Finger Pointing – October 22nd

23 Oct

Happy Monday! Phew- has it been busy for you too?! I’ve been chasing a brand new puppy around my house all day. She’s sleeping right now, so I am going to get right to the standouts before she wakes up again!

Life is good by Timo
I adore every bit of the painted and stamped goodness on this page! The composition has  a great triangular shape that moves your eye beautifully around the layout. I also really like the subtle, unique mixing of the papers. Such gorgeous work!



Life Together by wombat146
The photo treatment and blending on to the canvas mat is stellar. It is an amazing artistic touch in an incredible layout that clearly has been thoughtfully crafted. Each and every element works harmoniously on this page. Love it!



Madmen by hallymichelle
This layout just about made me swoon. I really love the realistic paper style here! The linear composition and blocking unites all of the patterned papers really effectively and allows the fun photos to shine.



Jumping in the Leaves by heathergw
The awesome energy in the design of this page made it pop right out of the gallery. The cool background paper combined with the swirling strings and cascading clusters gives that feeling of jumping. It’s pure genius on this autumn page!



Monster’s Night by Shawnbear
This page has a really solid design, but it’s truly elevated by the use of light and shadowing throughout the layout. I love how the light play keeps the focus on the cluster and let’s the background paper work as a design element too. This is an adorable and fun page!


Thanks for joining me for tonight’s standouts…and now, I am back to puppy duty!


2 Responses to “Finger Pointing – October 22nd”

  1. LaShawn October 23, 2012 at 12:11 am #

    Thank you for chosing my little monster page!

  2. heathergw October 24, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    oh… I missed this!!! Thanks Laura, you’ve totally made my day!!!

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