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Finger Pointing December 25

25 Dec

Hi everyone! I hope you had/have a wonderful first Christmasday (we celebrate Christmas two days over here in Holland). A while ago I thought, let’s do a Christmas special GSO during our holidaybreak. When I wasn’t blogging yet for the GSO blog, I always thought the period was sooo long without any fresh blogs. I was looking every day if there was a new post, but there wasn’t. So today I present to you a little ‘break in our break’ and continue the holiday break after this one. Let’s see what I’ve found!

Glad tidings by Thursnext What a lovely and colorful page! The font, the music sheet as a background and the ornament take me back to the days I was a child celebrating Christmas. Singing Christmassongs and be together with family and friends.

He’s coming by Whatnext I love the George Harrison song ‘Here comes the sun’ used here and changed into a Christmas song. I love the artsy feel of this page! A very non traditional Christmaspage, wonderful!

Rydstroms christmascard 2012 by ThereseRydstrom a beautiful and very elegant Christmas card! Love the picture of the girls not facing the camera, love the fun they’re having, love the wordart and empty background. Gorgeous!

Remember this by DonnaGoar Love the stacked frames here with different pictures/cardz in it. Love the Santa en absolute adore the quote! It is so true and wisely said!

Also love the scribbles and brushes. A true beauty!

Day 22 by Madi Love the fun here, the very large glasses, the mustache the elf has, all the textures in the elf, great page!!

Around the menora by Teawithlemon What a lovely idea to take an old picture and a new one and pose at the same place. See how everyone has changed over the years. A great tradition! Love the grid and all the elements around the picture.

FaLaLa by Dianepsmith Can you hear them sing? I can!! ;) What an adorable and cute whimsey page with these little mice singing! Love the shape of the ‘frames’ behind the mice and the papers filling them! Great page!

This was my little Christmas ‘treat’. Wish you all happy holidays! See you in 2013!


Happy Holidays!

19 Dec

The Gallery Standouts Team will be taking a break during the holidays, but we will be back full force in the new year.
We would like to thank you for your support and encouragement during 2012, and most of all, thank you for the amazing creative inspiration every single day.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Amy, Barb, Beth, Claire, Cynthia, Jeanine, Kate, Katherine, Krista, Laura, Mirjam, Paula, Rúbia and Sandra



Finger Pointing – December 17

17 Dec

Hello, everyone! Katherine here bringing you today’s Standouts! There were so many beautiful layouts in the galleries this morning! Made it extremely difficult to narrow my choices down to just a few. I could have easily picked a TON more! Seriously. I hope you enjoy those that I did choose.

The first layout the I have for you this morning is by wendybretz titled Hmmm. Really love all the white space and the ultra clean feel to this. Minimal use of embellishments really works well here. A true Standout indeed.

There were several layouts like my next choice in the galleries this morning (had something to do with a technique or lift challenge) and I fell head over heels in LOVE with this one titled Photograph by Dumpty. The technique used on the photo is absolutely fabulous and I love how the text is lined up vertically rather than horizontally. Such a creative way to record a memory.

I REALLY love the design in my next choice, Friends in strange places by karen perry. And I mean, REALLY love! Placement of the journaling really sets this layout apart. Love the colors and all the little details. Remarkable. Just remarkable.

Up next I have this extraordinary artwork, It’s the most wonderful time of the year by Marleen. So stunning! LOVE all the artsy and grunge-y! The blending is superb on every level! And truly, I could see this as a Christmas card.

What caught my attention if my next choice, December 10, 2012 by annaaspnes were the colors. What an amazing palette! So non-Christmas-ey! But it works! REALLY works! LOVE the design here also! All the photos. the artsy. grunge-y. Every bit of it!

And finally I have Dec. 15 by kathleen.summers. Really love the composition here! And again, I love the color palette and the use of non-traditional Christmas-y hues. LOVE all the details and her brush work is fabulous! Just fabulous!

That’s it for me. I hope each and every one of you has a truly blessed Christmas and a happy and safe New Year! Blessings to each one of you! See you next year!


Finger Pointing – December 16

16 Dec

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way….It’s finally beginning to feel a little more Christmasy around here. We have snow on the ground and decorations up. And finally I am ALMOST done with the shopping and shipping. And what better way to celebrate than to share a little gallery inspiration today.

Secrets by Milmomma

Oh look how perfect that photo blends in and what an awesome picture and dark moody design for the subject.  But I adore how she kept the feel of the layout light, since they are kids, with touches of pink.  Niiiiiiice!

Grateful for this Day by Stevens89

Such a sweet and romantic design!  Love love the pictures and how they contrast against the wood!

Togetherness by Romy

The brushwork here is just divine!! And the picture treatment is just the perfect touch to make it stand up to such gorgeous brushwork!

IVF Story by aurian

I love a great journaling page!!  I really really do.   And this is such a wonderfully personal and yet inspiring story!! Congratulations Aurian.

Old Photo by Giny

The colors are just gorgeous with the picture and I really appreciate they way she made her design follow the vertical flow of the picture.

What the World Needs Now by wombat146

With the events of the last week, I think sharing about love is what we all need right now.  Beautifully done too!!

That’s it for me.  Since this is my last post before the holidays, I hope you all have a beautiful, love filled Holiday Season!!






Finger Pointing December 15

15 Dec

Hi everyone, Jeanine here to bring some gallery yummies I found today. Can you believe it is only 10 days untill Christmas? Me neither! ;) Well let’s see what I’ve found!

Cozy winter wishes by Latuna I love the neutral colors of all the papers and patterns matching the pictures of the children. I also love the fact that the half of the page is almost empty and I adore the little snowflakes all over the page! Beautiful work!

Let it snow by Jenny as a snowlover I fell for this page right away! It is not wrong to like snow Jenny! :D. I also love the neutrals and the one purple snowflake. How adorable are the small stitched circles, like a festive banner!Lovely!

The tears of a nation by MaggieMae What a tragedy happened in Newtown. The whole world is in shock. It’s hard to find words to comfort the people affected by this, parents, family, neighbours, people from the town…these little innocent children…why? This page needs nothing more, just the president wiping away a tear…

Diversity by krisNjay what a great pictureless page using only papers and words. So much to look at, beautiful in balance!

Say cheese bij AmandaC Oh how I love newspapers used in pages! As a scrapper I see myself in this one, hopping around with my camera, taking pictures for my pages. Love the tiny little scatters and hearts and the blue chevron arrows pointing to the picture is gorgeous!

You can’t take anymore pictures bij Tiff This could be my middle son, he hates it, me taking pictures of him! And he’s 20 now, and still not used to the camera at all! And that’s a pity, because he looks great on pictures! Well maybe this little screamer will change his mind when he’s older. I love the position of the picture and papers here, leaving the rest of the page almost empty. Beautiful!!

So, I hope you like my choices! Give the artists some love if you stroll through the galleries!


Finger Pointing – December 14

14 Dec

Hello, everyone! Katherine here again with today’s Standouts! And my apologies for being so late! I’ve had a tremendously cRaZy day and am only just getting home. And because it’s so late I’m going to get right to my choices. I hope you enjoy them!

Up first is this adorable layout by TaraMcK titled Magoo’s Joy. Really love the composition and the clean linear feel here. The color palette is nothing short of delicious! And that little face . . . so CUTE!

Next up is this beauty, HH by Marnel. Such a lovely design! The blocking is fabulous! And I am completely smitten with the creams, reds, and blacks. They work so well together here!

Really love how celeste-smith documented her progress in this next layout! Again, I really love the composition here. Such a clean graphic feel to it (thinking I’m starting to become obsessed with layouts in this style ;D). I also adore the mix of patterns that she used. Overall a really fantastic layout!

Up next I have this stunning beauty, days gone by by donna goar. Really a gorgeous piece of art with all of it’s grung-y-ness and the neutral muted tones. No photos and it’s GORGEOUS! Just gorgeous!

A Visit from Santa  by tylertooo is another gorgeous piece of art with all kinds of grung-y-ness mixed with just the right amount of artsy. The color palette is beautiful! And I absolutely LOVE everything going on around the border! Not to mention the big HUGE jolly faced man up in the upper right hand corner!

Up last is this beauty by Jean2 titled December Daily Day 13 L. love Love LOVE that HUGE photo! It is absolutely amazingly jaw dropping GOR-JUSS! Just gorgeous! The colors too! Everything here is absolute perfection.

That’s it for me, friends! I’ll see you all next week! Have a wonderful weekend! Blessings!


Finger Pointing ~ December 13

13 Dec

Evening everyone! Kate here with my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

On My Path by ArmyGrl

I just love the positive feel this page has and the line about not forgetting your camera made me laugh too! Super composition here, all the little outline doodles are perfectly sized and placed while adding a real hand crafted, collaged feel to the layout.


Merry Christmas Card by DanielaRuggiero

What a super fun card! It’s so colourful and jolly – perfect for a Christmas card! You can see the closed version of the card here.


2012 by Cornelia

Here’s an early year in review page! All the added little paper pieces here add such a great sense of fun, colour and interest to the page. The white background acts as the perfect foil to the colourful photos and patterns.


iPad games by nikkiARNGwife

This is such a great little memory to scrap, especially in a world where technology (and favourite games!) changes so fast! I wonder if they will still be playing these games in six months time, or a year? This will be a great page to look back on and remember life’s little details!


Skiing by zwyck

What a super sense of movement zwyck has created here with just a few little red circles! The controlled colour scheme is fabulous too!


Christmas Traditions by Jana Morton

There are so many wonderful family traditions recorded here, this must spark so many precious memories for Jana and her family. A super seasonal example of the power of scrapbooking.  And it’s beautifully scrapped too!