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Finger Pointing – May 31st

31 May

Hello all, Krista here. It’s the last official day of May… and with that, the promise of summer. I don’t know about you all, but I am so giddy for some nice sun-warmed days.

I love getting into the galleries, and I have a few I had to share with you.

Gift of Love by jbarksdale
I love daddy /daughter pages… they make me melt. This one is no exception, truly beautiful with the soft colors, stacked layers, and vintage ephemera. I LOVE how realistic this layout is.
Gift of Love by jbarksdale

Strawberry Picking by amberr

Amber has such a beautiful way of documenting an entire story. Just by looking at the page, I get a whole “feel” of this day. What they did, how the weather was, the strawberries, her sweet darling daughter. Such an inspiring page.
Strawberry Picking by amberr

ocean by gavinsmum
It’s a wonder why the use of great white space can really make you feel something. It can almost make you feel a certain emotion. I love the journaling about seeing the ocean for the first time. Beautiful way to document this.
ocean by gavinsmum

smoochable embrace by Melissa Hill
Oh goodness… can these pictures BE any cuter? I love the crops on the photos and the pops of color to bring the page to life. Great scattered bits on the page to finish it off.
smoochable embrace by Melissa Hill

flourish by ViVre
What a wonderful use of brushes, masks and a monochromatic color palette. My eye is drawn right to the photograph and travels through the page seamlessly. Just beautiful work.
flourish by ViVre

Go Your Own Way by rebecca h
I love the inspirational message here… and how it’s displayed across the page. It visibily makes an impact and drew me straight from the gallery. The worldly feel to the page including the map and layered stack is perfect way to coordinate the message.
Go Your Own Way by rebecca h


Finger Pointing – May 30th

30 May

What, end of the month already? It’s close to June!!!
Argh…This month has flew by!Pippa my girls puppy , joined our family last week, she’s a 50 days old Pomeranian!!
She is happy and healthy and that she brings more joy and love to the world than any puppy I’ve ever met !I’m babysitting 24 hours a day…This will only mean that the month of June will be even busier!

Ready for today’s Gallery Standouts? Without further ado, here are my faves:

London Baby… :) by Damayanti

This is such a cool and fun page!!!  Love her pics and how the sticker format makes them even more fun!
How can you not smile looking at this layout?

What If? by stampin_rachel

I have to admit, I love to see Rachel’s gallery, she always amazes me with every new page!
This page is fantastic, full of emotions!So dreamy and artful design…

You can select one person from history and ask a question by Julie Ann Shahin

Love the mix of elements here , the choice of them is perfect.I especially love the old glasses over the layout.
You can almost reach out and touch it!This page is so dynamic, full of color and  different forms!

Fashionista4 by ArmyGrl

This page immediately caught my eyes. Love the design, very stylish and elegant, looks like this could be a page or magazine cover!

2012May28 Memorial Day by nancyr

What a powerful picture and layout! I simply love everything about this page from the  bugle of her Granddad used in WWI through the dog tags of her son, from the color choice through the dots blended in the background. What a wonderful tribute!

Big Dog by Jana Morton

And finally, here’s one that just made me laugh! Look at the dog’s expression!
This fun page looks like an AD!!!Love the title work and color choices here and the dog’s face blended in the background!



Fingerpointing – May 29th

29 May

Hi Everybody!  Barb here really late on this Tuesday night with today’s great layouts. Sorry to be so late, I’ve been going to a lot of end-of-the-school-year things lately and tonight’s was super emotional.  I’m wiped OUT!  So without any further ado, here are today’s pics….

Amy’s Bucket List by d2vasquez

I love the fun, lively, cheerful and young feel of this layout. Having a teenage girl myself, I love the “I can conquer the world” attitude of the page and the colorful and fun photo. Ah, the joy of youth!

Summer by mum2gnt

I love love love how she used the word written in the sand in her blended photo for her title.  This page jumped off my screen and said PICK ME, so I just had to!  Great job and I am just dying to visit the beach myself soon.

The Month of May by whatannaloves

Maybe it’s the watercolor background and feeling or maybe it’s because I have loved the month of May myself, I’m not sure, but I had to choose it.  I just think it’s creative, very unique, and extra special. The upside down “made of awesome” had me at hello.

Golden Gate 75 by casbury

I love color, isn’t it obvious?  I think so.  Given my love of all things San Francisco, and my love of color, I fell in love with this one from the start.  I especially love the creative brush work and the really cool photo treatment.

All About the Blue Part of Me by Madi

Okay, here we go.  What do I love?  The sassy photo (especially those fun glasses). The sunburst layout. The journaling. The journaling font. The title alpha.  Okay, there is nothing here that I don’t think is ice cream on a hot day covered in awesomesauce.

And with that, I’m hitting the hay.  Love ya, Seacrest out.



Finger Pointing- 28th of May

28 May


Beth here a.k.a. kewl_jive for another round of fabulous gallery standouts. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. It was sunny in my side of the world and was able to spend some quality time with my family. Enjoy the week, I know we are all waiting for summer vacation.

Without further ado, here are my faves.

My first pick is:

Hello Love by crystalbella77
This caught my attention in the gallery. Love the color combinations and composition plus the use of the big ribbon. Her sweet journaling about “Miss Stella” is something that she’ll treasure for the rest of her life. Simply gorgeous!
Hello love

You by limoncello
This is sooo beautiful! Love the simplicity and how she framed the pictures. The little touches of flowers is a perfect addition too.

Sail Away by oldvwblues
This was incredibly done. Love how she played with the stitches. The beautiful photo and the colors are wonderful.
Sail away

Done! by liahra
Amazing use of elements and papers. It has the right balance. I always love using flowers even on a boy themed page. I also adore the black rimmed plastic alpha, her shadowing rocks! The whole page is just fabulously done.

fun by heathergw
Such a great, fun page. Love the vivid colors and the beautiful pics. It screams “Summer”!

Today I Feel by mishou
I love that she was able to put this into writing and scrapped what she felt. Digital Scrapbooking is indeed a lovely form of therapy. Hope it helps her.
Today I feel

Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. It would be wonderful to give them some well deserved love in the galleries.



Finger Pointing – May 27

27 May

Evening everyone, Kate here with my usual Sunday stroll through the galleries! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and that you are now relaxed and recharged ready for a new week! Here are my picks for today, enjoy!

mamabean’s The Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch is making its way around the country here at the moment, in readiness for the start of the games in London later in the summer. I love that mamabean celebrated the passage of the torch through her home town, that she had patriotically decorated cupcakes, that she took such fabulous photos and that she scrapped the whole page superbly! I spent ages such looking at all the little details here – a fabulous page that’s full of character!


wanderlust by gavinsmum

So simple and so striking, this could be a page in a glossy magazine! I love the restrained colour palette and the depth the frame shadow adds.


hsgrad by marnel

Super composition here, the blocks of coloured papers combined with the black and white photos create a really eyecatching page. The block of photos with their areas of black and white also create their own pattern and rhythm that draws the eye and leads it round the page.


Profile of me by mycreativepixels

Super mix of patterns and colours here and I love the eclectic collage feel this layout has!


Enjoying the Ride by tylertooo

There are lots of pages featuring this kit in the galleries today, I had a hard time narrowing it down to one but in the end I just kept coming back to the wide open skies and super colour scheme of this layout! I love the little cluster of elements at the bottom right and the sun flare on the left especially!


send help by NikkiE

This made me laugh out loud! I am sure this is a sentiment many mothers echo every now and then (even if they don’t always want to admit it!) The choice of product here is perfect too, from the crayon rubbed background to the torn notepaper, broken toys and scattered crayons – everything hints of the chaos that can accompany small children!


Finger Pointing – May 26

26 May

Hello, everyone! Katherine here bringing you today’s Standouts over this HOT holiday weekend! And as always there were some really remarkable layouts in the galleries making my job extremely difficult! Nevertheless, I did manage to narrow it down to just six and here they are . . .

First up is you are my sunshine by pokey79.
I really LOVE the simplistic design in this layout! And the minimal use of elements, the subtle color palette, the incredible perspective on the photo and the beautiful journaling, all make this layout so delightfully sweet and worthy of a Standout!

The mischievous grin on the little guy’s face in this next layout is what drew my attention to this Standout, The Long Haul by Kate! Brought a smile to my face imagining what thoughts were behind that devilish little smile. ;D

Really love the feeling of serenity that this next layout, I’m in Heaven by flohbock, evokes. The clustered design and the muted tones are absolute perfection! And I reeaaAallyy love the message . . . “live your imagination.”

Really love the whimsy playfulness that janellemllr achieved in this next layout, Happy Birthday. And with a twenty year old to boot!

Up next is You by bezteri.
Such a stunning layout! Love the design! The black and white color palette. Everything!

And finally, angry eyes by neeceebee.
I have but one word for this next layout . . . BRILLIANT . . . just brilliant! With tons and tons and TONS of giggles to go with it!

That’s it for me! Hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!


Finger Pointing Friday May 25

25 May

Here I am again, Jeanine from a hot, almost tropical Holland! Only last week we had to scratch the ice from our carwindows in the morning and today we were bathing in sunshine and seeking refrehment where we can. I had a long, long day and I’m tired, so my comments will be a little shorter than usual. Hope you will forgive me…;)

Here’s my first pick. Applechick’s Wander
The black and white pictures are gorgeous with the almost colorless background. Great use of brushes, wordart and blending. Love the way Applechick used the frame! It supports the movement of the leg perfect!

And number two is Too tired by Justjen
This is truly adorable! Dad carrying his tired son! Great page of a sunny, warm familyday. The elements are placed perfect and draw my eye to the picture, in fact everything on this page does that, the painsplatters, the wordart…gorgeous!

The third one I picked is Never give up! by Dale
The message ‘never give up’ is so true, how many times do people give up, just in sight of the finish/victory/goal they had….just a few more steps, a few more minutes and they would have achieved their goal instead of having the feeling to have failed…strong message Dale, captured in a strong LO!

My fourth LO is Can’t stop reading by Blanulak
This one is so funny and by seeing this one I remembered my sons reading when they had to spend time on the toilet. Never had this clever ‘table’ though…great idea! lol. There’s not much needed to make a LO look great, just some scratches, splatters, a little touch of color here and there, some wordart and voila, there’s your outstanding layout! Great work!

The fifth one of my choice is Hip by mom2da3ks. The background is busy, but not too busy. The elements are perfectly clustered to draw the focus to the story and picture. Just a haircut and some hightlights and you’re a hip chick again! A woman needs that sometimes! Especially when you have a busy household with children to take care of; a little me time can just be enough to feel hip again ;)

I hope you enjoy my picks and see you next time!