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Finger Pointing, January 31

31 Jan

WOW!!!!Can you believe it’s almost February?
Since it’s VERY late on a Thursday night here I’m going to be quick with my post!

January-Scraplift Challenge by AnalogPaper

The colors here are so well balanced that I can take my eyes of this cute page!!!! Love the shadow work here, amzing! And the sequence of pics is fantastic. She don’t need more than the simple frames to have her photos stand out! Everything works so well together here, super well done.

 New Day by Kristi8004

LOVE the happy feel here!Love the color pallete, so soft and so happy!The super colored elements provide just the right touch to elevate this page into a stands out!

who am I really? by misslovescraps

Every time that I see a Li Li’s page I feel amazed face her genius creativity. Every new page is a lovely surprise, a feast for the eyes!So many colors, elements and mix!

romance by ulla420

What a wonderful, colorful explosion of flowers flowing  across the face and around the page, love the lady too!The page is beautiful, full of gorgeous elements and arranged in pure delight.

Lost by TracyM 

This is what art journalling is about for me : expressing your emotions, your feelings, both positives and negatives and Tracy put her feelings here in this simple but stike page!

Uther Pendragon by Bush Girl

WOW! This last page is fantastic..I love the colors, the layers, the photo effect, blending and the story, they really chaught my attention.FANTASTIC!


Finger Pointing-29th of January

29 Jan

Hello everyone!

This is Beth! Can’t believe that February is coming in less than two days. Time really passes by especially when you’re busy with work and family. I am glad that I am able to scrap as it really relieves stress. Have you seen the galleries? I feel so inspired seeing those amazing digital pages and of course, the goodies that they used.  Keep us inspired!

Here are my faves for today.

this time, this place by Jopke
Totally sweet and oh so beautiful! I would love to have the same picture of me and my husband when we grow old. I love the word art, so much beauty around including the little butterfly. I can feel their love for each other. How wonderful to witness couples celebrating their 50th anniversary. Great work on the blending. Just love this!

Sunshine by neeceebee
Perfect photo and simply amazing design. Love the font she used and how she captured the sun. The paper she chose as her background really makes the subject stand out.  A great way to scrap after a week of clouds and rains. This will really make your heart sing.

Click by duniascrap
Totally rocks! Love all the faces and the use of white space. Love the different  faces of him showing all kinds of emotions, fabulous use of elements. The white background is perfect to showcase the photos and elements here.

Confession by happy
Awesome job on the page. I adore her title work, love all the fonts she used. I guess all of us have confessions to make and this page is so inviting that I want to make a page about the same subject. Perfectly balanced.

Fly with love by Lynnise
Amazing job on the extraction, I especially love the scene she made here and the zipper on the right side.

Out-to-the-Universe by ArmyGrl
Amazing stacks of vintage goodies, not to mention the beautiful fonts that go well with the page. Love the shadow works too.

Thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve selected. If you have time, it would be wonderful to stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


Finger Pointing – January 28th

29 Jan

Diving into the galleries and soaking up the inspiration is a great way to end a busy Monday! I hope these creative, beautiful layouts make your evening a little brighter.

torn by hutchie
I love everything about this page! The bold background, vibrant mix of patterns and beautiful elements are all perfectly assembled into a really strong visual triangle. The great composition and eye-catching details make this a true standout!

Be Yourself by mummytothree
The riot of fun and color finds a wonderful counterpoint in the kraft paper. The awesome cluster on this layout gets all of the focus with the delicious mix of elements. I also really love the message on this page. Great work!

This is Real by sue.falstaff
This is perfect simplicity. I adore the snowflakes and crystal embellishments as they add just the right amount of sparkle pop. I love how the doily gives a snowy effect to the whole page too. Gorgeous!!


[9] by janyellemayara
What a lush and romantic page! All of the element choices and layering give this such a wonderful vintage feel that complements the photo incredibly well. It’s really a beautiful celebration of marriage.


So very grown up by fruitysuet
There’s a beautiful flow to this page that really makes the photos shine. It also has a certain reflective, nostalgic look that is underscored in the content of the journaling. Truly a lovely page!

Jan Random Challenge by rfeewjlj
Lately, I am sucker for large photos and this one is a superb example, with a great crop and excellent processing. Doesn’t it just grab you? It’s so well-scrapped with a soft palette that supports the tones in the photo and the sweet, perfectly placed word art. Well done!


Thanks for taking a peek tonight!





Finger Pointing January 26

26 Jan

Hi all, Jeanine here with some gorgeous pages I found in the galleries tonight! I’m at work, so I start off immediately.


I muffin you by Amanda Resende What a lovely exciting page this is! Love all the papers used here in unusual blocks. Love all the worn edges, the stitching and shadowwork. Love the doodled elements. Very well done!

I love you by Hondachicc How beautiful is this! What a great memory to make of a picture of your daughter! Love the soft colorscheme. The  blending of the picture and the frame are outstanding.Very soft and delicate! A true beauty!

Rainbow Lorikeets by Shannamay this is almost the opposite of the page before this one. A splash of happy colors! The birds were photographed from ‘down under’ (Shannamay is from Australia ;)). A very unusual and interesting position. I love all the colors here and adore the splashes of colored brushes peeping out underneath the colorful paperpieces

One photo – PL Week 2 by mommy2boyz this one is so funny, watch out Super Hero is coming! What a great picture and you were very lucky to catch your son like this! I love the B&W! A picture like this one needs no colors. It is even stronger I think without colors. Gorgeous!

Space in my head by Jou Uslion I always love ATC’s and pages that express emotions and opinions. This one is great, Joy allows no longer others to to take space in her head. She wants to use her energy for other things. Great goal and lovely expressed here!

Adorable by Anna Drozd Oh, how cute is this one! What a lovely little one! I love the way Anna used the doilies, one blended in the background and two as elements. Love all the little splashes of color here. It gives the page an artistic touch. Great sweet page!

I hope you like my choices of today! Wish you all a happy Sunday! See you next time!



Finger Pointing – January 25

25 Jan

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with some really gorgeous Standouts for you on this really cold Friday! Hoping that the warm up that is forecast for next week gets here in a hurry! I really really hate the cold! But, never mind that, I hope you are inspired by my choices!

Up first is this lovely photo-less work of art by beszteri titled LIVE the LIFE you LOVE. So soft and delicate! I love the pinks paired with the grays. Makes for an absolutely delicious color palette! And I LOVE the message . . . “LOVE the LIFE you LIVE, LIVE the LIFE you LOVE!”

Next I have what appears to be another photo-less beauty titled When it rains by Alegna, but if you look closely there is a photo there! The blending is so fabulous I had to really look to see it (or it may have been that the lighting in my studio isn’t very good). I really do LOVE everything about this! The art journaling feel, the soft, subtle color palette, the blending, absolutely everything! Truly a Standout indeed!

I fell head over heels for this next Standout, Notes on a Heart by JanellNugent. The composition here is fabulous! And I really LOVE how the color plays against the neutral background and black and white photos! And speaking of photos . . . I LOVE the personality that practically explodes out of that middle one!

Next up I have Daily-250 by Jippo. I really LOVE the simplicity here and the pops of color against the tonal palette. But what really caught my attention were the photos! The photos are PHENOMENAL! Love the composition and the processing is beyond perfect! LOVE!

This next one by AmberR titled seriously? Look on the bright side nearly jumped out of the gallery at me with all of its BRIGHT gorgeous color! And such a fabulous design! I love all the little bits of detail that she’s included too!

Wrapping things up is this beauty by t_a_l_i titled New Ink. LOVE the design with the mix of colors and patterns! That with the word art/typography really gives it a fun whimsy feel. And I REALLY love her ink!

Well, friends! That’s it for me for now. And just in time to watch Gold Rush with hubby! Have a blessed weekend! See you next Friday!


Finger Pointing – January 24

24 Jan

Hellooooooooooo everyone!!! I´m back after a long time, but I really love here so – I´m back \0/ And now I want to share some precious pages with you! Let´s start!!



Christmas eve by pebbles girl I love these photos and perfect colors! Gray and red are always a great combination! And all the little details!!LOVE!!!!!

Hitch your wagon by whatannaloves I´m a fan of Anna´s pages – always sooooooo artsy and messy and cool!! And this one is STUNNING!!! So much to see – amazing dear!!


pssst by JanaM AWESOME photoless page! Love the brown and a little of blue and yellow, perfect touch!!Love everything aboit this page!!


Bobby and kate by scrapsandsass  – wowwwww look this dogs!!!!!! So cutiee!!!! And all the composition is so COOL!!!!!!! Amazing page!!


simplicity by janet1949 So beautiful page- love all the scribbles and artsy feeling! and a great WOW for this photo!!


And that´s it for now!!! Happy thursday!!!!!!!!


Finger Pointing – January 23

23 Jan

Hi my Friends! Paula here for your usual Wednesday check-in. I found some beauties in the galleries today.I’ll get right to it!Here they are:

your life is in your hands by misslovescraps

Ohhhh I love this!!I’ve always been a huge fan of Li Li’s super cool incredibly creative style.This page is little different for her previous because she gave such a clean graphic feel to it.Such a simple design yet so striking.Love the message and the elements that she used to illustrate it!Very clever!!!!

 aj pg 11 I am a canvas prompt by Lynnise

What a beautiful canvas she created here!I love the way she was able to blend the beautiful photo with all those brilliant colors!The quote is perfect final touch for a fantastic page.

Everything’s Okay by EHStudios

Love the way that she repeated the journal cards all over her page!This is so beautifully simple and crisp. The repeated message gives a sense of rhythm and the minimal colours create a point of interest. on it.

Carry On by jenny73

This is so soft and serene! I adore everything here and how she mixed the papers to make this a perfect page. Love the stitches and little details she put on it.Overall a really fantastic layout!PS:  The dog…Did I mention that I love dogs?

08-2009-11 by sbaird

I was immediately grabbed by this cool graphic page.I love how she used the template to make this simple and amazingly layout!!!The shadowing is perfect! Everything on this page draws the attention to the picture.

And last but of course not least…

Here and There 24/7 by editorialdragon

This one just grabbed me from the start, I think I’m in love with this kit… I love all the brushes, elements and lovely pics used here. I loved the way she made the journaling in a circular form.

Love the blending and the artsy look of the page!