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Finger Pointing August 31

31 Aug

Hey everyone, Jeanine here wih six beauties of todays input in the galleries! I found some yummies for you to get inspiration from I hope!

Max by Rosemarythyme, WOW, what a stunning page! Beautifully blended and a gorgeous large picture page! I’m in love with this one, that’s a fact!! Just a few elements and some wordart finish this page to perfection. A true standout!

snapshopgalleryROSEMARYTHYME oscraps

Happiness by Elisah, a very artistic artjournal page, the circles and scribbles dance with the figure all over the page and give a great sence of movement. Love the red accents here also! Gorgeous!!

Happiness elysah scrapartstudio

Black Friday Shopping by wishingwellcreations Love the details here, the stitches, the colorful pieces of paper at the top and bottom, the arrows filled with different patterned papers. Beautiful!!

2012_11-23_blackfridayshopping-01_wishinwellcreations P&co

2013 Project Life week 32 page 2 by Lisa Pate, I get weak seeing father/child pages. Love it when dads play and laugh with their kids. It’s so sweet to preserve memories this way. Love the ‘who, when, why, where’ answered questions on this page!!

week-32-pg-2 lisa pate designerdigitals

Late summer harvest by imgdonahue, love the warm feel this page gives me, the colors are totally beautiful. The elements coming from the shoulder of the girl are placed perfect, they look totally natural there. like she’s the keeper of fall in person. Great page!!

latesummer_imgdonahue deviantscrap

100 things that make me happy by sarahbhb,  A simple but gorgeous page, what a lovely way to list all the things that make her happy! Great to read it again in ten years or so! Love all the highlight accents also!

100_that_make_me_happy sarahbhb tlp

These were my choices of this Saturday! Hope you like them also and when you visit the galleries, please leave the artists some love!! Have e nice Sunday!


Fingerpointing – August 30

30 Aug

Happy Friday everyone! Before we start our weekend let me show you the handful of gems that caught my eye in the galleries today!

back to school by hanazana
What a gorgeous back to school page! The fresh colors in the background really make that black and white photo take center stage!  I also think that the combination of the big bold shapes from the papers, clocks and arrows contrast beautifully with the very detailed cluster. I am also in awe with how perfectly balanced this page is and I just can’t stop going over all the details.

smile by mlle TerraMoka
The combination of black and white papers [wood & newsprint], photo and title with the colored paper and embellishments is so wonderfully fresh and airy and I love how the stamps were used to make this stack really playful and artsy and happy. Definitely put a smile on my face!

you, you and you by emmasmommy
I am sucker for lovey dovey pages and this one really rocks. I absolutely love the diagonals and fabulous combination of patterns. The dark background makes the photo and elements really pop of the page and the journaling is just beautiful and touching. Lurv it!!

If Not Now by EllenT
How about that shadow work eh? Wowzers. I swear at first glance I thought this was a paper page! The beautiful layering creates an awesome sense of depth and I love the black brushes that add a bit of drama to the page. Fabulous!LBW_If-Not-Now

I heart these! by Justagirl
How cool to make a page about your favorite cookies! The colors from the photo and everything used on the layout is just fantastic! Love the use of brushes and energetic element placement. Great eye for detail and I love the title work!

chinatown 4 by dwsewbiz
I just love how that tealy turqouise in this photo goes with the red and orange and how the fabulous brush work really emphasizes the colours and blends the whole page together to a piece of art. That orange lantern is just the perfect little finishing touch along with the oriental letters from the title! Beautiful page!


That’s it for me today! Have a great weekend and please don’t forget to leave some love in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – August 29

29 Aug

Hello there everyone! I hope you had a beautiful day. It’s been a long one here, but I am finally able to do show you my picks for the day.

Best Friends by tracermajig

this page is beyond precious! The photos are sooo cute! I love the colors too. It is so fun to look at and oh so sweet!
Best Friends by tracermajig

Fun in the Sand by Anita

This page is just lovely! The pops of color are really awesome and I adore how the circle design and how your eye travels across the page but yet there is still white space.

Fun in the Sand by Anita

Grey Skies by fonnetta

This page really speaks to me. I love the bit of journaling. I find it really touching. There is great clustering here and really awesome use of pattern paper without being overwhelming. It still feels so soft to me.

Grey Skies by fonnetta

lib by marnel

Oh how fun this page is! It really does scream summer fun and I adore it! The color palette is one of my all time favorites and her design is amazing and so creative!!!

lib by marnel

OUR BOY by YepBrook

I love boy pages! I especially love boy pages with flowers and lots of layery goodness! The design of this page is awesome! There is so much depth and the photo is so fun!

Our Boy by YepBrook

Tunes by szcosnek

Talk about awesome use of patterns and colors!!! How much fun is this?! I love that though there is so much to see the photos still really shine. They don’t get lost here at all! It’s really fab!

Tunes by sczosnek


Finger Pointing – August 28th

28 Aug

Hi everyone Paula here on this beautiful and cold evening! This weather is perfect for a stroll along the Galleries!Hope you enjoy my choices as much as I did!

a city girl by mrshobbes

I make no secret of my admiration for Alexis, and here is a show of why: The masking and blending is absolutely superb! And the processing on the image is so expertly done!  But the what really drew me in after that was the cool cluster work at the bottom.A real beauty for sure!


Dying for a Smoke by Ren

First congratulations on giving up! I have been smoke free for 15 years now so this page really speaks to me on a personal level.
Don’t you just love the way she added the cigarette?!The way it straddles the skull fingers is so perfect! Every single thing is used with great thought and symbolism.


Grandma at the bakery by sabdesbois

This layout immediately caught my eye! A truly gorgeous piece of art!Love the vintage feel of this layout, the old photo and the font tittle perfectly match it. And I also love the creative use of the neutral against the colorful splats of yellows and reds!


This absolutely incredible page of art journal is freaky and totally awesome and screamed : PICK ME!! The way she created a dark side and a good side struggling with each other looks so cool. Love the stitch over the dark side mounth and the X over the eyes!
Everyone has two sides and I like to say that I like to walk the line between the two!


OMG… this is perfection all over!Love the colored ellies and brushes that she added, the wordart is perfect, and how she placed the blindfold over her eyes!I feel like there is so much to look at and little treasures to find!
Yes, I have a “secret crush” for glasses so I especially love the glasses over the layout.! REALLY love the color palette here and all the blending and brush work are just beautiful and I love the “spiral words” too!

Finger Pointing-27th of August

27 Aug

Hi everyone!

This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s fabulous gallery standouts. I can’t believe this is the last week of August and the BER months are coming, the most anticipated months of the year. Hope you guys are having a nice time, schools are back and so are we. I hope you still can find time to scrap despite our busy schedules. Thanks for stopping by, you will surely get inspired with the pages I’ve picked today.

Here are my faves:

Us by Laure Scraps
Simply beautiful and sweet! Love the white space and the touches of butterflies. The colors added and the splats are just amazing. Such a sweet photo, perfect B&W treatment. I guess I don’t need to talk more about the page, it speaks beauty just by looking at it.

Starting school by farrisjc
Awesome photo-less page. The colors and elements are beautifully placed, love how she used the template, this looks like a paper scrap to me. We all have our favorite teachers and I hope things will work out. This kit is enticing.

no-limits by FarrahJobling
I often ask myself where did the time go since I can’t believe my oldest daughter is already 8. It seems like yesterday when I was holding her in my arms. Great work on the extraction, looks like she is really touching the star and is in outer space. This is simply gorgeous, great interpretation too. Love how she used the kit.

Fairie in my garden by Libria
Gorgeous in every way! Like a fairy in the garden. Love how she made this page, what a great RAK, she should hang this on her wall. Love the flow of the page and the clustering is intricately done.

Flower Essence by mika
Another beauty, perfect photo treatment, it goes well with the page. The blending is beautifully done too as well as the placement of elements.

August Art Journal Challenge by cfile
This is great! What a creative way to do this art journal. Love everything from the challenge, the interpretations, the good and the bad side, how we see ourselves and how others sees us. I haven’t done any art journal for quite a long time, so this really challenges me to do so. Fantastic use of different elements from different designers. Amazing composition, those heart doodles are perfect too!

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be great to stop by and give them some love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


Finger Pointing – August 26th

27 Aug

It’s Monday! The week is off and running. If the galleries are any indication, many of us are running to school this week. I absolutely loved all the Back to School pages around digiland. I have a few to share with you tonight as well as some other stand outs. Let’s get to it!

Love School by misslovescraps
The excitement of Back to School and the nostalgia that goes along with it is captured perfectly here. I love that this photoless page uses such detailed element work to capture everything that makes up returning to the classroom. So cool!


Learn by tracermajig
The stamping and brush work on this page are awesome. They really pull the palette and composition together. The black and white photo is a good choice too, as it gives nice balance to the design.


Hello School by jenevang
School pages don’t have to be primary colors. Check out this fantastic back to school layout that uses trendy colors and design elements. The chevron paper and chalkboard card both give a more tween feel to this fun page.


Pure Love by CindyS
How cute! The photos are darling and remain the focus with the strong visual triangle here. I think the tight color palette also makes the layout very cohesive. Great work!


Cool Colors by ouisiekelly
The fantastic blending and artistic design really caught my eye. The repetition of the journaling adds such drama to the page as well. Gorgeous!


PL Week 34 by mrivas2181
Even if you’re not on the Project Life bandwagon, the crisp photos and heartfelt journaling are worth adding to your repertoire. There’s incredible storytelling happening on this page. I love the interplay of the different patterns with the pictures. It has such a lovely organic feel.
projects d2fd09f2-e0b2-45eb-b073-5ef01e0618b7 0dca460cb5e547e3acaa98e14561ab31


Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you’ve been inspired!



Finger Pointing – August 25th

25 Aug

Hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend, weather here in London was not all that favourable so a good rest at home watching movies & scrapping lots was delightful. So tonight I’m late even for the time I usually come to post…why? well, tonight was one of those nights when I end up with so many tabs and windows opened, my computer almost freezes…with so much talent in the galleries, not an easy task to pick only 6, but here are some of the most beautiful pages of the day:

Little bird by hekas

I admire so much this style, transforming a photo into a beautiful art piece, almost like a painting on canvas, and this page has the feel of summer, gorgeous blending going on,touches of string and tape with perfect shadows, an amazing capture…definitely standing out from the rest!



summer by amandaresende

I’m not a blank space scrapper, but LOVE when finding pages as beautifully done as Amanda’s pages, in here she makes it all so delicate, so perfectly composed, perfect play with the color, the photo an amazing crop, love the stamp & brushes, and how she manages to tell us the story and make the page so much fun, all the way keeping it clean and with beautiful blank space…gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous page!



this is real life by mrs2a50

and here again another amazing blank space page, beautiful composition, awesome photo capture that gives the page movement, the elements delicately shadowed and the beautiful journaling… a very good life indeed, and perfectly portrayed here!



A happy vacation by anny-libelle

Love everything here! the single photo which she composed around with perfection telling the story through the elements and bits of word arts for those of us who don’t understand the language, the full color swing here that keeps the spirit of summer and the layering is gorgeous, love the clusters in the borders and the mixture of brushes and stamps, an amazing page all together!



How Deep by oldvwblues

I’m always impressed by Vicki’s talent in every type of page she chooses to create. This had my senses delighted for a while, looking at all there is to see and amazed by every little thing I discovered, there is so much to see here but still is harmonious, I love the amount of designers she put together here without one even being alerted in any of the amazing details of the whole page…another super page standing out in the galleries!



Last but not in any sense least, is this gorgeous page by  Jen33199: Roar!

My daughter is passionate about dinosaurs even now (aged 17!) and I remember her asking me year after year to create a cool dinosaur page, if I had to be scrapping it today, I would love to lift this page! Love the textured paper, the dark, jungle like colors here, the top border gives depth and the dinos super well placed, the word arts and the tittle together with the framing of the photo make it into a delightful page!



And with this I’ll say goodnight for this week, hope you enjoy these ones as much as I did, if so, take a minute or two to leave these amazing scrappers some love, just click in the name of the page and author or the image itself to get to the original gallery, thanks and have a great week!