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Finger Pointing – November 30

30 Nov

Hello, beautiful friends! Katherine here with my choices from the galleries on this gorgeous Friday! I hope they inspire you!

First up is this delightful work of art by pepeetje2014 titled Little angel. Such a simple design yet so striking. The white canvas with the neutral tones and pops of red combined with all the white space really work well with the focal photo. Really love this!

The soft, delicate subtle tones is what drew me to my next Standout by mutter titled Remember. Really a breathtaking layout. LOVE the composition, the color palette, and all the grunge-y elements. The photo is nothing short of fabulous and the quote . . . blessed BRILLIANT!

I really LOVE the throwback retro feel in this next beauty, Go Go by Micki. Such a gorgeous work of ART! Really LOVE that the photo is so large (it also looks to be outlined though I can’t say for sure). The blending is fantastic and the color palette is absolutely GORGEOUS! And if the truth be told . . . I’ve got quite the fascination with boots too. ;D

Up next is a delightful winter-y layout titled Snowman by celeste-smith. The design here is absolutely wonderful with all the white space and the ultra clean feel. And the color palette is stunning! Perfect for winter-y photos!

And last up I have this gorgeous piece of art by js_74, Dear Santa. This. I. LOVE! The design is phenomenal with all the layering! The color palette with its contrasting colors is absolutely outstanding! And I love all the bits that she has used to accent and embellish the delightful photos! Truly a Standout!

Well, that’s it for me this week! I’m off to a cRaZy CRAZY weekend! See you all in the galleries next week! Blessings!



Finger Pointing November 29

30 Nov

Helle everyone! Jeanine here with a late, late post of the 29th, I was very tired yesterday evening and had to catch up some sleep.  Hope you will forgive me ;). The galleries were filled with lovely goodies, so let’s go!

Celebrating 63 by Janet1949 is such a cheerful birthdaypage. So full of life and joy! I love it, and wish I am as bubbly as you are Janet when I’m 63! Happy birthday!

An alley of old Nice by Dady I love how the colors turned out here and the texture of the page! Great blending and treatment of the picture!

Count to ten by Heathergw and try to breathe. Who can not relate to that, especially when you have children or a bully boss! Great pictureless page with a strongly expressed emotion! Love it!

Struggle by KateD What a beautiful colorful soft artsy piece of journaling here! Kate is struggling with food and/or kids and her facial expression tells it all. Can’t read all the journaling, but I understand it is not always easy. I love all the stamps and brushes here!

The colorrun by Skyezak I googled what a colorrun is, don’t know this in Holland, but it looks real fun! Looks like the Holi festival in India. Love the colors pop up on your mostly B&W page. Very cheerful!

Attention by Resales a boyish and clean page between all the colors above! Can’t read the journaling, but the picture speaks for itself. I have three boys (two are men already) and this expression is very familiar to me ;). At this age they sometimes think they know everything, but the opposite is true….  Love the ‘steampunk’ elements to give it a male touch!

Well these were my choices for thursday. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Have a nice day and see you next Saturday!


Fingerpointing – November 28th

28 Nov

Hello!!!Me again my friends!!!!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

Love You and Me by heathergw

This BW photo and the colorful elements really caught my eyes. Everything works so well together here, super well done.Love the color pallete, so soft and happy.

Ink it… by pepeetje2104

Love the eye glasses, the angled frame and the blending/brush work here!The simple elements provide just the right touch to elevate this page into a stands out!

Walk Away, Divorce? by dotcomkari

The honestly journaling is so heartfelt and heartbreaking.This is what art journalling is about for me – expressing your emotions, your feelings and sharing them, both positives and negatives.I wish her the best on this difficult moment!

Anna’s ARTsale by whatnext

I really love the way she have focused the framing on the little grandman!Love the black and white colors and the little touch of blues.The font that she used is fantastic and bring a childlike fun to the design.

No. 22: Go Play by kygirl

There is SO much fun stuff to look at here, so many details, brushes, words, elements, layers!Love the dool and the head extration is awesome!

Heard on My Travels by DALE

I love Dale’s creativity, it’s just awesome.She always amazes me with her talent!Love all the textures and colors, the fonts, the quote and the girl!!!Such a feast for the eyes!Layers and layers of pure grungy goodness!

That’s all for me tonight. I hope you enjoyed my pics!!!


Fingerpointing – November 27th

27 Nov

Wowza!  There was so much eye candy out there today…. oh hi everybody!  Barb here with lots of sweetness to deliver. I could have picked twenty, I should have picked five. I picked six, but there were so many out there that were worthy tonight.  Lots of bright stars in the digital art galaxy tonight for sure…..

Denial by joannknnrd

Joann has always been one of my favorite digital artists and I ran across this tonight and LOVED it. I think it’s hauntingly beautiful…gorgeous and soft. I can relate to the message too.

Merry Christmas by hekas

I love the rectangle shape, the subtle color, the different textures and angled layering. It’s just beautiful!  It reminds me of a soft winter snow.

Summer Memorie by Celosie

Wowza – those eyes, that color!  I normally don’t gravitate to this style of layout, but this one just grabbed me instead. The layering is superb and I really can’t get over that gorgeous photograph.

Play it Loud by Ana.Paula

We are such a musical family and so I especially love layouts that celebrate the celebration of music! Ana Paula does it so well (as usual!) with awesome layering, a fun color combination, and a funky journaling font.  Love it!  If this was a song, I’d play it loud!

Be A Star by Whatannaloves

I couldn’t let a Tuesday go by without a super cool art journal layout, now could I?  I love this because the pops of green combined with pink kind of make it somewhat holiday-ish but not really. It is really cool, however. We can all be a star and we need to let our stars shine!

Friend by Jumlai

So much fun here…great color, cool blending, and such a cute photo!  This layout just makes me happy, happy, happy and isn’t that what friends really are for? Yes, I thought so too!

That’s it for me tonight. Be sure to let your own star shine!


Finger Pointing – November 26th

26 Nov

So, Thanksgiving is over and whether or not you braved the mall over the weekend, Monday has come bright and early – and as you reach for your daily cup of coffee you might also want to grab your laptop because today is Cyber Monday!
In the meantime, here are some galleries goodies to tide you over:

…on the run! by casbury

My first choice is so funny! I love the motion and the photo effect here!

INSPIRE by foxeysquirrel

Breathtakingly beautiful. LOVE the soft and dreamy feeling, and the winter tones.I so LOVE her work!And can you believe that she painted the lady herself?!!!!YES!!!!

Unseen by sbpoet

Sharon is a fantastic artist! I try not to pick her pages but they always catch me…LOL
I always love her creativity… this one is no exception!Love the colors, the elements, the brushes, alpha…everything!

 Her Boots by marnie333

Really LOVE the simplicity, the primary colors and the Mondrian look here!Love the side by side look at then and now photos!


Putting Up The Tree by misserin

WOW! This is pure gorgeousness!  Great composition and totally cute photo.I just love how she put everything together.Love the beautiful wood background paper and her design. Simply amazing in every way!

 Winter season by Lucia K.

What a sweet scene!This page makes me have baby fever. I love babies photos like this!The lighting, and the soft elements are the perfect touches for this page.

That’s all for me for today — Happy Cyber Monday to all and I’ll see you next wednesday!


Finger Pointing – November 25

25 Nov

Evening everyone! Kate here wrapping up my weekend with a wander through the galleries, trying to narrow down my choices for today’s post (it’s a hard job, believe me!). Here’s what I finally settled on, I hope you enjoy them!

 Smile by eranslow

Isn’t this FUN?! Such a fun series of photos and I love how eranslow made use of the film strip type frames to showcase so many pictures. The pops of colour are cleverly balanced across the page without overwhelming the back drop of black, white and grey.

2012 Christmas Card by MommaTrish

This is a fabulous, artsy Christmas card – I LOVE the combination of the hand drawn portrait, the handwritten font, along with the colourful stockings and tape pieces against the kraft background.

Eiffel Tower by suladesign

This is such a great example of the power of a (almost!) monochrome layout – the black and pink colour scheme work perfectly here, ideal for a Parisienne theme! The little touches of green add some contrast and a little extra pop!

2011 December Daily by mymalloryboys

When I came across this layout in the gallery I instantly knew it was a standout – I actually said, “Wow!” as I clicked on it! What a super album cover, I love the combination of the added elements on the snow globe base and of course, the super photo blending work adding the boys to the globe!

2012 week 47 by ViVre

What a beautifully composed page, this has such a wonderful feel to it! Another example of a carefully controlled colour scheme, the mixture of the limited colours with the black and white is stunning.

under the tree by AmberR

Super mix of vintage elements, realistic shadows and blending work here – I love how Amber blends the old and the new and various different techniques to create her own unique style!


Finger Pointing November 24

24 Nov

Hello dear readers! I just got home from the birtdayparty of my aunty, she is 64 now! And it was great and cosy and we laughed a lot! Tomorrow I have to get up early because I’m going to promote (together with the Digiscrap team) at a creativity market in Midwolda, a little village in the north of Holland. So I will keep it short this week! Here we go!

Happy by France  a beautiful simple and elegant page, and it speaks! I love the bokeh circles, the doilies in the edges and I adore the happy faces of the girls holding the pets. Lovely page!

A new love by Steph I LOVE this picture of the new familymember, what a treasure to have! Beautifully scrapped and journaled how your son connects with the kitten! I love it!!

Cappuchino by Lily-10 this one speaks to me because I’m a true coffee addict!! Cannot do without and once I saw this page, I immediate fell for it! Love the blending and the artsy look of the page!

Play by Jopke Jopke is a dear friend of me and I try to avoid picking her pages, because I don’t want to give her pages preference although she makes beautiful pages. But this one I have to show you. It is a gorgeous page of her when she was younger and very playful. I love the soft colors here and the blending, a true standout Jopke!

Euphoria by ChristineS Courage was needed to post this one I think. Chaos after Euphoria, I cannot image how hard that must be, to fall from the highest heights down to the deepest dephts. I think Christine scrapped the chaos very striking!

Reasons I don’t love Christmas by Stampin Rachel This one is sooo funny! A lot of people scrap pages about how they love Christmas, this one is the other way around, Rachel expresses why she doesn’t love Christmas. I had to laugh aloud when I read the reasons! Very playful and lovely scrapped.

This was it for tonight ladies and gentlemen! Tomorrow is the last Black Friday shoppingday. Do you have some money left to buy you some yummie goodies? I don’t hahaha. I got everything I wanted and spend way more than I calculated…;) I hope you enjoy my choices and I wish you a perfect Sunday!