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Finger Pointing March 31

31 Mar



Beth here, a.k.a. kewl_jive for another round of fabulous finger pointing. Can you feel the spring breeze? We are excited for Sakura here in Japan. My kiddos had their pizza lunch on the veranda this week and they loved the weather, although it’s back to a rainy day here again. Talk about 4 consecutive weekends with bad weather. lol Hope you guys are having a nice day/night wherever you are. We just finished observing the Earth hour, hope a lot of people participated.

It was kinda hard to pick from all the wonderful pages in digiland. Here are some gems!

Lemme start with Play by beszteri. This is such a happy page indeed! I just love the photo effects and how she blended the papers to create a beautiful work. Everything is so perfectly done including the quote she used.

Bold Sneaks by tammybean. This is purely amazing! Gorgeous use of the template and kit. I could stare on her page for a long time. Love those shadows, her photo and her love for bold and bright colors, which go well with everything here.
Bold sneaks

We by Teeshoom. This is sooo wonderful! Great pics and composition. I adore the placement of the elements and how everything flows perfectly. This really caught my attention.

Work by DogArtist. Perfect quote and page! I totally agree! The quote says it all and the way she interpreted it was awesome!
Friends by Soco. This is simply fabulous! Love how the social network brings us all together, the b&w photo made the page really pop.

As luck by Hanazana. Amazing use of the template! Love her shadow work and balance of the page plus the adorable photo. Love how she works with the kit.
as luck

Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. It would be wonderful to give them some well deserved love in the galleries. Happy weekend!





Finger Pointing March 30

30 Mar

Hello you all, Jeanine here again from a dark and very windy Holland with my second post! I hope it won’t get blown away ;)!


What about The teddybear rescue bij justjen as an appetizer! I love the little one rescuing her bear from getting lost in the dried field, the approach of the picture is gorgeous, fading into the backgroundpaper and the little elements in reds and greens add just that little extra to keep me looking. And I love the crocheted strawberry! Hmmm, just want to eat it!

And for the starter I hád to take a closer look at My crazy world bij scrapper@heart.  This bold and cheerful LO makes me smile from ear to ear, one can almost feel the fun these kids have! The shadowing is perfect and even though there are not many colors used, this Lo is sparkling and great fun! I love the rough wordart and letterstamps!


A small ‘amuse’ is this wonderful photoless piece of art: Decorate 6 by Naadi. I love the colors and the sparkling and full feel of the LO, I don’t miss a photo at all, although there’s a little piece of a picture in the written six part! The whole LO is a landscape to me, I want to look what’s behind the 6 and what’s behind the horizon! Let me wander there!

As a lovely sidedish I want to show you Do it by Angie4b1g. I love the way she uses only a few words to describe her passion, and it’s totally clear, she will never give it up! Whatever weather it might be, she will do it! I also love all the little pieces of paper, felt, lace and ribbon. Just gorgeous!

Did I mention before I love colors? As a main dish of course!  Well I do, and that’s why I’m all ears by Rucola draw my attention right away! Look at these colors how they pop from the screen and look a little longer and feel the laughter coming, this one is soooo funny!! The face of the serious looking lady and than these long long hare ears. And the children with great expectation and yet a little fear in their eyes….what a time to have lived in. Great LO!

And now I have come to my desert already. A good day by Applechick! I love the emptyness of the LO and yet it’s not empty. The thin lines make a very nice frame to put the story in. Great how Applechick used the story and drawing of her daughter in this LO! Makes me want to go through all the drawings of my sons again and get scrapping!

Well, that was my lovely meal for today, I enjoyed it, and I hope you did also!

Have a great Saturday!


Finger Pointing (March 29)

29 Mar

Oops, I’m coming in just under the deadline for today!  I did manage to find some amazing picks though.  Hope you enjoy!


First up is amymom24’s Photoshoot I love this photo…the glow is really highlighted by the colors in the layout.  Great use of pattern paper as well.


Next is Precious moment by MissParker.  This one caused me to gasp as I was cruising through the galleries and I knew it would be one of my picks.  Those eyes are just mesmerizing and every piece on this layout is stunningly placed.  Gorgeous!


smiled so much by bderby is just lovely.  I’m in love with grey and yellow color combos and the conversion on these photos is perfect.  I love how she used so many pattern papers yet the page is still not busy or distracting.  Great job!


Little Racer by caroline.  How awesome is this?  Great layering and page design.  I love the retro feel of the photo as well.


Last but not least is AmberR’s Six Words.  I’m speechless by this layout.  The typography, the blending, the extractions, and the numerous stories included…just fabulous!


Finger Pointing – March 28th

28 Mar

Happy wednesday everyone!
I don’t know about you but I’m so loving seeing all the sweet and delicate spring kits in the galleries this week!
Here is some eye candy for you!

Loved To Read by eryn

All the elements here are perfect together, it is so detailed and perfectly done.
Amazing job on the shadows and clustering.
The neutral background really makes everything pop.

easter celebrations by ViVre

I love the clean and fresh feel this page has.
The  simple composition, BW and yellow colour combination is so effective here,really makes the entire page just pop.Great use of white space too.


Extreme Layout Makeover by zizazzi

The fabulous  photo on this page really caught my eye!
This is another super beautiful photo focus page!
Here’s a fantastic example of how the art of photo manipulation can result in a powerful, baffling and beautiful page!

spring2012 by liahra

So gorgeous and fresh and spring-like!
I love how she used the patterned paper. Great shadow work and journaling too! Perfection!
What an adorable little one, I love all of the expressions!!!Such a happy feeling page!

extreme makeover by Adryane

This is such a gorgeous creation, so unique!!
Love that she made her own fish using brushes. I’m so impressed!!!
Absolutely stunning scene work, she’s truly outdone herself with this one.

And last but not least tonight

Itinerary #10: Sound Of Own Voice by snowdropz

There’s something so magical about creative and colorful art journal layout that
hypnotize me through!!!! Great color and mix of elements and style.
Love the strong message in this wonderful layout.

See you next week!!!



Finger Pointing – March 27

27 Mar

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely day – the sun has been shining here and everyone is full of smiles! Such a lovely spring day! Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them:

The Journey Begins by Bush Girl

Super crop on this photo and clever use of the touches of red dotted throughout the page. This page really packs a punch.


Work Hard by Deb Rymer

I love the folded paper foreground and the photo revealed underneath – so eyecatching!


Express Yourself :) by Damayanti

What a fabulous doodly page – this would look wonderful framed and hung on the wall!


Perfect day by morgana

Super colour handling here, the almost monochromatic scheme works perfectly with the photos and the little hints of yellow here and there add interest and help to lead the eye round the page.


I don’t bafta by mrsaboyer

I can imagine many a parent reading the journalling here and nodding in agreement. The emotion is brilliantly captured with the high contrast photos, the red paint alpha and the spiky angles on the elements and paper pieces. A great example of scrapping the not-so-good times.


Spring Awakening by nagato

Can’t you just feel the sunshine coming from this page?! So pretty, so springy and so full of sunshine, it makes me smile just to look at it!


Finger Pointing – March 26th

26 Mar

Happy Monday! Now that you’ve made it through the day, relax and enjoy tonight’s picks!

Strong Woman by blanulak
I love the creative mix of blending and font work. This is really spectacular and creative, both in the design and emotional impact. Very well done!

my life by cayla73
The simple composition with strong focal photo and bold elements makes this so clean and beautiful. It has such a sweet, vintage quality. Gorgeous!

Anna Page by casbury
The blending and brush work on this page are terrific. I adore the journaling on the photos and the large monogram. Superb page!

Be You by NatalieKW
This is such a joyous riot of color and layering! Love it! The mix of patterned papers and heaps of flowers are a wonderful anchor for the adorable photo, which remains the focus with the strong yellow frame. So cute!

junior photographer by MamaBee
How fun is this?! I think giving your child a camera is great fun, but taking all of the photos and putting them on a page with an extraction is genius!

scooter girl by esther_a
The time lapsed extractions on this page are another wonderful, creative technique. I love how the sticker format makes them even more fun!

I hope you enjoyed tonight’s pages. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – March 25

25 Mar

Hi Friends!  Barb here on this Sunday night with some really cool layouts to share.  For some reason, there were a lot of really interesting and unusual designs awaiting my picking today.  Here they are:

Blinded by the Light by zalaine

I am always in awe of those who can scrap a really simple layout and make it so effective and important. This is one of those layouts.  I think it looks like it should be easy, but it SO isn’t!  Well done!

Serendipity by rarou47

First of all, I have to admit that the word serendipity is one of my favorite words. It just has such a lovely lilt to it. I just like to say it and I like the emotion that it brings when I hear it.  Combine that with the lovely colors in the layout that remind me of the coming of spring, this layout just makes me happy, happy, happy!

Meeting Naomi by sberkan

This layout is not your typical baby layout, and I love that it’s so different and unusual.  I also love the 3D paper flowers, the touch of sparkle, and the soft color palette.

Across the Miles by kmkarayanis

I love how the layout is set up on two sides with the blue in the middle, like continents separated by an ocean.  The two sides are both similar and different, and I like the journaling down the middle.

My Lucky Number by Patti

Finally, it’s this big time color blast of a layout. I hardly know where to look first, there is so much going on. I especially like the sun and flowers, and all the well placed numbers. So much fun!

That’s it for me this week, I’ll see you again soon.  Have a lovely week!