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Fingerpointing – October 30th

30 Oct

Hi Friends!  Barb here with tonight’s spectacular Tuesday night pics. I hope that all of you are warm, safe, and sound on this crazy weather day.

FrameIt Challenge by Whatnext

I just love everything Phylis does so much!  The color, the creativity, the quirkiness…and she has a way with fonts that I sure wish I had.

Sibling User Guide with mum2gnt

I find this so clever and fun – and what a cool “non photo” layout.  So creative!

Life is Good by jumlai

I am such a sucker for dogs in every way. This layout had me at hello. I love the text and the title work and the mixing of fonts. And the dog. Did I mention that I love dogs?

Death by Cfalbro

Quirky, colorful and just a wee bit creepy…perfect for the day before Halloween. I love the quote and the neat flowers as well.

Trip to Maccas by Skippyherron

I love how this layout combines so many different styles into one and makes it work. I especially love the colorful floral photo on the left.  Really cool.

That’s it for me tonight!  I hope you have a great evening and stay safe if you’re in the storm area!


Finger Pointing ~ October 28

28 Oct

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a fabulous weekend and got to spend some time with your nearest and dearest! Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

Something Wicked by lilismother

There are lots of Halloween pages in the galleries at the moment, the vintage style here really grabbed me! I love all the fun paper layers and the cobwebs everywhere.

Real Madrid by hekas

What a great, simple, graphic style layout! Super blending and sketch effects here!

I Love Scrapbooking by Lindsay

A scrapbook page about scrapbooking! There are so many fun little touches here and I love the journalling, it makes me want to scrap about my own scrapbooking history!

You & Me by Birdee

This page made me smile when it jumped out of the gallery at me! I love the fun and freestyle collage feel this has, and of course – those smiley happy photos!!

Always on the Go by Digikiwichick

What a great photo-less page and a super snapshot of Digikiwichick’s life at the moment, this would be a fun page to look back on in a few years time. All the little word pieces arranged across the top like file tabs are a wonderful little creative touch.

Shake it Off by chickypow

Great crop on the photo, with the focus on the tattoo and the partially cropped face really adds to the moody feel of this page. Super use of minimal colour in those red touches.


Finger Pointing October 27

27 Oct

Hello dear scrappers! Jeanine here to bring you some sweeties from the galleries! Last week I enjoyed a great vacation in Barcelona, where it was warm and mostly sunny. We saw a lot, visited a lot of places and sucked in the Barcelona citylife. What a lovely place to spend a week in! Maybe that’s the reason my choices of this week are mostly multicolored, like the Gaudi buildings are. My two youngest sons and I had a wonderful week and I can recommend Barcelona as a great city to visit if you’re able to in the future! Well let’s hop to my choices! I’ll try to be short, because it’s late again over here ;)

Me by Justjen what a great page this one is! I love the drawing the little girl made and all the colorful elements scattered all over! The message to the girl is clear, be free to be who you want to be! The kite complements that feel, gorgeous!!

Am who I am by Litabells Here I fell for the message also, and for the photoless page. Litabells found a great balance and a lovely poem to express her feelings! Love the blendings and all the brushes used here!!

Happily ever after by Staciahall I guess the messages appealed to me also this evening. The tribute to her children in Stacia’s journaling is very touching and I can relate totally to that, being a divorced mom also! Love the messy stitches and the shadowing in this one! Great page!

Beloved by Strawberryredhead I’m – amongst other things – a sucker for newspaperbackgrounds and this one drew me in because of that and because of the monochromatic colorscheme. Love the picture treatment and how the girl is in the center of the page, she must truly feel beloved!

Scrappie art therapy by Heathergw Another photoless page and what a page this is! A spalshing piece of ART!! Isn’t is great to have such colorful memories? All the brushes, stamps, elements and wordart are used very clever! Together they compose a great balance and interesting dynamic in this page. I LOVE it!!

So I’m quirky by Misslovescraps WOW, this one screamed ‘PICK ME’ in the gallery! Love the B&W pictures against the rainbow background! Love the oversized title here and absolutely LOVE the splatters in he background! Gorgeous page!!

I hope you enjoy my picks as much as I do! Please leave the scrappers some love if you visit the galleries! Have a great sunday!


Finger Pointing – October 26

26 Oct

Hello and happy Friday, everyone! Katherine here bringing you today’s Standouts! But before I get started I want to quickly wish my baby girl a very happy birthday (she turns 19 today!)! Happy Birthday, Brookelynn! Now, let’s get down to business shall we? ;D

First up is this gorgeous art work by myla, Adorable Rose-Aimee with his beloved Takinou. I so love the composition here! The color is phenomenal! And all the embellishments and doodle-y bits . . . divine!

There are TONS of halloween themed layouts in the galleries right now and my next choice, Incredible Hulk by georgeinci is one of the more INCREDIBLE ones that I’ve seen! LOVE the design, the colors, absolutely EVERYTHING about this! Especially the photo! How stinking priceless is that photo?!

Up next is Jess by oldvwblues. Really love the mix of artsy and grunge-y in this! And I love the processing on the photo and how it has taken on the elements around it. So creative!

I really love the delicate feel in this next Standout by Applechick, Hello Baby You. But what I LOVE most is the way that she so creatively included the contractions readout and her appointment card in the composition! Such a brilliant idea! And truly, a remarkable layout!

Really love the traditional, linear composition in my next choice by fruitysuet, The Playgroup Years. The mix of patterns in the background paper, the accenting paper, and the embellishments is absolutely fantastic! Very well done!

And finally I have this absolutely PHENOMENAL art journaling page, Depression by sarahbhb. I LOVE how she has captured her battle with depression in this gorgeous work of art! And the bravery she has displayed in sharing that part of her life with us! Sending LOTS of prayers and hugs her way and wishing her all the best!

Well, that’s it for me! See you all next week! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


Finger Pointing – October 24th

24 Oct

Hello everyone! Paula here with today’s Stand Outs.I’m going to keep it very short today.Hope you enjoy these pages as much as I did!

portrait of a lady by nia

I always love pages with children’s art and she has a Picasso at home!!!!She needs to frame this one!Love the BW colors, so clean and simple and also a great piece of ART!

Game Over by chickypow

This page is so simple and so beautiful!!!Love the monochromatic tones with pops of red and the brushes and the  the creative cropping really makes it shine.Awesome!

hello cutie by lingovise

The positive energy in the design of this page made it pop right out of the gallery, it makes me sooo happy!There are so many layers and fun things to look at here! The whole page totally pops!!!Just adore it!

silly glasses by stampin_rachel

Rachel  is one of my all-time favourite scrapper.She is insanely creative .Her pages always pops!What a great work, love the brush works, the autumn colors, shadows and textures.Looks like I could touch the page and feel the elements.And this photo is soooo cute!!!!

coming going by Dalis

Seriously WOW! Dalis is so creative ( LOVE all her pages!!)! This is just way too cool. This layout  really showcases lots of details, a great use of colour and a wonderful sense of fun!

MD by Kovaxka

So fabulous!Everything about this next layout is perfect. Ildi is an amazing scraper!She always surprises me.This is no exception!This page really caught my eye with these slices around the head!



Finger Pointing – October 22nd

23 Oct

Happy Monday! Phew- has it been busy for you too?! I’ve been chasing a brand new puppy around my house all day. She’s sleeping right now, so I am going to get right to the standouts before she wakes up again!

Life is good by Timo
I adore every bit of the painted and stamped goodness on this page! The composition has  a great triangular shape that moves your eye beautifully around the layout. I also really like the subtle, unique mixing of the papers. Such gorgeous work!



Life Together by wombat146
The photo treatment and blending on to the canvas mat is stellar. It is an amazing artistic touch in an incredible layout that clearly has been thoughtfully crafted. Each and every element works harmoniously on this page. Love it!



Madmen by hallymichelle
This layout just about made me swoon. I really love the realistic paper style here! The linear composition and blocking unites all of the patterned papers really effectively and allows the fun photos to shine.



Jumping in the Leaves by heathergw
The awesome energy in the design of this page made it pop right out of the gallery. The cool background paper combined with the swirling strings and cascading clusters gives that feeling of jumping. It’s pure genius on this autumn page!



Monster’s Night by Shawnbear
This page has a really solid design, but it’s truly elevated by the use of light and shadowing throughout the layout. I love how the light play keeps the focus on the cluster and let’s the background paper work as a design element too. This is an adorable and fun page!


Thanks for joining me for tonight’s standouts…and now, I am back to puppy duty!


Finger Pointing ~ October 21

21 Oct

Hello! Kate here with my picks for today, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed searching through the galleries to find them – there’s such a lot of  inspiration out there!

Focus by Lynne-Marie

This is such a super art journal style page, I love all the mixed media and all the paint especially!


 I’ll Go Inside Someday by NatalieKW

This gorgeously pretty and totally girlie page jumped out of the gallery at me! That big photo is super, it has such an air of childish wonder to it. The almost monochrome theme is just perfect.

Smell My Feet by hivart

Such a great use of all those doodled frames and I love the eclectic mix of bits and pieces being shown off here!

AnnaLift by whatnext

This is so beautifully simple, fresh and crisp. The repeated photo gives a lovely sense of rhythm while the minimal embellishment adds just enough interest to balance to design. Beautifully scrapped!

Sometimes by oldvwblues

He he!! What a fun collage style page! Super extraction and embellishment of the photo and the addition of the little squirrel at the bottom is the perfect finishing touch!

Summer Memories of Heather Prins

This is such a lovely layout, I love the muted colours, the grid of photos, the blending work and the paint. A beautiful page.