Batter, Batter Up by cmmargaret

Such a great mix of vintage style elements here, the colours are used beautifully too.

Family Photos by Scrappie Irene

Irene always creates beautiful heritage pages, and this one is no exception! The big cluster is beautiful and the newsprint papers help to add interest to the background without overwhelming the vintage photos.

Soccer! by grantlaurensmom

I am a big soccer fan so this page immediately captured my attention! The taped photos and the big tabbed background paper are great little touches on this wonderful boy page.

hb by marnel

Such a fun mix of colour and pattern here! I love the repeated circles and the black and white photos against the riot of colour.

Pinterest Boards by d2vasquez

I have now banned myself from browsing pinterest, it is a dangerous dangerous place where hours can mysteriously disappear! What a great idea to scrap about the latest obsession sweeping the digi-world and a wonderfully creative use of the page protectors.

what is by whatnext

This page packs a real emotional punch, click through to the layout in the gallery to read more about the subject matter and all the different layers. Such a dramatic page.


Finger Pointing January 28

28 Jan

Hi all! Cynthia here tonight filling in for Ana Paula. I knew there was a reason why I didn’t do these posts on a Saturday, and that is because I found so many gorgeous pages in the gallery that I had to go shopping immediately and buy everything that caught my eye it was hard to narrow it down. I’m so blown away by all your beautiful pages!

You’re my BINGO! by janamm

When I see pages like this, with minimalist elements, pure white space, gorgeous photography, and perfect composition, I can just stare in awe and a bit (ok, a lot) of scrapper envy. This page has everything I mentioned and more, packing quite a punch with the tiny elements, the clever title work, and the beautiful photo.

Room with a view by Ann

This one grabbed me from the gallery and I had to come in for a closer look. The photo is stunning, and I love how she showcased it with flawless blending, the faint brush work, and that perfectly placed string frame. Gorgeous!

Sweet Treats by Lizzy 257

Loving the bold patterns here! Beautiful layering, the sweetest photos, and that candy border is just the perfect finishing touch. Beautiful!

Not Fit by AllisonPennington

Stark, moody, dramatic, and stunning. Perfect example of scrap therapy. The mix of alphas and the cropped photo add to the drama and make this a true standout. Well done!

josh by Erica Zane

I’m obsessed by plastic pockets lately and all the creative ways you can fill them up. This page is done perfectly, with beautiful photos, kitschy word art, and lots of goodies tucked here and there to add the perfect touch of realism. Love!

Opening Presents by Gemma85

Love the clustering here! Perfectly balanced, beautiful shadows, lovely photos and a striking title are the ingredients to make a stunning page.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend, I’m back to unzipping, ehmm, scrapping! See you soon!


Finger Pointing January 27th

27 Jan

Wow, time is just flying by so fast!

Is it Really the End of January Already? How did that happen?!

Here are my favourites from the galleries today!

Photoemphasis_vol05 by flohbock

Love the aqua against the browns, the  amazing photo and all the tiny details around it,
like the Dream Catcher, the bird feathers and the flower branches.
She rocked this template and certainly made it her own.

My Birthday Song by editorialdragon

I love them (Tears for Fears) so much!Time went by so quickly…
I remember this song from like way back. Songs for the high school class of 1985 are special for me because this is the year that I graduated high school.
The background really draws you into the centre when you look at it and refers to a time travel…

Brain Map by scrapper2009

Man o man, this looks fantastic!It has so much too look at, fabulous blending and tells a story that we can all relate to.
Love all the items in her mind and how she insert some symbols that reflect some moods, feelings, and states of being.
The old camera in the eyes place is a touch of genius!
This  image is so alive I can just about smell it!

Anyone Listening? by enelya

This page made me laugh!Love the humor and the truth in it as well…
I am always talking to myself as well, sometimes aloud but mostly quietly…LOL
I love the idea of the the thought bubbles  and her reflection in the mirror not listening.

Thunder Ridge Ranch by judy in SD

The fabulous  layering on this page really caught my eye!
I like the  photo and the colors that she used.Lots of details and textures going on here.
I want to reach in and touch it.  Amazing effect!!

Digidare 260 – advice for my girls by stampin_rachel

This page is soooo creative!!!!
Great advice list : Most people learn over time, but often learning comes too late to be fully useful.
There are certainly many things that I know now that would have been extremely useful to me earlier in my life…I love that fish! LOL…what is this fish lips?!!!


Finger Pointing January 26

26 Jan

Hi all! Cynthia here with another quickie, getting right to the pretties tonight.

silly little girl by Sarah Bennet

my own world by mrshobbes

Smile and Tea by enia

Gryning by zwyck

my Best Furry Friend by Ana {Sugary Fancy}

what is what whatnext



Finger Pointing – January 25

25 Jan

Lets get right to it! Check out these AMAZING beauties!!

Run… by georgeinci

Hello 2012 by askings03

Dec Daily 2011 Day 27 by snowdropz

Dec18_Time with Friends by LoriS

lovely by crystalbella77

silly boy by by joscie


Finger Pointing (January 24th)

24 Jan

Hi Friends!  Barb here and I’m a bit short on time, so I’m going to do a speed post tonight.  Rest assured that all of the standouts below are fabulous and I think the reasons why speak for themselves!

Find by Nikki Epperson  

Cool juxtaposition!

Dinner with Friends by Amber R

Great color and texture!

Fear by Tinkerbell57

Words to live by!

1981 by mishou

Great color and mix of elements and style.

December Daily 2011 Dec 13 by snowdropz

Just fun to look at!

2012 Decision by mamabee

Colorful. Graphic. Thoughtful.

Don’t you agree that these layouts standout on their own?

Have a wonderful day!


Finger Pointing January 23rd

23 Jan

The weather here in Brazil is so hot!!!Yes girls, here in BRAZIL is summer !!!!
I hate hot summers….But I love sunny days!
As I am constantly hot, even when others are cool or comfortable…
I’d rather be somewhere colder instead like my Northern Hemisphere friends !
Today is raining so hard that my power and internet connection are a bit crazy, so I’ll keep it short today.

Hope you enjoy these pages as much as I did!

017-01-12-iBelieve By CFALBRO 

My fist pick is this super cool, fun, colorful, and creative art journal page!
This super psychedelic background gives me a a “trippy” feel like that found on Beatles songs!

Make the Best of Each and Every Day {mixed media} by SarahBarberDesign

What a fun and delightful page! Love the curly doodle across the page, the quote and hand-written text!
Love the way that she used watercolor paints and pencils, Sharpie paint pens, alpha stickers and all the elements here!

Cost of Living 2012 by AnneofAlamo

I’m really loving her idea of making a time capsule for her life!
This page is so colorful and full of life !Love the realistic elements here!You can almost touch them!

Am I a worrywart? by twinsmomflor

All the elements here are perfect together and the blended photo is fabulous!
Besides this the amazingly heartfelt  journaling made this page even more special!

One in a Million by Cassie Jones (1gr8muggle)

A wonderful page that caught my eye immediately!
Love how she transform the photo in a brush and a extraction sticker!

Captain Leander by mem

What a beautiful page, love the brushed words in the background, the perfect grunge effect and the pic of her great grandfather is amazing!
If you read the journaling at the 2nd page you’ll see a fascinating story!