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Finger Pointing – November 30

30 Nov

Hey everyone! Wow! November 30 already! The counting down to Christmas is about to begin and 2014 is already at our doorstep.
But before we dive into this busy month of magic, love and joy, just a small selection of all the gems that can be found in the galleries!

made with love by eve11ne
One of my favorite shows to watch is junior master chef. It’s mind blowing to see those kiddos cook like professionals. There’s a junior master chef highly concentrated at work on this page too and I just love how this is scrapped. I love all the cooking elements, great layering, little pops of black and white and fun angled photos. Although the pics are small in size the pink in them really makes them stand out as does that wooden background paper. I am guessing that is the work space this little cook is working on. Great page!


Boy Bastien by NRENOUX
Jawdroppingly gorgeous design! Love the bold, strong shapes and fun titling with all different fonts. What a great way to use journal cards and the awesomely cropped photo matches the colours of the papers and elements so beautifully! Fantastic!

Entrance by Intense Magic
Love the layering and use of colour in this page. The banner, confetti and arrows in the background paper support the movent in the photo and give this page such great energy and make sure we all look to the right of this beautiful layout where the bright coloured accents embellish the happy couple.

I Heart My Keurig by Brandi
I can just go over and over all the fun details in this page that has such a great handdrawn and handmade feel about it. Great combination of colours combined with bold black, yum! Awesome how she used those wordstrips. You love your Keurig Brandi, I love your page!

A Very True Story by CarrieA
What a wonderful story and page. I first heard about these Christmas gnomes from a designer friend and was totally intrigued. Such a wonderful idea to write down the family traditions around this event and I adore how it was done is such beautiful faerytale way! I think this page would also look fantastic printed and framed on children’s room wall!

Aaron’s Smiles by bbe
That cute little smiling face with that naughty twinkle in there immediately caught my eye in the gallery. I really like the combination of photos [love the film strip] with the wordarts, wordstrips and wonderful brushes and the journaling made me laugh out loud!

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. I really hope you love them as much as I do. If so it would be great if you’d stop by the artist’s galleries and give them some love!


Finger Pointing – November 29th

29 Nov

Hello everyone, hope the spirits are high as we enter December, I’m here after much enjoyment of my heart with the galleries full of beauties, I’m always aiming to bring some new talent, or not so very new but not much featured by us here, hope you love my picks as much as I do :)

Joy by alahnasmommy

Do I need to say anything here? I know that in the world of art, as much as in every other area of life, really, beauty is on the eye of the beholder, but in this case I think we would all agree: This IS pure JOY.  Perfect take on the template, beauty in every millimetre, soft feel and shine, beautiful photos, amazing shadows, perfect spills. I am in LOVE with this page!


Kerst by Natascha

And oh…more amazingly joyous cards!!! Here is an amazing scrapper, one I have known for a few years now and it always surprises me with her ability to make jewels of every style, be that her filling the page, blank space or middle of the way, her pages always stand out, and this captivated me with the clean lines, perfect shadows & little clusters, the blocking and the way the circles in the other side of the card incorporate dynamics and all is full of movement, perfection comes to mind here!Kerst_copy

Winter by Catgoddess

Another amazingly talented scrapper, to the point to get me thinking how wonderful winter can be! I am a tropical girl, with old bones which scream in winter,but looking at this page makes me want to step inside, the photos are superb and the way the page is composed, the colors so well harmonised bringing the blues to the eye and almost making us feel the snow…just beautiful! On top of things, there is a lot to discover in her layering, which makes my “element hoarding heart” extremely happy! Gorgeous, absolute delight of a page!!!


Christmas 2012 by DoodleBop

Still on the very festive spirit, here is a scrapper I have admired for quiet some time and I am surprised not to see her featured more often. In this page, the gift of managing patterned background together with amazing layering is wonderful. There is also beautiful element placement, & all the different bits & pieces give the feel of a packet being opened, one of those presents anxiously awaited that make the kids go tearing the paper to reveal the surprise. Love the bits of washi and the glitter shining subtle…an amazing Christmas page!!!


Life Map by misslovescraps

I know I make always a point of trying to bring new talent, or at least those not too often featured, but in this case? Impossible not to want to share the jewels Li Li creates, and I have the difficult task of choosing only ONE of all the pages she posts in the day! This is beyond inspiring. I love love LOVE Li Li being herself and producing master pieces like this… original, thought provoking, fun, this is what art is to me, and this page has it all. Kudos to the designers who create stuff that inspires Li Li to make things like this…I’m in scrapping paradise.


This last pick was actually my first  tonight, it grabbed my heart and squeezed it with everything in it, the visual & the journaling…

thedayIlooseyou by jumbbumble

I know about loss, I started knowing loss at 14, with the very early departure of my best friend, also aged 14. Since then (I’m 55) I have lost many, many more on the road: family, friends, work colleagues, neighbours, and I still cannot understand certain departures. The visuals in this page speak so well of loss, and her heartfelt journaling is in the same level… to me, loss is about a certain emptiness that goes hand in hand with sadness, and she has portrayed it all to perfection… I wish there was something I could say but I’m afraid in times like this, only time itself comes to heal and make us come to terms with realising they are actually not gone…but all around you . I most certainly hope that realisation comes to you soon.


Thanks so much all, the artists for sharing your amazing creations, you who are reading for joining us on getting inspired. If you have a minute, the original LOs can be seen just by clicking in the name & author high-lit, I am sure they will appreciate your words, even if is one. Thanks once again for joining us, Happy Thanks Giving, not only to our North American friends, but to the whole of the world, we most certainly have, all, many reasons to be grateful :) Have a great weekend!





Finger Pointing – November 28th

29 Nov

Hi All! Jaimee here and I am late with today’s posts! Please forgive me – but it wasn’t difficult to go and find my favorites in the galleries.

I hope my friends in the US are enjoying their thanksgiving! Take lot’s of pictures and make some memories so I can look through your art soon!

Believe by kaphelps

I really love this neutral page full of christmas accents! I really like the stamp believe and the photo is awesome! The Santa hats on the boys in the middle of – somewhere in the Southwest haha. The balloons are a great touch! I am guessing this is a card or something of the sorts but I just love it! Great design!


Christmas in Cazenovia by danimoy

Yummy, yummy colors! I love the paper picks on this page and the elements which direct diagonally down (or up) the page. I really like the choice of elements and paint used. It’s a very aesthetically pretty page.


Naughty Christmas by mrphoto

I am both amused by this layout and impressed by the composition of this photoless page. I love it – the colors are brilliant – the minimal is fantastic – the vertical placement and blocks are awesome. The little details like the shadowing and the ‘bent’ papers and word bits make this layout just awesome!


You by Soco

As simple as this page is – it is STILL stunning. I have a weak spot for geometric shapes and this layout screams at me. Simple diamonds paint and beautiful photo’s. That’s all it takes for this page to jump at me. Love it!


A great example of a digital Project Life page. Great use of product which have gorgeous colors!  I really like the added stitching elements and the week 31 card!


An Early Christmas at Disney by MelanieRitchie

Love this minimalistic layout! The christmas title is so fun with the doodled outline and stamped inside! I love the photo’s and the shapes of them – the offset of the ‘at disney’ and striped paper block really make this layout stand out. The flair placement and the photo’s cut around it make it perfect!



Finger Pointing – November 27th

27 Nov

Hello!!!!Paula here with my choices from the galleries on this Wednesday!
It’s a rainy day for us here in Sao Paulo, so there’s nothing much better to do than to browse the digiland for amazing layouts.
Here are my picks, enjoy and don’t forget to leave them some love!

Dare #348 by star74

With the Thanksgiving just around the corner I’m sure you have something to be thankful for, and this page that Claudia made for this week’s Digi Dare is perfect! I love the colors, the word arts are awesome…and the pic priceless!!!!A perfectly balanced page!


give thanx for those you love by stampin_rachel

I’m fan of her! Her pages are always SO cool! And this is another gorgeous “thankful” page… LOVE the colors here and the different alphas that she used! The girls are adorable and I love seeing them grow through her ​​gallery/pages!


Let It Snow by KimR+

Christmas is coming!YAY! Gorgeously simple with beautiful details. I Just want to reach in and touch the elements here!! Love how everything is beautifully showcased against the soft texture of the wood paper. The picture is adorable too and her shadows are just perfect!

Let_It_Snow10 (1)

This Christmas by bcgal00

So simple but so beautiful !!!!!!! Oh, I LOVE these bright fun colors (Pink and Red) for a Christmas LO and the words scattered across the page! The beautiful white space paired with that awesome border make this a true standout!

thischristmas-copy (1)

Brrrrrr by IntenseMagic

This page is so lovely and sweet! I love the placement of the photo in the middle of the right corner, and the brush work, snow flakes and writing behind it to add depth & interest.I love the colors and mix of words and brushes too! Gorgeous stuff and and the photo is the cutest ever!


Who needs paper by Chaos Lounge

This page absolutely rocks! Awesome way to capture the message.. Love the title work.. the elements are arranged so well here.. Love when I see a page using so many photos and elements!




Finger Pointing- 25th of November

25 Nov


This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s wonderful gallery standouts. This is the last week of November and everyone is excited for the merry month of December. I hope you guys had a great weekend, enjoy the week ahead.

Here are my faves:

Leave me alone by Applechick
This is just gorgeous in every way. I adore all the strokes and the use of brushes. Fabulous blending of the photo and all the stitches. I just love the cropping of the photo and the colors she used here including the splats. This really caught my eyes in the gallery. I tend to use those words when I’m working on my iMac so I can concentrate more.

Laugh by mum2gnt

Another amazing layout! Great photo treatment . Love the joy exuded by the page and the blending she made. Everything works perfectly, this simply rocks and very creative!

 My favorite memories by Soco

This is actually a lift and I love it. Gorgeous colors, love the white space and the gorgeously sweet photos. I love the patterned papers, very Christmassy. I might scrap lift this myself in the future.

bright + merry by lingovise

This is so beautiful! Love the template and how she used the papers. Awesome balance on the page, this is so neat. Such wonderful memories, the black and white photos really stand out.

My journal by msluvscraps

Love the freestyle design! Great photo less page. I just love the doodles and everything else here. I couldn’t think of a better word, the colors are perfect too.

2014 Bragbook Calendar by kim21673

Great project for the upcoming year.

Thanks for taking a look at the layouts I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be great to stop by and give them some love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!


Finger Pointing – November 24

24 Nov

Happy Sunday everyone! Mirjam here to show you some of the layouts that really stood out in the galleries for me! Hope you like my picks, llet me show them to you!

ww by marnel
Wow, wow, wow. What an awesome winter layout! The photos just pop right of the page and although I am not fond of snow at all  it makes me want to jump in that sled an join in the fun! Beautiful embellishing, so much detail and great shadow work too!

Merry Christmas Card 1 by kyky
What a PERFECT mix of traditional and modern elements! Don’t the green and red combined with the pastel yellow and pink look awesome? So stylish!

Repeat the Sounding Joy by mymalloryboys
The detail in this page is amazing! Love the photo and the layering, love the background brush that adds beautiful depth to the page and those swirly divider brushes are such a great combination with the hand drawn lines! This is just gorgeous!

The Key to my Heart by Naadi
Beautiful how all the different elements of this page are blended into one stunning work of art! The red and orange and the teenie tiny bits of black really make this fantastic boy page pop! Cool!

A Monkey Spider by Tiff
The beautiful pops of red and yellow add great interest to this layout but what REALLY caught my eye and made this page standout for me are those AWESOME action photos and that fun story behind them. What a precious moment to preserve.

Together by TeaWithLemon
Love, love, love the handmade feel of this page and the fun playful design of it!

That’s it for today peeps. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and until next time!


Finger Pointing November 23

24 Nov

Hello everyone! Jeanine here with a late post. I’ve been working last night and it was too busy to post. So now I’m home with plenty of time. Let’s see what I’ve found!

Silent Night by Jumlai What a beautiful Christmas page made by Corrie (aka Jumlai). It is so artful and whimsy with the ‘double’ christmastrees and sweet Rudolf! The dotted lines add a nice structure to the page and the bended frames gives a great feel of depth. Gorgeous!

1 silent_night_jumlai oscraps


Quoting Goethe by kygirl Love AJ pages like this one! And the advice is a good one, should make people happier! The circles give a feel of movement and I sure love the soft colors here! Lovely!!

2goethe kygirl quoting goethe

Free Smiles by Ana.Paula The loose placement of elements in this page attacts me very much, hold together by the perfectly placed stitches. The attention is totally focused on the boy’s smile, the subject of this layout. Love the few colors used here and there. The brushes make a great finish. Wonderful!!

3free_smiles_c_pia ana paula msa

Living Life by Wombat146 I’m a succer for big picture layouts and this one is a true eyecandy! The photo is blended perfect with the background and the monochromatic colorsscheme is chosen ánd used very well!! The confettiscatters add a great depth to the page. Not to mention the titlework. A true beauty!!!

412x12_GRACE_-_LIVING_LIFE wombat146 msa

Daddy’s girl by Brynn Marie and another pretty page, with a narrowed down colorscheme. Love how the colors work together, they give the B&W picture a solid base. And did I mention all the different fonts and wordarts?? Wonderful page!!

5daddysgirlweb7 brynn marie msa

Jorge is 23 by Stacia Hall and here’s one of the many, many PL/365 pages I noticed in the galleries. I fell for the big picture of the stadium in this one. Love how it’s placed on two ‘journalspots’. Love everything on this page, the colors, the words placed all over the page and of course the happy pictures; there’s so much to see, keep looking!! Congrats to your son’s birthday!

6Jorge-is-23_700s stacia hall msa

This was it for today! I hope you enjoy my choices and if you visit the galleries, please give the artists some love! Have a nice Sunday!