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Finger Pointing – July 31st

31 Jul

Hello, Hello!
Paula here for your usual Wednesday check-in.Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

Pinpoint by Tinkelbel

This one just popped out of the gallery immediately! Tons of energy in this layout.I love the way she used the template – everything balances perfectly! Love the explosion of colorful circles and how they draw the eye to the fantastic pic!


Messy Boy by hollyinjapan

His face, the use of the ellies, the shadows… there is just something about this page that grabbed my attention and kept it.


pt by marnel

Love the BW stitched hexagons and her fantastic use of color and the elements inside them are the coolest finishing touch. Awesomeness!!


seriously by Adryane

This is a feast to my eyes! I love the ellies, quote and all the neon colors (are a fun little touch) against the black blackground here..This made me just smile!!!!This could easily be wall art!


 broken pieces of me in paper bags by misslovescraps

FACT: It is impossible not falling in love with Li Li’s pages…and this one instantly jumped out to me. Not only because this is one of my favorite kits ever, but I LOVE her use of ellies here. All the elements are so realistic – just the way that I LOVE. Her layering is just awesome, as is her shadow work! Amazing, amazing page.


And Last but not least is the

Lulu by Dalis

First I’m so sorry for your loss my dear Dalis…
This is a very spectacular page about your very very well loved dog… I only can imagine your pain and I love how you’ve documented it…All those alphas and fonts, Brushes and ellies working together, they look great.



Hope you enjoyed my today’s picks, leave them some love if you do too! See you next Wednesday!!!


Finger Pointing – July 30

31 Jul

Hello all! A bit later than anticipated, so lets get right to it ….

I am enough by Dalis

A page with a strong design. Evoking emotion with the arrows and the scribbles, and which is even more reinforced with the teardrop pattern on the background. Well done!

I am enough by Dalis

Daily Routine by mrspotts

Love this! Cute how the elements have been used, and I can also see something like this pinned to the fridge but then as a to-do-list or some other roster.

Daily Routine by mrspotts

Peace by Lime

Butterflies are so my thing! The red one immediately caught my eye and I really like how it is in contrast with the black one. Both in flight towards the ‘inspired’ cluster.

Peace by Lime

Cephalopods by Tiff

Fun and interesting topic for a page. The shadow work is quite realistic too… look at the tape! So realistic it all looks to me, it could’ve been a snapshot of a student’s project-in-progress, everything stacked up on a table.

Cephalopods by Tiff

Fearless by nun69

Usually you don’t see much journaling on a page, here it is all filled up. Love the details with the brushes and stitches, and the circle theme that keeps returning in the rings, buttons, sequins and flowers.

Fearless by nun69

London 2013 by joshgirl

Nice focus on the photos by keeping the background plain-ish, but adorned with some simple elements. I especially love how the word “London” is used as a sticker.

London 2013 by joshgirl



Figer Pointing – July 29th

29 Jul

Hi! Mrs Peel (CynthiaT) here, delighted to come share my picks of the day with you all. As usual, the galleries are full of amazing talent, lots of pages with the happy summer spirit bringing even more sunshine to the heart! Lets dive into the beauty then!

Rosie’s Lion by KarenB

I was in love at first sight with this page. The photo is an amazing one, it well deserves to be the shinning start of the LO, and the little bits she added from the kits are just perfect, accenting the photo, and the tittle work is also balanced to perfection here! love the fonts, so in tune with the whole feeling of the page!


In My World by Tinkelbel

I’m sure Anja isn’t unknown to you, she is featured often here and with all the rights…she is an amazing artist, and this page is one of those perfect creations of hers: the photo is fun, love the chunky frame, and my passion here is the universe to be discovered in the layering around the  frame…lots to see and everything so much fun, extending into the word art she used to tittle the page. Being a mum to a teenager myself, I know this to be truthful! An amazing page all together!


Take Pride by Elysah

And here again another amazingly talented girl whom I am sure you are also familiar with. I love the quote, and she has interpreted so well with her work here, the brushes put together have a soft feeling of  a gentle reminder the quote gives us, and the almost complete absence of shadows give a feel of a painting..this is something I would love to get printed on a card, gorgeous in every pixel!


Heroes by hondachicc

This is cuteness overload! So much fun with the little cartoon characters, the colors, the mixture of textures, shadows playing so well to bring up all the bits & pieces in her composition. The fact that the photo is used with a cartoon filter adds even more fun , a beautiful record of a moment that will always be remembered with a huge smile in people’s faces…


 Love You by bethdraper

This is one of those perfect examples of how a “blank space” page should be to me, elegance by leaving spaces without much done, but perfectly thought composition with the layering, absolutely love those brushes, beautiful and well balanced, and the mixture of textures plus the shadows, which are impeccable making me want to reach and touch every element, it all makes this into an every day master piece!



Sushi by MissK

Yes, I admit, I maybe a bit biased here as anything with sushi on it will get me excited! LOL but food preferences apart, this page is such a beauty, the photo a perfect depiction of the art of Japan’s culinary’s abilities,  so subtle and perfect in the dark background, love the vertical composition, this feels to me a very masculine page, love the circular elements and the journaling makes me jealous! she is going to Japan! gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous page!



And I leave you with these beauties, remember you can get to these talented scrappers’ galleries by clicking in the name and author of each page, leave them some love, they most definitely earned it :) Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – July 28th

28 Jul

Hello everyone! Jaimee here with the days gallery standouts!

I’m about to leave on a month holiday back to my home in Ontario, Canada tomorrow with my 3 girls and I’m super stoked about it! I’ll be sure to take lot’s of pics so I can make some pl spreads when I get back:) Trying to figure out what is more fun – making the memories or scrapping them :)

I was very pleased with all the layouts in the galleries today:) I hope you enjoy my picks. Here they are in no particular order:

Today was epic by melanie3boys

I loved the simplicity of this layout! I really like the title work going horizontally across the page. The frame and bunting look very nice with the Niagara Falls photo. I really like the stamped location, date and camera below the photo.. gives it a real rustic look. The journaling in the bottom right corner works real nice with the stitched star too! Great job!


Another minimalistic pick from me! This one by Rachel is gorgeous! Love the use of white space! The colors pop beautifully over the black and white photos. I really like the journaling block and word blocks in the bottom left!


Tuscany, Italy by Pagefrocks

I love this layout by Pagefrocks! I always have admired her shadowing! Her layouts often look very realistic. I just love the trend of layering vintage looking hang tags behind the photo – and this layout nails it! I really like her character spacing with the typewriter text. I really love the stitching use and the photo is so vivid and perfect! Perfect amount of elements and papers and paint! Great layout!


My Rainbow by misslovescraps

Bright, colorful and fun is this layout! I like the vertical composition here mixed with great word art, elements and the photo (and treatment) look so yummy! I love the washi tape use here – love love the transparent tape strip with black stripes!


Brave Girl by Diamndprincz

There is so much I love about this layout, it’s hard to know where to start. First – the photo’s are PERFECT! Fresh, vivid and lovely! I love the paper choices that contrast each other and the photo’s so perfectly! I really appreciate the layering of scalloped borders, paper and ribbons around the main area. Again – here, the right amount of elements make it perfect accents without overdoing it! Great, great layout!


Summer by *Cornelia*

Love this summer themed pocket scrapping page! Love the stitching and block placements and colors! Great for the swimming theme of the page. Great choice of papers and elements! I’m sure this would look great in a photo book.



Finger Pointing July 27

27 Jul

Hi everyone, Jeanine here with six yummie pages I found. I’m working my first nightshift after my four weeks vacation! Whoohoo, I had a great time, meeting friends, painting my house and just chilling when it was hot. The internet over here has gone crazy. One minute I am online, the other minute I’m off… I’m glad I uploaded all the pictures and opened all the galleries when I was online, so I can type my comments and make links and save my draft later when I’m online again. I hope I will be able to congratulate all the artists after I finished my post though…if not,  I will congratulate them when I get home in the morning.

Isn’t she lovely by Arielle H Gordon is my first to present to you. I LOVE big picture pages and especially B&W pictures. This one called me the second I noticed it. I love the perspective the picture is taken from. The little lace flowers and all the other flowery things on this page add to the girly an loving feeling. Adorable!

ahg072213_isntshelovely arielle H gordon P&Co

The painted nest by Dale I totally adore the – sometimes funny and weird looking –  figures on this kind of ATC/artjournal-like pages. This one is very funny because of the title wich, at first sight, I didn’t notice. She truly has a bad hairday with a zebra on her haed…;) The message is strong ‘Enjoy life while it’s here, don’t wait for better ones to come’. Great page!!

The-Painted-Nest-Challenge-_14---WEB dale sbg

Hollie’s summer by KarenB is another big picture page I adore. First of all, the picture is GREAT, that smile and those happy eyes….WOW!! The blending here is done beautiful, the soft tones work very well with the splashes of yellow and orange and the stitches are placed perfect to draw the attention to the tag with notes (can’t read them unfortunately). Lovely page!!

Hollie_s_summer karenB tlp

Alphaville by RucolaDesigns is a wonderful artistic B&W page about the movie Alphaville (I had to google about it, didn’t know the movie). Love the suspence I feel looking at this page and it makes me want to go and see the film! Very well done!!

alphaville_600 rucola deviantscrap

Forever and ever by Analogpaper made me want to take a closer look right away. I was almost hypnotized bij the circlething (don’t know the right word for it). The sweet text is totally adorable and through the screen of my laptop I can almost feel the love this woman feels for her man/boyfriend/…. The scatters and the colored blocks add an interesting and sparkling touch to the page. Beautiful!!

lpritchett-sbasic-keeponshinin-lo-600 analogpaper msa

Life by Intensemagic. I love the bold painted colors here. The stamped frame and all the used fonts are great!! The page puzzles me a little though…the title says ‘Life’. On the page I see it as a happy sparkling ‘LIFE’ because of the doodled rays around it. The text on the right bottom side (Hello Wonderland) indicates something nice also in my perception…so why is the girl on the picture not looking happy then? That puzzles me…but the page is a great one still!!

22-200713071406 intensemagic osd

Well dear readers/scrappers all over the world, these are my choices for tonight! I hope you like them as much as I do!! Have a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening/night! See you next time!


Finger Pointing – July 26

26 Jul

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of Standouts! I hope you enjoy my choices!

Up first is this brilliantly quirky art journaling page titled My Dream Home by grrfluudy. Really love the construction of the house with all of the little word bits and phrases. VERY creative and so deserving of a Standout!

My Dream Home

Up next is this fabulously blended artsy page by misslovesscraps titled you live once. Love the unique design with all the triangles. The color palette is a perfect pairing with that adorable black and white photo that is blended so remarkably well! Really LOVE this!

you live once

Really love the minimal approach in AmberR’s cotton candy layout! The design is nothing short of remarkable and I LOVE the pops of muted color against the neutral tones of the background. Really love the brush work too!

cotton candy

Though I really love the minimal approach in dlhoffer’s Totally You, it was the image that really caught my eye when I came across it in the gallery (paired with the explanation in the journaling). I can so relate because well, I have one of them too! ;D ;D

Totally You

Next is this phenomenal artsy layout titled Living the Life by LindyShay. I really REALLY love the subtle use of color paired with all the muted tones here! The masking and blending is nothing short of fabulous! And I love all the brush work and all the little details!

Living the Life

Up last is this gorgeous art journaling page by jaye titled Safe. Really love the mix of color here! All the masking and blending is jaw dropping-ly remarkable! I also love all the elements and truly, who in their right mind could ever resist that little flying pig! So SO cute!


Well, that’s it for me for now! See you all in the galleries next week! Have a blessed weekend!


Finger Pointing – July 25

25 Jul

Hey there everyone! I hope you are having a really great week! I am a busy bee here today…but I am not sure why! Just cooking and working and all that jazz. I feel like I have barely had a free second. We have a sick little girlie too though and that’s never easy on a mama. I really hope you enjoy my picks for today! It is quite the variety of pages.

Amazing Boy by Trista

How adorable and super fun is this page?! I love all the layering here and the angle of everything adds so much to it too!! Full of colors and patterns and fun elements, this totally stood out to me today! IT has an adorable series of photos too!

amazing boy by Trista

Christmas 2012 by joelsgirl

So many Christmas things around lately for Christmas in July! It has me thinking about December already. I love and hate that…lol This page is so much fun! I always fail at taking photos on these big important days for some reason so I am always really envious of people’s Christmas layouts. This one in particular because I love it so very much! I love the photos and the block design. It’s all perfectly balanced with fun strips and clusters on the edges. It’s perfect!

Christmas 2012 by joelsgirl

Downton Abbey by Kovaxka

I looove the artsy feel of this page. It’s so soft and lovely. The gold tones are so perfect because I feel like they really set the tone for an awesome Downton Abbey page. I love the girl elements that remind me so much of the three sisters from the show. Really well done page!

Downton Abbey by Kovaxka

Isola by Erica67

Oh how pretty this page is! The watercolor effect on the photo is soooo lovely and really well done! The little bits of brush work are perfect keeping this page really interesting, but not overwhelming!

Isola by Erica67


This is awesome!! I feel like there are so many techniques done here but it all goes together so well! I would totally hate living in NYC and having to deal with this kind of traffic, but I love that it was documented here and done so well!


You Are My Life by Jhari

This page is beautiful. I so love it! All of the layering here, but yet it still feels white spacey! It’s very well balanced! The shadowing is just done sooooo well as is the blending! It’s so sweet and so pretty!

You Are My Life by Jhari