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Fingerpointing – July 31st

31 Jul

Good evening everybody! Barb here with your Tuesday night pics. I hope you like them!

Very Important Things by aurian

I love, love, love this layout!  Why do I love it so?  Oh, probably because of all the fantastic font work on the left hand side of the page. Beautiful.  The soft b&w photos is really sweet too, and her layering is done really, really well.

Clouds by janet1949

I really love the soft colors, and how the airplane wings just blend so perfectly into the design of the layout.  It’s just so pretty and serene-looking to me.

Just the Four of Us by snowdropz

I love how each person is tucked into their own pocket that reflects their personality  – that’s super clever!  I also love the subtle touches of color, the cool title work, and the great quote in the upper left. Well done!

Silly, Sweet Moments by Vany Qualtieri

I am a real sucker for pages with fun doodles, and this page certainly delivers! I love the great color, the fun doodly paper, and the excellent shadowing on the flowers. The added touches of patterned paper and multiple alphas in the title are an extra bonus.  Very nice page with lots going on, but also very well balanced and composed.

And finally….

The Instagator by sorashell

I love how much artsy fun is going on in this layout. The sketched out and blended photos are just so good. The background looks like it was watercolored and then hand sketched, as do the alphas and the sketchy elements. It’s just so free-form and fun! I love everything about this. It’s a happy happy layout.

That’s it for me tonight, I hope you like my choices!  I’ll be back with you next month…oh yeah, that’s tomorrow!  Actually I’ll be back in a week with more colorful and whimsical fun to tease your senses. Have a great day!



Finger Pointing – July 30

30 Jul

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this last super HOT Monday in July! cRazY how HOT this month has been and cRazY-ier how fast it has flown by! cRaZy also was all the talent that was in the galleries today! I must have had a couple dozen layouts chosen and narrowing them down to the required six was no easy task! Nevertheless, I did narrow it down and I really hope that my choices will inspire you like they inspired me!

First up is Inspiration (LOVE the title!) by d2vasquez. Really love the linear blocked design (makes me think of long ago when I was a traditional paper scrapbooker!) with the slightly offset photo at the bottom! Really adds interest to the composition!  Not to mention the beauty behind the message . . . “words to live by when things seem unclear” . . . take time to smell the flowers, dream big, today is a new day – it is yours to fill, etc. etc. Thank you for the reminder d2vasquez!

Next up is this adorable layout, You – Everyday by sucali. I am so in love with the design here! The black and white photos against the muted color palette with the pops of yellow works so well! Her placement of elements and brushwork is absolutely REMARKABLE! Thinking I just might have to lift this one. ;D

Sippin H2O by Kim R just about knocked my socks off! Such a gorgeous layout! The straight-line design and all the white space works really well here! And I LOVE the delicate vintage-y feel to it! Not to mention the color palette with the browns and the greens is STUNNING! Just stunning!

Next I have this beauty . . . Face a la mer (which in French means “facing the sea”) by Nath. LOVE the photo! Such a beautiful capture! Not to mention the design! So unique! And I LOVE how everything works so well on the print background! Such a beautiful layout!

This next layout, Handle with Care by sbpoet is truly one of the most remarkable Art Journaling pages that I have seen in a while! Really love the message that is conveyed! That coupled with the tonal palette and the artsy feel really makes this piece of art a Standout!

And last, but most certainly not least, is this MASTERPIECE by whatnext, AnnaLift 7.27.2012. Such a brilliant, creative piece of ART! Everything here just . . . works! From the gorgeous photo of the most beautiful door I have ever seen to the color palette and the blended papers. To the brushes and word art. GooOoor! JUSS! Just . plain . gooOoor! JUSS!

Well, friends. That’s it for me. I hope you’ve been inspired my be choices. I’m off to do some scrapbooking! Stay cool! =]


Finger Pointing July 28

28 Jul

Hi everyone! Jeanine here wih an early post, tomorrow my youngest son and I will go on a trip to France, so I have to go to bed early tonight! I’ll keep my stories short, cause I have to pack after posting this episode of the GSO blog ;)

Grab your camera by Donna Goar Donna wrote she was losing her direction with this one…well you can lose your direction more often as far as I’m concerned, I love this page! It’s wild and there’s so much to see! Love the little colorelements here and there, the brushwork and the old paper and tape elements. Gorgeous!

Boots by nockosh a page of a total other dimension, almost C&S style like. Love all the paperelements behind the pictures, the stitch, the titelalpha, very girly, lovely!

My old self by ovaltine here I like the strong and bold background combined with the B&W (some doodled) elements and the colorful touches here and there. Great page!

Today by zovota  ohhh, love the old feel the page gives me. Like I’m in a Swiss farmhouse. Love the brushes all around the border and the font matches perfect to the feel of long bygone times!

On-off by aballen  a photoless page but there’s enough to see! And the story made me smile, having a light on when a newborn is in the house is something most mothers can relate to I think…love all the ‘nighty’elements and splatters on the left side!

Observer by Meibritt  what a sweet page! The layering of paperpieces and strips is gorgeous and girly. No wonder the girl does not want to play with the ‘rough’ boys and prefers to watch them play their rough games! She’s too sweet!

I hope you enjoyed my choices this week! I’m off packing now, see you next time!



Finger Pointing-July 26

26 Jul

Hi everyone!

Beth here, aka kewl_jive, bringing you some awesome gallery standouts for today. I know we are all busy this summer so I won’t talk too much. lol. Grab your favorite drinks and join me.

Beth’s faveeees!!!

Little things’by Donna goar

WOW! Such a great quote and composition. I adore everything here and how she mixed everything to make this a perfect page.
little things

4ever more by LauraLiz

Great job on her journey to a healthy body. I love the template she used to showcase her pictures, awesome use of splats and flowers. Share your secrets with us please.

Me Right Now by cinna

She looks so fabulous! Love how she did her AAM. The background paper is to die for and love how she balances the whole page.
me right now

Memorable Ibiza (left) by Monsu

Simply beautiful! The gray background paper makes the papers and pictures stand out. Love the stitches and little details she put on it.
memorbale ibiza

The neil by scarletsierra

Love the grungy feel of the page and her heartfelt journaling. I can relate with her. When my dad was still alive, we both enjoyed listening to ABBA. Every time I hear a song from ABBA, I am reminded of him. Great work Sara!
the neil

Just Saying Thanks Card {hybrid} by tettletop20

Such a beautiful card!
the neil

As always, thank you for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. It would be awesome to give them some well deserved love in the galleries. Have a nice day/night!


Beth  ^_^



Finger Pointing – July 25th

25 Jul

Hi everyone, welcome to another Wednesday night Gallery Standouts post!
Here are my picks from the galleries today.I hope you enjoy them!

morrison by Adryane

This page could be a “The Door’s” old LP Cover!!!!Very cool use of the technique and love the addition of music notes!The brushwork and choice of colors are fantastic!

Summer Fun List by christineirion

This super fun and colorful page jumped right out of the gallery!!!!How many details here!Great combination of patterned papers and use of elements! She rock with all these repeated circles and goodies!

Dream Landscape by Dady

Gorgeous use of the template!Take a look at the treatment of the picture!LOVE the colors (Green&Yelow are the Brazilian Flag colors!) and texture!

happy by amandaresende

Awesome use of the chalk art! It seems that I’m looking for real draw on my driveway! Very creative as always!Love the houndstooth paper strips at the top and bottom.Very cleverly done!

Picnic by Ren

This is a piece of art!!!Could be a Dali’s !!!Love the way she did the water with the elements partly submerged!!!You can see them through the water…Amazing!

Smash Hit : Guitar Man by DALE

Dale is always so creative!!!I love everything about this layout!From the negative frame through the super cool guitar body!


Finger Pointing – July 24

24 Jul

Hi Friends! It’s Tuesday, so that means that your pal Barb is back with my delicious Tuesday night pics. Tonight will not disappoint! I have some real eye candy for you this evening, so let’s get started!

Call Me Mahem by joannknnrd

I love Joann’s layouts – they have such rich color and kind of bridge the gap between fantasy and real photography to me. I love this particular one, because the colors are so intense, it’s almost like it’s been lit with blue light. The light is just amazing. I love her work.

Float the Day Away by hondachicc

Do you see the eyelashes on this girl?  I just love the bold, bright photo, the fun title work, and the summery colors. And do you see the eyelashes on this girl?

Before Midnight by beaute

I love this layout because the girl looks like she’s floating, and the blending in the background is so well done. The shadowing on the elements is really, really great.  And what can I say, I’m a huge fan of pink!

Colorful You by salink

I love all of Krista’s layouts, but this was is especially fun! I love how she layered the butterfly motif, and put her journaling inside one of the butterflies. The colors and the paint splats are just the right amount of perfection.

And last but certainly never least is A Little Bit of Paradise by OldvwBlues

Oh, I love this layout. There is just so much to see. I love all the different fonts, the different sections, the different chunks of journaling, and the cool and creative blending. Outstanding!

That’s it for me tonight, I hope you have a great evening.  See you next Tuesday!



Finger Pointing – July 23

23 Jul

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with this evening’s Standouts! Had a LOT of fun browsing the galleries this evening! I hope you enjoy my choices!

for Ann and Irene by Adryane

I have but one word for this first Standout . . . UHh . may . ZEeeNG!! Just stinking UHhmayZEeeNG!

Disneyland Memories
by Jennifer*Valencia

Such an adorable layout! Really love the composition and the not so Disney color palette! So so cute!

My Sister by beszteri

Such a gorgeous layout! The processing on the photo is absolutely remarkable! The subtle blending lends to the beauty of this piece of art as does the placement of the elements. Really LOVE this!

2012Jun28 Amanda by nancyr

Such a STUNNING layout! Really love the design, the color palette, the minimal use of embellishments. Everything! Not to mention the photo! So captivating!

I made this! by JanettD.

Really love the composition in this next layout also. All the white space. The tonal palette works really well here. And the chevrons . . . love the chevrons (a first for me as I’ve never really been a chevron fan ;D).

Chasing Shadows by Justagirl

Rounding out my choices this evening is this beauty! Really LOVE the green and the yellow! In fact, I really LOVE everything about this, the design, all the layering, the placement of all the embellishments, EVERYTHING!

Well, that’s it for me tonight! I hope that my choices have inspired you! See you all next week!