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Finger Pointing – October 30rd

30 Oct

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! Paula here bringing you today’s Standouts! I hope you all LOVE my choices as much as I do!

all it takes is a new hair cut by misslovescraps

First I have to say that I loved her new hair cut!!!! I have short hair almost all my life,  it suits my face and it makes my life much easier than having long hair…I’m doing the reverse: I’m  trying to Break Out Of short Hair.
I love the messy here and the different word arts and her pic is perfect placed!


forever by Kym

Look at this background paper! Perfect with the repeated photos in different sizes!


Searching by EllenT

I really like photoless pages and what a page this is! I LOVE how she has captured her hope for better times in this gorgeous work of art. Perfect shadows, brush works and perfect element mix.


Balcony View by jcaruth910

What a magnificent way to capture what you were seeing in a cruise! Very clever! Love the big pic and all brushes that she used here.


just because by amandaresende

All Amanda’s pages are perfect and this is no exception. Perfect shot for pefect choices of ellies, word arts and background paper! Love the contrast of the BW photo with the yellow!


Boo by Hanazana1

Super cute spoooky page! Here in Brazil only a few people ( like ME!) celebrate it! But I really adore this Holiday! II love Halloween in and of itself, but I really adore it because the 31st means that it’s the start of the most wonderful time of the year.  Yay! And guess what day tomorrow is? This page is the perfect way to Welcome to tomorrow, Happy Halloween!



Finger Pointing – October 29th

29 Oct

Hey! Jaimee here and thanks for coming to checkout today’s Gallery Standouts!

* 1st Day @ Disneyland * by pne123

I really like this clean layout with the Disney Colors! I was never much for combining the traditional mickey mouse colors together, but this makes them look good! I love the blocked center and the washi tape! It’s a perfect touch – the tab and frame. Gorgeous!


Obsessed by supertwinkle

Love this layout! Initially what jumped out at me were all the jumping photos- I love them! I really enjoy the neutral+ bright colors of this page with it’s stacked papers behind the photos. Really like the vellum too! Great page!


Snapshots of Autumn by Janelle Miller

I love love this layout! The bright vivid photo’s – the frame is so fun too! I really like the variations within the frame with the titling in the middle. The journaling line along the vertical edge of the page is really neat! Such a beautiful layout!


Sweet by loves2scrap

Clean and beautiful! Love this page! The composition is perfect! Love how the twig with leaves are pinned under the ribbon and crawls up the page.  A beautiful, autumn themed page.


Fly Away by angiepangie

I think this pocket page is adorable and so well done! Love the pocket variations and all the journaling! Fun theme related to travelling! Super cute!


Reed Gold Mine – by CaroleHouse

LOVE this! I love the small blocked paper pieces – and they are distressed / ripped which really gives this layout character! Love the washi tape and the vertical journaling. Also love the clever  cutting out around the flair piece. So super awesome!



Finger Pointing – October 28th

28 Oct

Can you believe that October is winding down? This month has really flown! There never seems to be enough time to get crafty or creative lately, but a trip through the galleries does help! So, let’s check out today’s standouts!

Carving Pumpkins by js_74
I absolutely love the composition and layering on this page. Everything is just spot on! It’s playful and interesting to look at, but it also manages to keep the photos front and center. Great Halloween treat here!

Character Selfies by tanyah666
This is super creative and a brilliant solution to the problem of what to do with all of those Disney character photos! I adore how the design moves your eye along the page with the carefully placed arrow. The title work is also super fun. Wonderful work!

Silly Girls by NatalieKW
The cool paper play and bold title work are very eye-catching. I love the limited color scheme on this page too, as it adds to the graphic pop of the design. Well done!

ToT by LeeAndra
The balanced, centered composition gives a strong focal anchor to this page that really works. The simple embellishments add a perfectly restrained amount of detail too. Very pretty!

Let’s Party by LenaBrandenburg
I love the storytelling that’s happening in these photos! The addition of the great patterned papers kicks it up another notch too! This is just a perfectly fun page!

Oct. 13 by zinzilah
Can you tell where the photo ends and the layout begins? The seamless quality to this page is so very awesome! I adore the masterfully added element work and witchy mood of this page. So cool!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you were inspired!


Finger Pointing – October 27

27 Oct

Hey there Everyone! I so hope you are all well! We had such a nice day here doing lots of fun Fall activities! I am finally settling in and have been thoroughly enjoying all your beautiful pages in the galleries today! It seems like there are lots of people enjoying the Fall! Here are my picks for today.

Dans la nature by Arumrose

This page is so so soft and pretty! Such perfect clustering and the use of elements is perfectly done. I am especially smitten with all the adorable flower scatters. So so pretty!

Dans La nature by Arumrose

Just you by misslovescraps

Goodness how awesome is this page?! There are so many fun things to look at but the photos totally steal the show! They are so adorable!! Plus the shadowing on this page is WOW!!! Really well done!

Just you by misslovescraps

Looking back by JanellNugent is totally my favorite color which is what first drew me to this page, but once I clicked I was in love!! The photos are so so precious and I love those doodley frames! This is a perfectly sweet and perfectly girly page!

Looking Back by JanellNugent

Oooh Hooray by raquels

This page is so lovely and sweet! What a great moment and memory scrapped! I love seeing pages like this of real moments and special happenings!! I love the photo! the perspective is fabulous and all the elements used are so perfect and the colors set the happy tone!!

omg_hooray by raquels

Til the End by AmyKingsford

Goodness this is precious *sigh* The photos just so special and the conversion of them is perfect and matches the kit used so well! The brushwork totally draws your eye to the clustering and makes the whole thing pop! Love it so much!

Til the End by AmyKingsford

Why Go Out? by YepBrook

I am in love with this page and can relate to it 100%! We are total home bodies around here and hate being busy so much! I adore her photos and the colors. Really makes it stand out. Such a great scrap!!

why go out by YepBrook


Fingerpointing – October 26

26 Oct

Hello everyone! It’s Mirjam here, pointing my finger to a teeny tiny selection of beautiful pages that I found in the galleries today!

Too Hot by yellowpeep
I think the combination of the bold ellips shapes from the background paper with the rectangle shapes from the cluster are SO cool! The background paper also makes me think of the sun and it’s heat circles and guess what…that is exactly what this page is about: heat. On top of that I am a sucker for bright colours and this page has them in spades and the black wordart and wordstrip make sure that cute photo still gets all the attention it deserves. Love the well chosen elements, fun paint splatter and that little tag with the date in it.

Enjoy the Journey by Adryane
I love the black and white with blue and yellow colour pops that really made this page standout in the gallery for me. I love the angled journaling and the fact that Adryane also made it blue which makes the page less heavy then it would have been had the text been black plus it gives it great balance and really lets the photo take center stage. Great journaling too!

Giant Pumpkin Festival by Katidid
I love how the stitches create a great frame work for this page. They are such a great feature that in combination with that little wooden arrow gently guide your eye over the page. Also love the choice of almost all neutral coloured elements with just a few accent colors that make the photo really stand out. Great eye for detail!

Carve on by Jenn33199
I am in awe with the awesome sense of depth of this page and how much it looks like a paper page because of the brilliant shadow work. Great use of elements and I love, love, love the title work. What a super fun page!

Fall Memoriess by Arte Banale
What a pretty page! Such a beautiful fall photo and I love how the border with handwritten words echoes the arch shape of the trees,  gorgeous how the red of the leaves behind the title adds interest and dimension and I think the placement of the title is just perfect.

Join Us! by Akizo
What a fantastic Halloween page! I love the over all black and white theme and the gazillion little knick knacks that are so perfectly placed that they don’t become focal points but bring everything together in this fun and playful page, break up the horizontal and vertical lines of the template that was used and really make it her own!

That’s it for me today! Hope you enjoyed my pics and if you did then please leave some love in the galleries of these fantastic artists okay?
Thanks so much! Until next time and Happy Scrappin’!



Finger Pointing – October 25th

25 Oct

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of the weekend.  I have found some real jewels in the galleries tonight, and as usual, would love to share them with you all:

Learning to Quilt by gracielou

This is so perfectly scrapped, so elegant, beautiful, full of little details in a page with so much blank space, it was love at first sight. Everything in here screams perfection: wonderful tittle work, amazing shadows, gorgeous elements beautifully layered, and, of course, the journaling. Hope to see photos (and pages!) of your quilts soon, I am 100% sure!



Creepy by mijo

And here I find myself wishing I could read…is it German? Anyway, I would love to know what the text is, but not being able to does not stop me from loving the beauty of the graphic in this page!!! The composition is awesome, love the cleverly placed elements, the border in the left is awesome and the shadows too, and the detail of slightly diagonal journaling just ties it al into one of the most original pages I have seen in a while, gorgeous!!!


Would I? by jenevang

I love photo-less pages, the ones that make a record of a feeling, a time, an experience or the what ifs…and here the journaling is so from the heart, so truthful, & it probably fits for many of us out here, it certainly does with me. The composition is beautiful , love the page border and set of stitches cutting the page of center, beautiful layering and, once again, the journaling so heartfelt.


Cuter Too by dodiegionzales

How cute are they? What a sweet photo and such a happy page! Love the take on the template, and the gorgeous layering of paper pieces & elements, there is harmony in the color palette here that works so well with the photo, and the whole page has the happy feeling that makes me smile!


PL, Oct 6, page 2 by TeaWithLemon

I admire Project Life scrappers, and this is one consistent artist with some of the most gorgeous PL pages I have seen since all it started (or I started taking notice of it!) Love the variety of bits she uses here: journal cards, tags, frames, a couple of elements and the journaling, it makes me want to go back to do my own project! Beautiful & inspiring!


Last but never least, is this absolutely amazing art journal page DO I? by misslovescraps . Now, I know Lili and I am quiet sure you know her work as she is very often featured with us here…this girl has so much talent to communicate the wonders, questionings, sufferings & happiness of the soul through art, every one of her pages opens doors to an amazing world. This page is so beautiful, so gorgeously composed, the mixture of textures and the perfect shadows in some elements that make one want to reach to grab…the amazing use of the word art, and one of the key pieces in most Lili’s pages: she sneaks herself in, sometimes in a way you will only know if you are actually looking…and is just awesome. And I would say yes, Lil, spread your wings and go fly, be your {absolutely amazing artistic} self….take it from an old woman who did, and has amazing times to remember now :)


Thank you so much for sharing these bits of awesome with us, if you can, click in the name and author of each LO to get to their galleries and leave them some love… Have an amazing weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – October 24

24 Oct

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with a quick run through the galleries. I hope you enjoy the Standouts I’ve chosen!

Up first is this beauty titled Coffee by Heather Prins. Such an incredible design! And I love the tonal palette! Not to mention all the images, such a great eye with the lens!


Next I have an outstanding Project Life layout by Kim R+ titled Week 41 – 2013. I really love all the little details and text here! And the image just to the right of Family Goals made me giggle out loud! So, so cute!

Week 41 - 2013

Really love the subtlety in flohbock’s Destination: Adventure. The minimalist approach really works well with that spectacular image! Just a really lovely layout!

Destination - Adventure

Up next is this absolutely adorable fall layout titled Beware, I Bite by mymalloryboys. Love the design! The mix of patterns is amazing and the layering, spectacular! The brushwork is pretty amazing too! And those photos, PRICELESS!

Beware, I Bite

I fell head over heels for this art journaling layout by strawberryredhead titled I Won’t Carry My Past. The vibrant color palette is simply breathtaking! And I love all the messy, grunge-y-ness! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

I Won't Carry My Past

Rounding out my choices this evening is this ADORABLE photoless layout titled Trunk or Treat by Trista. Love the super cute design and how she’s framed the jack-o-lanterns with the stamp frames! Just a SUPER cute layout!

Trunk or Treat

That’s it for me! Blessings everyone!