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Finger Pointing – April 30th

30 Apr

Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s the last day of April? This month simply flew past, but I hope you made plenty of great memories and have found time to scrap them too! If you need some inspiration to get that scrapping done, check out the Standout’s tonight!

Differences by christineirion
This page is so clever, well designed and fun! I just love it! The embellishment and journaling are wonderful because they work together extraordinarily well to tell the story fully. Fantastic layout!

21 Seconds by plumdumpling
The photostrips of the different faces are absolutely darling. I like how the circle provides a nice anchor for the composition and balances against the journaling and titlework. Great page!

Sweet Moment by LorieM
The photo is the star of this page, so the scrapper wisely chose to let it shine with simple, restrained element work. They support and enhance the photo without overwhelming it. This can be a difficult task and she accomplished it perfectly.

Earthy Green by domad
The delicate brushwork and dainty scatters are so lovely and artistic. The creative matting and framing of the photo make for a strong focal point with lots of interest. Gorgeous work!


sea by Lisa_mommy2two
What a stunner of a heritage page! The element work and photos are so cohesive in the theme of this page. The layout is very well crafted and tells a great story.

Today by mymalloryboys
This page is very on trend with the twine and hanging pennants, but it’s elevated by the fun paper blocking and blending. I love the muted palette and all of the yummy details. Beautiful layout!

Thanks for stopping by the blog tonight. I hope you enjoyed the picks!


Finger Pointing ~ April 29

29 Apr

Evening everyone, Kate here with my picks from the galleries today! I hope you enjoy them!

Sea by beszteri

Isn’t this beautiful? So soft and pretty, I love the little cluster on the frame and the super brush and blending work on the background.


Delightful Day by misfitinmn

I love the riot of colour here! Super use of that fabulous patterned paper and great embellishing too, there’s so much to look at in this page and yet the photos stand out so well!


results not typical by mrsaboyer

Such powerful journalling here and the emotional impact of the page is heightened by the crop of the photo.


Mom & the boys by carolat

Such a sunny page! Great mix of blended and circular photos here.


Sea Kayaking by Crafty Kacy

Great use of a photo as the background here with the effect highlighting the focal point of the image and also echoing the stamp style frames of the smaller images.


Florida Highlights by amymom24

What a great over view of a holiday, that would make a super first or last page in an album!


Finger Pointing April 28

28 Apr

Hello everyone! Katherine here on the road, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky! We’ve got a HORRIBLE thunderstorm moving in so I’m going to have to make this quick (I think there are tornado warnings just to the north of us . . . or something, not quite sure of my direction right now! ;D).

Without YOU by sue.falstaff
Really LOVE the simplicity in the design here with the bold pop of color. But what really caught my attention was the journaling. So heartfelt and . . . real. LOVE that!

Pitching Practice by robyn.meierotto
Really love all the white space and the subtle color palette! The layering is fantastic too!

together by eranslow
Love the composition in this layout! The layering, all the elements, and the shadows are absolutely . . . PERFECT!

The Kids by Iken
This next one is so beautiful in all of its simplicity! The blending is gorgeous!

dork squad by whatnext
This next one is an absolute STUNNER! LOVE the design! The colors (especially the teal!)! The title! EVERYTHING!

And finally, My Hero by penkitten
The photos in this last layout are nothing short of phenomenal! LOVE the blending in the one in the upper right hand corner.

That’s it for me! Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend! =] =]



Finger Pointing – April 24th

24 Apr

Hi Friends!

It’s Barb back with you on this lovely and chilly Tuessday with some great layouts that might just warm your heart!

Be Yourself by catgoddess

I love this layout for it wonderful offset papers, it’s great color, awesome photo, and super layering.  It really looks like there are papers stacked on top of each other.

Pasjonaci by mbabka

I have no idea what the title and journaling says, but it doesn’t matter.  The wonderful photos, the great journaling position and font, and the brilliant use of color makes this really, really special.

Sometimes Life Hurts by donnagoar

Simply put, yes it does.  Simple, powerful, beautiful, and a wee bit sad too.

Recycle by breakingbrie

I love the great colors, the great journaling, and the exceptional shadows on this layout! There are so many sweet touches, and I love the subtle brushwork in the background as well.

Serenity by oldvwblues

Who can’t find solace in these lovely but simple words?  I love how she echoed the lovely thoughts with the mood of the layout, and how the photo fractures with elements outside of the frame.  Beautiful.

That’s it for me tonight peeps.  I hope you have a lovely evening and an even better tomorrow.


Finger Pointing – April 23rd

24 Apr

What a busy Monday! I’m glad to have a quiet hour to unwind and meander through the galleries. They were full of amazing pages today. Let’s take a look at the standouts!

Rain Gang by melanie3boys
I really love the eye-catching composition with both the tilt and the overlapped photos. This page really jumped out at me for its creative use of the ribbons and stitches as rain too. All around fabulous!

Evert by Scrappie Irene
What brilliant layering and shadowing on this layout! The masterful use of light adds so much depth and character here. It’s such a wonderful heritage page!

Sewn with Love by rmcabana
I love pages with great attention to detail and this one has it! All of the sewing bits are perfectly placed and add so much to the story of the page. I really like how the patchworking of fabric circles around the page adds such a fun focal triangle. Great work!

Jack Sparrow by plumdumpling
Well mateys, I think you will agree that this page is a treasure! The adorable photos and awesome mix of pirate elements work so well together and the layered paint is a great touch. Super page!

2012 – wk 16 by ViVre
I love the beautiful photos and crisp, clean design here. The photos are well cropped and the selective colorization makes them even more interesting. Beautiful!!

inspiring by lingovise
I adore all of the artsy layering and embellishments on this layout. I think the interplay of the shapes, patterned papers and clusters of elements make this page incredibly fun and interesting.

Thanks for stopping by the blog tonight. I hope you enjoyed the standouts.


Finger Pointing ~ April 22

22 Apr

Evening everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, we have had a gloriously lazy, family day that has been much needed and oh so enjoyable! Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

Bliss by Applechick

Beautiful colours and blending work here, I love how the painted background almost seems like a continuation of the photograph with a suggestion of buildings, then sand, then sea going down the page – very clever!


summer goal by SmallMoments

Super composition here with all the squares and the choice of colours is great! I hope SmallMoments manages to find that tricky geocache soon too!


Mother & Daughter Moments by Deborah Wagner

Isn’t this so sunny and pretty? A gorgeously girlie, summer layout! I love that Deborah scrapped this moment of mother and daughter bonding too.

New School by Heather Prins

The elements and paint blended into the background help to create the grungy teenage feel this page has, along with the square instagram style photos. Minimal elements add depth but without over powering the great blending work.

Before and Now by paula kesselring

I love the eclectic mix of elements here and the use of the pocket pages to compartmentalise the before and now.

By Careful Little Eyes by Stacey Jewell Stahl

Such a fun page with those wonderfully cute photos and all the speech bubbles, I love it! Super composition too, the eye is lead from photo to photo round the page and then back into all the speech bubble quotes. Lovely stuff!


Finger Pointing – April 21st

21 Apr

Hi there everyone I hope you are enjoying your weekend! It’s Mirjam again pointing my little finger at some of the gorgeousness I found in the galleries and sharing it with you here.

Free like a bird 2 by Giny
I just love this cute little cluster of elements pinning down the birdcage that has so creatively been used as a frame! The whole page also has such a beautiful serene and delicate feel to it.

Proud of my Family by LauraLiz
I love all the angles used in the design of this page. Along with those well placed, fun colored elements they make this such a yummie page that I want to go over it again and again!

My Sanctuary by Tammybean04
I love how fabulous that delicate black and white photo looks against that burst of colours in the background. Brilliant layering and use of elements in that gorgeous cluster.

Back Then by Ultracoolmama
I am a sucker for pages that have that retro feel and this one is simply adorable. I LOVE that photo combined with those vibrant colored elements that are so well chosen and placed. Sometimes that’s all it takes to give a page that wow factor.

Up Up & Away by EllenT
Love the blended photo in the background with the crisp, clean and framed one on top of it. The way Ellen did her title work in combination with the swirly arrows gives the page a great sense of movement and makes it wonderfully dynamic. Very cleverly done!

You are my Flower by Scrapper@heart
Awesome, awesome layering in this fantastic layout! I love how the photo fits right in there and still manages to take center stage in all that is going on around it. Truly amazing and so cleverly put together!

That’s it for today! Thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I picked. I hope you will give them some well deserved love in the galleries! Until next time!