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Finger Pointing – April 30

30 Apr

Holy Cow! iNSD is around the corner and I cannot wait to see the layouts flooding the galleries this weekend but I ave found some great layouts to share with you today. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me:)

ASSISI. by Lili-10
I love the white cardboard background with the painted mask and beautiful photo! The bright, rainbow hearts really make the layout jump out at you. Love.


ValCdesigns _paintingRainbowsValCDesigns_ARTBook Shaped#1DD_clock_notionSet


 Rockon by Mommatrish
This layout is so adorable! This little man was just screaming at me ‘pick me pick me’! I love the composition here, the way the dots and the arrows outline the layout. Shadowing almost makes it look like a paper layout. Love the subtle paint work in this layout too!


Opposites by Caroline
I have a real soft spot for light / white plain backgrounds with fabulous bright color pops lately. This one is a REALLY good example. Gorgeous colors here and I love the pops through the striped paper and the stamped chevron elements. In addition to that – these photos are great and so appropriate for the title – as they seem to be going in opposite directions. Very clever!


Childhood by Margote05
The simplicity, the photographs, the quote, the colors and sporatic paint splatters in this layout is so inspiring. I come back often to the saying ‘less is more’ and this layout nails it! Beautiful!


Running Late by CathyPascual
I find this layout so refreshing! I love the unique hand drawn art and the painted accents everywhere. The photo of this girl running and the color treatment look absolutely stunning! Don’t you think?

running late_cathypascual

Happy Hour by Lauracw
I cannot even begin to tell you how much I relate to the journaling in this layout:) It’s courageous to share personal bits of your life to the public and I love this. I love the papers – the clock – the ‘happy hour’ – it’s perfect.



Finger Pointing – April 29th

29 Apr

Happy Monday! Here’s some gallery inspiration to brighten the start of your week!

Carousel by roxana
This is such a delight of color and element work! The layout is so well-crafted to support the carousel theme, from the arched cutout over the main picture to the horses tucked around the page. It makes great use of multiple pictures and tells the story perfectly. So fun!!


Sunshine by mollyc
I adore the recent trend of full page or large photos. They give such a pop to the page, especially when they are deftly accented. The border and banner give just the right amount of color but still allow the photo to be the star. Beautiful work!


I Can Fly by Tinkelbel
I love the creative, art journaling feel to this page. The rainbow palette and fun play with paint are very expressive of page’s overall exuberance.

i wanna go by mrs. hobbes
The use of the scallops on this page is absolutely wonderful. They are such a visual anchor for the page and also provide great composition for being able to tuck in the photos. The dreamy quality of this travel bucket list is supported by the soft colors and heartfelt journaling. Well done!


So Pretty by nataliekw
The paper piecing on this page really caught my eye. I love how mix of patterns in the shapes becomes a strong design element for setting the palette of the page as well as a great foundation for the layers of elements. Super sweet and pretty!


I hope you enjoyed these standouts! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing ~ April 28

28 Apr

Hi everyone! I hope you are making the most of the last few hours of your weekend, we have had a crazily busy day today so I am enjoying relaxing with a lovely cup of tea and the galleries for company! Here are my picks tonight, I hope you enjoy them.

Boys by AmieN1

A super “boy” page! The use of the repeated photo is really well done and creates a lovely flow down the page, great use of all the circles and the paint splat at the bottom to balance the composition too.

amien1 - boys


The Time to Relax by stevens89

Aahhhhh, and breathe….. Doesn’t this just make you want to chill out, grab a nice cool drink and go and join them on their picnic?! I love the fabulous sense of calm and contentment this page has with the simple colour scheme and minimal embellishment. Beautiful work!

stevens89 - time to relax


Mail Art postcard 1 by bockel24

This is really fun, it reminds of school class photos where everyone is told to sit with their hands in their lap and you always get a great mix of funny faces being pulled as the camera snaps! Super fun colours and quirky bits and pieces here, I would LOVE to receive a postcard like this in the post, it would really make my day!

bockel24 - mail art postcard


Favourite musicians by Digikiwichick

The blocked composition and bold colours really caught my eye in the gallery, then as soon as I saw Adam Levine and Olly Murs I was hooked, ha ha! Great composition and colours and I love the fact that this page is a little snapshot of Digikiwichick’s favourites at this moment, I always think these types of pages will be wonderful to look back on in a few years and reminisce about old favourites.

digikiwichick - favourite musicians


Good Friends by mymalloryboys

Super photo treatment here to tone the pictures in with the colours of the frames and elements, I love the almost magical feel this has with the paint and light flares. Very touching journalling too!

mymalloryboys - good friends

Toria by AmberR

I always enjoy Amber’s mix of superb blending and masking work with her use of shadowed elements, the juxtaposition is really striking! This page is no exception, it’s handled so well and the balance is fabulous.

amberr - toria


Finger Pointing April 27

27 Apr

Hey everyone! Jeanine here from an excited Holland, in three days our Queens abdication is due and her son Willem Alexander’s accension of the throne will be a fact. Almost the whole country will celebrate I think! We’re looking forward to it! And so are you to my GSO choices of tonight I hope, so let’s see what I’ve found!

Reading by AnnaDrozd although I can’t read the quote, but the page itself says enough, beautiful monotone colored photoless page, love the red button as a colorspot to the subject. Love all the different textures and fonts usedhere. Great page!

2013.04.20_artjournal_73_anna drozd P&C

Simple pleasures by France walking the dogs is a simple pleasure and fun too! Great BIG picture page, love the blending with the backgroundpaper, love the scribbles and some elements. Needs nothing more!

587_joyce_simple_pleasures_by france scrapflower

Artistry from Provence by HDubois43 I truely adore the colors here, so warm and fitting the Provence! Love the messy layered brushes. The pieces of text add a beautiful finishing touch to the page!

Artistry_from_Provence hdubois43 designer digitals

Artjournal by DonnaGoar What a wondeful page, this is ART with a capitals!! Could hang this on my wall! Stunning!! Love all the messy brushes and textures, the scribbling and all the different written and typed words here, could stare at this one forever!! So much to see!

faith-donnagoar oscraps

Coolkille by Moltac ohhh, what a lovely winterpicture!! Perfect blended and than look at all the details, the stamps, the words, the elements, they all add to a perfect balanced page, GORGEOUS!!

coolkille moltac msa

The Whistler by Dale …sigh…what a beauty!! This could easily be a page from a childrens storybook, I adore the watercolored dreamy background and I’m totally in love with the little elf and dragon!! Love the delicate glittered words!!

itKuPiLLi-Imagenarium---Word-Up-2-dale msa

These were my choices, keep up the creative works and have a nice Sunday!


Finger Pointing – April 26

26 Apr

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of Standouts! I was kinda hoping that rounding in the galleries would get easier the more I do this and well, it hasn’t gotten any easier. At all. There is some truly AMAZING digital and hybrid talent out there and I truly could have picked a TON more! I hope you are inspired by my choices today!

Up first is this very adorable, traditional feeling layout titled Play by sucali. I really love all the white space here. The mix of patterns and the layering is nothing short of fabulous. And that photo . . . so stinking adorable with his chubby, bright pink cheeks!


Being the Project Life nut that I am, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to point to a really good Project Life layout when I come across one in the galleries. And Project Life Week 3 by Teresa is just that . . . a really good Project Life layout. In fact, I think it’s downright gorgeous! LOVE the color palette! And the mix of photos is perfect. Especially the one furthest on the left in the middle! Such an adorable little face!

Project Life Week 3 - Right Side

I fell head over heels for this next Standout by swastinadia titled For the Love of Word Art! The color palette is so striking and I LOVE all the little details here! Not to mention the play in the title! Such a fabulous layout all around!

For the Love of Word Art

I really love the delicate feel in my next choice, toes in the sand by ashleywb. The design is simply splendid as is the color palette and the whimsy title! And I love the processing on the photo!

toes in the sand

Up next is this gorgeous layout titled i am mommy by fliffy. The design here is so remarkable with all the layering and clustering! And the contrasting color palette is simply gorgeous! gorgeous! gorgeous!

i am mommy

And finally I have this STUNNER by AmberR titled ice cream. There is so much going on here and yet it is so perfectly scrapped! LOVE the vibrant color! And the masking and blending is so expertly done! LOVE all the little details!

ice cream

Well, friends. That’s it for me. You all have a truly blessed weekend! See you next week!


Finger Pointing – April 24th

24 Apr

Hello everyone! Paula here for your usual Wednesday check-in.
I hope you are enjoying your week as I am!It’s Fall in my side of the world and the weather is getting cold!Thanks God!Well…I’ve made my way through the galleries and I hope you enjoy my choices!

Cupcakes by Madi

Something in this layout really spoke to me…No there wasn’t the delightful cupcakes, hahaha! I know it’s a template, but this popped out at me because the colors are so vibrant and the photos so beautiful!!I had to share this colorful yummy page with you!


DARE to Believe In Something Bigger by Mary

She was so clever putting black and white photos with that painted background! They just pop! Not to mention the cuteness that her baby is!!!


blow bubbles by stampin_rachel

I make no secret of some of my very favorite scrappers, and Racchel is one of them ! Her pages make every day life into master pieces! Love how the photo strip pops!The journaling is awsome: I can so relate with this page! I remember exactly when I made my 1st Bubble! My sisters and brother could all blow bubbles with their chewing gum. Try as I might, I could not, but  I was determined to learn to blow bubbles! I chewed and blew, tried and tried until finally, I placed the gum on top of my mouth then stick my tongue out and blow. And there it was! A bubble!


Someday by heathergw

What a delightful photoless page this is! I LOVE the pages Heather creates and this is no exception. Look at her shadows!Perfect!Besides I’m a huge fan of wood backgrounds and I have a dream of pick my own products from my garden too!!!!


Disposable by Tiff

This layout totally cracked me up! I don’t know if  it’s becuase I love the big photo blended with the background page or love her journaling and resolution (I HATE plastic cutlery)…They made this page is so cool! Love the strips with the journaling, the tittle and the elements that she added here.


Mysteriously Beautiful by EllenT

I have a personal obsession with messy, brush work,blending and masking! So I fell in love with this layout immediately…Love the blended pic at the background and the old telephone one really caught my eye on this page!



Finger Pointing – April 23

23 Apr

I’m back :). Twice the Claire in one week. Can you handle it, lol.

Mattie Lean On Me by gaylemaupin

Although what attracted me originally was the beautiful design and colors, it turned out that what I loved most was the story.  Such a heartfelt scrap by a proud Momma!  It’s beautiful.


Friends Always by Hanazana

Sigh.  Her proportions are just so perfect.  I mean going large with everything but the photo really makes the photo pop off the page.  So cool!


Harkness Tower by tylertooo

Originally I was not a fan of the dark look when I first saw this page.  But the cool old pic and the line of the journaling drew me in.  Once I clicked, I was hooked.  This is my fav of the day!  Love how this a real story about a real person.   And a story about a picture that became a connection to history for the artist!


This is So You by arimacias

Well I have a new favorite place to go on the web now.  I had not really perused the Pixels and Company gallery until I took a chance on them today and all I have to say is WOW.  There were so many awesome pages!!  This one just totally rose to the top for me though.  I love love the great crops on the pictures and yet the design is really simple and elegant.  Totally allows the pictures to shine!


Cool Chick by Jetjez

Now the colors are cool!! Those bright fun colors are everywhere off the web right now and they so pop off the dark background.  Perfect choice for such a fun subject matter.


Family by NRENOUX

OMGosh how ADORBS is this picture.  Such an awesome pick for this kit.  And what an sahweet kit.  I love the cool diagonal design and fun fun details.



Well that’s it campers.  Hope you got inspired a little here.  Go forth and create….and have a good night!