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Finger Pointing – August 31

31 Aug

Hello, everyone! Katherine here bringing you today’s Standouts! There were so many gorgeous layouts in the gallery today! Really made it difficult to narrow it down to the required six! Nevertheless, I did manage to do just that. I hope you enjoy my choices!

First up is this magical beauty, Will always love you by Guinevere. Such a stunning layout! Really LOVE the warm feel to it! The photo treatment and lighting is absolutely superb!

Up next is this work of art, Note to Self by karla-dudley. Really REALLY LOVE the FABULOUS design! The monotone feel with just the slightest bit of color is brilliantly effective here. A true STANDOUT!

Real Life by MaggieMae has such a soft delicate feel to it! Really love the color palette and how she was able to strike just the right balance between artsy and traditional with this! Such a beauty!

I really love the grunge-y feel in Here I am! by jeryn-carlisi! The design is absolutely fabulous! Really love the subtle palette and the  layering and placement of elements is just perfect!

Next up is this adorable layout, life is sweeter by Melissa Hill. The centrally clustered design and all the layering is so gorgeous! LOVE the photos! Especially the one in the lower right hand corner! Priceless!

And finally I have Archeologist by paula kesselring! I so LOVE the fun in this one! The color palette and all the elements that she used is just perfect for this! Truly a remarkable layout!

Well, that’s it for me! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend (for those of you in the United States) and I’ll see you all in the galleries next week!


Finger Pointing – August 29th

29 Aug

Hello Everyone!Can you believe that September is just around the corner?  I know I can’t.
I hope you are enjoying your week!
I had such a HARD time picking today!I hope you enjoy my picks!

almost by Adryane

My first pic for today is this bright and amazing page! This one really jumped out of the gallery!!! I absolutely LOVE and admire Adryane’s work!The colors, design, brushes and pic itself, masterful! A piece of art!

cure by estir_bune

This page took me right back to the 80’s! I can relate with her. I loved the cure! My favorite song was Boys Don’t Cry! This page really captures the spirit of the band!Love the grey background, the pops of yellow and red and the yellow cassette stucked at the top corner and this old poster is awesome!I think they really love art because all their posters and album covers are masterpieces!

Banner Days by sbpoet

I am so drawn to art journal style pages,there is just so much to see.Here is another layout that is just full of color and life. I love the color palette (the colors just leaped out at me), the halftone dots and all the different textures here. Great page!

Pluto by Dumpty

I love everything here!The extraction, the dinosaur’s head crossing the frame,that quote…When I look this dinosaur I identify myself with the feeling that we were young a long, long time ago…The message is so simple yet so profound…

Messy play by skyezak

That photo treatment here is awesome! Love the grungy/messy feel of the page. I know that the innocent-looking ones are always the naughtiest! I have a “destroyer” here too!
BTW: Her dog is adorable!

Everybody loves the beach by Margje

This page just drew me in!How beautiful and dreamy. Take a look at this photo, it is gorgeous! It needs no more than some wordart to be outstanding!



Finger Pointing – August 28th

28 Aug

Hi Friends!  Barb here coming to you earlier than my normal Tuesday night because my fantasy football league draft starts in an hour.  Yes, I’m one of those girls who teaches the boys the rules.  So here we go!

Your Life by emst

I can’t help myself, I love the color, the quote, and the fun and funky faces playing peek-a-boo around the layout.  Really cool art journal style layout.

Guilty by whatannaloves

I can’t help myself, I’m always drawn to layouts that are doodly, a bit random in nature, and have a healthy dose of black and white. This layout delivers on all levels for me! I also love it that her guilty pleasure is taking random photos of just about anything. I can SO relate to that.

Anna Lift (it begins) by Tanderson

I love how she’s documented the beginning of her child’s journey through school. The big numerals at the bottom caught my eye, but everything else held my attention. As a lover of school supplies, of course I loved the photograph.

My Favorite Kind of Day by penkitten

I love everything about this layout – the photo background, the text in the center of the layout, the cool title work, and how the brushwork is so colorful and fun. The cute little crab in the corner is an extra fun bonus!

1st Day by geniaBenea

Color – pow! Layering – shazam! Two kids who are prepped and ready for school – Awesome!  This layout was literally standing out to me. Rock that first day, kids! (did you see the cute stitching…..bam!)

Last but not least tonight is Surfing by madigirl

I love the blocking, the great layering, the color palette, and how she added the journaling. I like how the surfers are all practicing on the sand.  I can’t explain why this one really stood out to me, other than the fact that I just love it!

That’s it for me tonight – I’m outta here. I have some running backs to draft!

For all of you in the path of Isaac, be safe!




Finger Pointing-27th of August

27 Aug

Hi everyone!

This is Beth bringing you another beautiful gallery of standouts today. This is the last week of August, which means the BER months are coming, yay! School is back, so is my work. I bet you’ll have some extra time to scrap your summer memories. Should you need inspiration, check out the blog in case you lost your mojo.

Here are my top SIX!

Colosseum by AmberR
This is perfection! The blending is gorgeous. Love the use of different photo treatments, brush works and how she put the frame off the centered photo. This is one of the places that I would love to visit and scrap with. Amazing work!

Pieces of me by zitz
Simply gorgeous! Love the beautiful pics, the B&W photos with chocolate tone is awesome and how it blends well with the background paper. The little elements she made look so elegant and I love how she labeled each picture.

PhotoSwap Goes SSL by dfwest
This is delicately done, her attention to details is wonderful! So many to look at on this page, the decorative edges, stitches, the vintage feel. The blending, brush works and photo frames are awesome too.

Sibling fun by ChantalK
I’m always a big fan of her pages. Fabulous photo-less layout. I have some love and hate relationship but fun memories with Super Mario too. Love her choices of elements and how she designed it.

One year by Pagefrocks
Aren’t the photos adorable? I love all the pics. Great use of patterned papers and stitches. Love the big photo and the strips of papers on the upper left and right side of the page. Which photo do you like the most? This is Awesome!

My dreams by mother Bear
Such a funtabulous page! Love the pic, the ellies esp the doilies and laces. The way she spread everything here makes the whole thing look uncluttered. Love the messy page border and the patterned paper that she used. Beautiful!

As always, thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve chosen for today. If you have a minute, it would be wonderful to give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!

Cheers ^-^


Finger Pointing August 25

25 Aug

Hello everyone! Jeanine here with the Saturday GSO post. After a wet, wet day with some heavy rains coming down it was nice to stroll through the galleries tonight. Can you believe August is almost at its end and September is knocking on our doors? Feels like Christmas is not far away….lol. With dry contactlenses (it’s late over here and I wore them too long…heheheh) I still managed to find some eyecandy for you! Let’s see!

Just an ordinary by Adryane is (again) a true peace of art! Adryane makes the most stunning pages and I believe I have become a fan. Would love to hang this peace on my wall! I love the artsy feel, the blending of all the pieces, the scribbled lines, WOW, I could stare hours at this page, it’s just  wonderful!!

Emery by cindaA is a beautiful boy-ish page. I love the industrial feel of this page, the strong colors and the little piece of journaling explaning Emery’s name. Great blendwork also!

Happy with my life by kim21673 is a great familyportret. I love the scribbles around the picture, the lined backgroundpaper and the colorful elements! The splatters and stamps add an interesting touch to the page. Gorgeous!

Shoppingens Mekka by zwyck is stunning, because zwyck only used some brushe, a picture and look how it turned out! Amazing page!! Would make me hop on a plane to London right away! One of my favorites for sure!!

Places with dad by grandy924 is a great example of the tutorials that are practiced in digiland lately; to turn a picture into a drawing or a painting. I love the way grandy used almost the whole page and I also love the picture very much, the city background with the nature in front is a very strong image! The bold title is perfect for such a beautiful ‘male’ page!

It ain’t candy!! by justjen made me smile from ear to ear! The picture is worth a million dollars!! All this dirt and the boys covered in it and they seem to have so much fun together! I love all the little – like they were splattered – elements and scribbles around the page. The alpha complements the playful feel. Gorgeous!

These are my six choices for this day ladies (and a gentleman here and there I suppose ;)). I hope you like them and please give the owners of these beauties some love if you pass by their galleries. Untill the next time!


Finger Pointing – August 24

24 Aug

Hello, everyone! Katherine here! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous week. I had a wonderful time making my way through the galleries this afternoon. It was a very welcome distraction from my cRaZy life these last few days. I hope that you enjoy and are inspired by my choices!

First up is this completely ADORABLE layout by georgeinci, This boy’s adventure . . . ! Really LOVE the worn, shabby feel to this.  The color palette and all the little details are absolutely PERFECT! And that feet shot . . . FABULOUS! Really a remarkable standout!

Next I have this super cute photoless layout, Happily Ever After by talktoheather! Such a unique way to document her once upon a time! Love the clustered composition and the elements that she used. Especially the knight’s head. So cute!

Stories by dana is another super cute photoless layout! Really love the layering here and the BIG title! And more than that, I love that she has captured one of her family’s everyday routines. Sometimes those make for the best layouts.

Next I have this GORGEOUS piece of art, one bloom by Jopke. The simplistic design is really effective here. And the photo really makes for a STUNNING layout! REALLY stunning!

Up next is Pizza party by mrivas2181. Such a fabulous composition here! Love how everything is located on the left of the layout. Adds a lot of interest. And the tilted photos on the index cards gives the layout a really fun feel. Also LOVE the neutral color palette!

And finally I have Obsession by fruitysuet. Such a remarkable masculine layout! Really LOVE everything about this! The composition, the color palette, all the elements placed in just the right place, and the photo . . . LOVE the perspective! AND the processing! Remarkable! Just remarkable!

Well, beautiful friends! That’s it for me. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! I’ll see you all in the galleries next Friday!


Finger Pointing – August 23rd

23 Aug

Hello all, Krista here.  You are going to love all of the gorgeous beauties I found today… I’ll get right to it!

I love this sweet page so much!  I love all of the texture on the page… from the canvas paper, to the vintage ephemera, to the stitching and string… it has so many delicate details.

Frozen in Time by Kim_R

Frozen in Time by Kim_R


This page capture pure childlike joy!  I LOVE that you used a black and white photo treatment for the photos on the side.  It draws your eye straight there… and right to her sweet face.  That blended photo is incredible too.

Evie gifts... by georgeinci

Evie gifts… by georgeinci


don’t disturb… this graphic feel of a layout drew me straight in from the gallery view.  I had to check out more of the details, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Brainstorm in session by morganak

Brainstorm in session by morganak


oh my goodness.  The layers and bits, and stamps, grunge and paint…. they all give a feel of AWESOME-ness!!  Totally love everything about this.  I need to try create a page like this.  LOVE in every way.

beautiful by jennbarrette

beautiful by jennbarrette


I’m so glad you shared this layout, because this ‘drawing’ photo is incredible.  You must tell us your techniques on how you achieved this look.  SO beautiful.

Just playing by ang

Just playing by ang


What a perfect use of fontography on the page… from the title work, to the mixed color date, this  page is a stand out!!  LOVE that you’ve captured so many photos in one page.  Sometimes you just have too many you HAVE to fit in.  :)

Project Life | Week 32 by kaylaaimee

Project Life | Week 32 by kaylaaimee