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Finger Pointing – Feb. 27th

27 Feb

Hello, Hello!
Paula here for your usual Wednesday check-in.Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

Today, I will… by heathergw

Can you see the girl ?? Awesome job on the page. So much to see!Love the different fonts used here.All of the element choices and layering give this such a cool feel!


one_day_i’ll_return by suefalstaff

Ohhh Paris…my favorite city ever!!! This is an absolutely delicious color palette!I really love how the color plays against the neutral kraft background!


 journey by donnagoar

The  blending here is phenomenal!Love the softness of the page along with her choices of neutral colors.


Another Day by sucali

High Cuteness Alert!This is so stinking cute!Very soft and delicate!The colors choice and shadow work are outstanding!!!!


AnnaLift 2.22.13 by whatnext

This Phylis’s page is a master piece of art !So stinking creative! Love the vivid color and all the details in the midst of all that blending!A delight for the eye.


 when we were young by misslovescraps

I just had to include this  page! The blending is wonderful and the photo of the children on the bike is cool! All the brushes and placement of elements really made this page stand out.



Finger Pointing – Feb. 25th

25 Feb

Happy Monday! I was so glad to end a very, long busy day with a relaxing stroll through the beautiful galleries of digiland. I have 5 inspiring layouts to share with you tonight.

9.28.12 by nikkiARNGwife
I adore all of the details here, from the paper borders to the stitches and stamping. I think she has really rocked the realistic paper style here! Of course, I am also a huge fan of everyday pages, so this lovely collection of memories from a random day spoke to me as well.


this love by mollyc
The photography on this layout is gorgeous and it’s further enhanced by the carefully selected embellishments. The restrained, balanced elements definitely complement the photo and make for a very cohesive page.

Froyo by stevens89
I really love the assymetrical blocking and mix of patterns here, as they make for quite a stunning composition. The title work adds just the right amount of whimsy to this beautiful and fun layout.

Soon Summer by helensenator
This page has a definite wow factor with its amazing photo blending and brushwork. I feel like boat is going to sail right off the page. I am eager for the end of winter too, so I was moved by the evocative images here.

Yes You Can Fly by JenLin
The bold, grungy title work and mix of brush work really caught my eye. The clustered elements do a great job of keeping that adorable photo the focal point and provide a nice balance on the page. So cute!

Thanks for visiting! Please remember to leave some love for these talented ladies!




Finger Pointing February 23

23 Feb

Hi everyone, it’s saturday and it’s ‘my’ GSO evening, yeah! I found you some beauties, let’s take a look!

14Feb2013 by Stampin_Rachel I love the bright and cheerful colors of the patterned papers here, matching the colors of the pictures. And all the squaredblocks are great for a PL page! Read the story, it’s hilarious!!

onelittlebird-going-places-stampin rachel P&C

Emotions by Veer First the angle of the picture taken is lovely! And with this one the colors of the picture match also perfect with the colors of the elements.  Beautiful page!

Val-C-Designs_veer1 oscraps

Five by NRenoux Here I love the tranquility of the whole page, the monochromatic choice of colors and the few words to express a lot!

fev_011 nrenoux P&C

Red-a-Thon by Blanulak I could nog ignore this page! Reading is one of my passions also, so I can totally relate to the boy reading. Look at the background, all the papers make it very interesting and yet not overdone. Love how the boy is blended in the background and love all the different fonts used!

Blanulak_ReadAThon mscraps

Explore by Applechick A mysterious artsy page, three people walking in the shadow on a pier embracing adventure. Love the subtile touches of color and the blending of the picture.

Traveler1 applechick oscraps

Anywhere by Jenny Just being together no matter where you are, what a lovely expressed feeling here. Love all the paperstrips, the stitches and the brush behind the strips. The diagonal placement of the words lead perfect to the pictures.

jenny_anywhere1 tlp

These are my choices of tonight, I hope you like them! See you in a few weeks! I’m absent the next two saturdays. The first weekend of march I’m going to promote Digiscrapping at a three day creativity market in Assen (Holland) and the second weekend of march I’m at the first ‘whole weekend’ Digiscrap event in Apeldoorn (also Holland). So some nice weekends lying ahead of me!  Have a great weekend you all!


Finger Pointing – February 22

22 Feb

Happy Friday! My turn to stroll through the galleries and find you today’s inspiration….

WeeklyARTbits No.8 by Guinevere

This is so simply and stunningly beautiful. The line in the middle guides your eye, making you absorb every single detail.

WeeklyARTbits No.8 by Guinevere

You Are Here by EHStudios

Great centric design here with the compass brush and the paper layers in the center, I also love the cut-outs giving you a peek at what’s underneath.

You Are Here by EHStudios

seven by MommaTrish

What a great and fun boy page this is. Love the splatters giving it a messy and colorful look, but what really caught my eye is the use of different papers for the background and how they are tied together.

seven by MommaTrish

Me_13 by Sexy__Eyes

Love love love the blending, did I mention I love the blending?
Clever use of the arrows too, together with the scribble, makes for a powerful page!

Me_13 by Sexy__Eyes

Things Moms Say by SATW

Honestly, I giggled a bit when I read some of the things. Funny effect with the different fonts, and the upside-down mom!

Things Moms Say by SATW

Upcycled bangle bracelet by autumnsensation

Last but not least, something we don’t see often. A hybrid project!
And a bracelet nonetheless, made out of a very funky and colorful background. Don’t you just love it?

Upcycled bangle bracelet by autumnsensation

Hope you got a great dose of inspiration! Till next time.


Finger Pointing Feb 21st

21 Feb

Hello hello! Cynthia here with tonight’s gorgeous picks! Let’s go straight to them!

A Day in the Life by MissK

Absolutely gorgeous! Love her brush work here and the circle cut-outs are awesome! Totally need to lift this!


Pipe Down by lingovise

So in love with this! Awesome clustering, perfect placement and clustering, and I love the journaling paired with those word strips. Fantastic work!


Trying and trying and trying…by tjscraps

This page touched my heart. It grabbed me from the gallery because of the bold font work, and then tugged at my hearstrings when I read the journaling. I hope this served as scrap-therapy and sending you big hugs!


dream by Sokee

Love this! What a sweet photo and I love the way she highligthed the clouds with the hot pink paint. Love her composition and the way she placed her journaling as well. Beautifully done!


Give me strength by zwyck

Another powerful page. Love the blending and minimal elements. Beautiful journaling and stunning page all around!


Angel by wombat146

Stunning blending!! Love the soft texture and that perfect pop of green. Gorgeous!


This is it from me tonight, hope you were as inspired as I was! Don’t forget to leave these ladies om very well-deserved love! See you soon!


Finger Pointing ~ February 20

20 Feb

Evening everyone, Kate here with a midweek stroll through the galleries! Here are my picks today, I hope you enjoy them!

hello by mummyd

I love the depth, the shadowing, the happy photos, the composition and all the layers of elements here, all topped off with the layered faux frame background papers. Such a super, eye-catching layout, I want to reach out and pick that ribbon bow from the page!

hello by mummyd

No Technology by annaaspnes

I have to admit, I came out in a cold sweat just thinking about having a technology break! (I guess that means I could really do with one!) Superb blending and brushwork here, but it was the use of the muted tones along with the splashes of brighter yellow and pink that really caught my eye.

No Technology by annaaspnes

Squeeze by fonnetta

Bright, happy and FUN! Such great use of colour and pattern here, the black and white chevrons echo Tigger’s stripes, the touches of red balance his orange fur while the pops of blue and black throughout add cohesiveness to the page.

Squeeze by fonetta

Don’t Stop by heathergw

Oh my. I can really relate to this journalling, I want to print this off and hang it over my desk (or maybe my fridge?!) to inspire me! I love the artsy, inky feel this has, the journalling in the circles is a fabulous touch and echoes the cycle wheels, flowers and other circular elements on the page.

Don't Stop by heathergw

Daydreamer by domad

What a fun photograph! This page jumped out of the gallery at me with its fresh, clean colours and fabulously balanced composition.

Daydreamer by domad

Escape to Tuscany (in Florida) by jaye

Another page with super blending and brush work and I love the postcard like cluster in the bottom corner, this page screams “summer holiday!” – I can almost smell the geraniums and feel the sun on my back!

Escape to Tuscany by jaye



Finger Pointing – February 17

17 Feb

Happy Sunday all!  Hope you are having a lovely light hearted day!  I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be having some sunshine in my day.  Now on to some gallery pretties!

Digi Dare 311 by Oldvwblues

Sheesh is this divine!  The pops of color against the black and white just made this jump right into my favs.  But on closer look the busy and yet organized design is outstanding!

HWIC by Marnel

Yes more  black and white with pops of color jumping into my favs.  But I can’t help but adore the arrows and the sideways picture in this.  So want to lift this one!

I Became Somebody Else by Profiler_Mar

Oh look at the photo treatment.  So perfect with the colors on the page.  And the butterflies flying over the hand pointing to what else but you the journaling are just fabulous!

Say What?? by NatalieKW

Can we say OH SO CLEVER!  Oh I wish I had thought of this.  This is way to adorable with all the cool layers!!

Each Day Count by Katell

Okay now for something COMPLETELY different.  I’m almost mad at myself for putting this here.  It certainly is not my style, but I can’t help but fall in love with the perfect restraint and simplicity.  AMAZING

Together by Carrie1977

Totally laughing at myself.  I don’t know why I assumed this picture was heritage, but that says how perfect the photo treatment is!  What totally sold me on this page however is the big man and woman symbol with the little man and woman symbol.  Some elements just say it perfectly!

And I with that I hate to tell you the roast in the oven smells soooooo good right now that I gotta go!  Hope you are enjoying as tasty a Sunday as I am!!