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Finger Pointing May 29th

29 May

Good afternoon!  It’s Amy with your daily gallery standouts post.  If you are in the path of storms today please stay safe!

This by Kim21673  I was drawn to this layout by the gorgeous photo.  When you have something so crisp and captures the personality so well, make sure it’s the star of the layout.  The arrows are the perfect touch to draw your eye right back to the picture.  Lovely.



Today was Good by Roboliver  I promise that I try very very hard not to pick layouts that feature my designs.  But, if this layout was made with entirely other papers and elements I still would have chosen it.  The design and title work is fabulous!  I could see a version of this framed in my living room.




jump by ViVre  How sweet is this layout?  The brushwork, the blending, and that adorable lamb who looks like he’s bounding right through the page.  Love it!





right here by amandaresende  I love the whitespace in the photo and the layout.  Great design features like the  little pops of pink and the visual triangle made with the date, the title, and the definition.




Broken Wings by Chaos Lounge  I love a good moody, art journaled layout.  The red and black adds to the theme and all the little details are perfectly placed.


Chaos Lounge


Granny in the 1940’s by Dutch_Diva  How awesome is this vintage looking layout.  I’m so jealous she has newspaper clippings about her Grandma.  The notebook, the flowers, and vintage elements really pull this all together.  A lovely tribute!




Hope you enjoyed the layouts and have a fabulous Wednesday!


Finger Pointing – May 27th

27 May

Welcome to another week of Finger Pointing here at Gallery Standouts! For those of us in the States, I hope you enjoyed the 3 day weekend. I am wrapping up a lovely Memorial Day, full of friends, BBQ and apple pie with this bit of inspiration from the galleries. Let’s get started!

Pledge by mhreen08
It seems appropriate to mark this holiday by recognizing this gorgeous layout. I love the centered composition and fantastic clustering here. I am huge fan of photoless page, particularly when they are so beautifully executed. The repetition of the stars, both the large ones as anchors and the smaller ones in the scatters, gives this page such cohesiveness. Great work!

Not Born for Sewing by MrsPeelI really love the layered details on this awesome page, especially the stitched title work. It’s so perfect for the theme! This page tells a great story through the photos, journaling and wonderful element work. I always enjoy pages that use all of those pieces harmoniously and this one does it exceedingly well. Lovely page!

Hello Summer by morgana
The crisp colors really pop against the white space here. Both the patterned paper and paint add fantastic artistic touches that contribute to a very cool freestyle look on this layout. The bold dashes of black really amp up the wow factor too. Super work!



Play Ball by SandyHenderson
The crisp, linear composition and All-American color palette make this page a home run. (OK, groan if you want, but I couldn’t pass up that pun!) The mix of patterned papers in the accent gives the layout a nice punch of color and additional visual interest. Really fun page!



52 weeks – 21 by mugsbigsis
The photography is especially beautiful in this standout page. Not only are the photographs well shot, but they are also perfectly cropped and composed here. The clean white background and simple title work allow the pictures to shine – as they should. What a wonderful Project 52!

Thanks for stopping by tonight! I hope you are inspired to leave these talented scrappers some praise and to add their work to your favorites!


Finger Pointing ~ May 26

26 May

Hello scrappers, Kate here with Sunday’s gallery standouts! I hope you enjoy them :)

Pow by twinsmomflor

This page really packs a punch! Super use of the sunburst paper, the half tone effect paint and the comic style doodles here to highlight and accentuate the colourful photo.

twinsmomflor - pow


balance by MarkoJanett

Such a soft, beautiful layout and super composition that’s just perfect for the “change” theme. Wonderful handling of the colour here to lead the eye around the page and lovely blending work too!

markojanett - balance


it’s your life by anna1972

I spent ages looking at this page studying all the layers and the blends, such a gorgeous, artsy, positive layout – I’d love this hung on my wall above my work desk to inspire me everyday!

anna1972 - its your life


Moving Cows by blkcow

I was drawn to the beautiful soft colours here and the widely different scales of the photos. Super colour handling with all the soft greens and blues combined with just the right amount of black in the doodles and edges to tie the photos and the rest of the page together.

blkcow - moving cows


Look! It’s Justin… by Keela

Hee hee! :) This one made me and my daughter giggle! Great clean composition and clever use of two unrelated photos to help illustrate Keela’s son’s “Justin Beaver” moment! The little pile of sticks under the frame balances out the whole composition while the paint under the frame references the colours from the photos.

keela - justin beaver


schedule it daily by peaculiar

And here’s another one I’d like to hang on my wall! Beautiful composition and excellent use of colour again here, along with another positive message! Great use of the different fonts and alphas to draw the eye and all the white space gives that message impact.

peaculiar - schedule it daily


Finger Pointing May 25

25 May

Hey everyone, Jeanine here from a wet and much too cold Holland! We even had a little snow the day before yesterday, can you believe it, it’s almost June!!! Last year it was 30C on the same day!! Crazy weather over here! But perfect weather to stroll through the galleries and look what I’ve found!

Julia by Beszteri My eye immediate fell on this page by Eszter. What a delicate and lovely picture treatment! And the blending is beyond perfection! Look how well the colors match together! With the little cluster at the bottom, Eszter made a perfect balance in this page. Gorgeous!!

EBaranyi_AASPN_ArtPlayPaletteLush_image1_eszter oscraps

Life is too short by AngieY Love the strong short message in this artjournal page and the way it is expressed. Love the warm colors and all the messy stamps, stains and stitches. One day I will try to make pages like these. Have to practice first I think ;).

normal_ArtJournal_05_22_1 angieY scrapart studio

Kiss by DoggiNo Oh, look at the torn edge of the picture, it is almost like I can take it from the screen of my laptop. It looks so real! The clean circles make a perfect balance with the ‘messyness’ of the edge and the splatters of paint on the picture. Love the colors chosen here. A sweet sweet page!

Mscraps_Gratitude-Torn-Edge2-Cherish doggino mscraps

Hormones by MrsPeel You should read the story in the gallery going with this ATC card, it’s hilarious and very recognizable! The state your daughters is in right now will pass by, just wait a little longer and she will get back as a lovely young woman! Love the way MrsPeel expressed her feelings and frustrations.

2013Hormonessmall MrsPeel deviantscrap

Awesome day by Carrie1977 A totally different page is this one. The colorcombination is great and I LOVE the frame here. It’s almost a comicbook frame without the comics in it. The sweet patterns are gorgeous and the message is one to remember always!!

TD_AwesomeDayWebcarrie1977 tlp

2 of us by Hanazana1 I fell for the unusual combination of the diagonal and all the the triangels in this page. Love the suggestion of little peaces of fabric being stitched on the background. All the buttons, bow, lace and stitches add to a feel the artist was just sewing something. Love it!!

APennington_Good_Stuff hanazana tlp

This was it for tonight! I hope you like my choices! See you next week!


Finger Pointing – May 24

24 May

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s Standouts on this gorgeous sunshine-y Friday! I hope you are inspired by my choices!

First up today is this beauty by Laure Scraps titled Here for you. Really love the delicacy in the color palette here and how well it suits the photo even though the layout is of a step-father and his step-son. The capture itself is well beyond phenomenal (and so is the processing!)!

Here for you

Next I have this absolutely AMAZING layout titled never say never by gracielou! The design here is nothing short of fabulous! I love the combination of colors and the layering and placement of all the elements is perfect! Oh, and the hand print . . . such a WONDERFUL touch (I think that is my most favorite part of this!)!

never say never

I really LOVE the composition here in this next Standout titled Hello Sunshine by JenEm!  The way that the artist has used an extension of the focal photo as part of the background is absolutely brilliant (not to mention the blending and masking of the background photo is so expertly done!)! And the muted color palette lends itself so perfectly to the overall tone of the layout! Gorgeous! Really, really gorgeous!

Hello Sunshine

My next choice is this outstanding art journaling like page by wombat146 titled DREAM (truly, I really did think this was an art journaling page at first because I completely missed the blended photo in the lower right hand corner) . I so LOVE all the artsy grunge-y here! The color palette is gorgeous and the brush work . . . brilliant!


Up next is this beauty titled Travel by Alegna. LOVE the clustered central design with all the white space! The stacked photos and layered  brush work is really outstanding! Just a stunning layout all around!


My last choice is a photo-less layout by Dalis titled Little Life Lessons! This is so so CA-yute! I love the color combinations, the mix of patterns and all the layering! And the shadowing . . . WOW! Really has a traditional paper scrapbooking feel to it because of the shadows! Well done!

Little Life Lessons

Well, that’s it for me this week! Don’t forget to stop by the galleries and leave all of the Standouts some love on their Standouts! ;D Have a blessed weekend everyone!


Finger Pointing May 23

23 May

Hi everyone!  It’s Amy and I’m back after a long hiatus to help out this summer.  It will be fun to get back into the galleries and see all your gorgeous layouts.

Home Town by Akizo

The bright colors of this layout really grabbed my attention.  The title work and big circle draw the eye to the photos.  Very fun layout!



The Real Me by Chaos Lounge

I love the brushwork on this layout.  The repetitive photo, the small details and descriptive words all lend to a fabulous about me layout.

Chaos Lounge


mommy love by Dalis

I think it’s hard to make a black and white layout really pop, but this one is the exception.  I love the mix of pattern papers, the swirls and title work.  The little details of ink and confetti are thoughtful additions that don’t detract from the overall design.



today was a good day by gonewiththewind

Not only do I love this page, I love the photos.  The magnifying glass really magnifies the photo (nice touch) and the photo of the back of the camera is one of those shots we see everyday but don’t document.  I love it!




Take a chance by Jacqueline

Awesome large scale photo!  The placement of the elements are perfect and I really love the addition of the brushwork and confetti.




mother’s day by *Lynnette*

This one is simple and sweet.  I love the placement of the circles and the journaling.  They add a horizontal element that pulls the eye across the page.  Just a few gold touches pulls it all together.




Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!  You know what that means…Friday is just a day away!


Finger Pointing – May 22nd

22 May

Hello, everyone! Paula here bringing you today’s Standouts!I’m recovering from a huge jaw pain (just related to surgery that I made 5 years ago), this is the 1st day in a week that I’m OK! So it is the perfect day to be relaxing with a lovely cup coffe and the galleries for company!Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

Stop by mishou

There are so many wonderful things going on in this layout,from the super cool blending, to the title alpha’s choice.


Strong by Cynthia

I’m always amazed at the creativity and softness of Cynthia’s pages!This is so eye popping… so delicate. Love the wonderful textures, the soft colors. This is just ADORABLE! Really sweet.


Lost by Tinkelbel

This next page is so cool, totally eye catching.Love the effects and all the brushes here and love that quote!!Oh and WOW…what a fabulous picture…illustrates that message perfectly!


dabbles by cfile

This next page is so cool, totally speaks to me because I’m a true coffee addict!What a fabulous elements choice…So touchable!I really love realistic pages!I can almost smell the fantastic rich aroma, taste the fresh roasted, freshly ground coffee now!!!


Dirty Little Secret by naughtsncrosses

Anyone who knows me knows I have a huge crush on him too so this page certainly jumped out of the gallery at me.I’m those who might not necessarily watch Dirty Job for the show, but more Because of Mike Rowe…So I totally agree I love his voice and…face!LOL
Besides this I really love the tittle work and the durtyness here!


Bookworm by scrappyt

This last page is fantastic.I love the colors, the cluster, the photo, journaling ( I like the idea of write the journals on the files) and the realistic shadows and the depth on this page is terrific, so touchable.I want to reach out and pick that ribbon bow and leave from the page!



Well, the world has been facing unspeakable tragedy lately, We have been witness to a building collapse disaster in Bangladesh to the horrific scene in Boston to the plant explosion in West, Texas that I would like to finish tonight’s post with some well wishes for those affected by this week’s severe weather in Oklahoma. My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends.