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Finger Pointing – February 29th

29 Feb

Happy Leap Day everybody!  It’s Barb, back for a second day in a row. Are you ready to leap over to some great layouts?  Let’s do it!

My first pick is Don’t Call Me by Ferdy. I love this layout because I think it’s funny, and I too, dislike talking on the phone.  I love the fun elements and the great random arrangement of everything that just works so well.

Next is Inner Compass by thimbleberry. I was really attracted by the bold geometrics, but the thoughtful journaling sealed the deal.

My next pick is Alive by chocochoco.  Oh goodness, I really, really love the great photos and the layering is just supurb!  I really like how she did the title cluster towards the bottom right corner. That’s unusual and fun.

Next is a super whimsical and creative layout, Blossom by Marnie333.  I love how she took photos of flowers, deconstructed them, and then took the pieces and built a “flower girl”.  Holy cow, that’s really, really creative. Amazing!

My next choice is It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride by RebeccaH.  I love how she put the jounaling over the paint and makes it look like a whitewashed fence, and then linked the journaling and photos together with the title. Very fun!  The paper bird is a subtle and fun find as well.

My final pick is Self Portrait by YvKe.  It’s not easy putting one’s self out there, and she did it with style.  I love how there’s a lot of photos, but it’s also got a lot of white space for your eye to breathe.  A beautiful design.

That”s all for me.  Make the most of your bonus day!


Finger Pointing – February 28th

28 Feb

Hi Friends!  Barb here for your usual Tuesday check-in. I found some beauties in the galleries today (as usual) and here they are…..

First is Honeymooners by Adryane.  I love the vintage photo with the soft color accents, and how the frame just fades away as if it’s floating under a cloud.  I like the title font too.


Next is Dad’s Hand by Melscrap.  I love the sweet photo, the great layering with colorful papers and elements, and the sweet journaling font (which I will be downloading as soon as I finish this post).  This layout just  makes me happy!

My next pick is Winter in Holland by BrigittevT.  I love the wintery color combination of blue and brown, paired with the beautiful photo.  It’s a perfect winter layout, as it just feels cold but beautiful to me, just like a perfect winter day.

I don’t think I can pick standouts without looking through the really creative and colorful art journal layouts. Today’s art journal layout is Never Doubt by joyuslion. It’s a message that I’m always trying to push with my teen daughter, one that we should all embrace.

My final pick today is Son by Aggie Aviso. The chevron cut photo just literally leaped out of the gallery to me.  I just think this layout is nothing but cool, and the blue accents are really great.  Well done!

And with that, I’m out….but I’ll be back with more standouts for you tomorrow.  I think it’s cool that I get to pick the special layouts on leap day.  Make it special!



Finger Pointing – February 27th

27 Feb

Hello friends, Here in Brazil is the rainy season (the summer), I can listen the thunders one after another right now….
I hate thunderstorms and I am deathly afraid of lighting…
So it’s better keep it short today before the rain starts here.
I hope you like the awesome inspirational pages that I found in the galleries today!

TIMELESS by Steffi [two cute wishes]

This is the most beautiful wedding  page theme that I have seen in a long time!!!
The whole design and the simple B&W and grey made me fall in love with this page.
It’s stunning with the fantastic composition, all comes together perfectly!


 2.11 First Ballroom Competition by kiki00star

What a precious capture of such a sweet memory!!
Love those adorable shots, the story, and the delicate layout is just perfect, absoultely beautiful!

Sweet Baby Feet by dlhoffer

The simplicity here is just perfection! I love how the tiny elements make the photo pop.
Love the precious picture and the stitching/frames around it.The little cute details just complete the whole page.
And simply love how she added  the daye strip in the corner!

charming by parr1983

This page just makes me happy being light and soft!
Great horizontal design and cute photos! The centered design really ”pulls you in” and invites you to take a good look at this page.
This is a stunning simply perfect page with the great use of white space and so fantastic composition!


King Liam by KarenC

Oh so perfect and true! I totally love everything about this page!
I really loved the title placement and the the cutest photo of a little King and the e crown  fits perfect for the page.
My whole life revolves around my “babies” until now…17 years later!LOL

BFF! by JanaM

Love the way she placed the word art on the side of the photo! The stamps look so cool!
Amazing shadow work! It looks like it would be a photo of a paper page in stead of a digital one.


Finger Pointing ~ February 26

26 Feb

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying the last few hours of the weekend!  Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

heart driving by amandaresende

This is such a striking (and fun!) photo-less page, all the bold colours and speech bubbles create a great comic book feel


Quelque part au paradis by Cleragero

So pretty and such a great sense of movement created here with the positioning of the butterflies, foliage and stamps.


The News in 2012 – Julie Ann Shahin

With media and technology changing and evolving so quickly this is great little snapshot into Julie Ann’s life at the moment, I wonder how long it will be until this in out of date? Perfect use of all the newsprint elements too!


Face Painting by oldvwblues

It looks like oldvwblues had a lot of fun making this! All the paint touches are ideal for the theme while the folded background paper adds a touch of depth to the page. Fabulous!


we by marnel

Heart-tastic! Such a simple, but highly effective, composition in this soft and pretty page.


Art Gallery by zannella1108

This page is actually a scraplift of Jan Morton’s Artistry so please check that one out as well! I really like the extraction here and that lovely little face peeking over the fence, and of course, the fabulous artwork on display!


Finger Pointing February 25

25 Feb

Hello, scrappers! My name is Rúbia and that’s my first time here! I’m SO excited!! I remember when I had my first page picked here… it’s really something, isn’t? :D

So, let’s go to my choices.


Cherish the Moment by Akizo

Ok, I’m fan of every page from Akizo and this one couldn’t be different. The pops of red are perfect! And these photos… are too cute, right? And everything with these 2 big letters “C” and “M” to the creative title work. LOVE it!!


Caught in the Act by melanier

I loveee how she used tags to make all the composition! And the elements and papers are just wonderful! And she also added little details to the final touch! I love when scrappers use little details!


Quiet thoughts by CD Muckosky

This page is SO delicate (look the wings!) and cool (now you look to these doodles)! And, again, little details, like journaling, date, words. Amazing work!


Love your smile by caramellche

I discovered her pages recently and I’m in love with her job! Her pages are just like that: almost clean, with colors, a little touch of fun and (AGAIN, I know, I can’t avoid) a perfect use of details. And I just love the shadow work in her tittle!


this is january by mrshobbes

OMG!! I just loveeee these papers and style on this page! All journaling and black white photos… Absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t read all journaling (my english don’t help me lol), but it’s a cool and inspired way to document her month!


Swingin’ by canadianmommy

White background + big bracket + big (and creative) title work + ricrac + great moment registered = a STANDOUT page for me!


Well, I think that’s it for today! I hope these can inspire you as inspired me! Don’t forget, if you have time, to leave a little love to these amazing scrappers! :D

xoxo, Rú.



Finger Pointing February 24

24 Feb

Happy Friday all! Cynthia here with tonight’s Standouts. Let’s get right to them!

Remember 2 Snap Me by heathergw

WOW!! Loving that bold background! She used it perfectly and balanced her photos and elements beautifully. I can so relate to her journaling as well as I’m never in photos, but I’m jumping on her bandwagon and resolving to get in there!

Love me tender by Vèronique

How beautiful and dreamy!! Love the sweet photo and those flowers are gorgeous! Lovely, lovely page!

Snap! by Liahra

I’ve been seeing pages with this template all over digiland, but this one grabbed me from the start. The awesome title work and her fantastic use of papers, plus the tiny scattered beads make this a true standout.

Just Me by 4noisyboys

I love AAM pages and this is no exception. The crops on the photos and the dramatic black and white go perfectly with her colorful elements. I also love the quote and how she placed it on paper strips. Very cool!

Sweet Moment by sucali

What a sweet and lovely page! Love the adorable photo and her composition is perfect! I always admire pages that with so little manage to transmit so much. Beautifully done!

2012 Goal by Aggie

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this page and how much her words moved me. I think this is very common, and I just hope that she does get to fulfill her goal, as I’m sure everything will fall into place after that.

This is it from me tonight, see you next week!


Finger Pointing (February 23)

23 Feb

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a great week thus far! I had a lot of fun in the galleries today and I hope you like my choices!

Embrace the Chaos by whatnext

This is AMAZING! So much detail here and the more I look at it the more I find! I adore all the photos and the different masking and blending. Seriously creative!

you color my world b joshgirl

This is another page with fantastic blending and masking! I love all the colors and the awesome paint behind the cluster. really well done!

girly girl by LoriS

I am so in love with this girly page! The colors between the papers and photo just go together flawlessly! beautiful brushwork and such sweet girlyness!

Valentine’s Day by teeleedee

This is another girly page full of pink perfection and I adore it! I love those stitched holes and way everything, including the journaling is framed in. So gorgeous!!

perfect to me by Mom2LaurynJacob

This is just soooo pretty! The light in the photos is perfection. They have a warm summery glow that just makes me feel warm and happy looking at them! I love the layering and that subtle blending. Soooo pretty!

travel and explore by neeceebee

This is soooooooo much fun! I just love photoless layouts that tell a good story and this one is perfect!! The mapwork and colors are just fab!! I love everything about this!! The way she highlighted the states she has been to compared to the ones she hasn’t. Just awesome!