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Finger Pointing June 30st

30 Jun

Hi everyone on this beautiful and warm evening, Jeanine here with the saturday GSO post! I had a busy weekend, the Dutch TT (tourist trophy, a motorracing event) was held this weekend in my city Assen, I had a great time watching and listening to all the bands that played in the city! It was warm and there were so many people down town dancing and having fun together!! So my mood is a happy one and the layouts I have chosen tonight reflect that mood.

Without further ado let’s go!!

Grow by Marnel has a happy feel, this college girl got her diploma!! Yeahhhh!! I love the photo peeking out underneath all the elements in the corner, seems like I was there and celebrate with her! Just gorgeous!!

I love to travel by sawulik makes me want to buy a ticket right away and fly to a nice country for a great vacation! All these pictures taken out of the planewindow, the little details of all the elements and map backgrounds, I love it!!!

Carnaval by Christinas takes me to my youth, when I was frequenting the carnaval whenever it was in town! Look at the happy faces of the children! All the splatters, glows and sprinkles add to the cheerful feel of this page!! Wonderful!!!

Something strange by faby33  well the boy has not a very happy face, but a funny one it is to me!! This very serious look made me laugh out loud! I understand he had a tough choice to make, between a ride on a scooter and a dive in the pool (according to the google translation). I love big picture layouts. The brushes aside the picture add just enough to make the picture shine.

A not kissing heart by ultracoolmama is hilareous, how a small girl is breaking the heart of her ‘boyfriend’, saying she does not want him to kiss her anymore and he should change his heart into a not kissing heart….ohhh, the first broken heart….This page is really funny!! The fonts are very well chosen to fit the world of a little child. The layers, elements and splatters are placed perfect!

Summer in the city by oldvwblues made me gasp!! I’m self declared fan of oldvwblues since I’m a GSO guestblogger, she makes the most wonderful artsy layouts I discovered. Take a look at this one, the heat is almost smashing into my face! And than she used this great technique of making half a picture a drawing and half painting or whatever filter she used…gorgeous…., a standout it is!

I hope you enjoy my choices tonight! I wish you a lovely lazy sunday!



Fingerpointing June 29th

29 Jun

Hello hello! Cynthia here with today’s Standouts! I can’t believe June is practically gone, this year has flown by! Right now we’re in the middle of a heat wave that my neighbors tell me lasts about, um, 3-4 months. *sigh* I’m about to go with my girl to the pool in the hopes she’ll crash into bed immediately cool down so I’ll keep it short tonight. To my friends in Colorado, sending you lots of positive thoughts!

Let Freedom Ring by wendyp

This is just breath-taking! Her use of light and shadows is superb, makes me feel like you’re actually in there with the sparklers. Check out the lighting on the flag and bottle, simply spectacular!

Enduring Love by tanyiadeskins

How gorgeous is this? The clustering is absolutely stunning and I love how she converted her photos to b&w. Flawless composition and heartfelt journaling make this a true standout!

The perfect combination by PaulineM

The blending here is absolute perfection. I always love to see pages like this and wish I could pull it off, as she makes it seem so effortless and clean. Love the subtle use of paint and elements and her title work is amazing!

Busted by liljatr

The look on his face is priceless!!! Totally caught red-handed! Love the way she kept the emphasis on the photo with the tiny elements (aren’t those stars perfect?) and subtle pops of red. The arrow pointing to the journaling keeps everything together very nicely as well.

Amici by Sucali

Loving the clustering here! Her color combo is one of my favorites as well, and I love those daisies and touches of blue. Just beautifully done!

It’s a boy’s life by amandac

Love the look on his face, seems like he’s pure mischief! Fantastic layering and composition, love those paper strips and the pops of orange. Fantastic!

This is it from me today, hope you liked my choices! Have a wonderful weekend and see you sooon!


Fingerpointing – June 27th

27 Jun

I can’t believe it’s the end of June already. Where did the first half of the year go?
I’m  in the middle of a BBQ to watch the final of the Libertadores Soccer Cup, so I’ll keep it short tonight ( Here in Brazil we LOVE soccer!).
Hope you enjoy my choices as much as I did!

Determined Success by maggiebean

I just love all Maggie’s pages!Since I saw her PeepShow page I totally snoop through her gallery every week to see all her amazing and inspiring work!
This one is no exception, the design is coll as usual,with these wonderful borders and bits of words.I can’t stop looking at it…sussing out all the details.

Patriotic by CFALBRO

I really like the patriotic feel and colours here, this could be a poster or magazine cover!!!

One-Love-web by court8133

Another photoless layout that really seized my attention.The mix of words and the flow of the text add great visual impact as well. I don’t miss a photo at all!

Enjoy! by RucolaDesigns

My talented friend Ildi  is up next with this  pin-up girls page.While most women may have hung posters of boy bands on their walls, most men had posters of famous pin-up girls!
I can see this hanging in the mechanics’ garage, I love the retro feel and element mix here!Make this page a  perfectly vintage piece.

strike a pose by misslovescraps

WOW! This totally caught my eye !This is such  a fun layout!!!Looks like they are having a great time!I LOVE the series of vintage-style photographs here, this is such a great way to use a lot of photos in a page!

FunFair by LovelyMissKait

Love all clustering of photos here!This and the perfect elements choices make this one a winner for me!



Fingerpointing – June 26th

26 Jun

Hi Friends!  Barb here taking a break from the difficult task of tanning myself on a beautiful beach next to the ocean to bring you today’s Gallery Standouts! Don’t feel bad for me – I’ve got a tasty beverage in my hand!

Share by JustJen

I love this layout for the sweet photos, the great color and how she meshed the title work with the photo. There are a lot of little special details here, and they’re all wonderful!

The Dance by Jopke

I love this song from Garth Brooks, and I love the elegant simplicity of this layout. I always admire those who can master layouts with lots of white space and make it look so effortless.  Lovely!

My Hero by kewl_jive

I love the movement and fun in this layout, and especially how the photo shows her dad in a superhero costume from when he was a toddler – brilliant!  The heartfelt journling pulls it all together.

Power to the She by blanulak

Wowza, how cool is this? How often do you see a woman riding a bull?  Uh, not often.  Super cool photo and the empowering words are just so inspiring.  Great layout!

Soul Searching by donnagoar

Finally, I had to add a beachy layout that matches up with my lifestyle this week, and this layout by Donna does just that! I love all the subtle details and the great mesh of colors.  Now if I only looked that good in my own bathing suit…….

That’s it for me today, now it’s back to the beach I go!  Have a great week!


Finger Pointing- 25th of June

25 Jun


Why is Monday so far from Friday but Friday so close to Monday? It’s Monday evening in my side of the world. This is Beth aka kewl_jive bringing you today’s gallery standout. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, ours was great! This is the last Monday for June. Yipee!
The gallery is full of amazing creations, I wish I could put everything here. Please sit back and grab a coffee.

Beth’s Top 6

When all is said and done… by Digikiwichick
Gorgeous! Love the softness of the page and all the little details she put on it, not to mention her amazing clustering. I absolutely love how she used the elements here.
when all said and done

Sugar sugar by Sucali
Fabulous! Love the sweet photo and how she tucked the circle cut out with goodies. The stamps are perfect additions to the page.
sugar sugar

All smiles by Liahra
One of the best layouts I’ve seen with this collab, I love her composition and the cute photo. Everything flows beautifully including her shadows.
all smiles

If nothing everchanged by katherine B
The quote stuck with me! So beautiful. I could print this and hang it on my wall.
if nothing ever changed

Dancing with the wave by Yelina
Such a fun great page! Fantastic extraction and composition. I like her choices of elements here.
dancing wave

This land is your land by Ms.bailey
Love the vintage feel of the page. Perfect for the upcoming fourth of July celebration. I also love what she wrote here.
this land

Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. It would be wonderful to give them some well deserved love in the galleries. Have a great week!



Finger Pointing June 23rd

23 Jun

Hi al, Jeanine aka nachtmol here. I had a tough day, we burried the husband of my babysitter today, so now I’m tired and I’ll keep it short and to the point, want to hop into my bed early…

Donkey ride by georgeinci caught my eye right away…especially that crumbled piece of background paper drew me in and I can totally relate to the fun the girl must have, this is something we used to do always when we were younger…I love the little details like the bucket and the sparkles, love the layering and the wordart is just placed perfectly!

No regrets by Imgdonahue has a short and strong message to all of us. I love taking closer look at artjournal or ATC pages! This one sparkles and shines!!

Sara, smile by BHo made me laugh immediately, this page is so funny!!! And so vibrant and colorful, I love it!!

Dragonfly by pepeetje2104 is a great C&S page, look at the layering and blending and at all the little details, the screwheads, the frames, the flower, the stitches and staples. Just perfect!!

Mama’s gonna snap! by Heather Prins…I love it, the journaling is hard to read, but in my head I finished the sentence with: HIDE!!!! Mama’s gonna snap!!!! That’s what my children are doing when they see me coming with my camera. Great page!!

That was it for tonight, I hope you enjoyed my choices. Have a great weekend! I’m almost off to bed now!


Fingerpointing – June 22

22 Jun

Woohooo it’s Friday! And it’s Mirjam here for another round of fabulous gallery standouts before we start the weekend. I hope you like my picks!

feel pretty by laura
Awesome combination of fonts, fantastic crops, great journaling and dito page design! What’s not to love about this page!

Delivered From Heaven by Alegna
What a beautiful, delicate and precious page! I love that cloud paper and cute stork. The red elements and brushes are just the perfect little accents that give the page a great flow and lead the eye straight to that sweet photo.

This Is Love by Lizzy257
This page screams happiness and not having a thing to worry about, to me. It’s also so playful with those perfectly placed elements and angled paper scraps and too cute black & white photo that looks amazing against the summary colours of the kit. Beautiful!

Me Time by Kelleanne
Look at all those rounded squares! I just love how the colours and patterns of the papers emphasize the retro feel of them! Also love the crop of hat photo!

project – top five by lingovise
I always love layouts with lists of favorite things because it gives you a great sneak peek into someone elses mind. And it’s so much fun te be able to look back at what your favorites were at a certain point in your life. I think it’s just fantastic how lingovise made her top 5 of favorite albums an AMAZING work of art! Fabulous layering and awesome how the album covers are stacked in the pile!

Summertime by AJM
Such a crisp and fresh page! Love the cluster and title work and that pepita pattern in combination with the kraft paper in the background. Great use of elements and brushes too. Awesome page!

That’s it for today! Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. Please give them some well deserved love in the galleries. Have a great weekend and until we meet again!