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Finger Pointing – September 30th

30 Sep

Whew what a busy day it has been. No rest for the weary at this house this Sunday. No lazy Sunday day, lol. Oh well. I’m still looking forward to sharing some of my favorite gallery finds this day!

Minus 10 by swastinadia

Awwwe!! Good for her!! And good for her for documenting her achievement!!  I love the then and now pictures and she will love having such an inspiring story around for herself or her children to enjoy.

Summer Has Gone by Karen Perry

Karen has always stunned me with her elegant and yet perfectly simple designs and this beauty is certainly a stellar example of her incredible talent!! Love the bursts of fall color and the beautiful black and white photo against the brown.  Gorgeous!

Worst Call Ever by MamaBee

I almost never watch football but even I heard about this!! What a fun thing to document and such a moment in history.  Won’t it be perfect when everyone is sitting around going “remember when” and she can just whip this out!  Or when her children go through the scrapbook, they will go “oh yeah!! Remember that.  That was crazy.”  And this design seriously was so perfect for the theme!

My Beautiful Mother by Tracymhunt

Whooo isn’t this just so rich and elegant!  Such fabulous details for a heritage layout.  And oh how I love a good old timey picture! And the touch of reds are not only perfect with the color scheme but they also draw the eye across the page.  Le sigh!

Autumn Snapshot by rln69

I think if she added anything more to this layout, it would totally ruin the effect!! This is the kind of piece you should just blow up and put on your wall.  A perfect work of art!  (hmmmm…I think I need it as my screensaver, lol)

Pals by skyezak

Oh did I shock you?  Going from two very lovely but muted color layout to this bright colorful and yes super fun layout!! Don’t we all need some extra color in our life!  And the extra contrast she put on the  pictures are extra perfect for this bright layout.  Fantastic!

Okay you all.  I will apologize ahead of time if there are typos or spastic typing cause I don’t have time to proof this.  I’m off in a cloud of dust.  Hope you all enjoyed!!



Finger Pointing-29th of September

29 Sep

Hi everyone!

Happy Saturday! Happy indeed, I had a wonderful time today with my friends. I just love them! October is coming real fast and fall is starting to show off its colors. My kids already put the Halloween decors and are now thinking of their Halloween costumes for this year. Hope you guys are having a nice weekend and were able to scrap.

Without further ado, here are my choices for today’s totally fabulous gallery standouts.

Why I love fall by Kelleanne
I just love the kit she used and how she made the page. This is just gorgeous! I just love fall too for so many reasons. One of those are the TV series from the States that usually come back during the fall season. Also, that exciting feeling that Christmas is around the corner.

Dream A Little Dream by oldvwblues
What a perfectly crafted page! Totally love her composition and the photo she used. The poem is beautiful, so is the blending.

Being 7 by mum2gnt
I love the clean design with multiple photos to show off each month and the journaling to tell the story. Love the blending and extraction too.

Living life today by sandersmr
This is beautiful and even more beautiful as it celebrates life. I love pages of love, faith and courage. Kudos!

A Little Bird by EllenT
Fantastic use of template. What a beautiful photo, love the stacks of papers and it doesn’t look cluttered.

Dancer & Tomboy by HanaZana
Another amazing work! I just love her pages, each one is unique and creative. Love her placement of elements and papers.

Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen today. If you have a minute, It would be wonderful to give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


Finger Pointing – September 28

28 Sep

Hello, friends! Katherine here bringing you today’s Standouts! Sorry it’s so late but I had a tremendously cRazY busy day! And because it’s so late I’m going to get right to my choices. I hope you like them!

My first choice for tonight is this beauty by EHStudios, Feed With Play. Really love all the white space. The blending in the background is absolutely phenomenal! And the cluster of elements with the focal photo in the lower left corner is amazing! Such a gorgeous layout!

My next choice, My heart is full by y_baros all but jumped off my screen right into my lap! I so love the collage-y feel and the mix of patterns and textures here! The colors are absolutely GORGEOUS! Not to mention the message . . . “In a full HEART there is room for everything, and in an empty heart, there is room for nothing.” Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Up next I have this beauty, September by Guinevere. Such a striking layout! Really love the colors here! If it was mine I’d probably frame it!

Really love the vintage-y feel combined with the perfect amount of artsy in this next one by whatnext, boleslaw and helena. The sepia tones are an absolutely perfect fit for this!

Next I have The little things by juhh. I am so in LOVE with this layout! Everything here just . . . works! The muted tones, the mapped background, each element placed in just the right spot, and the photos . . . love, Love, LOVE the photos! Amazing layout!

And finally I have this ADORABLE layout, bootiful by Mother Bear. Really love the mix of patterned papers that she used here! And the central cluster of elements with the focal photos is absolutely perfect! Big fat HUGE love this!

Well, that’s it for me! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I’ll see you all next week!


Finger Pointing – September 27th

27 Sep

Soooo, are you ready for the Halloween??? Wish we have Halloween here!! Everything seems to be so much fun! :) Can’t wait to see next week the galleries full of Halloween pages! :)

But now,  let me show you some gorgeous pages! Go and search pages, looking new kits, new products… all this makes me wanna scrap!!! LOL And I hope you feel the same! :)


On the road again by Lili – ok, wood + funky border + title work + that CUTE helm (and I hope that’s the right name haha) makes me choose that page! And those butterflies… <3


oh, happy day! by doti40 – this is perfect!!! Every time I tried to do pages clean like THAT, I have failed! LOL So, I admire who does! And the owls… could be more adorable? :)


10 Randoms by JustJessa – LOVE how she worked with all composition in the top and bottom of the page with all center just for title and journaling! This is gorgeous!!


Say Cheese by dianeskie – ok! look to that page! All the bright colors with that gorgeous background and photo treatment… if I had 2 more hours today, I’d open my PS and lift her RIGHT NOW! This is amazing!!!


Remember This: 1 month by dotcomkari – what a super cute butterfly! In the photos!!! :) Love how she used so many details. Makes me wanna have a baby to document her little and precious life as looks like she’s doing. This just makes me smile. :)


San Antonio to Chicago by editorialdragon – LOVE the centered composition with that AMAZING background and all journaling work! This is an awesome work!


Well, girls, I hope you have been inspired with all these pages! I know that tomorrow I’ll try to do a page, FOR SURE! lol

See you!!


Finger Pointing – September 26th

26 Sep

Good evening, How is your weekend going?
I am so busy, time is going so fast, I can not believe its almost october… the year is gone over, and just seems to be picking ‘up speed!I hope you enjoy these layouts and the rest of your weekend!

(boo!) by Adryane

Such a brilliant, creative non traditional Halloween page!!!!Halloween is my favorite holiday to scrapbook.I love to watch people’s creativity and expression of their inner selves with costumes.Love the black,white and yellow colors here.Love those fab eyes behind the scary skull.The blending and brush work here are absolute perfection!Spooktacular!

Who is there? by martavaneck

This one caught my eyes in the gallery.This is pure suspense.It looks like a horror movie poster.Love it!Love the effect that she she applied on the page.

What could be by Jacqueline

OMG!Look at the all the colours, the scribbles, doodles, elements, the paper pieces and the fun photo!So many things to look at!This page makes me happy.It really popped out of the gallery,this just screams creative!

Hello Me by Gloria

Here’s another eye catching page!Love everything about this page. From the colors, all the brushes and little details used here through the messy art journally look!Well done!

Deal Gently by Cynthia

OMG! how beautiful and amazing is that? The creative, colorful, the pop of the butterfly and the way that she has combined all the different elements really makes this a Standout!

The Bird Box by AmyK

Really LOVED the happy tones and elements in this layout.Love the papers and chicken coop wire adding depth to the box.I don’t know why but I love pages with colorful birds!!!Maybe becuase I’m Brazilian…Hahaha


Fingerpointing – September 25th

25 Sep

Hi Friends!  It’s Barb back atcha with some more extraordinary pics of the day. Man, you are all so darned creative and talented!

Pois by Tinklbell

I can’t help staring at this layout.  The graphic feel, the rich colors, the amazing design and detail. It’s truly one of a kind!

Feeling Appreciated by NikkiE

I bet there isn’t a woman alive who can’t relate to this layout. We all have our days of feeling unappreciated and as if we’re somebody else’s servant.  But on top of the super-relatable, I just love the great colors, the excellent layering, and the different areas that just seem to come together so very well.

Magic Tree by whatannaloves

I had originally picked out another layout by whatannaloves, and then I saw this one. There is something about it that just really makes me smile, especially the sparkly flowers on the tree, the bright and cheery colors, and the painted background.

 On This Day by Donna Goar

Weddings are all about love, and I love this layout. I love everything about it…..the muted colors, the soft paint, the very subtle brushwork, and the beautiful photo. It’s perfection!

and finally…

Chat by Ana.Paula

This layout is so much fun. I really like the “sciencey” feel to it, with the attached hexagons and the scientific type ledger paper. I also like how Ana Paula mixes up the grungy grays with the pop of brightly colored patterned paper. Fun stuff!

That’s it for me tonight, I hope you like my choice!




Finger Pointing – September 24th

24 Sep

It’s been a long while since I’ve had the opportunity to finger point, so I am quite excited to share my picks with you tonight! Let’s get to it…

wander by Jopke
The texture and blending on this page is absolutely phenomenal! The diminutive title work and single, perfectly shadowed petal accents the photo perfectly. This layout has a wonderful sense of drama coupled with great artistic restraint – a beautiful combination that made for a truly stunning page.


Little Pig Snort by gracielou
From the penciled title work to the fun use of patterned paper, this layout embraces the eclectic. I love the unexpected blue paint as the matting and the punch of black and white for the photo corner. Those elements really add to the funky, artsy look of this adorable page. Well done!

Carnaval by Ferdy
This layout is a riot of color and boldness, just as a Carnaval layout should be. I love all of the detailed elements, especially how the musical notes pull the eye around the composition.  This layout is playful and packed, but it still extremely cohesive because of the repetition in color palette and elements. Stellar page!


Clowns by AnnieBananie
How clever is this page? Using a clown kit to tell a personal story about a pet peeve is so creative. The choice of orange as the foundation color, gorgeous clustering and stark photo processing all made this layout just pop out of the gallery! Notice the excellent use of the visual triangle she formed with the yellow flowers, as it really draws your eye into the page. Great work!


Kissy Face by Kimberly Morris
The red, white and black color scheme is always an eye-grabber, but the addition of those small pops of lime green elevates the punch of this page even more. I love the playfulness of the zig-zagging banners and mix of patterns. Such a cool, fun page!

Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you enjoyed these standouts. Be sure to leave some praise for these talented ladies!