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Finger Pointing – September 30th

30 Sep

Farewell, September! I hardly even knew you. Wow, did this month speed by for you too? It was nice to end the month with a leisurely and inspiring walk through the galleries of digiland. Here are the beauties I found to share with you:

Let It Go by sarahbhbThe bold composition and graphic silhouette are so eye-catching, but they also really underscore the emotional temperature of the page. As the journaling beautifully reflects on the struggles of moving. I particularly like the ombre effect on the buildings and the simple, yet evocative title work. Great page!!


Lessons for my son by MamaBee
Yet another brilliant photoless page! This is such a meaningful, touching layout. I adore the scattered letters mixed with the doodles. It feels like we’re right inside her creative process as she works on the lessons. So cool!


Magical day by amandaresende
As always, Amanda awes with her tremendous use of color and artistic eye. The wonderful color blocking mixed with the black and white photos is simply beautiful. Fabulous layout!!


Today Rocked by kayleigh
The subdued palette and pretty details make for such a lovely page. I really like the mix of subtly patterned paper and organic elements. It gives a soft vintage feel to this wonderful layout.


Ride by wtunison
This one popped right out of the gallery! The mix of stitched chevrons on the wood background with the horseback riding photo is just so perfect. I absolutely love the metal accents, especially the charms and horseshoe. The details are spot on!


Candy Coma
This layout feels like the perfect way to welcome October. I love the perspective in the photo as well as the play with the strong graphic patterns. The colors and layering are so fun too! Super work!


Thanks for joining me in closing out our September inspiration!


Finger Pointing – September 28

28 Sep

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and thanks for dropping by to checkout my choices!

Art & Soul by strawberryredhead
What a super fun page! So glad to see that I am not the only one that’s covered in paint after a creative session! I think the messy feel of the page that at the same time feels really cozy and homely is just awesome.
Love how she used the elements and how the subtle pops of red not only lead your eye to the center of the page but also how they add depth!

My Girl by AmyKingsford
Isn’t this adorable? I just love all the girly colours and accents combined with the much bolder black and cream. What a beautiful contrast and beautifully toned down a bit by the pink vellum. Also love the angles in the papers and the tilted frame. Plus there so much detail in this page! Look at that cute little pennant banner in the top right frame and the variations in fonts and their colours!

Everyday I love you more by Sue Falstaff
I know she used a template for her page but the humour in here and that brilliant photo crop is what made it stand out in the gallery for me and that is definitely all Sue’s creative mind! That little green arrow is just the perfect finishing touch to a page that put a big smile on my face.

He by askings
What a beautiful dreamy feel this page has! I love the soft focus of the blended in photo and watercolour ‘cloud’ in combination with the added elements and paper scraps. Beautiful combination of colours, love the placement of the stitches and the fabulous shadowing makes it look so much like a real paper page that I want to reach out and touch it.

Fall by oldvwblues
I just love the non traditional fall colours in this page. Beautiful pastels that gain warmth from the auburn red title. The added textures along with that gorgeous photo add a wonderful sense of depth to it. Great page!

Old School6 by mummyd
And how about this?!! First thing I wondered was if this might be a page wide photo and then I saw in the credits ‘photo of my hands’. Okay…so this is really, really a scrapbook page with hands added to it. Pinch me. How cool. This is amazing!

And that was the last one for today. Hope you enjoyed and if you did then please leave some love at the artist’s gallery!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Scrappin’!



Finger Pointing – September 27

27 Sep

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with a quick post and run. I hope you enjoy my choices!

First up is this gorgeous black and white titled Faith by star74. Really love the super large photo, the masking and blending, and the way she has positioned the butterfly to make it appear as though the little one is reaching for it is nothing short of brilliant!


Next is a layout by one of my favorite scrapbookers, Heather Prins titled Myles To Go. I truly, truly LOVE her work and this is no exception! LOVE the color palette, the perfect mix of artsy and traditional and I especially LOVE her play on the title! So well done, Heather!

Myles To Go

Up next is this striking art journaling layout titled Music by y_baros. The color palette is simply breathtaking! And I LOVE all the brushwork with all the little details! Gorgeous! GORGEOUS!


I about tripped over my magic mouse when I came across this next Standout by ashleywb titled over the rainbow. This is so brilliantly creative it’s ridiculous! Seriously, ridiculous! All the layering is amazing! And I adore the message, “Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true.”

over the rainbow

Next I have this PHENOMENAL art journaling layout titled I Know by Tinkelbel. This is so stunning I’m nearly at a loss for words! The color palette is fabulous! And I love all the masking and blending, all the grunge-y-ness! Not to mention the extraordinary brush work! love! Love! LOVE!

I Know

Rounding out my choices tonight is another art journaling layout by chocochoco titled Dare to Dream (I’ve been a real sucker lately for art journaling!). The red, grays, and blues really work well together here! And I really love all the grunge-y! Her layering is fantastic and again, I adore the message, “the world belongs to dreamers.”

Dare to Dream

Well, that’s it for me! Have a blessed weekend everyone!


Finger Pointing – September 26th.

26 Sep

Hello! Good evening/morning/afternoon! Hope you all had (are having) a great week! We are very excited here in the UK with the start of the new series of Downton Abbey, so for once in my quiet long life…I am so looking forward to Sunday! LOL Ready to share with me some awesomeness from the galleries?  Here we go:

Travel Around the World by Celinoa Designs by flo06nice

I love travel pages with a passion. We used to travel a lot, and I still have tons of trips I want to scrap & print,therefore welcome all inspiration I can get…this page won my heart from the thumbnail. Our travel books always finish with a shot at the airport, and in here there is such a great dimension created by the photo blur, together with the depth of the paper’s color and the gorgeous layering with the world art that also lend some fun with the vibrant colors. Love this!



The Running Child by alb52

I had seen this page earlier and I was amazed by such perfection…amazed, not surprised. Just in case you are not familiar, the author is designer Amy Martin, whose creations are amazingly beautiful in design, and I am discovering her as a scrapper and loving every bit I see. I love designers who scrap, I think they create better kits/products as they understand it from the scrappers’ point of view, and in this page that point of view is clearly excellent. Love white background pages, and here the white is wonderfully managed by gorgeous shadows, I particularly love the attention to detail in the mixing of textures in the page…I would have frown if any of the overlapping things here were a not possibility on a paper LO -like people who leave text written on top of elements…not sure how to explain…- and in here it could have easily happened, but the cut of the tittle when going from one surface to the other is perfect.  The page has everything I love and all done to the same perfection: tittle/alphas, different textures, shadows, word arts, fonts, stitches…and the journaling takes a very own crown: not in an everyday way, absolutely amazing.



B is for boy by  Macafus

I saw this amazing page when I was done with my picks and had to move things around because I thought this deserved a place in tonight’s post. I know is not the general opinion, but I love very dark, deep shadows, I feel it gives a depth, especially in dark backgrounds. Love the so many colors here, the super cute photos, amazing take on the template and the way she worked it as to having so many patterns & colors but still not overwhelming, perfectly clean!



Time by sunnie2004

Moving onto the more art journal, photo less page, this lady is champion tonight. There is such an amazing amount of blending going on in this page, and I love the way she adapted all the Biblical word art to also blend into the page….which is something I would gladly print & hang on my walls!



Frantic/Calm by taxed4ever

And more creative genius coming out of the duality challenge! This page is strong and original, gives the constant message of our reality. The visual strength in this page is re-enforced by the superb word art, fabulous color scheme and her own photo with so much punch….and the fact that she added a photo of herself (and what an amazing photo it is, right? Love when I can “feel” a page and this one has enough feeling to keep me amazed!


Shamelessly-Addicted -card-s by Donnatopia

To finish with today’s picks, this is one of my “to do list” items…I have so much admiration and respect for those who leave the computer & make the beautiful creations of designers into amazing every day pieces. I love how beautifully she crafted these, with colors inviting to the drink of choice of so many of us!!! Inspiring!


Hope you liked these! Remember you can click in the image to take you to the original gallery to leave them some love! Have a great weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – September 25th

25 Sep

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your week! I’m here stuck in my bed, among a sea of tissue paper with a HUGE flu…This flu took me down really hard and I’ve been feeling miserable and wanting to die for days… So I’ve been curled up enjoying some gallery surfing all day long. Here are my picks, I hope you enjoy them!

Little Sweetie Bee by ms.bailey

I really love how she put this together, what a well designed page!This kit has a beautiful color combination and she made a fantastic job with the clustering and shadows here!!!


Hope is a waking dream by Lime

Love her composition and all the blending she made here. She has always amazing and positive quotes! The red bits and birds caught my eye immediately and I really like how it is in contrast with the beige and black colors.


Week 38 by Zuzu

Is no secret that I love art journling pages, mainly because of my own compulsion to make them too! And this is soberb! What a great mixture of blending, brushwork and vibrant colors…and what positive message !!! There is no need of journaling here!


on your own by AnneofAlamo

I can most certainly identify with those words…It’s hard to see them go…but a great moment in a teen/almost adult life! My eldest daughter spent 2 years studying in Switzerland and it was very difficult for me stay away from he (The flight distance from São Paulo to Geneva  is 5,826 miles ), thanks God she already came back and decided to going to College right here in Brazil! Love all the shadows of blacks, gives a masculine feel to the page….ohhh, and the blending is perfect!!!!

091913-fly-away-tears-copy (1)

Go your own way by Alegna

I really LOVE her dark pages! She is one of my favorite scrappers and a master of this kind of layout and this one is a super strong page! I really liked how the super colorful butterfly, stitches and the flower are popping out contrasting with all the darkness! I also like her blended pic at the background, beautiful smile!!!!


2013: #Selfie! by THEMrsPeel

I simply love her work  and I admire Cynthia so much! She is always positive and full of energy despite her serious health problems! Whata life lesson! Her message here is so powerful and true : if we don’t love ourselves, who will be able to love us? I saw so many beautiful girls and woman thinking they aren’t pretty enough and having huge problems with low self-esteem…but this is definitely not her case. The photo just screams happyness and I love that!Love the fun page, the colors and most of all the soberb extraction and the font mix!


That’s all from me today. Hope you all have a good rest of the week, and have a great weekend, be safe and have fun!!!


Finger Pointing-24th of September

24 Sep

Hi everyone!

This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s wonderful gallery standouts. It was a long weekend again for us and we all had a great time. We all watched Despicable Me 2. Yes, it only started showing in Tokyo this past weekend. We were probably the last country to see this movie but I can say we all had a blast. My kiddos were laughing so hard then kept on saying they love the movie so much and they can’t wait to see it at home when it’s available in Blu-Ray. Anyways, October is around the corner so enjoy the rest of September.

Here are my faves:

Blow a Kiss by dlhoffer
Love the clean design! So simple yet so elegant. Love the photo and touch of flower and red heart. This is a great minimalist page.

tempora mutantur…. by via
Perfect blending! I adore how she blends everything here. The title is just perfect for the page, as time changes, so do we. Love her interpretation.

If I Only Had One Friend by AnalogPaper
I fell in love with the page the moment I saw it. Love the background paper she used, the beautiful canvas and how she blends it with splats and laces. Love the sweet journaling she made. I feel like yeah, if I had only one friend left, I’d want it to be my husband. Amazing use of the kit, love the flow of it.

Totally Obsessed with Paint by Number by posiegirl
Amazing PL project! I didn’t get a chance to do this and I admire everyone who has been doing this project. Love the bright papers she used, plus all the photos and notes she made. The journal cards are TDF!

Beach boy by tracermajig
Soooo beautiful! Love the serene feel of the page.I could stare at this page for a long time and still like it. I absolutely love the intricate design and the shape she made on the photo and how it blends on the page.

What’s in it? by misslovescraps
Awesome art journal. Another amazing blending work, love the stitches and splats and of course the photo of a woman opening a pandora’s box. We are all curious about what’s inside the box, aren’t we? But are we really ready to actually find out and deal with the consequences?

Thanks for taking a look at the pages I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be great to stop by and give them some love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


Finger Pointing – September 23th

23 Sep

Hello folks!  Lot’s of autumn themed layouts in the gallery over the weekend! Love all the neutrals and warm colors I am seeing!

I hope you like my picks for today!

Ben by Nun69

I love this layout filled with mixed media and ephemera! It is very eclectic . Great combination of elements and paint on the cardboard background!


Today by Soco

Oh my gosh, this is so super cute! Love the pout on the face and love that she scrapped about her bad day. Great use of white space and paint! Love the clouds and rain to bring out the theme! Awesome!


Destination by Maja

Really loving the neutrality of this layout. Great shadowing and love that frame on the photo! Love that stamp placement – really brings things together nicely. Gorgeous layout!


Force of Nature by Katydid

I really like the composition of this layout and the combination of paper piecings, the hang tag and staples. The simple and elegant title work peeking out really gives this layout character. Sweet!


Navigli by Lindsan

I just LOVE this layout! Love the dark background with the peaches, browns and creams. I think what I love most about this layout is the photo cut up and stuck into 3 plastic pockets. Very creative and the elements are beautifully placed! Gorgeous!


Fall 2012 by Jenn Barrette

Love this layout! It is sooo eclectic and I love this photo! I love how the colors in this photo match the colors of the papers / elements so beautifully! It is great to see a fall layout which isn’t overpowered by the typical fall elements:)